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The Trial Board (s2, ep14)
An officer accused of taking a bribe has chosen Sgt. Friday to represent him at his trial board hearing. Witnesses saw the officer accept the money, but he insists it was for the payback of a loan made years ago.
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Make Way For Yesterday (s3, ep24)
Bub makes some suggestions for Robbie's school club carnival.
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Flea Market Flippin'
"Darrell Sheets from A&E's Storage Wars weighs in on Bill's flea market finds and Bill shares some helpful lifehacks."
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The Black Eye (s1, ep3)
Beaver comes home with a black eye and Ward is upset when he learns that Beaver didn't fight back. This leads Ward to teach Beaver how to defend himself. Little does Ward know, the person who punched Beaver is a girl, Violet Rutherford, the daughter of one of Ward's co-workers.
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The Haircut (s1, ep4)
After losing his lunch money three days in a row, Ward gives Beaver one last chance by letting him handle his haircut money. However, when he loses that too, Beaver decides to give himself a haircut just days before he's scheduled to be an angel in a play.
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The Case Of The Golden Girls (s9, ep14)
A club owner is found dead, his partner charged. The men's animosity towards each other makes the case appear to be an open-and-shut ordeal, but Mason is not so sure.
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The Victim (s4, ep)
Matlock tries to prove that someone other than his client had a motive in a murder case. His best bet? The victim's paraplegic husband.
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A Baby Called Rocket (s7, ep10)
A neglected baby stirs maternal feelings in Luann.
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The Star (s1, ep6)
A meteorite crashes through the roof of the Baldwin sisters' "Recipe"" room
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Like Old Times (s19, ep16)
An old safe cracker comes back to Dodge to find his former lady love. When two men looking to steal a lot of money approach him about unlocking the safe at the station, he accepts their proposal, sort of.
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The War Comes To Washoe (s4, ep7)
Joe and Adam's differences in politics lead to unrest in the house. When Joe is picked to go to a convention on the statehood of Nevada, will his relationship with a admitted Confederate's daughter weigh his decision?
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Trail Of Hate (s3, ep1)
Lucas is out for vengeance when Mark is used as a pawn in a bank robbery scheme.
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Woman From Hog Ridge (s3, ep2)
Lucas shoots a horse thief who turns out to be a member of the Boyle clan, and now Ma Boyle is after him.
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The Terry Morrell Story (s5, ep30)
"After the Sheriff escorts Ben Morrell and his son Terry to the wagon train, the members find Ben Morrell and his son very antisocial: the two can't even tolerate each other. One woman wants to adopt Terry believing he is being mistreated."
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Log 85 -- Sign Of The Twins (s3, ep12)
Malloy and Reed start the shift with a call to a liquor store robbery, where a fellow officer was shot but the owner of the store appears to be lying. Further investigation pushes the owner to admit one of the thieves was his brother and he was trying to protect him. In the meantime, they have a zoning issue with an elderly astrology reader followed by the report of a young boy asking a pharmacist questions about Seconal pills.
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Log 175 -- Con Artists (s3, ep13)
Reed and Malloy respond to a car rollover where a good samaritan makes matters worse. Afterward, they respond to several victims of a well-known family of seasonal home improvement con artists before finally catching them in the act. In the meantime, they search for a disgruntled ex-employee who is trying to sabotage his former workplace, and take a drunk driver off the street.
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The Smell Of Music (s6, ep15)
The 4077th has just ended a rough three-day ordeal with wounded soldiers. Charles plays a French horn and drives Hawkeye and B.J. crazy. They refuse to bathe until the French horn playing is stopped; the two are even forced to eat outside because of their unhygienic presences.
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They Call The Wind Korea (s7, ep7)
A strong windstorm affects the M*A*S*H personnel in varying ways: Hawkeye and most of the unit busy themselves securing items that could blow away; Radar prepares his animal hutch for the worst; a disgusted Charles switches his Tokyo-leave transportation from air to ground and runs into a difficult medical situation en route to Seoul.
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End Run (s5, ep17)
Billy Tyler, a young black sergeant, is brought into camp with a bullet wound in the leg. He is a football player, and when he discovers that his leg has been amputated, he wants to die. After talks with Radar, Billy agrees that he must live on.
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The General's Practitioner (s5, ep20)
In the midst of Hawkeye being considered, much to his distaste, for the position of a general's personal physician, Radar becomes a surrogate father to a Korean woman and her baby, until the baby's GI father returns.
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Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter (s2, ep9)
When Aunt Bee falls for traveling handyman Henry Wheeler, Andy soon learns that Wheeler is not as nice as he appears.
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The Clubmen (s2, ep10)
One of Andy's big-city fishing buddies invites him to join the Esquire Club, an exclusive Raleigh men's organization. Barney also is asked to join but tries a little too hard to fit in.
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The Sheik (s4, ep3)
After entering an oil deal with Jed and O.K. Oil, the Sheik befriends the Clampetts, giving Jed four of his dancing girls for wives and tries to get the beautiful Elly May as one of his wives. Jed tries to give the girls back, while Jethro tries to enjoy some of the Sheik's life, mainly the company of his beautiful dancing girls, after selling his cousin.
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Culture (s1, ep31)
The "Every Other Wednesday Afternoon Discussion Club" decides to bring culture to the valley by starting the Hooterville Symphony Orchestra. Oliver calls the women "nuts" for considering such a ridiculous idea. Undeterred, Lisa calls her conductor friend Sir Geffory, aka "Poopsie", to come and conduct the orchestra. What he encounters is the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department Marching Band playing the only song they know.
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The Prisoner's Prisoner (s1, ep6)
A British commando gives Hogan the assignment he failed at: blow up an ammo dump. Once done, Hogan uses a German general to find out where he is planning to attack.
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German Bridge Is Falling Down (s1, ep7)
The heroes plan to blow up a bridge near camp when a bomber raid fails.
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The Case Of The Stand-in Sister (s6, ep8)
Two brothers, one a businessman, one a mobster, at separate times have claimed the same young girl as their daughter. Trouble follows when it is revealed that $100,000 due to the girl via a trust fund has been mishandled.
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The Magic Shop (s2, ep)
A little boy vanishes in a magic shop, only to reappear later with supernatural powers and evil intentions.
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Cry Silence (s6, ep2)
A former priest who heard a murder confession hires Mannix to find the killer.
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The Reformer
"Cannon is hired when a crusading newspaper editor is found near a dead body, while drunk and unconscious in a hotel room."
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Deadly Charade (s5, ep12)
Betty falls for a playboy who's planning a murder to gain an inheritance.