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6:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
The Happy Bank - Drysdale is sick of the Clampetts running their various businesses on the fifth floor, but many of the bank employees visit J.C. Enterprises. One secretary, Carol, is scheming to get Jed to take interest in her, after learning how much he’s worth, while Granny is treating Louise Cats, who she tells Drysdale is a bank employee, but actually is a pregnant cat of Elly May’s.
6:30am The Beverly Hillbillies
Sam Drucker's Visit - The Clampetts return from giving up J.C. Enterprises, and Granny gets a telegram saying that Sam Drucker, who won a trip to Hollywood, is going to visit, thinking he is coming to propose. When he arrives, she tries to get him to believe she is the goddess of the handsome Hollywood actors, as does Jethro, who doesn’t want Granny to move to Hooterville.
7:00am Green Acres
The Wedding Anniversary - While Oliver tries to recall how long he's been married to Lisa, she flashes back to last year's anniversary which ended with them in jail. The trouble began when a panicked Oliver found corn bores in his terrace garden. His mother, refusing to keep party guests waiting at the Waldorf while Oliver plays farmer, started tossing his "crop" off the balcony. Pots crashing onto the street below did not please the NYC cops.
7:30am Green Acres
What Happened In Scranton? - Lisa is shocked that Hooterville doesn't have a beauty salon. She calls her mother-in-law who ships out her hair dresser, Claude. (She blackmails him with one word: "Scranton".) Setting up shop on the Cannonball, he gives the Hooterville women new hairdos. Now, they're too "beautiful" for farm work.
8:00am Trackdown
Eastern Texas - Uneasy questions arise as the Ranger investigates the robbery of a Texas Railroad office in Easton. Finding two dead bodies and a suspiciously dynamited safe, Hoby is stymied by a town that doesn't sit well with the dying station agent being suspected.
8:30am Trackdown
Like Father - After capturing a dangerous bank robber, Hoby tries to show his wild teenage son the kind of vicious killer his father really was.
9:00am Have Gun, Will Travel
Fight At Adobe Wells - Jonathan Guilder hires Paladin to escort him through Indian country. They end up trapped at an old adobe stage stop by Quanah Parker, a half-indian, half-white Indian warrior with a personal grudge against Guilder.
9:30am Have Gun, Will Travel
The Gladiators - Allison Windrom hires Paladin to stop a duel between her father and Graham Beckley. When Beckley finds out about Paladin he hires a gunfighter to take his place.
10:00am Maverick
The Jail At Junction Flats - Good-hearted Bret lends a pal $2,000 for an "honest" transaction, which lands the pal in jail.
11:00am Wagon Train
The Conchita Vasquez Story - Suspecting a hurt girl he finds on the trail is part of a group of bandits, Flint cautiously helps her. He soon learns that she is all he suspects, but when her guardian is killed Flint becomes her only protection.
12:00pm The Big Valley
Legend Of A General: Part 2 - The Barkleys refuse to give General Ruiz up for extradition to Mexico, even in exchange for Heath’s life. Instead, they embark on a plan to save both Heath and the general.
1:00pm Gunsmoke
The Cast - "Shell Tucker is normally a friendly and peaceful sort of a man. When Shell Tucker's wife swallows a nail, Shell's son (Rufe Tucker) sends for Doc Adams; however, Doc is unable to save Mrs. Tucker from this illness. Since Matt knows that Shell Tucker dislikes Doctors, Matt thinks Shell might try and take the death of his wife out on Doc Adams."
1:30pm Gunsmoke
Robber Bridegroom - "Jack Fitch, a down on his luck rancher, robs the stage and kidnaps Laura. They fall in love but Laura's fiance wants Jack killed."
2:00pm Bonanza
Fallen Woman - After Hoss helps send a man to prison, his wife insists that Hoss should be made responsible for their son.
3:00pm Rawhide
Incident Of The Deserter - Wishbone has grown tired of all the jokes about his cooking. He leaves the cattle drive for romance and to start a restaurant.
4:00pm Wanted Dead or Alive
Vanishing Act - Randall tracks down a bank-robbing magician and his henchmen, but while in custody of the sheriff, the man and his gang escape. Shot while tracking them down for a second time, Randall must keep the magician and his men at bay to save his own skin.
4:30pm Wanted Dead or Alive
Mental Lapse - Josh plays detective when he signs on to help an amnesiac discover his identity.
5:00pm The Rifleman
The Promoter - Lucas and Mark attempt to reform a con man.
5:30pm The Rifleman
The Illustrator - Lucas encourages a drunken artist charged with murder to use his talents to identify the true killer.
6:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Of Montezuma's Hordes - An ancient Aztec map leading to the lost treasure of Montezuma is discovered in Mexico and points to a location in Texas. In order to ensure that a diplomatic incident does not occur, West and Gordon team up with Colonel Sanchez of Mexico and a noted archeologist in a trip across the Texan desert in search of the treasure.
7:00pm Wonder Woman
Diana's Disappearing Act - Wonder Woman saves the world from an oil crisis when she exposes a magician's method of changing lead into gold. Ed Begley Jr. guest stars.
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8:00pm Svengoolie
Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein - "The Wolfman tries to help foil Dracula's attempts to transfer Lou's brain into the ailing Frankenstein monster."
10:00pm Lost in Space
The Android Machine - Will and Dr. Smith discover an android-making machine. Smith uses it to create his own personal android, but soon the owner of the machine comes looking for payment.
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11:00pm Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
The Plot To Kill A City: Part 2 - Buck's undercover operation is thwarted, and now he must overcome his captors or New Chicago will be attacked.
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12:00am Battlestar Galactica
War Of The Gods: Part 1 - While encountering strange glowing lights, Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba find the remains of a spaceship with a mysterious and seemingly all-powerful being named Count Iblis.
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1:00am Kolchak: The Night Stalker
The Zombie - A grandmother seeks revenge for her grandson's death by turning him into a zombie to do her bidding.
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2:00am Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Leviathan - With his discovery of an undersea fissure, a former colleague of Nelson's turns into a menacing monster bent on destroying the Seaview.
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3:00am Land of the Giants
Pay The Piper - An alien Pied Piper, who claims to be the original from Earth, comes to the Land of the Giants and targets a politician's daughter.
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4:00am Swamp Thing
The Emerald Heart - Swamp Thing first meets 11-year-old Jim Kipp whose divorced mother, Tressa, is visiting her mother’s home. Jim encounters Humphrey, a dwarf who has escaped from the evil Dr. Arcane. Tressa struggles with raising her son as well as finding her magic powered necklace, called “the emerald heart” in the swamps.
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4:30am Swamp Thing
The Living Image - Dr. Arcane transforms his partner in crime into the "living image" of Swamp Thing's lost spouse in hopes of tricking him into revealing the formula for the bio-restorative recipe, which is intended to modify the DNA and stop aging.