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Trailer Story
A murderous fugitive takes a newlywed couple hostage.
The Big Neighbor
Bill invites Joe to dinner and a football game at his home in Eagle Rock. The only problem: Gannon's neighbors keep interrupting the visit with petty and then not-so-petty problems.
The Big Frustration
Sgt. Carl Maxwell, a frustrated fellow detective, goes AWOL; Friday and Gannon have three days to track him down before Maxwell loses his badge for good.
Getting Ready
California, here they come: Lucy and movie-star-to-be Ricky, plus Fred and Ethel, who are tagging along, take off for California. Their mode of transport: a used Cadillac that Fred bought, and used it is—it's 25 years old and California's a long way away.
Manhattan Hillbillies
After Honest John was told to leave, the Clampetts are alone in New York City, with Drysdale and Jane trying to find them. The clan is planning to build a cabin in Central Park. A police officer finds the Clampetts cooking in the Park, and tells them it is illegal, but after Granny tells the Irish cop that her son-in-law’s last name is “Oh, Clampett,” he changes his attitude and lets the Clampetts get away with everything.
Weekend In Tokyo
Steve wants to take his family with him on a business trip to Japan.
Wally And Dudley
A close friend of June's moves into the neighborhood and June arranges to have Wally show the new kid, Dudley, around school. However, everyone thinks Dudley is a creep and Eddie and Lumpy plan to make a fool of Dudley at a party.
Eddie Spends The Night
Wally invites Eddie to spend the night. However, during a game of chess, Eddie accuses Wally of cheating and they get into a big argument ending with Wally ordering Eddie to go home.
The Case Of The Negligent Nymph
Mason and Paul Drake are on a fishing trip when they spot a young woman being pursued by vicious guard dogs on an island estate. After the two men pull her from the ocean, it is discovered that in her possession is a note intended for her employer, accusing him of killing his rich uncle.
The Mother
A mother confesses to a murder to protect her daughter, but Matlock soon sees through the ruse.
My Name Is Hank
A young refugee claims to be the son of a Sparta cop who died in the war. But quickly becomes a suspect in a murder/robbery after he accepts a ride with the criminals who actually committed the crime. Gillespie looks into his story, while Virgil and the boys track down the shooter. Meanwhile, the young man’s presence triggers a surprisingly bitter reaction from Parker, who views him as a painful reminder of the war.
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Amy's Good Deed
"Amy Slatter comes to Dodge to try and get Matt to kill her because in the Dakota territory Matt had to kill her brother."
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Hanging Man
"Matt arrests James Cando. Cando tells Lee Binders to break him out. In the attempt to get him out Cando tries to hang Chester."
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Escape To Ponderosa
Adam is bushwhacked by three men, who turn out to be Army deserters. When Ben pursues them, he finds himself hindered by a Captain Bolton, who is also after the three men.
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Stranger At Night
Mark's finding the body of a murder victim starts Lucas, his friend, Artemus, and Marshal Torrance on a search for the killer.
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When a rancher dies after the bank forecloses the mortgage on his property, his son blames the banker for his father's death.
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The Barnaby West Story
"Bill meets young Barnaby West, who claims he is traveling west to see his father, a famous frontiersman. Bill invites him to join the wagon train. But he and the others wonder just how much, if any, of young Barnaby's story is really true."
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Log 124 -- Airport
Malloy and Reed are rendered powerless when a drunken man with no flight experience decides to take a solo flight in a stolen airplane at a busy airport. Later, they try to locate a 17-year-old runaway living in a condemned home with a much older man, engage in a shootout with a convenience store robber and search for a booby-trapped bank safe that has been stolen with a tow truck.
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Log 94 -- Vengeance
Malloy fears that a boxer who has just been paroled after serving a murder sentence is going to seek revenge against him. Out on patrol, they try to save a man who has been crushed while working under a stolen car, apprehend a liquor store robber who swears revenge against reed, change a flat tire on their patrol car, locate a four-year-old child who locked himself in a refrigerator and become the targets of an ambush.
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The Split Personality
An accident leaves Fred with a completely changed and unrecognizable personality.
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Richie Moves Out
Richie feels that he doesn't have enough privacy, so he decides to move in with Chuck. He quickly discovers, though, that bachelor life isn't quite what he expected.
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Rainbow Bridge
As Hawkeye and Trapper are planning to leave for Tokyo, an unusual offer to swap POW patients between the Chinese and the 4077th comes in. Henry, after much debate, agrees to send Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank, Radar and Klinger into enemy territory. Frank almost botches the swap when he brings a squirt gun to the exchange. Fortunately, the Chinese Dr. Lin Tam has a sense of humor.
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Officer Of The Day
While Henry is away in Seoul, Burns and Houlihan are in charge, and Hawkeye is the officer of the day. His refusal to release a wounded Korean soldier, wanted by US Intelligence, leads to a confrontation with Colonel Flagg.
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The Song Festers
Gomer's singing voice surprises everyone, especially Barney.
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Andy's Vacation
A grumpy Andy agrees to take a few days off and heads up to the lake to relax. Barney and Gomer are in charge, and manage to capture (and lose) an escaped convict who hides in the same woods where Andy just happens to be.
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Grandpa Pyle's Good Luck Charm
Grandpa Pyle gives Gomer a good luck charm to help him gain self-confidence.
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Eb's Romance
Eb announces his engagement to Loreli Appleby, a girl he met the day before. In an attempt to impress his future father-in-law, Eb succeeds in destroying the farmer's cabbage crop. To get back in the man's good graces, Eb pawns Oliver's cow Eleanor so he can make the Appleby's mortgage payment.
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The Return Of Major Bonacelli
The Italian officer who studied under Klink helps Hogan photograph an air base.
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Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan
Hogan's men plan to surprise him for his birthday by blowing up an ammunition dump.
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Guests Martha Raye And Mel Torme
"Guests Martha Raye and Mel Torme. Originally aired on 03/23/70."
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The Case Of The Reluctant Model
Crude but wealthy art connisseur Otto Olney throws a party to celebrate his purchasing a painting by famed artist Gauguin. However, a party guest, art expert Colin Durant, says that the painting is actually a fake.
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The Shelter
When a nuclear attack appears imminent, several suburban friends and neighbors fight over control of a single bomb shelter.
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Don't Look Behind You
A number of women have been victims of ritualistic murders, and a medical undergraduate thinks she's next.
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Babe In The Woods
After an engineer is shot, Mannix is hired to retrieve important construction plans, which may have been taken by the shooter. This leads Mannix to the discovery that the man led a double life.
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Blood Money
"The man who arranged the death of an embezzler cannot find the loot. But Cannon might, when he investigates on behalf of the man framed for the murder. But Cannon's client might be closer to the case than he lets on."
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Catch Me If You Can
Barnaby is on the hunt for a psychopathic murderer.