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The Miracle (s2, ep23)
A woman is given an alien crystal, which is soon believed to be a miracle.
Attack Of The Alligators!
"Dr Orchard has developed a food additive called theramine. It has the ability to substantially increase the size of animals. A sample is accidentally spilled into the drain system that feeds into the local swamp. The effects are devastating on the local wildlife and the isolated laboratory comes under attack by giant alligators. This triggers International rescue to try and save those trapped inside and contain the spread of a biological disaster"
The Lisa Card (s2, ep)
When Lisa splurges with her dad's credit card, she asks the Bayside gang to help get the money back before her dad discovers the shopping spree.
The Election (s2, ep)
Zack finds out the Class President wins a trip to Washington, D.C., and campaigns hard against Jessie. But when the trip is canceled, he must campaign even harder to lose.
Aloha Slater (s2, ep)
Slater is torn when his Army father tells him they're moving away. Jealous the spotlight's not on him, Zack spreads a rumor.
Dancing To The Max (s2, ep)
When a dance contest is held at The Max, the gang splits off into pairs—Kelly and Slater, Zack and Jessie, and even Lisa and Screech!
The Substitute (s2, ep)
The Bayside girls fall for a new substitute teacher, making the guys, especially Zack, jealous.
Cream For A Day (s2, ep)
A zit threatens Kelly's attempt at homecoming queen, but Screech's secret cream may help—or cause disastrous effects!
The Rock Vegas Story (s2, ep26)
Fred, Wilma and the Rubbles travel to a desert gambling resort where Fred expects big winnings.
Divided We Sail (s2, ep27)
When Barney substitutes for Fred on TV game show and wins a prize, he and Fred squabble over ownership of the gift.
Kleptomaniac Caper (s2, ep28)
Ignorant of Wilma's donation to a rummage sale, Fred calls the police when he discovers his closet ransacked.
G.i. Jetson (s1, ep19)
George is enrolled in the space guard reserves, where his superiors are Spacely and the conniving Uniblab.
Dear Libby (s1, ep2)
A troublesome letter about a blended family in an advice column draws Marcia's attention, and she assumes it was written by either Mike or Carol. She and the other kids devise a plot to keep their newly formed family together.
Beaver And Violet (s3, ep32)
Beaver finds himself in a most uncomfortable situation when Fred Rutherford practically plays matchmaker and pairs Beaver up with his daughter, Violet. Fred organizes a picnic and invites the Cleavers, which is where the situation culminates into Beaver getting kissed by Violet.
The Spot Removers (s3, ep33)
For an upcoming dance, Wally is ready to wear a grey suit but when Beaver brings his new friend, Richard, over to the house, he accidentally spills oil on it, leaving a big stain. This leads Richard and Beaver to try to bleach the stain out with disastrous results. Beaver finds himself with another problem, when later Eddie discovers what Beaver is hiding from Wally.
The Buggy (s4, ep18)
Granny gets a buggy for her horse Ladybelle and gets the same thing for Mrs. Drysdale so they can have buggy races. But the horse she buys for her neighbor is known around the stables as "Old Gluepot." She tries to cheat to win, but ends up with Lightening, the poor horse, after Jed tries to teach her a lesson.
The Cat Burglar (s4, ep19)
The city of Beverly Hills is on alert because a cat burglar is on the loose. Elly is worried that this person will steal her cats and kittens, since he is a "cat" burglar. And Jane and Drysdale are worried that the Clampetts will get robbed, since they are prime targets. The cat burglar shows up at the Clampett mansion, posing as a detective to check the place out. Elly shows him the traps she has set. Mike and Bernie, the burglars, decide the caper here will be easy.
X Marks The Spot (s1, ep18)
The Air Force chooses an "uninhabited island" to test a deadly new missile.
Tri-state's Most Wanted (s6, ep)
When Mama believes she's fallen for a wanted criminal, she decides to capture him herself.
A Blast From The Past (s6, ep)
Thelma's high school reputation comes back to haunt her 50 years later.
Crew Confessions (s3, ep6)
Isaac shocks the crew when he writes about them in a tell-all novel; a celebrity lookalike tries to convince a newfound romance that he isn't who she thinks he is; a reunited husband and wife share a deep secret.
Toys- Shawn Sheridan
""Monster Party" podcaster Shawn Sheridan is into horror, his wife Gina is all about sci-fi. Together they've made their pop-culture passion a cornerstone of their marriage, as we find out when Lisa joins them in the room they've dedicated to their shared collection of action figures, memorabilia, and more. Shawn and Gina display such treasures as "Galaxy Quest" glasses made exclusively for the cult TV show's crew, and full-size replicas of both the killer doll from "Trilogy of Terror" and Twiki the robot from TV's "Buck Rogers" (who actually talks and shares a few choice words). Lisa brings along toy collector and creator Gavin Hignight, who will put a value on Shawn and Gina's entire collection. But things really get wild when Gavin calls in "Collector's Call" all-stars (and Shawn's co-podcasters) Matt Weinhold and Larry Strothe, for our very first double trade scene!"
Mail Call (s2, ep23)
The arrival of a new batch of mail leaves Trapper depressed, and thinking of desertion, despite Hawkeye's efforts to dissuade him. Meanwhile, Hawkeye learns that he has successfully tricked Frank into buying stocks in a fictitious company, Pioneer Aviation.
A Smattering Of Intelligence (s2, ep24)
A classic episode in which Colonel Flagg and another secret agent from another intelligence agency come to the 4077th to keep their eyes on the camp. Hawkeye and Trapper trick them both into thinking that Burns is a traitor—one thinks he's a fascist, the other thinks he's a communist.
Archie's Fraud (s3, ep2)
Archie's Sunday job, driving taxi cabs for Bert Munson, has been a fine extra job for additional income. However, Archie has failed to report the extra income on his tax returns. Archie goes down to the IRS to explain, and soon discovers that he will be audited by the IRS. Trying to get out of it, Archie considers bribing the agent.
The Threat (s3, ep3)
Archie gets word that an old Army buddy who once saved his life is coming to town with his wife, Bobbi Jo. Archie offers to have them stay at his place. When Bobbi Jo arrives early, Archie gets an eyeful of the voluptuous woman and his guilt over his lust begins to show through to Mike and Gloria. Edith overhears a conversation between Archie, Mike and Gloria and out of concern for her marriage, makes a pivotal decision.
Gloria And The Riddle (s3, ep4)
Gloria has become friends with a girl named Tammy and they have been organizing a Women's Fair. Male chauvinism is put to the test when Gloria poses a riddle to Mike and Archie who are stumped when they can't come up with the answer. Archie even goes to his drinking buddies for help, but to no avail. However, it is Edith who suddenly comes up with the answer (an answer that Archie doesn't want to hear).
Lionel Steps Out (s3, ep5)
Archie's niece has been visiting the Bunkers and having a great time. She's even made friends with Lionel and loves going out on the town with him. However, a picture taken of the two of them becomes the thing that clues Archie in on their blossoming relationship and he hits the roof, citing that people should stick to their own race.
The Byrds, Petula Clark, And More
Today's episode features the Byrds, Petula Clark, Rudy Schweitzer, Glenn Yarbrough, Barbara McNair, Jackie Vernon, Two Carmenas.
Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Cher
In Dual Pianos, a great pianist tries to calm his protege before they play together. Then in TV Commercials, Carol and the gang parody TV products, including Wish Detergent, Long Distance Phone Call, L'eggs Pantyhose, Buff-Up Toothpaste, and Second Cup of Coffee. Finally, in The Not So Eternal Triangle, a beautiful woman finds she can't compete with her frumpy husband's mistress.
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The Boarder Incident (s1, ep22)
Buddy's stay at the Petries causes endless problems.
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The Loudspeaker (s4, ep30)
Ralph writes a speech because he thinks he's going to be Raccoon of the Year—but it turns out Norton receives the honor.
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The Old Man In The Cave (s5, ep7)
A mysterious guardian helps a tiny community survive after nuclear war destroys much of the Earth.
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A Home Away From Home (s2, ep)
When a mental institution patient imprisons the staff, he reverses the roles of doctors and patients.
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The Evil Men Do (s4, ep14)
After Kimble saves his boss' life, the man (a former mobster), is determined to repay the debt to Kimble by killing Gerard. After he learns that Gerard has discovered Kimble's whereabouts, he leads the Lieutenant into a deadly trap. Can Kimble save Gerard
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The Phoenix (s2, ep23)
Former internal security director Stefan Prohosh has been demoted to director of a museum. He has stolen an experimental metal alloy and concealed it in a modern sculpture at his museum, planning to sell it to a foreign power to get them to back his bid.