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The Watchers (s2, ep3)
A hotel owner is taken over by invaders awaiting a guest.
"Matt temporarily loses his powers to something unknown."
Sats (s4, ep)
Jessie's self-esteem takes a dive when she gets a lower score on her SAT than Zack, hurting her chances at getting into Stansbury College.
The Bayside Triangle (s5, ep)
Screech realizes that Zack and Lisa have fallen for each other while Zack helps her put on a fashion show.
Student-teacher Week (s5, ep)
It's student-teacher week. Belding and Zack switch places while Kelly becomes Slater's teacher. When Kelly gives a test and everyone in her class fails, Zack faces a hard decision: to either be their friend or their leader.
Palm Springs Weekend: Part 1 (s4, ep)
Jessie is excited to meet her new stepmother at her father's wedding, until she learns he is marrying a much younger woman.
Palm Springs Weekend: Part 2 (s4, ep)
Zack tries to stop Jessie from postponing her dad's wedding. Meanwhile, Slater discovers that his new girlfriend is in fact royalty.
Flintstone & The Lion (s4, ep19)
Fred befriends what he thinks is a kitten, but which soon grows into a troublesome lion.
Cave Scout Jamboree (s4, ep20)
The Flintstones and Rubbles go camping, but their seclusion is ruined by Boy Scouts.
Astro's Top Secret
"After Astro swallows Elroy's flying toy car, Mr. Cogswell gets him dognapped to figure out the secret, as he thinks Spacely will try to put him out of business."
Mail Order Hero (s5, ep2)
Bobby lies to his friends when he tells them that he knows Joe Namath. This leads Cindy to write a bogus letter stating that Bobby is dying and his last wish is to meet the football star, who surprises everyone and obliges.
My Brother's Keeper (s5, ep8)
After Bobby pushes Peter out of the way of a falling ladder, Peter volunteers to be Bobby's slave for life, a situation Bobby takes advantage of. Meanwhile, the girls try to decide on a wallpaper for their room.
Quarterback Sneak (s5, ep9)
Marcia becomes involved with Jerry Rogers, a quarterback for the Fairview team. Greg immediately tells Marcia the only reason he's dating her is to get his playbook, a notion Marcia scoffs at, until Jerry actually does the deed.
It's A Bird, It's A Plane (s3, ep27)
A U.S. Air Force jetpack washes ashore in the lagoon.
The Pigeon (s3, ep28)
The Professor sees the arrival of a homing pigeon on the island as an opportunity to be rescued.
Bang! Bang! Bang! (s3, ep29)
A crate that washes ashore contains a top secret plastic explosive developed by the U.S. Government.
Home Sweet Hut (s1, ep2)
A hurricane is coming, so the castaways build a hut for all, but tensions mount and soon they all build their own huts.
The Ball Game (s7, ep4)
When Andy umpires a baseball game, he upsets the townspeople after he makes a call that costs the Mayberry team the game.
A New Doctor In Town (s7, ep15)
Everyone in Mayberry is concerned about the "inexperience" of the young new doctor in town.
On Now
Crew Confessions (s3, ep6)
Isaac shocks the crew when he writes about them in a tell-all novel; a celebrity lookalike tries to convince a newfound romance that he isn't who she thinks he is; a reunited husband and wife share a deep secret.
Hanky Panky (s5, ep18)
Nurse Carrie Donovan receives a Dear Jane letter from her husband, and practically falls apart. B.J. consoles her, and they spend the night together. Feelings of guilt come over B.J. until he discusses them with Donovan and the air is cleared.
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Hepatitis (s5, ep19)
Father Mulcahy comes down with infectious hepatitis, and Hawkeye has to give the whole camp antibiotics, while dealing with a psychosomatic back pain. Meanwhile, B.J. has to perform a very difficult operation.
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The Greenhouse Jungle (s2, ep2)
Columbo arrives at a kidnapping case, which at some point turns into a murder. Everything seems to be related to a trust fund managed by a man with a great love for orchids.
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Dinah Shore, Jim Nabors, The Four Tops, And More
Today's episode features the Four Tops, S. Sgt. Barry Sadler, Markworth and Mayana, Joes Feliciano, Dinah Shore, Jim Nabors, Topo Gigio, and Dick Capri.
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Guests Ken Berry And Totie Fields
"Guests Ken Berry and Totie Fields. Originally aired on 02/15/71."
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Mind Your Own Business (s4, ep35)
Ed sells irons after Ralph's advice got him fired from the sewer. When Ed lies about how much money he's making so that the Kramdens don't feel bad, Ralph considers selling irons, too.
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A Bird In The Head Hurts (s2, ep11)
Rob and Laura wonder about Richie when he claims a woodpecker is attacking him.
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Gesundheit, Darling (s2, ep12)
Rob worries that he's allergic to his own wife.
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The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms (s5, ep10)
Three National Guardsmen explore the site of Custer's Last Stand and begin hearing strange noises.
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Ninety Years Without Slumbering (s5, ep12)
An old man fears that he will die if his grandfather clock stops running.
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A Tangled Web (s1, ep)
A French maid runs away with and marries a professional burglar with hopes of making him honest.
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Set Fire To A Straw Man (s3, ep11)
Kimble reluctantly becomes involved with Stella Savano, the sister of George Savano, a mobster who runs the trucking company where Kimble works. Stella is an emotionally disturbed woman with a dangerous attraction to Johnny, the adopted eight-year-old son
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Live Bait (s3, ep18)
Selby, a double-agent for the U.S. within an enemy country's intelligence service, is suspected by his superior, Kellerman. The IMF must keep Selby in the clear and eliminate Kellerman.
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Vendetta (s1, ep36)
Somebody shoots Edie in an attempt to get to Gunn. Jacoby still in the hospital gives Pete a clue as to who is seeking revenge.
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The Coffin (s1, ep37)
Somebody shoots Edie in an attempt to get to Gunn. Jacoby, still in the hospital, gives Pete a clue as to who is seeking revenge.