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The Truckers (s3, ep28)
Highway Patrol investigates pharmaceutical robberies in which the victims are rendered temporarily unconscious.
Juvenile - Little Pusher (s4, ep6)
Friday investigates the junior high drug scene.
Homicide - Cigarette Butt (s4, ep7)
A murder victim's smoking habits help Friday track down the killer.
Robbie's Double Life (s6, ep9)
Robbie has a wonderful time going steady with two girls simultaneously — a high schooler and a college co-ed — until the two ladies compare notes one day and plot immediate revenge.
Greatest Generation
"Bill and Toony show cartoons with World War Two references and visit characters from "The Greatest Generation". "
Beaver's Crush (s1, ep8)
Beaver has a crush on his teacher, Miss Canfield. When Judy, Whitey and Larry tease him for being a "teacher's pet," Beaver tries to prove them wrong and places a spring snake in her desk. However, Beaver has second thoughts and becomes determined to remove the snake before she finds it.
The Clubhouse (s1, ep9)
Wally and his friends build a clubhouse, and Beaver wants to join. Although the dues are $1 for 8th graders, Beaver has to come up with $3 in order to join their club. How can Beaver earn the money?
The Case Of The Midnight Howler (s9, ep16)
A woman is accused of killing her ex-husband, shot to death during a live radio broadcast while giving an interview. His ex-wife admits to being present during the murder, but swears she did not pull the trigger.
The Angel (s1, ep)
Matlock reluctantly agrees to take the case of free-spirited rock star Angel. The musician has been accused of killing her manager, and due to an alcohol-induced blackout can't even offer an alibi for the night of the murder.
Hard Choices (s7, ep19)
Eugene tries to protect a friend who was an unwilling accomplice to a robbery and in doing so endangers his probation -- and his life.
The Home Front - Part 2 (s8, ep2)
The family members all seem involved in the war effort
On Now
To Kill A Buffalo (s7, ep16)
A badly injured Native American rejects Hoss' attempts at helping him.
The Prisoner (s3, ep25)
Two ex-Confederate officers seek revenge on Lucas. McCain was a lieutenant in the 8th Indiana, which defeated the 12th Cavalry 15 years earlier at the Battle of Fort Donaldson.
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Assault (s3, ep26)
A salesman can't talk his way out of an assault charge.
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The Maggie Hamilton Story (s3, ep26)
When their daughter runs away from the wagon train, the Hamiltons hire Flint to bring her back. With renegades in the area, he soon discovers how spoiled Maggie really is, but they still manage to make it back in one piece.
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Log 124 -- Airport (s2, ep18)
Malloy and Reed are rendered powerless when a drunken man with no flight experience decides to take a solo flight in a stolen airplane at a busy airport. Later, they try to locate a 17-year-old runaway living in a condemned home with a much older man, engage in a shootout with a convenience store robber and search for a booby-trapped bank safe that has been stolen with a tow truck.
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Crisis In The Addams Family (s1, ep24)
While playing in the play room, Uncle Fester breaks the water mains, for the fourth time in a row. Later, he feels bad when he discovers that the Addams insurance policy has been canceled due to his antics. This leads to him going out and getting a job to pay for a new policy as an insurance salesman.
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Do You Want To Dance? (s5, ep24)
Fonzie's girlfriend is a moderately successful ballet teacher, but Fonzie has trouble accepting that she may be happier as a professional performer in New York.
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The Foresight Saga (s9, ep19)
The 4077th is given a gift of fresh-grown vegetables by a grateful Korean; and Potter questions the veracity of an upbeat letter from Radar.
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The Life You Save (s9, ep20)
After Charles is nearly felled by a sniper's bullet, he develops a philosophical obsession with death. Meanwhile, the officers have all been assigned new responsibilities.
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Guest Of Honor (s2, ep21)
As a sort of publicity stunt, the town decides to pull over the first car that drives through Mayberry and make its occupant the town's guest of honor. That lucky driver? A recently released convict.
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Show Me The Way To Go Home (s3, ep5)
The wife of a drunken man points the finger at Gomer for getting her poor husband drunk. When Sgt. Carter tries to clear up the situation, he gets in trouble with the loud woman, too.
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Old Mail Day (s4, ep8)
It's "Old Mail Day" and Sam Drucker hands out letters that have gotten misplaced in his post office. Having learned nothing from his previous letter-writing fiascos, an upset Oliver complains to the Postmaster General for delivery service. The locals soon turn on Oliver because Drucker's General Store is never open; he's always on his bicycle delivering mail.
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The Merry Widow (s5, ep24)
Hogan sets Klink up with a female agent to deliver secret documents, but ends up sending Schultz when Klink is sent with the wrong ones.
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Crittendon's Commandos (s5, ep25)
Crittendon is the only one to avoid capture when he and his commandos parachute into the area during a mission to capture Rommel.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Tim Conway
In Nora Desmond, Carol plays an washed-up, silent film actress doing a bug spray commercial. Then, in F. Lee Bunny, Carol asks a Rabbit to be her attorney. Finally, in The Oldest Man, the slaves on a ship get a new recruit -- the Oldest Man.
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The Case Of The Weary Watchdog (s6, ep9)
Della asks Mason for $25,000 to help her friend, Janet Brent, who is being blackmailed by an employee of her husband, who has staged compromising photos of her in a motel.
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The Lateness Of The Hour (s2, ep8)
The daughter of an inventor objects to their "perfect" home, where they are waited on by faultless robotic servants.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Nightmare In 4-d (s2, ep16)
A husband has a vague memory of helping a woman get rid of a corpse.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
My Brother, Richard (s2, ep17)
A man kills his brother’s opponent for the governor’s office.
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Merry Go Round For Murder (s2, ep25)
The demolition of a boarding school reveals old evil: a corpse linked to a missing quarter of a million dollars.
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The Set-up
"Cannon is a victim of mistaken identity and later almost killed."
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Murdering Class, The (s1, ep4)
Barnaby investigates a murder at a prep-school.