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The Phony Police Racket
Friday and Gannon investigate a scam involving a phony LAPD newsletter, which comes with a card for subscribers entitling the bearer to preferential treatment from the police.
Deep Sea Fishing
It's Lucy and Ethel vs. Ricky and Fred in a fishing contest while they're on a Florida vacation. The wager: $150 (about what Lucy and Ethel had spent in hotel boutiques), so both sides do a little cheating to ensure a victory.
The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed
Pearl returns to Beverly Hills with reports of Jethrine’s wedding, who has eloped with Jasper Depew. Jethro comes home from school early, saying the school requires his having a Certificate of Health. The family tries to come up with a doctor, and Jethro comes up with the doctor Mrs. Drysdale has been seeing, Dr. Twombly, a psychiatrist. Jethro meets with Twombly, who asks him about his family, not getting any good answers. Jethro returns home and tells Pearl that the doctor wants to meet her.
Chip rescues a trapped dog and receives an award for it.
The Perfume Salesmen
Wally and Beaver want to win a fancy film projector and in order to get it they have to sell 24 bottles of perfume. However, the appalling aroma of the perfume quickly leads to zero sales and has Ward trying to think up a sales gimmick.
Voodoo Magic
June and Ward make Wally and Beaver promise that they won't go see a scary movie. However, Wally and Beaver are talked into seeing it, thanks to Wally's so-called best friend, Eddie Haskell. The movie has quite an influence on Beaver, who makes a voodoo doll, names it Eddie Haskell and sticks it with pins.
The Case Of The Petulant Partner
Harry Bright and Chuck Clark were once best friends and business partners until Margaret entered the picture. Margaret was a much younger woman on the make who entranced Chuck into marrying her. When Margaret is found shot to death, Harry is arrested for murder.
The Fortune: Part 1
When the nephew of an eccentric millionaire is charged with his murder after the two had an argument, Matlock is hired for the defense and Cliff is sent to snoop around the millionaire's zoo for clues.
By Means Most Foul
A restaurateur and her mechanic boyfriend plot to eliminate her husband, but their scheme backfires. Gillespie takes heat over a string of mailbox bashings. And Virgil soon regrets ignoring Parker's theory regarding where the vandals would strike next.
The Beau
A former boyfriend of Grandma's comes to visit
Long, Long Trail
Matt accompanies a young woman on a treacherous journey across the desert, where the pair must brave sandstorms, thirst and Indians.
Look To The Stars
A young genius, Albert Michaelson vies for a scholarship. Adam assists Albert in the boy's experiments. Albert only needs the school teacher's approval to be granted a scholarship, which will be very difficult to get considering Albert was expelled from school.
End Of The Hunt
Lucas is thrown into jail to stop him from murdering an old enemy.
The Bullet
Lucas is baffled when the marshal of a neighboring town refuses to hold a gambler who just attempted murder.
The Doctor Willoughby Story
Concerned by one of the passengers on the wagon train, a woman doctor tries to help even though she's hampered by the fact that everyone shuns her. Later, an indian chief needs doctoring, but he and his tribe don't believe in female medicine men either.
Clinic On 18th St
Abe Strayhorn and his assistants from the major fraud and consumer protection division of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office launch an investigation into a local doctor following the death of one of his patients, who was found wearing a strange belt.
Team Work
As part of a trial program, Malloy and Reed team with Motor Officer Grant to better combat crime. Out on patrol, they make a safety check at a residence, investigate a suspicious witness at the scene of a traffic accident, deal with a young member of a neighborhood watch, respond to an annoying complaint about illegally parked cars and perform a daylight stakeout to catch a serial burglar.
Bedrock Hillbillies
Fred inherits a shack from his hillbilly relatives--along with their one-hundred-year-old feud.
Too Many Cooks
A clumsy foot soldier, "Look Out Below" Conway, finds the quickest way to the crew's heart, boosting morale at the 4077th by cooking gourmet delights. Only Colonel Potter, burdened with a personal crisis, is immune from the high spirits enveloping the hospital.
Are You Now, Margaret?
A Congressional aide, Williamson, visits the 4077th on a supposedly routine fact-finding tour, but it's discovered that his motives are far deeper—too uncover Margaret as a communist sympathizer. His case is full of innuendo, so the gang set out to help Margaret.
Deputy Otis
Otis has been writing letters to his brother and sister-in-law for some time on courthouse stationary. Because of this, they have come to believe that he is a deputy, something they expect to see on their upcoming visit.
The Borrowed Car
Gomer borrows Sgt. Carter's car, and is followed by thieves who steal it. When Gomer searches for the missing car, he is spotted taking it back and is arrested.
A Royal Love Story
Lisa tells Lori yet another version of how she and Oliver met. In this one, she was living in a Paris apartment with her father, the deposed King of Hungary. While he was plotting his return to power, Lisa was working as a waitress at a sidewalk cafe when Oliver stopped by for six bottles of champagne. The King wants her to marry a baron who will bankroll his army, but Lisa loves poor American Oliver Douglas.
The Swing Shift
Newkirk gets drafted into the German army while working on Hogan's plan to sabotage a ammunition factory.
On Now
Heil Klink
Hogan is hiding a defecting German officer, and convinces Klink that the latter, who looks like Schultz, is really Hitler in disguise.
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Night Call
Mysterious phone calls haunt a disabled woman.
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Body In The Barn
With the intention of marrying another woman, a man uses a badly decomposed body to frame his wife for his murder. When the newly betrothed woman's mother learns of the scheme, however, she fears that she may be her son-in-law's next target.
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Rage To Kill
Mannix investigates the supposed suicide of a psychiatrist and discovers that the deceased shrink had some very interesting patients.
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Point After Death
"Cannon investigates the shooting death of the girlfriend of a former basketball star."
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Blood Relations
Barnaby is hired to replace a detective who was murdered while looking for a woman's biological mother.