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6:00am The Facts of Life
A Rose By Any Other Age - Blair's study date falls for Beverly Ann.
6:30am Diff'rent Strokes
The Ski Weekend - Kimberly must face the biggest decision of her life — whether to spend a ski weekend with a popular boy or turn down the opportunity to get away on her own and remain, in her mind, daddy's "little girl."
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Love Finds Jane Hathaway - Elly is starting her new job as a secretary, though not finding success in it. After Jane gets out some of her old typing books for Elly, Dick Bremerkamp, a tenant in her building and unemployed actor, sees the two girls and starts asking Finney about the gorgeous blonde. After Finney tells him all about it, he gets in good with Miss Jane by posing as an Autobahn and Drysdale by posing as a Getty.
7:30am My Three Sons
My Three Grandsons - The night of the big event finds expectant mother Katie quite calm, Steve and Uncle Charley quite the opposite and a hapless father-to-be off on Army maneuvers.
8:00am Leave It to Beaver
Farewell To Penny - Penny learns that she will be moving away and Beaver deals with mixed feelings for the girl with whom he shares a mutual dislike. However, after a farewell party at school, Beaver and Penny openly show their true feelings for one another.
8:30am Leave It to Beaver
Beaver The Bunny - "Beaver is cast as a rabbit for a school play and June has his costume all ready, complete with floppy ears and puffy tail. On the night of the play, Beaver needs to be at the school early and gets a ride with Lumpy and Wally in full costume, however, Lumpy's car breaks down and Beaver must walk the few blocks to the school to get there in time."
9:00am Perry Mason
The Case Of The Runaway Racer - Test driver Pete Griston cracks up a vehicle owned by Pappy Ryan. Pappy accuses Havey Rettig of tampering with the car and files charges against Rettig and Griston. Then Rettig is killed and Griston is found standing groggily over the body.
10:00am Matlock
The Big Pay-off - Michelle and an insurance investigator work to prove that a man killed his wealthy wife for the insurance money.
11:00am Diagnosis Murder
The Killer Within - A med student is sent to a rehab program to kick drugs.
12:00pm The Big Valley
Town Of No Exit - Heath stumbles upon a ghost town apparently ruled by the mad.
1:00pm Gunsmoke
The Gun - After a young man kills a gunfighter, he becomes the victim of publicity.
2:00pm Bonanza
Found Child - The Cartwrights give shelter to the lone survivor of a stagecoach massacre—a young girl whose life is still in danger because the culprits think she can identify them.
3:00pm The Rifleman
A Case Of Identity - Mark finds himself in grave danger when two unscrupulous detectives searching for a man's long-lost son claim that it is Mark.
3:30pm The Rifleman
The Visitors - Lucas is drawn to a young widow passing through town on her way to claim an inheritance, but others who covet it are trying to kill her.
4:00pm Wagon Train
The Jesse Cowan Story - The Cowans and Beals have been feuding a long time. Bob and Jesse Cowan return from the war to find their family dead, and the Beals a part of the wagon train. Vengeance is just the start of what Major Adams must now deal with.
5:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Of Miguelito's Revenge - Agent West is summoned by a note from agent Gordon to the local barbershop. While waiting for Gordon, West decides to have a shave and is promptly anesthetised by a hot towel from one of Dr. Loveless's assistants, working in disguise. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a carnival funhouse where he encounters dazed-looking Justice Alonzo Fairlie. Before he can get any information from the judge, he is attacked by a quartet of gunmen. He quickly dispatches his adversaries but Justice Fairlie disappears in the confusion, leaving behind a strange clue.
6:00pm Hawaii Five-O
Computer Killer - An investigation into a murder is sent off track through the modification of computer information, and Five-O must use the latest technology to rescue the case.
7:00pm M*A*S*H
There Is Nothing Like A Nurse - The nurses are evacuated when the threat of an enemy parachute drop arises. Hawkeye and Trapper try to enliven everyone's spirits while they are gone.
7:30pm M*A*S*H
Adam's Ribs - Sick and tired of having liver and fish for an 11-day stretch, Hawkeye, driven near to insanity, starts a riot in the mess tent. He and Trapper then orders spare ribs and sauce from his favorite barbecue joint—in Chicago.
8:00pm The Andy Griffith Show
The Shoplifters - Weaver's Department store is being robbed, presumably by shoplifters. Barney poses as a mannequin to catch a thief.
8:30pm The Andy Griffith Show
Andy's Vacation - A grumpy Andy agrees to take a few days off and heads up to the lake to relax. Barney and Gomer are in charge, and manage to capture (and lose) an escaped convict who hides in the same woods where Andy just happens to be.
9:00pm Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Lies, Lies, Lies - Gomer tries to convince his friends that a movie star has invited them all to a barbecue at her house.
9:30pm Mama's Family
Found Money - After an ATM error, Mama is given $800 from another person's account. Everyone in the family convinces her to keep it, but then she meets the man who lost the money.
10:00pm Hogan's Heroes
The Gestapo Takeover - The Gestapo takes over Stalag 13, planning to send Klink and Schultz to the Russian Front.
10:30pm Hogan's Heroes
Kommandant Schultz - Schultz lets his new power as camp kommandant go to his head.
11:00pm Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Steve Lawrence - In Exercise with Jack Leilani, Carol tries her best to exercise, despite her large size. Then, in The Carpenters, Harvey and Lyle complain about women in the workforce, obliviously to Carol finishing the construction project behind them. Finally, in Bachelor Party, Steve uses his charm one last time to woo Carol, not knowing she's his fiance's sister.
11:30pm Perry Mason
The Case Of The Two-faced Turnabout - When a Balkan dictator with ties to an American businessman dies, the race is on to destroy papers belonging to him that may implicate the businessman in corruption.
12:30am The Twilight Zone
Stopover In A Quiet Town - Having had a little too much to drink the night before, a young couple wakes up in a strange house in a strange town called Centerville, a place where no one lives, the trees are props and the food is plastic.
1:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Hitch Hike - A businessman has second thoughts about having picked up a hitchhiker.
1:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Across The Threshold - An overly possessive mother takes charge of her bachelor son's life.
On Now
2:00am Mannix
Broken Mirror - Mannix is brought into the case of the kidnapping of a tycoon's wife.
Remind Me
3:00am Cannon
Stakeout - "Frank Cannon believes that this time he has accepted a peaceful job. He must protect the bar of a friend, Millie Carroll, against robberies. However, suddenly he finds himself amid a complex love story."
Remind Me
4:00am 77 Sunset Strip
The Cold Cash Caper - Stu's date provides a vital clue in a $400,000 robbery.