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Dan Sick (s3, ep38)
When Dan Mathews falls ill with mysterious symptoms, he must discover what's wrong in order to save a young boy who's suffering from the same thing.
The Big Neighbor (s2, ep5)
Bill invites Joe to dinner and a football game at his home in Eagle Rock. The only problem: Gannon's neighbors keep interrupting the visit with petty and then not-so-petty problems.
The Big Frustration (s2, ep6)
Sgt. Carl Maxwell, a frustrated fellow detective, goes AWOL; Friday and Gannon have three days to track him down before Maxwell loses his badge for good.
My Three Grandsons (s9, ep7)
The night of the big event finds expectant mother Katie quite calm, Steve and Uncle Charley quite the opposite and a hapless father-to-be off on Army maneuvers.
Leap Day
"It's Toon in With Me's very first leap day! What will Bill and Toony do with all this extra time?"
Beaver's Doll Buggy (s4, ep38)
Beaver buys a rundown mini-race car from Eddie and needs to find a set of wheels for it. Beaver decides to ask Penny Woods if he could have the wheels off her old doll buggy but finds himself in an awkward position: pushing a doll buggy down the street.
Substitute Father (s4, ep39)
Before leaving on a business trip, Ward asks Wally to look after June and Beaver and Wally does indeed. However, when Miss Landers hears Beaver swear at a bully, Beaver turns to Wally to handle the situation and be a "substitute father."
The Case Of The Lawful Lazarus (s6, ep21)
When a man declared legally dead suddenly re-appears and tries to get a hold of his dying wife's money in order to protect their children's interests, her entire family rallies against him until one of them turns up murdered. "Lazarus" is naturally charged.
The Scrooge (s4, ep)
When a scrooge of a store owner is accused of murdering his partner, Matlock defends the man and makes a strange request as part of his fee.
Epitaph For A Lady (s3, ep11)
A longtime friend of the Chief makes threats against a doctor he believes is responsible for his wife's death .When the doctor is killed he becomes the prime suspect. But Gillespie doubts his guilt - even after he confesses.
The Last Straw (s8, ep20)
John thinks about giving up the lumber mill when it seems like everything is going wrong
The Magician (s9, ep12)
A traveling medicine man is accused of cheating at cards.
To Stop A War (s11, ep6)
Dan Logan is hired as a range detective to stop a cattle rustling outbreak, but when he is framed for murder he needs the help his old friends, the Cartwrights.
A Matter Of Faith (s1, ep34)
Although a drought has forced local cowhands to seek work on a railroad construction project, railroad executives are afraid that their workers will desert them if they believe an old man's claim that he has found a way to make rain.
Blood Brothers (s1, ep35)
Lucas McCain gives blood to save a dying man and is surprised by Marshal Torrance's odd behavior toward the man. Then three men arrive from a nearby town and demand custody of the stranger.
The Traitor (s5, ep11)
"Convicted of horse-stealing, Flint receives from Chris 20 lashes followed by banishment from the train. The lashes on his back then serve Flint as a "badge of dishonor" as he infiltrates a gang headed by a man known as Angel de Muerte."
The Wednesday Warrior (s4, ep24)
Reed becomes preoccupied with the well being of a friend, an electrical engineer by profession, who has just qualified as a reserve police officer and has the bad luck of drawing Officer Wells as his partner. On patrol, Reed and Malloy help out a group of distrusting young adults who are planning to illegally camp in a public park after a rock concert, pull over a young couple in a stolen car and aid wells and the reservist in the foot chase of a heavily armed man who has been coercing innocent strangers into committing bank robberies.
B.j. Papa San (s7, ep15)
B.J. almost becomes the surrogate father to a Korean family. Finding them a substitute for his own absent family, B.J. spends so much time with them that his medical efficiency begins to suffer, and Hawkeye worries about his health.
Inga (s7, ep16)
It's instant attraction for Hawkeye when a beautiful Swedish doctor, called Inga, arrives to observe combat surgery. That is, until she upstages him in the operating room with a superior technique, and his ego is bruised.
The Price (s7, ep17)
The 4077th is confronted by two crises: Colonel Potter's mare, Sophie, mysteriously disappears from her corral, and Hawkeye and B.J. find themselves with a young Korean boy on their hands, who is trying to avoid conscription into the Army.
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The Young And The Restless (s7, ep18)
A lecture on the latest techniques by a young surgeon from Tokyo, and a later demonstration of his surgical skill, turns Winchester into a drunk and Potter into an invalid, whilst bringing home to Hawkeye and B.J. that they are out of touch with new medical practices.
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Barney's Uniform (s5, ep8)
Fred the grocery store clerk repeatedly sweeps trash into the street, even after Barney writes him a citation. Fred threatens that if he ever sees Barney out of uniform, he'll pound him, causing Barney to leave his uniform on at all times.
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Opie's Fortune (s5, ep9)
Opie finds a lost wallet containing $50, and just as he's waited the seven-day period to claim the money as his own, the owner steps forward.
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Jethro's Friend (s1, ep36)
A friend of Jethro’s from school, Armstrong Dueser McHugh III, comes to the mansion to visit. Armstrong is treated very delicately at his house, and his chauffeur is very worried about how the boy will be fare. At the Clampett mansion, Armstrong ends up having a really good time: eating real food, climbing trees, swimming, learning to fight and fishing.
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The Computer Age (s2, ep20)
A desperate Ralph Monroe joins a computer dating service to meet a husband. Oliver thinks it's a great idea since computers are always right. Lisa thinks they can't possibly take the place of romance, so she challenges Oliver to test their match-up on the electric brain.
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The Swing Shift (s2, ep21)
Newkirk gets drafted into the German army while working on Hogan's plan to sabotage a ammunition factory.
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Heil Klink (s2, ep22)
Hogan is hiding a defecting German officer, and convinces Klink that the latter, who looks like Schultz, is really Hitler in disguise.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Paul Sand
In After the Wedding, Carol's husband becomes jealous when she kisses another man goodbye. Then, in Energy Crisis Blackouts, everyone's life is complicated when the electricity stops. Finally, in Wedding Plans, divorcees discuss their future wedding plans, only to discover they may still love their old spouse.
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The Case Of The Frantic Flyer (s3, ep12)
A double cross, a double murder, a plane crash, missing money and an innocent widow charged with crimes she didn't commit are the elements of this case.
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Fog Closing In (s2, ep2)
A woman hears strange noises in her house while her husband is away on business.
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De Mortius (s2, ep3)
An old college professor decides to take action when he finds out that his wife cheated on him.
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Scapegoat (s5, ep1)
Mannix has been hired to deliver from London to L.A. jewelry worth $8 million dollars. But before he can complete his task, he is kidnapped and replaced with a double.
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The Perfect Alibi (s3, ep9)
Cannon tries to extract reporter Peggy Angel from a clever frame. Who is the real murderer, and why frame this particular person?
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Mercenaries, The (s6, ep2)
J.R. is asked to find a man who hasn't been heard from since he became a mercenary.