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Copter Cave In (s4, ep18)
A gunman fleeing from prison forces a prospector to hide him in an abandoned gold mine.
Management Services - Dr-11 (s3, ep4)
Martin Luther King's assassination sends Friday and the Emergency Control Center into action.
Police Commission - Dr-13 (s3, ep5)
The detectives crack down on wildcatters—freelance tow-truck drivers who victimize motorists.
Lady Engineer (s1, ep7)
Steve is enamored with his new business associate.
Selling Something
Beaver's Rat (s4, ep31)
Beaver making trades with his classmates is beginning to get on Ward and June's nerves because he seems to be the one who always walks away shorthanded. June especially thinks Beaver got the short stick in his latest trade when he comes home with a pet rat.
In The Soup (s4, ep32)
Wally is throwing a party and is successful in getting Beaver out of the house, who is planning to spend the night at Whitey's. However, on the way to Whitey's house, he and Beaver get into an argument over a billboard that is advertising soup, leading Beaver to fall into the giant soup bowl mounted at the top of the billboard.
The Case Of The Shoplifter's Shoe (s6, ep13)
Mason digs into a dead man's past in search of evidence to clear an accused murderer.
Deadly Dose (s9, ep)
After getting fired from her nursing job, Jerri's sister is accused of murder when the doctor she worked for winds up dead.
My Name Is Hank (s3, ep9)
A young refugee claims to be the son of a Sparta cop who died in the war. But quickly becomes a suspect in a murder/robbery after he accepts a ride with the criminals who actually committed the crime. Gillespie looks into his story, while Virgil and the boys track down the shooter. Meanwhile, the young man’s presence triggers a surprisingly bitter reaction from Parker, who views him as a painful reminder of the war.
The Milestone (s6, ep14)
Olivia becomes emotional (menopausal symptoms) and runs away from home to visit a relative
Charlie Noon (s15, ep7)
Matt, his hardened prisoner Charlie Noon, an indian woman and her white stepson are tracked by the Comanches as they try to cross the desert. The indians are going to kill all of them unless Matt hands over the woman.
Death On Sun Mountain (s1, ep2)
The Cartwrights go up against two San Francisco men who plan to get rich by killing off the antelope herds—which the indians rely on for food—and selling the meat to Virginia City's swarms of gold miners.
The Angry Man (s1, ep31)
The McCains try to be tolerant of their embittered neighbor, Abel MacDonald, who tells Lucas to keep off his land and won't allow his son to become friends with Mark. However, McCain decides he's gone too far when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
The Steve Campden Story (s2, ep32)
Flint must find a way to get the wagon train around a snow-covered pass. On a scouting trek, he meets a father and son who are willing to help him, but they want to hike up the mountain. The adventure ahead has surprises for them all.
Log 75: Have A Nice Weekend
"The officers investigate robberies, attempted arson and a violent argument."
Alive At Five
"A reporter attempts to save a future union boss who is a murder target."
Change Day (s6, ep8)
Charles plans a scheme to get rich when he discovers that blue scrip is going to be exchanged for red. Hawkeye and B.J. outsmart him, and he is left holding the worthless scrip. Klinger tries to get into West Point so that he can get out of Korea.
Images (s6, ep9)
Radar notices a number of tattoos on one of the wounded, and convinces himself that with a tattoo he will be irresistible to women. Everyone tries to discourage him, and he admits to having received a tattoo that will wash off. Meanwhile, Margaret is frustrated with a new nurse who keeps getting upset at the sight of combat injuries.
Opie And The Carnival (s5, ep31)
Opie goes to the carnival and blows all his money on a game to win a birthday gift for Andy. The game, however, is rigged.
Banjo-playing Deputy (s5, ep32)
When former carnival man Jerry Miller becomes deputy to Sheriff Taylor, he finds himself jeopardizing Mayberry, making him question his decision to become a lawman.
Jed Throws A Wingding (s1, ep20)
Pearl gets a letter from two old flames who used to fight over her hand, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. After reading some of the letter, Jed figures that the engagement they talk about in the letter is for Pearl to choose which one she wants to marry. However, Lester and Earl have since married two glamorous city women, and the engagement they speak of is a gig in Hollywood.
Retreat From Washington (s4, ep20)
With the Douglases in Washington, the "Haney Farm Mindin' Service" leases out their house (for $4 a day) to a couple with six children. Meanwhile in D.C., Lisa and Eb go to the White House to have unannounced lunch with the president, Kimball causes chaos for the Secretary of Agriculture, and Arnold causes problems in a laundromat. Oliver calls an early end to their trip, forcing Haney to quickly dispose of his new tenants.
The Kamikazes Are Coming (s6, ep20)
The guys find a new rocket that has landed near camp. They are at a loss on how to get it back to England for study when Marya and her rocket-designing husband enter camp.
On Now
Kommandant Gertrude (s6, ep21)
Hogan must get a U.S. general out of Stalag 13, while Klink plans to move the camp's fence line and Gertrude arrives with her fiancé.
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Guests Pat Carroll And Art Carney
"Guests Pat Carroll and Art Carney. Originally aired on 01/04/71."
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The Case Of The Garrulous Gambler (s3, ep3)
Larry Benton is a hard-luck guy. He gets in an argument in a poker game and knocks Mike Granger out cold. Then he is informed him that Granger is dead.
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Come Wander With Me (s5, ep34)
A singer searches for an authentic folk song.
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Dead Weight (s5, ep9)
A man's plan to rid himself of a blackmailer backfires.
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Special Delivery (s5, ep10)
A little boy's hobby of growing mushrooms in his cellar turns into a nightmare.
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A View Of Nowhere (s2, ep13)
While on a helicopter flight, Mannix witnesses a murder. Or does he? No one can find a body, no one reports a missing person.
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Bad Cats And Sudden Death (s2, ep1)
Public prosecutor Mike Arnold needs Cannon's help. He is suspected of the murder of his wife. His problem: Dubious friends want him to finish a corruption investigation.
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Sing A Song Of Murder (s1, ep8)
The managers of a rock music star, whom they think drowned in his pool, cash in on his "tragedy""."