Popeye and Pals

Saturdays at 7 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
He's strong to the "finich" 'cause he eats his spinich! That's right, the world's most famous Sailor Man joins the MeTV Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup with his pals Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Wimpy… and Bluto.

Next Airings

  • 3/2 7:00AMPlumbing Is a “Pipe”, We're On Our Way to Rio, It’s the Natural Thing to Do
    "Popeye visits Olive Oyl and discovers her home in turmoil because of a broken water pipe., Popeye and Bluto travel to Rio where they meet Olive., Persuaded by Olive Oyl that the public might like them in a different role, Popeye and Bluto attempt to be sophisticated men-about-town."
  • 3/9 7:00AMProtek the Weakerist, Tar With a Star, King of the Mardi Gras
    "Olive asks Popeye to walk her dog, but he's embarrassed by Flyppy., Popeye cleans up a tough western town called Cactus Corners., Popeye and Bluto strive for the title "King of the Mardi Gras," with the best man winning the title and Olive Oyl."
  • 3/16 7:00AMFemales Is Fickle, Penny Antics, Ration Fer the Duration
    "Olive Oyl's pet goldfish jumps out of his bowl and falls overboard. Popeye dives after the missing pet and the chase is on!, Popeye and Bluto run competing penny arcades., Popeye's nephews would rather go fishing than work in his victory garden, so he tells them the story of Jack and the Beanstalk."
*available in most MeTV markets