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6:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Elly's First Date - Elly May is set up with Sonny Drysdale. Their date, however, end very quickly: Sonny tries to kiss Elly’s hand, which she mistakes for him trying to bite her.
6:30am The Beverly Hillbillies
The Thanksgiving Spirit - The Clampetts head to the little town of Hooterville to spend Thanksgiving with the folks of Petticoat Junction and Green Acres. Jethro goes there as a big Hollywood producer to get some girls, and Granny is excited about seeing Sam Drucker. Drysdale is against this because he is in fear of losing his biggest account. He tries to stop them, but has no success.
7:00am Green Acres
What's In A Name? - Ralph Monroe finds herself smitten with Hank Kimball, but discovers that he won't date a woman with a man's name. She asks Oliver to file court papers to have her name changed to something more feminine. While in court, Oliver learns that his license to practice law is not recognized by the state. This sends Oliver back to the books to study for the state's bar exam.
7:30am Green Acres
The Day Of Decision - Lisa agreed to try out Green Acres for six months. Today's the day she decides whether to stay in Hooterville or return to New York. Everyone anxiously awaits her decision. In the meantime, Oliver flashes back to their first days on the farm, his physical mishaps around the house, and Haney's lousy products.
8:00am Trackdown
Man And Money - Gilman poses as a bank robber to nab a thief.
8:30am Trackdown
Reward - Gilman searches for a frightened murder witness.
9:00am Have Gun, Will Travel
Full Circle - A man who left Paladin to die in his place writes to Paladin and asks for his help.
9:30am Have Gun, Will Travel
The Twins - Adam Mirakian is wanted for a murder he claims his twin brother Sam committed. He hires Paladin to find his brother and clear his name. The only person who can tell them apart is Adam's wife, Beth.
10:00am Maverick
Gun-shy - Bret and a host of others ride into a small town looking for hidden money from pre-Civil War days. The only problem is Marshal Mort Dooley, who won't allow any nonsense in his town and keeps running Bret off.
11:00am Wagon Train
The Danny Benedict Story - He says his name is Tom Smith, but a young man Major Adams meets on the trail refuses to join the wagon train and won't say why.
12:00pm The Big Valley
Target - Unscrupulous gubernatorial candidate Joshua Hawks claims that Tom Barkley stole his land.
1:00pm Gunsmoke
Doc Judge - "While Matt is away on business, Doc gets threatened by an ex-convict (Brice Harp) who claims that Doc Adams sentenced him to a long term in Prison. Doc tries to explain to the man that he was never a judge and has always been a doctor, but the man does not believe Doc."
1:30pm Gunsmoke
Moo Moo Raid - "Tush (a cattle boss) accuses Bert (cattle boss of another herd) of murdering Onie Tucker & his cow. An all-out war is looming when Matt won't arrest Burt right away."
2:00pm Bonanza
One Ace Too Many - Ben's evil twin, Bradley Meredith, begins to liquidate the Ponderosa assets while Ben is away on a vacation.
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3:00pm Rawhide
Incident Of The Silent Web - Jeannie watches from a distance as John Taggert kills her father, Henry, and leaves. An ex-con comes and takes Henry's clothes and catches Jeannie. He passes himself off as Henry and his little girl, Carie, who doesn't speak.
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4:00pm Wanted Dead or Alive
A House Divided - Josh is hired by an attractive woman to find and clear the name of her father wrongly accused of murder. The real killer hires Jason to find the same man, too.
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4:30pm Wanted Dead or Alive
Triple Vise - Josh and Jason go to Mexico searching for Al Hemp's brother, Billy. Al took the blame for Billy's crime and ends up waiting for his brother—a no show.
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5:00pm The Rifleman
None So Blind - Mark befriends singer-banjoist Lafayette Bly, a blind man with an acute sense of hearing—and a very strong grip.
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5:30pm The Rifleman
Jealous Man - Jake and Fay Owens, old friends of Micah, are the McCain's new neighbors. Jake quickly develops an unreasoning jealousy of Lucas with Fay.
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6:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Dr. Loveless Died - The agents travel to Hayes City to identify the body of their archnemesis, Dr. Loveless. While there, they meet up with Miguelito's next of kin, Dr. Liebknicht, a Swiss neurologist. The key leads to Loveless' files, but his former associates and a femme fatale are after the key as well.
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6:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Of The Legion Of Death - West and Gordon take on the power-crazed secretary to a Territorial Governor. The secretary controls the Governor and has plans to take over the U.S. Government and the Presidency as well. To make things more difficult, his Black Legion troops do not take kindly to the two agents interfering.
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7:00pm Wonder Woman
Seance Of Terror - Wonder Woman catches phony psychics and rescues three members of a peace conference.
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8:00pm Svengoolie
The Gorgon - "In a Balkan village, a professor investigates the suicide of his youngest son. No one is willing to help the professor, so he enters the ruins of a local castle where he encounters the legendary Gorgon whose gaze turns men to stone. Before dying, the professor warns his eldest son who continues the investigation."
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10:00pm Lost in Space
West Of Mars - Dr. Smith is confronted with a dead ringer for himself called Zeno, who is a fugitive on the run and gets Smith to take the wrap for his crimes.
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11:00pm Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Cosmic Whiz Kid - Buck and Wilma must rescue a young genius taken captive by a political opponent.
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12:00am Battlestar Galactica
Greetings From Earth: Part 1 - When Apollo and Starbuck find a primitive sleeper ship carrying a man, a woman and four children, speculation spreads in the fleet that the people are from Earth.
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1:00am Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Firefall - The ghost of an arsonist tries to take over a renowned conductor's body as his doppelganger.
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2:00am Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
The Monster From Outer Space - A Saturn space probe re-enters the Earth with a strange creature attached to its surface.
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3:00am Land of the Giants
Doomsday - A rival power plots to destroy the nearby city, and the Earthlings are forced to help Inspector Kobick.
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4:00am Swamp Thing
Treasure - A thief on the run from his female accomplice chooses the swamp as his hiding place for a fortune in stolen cash and Jim's house as his final stop.
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4:30am Swamp Thing
New Acquaintance - Jim is feeling lonely and tries to make a new friend when he meets a mysterious young girl in town, named Lily, who invites herself into Jim and Tressa‘s home, and who carries a dark secret.