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Internal Affairs - Parolee
Friday and Gannon retrace a 14-year-old investigation to determine whether charges can be brought against a man up for parole.
The Seance
Lucy suddenly becomes interested in numerology and superstitions. After advising Ricky that it's a good day for him to make deals, she realizes that she read yesterday's horoscopes and that today is actually a bad day for Ricky.
The Big Gold Strike
Mr. Howell discovers a gold mine on the island.
The Practical Shower
Chip and Ernie manage to turn Sally's bridal shower into something impractical.
Price Of Fame
While staying after school cleaning the chalkboards, Larry convinces Beaver that Mrs. Rayburn keeps a spanking machine in her office closet. Later, a curious Beaver sneaks a peek but soon finds himself locked in the principal's office. Beaver's fame doesn't go over well with his family, but Beaver has another problem on his hands: he's just gotten his head stuck in an iron fence in the park.
A Horse Named Nick
Beaver and Wally get jobs at the circus cleaning the animals and a promise to each be paid $10 dollars at the end of the week. However, the end of the week comes and there is no money in sight; instead, Beaver and Wally become the proud owners of a horse named Nicholas, which they hide in the garage.
The Case Of The Nimble Nephew
Mason is sought out by land tycoon Adam Thompson, who suspects one of his nephews of rifling the house safe. The twist? The land tycoon's next in command is found dead, after it's found out that he was the one stealing the secrets.
Matlock vies with a formidable district attorney while defending a client accused of killing a city councilwoman, discovering a secret hiding in the man's past that is affecting his judgment in the case.
Lake Winahatchee: Part 2
Bill discovers the motivation behind a crime syndicates attempt to muscle in on Sparta and the reason they are determined to get Lana's land.
The Wager
A run (on foot) and ride (on horse) race is being held. Mary Ellen and Erin bet two guys that they will win
The Search
A suspected horse thief tries to survive in the wilderness when he gets hurt fleeing from his pursuers.
A Stranger Passed This Way
Bushwacked and suffering from amnesia, Hoss is found wandering down the road by the Vandervorts, an older couple who are happy to take the gentle giant into their family to replace the son they lost.
Mail Order Groom
When a stranger arrives to marry the town spinster, two brothers who want her land try to discourage him with threats and a beating.
A Case Of Identity
Mark finds himself in grave danger when two unscrupulous detectives searching for a man's long-lost son claim that it is Mark.
The Steele Family
Nearing the end of their trip, a mother with four beautiful daughters, all of marrying age, meets the wagon train full of men who are either the same or wanting to be, and not even the Major is off limits.
Log 52 -- Good Cop: Handle With Care
Malloy and Reed see a man passed out in an alley and stop to lend assistance, deliver bad news to a young wife, apprehend a mentally ill man who then becomes uncontrollably violent in their patrol car, and respond to a robbery that needlessly becomes a tragedy. All along the way the officers have their every move second guessed by a pair of young, unethical freelance journalists who are determined to document police brutality.
Log 23: Pig Is A Three Letter Word
"The officers are subjected to verbal abuse when they arrest armed robbers."
The Duel
A fencing champion from France visits UWM for an exhibition. After he insults Joanie and America, Richie challenges the champion to a duel.
Picture This
Potter's attempts to assemble the crew for a family portrait are thwarted by a feud between bunkmates Pierce, Hunnicutt and Winchester. Things are not helped by the efforts of Margaret, Klinger and Mulcahy to bring the Swampmen back together.
That Darn Kid
Klinger buys a goat, with the intention of getting rich by selling its milk. Then the goat eats the 4077th's $22,340 payroll, leaving paymaster Hawkeye holding the bag. Meanwhile, Charles also thinks he can make a killing when he sees an ancient vase.
The Song Festers
Gomer's singing voice surprises everyone, especially Barney.
The Shoplifters
Weaver's Department store is being robbed, presumably by shoplifters. Barney poses as a mannequin to catch a thief.
Leader Of Men
When a visiting Congressman suggests a promotion for Gomer, Sgt. Carter nearly loses his stripes training Gomer to take command.
The Best Laid Plans
While Oliver makes plans to get the farm in working order, Lisa travels to New York to pack up their furniture. The Hooterville locals begin gossiping, assuming Lisa left him for good. While she's in the city, Oliver's mother connects her with an architect who designs an extravagant country club.
Will The Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against The Wall?
When Carter, in disguise as the camp kommandant, is seen near one of Hogan's operations, Klink is threatened with a treason charge.
Man In A Box
Hogan is ordered to capture LeBeau, but not before he lets him complete his mission.
Guest John Byner
In Carol and Sis, Carol and Harvey fight in front of an encounter group. Then, in Fun in a Saloon, a western bad guy starts a dancing brawl. Finally, in Court Stenographer, Carol plays a recorder who can't help but interfere with the court case.
The Case Of The Fanciful Frail
Things keep going from awful to good grief for poor Ethel Andrews. First she's left at the altar by her fiancee, Bruce Strickland, who also lets her take the blame for a $50,000 securities theft.
Third From The Sun
With all-out nuclear war about to ignite, a scientist and his pilot friend plot to escape on an experimental spaceship.
Don't Look Behind You
A number of women have been victims of ritualistic murders, and a medical undergraduate thinks she's next.
Design For Dying
A politically ambitions publisher hires Mannix to find evidence that his wife is cheating. But when Mannix has no trouble finding this evidence, he begins to question the reasons he was hired.
On Now
The Torch
Cannon is hired by a man who is charged with arson and murder by burning down his textile company which killed his wife who was trapped inside.
 Remind Me
Testament Of Power
The executors of a millionaire's estate attempt to get rid of a new will putting them out of their jobs.