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Trekking through the wilds of an untamed American West, 'Wagon Train' is led from post-Civil War Missouri towards California by wagon master Major Seth Adams (Ward Bond) and his scout, Flint McCullough (Robert Horton). Later episodes feature wagon master Christopher Hale (John McIntire) and his scouts, Duke Shannon (Denny Miller) and Cooper Smith (Robert Fuller), as they continue to navigate the dangerous terrain of the American frontier.

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  • 7/15 4:00PMMajor Adams Story, The (Part 1)
    "After many years, Major Adams is reunited with his first love, Ranie Douglas, when she joins his wagon train heading for Arizona. Flashbacks show how the Major met Charlie Wooster and Bill Hawks during the Civil War."
  • 7/16 4:00PMMajor Adams Story, The (Part 2)
    "After returning home from the Civil War, Major Adams tries to rekindle his romance with old flame Ranie Douglas but finds that the lady isn't quite so eager."
  • 7/17 4:00PMThe Charles Maury Story
    "Adams becomes suspicious of a soldier who's supposedly providing protection for the wagon train from bandits."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: The Willy Moran Story

Willy Moran, Adams' old Civil War commanding officer, is now a drunkard. Adams offers him a job on the wagon train, provided that he can stay sober.

Ep 2: The Jean LeBec Story

A New Orleans aristocrat escorting a young lass to San Francisco arouses the fury of a tyrannical town boss.

Ep 3: The John Cameron Story

The husband of a much younger woman grows jealous of her flirtatious ways.

Ep 4: The Ruth Owens Story

A woman's brother kills a man who made a derogatory remark about her, only to discover later that the remark was true.

Ep 5: The Les Rand Story

A paroled convict blames his physician father when Native American wife dies.

Ep 6: The Nels Stack Story

Nels Stack enrages his fellow wagon train passengers after befriending an elderly Native American.

Ep 7: The Emily Rossiter Story

When her husband gets killed on the way to California, Emily Rossiter quickly re-marries in order to provide stability for her daughter. Unbeknownst to Emily, her new husband is a ruthless outlaw.

Ep 8: The John Darro Story

A couple on the train try to keep the husband's past from their son, but a tramp threatens to expose the secret.

Ep 9: The Charles Avery Story

Flint suspects that an Army officer has an ulterior motive while accompanying him to deliver a peace treaty to a once hostile Native American chief.

Ep 10: The Mary Halstead Story

Mary Halstead joins the wagon train to search for the son she deserted years before. Could a wounded young man picked up by the train be him?

Ep 11: The Zeke Thomas Story

Zeke Thomas and his second wife are headed West with the train when he's confronted with a huge problem. During a stopover, Zeke sees his first wife—who he thought had died.

Ep 12: The Riley Gratton Story

Major Adams sets out to recover passengers' money that was taken by con man Riley Gratton.

Ep 13: The Clara Beauchamp Story

A cavalry colonel's wife tries to foment a war with Native Americans as part of a convoluted scheme to get her husband promoted and transferred back east.

Ep 14: The Julia Gage Story

Julia Gage is an independent woman who refuses to admit that she needs a man's help to drive her wagon. Major Adams persuades the shy Tobe Cannon to give her a hand anyway.

Ep 15: The Cliff Grundy Story

Cliff Grundy is seriously injured in a buffalo stampede. Flint and another passenger tend to his injuries; however, the other passenger has a hidden motive—he wants the location of a gold mine and thinks Grundy knows it.

Ep 16: The Luke O'Malley Story

Luke O'Malley, fleeing Mexican bandits whom he double crossed, joins the wagon train disguised as a minister.

Ep 17: The Jesse Cowan Story

The Cowans and Beals have been feuding a long time. Bob and Jesse Cowan return from the war to find their family dead, and the Beals a part of the wagon train. Vengeance is just the start of what Major Adams must now deal with.

Ep 18: The Gabe Carswell Story

Gabe Carswell wants his son to join the whites because of what he sees coming for the indians. When his son refuses he takes him to the wagon train heading for California, but the Arapaho are getting set to attack.

Ep 19: The Honorable Don Charlie Story

During a stopover in the town of adobe flats, a local lothario puts the moves on a female passenger.

Ep 20: The Dora Gray Story

Dora Gray has made some poor choices in her life. Just wanting to get to San Francisco, her latest one involves someone who sells Army guns to the indians, and Flint finds himself right in the middle of it.

Ep 21: The Annie MacGregor Story

The MacGregor clan decides to come to America and start a new life. The wagon trains going to California have had a hard time dealing with their different customs. Can Major Adams' be any different?

Ep 22: The Bill Tawnee Story

Bill Tawnee served his country heroically. When Major Adams recognizes him on the trail, he asks his wife to join his wagon train even though there is plenty of anti-indian sentiment afloat.

Ep 23: The Mark Hanford Story

Jack Hanford built his wealth with the intention of passing it on to his son. However, the son turns it all down to honor his Cheyenne heritage when his mother dies. To make matters worse, in his son's eyes, Hanford had sent for a woman he briefly knew to replace his mother before she had died.

Ep 24: The Bernal Sierra Story

Revolutionary Bernal Sierra joins the train finding the wife of his dead friend married to Casey Reardon, who sold guns to the Mexican revolutionaries. Bernal is suspicious of Casey, his brothers and Perdita over missing gold.

Ep 25: The Marie Dupree Story

A beautiful woman riding with the train likes flirting. When she gets mixed up with the wrong man, she strings along a boy on the train in order to make him jealous, playing one man's love against another's.

Ep 26: A Man Called Horse

Horse, a name he comes to be called, is searching for himself. Because he doesn't feel that he found happiness in Boston, where he grew up, he tries out west, under the watchful eye of a small tribe of Crow.

Ep 27: The Sarah Drummond Story

During a storm, Flint takes shelter at a farmhouse. He soon discovers the husband is refusing his wife the care of a midwife and must determine why before it's too late.

Ep 28: The Sally Potter Story

Sally Potter hitches a ride on the wagon train and finds that being pretty helps and hurts her. Someone she knew catches up to the train and wants to remind her of who she is and where she came from, possibly ruining what she wants for her future.

Ep 29: The Daniel Barrister Story

Faith is tested when a man's wife is injured and he refuses to let her receive medical aid. When Flint rides to the nearest town to get a doctor, he finds they have their own problems: a smallpox epidemic.

Ep 30: The Major Adams Story: Part 1

During the Civil War, Charlie Wooster joins Bill Hawks under the command of Major Seth Adams. When Adams is seriously wounded saving Hawks's life he must struggle to survive, while dreaming of the girl he left behind.

Ep 31: The Major Adams Story: Part 2

Years after the Civil War, Major Adams gets a second chance with his lost love, Ranie, who had married in his absence. But happiness doesn't always come easy, as a sinister rival and a dark secret attest.

Ep 32: The Charles Maury Story

Adams becomes suspicious of a soldier who's supposedly providing protection for the wagon train from bandits.

Ep 33: The Dan Hogan Story

In a growing town, Seth meets a friend from his distant past. He remembers how they met and the circumstances bringing them west. When his friend's home is threatened, he learns that removing his firearm may be the key to resolving the situation.

Ep 34: The Ruttledge Munroe Story

Ruttledge Munroe joins the wagon train on the trail. His odd sense of humor is noticed right away, but when he saves the major's life it is forgotten. That is, until he kills someone else and the real reason he joined up is revealed.

Ep 35: The Rex Montana Story

On one final push to the west, a showman runs into some old friends. They were part of a massacre that almost cost them their lives, and cost one man his sanity.

Ep 36: The Cassie Tanner Story

Trail-hardened Cassie Tanner joins the train, setting her eye on Major Adams. When the train desperately needs horses, she may be the only one able to make the dangerous journey to buy them.

Ep 37: The John Wilbot Story

Tensions are running high in the train between Northerners and Southerners traveling west. As trouble escalates one passenger with a noticeable limp, John Wilbot, is accused of being John Wilkes Booth, who many believe to still be alive.

Ep 38: The Monty Britton Story

Low on water, Flint scouts for more. When three water holes are dry or poisoned, Fort Paiute seems their only hope but he has to make it back to the wagon train on foot and the only other man who knows the way is believed to be a deserter.

Ep 39: The Sacramento Story

At the end of a long journey, lives were lost. Some made it with their dreams intact. Flint tries to help one of the passengers and almost bites off too much. Politics are involved as well as unsolicited trips to the Far East.

Ep 1: Around the Horn

Planning to sail to Boston, the Major, Hawks and Charlie are instead shanghaied to New Orleans where they meet a Captain who has different ideas on raising his child and running a ship.

Ep 2: The Juan Ortega Story

Juan awakens to the sound of three men hanging his beloved father. Joining the wagon train, he comes across one of the three, tortured by Indians. He nurses him back to health but only under the guise of looking for the other two killers.

Ep 3: The Jennifer Churchill Story

Jennifer Churchill, pampered all her life, runs away from a smothering lifestyle and pending marriage to join the wagon train. With bounty hunters on her heels, she finds Flint, a man who she wants but doesn't want her.

Ep 4: The Tobias Jones Story

Major Adams allows two stowaways, Tobias Jones and his young friend, Midge, to stay with the train. But Tobias is in trouble because of his drinking, and things get worse when he's accused of murder.

Ep 5: The Liam Fitzmorgan Story

Liam Fitzmorgan has come from Ireland on a mission to kill an informer he believes is traveling with the train. However, his mission is complicated when he falls in love with his target's daughter.

Ep 6: The Doctor Willoughby Story

Concerned by one of the passengers on the wagon train, a woman doctor tries to help even though she's hampered by the fact that everyone shuns her. Later, an indian chief needs doctoring, but he and his tribe don't believe in female medicine men either.

Ep 7: The Bije Wilcox Story

After offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can track down his brother, a man gets a response from someone who walks through an indian party that's pinning down the wagon train. What he finds is not what he expected.

Ep 8: The Millie Davis Story

Millie Davis reluctantly takes in an orphaned baby girl. Eight years later the girl's grandmother arrives to retrieve her. But Millie doesn't want to give up the child, so she claims that she and Flint are the parents.

Ep 9: The Sakae Ito Story

The major comes upon two Japanese men, attacked by Indians and heading towards California. He learns one of the men plans on committing hara kiri while others on the train have designs on a black box they suspect may contain precious gems.

Ep 10: The Tent City Story

When a member of the train is placed in chains after breaking indian law by killing a buffalo, Major Adams quarrels with Flint, who quits and takes a job at nearby Tent City. White Eagle discovers the dead buffalo and demands justice.

Ep 11: The Beauty Jamison Story

Flint, at a grave, sees a man stabbed in the back with a note saying, "Deliver to Beauty Jamison." As that is the daughter of the man interred he pays a visit and sees a woman trying to continue a legacy with the locals trying to break her.

Ep 12: The Mary Ellen Thomas Story

Mary Ellen is an orphan traveling west to join family; members of the train reject her due to her surly disposition. Her only friend is Sally Mayhew, another girl traveling west with her family dying of consumption.

Ep 13: The Dick Richardson Story

When the wagon horses start to die of a disease, Adams is forced to send two feuding men to buy new horses with his emergency money. Two horses return, but with only one man, leading Adams to wonder whether he made a mistake.

Ep 14: The Kitty Angel Story

Kitty Angel finds herself not welcome on the wagon train because of her past. When Flint returns to the train toting a sick indian baby, she has everyone's prejudices to deal with as well as the baby's life-threatening illness.

Ep 15: The Flint McCullough Story

Flint, in love with a Mormon girl he can't marry, joins the Confederate Army. When he finds out that he won't be seeing any action on the battlefield, it may be too late for him and the girl he loves.

Ep 16: The Hunter Malloy Story

Hunter Malloy and his partner get jobs as drivers on the wagon train as part of their plan to rob the boss. Striking gold instead while stopping to repair their wagons, the fever is high as some stop to strike it rich and uncover more than just a few nuggets.

Ep 17: The Ben Courtney Story

The sheriff of Bitter Springs feels he has lots of reasons to hate. When settlers from the South want to live there, he accuses them of enslaving a black child, but his reasons for keeping them from the town go much deeper than that.

Ep 18: The Ella Lindstrom Story

Ella Lindstrom loses her husband on the wagon train ride west from Boston. With her seven children she decides to stay the course against the wishes of Major Adams. It gets more complicated when she thinks she is expecting number eight.

Ep 19: The Last Man

Scouting for a better pass, Flint finds a mountain man, hungry and half out of his mind. With no memory, his strange behavior may endanger the entire wagon train, especially when everyone begins to think they know who he is.

Ep 20: The Old Man Charvanaugh Story

Flint leaves the train to escort a wagon to its occupants' new home. When they meet an old man with a wagonload of uncured buffalo skins he's trying to sell, they invite him along as he appears friendly enough. But Flint feels he's too friendly.

Ep 21: The Annie Griffith Story

Flint, seeking safe passage through the mountains, is shot and dragged into a cabin. Nursed back to health, his savior finds out that the man who shot Flint was her husband, and Flint had to kill him or be killed.

Ep 22: The Jasper Cato Story

Wanting a safe escort through indian country, a stranger rides upon the wagon train. After telling the major his reasons for being there, the truth is soon uncovered and it causes two men to change their lifelong habits.

Ep 23: The Vivian Carter Story

Getting set to leave the wagon train, Vivian Carter finds out that a friend from the train is heading off to a new life and marriage.

Ep 24: The Conchita Vasquez Story

Suspecting a hurt girl he finds on the trail is part of a group of bandits, Flint cautiously helps her. He soon learns that she is all he suspects, but when her guardian is killed Flint becomes her only protection.

Ep 25: The Sister Rita Story

Leaving the safety of their village, a group of nuns sets out to help indians at a mission. Now Flint must help them fight off some Ute indians who don't take kindly to the nuns' presence.

Ep 26: The Matthew Lowry Story

Matthew Lowry seems timid to everyone, especially a bully on the wagon train. Riding upon some cholera-sick wagons in a pass, they find out who he really is and why he has been acting this way.

Ep 27: The Swift Cloud Story

During an Indian attack on the wagon train, Major Adams spares the life of Swift Cloud, crippled son of the indian chief. Adams is shocked to learn that Swift Cloud's condition is the result of a vicious attack by a half-breed. The chief sends his son with the wagon train to go see a city doctor who might be able to help.

Ep 28: The Vincent Eaglewood Story

An educated man from the east tags alongside the wagon train. When he offers to teach school to pay his passage, all goes well until he is kicked off the train and the kids go looking for him—and they are near an indian camp.

Ep 29: The Clara Duncan Story

Clara Duncan joins the train in a search for her artist fiance. But finding him could lead to trouble, as one of his missing paintings depicting a heinous crime may implicate some of the locals.

Ep 30: The Duke LeMay Story

Duke Le May, an escaped convict, joins the wagon train under an assumed name. When a deputy shows up to arrest him and is killed, Flint is asked to escort him to the nearest fort for trial but he does all he can to prolong the journey.

Ep 31: The Kate Parker Story

The wagon train pushes ahead after one of the passengers has an accident. With only a wagon between two couples, someone decides to leave with money including some gold coins. They have an accident and the storm's only getting worse.

Ep 32: The Steve Campden Story

Flint must find a way to get the wagon train around a snow-covered pass. On a scouting trek, he meets a father and son who are willing to help him, but they want to hike up the mountain. The adventure ahead has surprises for them all.

Ep 33: Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster

When a big snow halts the train, several of the men disappear mysteriously. After Flint, Major Adams and Hawks go missing, it's up to Chuck Wooster to lead the train to safety.

Ep 34: The Jose Maria Moran Story

The Major and party find a Pawnee Indian strung up and left to die. Back at the wagon train they find he is not who he appears to be. The mystery deepens as the Shoshonees, who hung him there, are still after him and getting closer.

Ep 35: The Andrew Hale Story

The Major finds an old man in the desert and takes him to the wagon train. He doesn't remember his name but when he's recognized by one of the other passengers, he remembers not just his name but the faith he thought he lost as well.

Ep 36: The Rodney Lawrence Story

After his parents are killed by whites, a boy is raised by a lone indian. Years later, when the wagon train stops nearby, the indian tells the young man to join his people. But his previous experience with the train make him hesitate.

Ep 37: The Steele Family

Nearing the end of their trip, a mother with four beautiful daughters, all of marrying age, meets the wagon train full of men who are either the same or wanting to be, and not even the Major is off limits.

Ep 38: The Jenny Tannen Story

A young girl is injured while on the way to San Francisco to find her famous mother, who abandoned her as a baby. The crew helps the girl with her encroaching blindness and finds her mother, who has her own problems.

Ep 1: The Stagecoach Story

The men are returning to St. Louis by stagecoach except for Flint, until he becomes the driver to help a friend. They are forced to take a detour through Mexico by other passengers.

Ep 2: The Greenhorn Story

During any wagon train trip, the challenges and losses faced turn the greenhorn into a seasoned veteran.

Ep 3: The C.L. Harding Story

A reporter has joined the wagon train. When the Major finds out he is a she, he has his hands full, especially when curiosity jeopardizes everyone's safety and their right to vote.

Ep 4: The Estaban Zamora Story

Flint finds a young man bleeding to death and a knife nearby. He takes the body to the sheriff who identifies the man as the youngest Zamora brother. He feels duty-bound to kill the murderer.

Ep 5: The Elizabeth McQueeny Story

Elizabeth McQueeny is traveling with her girls, heading to a finishing school in the west. When her real purpose becomes known, all the females want her gone but her worth shows itself before that can happen.

Ep 6: The Martha Barham Story

Flint and a longtime Sioux Indian friend reunite, but trouble is brewing as the Cheyenne are on the warpath and in their way is Fort Hastings, an old flame of Flint's and her new Army captain fiancé.

Ep 8: The Felizia Kingdom Story

Tough as nails Felizia Kingdom controls an enormous amount of land by force, and no one is good enough to inherit the responsibility. When Flint handles her henchmen with ease, she decides he's the man for the job.

Ep 7: The Cappy Darrin Story

Old salt Cappy Darrin is on the train with his orphaned grandson, Tuck. Cappy's daughter granted custody of Tuck to his uncle, but as their parting nears Cappy finds he is reluctant to let Tuck go.

Ep 9: The Jess MacAbbee Story

Flint, scouting ahead of the wagon train, is in search of fresh meat. With prospects none too good he comes upon a hidden paradise, green and lush and offering far more than he expected.

Ep 10: The Danny Benedict Story

He says his name is Tom Smith, but a young man Major Adams meets on the trail refuses to join the wagon train and won't say why.

Ep 11: The Vittorio Bottecelli Story

A king orders his womanizing nephew to San Francisco. He joins the wagon train but causes the Major problems as the husbands are complaining about the man's salacious ways.

Ep 12: The St. Nicholas Story

As Christmas Eve approaches, the wagon train encounters a happy time, the perils that go with hostile indians and a little lost boy who may have already been captured by those same hostiles.

Ep 13: The Ruth Marshall Story

Flint goes to look for a white woman lost in a battle with the Sioux 11 years earlier. After a Sioux brave wounds Flint, he saves himself by shooting the brave. A white woman who doesn't speak and lives with four wolves finds and treats Flint.

Ep 14: The Lita Foladaire Story

Never having met Lita Foladaire, Major Adams learns a lot about her past, the town she grew up in, the people who loved her and, most importantly, what happened to her surrounded by those same people.

Ep 15: The Colonel Harris Story

Flint goes to Fort Young to see the Harris family and Bowman Lewis, who were friends from his youth. He finds out that Mrs. Harris is dead and that her husband swears to wipe out all Indians including Lewis, who leads the Comanche and his mother, Princess.

Ep 16: The Maidie Brandt Story

Maidie Brant is found by the wagon train. Needing fresh horses after a cougar attack, she is reluctant to say why she would rather pay top dollar for the Major's horses rather than ride back into town.

Ep 17: The Larry Hanify Story

On his deathbed, Joe asks Flint to look after his 17-year-old son, Larry Hanify, and get him to California. The catch is that the boy is in jail, awaiting trial for armed robbery.

Ep 18: The Clayton Tucker Story

Taking a dangerous route through the desert to join up with the wagon train, a small band of settlers takes a turn for the worse when they lose the scout leading them and then can't agree on how to proceed.

Ep 19: The Benjamin Burns Story

One dry water hole is normal but when the wagon train has two to worry about, Flint and Ben Burns lead a party to find a legend only indians speak of, Shining Water. Troubles await them but the worst may be a too-green city boy.

Ep 20: The Ricky and Laura Bell Story

Laurie and Ricky Bell uproot and go west, leaving their comforts in Baltimore. When Laurie announces she is pregnant, Ricky is less than happy as he feels she has just made their lives more complicated, especially where it concerns his needs.

Ep 21: The Tom Tuckett Story

Ever since he was young, Tom Tuckett has been sent to good schools and looked after by an unknown benefactor. When he joins the wagon train, Tuckett sets out to discover who the mysterious benefactor is—and is shocked when the individual's identity is reveal.

Ep 22: The Tracy Sadler Story

David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his father's past.

Ep 23: The Alexander Portlass Story

Kidnapped, Flint is forced to scout and find a lost Aztec treasure. As some of the men were previously thrown off the wagon train, their unfriendliness is certain unless he can help them find the lost treasure of Montezuma.

Ep 24: The Christine Elliot Story

Her father on his deathbed, Christine Elliot decides to fulfill his dream of a boys school and joins the wagon train. However, one man is determined to stop her unless he collects his pound of flesh.

Ep 25: The Joshua Gilliam Story

Bill and the Major find a man lying hurt, and bring him into the wagon train. When he meets an innocent woman in the group who has an inheritance waiting for her, he shows other skills besides being just a schoolteacher—and her mother is wary.

Ep 26: The Maggie Hamilton Story

When their daughter runs away from the wagon train, the Hamiltons hire Flint to bring her back. With renegades in the area, he soon discovers how spoiled Maggie really is, but they still manage to make it back in one piece.

Ep 27: The Jonas Murdock Story

Out of meat and low on food, the wagon train must not kill any wildlife or all will face the wrath of local indians. The one holdout is Jonas Murdoch, who has always lived outside the rules and doesn't consider a rabbit an issue.

Ep 28: The Amos Gibbon Story

After an argument with Major Adams, Flint leaves the wagon train and cozies up to a bar at a nearby town. What he doesn't know is the locals are shanghaiing strangers for slave labor in a mine and no one on the train knows where he went.

Ep 29: Trial for Murder: Part 1

When an esteemed member of the wagon train is found dead, Adams needs to prevent mob rule and make sure a lawful trial takes place. The accused is not well liked and found passed out with the rifle used in the murder. But is he the killer?

Ep 30: Trial for Murder: Part 2

When the deceased's wife arrives, the people on the wagon train learn that the murdered man has a dark past, and this could be a case of Cain and Abel—or perhaps someone in the dead-man's past came home-to-roost.

Ep 31: The Countess Baranof Story

Countess Baranof is desperate to get to Alaska to claim her family fortune, and with no horses she applies her considerable charms on Flint. But she's not the one Flint should worry about, as her bodyguard has a more sinister agenda.

Ep 32: The Dick Jarvis Story

A boy hurt in a crippling accident and his domineering mother meet a runaway boy, who she feels is making her son do things outside his capabilities. Another accident reveals something unexpected because it may pit two friends against each other.

Ep 33: The Dr. Swift Cloud Story

Thinking he is not welcome by the white man or his people, an educated Chiracua indian returns to find prejudices among both of groups and must find a way to overcome it before it is too late.

Ep 34: The Luke Grant Story

Luke Grant is found wandering the desert with one wish on his mind—kill me! Turned over to the wagon train by some friendly Chiracawa indians, they slowly discover his identity and learn there are Apaches on the warpath and nearby.

Ep 35: The Charlene Brenton Story

A baby girl sure has a rough start when she arrives on the stage with her dead mother. Plague is what people think killed her and then Charlie Wooster steps in to try to help—and, well, you can imagine where it goes from there.

Ep 36: The Sam Livingston Story

Abigail has lost her driver to the better paying mines. Her new driver says he owns a bank and a pig. The ride west reveals another side of him, one that takes at least the pig to change both heart and mind.

Ep 37: The Shadrack Bennington Story

Shadrack Bennington has been a cavalier of the open road, not wanting to be tied down until he joins the wagon train, heading for San Francisco and a future even he couldn't anticipate.

Ep 1: Wagons Ho!

While preparing to return to St. Joseph, the men read the story "Wagon Ho" written and printed by Samuel T. Evans about his trip as a naive young Irishman headed west and his experiences and adventure on the trail.

Ep 2: The Horace Best Story

Adams' "distant" cousin Horace arrives hoping to be a wagon master. His trading skills allow him to steal the crew and vendors from Adams, but when Adams confronts him with the decisions he must make on the trail, there are second thoughts.

Ep 3: The Albert Farnsworth Story

Arrogant British Colonel Albert Farnsworth causes an indian attack that results in the capture of a young girl by the Cheyenne and the mortal wounding of his long time aide.

Ep 4: The Allison Justis Story

When someone yells horse thief, Flint shoots a man only to find he is the husband of a childhood friend. Flint learns the man is mayor and highly respected. The question of whether he killed an innocent man bothers him and the man's son.

Ep 5: The Jose Morales Story

Bill Hawkes is leading three wagons through indian territory. They run into trouble with Mexician bandits lead by Lee Marvin. When the two groups must band together to fight off an indian attack, certain biases and assumptions are thrown away.

Ep 6: The Princess of a Lost Tribe

Ordered by Major Adams to guide three passengers to a campsite up a haunted mountain, Flint does so but with caution: rumors that an escaped group of Aztecs now live there, almost 400 years after Cortez wiped them all out.

Ep 7: The Cathy Eckhart Story

One murder begets a second murder while a treacherous journey awaits the wagon train. An unknown scout and Kiowa indians threaten the pass. Now there may be a renegade and murderer in their midst, a situation Adams must resolve before continuing.

Ep 8: The Bleymier Story

Heed the signs! Or so says Samuel Bleymier. When the rain won't stop, a splintered group of the wagon train has to travel through a Sioux indian burial ground. That may have consequences all its own but what of the signs?

Ep 9: The Colter Craven Story

Dr. Craven feels he can't perform surgery any longer. When he joins the wagon train and his services are desperately needed, he realizes he may be wrong after Major Adams gives him a history lesson.

Ep 10: The Jane Hawkins Story

"We're out of beef!" says Charlie to Flint. Heading to the nearest town to buy some, he finds a girl who's been shot. He brings her into town with him for medical attention, but the local doctor there says he should have left her out on the range to die.

Ep 11: The Candy O'Hara Story

Gabe Henry and his son have been sorely missing the female touch for more than five years now. Finding a wife during a stopover is his top priority, but his choice is known to Major Adams, who does not approve.

Ep 12: The River Crossing

A green Army colonel wipes out a village of Comanche women and children thinking he is getting revenge. The wagon train must chose between crossing a swollen river or facing a Comanche chief who seeks justice.

Ep 13: The Roger Bigelow Story

Roger Bigelow turns to the ministry with his father's help when he realizes what he might become without it. Bigelow gets the chance to help someone else on the wrong path, but Major Adams is not sure the reverend is helping the right person.

Ep 14: The Jeremy Dow Story

When the wagon train passes through town, habitually drunk Jeremy Dow finds that his past has caught up with him. His choices: continue running or face the demons from his past when he is confronted with this wife and son on the train.

Ep 15: The Earl Packer Story

Wounded Bill Strode arrives in camp looking for Flint. Strode, who saved Flint's life in Abilene, asks Flint to help him get to Fort Kearny. Flint learns the itchy Strode is being hunted by bounty hunter Earl Packer and Strode has changed.

Ep 16: The Patience Miller Story

A Quaker schoolteacher heads to the Arapaho nation on the wagon train after her husband is killed. She meets the chief and his willingness to fight another indian nation puts her right in the middle of each tribe's pride and customs.

Ep 17: The Sam Elder Story

A retired captain and 10 boys join the wagon train on their way to California. Hitching a ride was all the captain thought he was involving the boys in, until he meets a man on the train with a secret resentment.

Ep 18: The Weight of Command

Bill and Major Adams plan on going hunting with a friend, but when he is not home they suspect a renegade party of Cheyenne who have broken the peace treaty—and the wagon train may be their next target.

Ep 19: The Prairie Story

Here is the story of the women of the wagon train and the unforgiving prairie through which they pass. Who will endure, and who will give up? Who will live, and who will die?

Ep 20: The Path of the Serpent

At a Rocky Mountains fort, a wounded soldier asks his old friend, Ruddy Blaine, to bring his daughter to him before he dies. With the Ute indians on the warpath, Blaine will have to take a dangerous route known only to him and the Shoshone.

Ep 21: The Odyssey of Flint McCullough

Looking forward to some time off, Flint heads towards the town of Monument. However, his plans run afoul when he meets an old man and some kids whose parents were just massacred by Mescaleros. They're running low on supplies, especially milk for the baby.

Ep 22: The Beth Pearson Story

The leaders of the wagon train are taken aback when they see a woman asking to join the group who is the twin of Major Adams one and only love—who died in his arms.

Ep 23: The Jed Polke Story

When Flint brings a stranded woman and boy to the train, her husband, who went off to find help, is also soon found. But his return to the train sets off tempers when four men recognize him and their only thought is murder.

Ep 24: The Nancy Palmer Story

A married couple use the wife's innocent face and winning way with children to gain the trust of their companions on the wagon train so that they won't be suspected when the husband pulls off a bank robbery nearby.

Ep 25: The Christopher Hale Story

Ep 26: The Tiburcio Mendez Story

Ep 27: The Nellie Jefferson Story

Ep 28: The Saul Bevins Story

Ep 29: The Joe Muharich Story

Ep 30: The Duke Shannon Story

Ep 31: The Will Santee Story

Ep 32: The Jim Bridger Story

Ep 33: The Eleanor Culhane Story

Ep 34: The Chalice

Ep 35: The Janet Hale Story

Ep 36: Wagon to Fort Anderson

Ep 37: The Ah Chong Story

Ep 38: The Don Alvarado Story

Ep 1: The Captain Dan Brady Story

Ep 2: The Kitty Albright Story

Ep 3: The Maud Frazer Story

Ep 4: The Selena Hartnell Story

Ep 5: The Clementine Jones Story

Ep 6: The Jenna Douglas Story

Ep 7: The Artie Matthewson Story

Ep 8: The Mark Miner Story

Ep 9: The Bruce Saybrook Story

Ep 10: The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story

Ep 11: The Traitor

Ep 12: The Bettina May Story

Ep 13: Clyde

Ep 14: The Martin Onyx Story

Ep 15: The Dick Pederson Story

Ep 16: The Hobie Redman Story

Ep 17: The Malachi Hobart Story

Duke comes across Malachi Hobart, a preacher who has dedicated his life to his fellow man. However, he soon begins to believe that the preacher is in fact a con artist using religion to swindle people out of their money.

Ep 18: The Dr. Denker Story

The wagon train takes in a terrified young boy who has just seen his father murdered by a bandit gang. While Bill and Flint try to help him recover, embittered Civil War vet Ed Beaufort tells the boy that taking vengeance is the best medicine. Soon a traveling musician, Dr. Denker, joins the wagon train and he and Billy hit it off, but it becomes evident that Billy and the doctor had a prior connection.

Ep 19: The Lonnie Fallon Story

Ep 20: The Jeff Hartfield Story

Ep 21: The Daniel Clay Story

Ep 22: The Lieutenant Burton Story

Ep 23: The Charley Shutup Story

Ep 24: The Amos Billings Story

Ep 25: The Baylor Crofoot Story

Ep 26: The George B. Hanrahan Story

Ep 27: The Swamp Devil

Ep 28: The Cole Crawford Story

Ep 29: The Levi Hale Story

Ep 30: The Terry Morrell Story

Ep 31: The Jud Steele Story

Ep 32: The Mary Beckett Story

Ep 33: The Nancy Lee Davis Story

Ep 34: The Frank Carter Story

Ep 35: The John Turnbull Story

Ep 36: The Hiram Winthrop Story

Ep 37: The Heather Mahoney Story

Ep 1: Wagon Train Mutiny

Ep 2: The Caroline Casteel Story

Ep 3: The Madame Sagittarius Story

Ep 4: The Martin Gatsby Story

Ep 5: The John Augustus Story

Ep 6: The Mavis Grant Story

Ep 7: The Lisa Raincloud Story

Ep 8: The Shiloh Degnan Story

Ep 9: The Levy-McGowan Story

Ep 10: The John Bernard Story

Ep 11: The Kurt Davos Story

Ep 12: The Eve Newhope Story

Ep 13: The Orly French Story

Ep 14: The Donna Fuller Story

Ep 15: The Sam Darland Story

Ep 16: The Abel Weatherly Story

Ep 17: The Davey Baxter Story

Ep 18: The Johnny Masters Story

Ep 19: The Naomi Kaylor Story

Ep 20: The Hollister John Garrison Story

Ep 21: The Lily Legend Story

Ep 22: Charlie Wooster - Outlaw

Ep 23: The Sara Proctor Story

Ep 24: The Emmett Lawton Story

Ep 25: The Annie Duggan Story

Ep 26: The Michael McGoo Story

Ep 28: The Tom Tuesday Story

Ep 27: The Adam MacKenzie Story

Ep 29: Heather and Hamish Story

Ep 30: The Blane Wessels Story

Ep 31: The Tom O'Neal Story

Ep 32: The Clarence Mullins Story

Ep 33: The David Garner Story

Ep 34: Alias Bill Hawks

Bill Hawks travels to a desert town to visit an old friend, an indian who has a ranch there. However, upon arriving on his friend's property, he discovers that it is under the control of the local townspeople, who are drilling for water, and that his friend is nowhere to be seen. The townspeople are unwilling to give him any information, and in fact display outright hostility towards him, leading Hawks to suspect that his friend may be in danger or even dead.

Ep 35: The Antone Rose Story

Ep 36: The Jim Whitlow Story

Ep 37: The Barnaby West Story

Ep 1: The Molly Kincaid Story

When a defiant young brave and his mother turn up at a wagon train stop, the town's female boss won't release needed provisions, keeping the caravan at a standstill. Nothing about the situation is as it seems, including that the indian mother, who's hiding a knife to murder the town's most prominent citizen.

Ep 2: The Fort Pierce Story

Colonel Lathrop orders Chris Hale to take the wife of Captain Winters on the wagon train with him. As the only woman at the fort, Nancy Winters is drowning her fear about her husband's safety and her sorrow over the death of her infant child in alcohol. Lathrop finds her attitude and behavior distracting to the discipline of his soldiers.

Ep 3: The Gus Morgan Story

Railroad owners Gus and Ethan Morgan are looking for a way either through or around a peak. Hale accompanies the two brothers as they trace Ethan's proposed route, and is accidentally wounded. The three men are caught in a blizzard, their horses lost. When Ethan collapses, Gus, unable to carry both men, is faced with a terrible dilemma and must make a difficult decision.

Ep 4: The Widow O'Rourke Story

Duke and Charlie are taken prisoner by servants of Princess Mei Ling, matriarch of a hidden Chinese empire, and forced to work as slaves. Coop, who has some familiarity with the legend of the princess, manages to get himself into her quarters. The princess Ling takes a liking to Coop, as he bears an uncanny resemblance to her late husband, an Irish sea Captain. She makes him an offer, to take her niece as his wife and inherit all of her riches. Coop has to figure out a way to free Duke, Charlie and the other slaves even though he is coming to admire the princess.

Ep 5: The Robert Harrison Clarke Story

British journalist Robert Harrison Clarke joins the wagon train, hoping to write a story on the "real" West. Clarke is a pompous and arrogant man who looks down on his fellow wagon train members, and thinks that stories about the West are simply exaggerations. His beliefs will be tested, as the train is taking a new road through indian country, and the Comanche and Kiowa leaders are vowing to attack if Army officers show up with Hale's group.

Ep 6: The Myra Marshall Story

Coop accompanies Grace Marshall on a visit her sister, Myra, who, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, has been living a life of addiction and infidelity, for which Grace wrongfully blames Myra's husband, Vern.

Ep 7: The Sam Spicer Story

After witnessing a bank holdup, Barnaby is taken hostage by the robbers, outlaws Sam Spicer and Reno Sutton. Sam takes a liking to the boy as he reminds him of himself when Reno first made him a partner. But Reno doesn't trust Barnaby and thinks they should just kill him.

Ep 8: The Sam Pulaski Story

Coop and Rose Pulaski are falling in love with each other, but Rose's brother, Sam, objects, as he has to every man Rose has wanted to be with. When Coop finally meets Sam face to face, he recognizes him as the leader of a gang that beat and robbed him in Brooklyn a while earlier. Sam tells Coop he is coming west to change his ways, but doesn't tell that two of his confederates have also joined the train.

Ep 9: The Eli Bancroft Story

Eli Bancroft became an outlaw and raised his three sons as such after a town's citizens banded together and under threat forced his entire family to uproot. Now, they have robbed Coop, a young couple, and a young widow and her daughter, taking their water, wagons and horses and forcing them all to walk through the desert.

Ep 10: The Kitty Pryer Story

Victor Harp tells Kitty that he has married her while still married to Martha, who he must join on the Wagon Train to take to San Francisco for a divorce. He hires former acquaintance and waster Miles Brisbane to pretend to be Kitty's husband so she can go along and Harp will not be discovered as a bigamist. When Harp tells Kitty he cannot leave wealthy Martha, Kitty gives Harp and ultimatum, which he mocks, prompting her to shoot him to death and flees the wagon train.

Ep 11: The Sandra Cummings Story

Years after using her considerable charms to escape from a Confederate prison camp, singer Sandra Cummings joins the wagon train, along with her musical troupe and her daughter, Paula. From the time he first sees Sandra, Coop begins acting strangely, starting a relationship with Paula despite Sandra's excessive objections to her daughter seeing any men. Coop's behavior even starts to alienate Duke and others on the wagon train. The reasons for the attitudes of both Coop and Sandra are brought to light later.

Ep 12: The Bleecker Story

The Bleecker gang, disguised as farmers with several wagons, seek to join Hale's wagon train. They have a wagon of weapons and plan to hijack the train and use it and the weapons to rob a nearby fort of gold.

Ep 13: The Story of Cain

Coop and John Cain are brought into Cain's hometown, both very seriously wounded. Cain's wife vows to make sure Coop lives so he can suffer. It all started when Coop, while scouting in the desert, found Cain, dehydrated, delirious and near death. While recuperating Cain offers to sell shares in the goldmine he's discovered to all others on the wagon train. But after he recovers, he takes back his offer, and Coop, angry for all the disappointed people, goes after him.

Ep 14: The Cassie Vance Story

Cassie Vance is accused of theft when money and items belonging to a woman on the train who she nursed turn up missing, and especially after another woman recognizes Cassie as having served time in prison for theft when young. This causes her husband to shun her as well.

Ep 15: The Fenton Canaby Story

Canaby, who is unjustly reputed to have led a wagon train to disaster in the desert, becomes unexpectedly part of Hale's train as Hale has some of the same problems Canaby had on his train.

Ep 16: The Michael Malone Story

Young Julie Holland is falling for Michael Malone, a young man haunted by the death of a woman from his past, which he feels guilty about. Meanwhile, the marriage of another young couple, Ben and Beth Mitchell, is strained because of Beth's increasing bitterness toward her husband and her own feeling of unworthiness.

Ep 17: The Jed Whitmore Story

Jed Whitmore, one of three brothers that committed an infamous train robbery, is now Sheriff Frank Lewis. However, his brother has been released from prison and comes to town with a fellow inmate and a reporter to get paid for the Jed Whitmore story.

Ep 18: The Geneva Balfour Story

Hale's train must take a dangerous desert route to circumvent more extreme hostilities. And danger grows when spoiled Geneva Balfour starts a fire destroying supplies in order to get her husband to return east.

Ep 19: The Kate Crawley Story

When Hale begins to romance tough, independent freight line operator Kate Crawley, the others begin to fear she will wind up dominating the wagon train, and try to encourage her adoring assistant to better himself so that she'll notice him instead.

Ep 20: The Grover Allen Story

After setting a bomb that killed his tyrannical boss, Grover Allen joins the wagon train and heads west with his widowed daughter, Della, and grandson, Jeff. But a detective searching for Allen also joins the train, and he finds his job complicated when he falls for Della.

Ep 21: The Andrew Elliott Story

Duke Shannon, arrested by the Cavalry, is charged with criminal negligence as leader of an expedition into the badlands, from which he alone has returned.

Ep 22: The Melanie Craig Story

Everyone wants to help pretty Melanie Craig after her husband is killed in an accident, and several men fight over who will be the one to court and marry her, including Rudd Basham, a father of three boys with all the wrong ideas about how women should be.

Ep 23: The Pearlie Garnet Story

Beautiful but shrewd Pearlie Garnet was forced to leave the wagon train after she was found to be a liar, manipulator and thief who stole from everyone on the train. Now Bill and Duke have come across her again, as the owner of the biggest saloon in a small town.

Ep 24: The Trace McCloud Story

A strangler is loose in the town of Bedrock. When the wagon train rolls through it is joined by a good percentage of the town's population—and the strangler.

Ep 25: The Duncan McIvor Story

Duncan McIvor saves Duke and Bill from an attack by hostile indians, and he is welcomed onto the wagon train. However, McIvor does not tell them at first that he is an Army lieutenant investigating thefts of military property. Several people riding with the train have purchased items previously stolen from the Army, and after revealing his identity McIvor confiscates the items, much to Bill's displeasure as the people are not compensated.

Ep 26: The Ben Engel Story

Wealthy Engel has used psychopathic Harry Diel as a proxy during the Civil War to save Diel from jail. Diel now plots on the train as Engel's employee to usurp Engel's business by making himself appear a cuckold to Engel among other wiles.

Ep 27: The Whipping

With Hale gone for supplies, Bill Hawks is in charge of the wagon train, and he threatens to punish Barnaby with a whipping after the boy's pranks get out of line. Feeling humiliated and angry, Barnaby runs away and breaks his leg—twice, the second time very seriously. Bill feels responsible and turns to drinking, which endangers the train. At the same time, a cynical drunk begins to change in the opposite direction and starts taking more responsibility.

Ep 28: The Santiago Quesada Story

Indian Lance Starbuck is in love with Kim Case—whose uncle harbors a deep hatred for red men.

Ep 29: The Stark Bluff Story

Duke learns that a friend died, and that the man's widow is now working for a ruthless saloon owner.

Ep 30: The Link Cheney Story

The train becomes a rolling casino when infamous gambler Link Cheney joins the travelers.

Ep 31: The Zebedee Titus Story

Neville Brand portrays an aging pioneer who joins the wagon train as a scout.

Ep 32: Last Circle Up

Celebration and sadness, love and hate, birth and death—all intermingle as the wagon train nears the end.

Ep 1: The Bob Stuart Story

Ep 2: The Hide Hunters

Ep 3: The John Gillman Story

Ep 4: The Race Town Story

Ep 5: The Barbara Lindquist Story

Ep 6: The Brian Conlin Story

Ep 7: The Alice Whitetree Story

Ep 8: Those Who Stay Behind

Ep 9: The Nancy Styles Story

Ep 10: The Richard Bloodgood Story

Ep 11: The Clay Shelby Story

Ep 12: Little Girl Lost

Ep 13: The Hector Heatherton Story

Ep 14: The Echo Pass Story

Ep 15: The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story

Ep 16: The Wanda Snow Story

Ep 17: The Isaiah Quickfox Story

Ep 18: Herman

Ep 19: The Bonnie Brooke Story

Ep 20: The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story

Ep 21: The Captain Sam Story

Ep 22: The Betsy Blee Smith Story

Ep 23: The Katy Piper Story

Charlie Wooster and Barnaby West have the task of escorting Dr. Katy Piper and her daughters to join up with the Chris Hale wagon train. Barnaby shoots and kills a masked bandit who hijacks the Piper wagon. The bandit turns out to be a teenage boy, and though Barnaby is cleared of any wrongdoing, a sense of guilt weighs heavily on him.

Ep 24: The Indian Girl Story

Ep 25: The Silver Lady

Ep 26: The Jarbo Pierce Story