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Escort (s1, ep13)
Dan Matthews follows a senator when word gets out that a racketeer plans to murder him.
The Shooting Board (s2, ep2)
Friday lands in hot water after a thief he attempted to apprehend, and in the process shot at, turns up dead and SID can't find evidence that the man fired at Friday.
The Badge Racket (s2, ep3)
Three con artists have been swindling businessmen from out of town by posing as a prostitute and two policemen. The detectives set a trap as Gannon pretends to be a manufacturer from Lincoln, Nebraska.
A Perfect Memory (s2, ep5)
An old high school sweetheart calls for Steve while he is out.
Art Of Fish Intelligence
"Bill tries to prove to everyone that he can do his job better than artificial intelligence. Cartoons feature Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzalez."
Beaver On Tv (s6, ep22)
Beaver comes home with the news that he applied to appear on a local television show called 'Teen Forum' and has been accepted. Beaver gets out of classes for the taping and all his classmates are treated to being able to watch him on TV during class. However, what Beaver, his friends and family don't know is that the show tapes each episode a week in advance.
Box Office Attraction (s6, ep23)
June and Ward have noticed the Wally has been spending quite a bit of his time at the movie theater but it's not to see the movies. He's been eyeing the pretty young lady who works in the box office. Thanks to Eddie, Wally works up enough courage to ask her out but quickly sees another side to the young lady that is a bit too mature for Wally's taste.
The Case Of The Fifty-millionth Frenchman (s7, ep19)
Frenchman Phillipe falls for a married woman, taking her away from a violently abusive husband. When the ex-husband dies piloting his airplane, Phillipe is blamed for drugging him.
Annihilator (s2, ep)
At Cassie's request, Matlock reluctantly agrees to represent a famous wrestler accused of killing a long-time rival. The key witness is a young girl whose story might not be completely accurate.
No Other Road (s4, ep21)
Harriet tries to keep Eugene from giving up when his father faces the death penalty. And the police search for three suspects in connection to a robbery/murder.
The Tailspin (s7, ep23)
Jim-Bob finds out he is not eligible to fly in the Air Corps due to bad vision
Lavery (s16, ep22)
Matt is saved by a cowhand from an ambush. He then does a favor for the cowhand.
The Last Viking (s2, ep10)
Gunnar Borgstrom is the leader of a vicious band called the Commancheros. They burn houses, kill people and steal anything of value. When the Commancheros get to Nevada, Gunnar decides to visit his relatives, the Cartwrights.
Sheer Terror (s4, ep3)
Mark and Milly are held prisoner in her general store when two gunmen attempt a daring robbery.
The Stand-in (s4, ep4)
Two prison wagon drivers stop at the McCain ranch looking for whiskey. Lucas turns them down because they are escorting Rudy Croft, a murderer who is to be hanged in Yuma.
The Sam Livingston Story (s3, ep36)
Abigail has lost her driver to the better paying mines. Her new driver says he owns a bank and a pig. The ride west reveals another side of him, one that takes at least the pig to change both heart and mind.
Rampart Division (s6, ep2)
Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for an elusive purse snatcher whose latest victim was visiting her husband's grave. In the meantime, they deal with an annoying former cop turned security guard, encounter a desperate old man attempting to break into a car, help a cantankerous elderly woman who is being evicted, mediate a near-violent dispute over five dollars, track down a runaway baby carriage and search for an armed suspect who just robbed a cocktail lounge.
Foothill Division (s6, ep3)
Malloy, Reed and Sgt. MacDonald go horseback as part of the search for suspects responsible for a break-in at a large ranch. Meanwhile, Sgt. MacDonald offers a reward for the return of his favorite boots, Officer Wells starts a collection for a couple who claims their baby needs brain surgery and the station is attacked by a sniper.
The Battle Of Bel Air
"Undercover reporter Tawnia Baker contacts the A-Team with a special request."
Depressing News (s9, ep12)
Klinger's army newspaper reports on Hawkeye's monument to military stupidity; a giant tower made from a half million erroneously shipped tongue depressors.
No Laughing Matter (s9, ep13)
Hawkeye wagers that he can go a full day without a wisecrack, and Winchester finally confronts the major who exiled him to the 4077th.
Man In A Hurry (s3, ep16)
Big businessman Malcolm Tucker is stuck in Mayberry on a Sunday when his car breaks down outside the city limits. He's soon driven to frustration when he finds there is no way to get anything done until the following day.
Lafe Lingers On (s2, ep18)
Lafe Crick returns to the Clampett mansion looking to get rich off Jed's money. He tries to get a job at the bank guarding Jed's money, only to get a few million dollars. But Granny has her doubts about the freeloader, though he seems to be proving her wrong.
The Coming Out Party (s6, ep2)
Lori, the little girl who missed the train back to the city, is staying with the Douglases. Lisa's plan to introduce her to the local children by having a party and gets out of hand; the festivities grow to include Haney giving biplane rides. While Oliver fights to downsize her event, he searches for a replacement part for his ancient tractor.
Some Of Their Planes Are Missing (s3, ep2)
The Germans plan to send their men into England via captured planes.
D-day At Stalag 13 (s3, ep3)
Hogan pulls a hoax to get a general to believe Klink is replacing him as chief of staff.
Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room (s2, ep3)
Ordered to commit a murder, a smalltime hood nervously looks in the mirror and sees the man he could have been.
Bang, You're Dead (s7, ep2)
A boy believes the gun he found was meant for him.
Maria (s7, ep3)
A carnival man buys a monkey to use in his act, but the "monkey" doesn't like being used.
Only One Death To A Customer (s3, ep21)
After escaping three consecutive attempts on his life, Mannix learns that someone has placed a $5,000 bounty on his head.
The Limping Man (s3, ep11)
A murderer confined to a psychiatric hospital escapes. He's looking for his wife, whom he believes framed him for murder.
Conspiracy Of Terror (s3, ep4)
A Pulitzer Prize-winning author ends up dead after he gains a prisoner's confession of innocence.