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The Collector (s4, ep22)
When a man blackmailing others is accidently killed, past secrets threaten to emerge.
The Big Prophet (s2, ep18)
Friday and Gannon are convinced that "Brother" William Bentley's Temple of the Expanded Mind is just a sham—a front for Bentley to sell LSD to the students of a nearby elementary school.
The Big Amateur Cop (s2, ep19)
Citizens are full of praise for Officer Gideon C. Dengle, wanting to bestow him with awards, honors and home-baked cookies. There's only one problem: there's no such officer in the LAPD.
How To Impress A Woman (s3, ep17)
Mike has to recruit models for a campus fashion show.
Bill Is On A Juice Cleanse
"Bill changes colors after a juice cleanse. Plus, Bugs and Elmer reverse roles in an early classic from the wascally wabbit. "
Captain Jack (s1, ep2)
Beaver and Wally send away for an alligator and they secretly keep it in the bathroom. When the alligator falls ill, the boys get some advice from Captain Jack, an owner of an alligator farm. However, keeping him a secret is going to be hard; the alligator is growing and they need a new place to keep him without June and Ward finding out.
The Black Eye (s1, ep3)
Beaver comes home with a black eye and Ward is upset when he learns that Beaver didn't fight back. This leads Ward to teach Beaver how to defend himself. Little does Ward know, the person who punched Beaver is a girl, Violet Rutherford, the daughter of one of Ward's co-workers.
The Pro (s4, ep)
Matlock defends an arrogant young tennis professional against a charge of murdering his rival on and off the court.
On Now
Stranger In Town (s2, ep9)
Gillespie suspects that JoAnn's new cook is connected to the murder of a young prostitute. But Virgil suspects the culprit maybe a local pimp who has been intimidating the women.
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The Ring (s3, ep7)
Mary Ellen finds a ring in a purse she got. Belongs to a neighbor. Loses it at a dance
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Doc's Revenge
"Clem Maddow rides into Dodge. Doc syas to Chester "I'm going kill a man.""
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The Preacher
"Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied by Keeler, a boxer."
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The Friendship (s3, ep8)
Joe befriends and takes responsibility for an ex-convict named Danny. Danny loves horses and is not used to people's ways on the outside of jail. Will his rough jailhouse upbringing mar any hopes of friendship?
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The Assailants (s5, ep7)
An assassination plot unfolds as four gunmen disguised as cavalrymen enter North Fork. Their target: Sen. Jim Borden. Their weapon: a Gatling gun.
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Mark's Rifle (s5, ep8)
Sharpshooter Marty Blair tries to persuade Lucas to buy Mark a rifle.
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The Sara Proctor Story (s6, ep23)
"When children's dolls are found mutilated in her possession, passengers believe that Sara Proctor is either deranged or practicing witchcraft. Hale slowly arrives at the real story after Sara confides to him and Charlie's snooping."
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L.a. International (s6, ep22)
Malloy and Reed barely get acquainted with their fill-in assignment at LAX when a security camera spots a car being stolen from a parking structure. While on foot-beat as Zebra-12 inside the airport, they find a surprise inside of a stolen suitcase, deal with a man who picks the pocket of a returning soldier, chase down a man buying airline tickets with stolen credit cards, escort a runaway boy back to his mother and track down a suspect who robbed a parking structure attendant.
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Uncle Fester's Toupee (s1, ep31)
Uncle Fester is not looking forward to the fact that his pen pal from Paris, Illinois is coming for a visit. It seems that he told her that he stretched the truth and described himself as a a "Cary Grant" type. This leads Gomez and Morticia to try to cure his fears and they fit him for a hairpiece.
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Dear Uncle Abdul (s8, ep12)
Klinger discovers that his duties as company clerk include catering to the eccentric whims of the 4077th officers. Consequently, the unusual demands by Klinger's superiors leave little time to write a letter home to Toledo.
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Captain's Outrageous (s8, ep13)
A brawl at Rosie's Bar puts Rosie in the hospital, and the 4077th doctors are pressed into service as temporary saloon-keepers. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy is apprehensive that his long-pending promotion to captain will again be denied.
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The Great Talent Hunt (s4, ep6)
Gomer represents his platoon in a national talent contest being held in Washington, D.C.
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The Great Mayoralty Campaign (s6, ep6)
Mayorial candidate Oliver Douglas faces an opponent when the Hooterville women nominate Lisa to run. While the men plot to improve Oliver's image, Ralph Monroe wages a campaign of dirty tricks against him that includes hotcake batter in his hat and an appearance by Lady Godiva.
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Hot Money (s3, ep9)
Hogan plans to destroy a counterfeiting operation that has been set up in camp.
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One In Every Crowd (s3, ep10)
A prisoner offers the Nazis information on Hogan's operation in exchange for his freedom.
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Guest Steve Lawrence
In Exercise with Jack Leilani, Carol tries her best to exercise, despite her large size. Then, in The Carpenters, Harvey and Lyle complain about women in the workforce, obliviously to Carol finishing the construction project behind them. Finally, in Bachelor Party, Steve uses his charm one last time to woo Carol, not knowing she's his fiance's sister.
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The Case Of The Pint-sized Client (s2, ep3)
Robbers lift a bundle from the Hargrove Finance Company and Frank Anderson is murdered in the aftermath. Anthony "Pop" Renzi is identified as one of the robbers and charged with both the robbery and the murder. Mason sets out to clear him of both charges.
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King Nine Will Not Return (s2, ep1)
A WWII captain finds himself in the desert, next to his crashed plane. Where is his crew? And why are futuristic jet planes flying overhead?
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Servant Problem (s6, ep33)
A writer is shocked and far from happy when his long-missing wife reappears.
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Coming Home (s6, ep34)
A man just released from prison becomes desperate when his stash of money disappears.
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Death In The Fifth Gear (s5, ep1)
While convalescing in a clinic after a bad car accident, Mannix helps a patient whom a doctor wants to blame for murder.
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Lady On The Run
"After witnessing a murder, a woman flees to a sanitarium where she was once a patient. It's up to Cannon to find her and keep her safe."
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Theater Of Fear (s4, ep2)
A former actress believes that someone is trying to foil her comeback.