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Dan Mathews finds an injured woman victim of amnesia on a lonely mountain road.
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Blair finds herself in a tough spot when her flirtatious mother visits and becomes "friendly" with a married man.
The Return Of Mr. Garrett
Mrs. Garrett gets a surprise visit from her ex-husband, who wants to get remarried. But have his gambling ways changed?
Beauty In The Eye Of Arnold
Arnold is faced with a dilemma when his friends insist he take a cute cheerleader to the dance instead of the girl Arnold really likes who they consider an "ugly duckling."
The House Of Granny
Granny is waking up the family so they can get to their new store: The House of Granny. Jethro wakes up sleepy, not wanting to be up, but as soon as Granny mentions breakfast, he is dressed in a split second. Jed is carving a Y in the kitchen, and when Jethro sees the shavings in the bowl, he thinks it is cereal. Jed tells him to have corn flakes instead. Granny goes to wake up Elly May, saying that her store opens at a decent hour—the crack of dawn!
The Return Of Albert
When Barbara's old flame joins the Douglases for dinner, the entire family — and especially Barbara — is anxious.
Larry's Club
Larry is furious when Beaver leaves him out when he joins a club called the Bloody Five. To get revenge, Larry makes up a story that he is starting his own club and that people are waiting in line to join. This prompts Beaver to resign from the Bloody Five and he tries to join Larry's bogus club.
School Sweater
Wally lends his school sweater to Frances and quickly finds getting it back is going to be difficult because the girl keeps making up excuses. Things reach a boiling point when Ward and June overhear Frances bragging to her friends how Wally is chasing after her.
The Case Of The Mystified Miner
Mason tries to clear his young, beautiful client after a twisting and wheeling plot of murder, kidnapping and embezzlement unfolds.
The Crook
Matlock agrees to defend Wally McDaniels, a fellow choir member, after he is arrested for killing the man who had turned him in to the police for stealing rare books.
A History In Murder
Mark investigates a 30-year-old murder when the body of his old mentor is discovered entombed in a wall of the hospital.
King's Ransom
The F.B.I. tries to talk an ex-boxer into testifying against a mobster he once worked for, but the fighter sees the situation as an opportunity for blackmail.
The Gun
After a young man kills a gunfighter, he becomes the victim of publicity.
The Bottle Fighter
After Hoss is accused of stabbing a man to death, his hopes for acquittal rest on the skills of Barney Sturgess, a once great lawyer who has crawled inside a bottle.
When a rancher dies after the bank forecloses the mortgage on his property, his son blames the banker for his father's death.
The Mind Reader
When a wealthy rancher is killed, Mark suggests that they seek the aid of a mind reader to identify the murderer.
The Matthew Lowry Story
Matthew Lowry seems timid to everyone, especially a bully on the wagon train. Riding upon some cholera-sick wagons in a pass, they find out who he really is and why he has been acting this way.
Angels In The Backfield
The Angels investigate trouble on the gridiron. Sabrina, Kelly and Kris don shoulder pads after members of a women's professional football team are terrorized by a pair of motorcyclists. Through Coach Amy Jarvis believes the harassment is designed to scar
Daddies Anonymous
Fred and Barney join a club to avoid weekend chores, while their wives think they are out pushing baby carriages.
Peek-a-boo Camera
Barney and Fred do an impromptu dance at a party and find that the frolic has been filmed for TV.
Hawkeye is the golden boy of the world press when he treats a celebrity prizefighter, "Gentleman" Joe Cavanaugh, who has a stroke at the 4077th. Father Mulcahy finds the news hard to take, as Cavanaugh was a hero of his.
Sons And Bowlers
After losing to the Marines once again, Colonel Potter wishes there was one sport the 4077th were any good at. When Klinger mentions he can bowl, the Colonel decides to have a bowling competition. Unfortunately, he and Klinger are the only two good bowlers in the camp, so BJ and Father Mulcahy are "recruited" to the team.
The New Doctor
When a handsome new doctor arrives in town, his friendship with Ellie arouses suspicion in Aunt Bee and Barney and jealousy in Andy.
A Plaque For Mayberry
Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) and the townspeople are shocked to discover that the last living descendant of Revolutionary War hero Nathan Tibbs is Mayberry's town drunk, Otis Campbell.
A Groom For Sergeant Carter's Sister
Sgt. Carter objects to the man with whom his sister is engaged, and uses Gomer as a means of breaking them up. Little does he know, the brother-in-law-to-be also is a Marine.
The Special Delivery Letter
The Douglases try to pick up a special deliver letter from the Hooterville post office. Sam mistakenly gave it to Hank, who gave it to Fred, who gave it to Arnold...sending Oliver and Lisa all over the county trying to track it down.
Movies Are Your Best Escape
Hogan must discover what is contained within the documents of a visiting German general.
Go Light On The Heavy Water
Hogan plans to destroy a heavy water supply by convincing Klink it is a youth potion.
Guest Sammy Davis Jr.
In Backstage, Carol reunites with an old friend and her old prejudices come back. Then, in No Frills Airline, Tim receives horrible airplane service all because he didn't pay an extra fee.
The Case Of The Purple Woman
An art collector, Rufus Varner, is told by a reputable art critic that one of his most prized paintings, "The Purple Woman," is a forgery.
And When The Sky Was Opened
When three U.S. astronauts return to Earth after the first flight into space, they begin being erased from history one by one.
Dead Weight
A man's plan to rid himself of a blackmailer backfires.
Special Delivery
A little boy's hobby of growing mushrooms in his cellar turns into a nightmare.
On Now
The Ragged Edge
Mannix goes undercover as a heroin addict to discover who's trying to kill an old friend.
 Remind Me
Target In The Mirror
Frank struggles to prove his friend did not commit murder, but someone (the real killer) is working equally hard to thwart him.
 Remind Me
Doomed Alibi
An actor-turned-business frames his double for the murder of his partner.