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Suspected Cop
Dan Mathews must prove a patrolman's innocence before a newspaper prints the story.
Juvenile - Dr-35
An infant girl is found in a garbage can; Joe and Bill use the child's blanket to track down the mother.
Frauds - Dr-36
Friday and Gannon track down a department store employee who stole $100,000 worth of merchandise in six months.
Ernie's Follies
Ernie's science fair project turns into a disaster because Steve will not agree to offer parental assistance.
Hare-brained Hypnotist, Pied Piper Porky (1939), Bird In A Bonnet, A (1958), Matinee Mouse, Out To Punch
"Bluto tries to sabotage Popeye's boxing training before their fight."
Part Time Genius
After taking an IQ test, Beaver scores the highest in his class and Mrs. Rayburn suggests that it would be best if Beaver went to a special school, where his abilities can be challenged. However, little does anyone know, everything is not as it seems.
Party Invitation
Beaver is invited to Linda Dennison's birthday party and quickly discovers that he is the only boy that she invited. Fearing for his reputation, Beaver tries his best to get out of attending but June and Ward are insistent, not aware of the situation Beaver's in.
The Case Of The Nebulous Nephew
A scam to swindle elderly relatives and a pang of conscience leads to a murder.
The Priest
Matlock defends when a mobster is accused of murdering a priest. It doesn't take long before Matlock suspects that the Church is covering something up.
Paper Castles
Virgil soon regrets telling an old friend that his new business partners are being investigated by the police.
The First Day
Everything seems to go wrong on John-Boy's first day at Boatwright University
Seven Hours To Dawn
A treacherous gang of outlaws takes over Dodge.
Home From The Sea
Gilly Maples arrives at the Ponderosa claiming to be a friend of Adam's but in reality his intentions are to rob a shipment of gold.
The Queue
A Chinese man and his son fight prejudice as they try to open a laundry in North Fork.
The Vaqueros
While Lucas and Mark are traveling across the Mexican desert they encounter a trio of Mexican bandits. They demand payment from Lucas for crossing "their" desert. Lucas refuses. In retaliation, the three slam Lucas in the throat with his rifle, strip him of all his possessions (including Mark), tie him to a tree and leave him to die of thirst and exposure.
The Hiram Winthrop Story
"Duke quits the wagon train to take up a steady position as Deputy Indian Agent at San Marcos on an Apache reservation under Hiram Winthrope. Hiram is an Easterner with ideas of teaching the nomadic Apache to become farmers."
Log 34 -- Astro
Malloy and Reed become envious of officer wells, who has been given a coveted assignment in the newly established astro helicopter division. Out on patrol, they require assistance saving a wealthy elderly couple who get locked in their heavily fortified basement safe, and then use air support to track down robbery suspects who escape on a motorcycle.
Log 14 -- S.w.a.t.
Malloy and Reed are the first to respond to a downtown rooftop sniper who has been indiscriminately shooting at anyone he can find with his scoped rifle. After risking their lives to get civilians out of his line of sight, they become lead participants in the S.W.A.T. team's attempt to neutralize the suspect.
Fred Goes Ape
When Fred gets the wrong pills at the pharmacy, he turns into an ape!
Richie, Postie and Ralph are forced to go cruising for girls in Howard's DeSoto after Marion dents Richie's car at the supermarket. They find three girls but, later, find their boyfriends—who are members of street gang the Dragons!
Morale Victory
Tired of their constant complaints about the quality of recreational activities at the 4077th, Colonel Potter appoints Hawkeye and B.J. as the new morale officers. Winchester's morale has already reached a new peak: He's ecstatic about his operation on a wounded soldier, Sheridan, which saved the boy's leg, leaving only "negligible" side effects—less use of his right hand. However, the soldier was a concert pianist before the war.
The Darling Baby
The Darlings come to Mayberry looking for a boy whom they could engage to Charlene's new baby. Opie becomes the prime target.
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Home On The Range
Gomer helps out a family by finding them shelter in a shack, unaware that the shack is the target of impending war games.
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Eb's Romance
Eb announces his engagement to Loreli Appleby, a girl he met the day before. In an attempt to impress his future father-in-law, Eb succeeds in destroying the farmer's cabbage crop. To get back in the man's good graces, Eb pawns Oliver's cow Eleanor so he can make the Appleby's mortgage payment.
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The Klink Commandos
Hogan and his men volunteer for a German suicide squad train bound for the Russian front in order to steal key documents.
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The Gasoline War
Hogan and his men plan to destroy a gasoline station that has just been built in camp.
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Guests Petula Clarke And Tim Conway
In Moving Day, a young elevator operator has a crush on Carol, who plays it up to make Harvey jealous. Then, in As the Stomach Turns, Carol's soap opera alter ego inherits money from her late, great uncle, but problems arise when her family stops by for a visit.
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The Case Of The Mythical Monkeys
Author Mauvis Meade sends her secretary, Gladys Doyle, out to a mountain cabin to pick up a package. Gladys gets lost and her car gets stuck in the mud. She then walks to a cabin looking for help and encounters a mysterious man who appears to know her.
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Perchance To Dream
A man is terrified of falling asleep for fear he might die.
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The Gentlemen From America
Howard Latimer accepts a peculiar bet: to spend the night at a supposedly haunted manor.
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The Baby Sitter
Lottie Slocum is excited to be the center of attention after the woman she babysits for is murdered.
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What Happened To Sunday?
Mannix can't recall the events of the past 24 hours—other than a haunting memory of a little girl falling from a balcony.
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House Of Cards
"The accountant of Eden Corporation has disappeared and along with him three million dollars. Does unscrupulous branch manager Sheffield have to do with the plot? Cannon comes across a discovery and suddenly local reporter Julie Foster also plays an important role."
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Little Glory, Little Death, A
A blackmailing actress gets pushed off a cliff.