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Detour To Death (s4, ep37)
Highway Patrol investigates when a criminal trio use a fake detour sign to misdirect motorists to a lonely road.
Burglary - Baseball (s4, ep25)
Police search for a safecracker who left his calling card at the scene of the crime.
D.h.q. - The Victims (s4, ep26)
Friday's cases range from purse snatching to homicide.
Steve And The Computer (s5, ep30)
Steve has nightmares about the future and a computer named Betsy.
A Fishy Deal
"Toony decides he's going to run for MeTV Employee of the Month, and Bill helps him launch his campaign."
Farewell To Penny (s5, ep15)
Penny learns that she will be moving away and Beaver deals with mixed feelings for the girl with whom he shares a mutual dislike. However, after a farewell party at school, Beaver and Penny openly show their true feelings for one another.
Beaver The Bunny
"Beaver is cast as a rabbit for a school play and June has his costume all ready, complete with floppy ears and puffy tail. On the night of the play, Beaver needs to be at the school early and gets a ride with Lumpy and Wally in full costume, however, Lumpy's car breaks down and Beaver must walk the few blocks to the school to get there in time."
The Case Of The Deadly Toy (s2, ep27)
Martin Selkirk is a major league rotter who wants Claire Allison in the worst way, even though she's dating Dirk Benedict. Selkirk has Dirk's jaw broken and begins sending Claire threatening mail. Then Selkirk is murdered in his beach house.
The Temptation (s8, ep)
A thug tries to make Leanne fall in love with him by using her journal that he stole from her house.
No Other Road (s4, ep21)
Harriet tries to keep Eugene from giving up when his father faces the death penalty. And the police search for three suspects in connection to a robbery/murder.
The Search (s4, ep15)
Olivia and Elizabeth take a car trip; Jim-Bob is forced to also go.
Robber Bridegroom
"Jack Fitch, a down on his luck rancher, robs the stage and kidnaps Laura. They fall in love but Laura's fiance wants Jack killed."
"When two town troublemakers kill Poney Thompson's dog , Poney goes after the two men. When one of the men who shot and killed Poney's Dog is found dead, Matt and Chester suspect that Poney killed the man."
The Other Son (s7, ep4)
A mule skinner and his two sons are hired by Ben to transport nitroglycerin to California.
The Mescalaro Curse (s3, ep30)
Lucas is marked for death: he was foreman of a jury that convicted an Apache.
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The Daniel Barrister Story (s1, ep29)
Faith is tested when a man's wife is injured and he refuses to let her receive medical aid. When Flint rides to the nearest town to get a doctor, he finds they have their own problems: a smallpox epidemic.
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Log 95 -- Purse Snatcher (s3, ep3)
Reed and Malloy have to think outside the box to capture an intelligent yet neglected teenage purse snatcher. Their efforts to talk sense into him before he commits a much more serious crime prove to be futile.
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Log 45 -- Bright Boy (s3, ep4)
Reed and Malloy report to a burglary call that was witnessed by a boy with a photographic memory. Afterward, they are called to the scene of two drunk men shooting at a box of dynamite at close range in a residential area.
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Back Pay (s8, ep24)
Angered by the way civilian doctors in the States are profiting from the war, Hawkeye presents the Army with a bill for his medical services. Meanwhile, Charles reluctantly demonstrates American medical practices to three Korean medics, and is on the receiving end of their medical expertise.
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The Best Of Enemies (s9, ep1)
On his way to some R&R in Tokyo, a North Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.
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Letters (s9, ep2)
Members of the 4077th share their impressions of war in response to letters from fourth graders in Hawkeye's hometown. Margaret writes about how there are some patients she will never forget, while the Colonel tells of his days as "Hoops."
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Cousin Virgil (s2, ep30)
Barney tries to help out his visiting cousin, Virgil. When Virgil makes one too many mistakes, Barney rails against him and storms out. Leave it to Andy to put things right.
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Deputy Otis (s2, ep31)
Otis has been writing letters to his brother and sister-in-law for some time on courthouse stationary. Because of this, they have come to believe that he is a deputy, something they expect to see on their upcoming visit.
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The Great Tag-team Match (s6, ep23)
It is the day after Granny beat up the Boston Strong Girl, making her the new champ, and the Clampetts are celebrating Granny’s great victory. But not all is well. The woman who plays the Boston Strong Girl is in trouble for getting beat up. The woman who plays Rebecca of Donnybrook Farm, a former topless waitress, has learned the truth, getting an invitation from Granny to visit. Their manager, Gene Booth, sees this as an opportunity to get Granny to fight, after hearing the huge ratings the fight got.
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A-hunting We Won't Go (s4, ep21)
After a friendly doe wanders onto the farm, Lisa starts a drive to ban deer hunting. When the governor arrives in Hooterville for the start of hunting season, Lisa presents him with her petition. He threatens Oliver and Lisa with jail time because her petition promises everyone who signed it a one-hundred dollar payment.
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Hold That Tiger (s1, ep2)
The POWs smuggle a tiger tank, about which Klink has been boasting, into camp in order to photograph and study it.
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Kommandant Of The Year (s1, ep3)
Stalag 13 is named one of the top 10 prison camps in Germany, but it's just a distraction for Hogan and his men to destroy a secret rocket bomb.
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Guests Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, And Nancy Wilson
"Guests Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, and Nancy Wilson. Originally aired on 11/04/68."
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The Case Of The Fatal Fortune (s9, ep2)
A fortune teller gives a series of accurate predictions regarding a woman's future. But something goes wrong when she's charged with murdering her new husband.
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The Deadly (s3, ep11)
Housewives being blackmailed by a plumber exact their revenge.
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Miss Paisley's Cat (s3, ep12)
A lonely woman learns to love a stray cat that wandered into her apartment.
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Turn Every Stone (s1, ep11)
A million-dollar libel suit against a crusading publisher may be tied to the mob.
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Triangle Of Terror
"Kathy Ackers hires Cannon to find out why her father, a banker, committed suicide at a Caribbean resort. She thinks he was murdered, and wants Cannon to prove it. But the man was embezzling from his own bank, so maybe he did have a motive to kill himself..."