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The Facts of Life

The Facts Of Life Goes To Paris: Part 3 Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

The Brady Bunch

Top Secret When an FBI agent makes a visit to check Mike's security clearance, Bobby and Oliver both become convinced that Mike is working on some plans for a...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Richest Woman The world’s richest women, Tracy Richards, sees the Clampett estate and wants to fix it up and buy it. She learns that the house is not for sale,...

My Three Sons

The Fountain Of Youth Charley and an old pal, Maggie McSterling, recall their friendship during their vaudeville days.

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver, The Baby-sitter "When Wally has a previous engagement and is unable to babysit, Beaver fills in and quickly finds himself the object of a 10-year old's affection."

Leave It to Beaver

The Younger Brother Beaver decides to join the basketball team but finds himself trying to live up to Wally's performance. However, after not making the team, Beaver...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Captain's Coins Historian Phillip Andrews argues that his fiancée, Evelyn Faraday, is entitled to a share of a shipping company fortune. Phillip then finds himself...


The Convict Out on parole for a past murder rap, Les Matthews is accosted by three men and one ends up dead in the ensuing struggle. Matlock takes the case,...

Diagnosis Murder

Last Laugh: Part 1 A plastic surgeon dies from an overdose of laughing gas... with no shortage of suspects.

The Big Valley

Presumed Dead Victoria loses her memory when injured in a stage accident. She is nursed to health by a rustler who can’t resist telling her that she is his...


The Deserter "Corporal Janice takes off with the Army payroll after an ambush. Matt has to find his accomplice who no one got a look at. Matt gets a line on...


Cherry Red "Red Larned comes to Dodge and tells Cherry Odell he’s going to marry her. Red is a special agent for a stagecoach line that was robbed by Slim...


Day Of The Dragon Joe wins a card game and an unexpected prize—a young lady. She goes to the Ponderosa and serves them, not wanting to be set free. Meanwhile,...

The Rifleman

The Princess The Queen-to-be of France hides out in North Fork.

The Rifleman

Gunfire Micah has an infamous outlaw, Charlie Gordo, in his jail waiting for the U.S. marshal from Denver to take Gordo to the Yuma prison for hanging....

Wagon Train

The Bernal Sierra Story Revolutionary Bernal Sierra joins the train finding the wife of his dead friend married to Casey Reardon, who sold guns to the Mexican...

T.J. Hooker

Death Strip Romano poses as a stripper in a club where the owner and a dancer are suspects in a drug ring.

Hawaii Five-O

Cry, Lie Chin Ho is accused of bribery.


Deluge A sudden deluge of wounded at the 4077th is followed by a fire and a rainstorm, which makes matters difficult for the staff.


The Interview Clete Roberts has arrived in Korea to interview the staff of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital because of its high 97% efficiency rating. In...

The Andy Griffith Show

The County Nurse Mary Simpson, the county nurse, wants to get all of the farmers in the county to take their innoculations. Figuring everyone will follow suit if...

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy And Barney In The Big City While staying in Raleigh, Barney believes he is witnessing a man casing the hotel clientelle. Barney is right in believing a crime about to be...

Mama's Family

Mama Goes Hawaiian: Part 2 Mama schemes to rid herself of Billy, the man she saved from drowning, and then goes sightseeing with Iola, Bubba and their new "true" loves.


Help Me, Rhonda Willie helps homesick ALF arrange a trip to Melmac.

Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Trucking Service... We Deliver The Factory To You Colonel Crittendon shows up again and messes up Hogan's plans to destroy a ball bearing plant.

Hogan's Heroes

To The Gestapo With Love The Gestapo gets three beautiful girls to pry secrets out of the guys.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Joel Grey And Cass Elliott In The Candidate, Carol speaks for her husband when he becomes ill before a TV panel discussion. Then, in Mary McClusky, Joel, Harvey, and Lyle are...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Lost Last Act Playwright Ernest Royce is found shot to death in the same manner as a character in one of his un-produced plays. The play deals with characters...
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The Twilight Zone

The Fever When his wife wins a trip for two to Las Vegas, a man falls under the spell of a slot machine that calls his name.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Horse Player After a man turns to prayer, he starts to win at the races.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Incident In A Small Jail In prison for jaywalking, a salesman finds himself locked in a cell with an accused murderer.


The Falling Star As movie starlet Anne Marion is scheduled to release her tell-all memoirs, an attempt is made on her life.


Murder For Murder A writer was murdered. His latest book would deal with the biography of an industrialist. Cannon must protect the co-author and investigate the...

77 Sunset Strip

Two And Two Make Six Jeff Spencer is hired by a fashion designer to protect her ex-con husband, who has evidence that would convict a man engaged in revenge killings.
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