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Wanted: Dead Or Alive
ALF shields Willie when a criminal resembling him is profiled on a crime-stopper TV show, but Trevor turns him in.
We're In The Money
Using Willie's home computer, ALF discovers and later becomes addicted to the art of making stock-market deals.
House Party
Screech's parents leave for Graceland. While they are gone the gang accidentally breaks his mother's Elvis statue. With only a little money, they decide to hold a party to get a new statue before his mother finds out.
Jessie's Song
Jessie is under pressure with midterms and her own singing group so she turns to caffeine pills, ignoring Slater's warning that the pills are hazardous to her health.
The Fabulous Belding Boys
If the gang fails a test in an obnoxious teacher's class, they won't be able to go on a class field trip. On the day of the test, however, the teacher doesn't show, so Belding's brother, Rod, takes over.
The Glee Club
The gang joins the Glee Club, but soon the friends lose their pep. Jesse catches Lisa's cold, Screech makes a fool of himself in front of his girlfriend's parents and the gang's singing is totally off key.
Breaking Up Is Hard To Undo
First, it's splitsville for Zack and Kelly when Kelly goes on a date with her ex-boyfriend. Slater and Jessie are finally a couple, but things get messed up when they disagree on how to celebrate their coupledom.
The Video Yearbook
Zack and the gang decide to make a video yearbook for Bayside, but when Zack uses the opportunity to create the "Girls of Bayside Dating Service," his friends get him back big time!
Itty Bitty Fred
Fred may have a new career when his reducing formula works too well.
Pebbles' Birthday Party
Fred gets in trouble with the law when he tries to arrange two parties for the same night.
Bedrock Rodeo Roundup
Fred enters the Bedrock Rodeo to compete with the champion rider.
Fred's fairy godmother helps him win a promotion at work.
The Private Ear
Peter eavesdrops in on his siblings' private conversations with the help of Mike's tape recorder, causing no small amount of family discord. Marcia and Greg teach Peter a lesson with the help of - you guessed it - the same trusty tape recorder.
Her Sister's Shadow
Tired of being in Marcia's shadow, Jan is determined to do something that Marcia never did. She tries the pompom squad, and then an essay writing contest, where she wins first prize - or does she?
Greg wants to be on the football team, but Carol is against it, fearing that he's going to get hurt - which of course he does. Can he and his camera still find a way to help out the team?
Getting Davy Jones
Marcia makes a promise that she will get Davy Jones to perform at the prom. It's a promise she quickly learns is going to be very difficult to keep, since trying to get ahold of the singer is all but impossible.
The Hunter
A famous big-game hunter lands on the island in search of new game to hunt.
Lovey's Secret Admirer
Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes.
Our Vines Have Tender Apes
An loin-cloth-clad ape-man comes to the island, and makes off with their food and supplies.
Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Lightning strikes Gilligan during Skipper and Gilligan's bowling tournament, and his stone bowling ball becomes molecularly attached to him. The Professor tries to help Gilligan, but ends up causing him to become invisible.
A vacant, two-person space capsule lands in the lagoon, so pairs of castaways scheme to be on it when it lifts off again.
High Man On The Totem Pole
Gilligan and the Skipper find an ancient Kupaki totem pole.
Monkees Chow Mein
Peter finds a secret message in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.
Monkee Mother
The Monkees play matchmaker for their new neighbor.
The Inspector
The crew searches for an undercover inspector; a plain girl meets a shy man; a middle-aged man and a young girl cherish time together.
Fade Out, Fade In: Part 1
Radar gets a temporary replacement for Maj. Burns: a Major Charles Emerson Winchester III. Maj. Winchester arrives at the 4077th, only to painfully discover that he's the permanent replacement Frank Burns.
Fade Out, Fade In: Part 2
Radar gets a temporary replacement for Maj. Burns: a Major Charles Emerson Winchester III. Maj. Winchester arrives at the 4077th, only to painfully discover that he's the permanent replacement Frank Burns.
Blueprint For Murder
Elliot Markham, a brilliant architect and conman, murders a Texas millionaire and hides the body in order to keep his visionary construction project financed.
Meet Fred
"Fred likes toys, cars and other TV and pop culture memorabilia; but what he really likes is having those items signed and authenticated by the celebrity they “belong to.” His sizable collection ranges from a signed broken fender from racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. to a ping-pong ball from TV’s Captain Kangaroo. Fred Jr. who often goes on these signing missions with his Dad, joins him, while our expert appraiser Michael Osacky will put a value amount on the collection –and also bring a surprise trade offer that Fred will have a hard time refusing."
The Buffalo Convention
Wilma's talking bird is silent until lodge brothers Fred and Barney start planning a secret outing.
Mind Your Own Business
Ed sells irons after Ralph's advice got him fired from the sewer. When Ed lies about how much money he's making so that the Kramdens don't feel bad, Ralph considers selling irons, too.
Big Max Calvada
A mobster asks the gang to write a comedy routine for his nephew.
The Ballad Of The Betty Lou
Rob and Jerry purchase a boat, but who's going to be the captain?
The Gift
An alien crash-lands in a remote mountain village, stirring up fear and animosity among the villagers.
Conversation Over A Corpse
Two sisters poison the banker who holds their mortgage.
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Crack Of Doom
Mason Bridges plays poker with wealthy clients. He gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one game.
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Smoke Screen
A forest fire prevents access to a local hospital. Kimble, now a farm laborer, decides to risk blowing his cover when he elects to help deliver a woman's baby at the labor camp. When the news of Kimble's charitable act is reported to the press, Gerard get
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In the country of Valeria, the IMF must ensure that the corrupt nationalist party's rigged voting machine doesn't give them the election.
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Edie Finds A Corpse
Edie is having her apartment renovated and uncovers a body.
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The Dirty Word
After her husband is murdered, Louise Sinclair hits the bottle and her husband's lawyer consoles her.