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Bad Day At Shady Rest
"Deputy" Joe Carson captures a desperate bank robber with the help of Aunt Helen and a war-surplus life raft.
Cannonball For Sale
When Homer Bedloe announces the Hooterville Cannonball is up for sale to the highest bidder, everyone in the valley tries to raise enough money to buy it.
The Soap Opera
Granny wants to keep her doctor’s practice going in Beverly Hills. Elly, while on the phone with Miss Jane, is told about Rex Goodbody, who is a character on 'A Journey To Misery.' Elly tells Granny about him and that he might need an operation, and they decide they want to help Rex Goodbody improve. Granny learns that Goodbody is a neighbor, and the Clampetts decide to prevent the operation.
Dog Days
While Elly is washing her dogs, Granny calls that the food is ready, and the dogs trample her. Granny tells Jed and Elly that if the dogs don’t go, she will. Drysdale is also having dog troubles, annoyed with the fact that his wife’s dog gets beauty parlor treatment. Jed finally convinces Granny to let the dogs stay, but after changing her mind, she gets trampled by Elly’s new dogs, causing her to want them all out again.
Three Bullets For Bat
It's the rifle-squad at dawn and his back to the wall for Bat Masterson, because of a strange adventure involving nonexistent gems. Bat's been "conned" into trailing some supposedly missing jewelry and ends up in Mexico - That is, nearly ends up.
The Reluctant Witness
"Bat Masterson tries a poker bluff in an effort to save Ellie Winters from a murder charge. The "reluctant witness" on whom Ellie has been depending to save her, fails to show up. Bat enlists Wyatt Earp to handle her case."
Farrand Story
Hoby tracks the murderer of a married man who may have been ready to leave his wife for another woman.
Right Of Way
A trigger-happy youth becomes involved in Gilman's murder investigation.
The Prize Fight Story
When Paladin goes to a mining town to promote a prizefight, his boxer is arrested and he ends up having to take the man's place in the ring -- against the Welsh champion.
Hey Boy's Revenge
When Hey Boy's brother is killed for protesting the working conditions on a Chinese railroad gang in Utah, Paladin must get the boy out of jail and bring the killer to justice.
Point Blank
Bret meets a delightful and cunning girl named Molly Gleason. Within minutes, she makes plans for his future: a permanent plot on Boot Hill.
The Willy Moran Story
Willy Moran, Adams' old Civil War commanding officer, is now a drunkard. Adams offers him a job on the wagon train, provided that he can stay sober.
The Battle Of Mineral Springs
After hearing how the town of Mineral Springs has been ruined by the “boss” of a neighboring town, the Barkleys open a freight business connecting Mineral Springs with Stockton and the rest of the valley.
General Parcley Smith
"Old-timer Smith is a former Army officer considered a butcher. He arrives in Dodge City spreading rumors about the new Banker, Drew Holt."
"Chester is concerned when his nomadic and "uncivilized" brother pays a Christmas visit to Dodge, but Magnus Goode proves worldlier and more adaptable to town life than anyone thought possible."
The Smiler
The brother of a man Hoss killed in self-defense says he understands but secretly plans revenge.
Incident Of The Wolvers
When the herd is threatened by a large pack of wolves, Rowdy hires wolfers Abner Cannon and his children.
Die By The Gun
A sadistic pair of killers hijack the stagecoach Josh is riding with a young prisoner.
Rawhide Breed
Following an indian attack on their stagecoach, Randall and an eastern gentleman unaccustomed to the ways of the West must trek to safety across many long, hot miles of hostile Apache land.
Trouble brews at Lucas' when a whisky salesman and a gunfighter fall for the same woman.
The Lonesome Bride
Two pranksters write away for a mail-order bride, using Lucas's name.
Three Missing Links, Rhythm And Weep, Sweet And Hot, Hula-la-la, Don't Throw That Knife, Loose Loot
The Mummy's Tomb
"An Egyptian priest and his mummified slave arrive in America bent on avenging the desecration of their master's tomb."
Day Of The Dove
When the Enterprise brings aboard Klingon prisoners, an alien entity pits both sides against each other in an ever-escalating struggle.
Unchained Woman
Buck masquerades as a convict to break out a wrongfully convicted woman with information.
David goes undercover to infiltrate a manufacturing plant and find proof of alien activity.
A Change Of Space
The Intergalactic Delivery Service comes to Priplanus. Once again Dr. Smith seeks transportation and has Will "test drive" the spaceship. Will returns much smarter than when he left. Smith realizing the same could happen to him, the increase of intellect, boards the spaceship. His trip, however, ends in his rapid aging and subsequent impending death. To make matters worse, the owner of the spaceship has returned to take the vehicle back, stranding Will and Dr. Smith in their altered state.
 Remind Me
Deadly Lodestone
A new giant inspector comes up with a way to track a metal unique to Earth. The Spindrift crew initially manages to get rid of all of it... until they realize that Dan has a metal pin in his leg made of the material.
 Remind Me
One Way To The Moon
Tony and Doug materialize on the first manned flight to Mars, where their added weight forces a change in flight plans.