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The Invaders
The Ivy Curtain
David discovers a school whose purpose is alien indoctrination.
The Quadrian Caper
"Matt and Walt are trapped in a bank during a robbery."
The Zack Tapes
Zack uses his subliminal advertising course to get Kelly to go with him to the Sweetheart Dance. But when his plan backfires, the whole school vies for his affection.
The Friendship Business
The gang starts a business selling friendship bracelets, but Zack's tough work schedule tests the limits of their friendship.
Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind
Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid.
Slater's Friend
Slater unwittingly dooms his chameleon when he leaves it with Screech.
Save That Tiger
When Zack and Slater's prank war against rival school Valley High escalates, Screech gets kidnapped!
Blind Dates
Zack agrees to go on a date with Mr. Belding's niece, Penny, but when Kelly invites him to her birthday party, he sends Screech instead.
The Rock Quarry Story
The girls fail to recognize their film idol when Fred invites him to dinner.
The Soft Touchables
Part-time sleuths Fred and Barney are tricked by a charming female thief and inadvertently help her rob a bank.
Jetson's Nite Out
"A PTA meeting conflicts with a football game George wants to go to, and since his boss insists, he pretends to work overtime at the office."
My Sister, Benedict Arnold
Greg comes home furious when he is replaced on the basketball team by Warren Mulaney. When he discovers Marcia is dating Warren, he hits the roof and demands that Marcia stop seeing him. When she refuses, Greg tries to get revenge and begins dating the woman who beat Marcia out in cheerleading. Meanwhile, the Bradys prepare a dunking booth for a carnival.
The Personality Kid
Peter decides to try out a new funny, joke-telling personality, which he plans to unveil at an upcoming party. Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy whip the house into shape after learning about fire safety at school.
Juliet Is The Sun
Marcia gets cast as Juliet in the school play, but she's not sure she can tackle the role. She gets encouragement from her family, but it isn't too long before she becomes a little too overconfident.
The Little Dictator
The exiled president of a revolution-torn country visits the island.
Smile, You're On Mars Camera
A NASA satellite with a TV camera, accidentally lands on the island instead of the intended target: Mars.
The Sweepstakes
Gilligan has the winning ticket for a South American sweepstakes.
Quick Before It Sinks
The Professor thinks that the island is sinking, which causes the castaways to panic.
Agonized Labor
Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the collapse of the Howell financial empire.
Teacher's Pet
When her home cooking isn't enough to win over her crush, Mama turns to aping Naomi's seductive body language to attract his affections.
Child's Play
The Harper family is asked to watch the grandson of the Reverend and Mrs. Meechum, an eight-year-old brat who pushes Mama over the edge.
Mind My Wife
A friend's wife makes passes at Doc; a man records his friend's romances; an engaged woman meets an old school chum.
Bananas, Crackers And Nuts
When Henry goes for some R&R, Hawkeye pretends to crack up so that Frank will let him and Trapper go on some R&R.
John Hodges, a chopper pilot referred to as The Cowboy, has been hit in the shoulder, and arrives at the 4077th. He is expecting a letter—he's worried that his wife, Jean, is leaving him for another man. He wants to go home, but Henry refuses, stating Cowboy's wound isn't serious enough to merit a stateside ticket. Bad luck then follows Henry Blake like the seat of his pants!
Make Me A Perfect Murder
An Emmy-winning TV executive kills her lover (who is also her boss).
The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Jonathan Winters And Dionne Warwick
"Guests Jonathan Winters and Dionne Warwick. Originally aired on 01/29/68."
Please Leave The Premises
The Kramdens and the Nortons fight a rent increase, though Ralph is the only one who really wants to fight.
The Twizzle
Sally discovers a musical talent with a dance move ready to sweep the nation!
One Angry Man
Rob reports for jury duty and has a hard time believing the attractive defendant is guilty.
The Whole Truth
A peculiar Model A automobile compels a used car dealer to tell only the truth.
The Black Curtain
A former amnesiac learns he is an accused killer wanted by the law and a hit man.
Middle Of A Heat Wave
While dating a local woman named Laurel Harper, Kimble breaks off their romantic affair and she angrily storms out of the bar they are in and into the night. The next morning, Laurel is found on an abandoned road unconscious and badly beaten. While she is
The Play
Milos Kuro, minister of culture, has been using propaganda to discredit his premier, Leon Vados. The IMF set up a special play for Kuro to have brought to his country and performed, but he's unaware that a special version has been prepared.
The Missing Night Watchman
A body gets dumped off the pier, and Peter is hired by the proprietor of an antiquities shop to locate a stash of diamonds owned by an eccentric collector.
On Now
Murder On The Midway
Peter Gunn is hired by a man known as the Baron to protect Rowena, the roommate of a murdered carnival dancer. Rowena is the Baron's girlfriend, and when she becomes infatuated with Gunn, trouble soon follows.