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Phony Insurance (s1, ep12)
Highway Patrol looks into a maintenance service that may have ulterior motives.
The Big Bullet (s1, ep17)
A dead man has been found in a locked room, along with a gun that could not have been the murder weapon.
The Grenade (s2, ep1)
A surly teenager throws acid on the back of another student and later crashes a party armed with a live hand grenade.
Tramp The Hero (s2, ep4)
Chip's friend has a new, well-trained German Shepherd, which emphasizes to Chip just how stupid Tramp is.
Bill's Legs Leave His Body
"Bill is in for a surprise when his legs take a vacation and begin to realize their true potential. Classic cartoons feature Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Tom & Jerry. "
The Credit Card (s6, ep20)
Eddie brags about getting a credit card to his high school friends. When Wally's battery dies on his car, Eddie comes to the rescue by getting him a brand new battery. Everything is fine until Mr. Haskell finds out that Eddie charged it on their charge account.
Beaver, The Caddie
"Beaver has gotten a job as a caddy and is quickly running around the golf course chasing balls. However, all innocence is broken when one of the guys, Beaver is caddying for cheats in order to win a bet. Soon, Beaver begins wrestling with his conscience over whether or not to tell anyone."
The Case Of The Nervous Neighbor (s7, ep18)
Private investigator Paul Drake is sent to locate Charles Fuller's missing mother. Not only is she missing, she is suspected in a murder that happened the day before she went missing. When Drake locates the missing women, he learns that she was found badly beaten in a field six months earlier and has lost her memory.
The Billionaire: Part 2 (s2, ep)
Matlock flies to England to represent Eric Gordon, a man accused of murdering his wealthy businessman father. While his sister is convinced of his innocence, his brother isn't so sure.
Just A Country Boy (s4, ep20)
Bubba travels to Los Angeles to arrest an arsonist. When the man is murdered to keep him from talking Bubba teams up with a pretty insurance investigator to solve the crime.
The Torch (s7, ep22)
An old girlfriend of John Walton buys the Drew Drop Inn where Jason works.
Cleavus (s16, ep21)
Cleavus think he could be rich, but he soon finds fool's gold in the mine.
Day Of Reckoning (s2, ep7)
After being injured in a fight, Ben is nursed back to health by Indians Matsou and his wife, Hatoya. In return, Ben gives them land to settle and farm. However, Matsou's brother and a neighbor are set on making sure that he and his wife don't succeed in their new life.
The Vaqueros (s4, ep1)
While Lucas and Mark are traveling across the Mexican desert they encounter a trio of Mexican bandits. They demand payment from Lucas for crossing "their" desert. Lucas refuses. In retaliation, the three slam Lucas in the throat with his rifle, strip him of all his possessions (including Mark), tie him to a tree and leave him to die of thirst and exposure.
First Wages (s4, ep2)
Lucas tries to find out why Mark has taken a job as a stableboy.
The Charlene Brenton Story (s3, ep35)
A baby girl sure has a rough start when she arrives on the stage with her dead mother. Plague is what people think killed her and then Charlie Wooster steps in to try to help—and, well, you can imagine where it goes from there.
Easy Rap (s5, ep24)
Reed naively thinks the system can help a young serial car thief who continually skirts responsibility for his actions with the help of his rich father's lawyer. In the meantime, he and Malloy help a woman track down the drug dealer responsible for her boyfriend's fatal overdose, and pull over a stubborn elderly woman.
Harbor Division (s6, ep1)
Malloy needs to sell two tickets to the ballet after his date cancels, but he quickly regrets putting a notice on the station's bulletin board. While patrolling the harbor and surrounding area, he and Reed investigate a marine fuel dealer accused of forgery, pull over a driver with a suspicious box on the roof of his car, question a suspicious young couple, deal with an astrologer who is driving recklessly and encounter a drunken cook shooting a rifle from the crow's nest of a docked ship.
In Plane Sight
"The A-Team is hired to prove the innocence of a man convicted of smuggling cocaine in South America."
Operation Friendship (s9, ep10)
Klinger saves Winchester's life when an explosion rocks the operating room; and B.J. is reluctant to reveal the extent of his injuries after the blast.
No Sweat (s9, ep11)
Margaret develops a case of prickly heat, Charles does his tax returns and Klinger takes the P.A. apart—just some of the events that occur during another unendurably hot night at the 4077th.
The Bank Job (s3, ep13)
Barney tries to convince everyone of a lack of security at Mayberry Bank, and is furious that no one listens to him. Taking matters into his own hands, he ends up stuck in the bank vault.
One-punch Opie (s3, ep14)
Opie must learn to defend himself against a bully.
The Girl From Home (s2, ep17)
Lafe Crick arrives with his daughter, Essiebelle. He found love letters Jethro wrote to his daughter, a beauty contest winner. He plans to get Jethro and Essiebelle married so he can get his paws in the Clampett fortune.
The City Kids (s6, ep1)
Four children from the city spend a week on the farm the Douglases. While Oliver teaches them to plant seeds and milk a cow, Lisa falls in love with the little girl of the group, Lori. The two bond over a batch of banana jelly.
On Now
The Reluctant Target (s2, ep30)
Hogan gets Klink to let him play camp commander so he can get a French agent released.
The Crittendon Plan (s3, ep1)
Crittendon disrupts Hogan's plan to blow up a tunnel and stop a convoy of rocket fuel.
 Remind Me
Guests Joel Grey And Cass Elliott
In The Candidate, Carol speaks for her husband when he becomes ill before a TV panel discussion. Then, in Mary McClusky, Joel, Harvey, and Lyle are dogs trying to woo an owner. Finally, in Salute to Foreign Films, Carol and the gang parody classic films, including "The Bicycle Thief", "French Blackout", "The Seven Samurai", and "Never on a Sunday".
 Remind Me
The Case Of The Loquacious Liar (s4, ep10)
Lester Martin's life takes a horrible turn for the worse when a man breaks into his apartment, forces him at gun-point to drink half a bottle of Scotch and then drives him into the country.
 Remind Me
The Man In The Bottle (s2, ep2)
A discontented curio shop owner thinks he's finally found happiness when a genie grants him four wishes.
 Remind Me
Ambition (s6, ep37)
D.A. Rudolf Cox expects to get a politically valuable conviction with the help of stool pigeon Lou Heinz.
 Remind Me
The Hatbox (s7, ep1)
Two young men suspect one of their professors of murdering his wife.
 Remind Me
Who Is Sylvia? (s3, ep20)
Kathy Graves feels as though someone is stalking her, and asks Mannix to investigate.
 Remind Me
Dead Lady's Tears (s3, ep10)
When a plane carrying three million in negotiable securities vanishes, the insurance carrier hires Cannon to find out what happened to it.
 Remind Me
Challenge, The (s3, ep3)
As Barnaby attempts to uncover the motives for a man's alleged suicide, another detective tries to cover up the facts.