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Statue Of Limitations
Dan Mathews attempts to catch three robbers before the statute of limitations runs out.
Frauds - Dr-28
Friday and Gannon investigate the delay of death notifications in the state employment department.
Juvenile - Dr-19
The battered-child syndrome: Friday and Gannon investigate a youngster with severe back lacerations.
To help out his dad, Chip pretends to like the aggressive daughter of the woman whom his father is dating.
Spree Lunch, Little Boy Boo (1954), Duck Amuck (1953), Fish And Slips (1962), Cat's Me-ouch
"Popeye and Bluto compete in the diner business."
Beaver's Crush
Beaver has a crush on his teacher, Miss Canfield. When Judy, Whitey and Larry tease him for being a "teacher's pet," Beaver tries to prove them wrong and places a spring snake in her desk. However, Beaver has second thoughts and becomes determined to remove the snake before she finds it.
The Clubhouse
Wally and his friends build a clubhouse, and Beaver wants to join. Although the dues are $1 for 8th graders, Beaver has to come up with $3 in order to join their club. How can Beaver earn the money?
The Case Of The Skeleton's Closet
Mason defends the ex-wife of an author who is murdered after having written a lurid expose´ on small town secrets.
The Model
Matlock has finally had a breakthrough in the case he was struggling with, but after being hit by a car, he needs to put the case together from scratch.
On Now
Shine On Sparta Moon
A bottle of spiked moonshine leads to an accident that claims the life of one teen and blinds another.
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The Car
John Boy is in need of a car, now that he is in college.
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Two Tall Men
Matt faces fear and hostility in Ridge Town where he investigates an old murder case.
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The Genius
Hoss tries to help an alcoholic poet stay on the wagon.
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A salesman can't talk his way out of an assault charge.
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Short Rope For A Tall Man
Lucas and Mark are in another town to sell a bull to Joe Lovering. While there, Mark buys two horses from Mr. Schneider. Neither Mark nor his father knows that the horses have been illegally bought and resold to them.
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The Mary Beckett Story
"A Frenchman arouses strong---and polarized---emotions among the wagon train members: men distrust him, women adore him. He owes a substantial gambling debt and plans to pay it off by convincing a woman to pay it until he is killed."
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Log 63 -- Baby
Reed's wife is in the hospital expecting their first child, and Reed soon regrets his decision to report for work as usual. Out on patrol, they encounter a drunken man directing traffic, chase down a robbery suspect, investigate the theft of money from washing machines and become involved in a minor traffic accident that results in a major delay.
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Log 93 -- Once A Junkie
A former convict and informant who Malloy helped give a second chance is accused of assaulting a priest, dealing drugs and stealing a gun after being fired from his dish-washing job at Duke's Longhorn Café. Malloy and Reed set out to determine if his story, which is full of suspicious coincidences, is actually true.
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Royal Rubble
Barney is told he is a long lost Prince and must take his place on the throne--alongside his new harem!
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Dear Uncle Abdul
Klinger discovers that his duties as company clerk include catering to the eccentric whims of the 4077th officers. Consequently, the unusual demands by Klinger's superiors leave little time to write a letter home to Toledo.
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Man In The Middle
Barney and Thelma Lou have an argument. They reconcile quickly, but it leads to other arguments between Andy and Barney, Thelma Lou and Helen, Andy and Helen, and another between Barney and Thelma Lou.
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Pfc Gomer Pyle
Sgt. Carter postpones his vacation until all his men pass their Private First Class exams. Gomer, unfortunately, is the only one to fail.
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Guess Who's Not Going To The Luau?
Peterson's Poi Juice is giving away a trip to Hawaii and Arnold Ziffel is chosen as the winner. When the ad agency rep meets Arnold and discovers he's not a human, he tries to disqualify the swine. Famous pig lawyer Oliver Douglas is retained to fight for Arnold's winnings.
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The Witness
Hogan faces a startling development: His captors are sending him to America to demand surrender—with a super weapon supposedly supplied by the Russians.
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The Big Dish
Hogan must destroy an anti-aircraft defense system designed by a beautiful English woman who may have defected to Germany.
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Family, The / Soap To Nuts
In The Family, Eunice plays monopoly with a bored Mama. Then, in Soap to Nuts, Carol's soap opera addiction threatens her marriage.
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The Case Of The Prudent Proecutor
DA Hamilton Burger asks Mason to defend an old friend who once saved his life in a boating accident 10 years before. The old friend of Burger's is now facing a murder charge.
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The Sixteen-millimeter Shrine
An aging former movie star lives and dreams in the past, constantly watching her old movies alone in isolation.
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There Was An Old Woman
An old and eccentric woman is targeted by a crooked couple who think she has a lot of money stashed away.
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Arthur comes back from the afterlife to find out the identity of his murderer.
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Deja Vu
A prediction from a fortune teller hits too close to home as it reveals how Mannix will die.
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Star, The (part 2)
"Frank Cannon finds out that Terry is pursued because of some snapshots he took. With the help of the photos Cannon gets in the dark zone between organized crime and high politics. And this becomes extremely dangerous for him."
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See Some Evil, Do Some Evil
A blackmailer and murderer pretends to be blind.