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5:00am Planet of the Apes
The Cure - "Will the humans help find a cure for a disease-ridden village before General Urko burns it down?"
6:00am ALF
I Gotta Be Me - ALF is the only one excited by the idea of Lynn moving in with her boyfriend.
6:30am ALF
Consider Me Gone - It's a sad day in the Tanner household as ALF announces he's leaving Earth to settle on another planet with Skip and Rhonda, but ALF is captured by the Alien Task Force before he can get to their spaceship.
7:00am Mystery Hunters
Screaming Skull And Pele - "Araya takes to the air in search of an angry goddess said to live in an active volcano in hawaii. Christina travels to england to investigate screaming skulls. Doubting dave makes his own mini volcano and lava."
7:30am Mystery Hunters
King Midas And Blood Cave - "Araya investigates a cave in hawaii said to be haunted by the ghost blood of a murdered queen. Christina travels to turkey to investigate the tomb of king midas, the mythical king who legend says had the power to turn everything he touched into gold. Doubting dave shows viewers how they can amaze their friends by turning a penny into gold and then back to copper again."
8:00am Beakman's World
Microwaves, Beak-mania And Spiders - "Beakman imparts factoids and dispels myths about arachnids -- he even lets a pet tarantula walk on him. Beakman also uses the Boguscope to reveal how microwave ovens use waves of electromagnetic energy to excite electrons to heat food, water and even light fluorescent bulbs; and answers questions such as "Why do mosquito bites leave a bump.""
8:30am Beakman's World
Earwax, Beak-mania And Rocket Engines - "The father of modern rocketry, Robert H. Goddard (Beakman), explains how rockets are propelled combining Newton's Third Law of Motion -- "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" -- with a mixture of fuel and liquid that can burn in airless space. Also, Beakman demonstrates how you can make a soda-bottle rocket at home, describes how ear wax keeps ears debris-free and answers prickly questions such as "Why do I feel 'pins and needles' when my foot falls asleep.""
9:00am Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Friction - "Scientist Bill Nye explores various aspects of science for young viewers."
9:30am Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Climates - "Scientist Bill Nye explores various aspects of science for young viewers."
10:00am Saved by the Bell
Slater's Sister - Slater is rejoined with his long-lost sister who he hasn't seen in years. When Zack starts falling for her, Slater doesn't approve and is determined to stop the romance.
10:30am Saved by the Bell
The Will - A favorite graduate dies and leaves $10,000 in his will to Bayside, creating a battle of the sexes at the school as both feel they deserve the endowment.
11:00am Saved by the Bell
Home For Christmas: Part 1 - The gang all gets jobs at the Palisades mall during the holiday seasons. Zack befriends a girl who is working for Kelly. Also, Zack and Screech make friends with a homeless man.
11:30am Saved by the Bell
Home For Christmas: Part 2 - Zack learns that his new girlfriend is the homeless man's daughter. When she decides to get her dad a new coat but it turns up missing, her boss, Mr. Mooney, accuses her of stealing it.
12:00pm The Brady Bunch
The Voice Of Christmas - Carol is asked to sing at church on Christmas, but loses her voice just days before the event. A hopeful Cindy asks a department store Santa Claus to bring Carol's voice back in time.
12:30pm The Brady Bunch
Getting Davy Jones - Marcia makes a promise that she will get Davy Jones to perform at the prom. It's a promise she quickly learns is going to be very difficult to keep, since trying to get ahold of the singer is all but impossible.
1:00pm The Brady Bunch
The Not-so-rose-colored Glasses - Greg wants to be on the football team, but Carol is against it, fearing that he's going to get hurt. Carol's fears come true when Greg fractures a rib, threatening his first-string status. Meanwhile, Bobby gets a camera and begins snapping surprise photos of the entire family.
1:30pm The Brady Bunch
The Teeter-totter Caper - When Bobby and Cindy are not invited to a wedding because they're too young, they set out to do something important. Their goal, break a teeter-totter record. As the rest of the family takes their attempts lightly, news reporters make a visit to the Brady household to report on their efforts. Meanwhile, Carol attempts to buy the perfect wedding gift for her cousin, Gertrude.
2:00pm Gilligan's Island
Goodnight Sweet Skipper - The castaways hear on the radio that a plane is going to be flying over their island. The Skipper turns the radio into a transmitter. Catch is, he can only do it when he sleepwalks.
2:30pm Gilligan's Island
Wrongway Feldman - When Gilligan finds an old airplane hidden in the jungle, the castaways discover a long-forgotten aviator who lives on the island.
3:00pm Gilligan's Island
President Gilligan - The castaways hold elections to decide who shall be the leader of the island.
3:30pm Gilligan's Island
The Sound Of Quacking - The castaways are faced with the dilemma of running out of food.
4:00pm Gilligan's Island
Goodbye Island - Gilligan discovers a special tree sap that can be used to make pancake syrup.
4:30pm Gilligan's Island
Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk - During Christmas, the castaways get homesick and recall the day they were shipwrecked.
5:00pm The Monkees
The Monkees' Christmas Show - The Monkees try to instill the spirit of Christmas in a cynical little boy.
5:30pm The Monkees
Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding (hillbilly Honeymoon) - The Monkees get caught in the middle of a hillbilly feud.
6:00pm The Love Boat
Santa, Santa, Santa / Another Dog Gone Christmas / Noel's Christmas Carol - On a Christmas cruise, three men are scheduled to play one jolly St. Nick; Vicki gives her dog to a lonely comic; a woman asks Ace to pose as her fiancé.
7:00pm M*A*S*H
Dear Dad - Hawkeye writes home, describing Christmas in Korea: Radar ships a jeep home, a piece at a time; Henry gives the monthly lecture on sex, with the aid of figure A and figure B; Trapper helps deliver a calf; Klinger and Frank get into a fight, but Father Mulcahy smoothes things over; Hawkeye and Trapper sabotage Margaret's tent; Hawkeye flies to the front line dressed as Santa to help a wounded soldier.
7:30pm M*A*S*H
Dear Sis - Father Mulcahy writes a pre-Christmas letter to his sister, who is a nun. He recounts his frustrations at not being more effective at the 4077th.
8:00pm Columbo
Death Hits The Jackpot - Freddy, a down-on-his-luck photographer in the final stages of a divorce, wins $30 million in the lottery. In order to not share it with his wife before the divorce is finalized, he arranges for his uncle, Leon, to cash in the ticket and give Freddy the money after the divorce. But Uncle Leon has ideas of his own...
On Now
10:00pm Collector's Call
Rock Band Kiss - "Zach Vege has loved the rock band KISS since he was a kid and has the basement to prove it. Zach played in a KISS tribute band with his father who passed away two years ago at an early age. His collection of all things KISS includes Ace Freehly designed guitars, an original KISS pinball machine, KISS trading cards and the rare original KISS promotional poster sent to radio stations with the first KISS record. Zach is joined by his wife Melanie and we’ve brought along KISStorian David Ashdown to value Zach’s collection. David has also brought a limited edition vinyl album from the KISS Cruise signed by the entire band in hopes to make a trade for one of Zach’s items."
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10:30pm Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Alan Alda - In Nobody Does It Like Me, a department store Santa and a toy department wrapper sing after the store has closed. Then, in The Family, Eunice's brother visits, but every time he tries to speak, they cut him off with their problems.
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11:00pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
Sally And The Lab Technician - Laura sets Sally up with a shy cousin and a disastrous dinner date ensues.
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11:30pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
Washington Vs. The Bunny - Rob has the worst dilemma: choose to travel on business or see his son's school play.
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12:00am The New Twilight Zone
Private Channel And Dreams For Sale - After accidentally dropping his portable stereo in an airplane lavatory, a young man discovers that it allows him to hear other people's thoughts. At a picnic, a woman sees the same events repeating over and over again.
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12:30am The New Twilight Zone
Joy Ride And Examination Day - A joy ride takes a turn when the driver becomes increasingly irrational. A boy must go for mandatory intelligence testing.
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1:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Deathmate - An older woman tries to convince her young lover to end her husband's life.
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1:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Gratitude - When the syndicate turns against the owner of a casino, he fears for his life.
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2:00am Thriller
The Well Of Doom - A man is kidnapped on the eve of his wedding and held prisoner by a ghoulish creature claiming to be the devil himself.
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3:00am Thriller
Ordeal Of Doctor Cordell - A research scientist accidentally discovers a strange gas that sends him into a murderous rage every time he hears a bell.
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4:00am Peter Gunn
The Passenger - Murder witness Edward Hines fears that he may be the next victim.
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4:30am Peter Gunn
Mask Of Murder - Gunn gets a frantic phone call from Norman Hartley and rushes to Hartley's home—only to find him dead.