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Every Bachelor Should Have A Family (s3, ep31)
When Kate's friend, Vera, says she wishes her boyfriend would propose, Kate invites him over to the Shady Rest hoping to convince him to pop the question.
The Young Matchmakers (s3, ep32)
Widow Kate's three daughters organize a lonely hearts club to find eligible bachelors for their mother.
Jed Inherits A Castle (s6, ep1)
Jethro tells Jed that he has inherited a castle in England, after hearing the word from Drysdale. He gets costumes from Tudor times, thinking that Queen Elizabeth I is still reigning. Jethro even makes Granny wear an oaf costume, since she doesn’t have Clampett blood. Drysdale and Jane visit, and Jane tells the Clampetts that what Jethro is telling them is wrong. But after Drysdale paints a picture for Jane, the two convince the Clampetts to go, even providing an oaf for Jethro, Miss Jane.
The Clampetts In London (s6, ep2)
The Clampetts are on the plane to England, with Sir Jethro as their leader. But with this comes a detour. The Clampetts get off the plane in San Francisco, after Jethro believes it is England. They get back on the plane and do finally arrive in England and are told that Jed’s cousin, Marcus, is late, meaning deceased, but they think he means late because he is diseased. After they arrive, Granny runs into trouble at the customs inspector’s office and gets her medical supplies and her jug confiscated.
The Jeep, A Jolly Good Furlough, A Song A Day, A Taste Of Money, Cherche Le Phantom, Tickled Pink, Vitamin Pink
"Popeye and the Jeep, his magical pet, visit Olive and learn Swee'pea has crawled out of his crib and disappeared., Popeye's four little nephews welcome him back from the war zone with a home front defense drill that nearly wrecks him., Betty Boop runs an animal hospital., Ratfink marries a rich widow, but must take care of her oversized son., The Inspector has to capture an opera-loving gorilla., The Pink Panther gets a pair of magic rollerskates from a fairy godmother., The Pink Panther aka Dr. Phink has to capture a bank robber."
The Tom and Jerry Show
Mouse Into Space, The Flying Bear, Heavenly Puss, Dance Of The Weed, Dumb-hounded, Snowbody Loves Me
"Tom and Jerry bring their chasing and fighting out to space., Barney Bear is in the Army Air Corp as a mechanic but he decides to take a small plane out for a ride and ends up having some trouble with other flyers., Tom arrives in heaven only to find out that in order to enter he must first go back and apologize to Jerry., A male weed tries to court a female flower by dancing with her but he is a little too clumsy., A wolf convict escapes prison but wherever he runs the slow moving Droopy is always there to take him back to jail., In the cold Swiss Alps Jerry and Tom try to stay warm by finding a place indoors to light a fire."
Beep Prepared, Baton Bunny, Rabbit Hood, Prince Violent, The Mouse-merized Cat, For Scent-imental Reasons, What Price Porky
"Wile E. Coyote chases the Road runner in this classic., Bugs takes on the unexpected role of being an orchestra conductor. , While stealing a carrot in Sherwood Forest on the king's property, Bugs gets caught by the sheriff. , Bugs tries to protect a castle by kicking Sam the Terrible out and not letting him back in. , Catsello and Babbit, two mice, hypnotize each other and a cat. , Pepe LePew walks into a perfume shop to sniff the various perfumes. The shopkeeper recruits a cat to fight him off, but Pepe ends up falling in love with the cat when it picks up a white stripe., A conflict erupts between Porky's chickens and a gang of hoodlum ducks, leaving Porky caught in the middle. "
Shady Deal At Sunny Acres (s2, ep10)
Bret, helpless against crafty banker Bates, who robbed him, bides his time while Bart and friends set up an elaborate con game.
The Daniel Clay Story (s5, ep21)
"Judge Clay and his family join the wagon train. He has a reputation for cleaning up frontier towns, but his fanatical attention to the law sees him ostracized as often as he is praised. He must face this when his son must be tried by him."
The Buffalo Man (s3, ep15)
Victoria hires three convicts to help her with the peach harvest. The violence of the convict overseer, especially towards the black ex-soldier, horrifies her.
Disciple (s19, ep24)
After Matt's gun arm is shot, he's essentially a sitting duck. That's what he figures when his ability to shoot again is in doubt. So, he leaves the badge and Dodge behind as well as Kitty, Festus, Doc and Newly.
The Mill (s2, ep4)
Ben's neighbor, Joyce, comes to the Ponderosa asking Ben to help her disabled husband build a mill. She thinks the project will help her husband break free from his depression and the grip of a man named Ezekiel.
The Calf Women (s7, ep27)
Rowdy comes to like one of two calf woman, but when a member of a buffalo hunt is killed by her for attacking her younger sister, Rowdy is threatened by his brother.
Have Gun, Will Travel
Bear Bait
"Paladin decides to trade insults instead of bullets with thugs who have cowed an entire town."
The Matchmaker (s2, ep3)
Josh reluctantly accepts an offbeat assignment: finding a beautiful bride for his bashful buddy, Charlie, the homeliest man in the West.
The Fourflusher (s2, ep32)
A sharecropper enters his colt in a horse race, hoping to win enough money to buy his farm from the owner, who has bet on Mark McCain's entry.
The Jailbird (s2, ep33)
When Lucas hires an ex-con as a ranch hand, the man is the first one under suspicion when a robbery and murder occur in the area.
Dutiful But Dumb, Gem Of A Jam, Dizzy Detectives, Micro-phonies, A Bird In The Head, Monkey Businessmen
"The Stooges are working in a radio station where a pretty girl has just made a recording of "Voices of Spring" under an assumed name. She wants to hide her singing career from her disapproving society parents while auditioning for Mrs. Bixby's "Krispy Krunchy" radio program. After a run-in with a pompous violinist, the boys find the record and Curly starts mimicking to it, dressed as a women. Mrs. Bixby witnesses their performance and is impressed enough to hire "Senorita Cucaracha" (Curly) and Senors "Mucho" and "Gusto" (Moe and Larry) for her radio program. The boys show up in their disguises to "sing" at a Mrs. Bixby's party but run into trouble when Moe smashes the record over Curly's head. The real singer tries to help by singing from behind a curtain while Curly mimics, but she is discovered and the Stooges exit to a hail of phonograph records. "
House Of Frankenstein
"After escaping from an asylum the mad Dr. Niemann (Boris Karloff) and his hunch back assistant (J. Carrol Naish) revive Count Dracula (John Carradine), the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) and the Frankenstein monster (Glenn Strange) in order to extract revenge upon their many enemies."
For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky (s3, ep8)
While working to deflect an asteroid on a collision course with an inhabited planet, the Enterprise discovers that the asteroid is actually a spaceship with a population unaware of the outside world.
A Blast For Buck (s1, ep16)
Dr. Huer scans Buck and Wilma's mind in order to discover the secret to a terrifying riddle.
The Youth Killer (s1, ep19)
Helen of Troy returns to drain the youth out of unsuspecting perfect victims, sacrifices for the goddess Hecate, in her quest for immortality.
On Now
A Day At The Zoo (s3, ep12)
A cave boy appears and attempts to lure Penny away, but she refuses and is instead caught in a net. She is transported to an intergalactic zoo, were she will be put on show. Meanwhile Dr. Smith tries to take over the zoo.
 Remind Me
The Deadly Dolls (s4, ep2)
Nelson and Crane battle a puppet master, the tool of a machine-ruled civilization, for possession of Seaview and their lives.
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The Deadly Dart (s2, ep20)
Dan is accused of murdering two Giants and begins acting oddly, arousing his crewmates' suspicions.
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Chase Through Time (s1, ep24)
Planting a bomb in the time tunnel, a saboteur leads Tony and Doug on a chase through three epochs.