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Highway Patrol

Hitchhiker Dies A hitchhiker implicates a man who gave him a ride.

The Donna Reed Show

Advice To Young Lovers While helping Mary win back her boyfriend, Donna recalls how she got Alex to propose.

The Facts of Life

Read No Evil When the school library institutes a censorship policy, Natalie is bounced from the school paper for speaking out against it.

The Brady Bunch

Out Of This World After meeting an astronaut, Bobby and Peter begin wondering about life on other planets. Their wonder turns to excitement when they claim to have...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Mr. Farquhar Stays On Granny has taken interest in Mrs. Drysdale’s father, Mr. Farquhar. And Farquhar is trying to get someone to go to Las Vegas with him, first asking...

My Three Sons

Hawaiian Cruise Steve's plan for an Hawaiian holiday comes to a halt when Chip develops a case of bronchitis.

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver's Fear Wally is rounding up some guys to go to an amusement park and he's one short from getting a discount so he settles on Beaver. However, Beaver...

Leave It to Beaver

Three Boys And A Burro Beaver, Gilbert and Richard find a burro for sale in Mayfield and they each decide to go in $10 for it. After getting their parent's permission,...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Unwelcome Bride Wealthy Walter Frazer has always blamed his daughter-in-law, Sue Ellen, for the failures of his son, Gregson. You can only imagine how he feels...


The Author After a scurrilous book leads to murder, Matlock finds himself defending the suspected killer, soon realizing that the case is not at all what it...

Diagnosis Murder

Murder Most Vial A cantankerous patient at Community General is given a double injection of his medication, eventually leading to his death.

The Big Valley

The Challenge Victoria and her long-time friend, Senator Bannard, are set up for a “compromising” photograph by Bannard’s political rival.


The Lady Killer "While Grant Lucas is in Dodge to testify in court against Cy Welch, Grant goes into the Long Branch for a drink. While Grant is at the Long...


Gentlemen's Disagreement "Ed Beaudry comes to Dodge to kill Bert Wells for marrying Jeanne. When Beaudry turns up dead everyone thinks Bert did it. But when Tulsa starts...


The Friendship Joe befriends and takes responsibility for an ex-convict named Danny. Danny loves horses and is not used to people's ways on the outside of jail....

The Rifleman

The Long Goodbye Stubborn Grandpa Fogarty is Lucas's main roadblock as he tries to get young Woody Fogarty to attend school.

The Rifleman

The Shattered Idol Lucas and Mark meet Mark Twain and find out that he hides a sad secret.

Wagon Train

The Annie Macgregor Story The MacGregor clan decides to come to America and start a new life. The wagon trains going to California have had a hard time dealing with their...

T.J. Hooker

Hooker's Run Hooker must keep an informant safe from her boyfriend, who is accused of murder.

Hawaii Five-O

Run, Johnny, Run McGarrett refuses to accept that AWOL sailor John Mala shot a Navy MP without cause. Christopher Walken guest stars as the friend of the shooting...


Der Tag Potter decides Frank would be less of a pain if the others were friendlier to him; they oblige, with some startling results.


Hawkeye Hawkeye is injured in a jeep accident and, aware he has a concussion, babbles to a Korean family to keep himself awake.
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The Andy Griffith Show

Jailbreak State police come to town in search of payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way, but end up needing them more than they...

The Andy Griffith Show

A Medal For Opie Opie has his heart set on winning a medal in a foot race at the town picnic. When he loses, he exhibits poor sportmanship. Andy teaches him a...

Mama's Family

Mama's Girls To get Aunt Effie to exercise, Mama persuades her to join a tap dance class at the Senior Citizens Center—a class Mama soon teaches!


Pennsylvania 6-5000 ALF calls the president to address his concerns about nuclear weapons.

Hogan's Heroes

The Ultimate Weapon Hogan plans to send German defenses to the wrong target by "giving" Schultz ESP so that the Allies can bomb an important target.

Hogan's Heroes

Monkey Business Hogan gets a stray chimpanzee to deliver radio parts to the underground.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Pickups, The / Beauty And The Shrimp / Mrs. Wiggins In The Pickups, Harvey and Tim try to woo two wanna-be actresses. Then, in Beauty and the Stump, Tim complains about everything. Finally, in Mrs....

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Jaded Joker Danny Ross is a television comedian who has been promised a television show and desperately needs to make a comeback. Charles Goff, advertising...

The Twilight Zone

Third From The Sun With all-out nuclear war about to ignite, a scientist and his pilot friend plot to escape on an experimental spaceship.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

A Crime For Mothers An alcoholic woman threatens to take her daughter from the guardianship of her foster parents.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Last Escape A practical joke has a devastating effect on an adulterous spouse.


Turn Every Stone A million-dollar libel suit against a crusading publisher may be tied to the mob.


The Dead Samaritan Mrs. Manning, a former policewoman, hires Cannon when her husband becomes the victim of blackmailers. The man is an electrician specialized in...

77 Sunset Strip

A Nice Social Evening Stu Bailey is hired by a government agent to keep a Latin playboy under surveillance while he's in Hollywood, but the playboy turns out to be on...
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