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Personnel - The Shooting
The problems of policemen's wives.
Job Switching
Ricky wants Lucy to try working for a week, so she and Ethel get jobs at a candy factory, where they are totally inept, especially at wrapping chocolates, due to a speeding conveyor belt that has them stuffing chocolates into their mouths, blouses and hats.
Granny Lives It Up
The family is doing spring-cleaning when there is a knock on the door. John Cushing comes to take Granny out. When Drysdale finds out, he gets Mrs. Drysdale’s father, who was in Vegas and is sent to Beverly Hills with his “financial advisors” (Las Vegas showgirls), to also sweep Granny off her feet. Soon she is juggling both Mr. Farquhar and Mr. Cushing, trying to decide.
The Delinquent
Mike and the family dog keep disappearing at night and Jean becomes suspicious.
Beaver Sees America
Beaver has the chance to travel around the country for six weeks during the summer and he's all excited about it. However, he quickly realizes when he's gone Gilbert will go after the girl Beaver has a crush on, Mary Margaret. But he quickly realizes, there's more to life than Mary Margaret.
The Clothing Drive
Beaver's school is having a clothing drive and whoever brings in the most clothes will be awarded 1,000 school points. June, Ward and Wally round up all the old clothes they can find and put them in a box. However, next to the box are three good suits of Ward's that are to be cleaned, and, of course, Beaver mistakes them as items for the clothing drive.
The Case Of The Ugly Duckling
A prospective heiress to a toy company must soon marry if she wishes to inherit her father's business. When it surfaces that her new boyfriend is being paid to romance her by her uncle, murder is not far behind.
Matlock agrees to defend dance instructor Scott Lazar after he is charged with the murder of his married lover. It would be a lot easier to prove Scott's innocence if there wasn't another woman in the wings also claiming to be his lover.
Flowers From A Lady
A city councilwoman becomes dangerously obsessed with Bubba.
The Substitute
When Miss Hunter is called away unexpectedly, a substitute teacher with ways of her own takes over
Like Old Times
An old safe cracker comes back to Dodge to find his former lady love. When two men looking to steal a lot of money approach him about unlocking the safe at the station, he accepts their proposal, sort of.
For A Young Lady
The aunt and uncle of a young girl want to gain custody of her because they believe she holds the rights to a gold mine.
The Angry Man
The McCains try to be tolerant of their embittered neighbor, Abel MacDonald, who tells Lucas to keep off his land and won't allow his son to become friends with Mark. However, McCain decides he's gone too far when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
The Woman
An unfounded rumor causes North Fork's outspoken feminist schoolteacher to be attacked by a mob of angry townspeople.
The Duke Shannon Story
"With his clever tall tales, old prospector Henry Shannon talks Charlie Wooster into coming with him to search for a gold mine. When Hawks finds out about this, he rides out after the two men, along with Shannon's grandson Duke. Also following the old men are three men who hope to grab the gold for themselves."
Log 164 -- The Poachers
A young employee at the city garage steals a patrol car and engages in a high speed pursuit. Afterward, Malloy and Reed arrest a young woman trying to cash an old-age benefits check she found on the ground, report to an apartment complex garage that had its security camera stolen, investigate a break-in at a mortuary and arrest a couple of pill pushers at a warehouse in Officer Ed Well's territory.
Log 16 -- Child In Danger
Malloy and Reed are called to a tavern robbery in progress, and then are jolted by a severe domestic abuse situation they are powerless to stop. In the meantime, they lose track of a naive college girl who has just been carjacked by a convicted rapist.
The Indianrockolis 500
Fred has a wild ride when he enters a famous car race.
Adobe Dick
Fred and Barney have a whale of a tale to tell after they go fishing with their lodge members.
Change Day
Charles plans a scheme to get rich when he discovers that blue scrip is going to be exchanged for red. Hawkeye and B.J. outsmart him, and he is left holding the worthless scrip. Klinger tries to get into West Point so that he can get out of Korea.
Radar notices a number of tattoos on one of the wounded, and convinces himself that with a tattoo he will be irresistible to women. Everyone tries to discourage him, and he admits to having received a tattoo that will wash off. Meanwhile, Margaret is frustrated with a new nurse who keeps getting upset at the sight of combat injuries.
Opie Flunks Arithmetic
When Opie brings home a bad mark in arithmetic, Andy, fearing the boy will not get into college, puts too much pressure on him to study.
Opie And The Carnival
Opie goes to the carnival and blows all his money on a game to win a birthday gift for Andy. The game, however, is rigged.
A Dog Is A Dog
Sgt. Carter and Gomer are assigned to watch the colonel's German shepherd, but Gomer loses it.
A Pig In A Poke
Oliver is invited to New York to be the guest speaker at a Harvard alumni banquet but he arrives with an unexpected stowaway. Meanwhile, the Ziffels fear that they'll lose Arnold to Mr. Haney, who's trying to take the pig in lieu of a debt that he claims the Ziffels owe him.
Six Lessons From Madame Lagrange
Hogan and a singer plan to stop the Gestapo from arresting all the area's Allied agents.
The Sergeant's Analyst
After Burkhalter finds him sleeping on the job, Schultz is ordered to the Russian Front.
Carol Burnett and Friends
Oldest Man, The / Hollow Hero, The
In The Oldest Man, Harvey goes to the doctor, the Oldest Man. Then, in The Hollow Hero, Princess Vicki wants to marry a man who swallowed a grenade, much to her royal parents' dismay.
The Case Of The Barefaced Witness
In a small California town throwing a festival during which all men wear beards, Paul Drake tries to locate missing money embezzled by a former bank president.
The Changing Of The Guard
An elderly private school teacher wonders if his life has meant anything as he contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve.
Nightmare In 4-d
A husband has a vague memory of helping a woman get rid of a corpse.
Death In A Minor Key
Peggy asks her boss to find her missing boyfriend, Gabriel. Mannix must deal with unhelpful police, bigots and others who want Gabe to stay lost.
 Remind Me
Point After Death
"Cannon investigates the shooting death of the girlfriend of a former basketball star."
 Remind Me
Ransom In Diamond, A
The manager of a jewelry-store steals a fortune in order to get a ransom for his kidnapped wife.