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Quantity: Unknown (s1, ep9)
To regain a metallic cylinder, the aliens will stop at nothing -- even murder.
Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
"A plane designed by Brains is hijacked with Lady Penelope on board. International Rescue are contacted and must diffuse a tense situation and ensure that the plane somehow lands safely."
The Wicked Stepbrother: Part 1 (s4, ep)
Jessie meets her new stepbrother, Eric, soon discovering that he possesses a dark side.
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Fake Ids (s4, ep)
When Zack falls for a college girl, he lies about his age and makes fake IDs so he, Slater and Screech can sneak into an 18-and-over dance club. While there, they see Kelly's boyfriend dancing with another girl.
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Date Auction (s4, ep)
The school holds a dance-date auction to pay for new cheerleading uniforms, with Zach, Slater and Screech up for auction. Jessie is appalled at the whole idea; meanwhile, Lisa becomes an intellectual to impress a smart boy.
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Hold Me Tight (s4, ep)
When a girl is rejected from wrestling tryouts because she is female, Zack, who has a crush on her, will do whatever it takes to see that she makes the team.
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Love Machine (s5, ep)
Jessie becomes alarmed at the presence of Slater's old flame, especially when Screech's "love machine" shows that both Slater and his ex still have feelings for each other.
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Dial "s" For Suspicion (s3, ep12)
Fred becomes suspicious when Wilma insists he take out life insurance.
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Flashgun Freddie (s3, ep13)
Fred invests Barney's funds in an instant camera for their new business venture.
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Kissing Burglar, The (s3, ep14)
Wilma upsets Fred by claiming he's never given her anything even a burglar would want.
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Rosey The Robot (s1, ep1)
Jane insists that she needs a robot maid.
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Is There A Doctor In The House? (s1, ep13)
A wave of measles hits the Brady household, and there's uproar, as well as another battle of the sexes - the girls want a female doctor and the boys want a male doctor.
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Father Of The Year (s1, ep14)
Marcia enters Mike in a "Father of the Year" contest through the newspaper, but in order to mail her entry before the deadline she breaks curfew. Mike catches her but she's unable to explain, and he grounds her from the family ski trip.
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Beaver's Freckles (s4, ep5)
When Clarence gets fed up with Beaver calling him Lumpy, he gives Beaver a new nickname, Freckles. This leads Beaver to become self-conscious about his freckles and takes steps to try to remove them.
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Beaver's Big Contest (s4, ep6)
Constantly entering contests, Beaver's latest one has him selling raffle tickets in hopes of winning a prize. Surprisingly, he does indeed win third prize and the prize is a $3,500 sports car. However, his dreams are dashed when Eddie's premonition comes true, Ward breaks the news that Beaver can't keep the car.
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Jed Joins The Board (s5, ep10)
Jed, who took a job as a garbage man to do something to keep busy, gets a job at the O.K. Oil Company on the Board of Directors after Drysdale talks him into it. He decides to help the company get more oil and money. The clan brings oil from their backyard to donate more oil, and to make some profit for O.K. Oil, they start an airline with the O.K. plane, complete with Jethro as the pilot.
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Granny Lives It Up (s5, ep11)
The family is doing spring-cleaning when there is a knock on the door. John Cushing comes to take Granny out. When Drysdale finds out, he gets Mrs. Drysdale’s father, who was in Vegas and is sent to Beverly Hills with his “financial advisors” (Las Vegas showgirls), to also sweep Granny off her feet. Soon she is juggling both Mr. Farquhar and Mr. Cushing, trying to decide.
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Forget Me Not (s1, ep30)
The Professor tries to cure the Skipper's amnesia by hypnotizing him and taking him through time.
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Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home? (s1, ep31)
The castaways discover Gilligan's secret diary.
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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (s6, ep)
An all-out family war between Mama and Naomi erupts when Vint wins an expensive Mother's Day dinner for two.
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The Big Nap (s6, ep)
Mama puts everything she's learned from old detective films to use in solving the case of Iola's missing mother.
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Brotherhood Of The Sea (s3, ep7)
The crew distracts Julie from a planned surprise; a wife finds a romantic letter; a father pressures his athlete daughter.
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Hot Rod Otis (s4, ep19)
Otis has Mayberry worried when he buys a car.
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Toys- Robert Baker
"Toy collector Robert Baker has over 30,000 toys to show Lisa today include ones from GI Joe, Return of the Jedi and Dungeons & Dragons. Toy dealer and expert Michael Tomaso will evaluate Robert's collection and offer a rare Star Wars toy for trade."
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Private Finance (s8, ep8)
A South Korean woman misinterprets Klinger's motives when he tries to help her daughter financially. Meanwhile, Hawkeye wrestles with his conscience over a promise made to a dying soldier, Eddie Hastings.
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Mr. And Mrs. Who? (s8, ep9)
Charles returns to the 4077th after a trip to Tokyo with an uncharacteristic hangover and the uneasy feeling of a romantic entanglement. Meanwhile, the hospital struggles to find a cure for an outbreak of deadly hemorrhagic fever.
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Archie And The Kiss (s4, ep4)
While spending time at the Lorenzo's home, Gloria admires a statue replica of Rodin's 'The Kiss." Seeing the admiration in Gloria's eyes, Irene gives her the statue. However, when she brings it home, Archie is infuriated by it, citing that it's pornography. There is also another problem that arises when Frank wants the statue back and that Irene had no right to give it away.
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Archie The Gambler (s4, ep5)
Archie comes home in a great mood, bearing gifts of perfume for Gloria and bubble bath for Edith. However, Edith becomes deeply distrubed to find out Archie won money while playing the horses. It seems that he had promised never to gamble again, twenty years prior, when his addiction got so bad that Edith threatened to leave him.
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Henry's Farewell (s4, ep6)
Henry Jefferson seems to be moving away to open up his own cleaning store in another county and Louise and Lionel are planning a going away party. Archie refuses to set foot in the Jefferson's home and George Jefferson refuses to have white people in his home. So when the party is moved to the Bunker's, George makes an unexpected visit and finally meets the Bunkers.
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Archie And The Computer (s4, ep7)
A computer error leads Edith into collecting a small fortune in quarters sent to her in the mail by a prune company. When Archie discovers this, he immediately wants to keep the money and doesn't want Edith to say anything to the company. However, Archie has a computer problem of his own when the Veteran's office officially declares him dead.
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Harry James, The Young Rascals, And More
Today's episode features the Young Rascals, Harry James and his Orchestra, Roger Tay, Chong and Mana, Topo Gigio, and Paul Anka.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Glen Campbell
In The Guinea Pig, Carol searches for a cure for Swine Flu before her lover turns into a pig. Then, in A Star is Born, Carol and the gang parody the classic film. Next, in The Other Woman, Carol distracts her friend so she won't see her husband is cheating. Finally, in Take a Letter, Carol tries to take dictation from her boss, but the company's faulty products keep getting in the way.
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The Two Faces Of Rob (s2, ep2)
Rob disguises his voice on the phone as a practical joke, but Laura decides to play along.
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Bank Book 6565696 (s2, ep4)
Rob discovers Laura has a secret bank account.
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Alice And The Blonde (s4, ep36)
The Kramdens and Nortons visit the Wedemeyers and the wives believe their husbands are neglecting them.
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And When The Sky Was Opened (s1, ep11)
When three U.S. astronauts return to Earth after the first flight into space, they begin being erased from history one by one.
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Starring The Defense (s2, ep)
When his child is accused of murder, former actor Miles Crawford decides to "act" as the boy's legal representative.
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There Goes The Ballgame (s4, ep20)
While attending a minor league baseball game, Kimble unwittingly witnesses a man walk away with a woman who is later revealed to be the daughter of newspaper publisher Andy Newark. After discovering that Kimble witnessed the proceedings, Newmark summons K
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The Mercenaries (s3, ep4)
The IMF must bring down Colonel Hans Krim, the head of a mercenary army who has a ton of loot in gold bars hidden away in an inaccessible enclave. Rollin enlists while Jim and Cinnamon pose as gunrunners with Willy and Barney hidden in their truck.
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The Torch (s1, ep12)
After a man is burnt to death, his widow hires Peter Gunn to find out who killed her husband.
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The Jockey (s1, ep13)
Billy Arnet's girlfriend falls to her death through a skylight. Peter Gunn is hired to prove it was not an accident.