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The Barber Shop Quartet (s5, ep20)
After Uncle Joe is kicked out of his barbershop quartet for lack of talent, he is asked to judge a competition at which the group will be performing—and he is more than happy to see his former bandmates lose.
Higgins Come Home (s5, ep21)
A feud develops over the Bradley family dog's apparently divided loyalty.
The Gypsy's Warning (s5, ep24)
Mrs. Drysdale hires two gypsies, Narda and Yerko, to scare the Clampetts away. Granny is afraid that the gypsies will try to steal Jethro away. But the gypsies have another plan, after they hear how much the Clampetts have. They try to trick the Clampetts to get some of their fortune, as well as get money out of the Drysdales.
His Royal Highness (s5, ep25)
Mrs. Drysdale invites a king to stay with the Drysdales, paying the Clampetts to stay away. Drysdale plans to set King Alexander up with Elly May and tells Jed the King is visiting them. However, nobody knows that the King is actually broke and working as a servant. Drysdale sets Elly May up with His Majesty, but Mrs. Drysdale, who does not know about the set up of Elly and Alexander, hopes to set up her niece, Doreen, with the King.
Fleets Of Stren’th, Barking Dogs Don’t Fite, Learn Polikeness
"Popeye takes on the enemy fleet, including an aircraft carrier and planes., Popeye has to walk Olive Oyl's dog, and Bluto causes him trouble., Olive tries to make a gentleman out of Popeye by taking him to Bluto's school of etiquette."
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The Tom and Jerry Show
Duck Doctor, Goldilocks And The Three Bears, Ah Sweet Mouse-story Of Life
"Hunting in the woods, Tom wounds a duckling, little Quacker, who is doctored by Jerry., Papa bear is a bit accident prone and somewhat cowardly in this version of the classic tale., In this episode, involving both the abstract and transportation, both Tom and Jerry make use of their thoughts to gain the upper hand against one another."
Get Lost Little Doggy, Fish And Chips, Charlie In Hot Water, Woodpecker Wanted, Three Ring Fling, Crow Crazy, Half Empty Saddles
"Woody tries to sneak his new dog into the boarding house under Miss Meany's nose., Chilly tries to eat the stuffed baricuda on display at Smedley's master's house., Charlie Beary attempts to fix the hot water tank himself., Woody is insulted by the low bounty on Woodpeckers, so he raises it himself, piqueing the interest of Dirty McNasty., Windy tries to get into the circus for free., Andy faces off against a stubborn crow in his cornfield., In the desert, Woody contends with a villain who tries to steal his treasure box, and eventually shoots the man into space."
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Dumb Patrol, The Lion's Busy, Quack Shot, Mutiny On The Bunny, Bugged By A Bee, Booby Hatched, To Hare Is Human
"Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig are World War I pilots that are trying to rid the skies of Yosemite Sam who is Baron Sam Von Schamm. , Beaky Buzzard is determined to eat Leo the Lion and tries many different ways to prepare him. , Daffy tries to make Elmer stop shooting ducks, but most of his efforts backfire on him. , Shanghi Sam tricks Bugs into sailing with him and then makes him do all the work., A bee uses his stinger to push Cool Cat to his athletic limits in college. , A mother duck has trouble finding one her half-hatched eggs, which has walked off into trouble. , Wile E. Coyote relies upon a supercomputer to try and capture Bugs Bunny. "
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The Night Of The Diva (s4, ep20)
West meets up with Gordon, who has just arrived in New Orleans with a famous Italian diva and niece of the ambassador on his arm, an escort urged by President Grant. West agrees to substitute as the lady's guardian for her appearance that evening at the opera, but the performance is interrupted when Montebello's would-be kidnappers bring down the curtain and West jumps into the fray. Discovering that several divas had recently disappeared in New Orleans, the agents must rush to unravel a plot involving the secret Order of Lucia and reveal who among their new acquaintances is playing a role on and off the stage.
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The Zeke Thomas Story (s1, ep11)
Zeke Thomas and his second wife are headed West with the train when he's confronted with a huge problem. During a stopover, Zeke sees his first wife—who he thought had died.
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Joshua Watson (s4, ep14)
Nick is relieved when, after betting $5,000 on a rodeo against a rival ranch, he hires brilliant cowboy and ex-slave Joshua Watson. When the rival Mortons learn how good Joshua is with a gun, they claim he is an outlaw in an attempt to foil Nick's chance at winning.
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The Wrong Man (s12, ep7)
Hootie Kyle is a poor but honest farmer whose credit has run out. Matt Dillon and Festus lend him some money, only to be swindled out of it in a poker game. Later, Hootie gets circumstantially framed for the murder of the card shark who swindled him.
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Enter Mark Twain (s1, ep5)
Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) arrives in Virginia City and takes up a job as a reporter at the Territorial Enterprise. In order to sell newspapers, Clemens creates a fantastic story about a monster roaming the Ponderosa.
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Incident Of The Four Horsemen (s5, ep5)
Favor and Clay are witnesses at the wedding of Amy Gault and Frank Louden. Gus Marsdon provokes Frank into shooting Amy's brother, Carl. Tom Gault, Amy's father, sends Ben Kerran after them.
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Have Gun, Will Travel
The Monster Of Moon Ridge (s2, ep24)
The townspeople of Moon Ridge, Colorado believe there are monsters in the mountains. Dan Bella's daughter is taken by something and he finds strange footprints outside his daughter's window. Paladin is hired to find out what is up on the ridge.
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Three For One (s3, ep13)
Josh, with prisoner Tom Fellows in tow, stops in Center City for the night, unaware that one of Tom's cohorts is devising a plan to free him.
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The Grasshopper (s2, ep23)
A condemned killer being transported by train murders a marshal and takes Mark hostage.
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Pain In The Pullman, A Plumbing We Will Go, Three Little Pirates, Pardon My Clutch, Merry Mix Up, For Crimin' Out Loud
"All aboard for non-stop hilarity! The Stooges and their pet monkey join a traveling vaudville troupe, making for a very bumpy ride. , To escape the police, the Stooges pose as plumbers and are hired to fix a leak in a fancy mansion. They wind up crossing the electrical system with the plumbing and generally ruin the place. One memorable scene has the lady of the house tuning into a television broadcast from Niagara Falls as a torrent of water pours from the set. To escape the wrath of the homeowners the Stooges escape through a magician's trap door. , The Stooges are private detectives hired to protect a rich politician. After the man disappears, the boys wander around his spooky mansion confronting various villains and a dangerous dame. The Stooges vanquish the crooks (Shemp uses his "trusty shovel") and find the missing man. , The Stooges are castaways from a garbage scow who land on Dead Man's Island where everyone is living in olden times. To escape from the governor, they disguise Curly as a Maharaja and win permission to journey to their own country to fetch presents. The governor is fooled, but the boys run into more trouble in the den of Black Louie the pirate where Curly is forced into a knife-throwing contest with Larry as the target. Things look bad until a mis-thrown knife cuts the rope that holds the chandelier and it crashes down on Black Louie's men. With the pirates defeated, Moe decides to take over as ruler of the island. , The stooge's friend Claude sells them his old lemon of a car so they can take Shemp, who is sick with a toothache, camping. The car won't work and the boys are apparently out a bundle, when a car collector happens on the scene and offers to buy it at a premium. Claude backs out on the deal and gives the Stooges their money back, only to discover the "collector" is an escaped lunatic. , The Stooges appear in triplicate as three sets of triplets who were separated a long time ago. Their reunion causes confusion and troubles for various wives and sweethearts, but it all works out in the end. "
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The Leech Woman
"An endocrinologist in a dysfunctional marriage with an aging, alcoholic wife journeys to Africa seeking a drug that will restore youth. "
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Flop Goes The Joker (s2, ep58)
The Joker continues his artistic acts conning a woman into giving him access to antique valuables. Meanwhile, Batman saves Robin from grinding gears.
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Journey To Babel (s2, ep10)
Spock meets his estranged father when the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference on the planet Babel.
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The Sentry (s1, ep20)
A lizard-man creature kills subterranean workers who have stolen its eggs.
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The Thief Of Outer Space
"A person known as ' the thief from outer space' appears in a puff of smoke, will agrees to help him rescue a princess who was lost more than 200 years ago by evil vizier."
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The Death Clock (s4, ep25)
Crane, Nelson and the Seaview crew work to survive a fourth dimensional nightmare of death and destruction.
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Shell Game (s1, ep25)
A deaf boy tracks Fitzhugh to the Spindrift and takes it home to the seafront community where he lives. The Earthlings must recover it, and their only bargaining chip is their advanced knowledge with which they can build a hearing aid for the boy.
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Visitors From Beyond The Stars (s1, ep18)
In 1885 Arizona, aliens force Tony and Doug to help them deplete the Earth's protein foodstuffs.