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The Hero
Drysdale's nephew, Lance Bradford, comes to Beverly Hills to start his job at the bank as vice president. But with all the celebration for Mrs. Drysdale's hero, Jethro thinks it is in his honor since he saved her dog from getting his hair cut. When Lance gives his hero speech, Jethro pulls up and accidentally hits his car, knocking him unconscious.
Our Hero, The Banker
Lance Bradford has started working as vice president at the Commerce Bank, though he really isn’t doing anything helpful. Everyone at the bank, except Drysdale, is excited to get Jet Stream working at the bank. Jethro sees how the girls at the bank react to Lance’s Air Force uniform, so he goes out to get a four-star general uniform. When Lance visits, needing a new account, Jethro tells him he’ll put his whole allowance in the bank if he sets him up with the girls.
The Hunter
"When Sir Edward Marion unexpectedly downs a famous "fast gun," he attains a certain dangerous notoriety. This brings him to the notice of Bat Masterson with whom he exchanges some unusual demonstrations of fancy gunsmanship."
Murder Can Be Dangerous
"Gambling Hall Owner Bat Masterson is mystified when business booms but profits plummet. Investigating, he finds his partner's fingers in the cash drawer - and slams it shut."
Hoby tries to protect the governor from assassin.
Killer Takes All
Gilman learns that a murdered gambler made an unusual wager before he was killed.
Young Gun
An ex-gunfighter, Roy Calvert, blames the people of Benedict for his wife's death. The town is in the middle of a bad drought and Calvert and his son are blocking the only access to water in the area. Calvert has trained his son to be a gunfighter and Paladin has to face them both.
The Lady
A British woman, Diana Coulter, hires Paladin to guide her to her brother's ranch in Shiprock, Arizona, where the Comanches are on the warpath.
The Quick And The Dead
Bret, trying to clear himself of a robbery charge, must protect a man marked for murder by Doc Holliday.
The Mary Halstead Story
Mary Halstead joins the wagon train to search for the son she deserted years before. Could a wounded young man picked up by the train be him?
Young Marauders
Audra is saved from serious injury by a young man who says he is a mustang hunter. She falls in love with him; her brothers find him a suspicious character.
The Patsy
"After a young man is shot in the back, people think it was young Fly Hoyt. Holly Fanshaw was the only person who saw the murder happen and she tells Matt that Fly Hoyt committed the murder The Older Brother (Joe Thorp)vows revenge for the murder of his Brother."
"When renegade Pawnee Indians attack some local ranchers, Matt and Major Evans think that white gunrunners supplied the Renegades the rifles."
Feet Of Clay
The Cartwrights take in young Billy Allen following the death of his mother. Hostile at first, the boy eventually befriends Hoss. When Billy's father breaks out of prison, Hoss knows he must do whatever is necessary to protect the boy.
Incident Of The Mountain Man
Thomas and the men of the wagon train are ready to string up Scout Josh Green for killing Thomas's boy. Josh is a mountain man lost in the modern world.
Pursuing killer Joe Collins into the Superstition Mountains, Josh is shadowed by a man who believes Collins could be his long-lost son.
On Now
Angels Of Vengeance
A violent religious cult cast lots and it falls upon a young woman to act as its angel of vengeance. Her mission is to murder Josh Randall in retaliation for his killing their cult leader's son in a shootout.
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The Spiked Rifle
Mark is kidnapped as he and Lucas try to protect Banker Hamilton's gold.
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Letter Of The Law
Lucas makes a life-or-death decision when Micah is held hostage and the kidnappers demand the release of a notorious outlaw.
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Termites Of 1938, Three Little Twirps, Hoofs And Goofs, Beer Barrel Polecats, Fuelin' Around, Wham Bam Slam
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Bride Of Frankenstein
"This celebrated sequel to the 1931 classic finds Mary Shelley's monster alive and well and forcing the good baron to create a mate. Horror film icon Boris Karloff reprises his role as Dr. Frankenstein's fabled creation and Elsa Lanchester co-stars as his monstrous lady love. Chilling."
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The Mark Of Gideon
Kirk beams down on a diplomatic mission and finds himself on an Enterprise where all the crew have vanished and only a mysterious woman resides.
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Twiki Is Missing
Twiki is kidnapped by the evil dictator controlling the mining colony, and Earth is threatened by an incoming asteroid.
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A planned moon mission causes Vincent and an astronaut to suspect danger.
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The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6
The future of Earth hangs in the balance when Dr. Smith agrees to do battle with a group of galactic gladiators.
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Long Live The King
Admiral Nelson must get a 12-year-old prince back to his country to assume the throne before the reds take over.
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The Chase
Inspector Kobick forces the Earthlings to help him deal with a ring of counterfeiters by holding some of their number hostage.
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Secret Weapon
In an Iron Curtain country, Tony and Doug pose as scientists to investigate a primitive enemy time-tunnel in 1956.