Bugs Bunny and Friends

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 9 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer, Taz and their Looney Tunes pals star in classic cartoons from the Warner Bros. library.

Next Airings

  • 6/26 9:00AMPorky Pig's Feat (1943), The Bear's Tale, Hairied And Hurried (1965), 8 Ball Bunny, Hare Ribbin, Frigid Hare
    "When Daffy and Porky are unable to pay their hotel bill because Daffy lost all their money gambling, the manager locks them in their room until they do. , An unorthodox story about Goldilocks and the three bears. , Wile E. Coyote sends in a mail-order to ACME for a snow machine and then he sets up signs for "Chains Required" and then gives away chains at another stop. He intends to use a portable electro-magnet to catch the Road Runner but it fails. , A little top-hatted performing penguin gets lost and falls into Bugs Bunny's hands. Bugs Bunny embarks on a challenging adventure to return the penguin to his home., A Russian dialect dog wants a rabbit sandwich out of Bugs. , Bugs Bunny makes a wrong turn on his way to Miami Beach and ends up at the South Pole, where he runs into some trouble with the natives."
  • 7/3 9:00AMHare-abian Nights (1959), Hare Do (1949), The Draft Horse, Drafty, Isn't It?, Don't Give Up The Sheep, Draftee Daffy
    "Bugs is forced to tell the Sultan some tales of his adventures or else face the croc-pit. , Elmer Fudd hunts for Bugs with an army surplus wabbit detector but it doesn't seem to work when Bugs leads him off a cliff. , A desperate horse tries all sorts of acts to impress an army Sgt. but fails. , Ralph Phillips is asleep, dreaming he has everything he has ever wanted. An army man, Willie N. List uses an "ACME Anti-Nightmare Machine" to enter Ralph's dream and shows him that his wildest dreams could come true by joining the Army. , Sam Sheepdog defends a flock of sheep from pesky Ralph Wolf. Ralph makes various attempts to steal the sheep, but Sam always seems to be one step ahead of him. , A drafter comes to Daffy's house to draft him. Daffy has to figure out how to escape him, but he just keeps appearing everywhere. "
  • 7/10 9:00AMInvasion Of The Bunny Snatchers, Boston Quackie, Tweet Tweet Tweety (1951), Oily Hare (1952), Count Me Out, Behind The Meatball
    "Alien pod people have captured Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, and Elmer Fudd and taken their places. Bugs must escape before he is the next victim. , Daffy takes on a role as a private inspector, and Porky, as his superior, assigns him to deliver an expensive package that he quickly loses., Sylvester is at a national forest when he spots a nest up in a tree with an unhatched Tweety. , A Texas oilman and his assistant, Maverick, try everything to get Bugs to move his hole from their oil fields. , Egghead takes boxing lessons and ends up facing a boxing champ! , Fido, the dog has a thirst for meat, and when he cant get it he starts to imagine it. "
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