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Desperate Men
Two criminals flee the scene of a robbery and murder, and take refuge in a hospital's boiler room.
The Big Little Victim
When a nine-month old child is beaten, Friday and Gannon investigate the parents, who are more concerned about their failing relationship than their baby son.
The Big Squeeze
An ex-con accused of extortion is interrogated. He calmly and smugly insists that he is innocent, but Friday and Gannon have a surprise for him: taped conversations and a voice analysis device.
Ricky Asks For A Raise
Ricky asks for a raise, but his boss (Gale Gordon) turns him down, prompting Lucy to prove just how popular a performer he is. Her scheme involves making a lot of bogus reservations at the club on the night that somebody else is playing, then show up in various guises (including Fred in drag) feigning indignation that Ricky's not performing and leave in a huff.
Gilligan's Mother-in-law
A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for their lovely but large daughter.
Trap And The Prince
Tramp causes confusion in two households when he runs away from home for fear of a cat.
Wally The Lifeguard
"Wally is all set to begin his job as a lifeguard but is let down when he learns that had been a mistake and he's not old enough to fill the position, so instead he is hired to sell candy and hot dogs."
Beaver's Freckles
When Clarence gets fed up with Beaver calling him Lumpy, he gives Beaver a new nickname, Freckles. This leads Beaver to become self-conscious about his freckles and takes steps to try to remove them.
The Case Of The Torrid Tapestry
Having served a six-year prison sentence for a fire he didn't start, Claude Demay has devised a plan to expose the real criminal, Leonard Voss, who tried to burn down a warehouse containing a valuable art collection.
Seduction, The (aka The Quaterback)
"Matlock is hired to defend Brad Bingham, an aging football star with a reputation as a womanizer who was about to be cut from the team. Charlene is resistant to her father's choice, as she believes everything the tabloids have to say about Brad...not only that, but years earlier, he'd had a brief relationship with her friend Ellen Hawley, who had tried to kill herself after they broke up."
Blind Spot: Part 1
Virgil refuses to let go of a grudge against a wealthy former classmate who cheated him out of a scholarship. The man has promised city leaders that he will move his business to Sparta, but not all of his business interests are legal. The nephew of an old friend of Gillespie's finds his life in danger after he steals drugs stored in the businessman's mansion.
The Victims
A neighbor is being beaten by her drunken husband and the Waltons help
Daddy Went Away
A widow returns Chester's affections.
The Pure Truth
When Hoss is set up to take the fall for a bank robbery in another town, the help of an eccentric gold prospector appears to be all that stands between him and the real bandit's bullet.
Lucas looks for escape after he's captured by outlaws while seeking help for an injured Mark.
The Princess
The Queen-to-be of France hides out in North Fork.
The Dr. Swift Cloud Story
"The wagon train runs into their old pal Swift Cloud who's on his way back to his Native American village after studying medicine in China. However, the aspiring physician faces resentment from both whites and his own people."
After apprehending a couple of juvenile delinquents who are ransacking a house, Reed is inspired to submit an idea on how to deal with truants, which ultimately gets implemented on a trial basis by the captain, but draws the ire of Officer Wells. Back on patrol, they apprehend a couple of high-level drug dealers who run into bad luck, and nearly get run over by two men using stolen automobile parts to build a high-powered go cart.
Malloy and Reed are ambushed by two men who want to silence the prisoner they are transporting from Malibu to Los Angeles. Their problems are compounded by the lack of radio communication in Malibu Canyon, which ultimately results in Reed being taken hostage.
The Masquerade Ball
Fred plans to exploit his knowledge of what costume his boss is wearing to a masquerade ball.
Another Night At Antoine's
Chachi tells Joanie that he wants to date other girls and soon realizes that he's made a big mistake. He tries to straighten things out with her, but she goes out on a dinner date with another guy.
On Now
The O.R. is filled with more wounded than the unit can handle. Hawkeye does heart massage on a soldier, which saves his life, but he dies four hours later. Sidney Freedman drops in during the deluge, and is dragged into the fray by Hawkeye.
When spring arrives, Klinger gets word from home that his sweetheart back in Toledo wants to marry him. Henry arranges for Father Mulcahy to do this over short wave radio. Radar falls in love with a nurse, while a grateful patient won't leave Hawkeye alone, and even threatens Major Burns.
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Mayberry Goes Hollywood
When a Hollywood film crew decides to use Mayberry as a backdrop for a movie, everyone in town begins to put on airs, risking the small-town charm that attracted the crew in the first place.
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The Horse Trader
Ignoring his own advice to Opie, Andy plays fast and loose with the facts when trying to sell the old town cannon.
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Corporal Duke
Duke is promoted to corporal, but finds his old reputation getting in his way.
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Wings Over Hooterville
"A dreaded pest threatens the future of Hooterville's treasured corn crop."
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That's No Lady, That's My Spy
Newkirk poses as a general's wife to get penicillin to an ill underground leader.
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To Russia Without Love
Hogan arranges for a beautiful Russian spy to convince Klink that the Kommandant should volunteer for service at the Russian front. Hogan's payoff: some secret papers.
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The Case Of The Fugitive Nurse
Janet Norris is charged with poisoning her doctor husband just before he flew to his death in his private plane. Further investigation reveals that Dr. Norris did not die in the plane crash and that he is in Mexico with his nurse mistress.
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The Odyssey Of Flight 33
A commercial aircraft mysteriously travels back through time.
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You'll Be The Death Of Me
A bride is overwhelmed by a growing fear that her companion committed a murder—and that she may be his next victim.
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Comes Up Roses
Mannix tries to find an airport security officer's wife, but gets no cooperation. It seems that Rose Anderson does not wish to be found—or someone does not wish her to be.
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He Who Digs A Grave: Part 2
A lady journalist is forced to reveal her sources in a murder news or she will go to jail on a contempt charge. She enlist Cannon's service to unravel the murder of a missing excursionist.
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Prime Target
Barnaby believes that a parolee who served time for hit-and-run charges is connected to a year-old robbery case.