Popeye and Pink Panther's Party

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 7 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
He's strong to the "finich" 'cause he eats his spinich! That's right, the world's most famous Sailor Man joins the MeTV Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup with his pals Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Wimpy… and Bluto. Now, he's joined by the clever and cool Pink Panther! These original Pink Panther shorts first ran in the 1960s, following the hit Peter Sellers comedy film The Pink Panther, which introduced the character in the opening credits. Also tune in for classics from Betty Boop and more!

Next Airings

  • 5/28 7:00AMPink Valiant, Escape Goat, Le, The Pink Tail Fly, Child Sockology, Rodeo Romeo, Friend or Phony, Riot in Rhythm
    "The Pink Panther has to rescue a princess kidnapped by the Black Knight., Fired for letting a prisoner escape, the Inspector tries to get his job back by protecting the Commissioner from vengeful convict Louie Le Pink., The Pink Panther has a late night battle with a mosquito."
  • 6/4 7:00AMHappy Birthdaze, Can You Take It, Popalong Popeye, Baby Wants Spinach, The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye, The Pique Poquette of Paris, Congratulations It's Pink
    "The Pink Panther sneaks into a magician's house., The Inspector tracks down the wall-crawling menace, Spider Pierre., The Pink Panther accidently takes a baby basket instead of a picnic basket."
  • 6/11 7:00AMQuick on the Vigor, Toreadorable, Beach Peach, Farmer and the Belle, Bully For Pink, Cattle Battle, In the Pink
    "The Pink Panther becomes a Toreador., Ratfink tries to steal some cows from under the watchful eye of the bull, and cowboy Roland., The Pink Panther tries to get into shape."
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