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Narcotics Racket (s4, ep17)
Swindlers pose as Federal Narcotics Officers to dupe family members.
The Big Amateur Cop (s2, ep19)
Citizens are full of praise for Officer Gideon C. Dengle, wanting to bestow him with awards, honors and home-baked cookies. There's only one problem: there's no such officer in the LAPD.
The Big Starlet (s2, ep20)
A teenage runaway, intent on becoming a star, has instead wound up in pornographic films. Acting on behalf of the girl's aunt, Friday and Gannon try to find the young "starlet."
My Son, The Bullfighter (s7, ep21)
Robbie tries to impress his girlfriend by competing with a handsome bullfighter against a killer bull.
A Day At The Circus
"Bill and Toony celebrate the circus and show circus-themed cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat and Popeye. "
Beaver's Newspaper (s2, ep30)
While cleaning in the garage, Beaver and Wally come across an old typewriter. Beaver decides to fix it up and begin his own newspaper with Larry. However, someone is standing in his way, Wally, who claims the typewriter is his property.
Beaver's Sweater (s2, ep31)
Beaver sees an Eskimo sweater in a store window and becomes determined to get one. He finally convinces Ward and June to get him one, but the first day he wears it he sees Judy Hensler wearing the same sweater.
The Case Of The Baited Hook (s1, ep14)
Robert Dawson confronts Albert Tydings, his partner, about $80,000 missing from Carol Stanley's trust account. Tydings admits he embezzled the money and blackmails Dawson into keeping quiet.
The Reunion (s2, ep)
When one of Matlock's old law school pals is murdered, he faces the unpleasant task of proving that a former classmate is guilty of the crime.
Accused (s2, ep18)
Bubba tries to rescue a woman from a rapist, but she mistakes him for her attacker. Gillespie tangles with an ambitious district attorney who plans to use the case to further his career.
The Last Ten Days (s9, ep7)
Ben and another captured solider are led from camp on an unknown trip
Ex-con (s9, ep9)
An ex-convict comes to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt dead.
Justice (s8, ep17)
Joe forces the only suspect in the murder of his fiancée to come forward.
Home Ranch (s1, ep2)
Two hired hands of a wealthy cattleman, who has been using the ranch for grazing his cattle, demand that Lucas move out. When Lucas refuses, he is beaten and dragged and then the ranch house is burned down.
The Jed Polke Story (s4, ep23)
When Flint brings a stranded woman and boy to the train, her husband, who went off to find help, is also soon found. But his return to the train sets off tempers when four men recognize him and their only thought is murder.
Eyewitness (s4, ep23)
Malloy and Reed search for a six-year-old boy who was apparently abducted while walking home from school, and later fear that an elderly witness's wildly inaccurate account may actually pertain to a different crime. They also respond to a barking dog complaint and become suspicious of the dog's owner, mediate a domestic dispute caused by a husband's obsession with watching football, respond to a very creative college prank and pursue armed robbery suspects through a crowded train depot with the aid of a police helicopter.
Deadly Maneuvers
"B.A., Face and Murdock are captured by terrorists and held in a dairy farm prison, leaving Tawnia and Hannibal to devise a rescue mission."
Kim (s2, ep6)
Hawkeye operates on a five-year-old Korean boy, and Radar can't find his family. Henry plans to send him to the orphanage, and the camp enjoys his company while they can. Trapper decides to adopt him after consulting his wife, and has to rescue him after he wanders into the minefield.
L.i.p. (s2, ep7)
Corporal Walker is being sent home, and he wants to marry his Korean girl so she and their baby can return with him. CID sends Lt Willis to investigate, but when he refuses Hawkeye and Trapper frame him. Hawkeye is upset that a nurse he was pursuing does not approve of the marriage between "a gook" and "one of us."
The Song Festers (s4, ep20)
Gomer's singing voice surprises everyone, especially Barney.
On Now
The Shoplifters (s4, ep21)
Weaver's Department store is being robbed, presumably by shoplifters. Barney poses as a mannequin to catch a thief.
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Oliver's Schoolgirl Crush (s5, ep10)
Oliver speaks about a law career at Hooterville High and impresses one student: a teen girl who develops a crush on every speaker who visits. Her boyfriend is angry at Oliver for breaking them up and Lisa is upset because the girl keeps calling her old.
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Cupid Comes To Stalag 13 (s1, ep30)
Hogan helps Klink fall in love with General Burkhalter's sister to get his mind off not being promoted.
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The Flame Grows Higher (s1, ep31)
When a POW is caught at the processing location after Stalag 13, Hogan suspects there is a traitor in the underground. Newkirk and LeBeau help him find out who it is.
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The Case Of The Festive Felon (s7, ep9)
Wealthy but dying Bebe Brent gives the bulk of her estate to her loyal nurse. Needless to say, this act angers the remainder of the Brent clan and leads to a murder.
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Once Upon A Time (s3, ep13)
A janitor living in the year 1890 accidentally activates a time traveling helmet, which transports him to 1962—and then promptly breaks down.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Post Mortem (s3, ep33)
A woman learns that a winning sweepstakes ticket is in the suit her husband was buried in.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Crocodile Case (s3, ep34)
A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
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One For The Lady (s4, ep1)
After losing his P.I. license in the aftermath of a frame job, Mannix takes an odd case from a mysterious woman.
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Point After Death
"Cannon investigates the shooting death of the girlfriend of a former basketball star."
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Friends Till Death (s2, ep19)
A friend of Betty's is now smuggling heroin.