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The Pit (s2, ep19)
A professor diagnosed with delusions tells Vincent aliens are experimenting with dreams.
Planet Of The Amazon Women (s1, ep10)
Buck is sold into slavery and discovers a whole planet held as prisoners of war.
The Fight (s5, ep)
Zach and Slater might turn back into rivals when they fall for a new girl from Idaho. Who'll be the one to have a date with her?
Sats (s4, ep)
Jessie's self-esteem takes a dive when she gets a lower score on her SAT than Zack, hurting her chances at getting into Stansbury College.
The Bayside Triangle (s5, ep)
Screech realizes that Zack and Lisa have fallen for each other while Zack helps her put on a fashion show.
Palm Springs Weekend: Part 1 (s4, ep)
Jessie is excited to meet her new stepmother at her father's wedding, until she learns he is marrying a much younger woman.
Palm Springs Weekend: Part 2 (s4, ep)
Zack tries to stop Jessie from postponing her dad's wedding. Meanwhile, Slater discovers that his new girlfriend is in fact royalty.
Monster Fred (s5, ep2)
Fred has a bowling accident that alters his personality.
Itty Bitty Fred (s5, ep3)
Fred may have a new career when his reducing formula works too well.
Pebbles' Birthday Party (s5, ep4)
Fred gets in trouble with the law when he tries to arrange two parties for the same night.
Tv Or Not Tv (s1, ep23)
George & Astro think they've witnessed a robbery, which is actually from a TV show.
Give Me A Ring Sometime (s1, ep1)
Stuffy and sophisticated, Diane Chambers is dumped by her fiancé in a blue-collar Boston bar, where she meets baseball star-turned-bar-owner Sam Malone.
Truce Or Consequences
"Sam steps in as a mediator between the bickering Carla and Diane."
The Heart Is A Lonely Snipe Hunter (s3, ep14)
The guys take Frasier on a "snipe" hunt in the woods after Diane asks them to include the psychologist in their masculine pursuits.
Abnormal Psychology (s5, ep4)
Diane tries to help Lilith, the lady psychologist attracted to Frasier, to soften her appearance and surprise Frasier during their television debate.
Dinner At Eight-ish (s5, ep20)
Frasier and Lilith invite Sam and Diane over for dinner to celebrate their first week of cohabitation. But things start going wrong when Lilith finds out Frasier and Diane were engaged, and she locks herself in the bathroom. Then Sam and Diane have an argument as well. Meanwhile Cliff agrees to babysit Carla's kids.
I Do And Adieu (s5, ep26)
Dr. Sumner Sloane returns to Cheers on Diane and Sam's wedding day to tell her that a publisher is interested in one of her class manuscripts if she can go to work immediately on rewrites.
Home Is The Sailor (s6, ep1)
Sam returns to Cheers six months after he sold it to a large corporation to pursue a life of leisure on board a new boat. Now the boat has sunk and he's looking for a job.
Bar Wars (s6, ep23)
The gang at Cheers declares war when rival bar, Gary's Olde Towne Tavern, steals the trophy celebrating their one and only sporting victory in a bowling tournament.
It's Lonely On The Top (s11, ep22)
A night of drinking leads to some surprises and revelations when Carla tells Sam that she drunkenly slept with one of the regulars that night—but can't remember who! Could it be Norm, or Cliff, or Frasier, or what about the most unlikely person in the bar?
One For The Road: Part 3 (s11, ep28)
The gang finally finds out what has happened to Diane Chambers when they see her winning an award on television. Sam calls Diane to congratulate her and ends up inviting her back to Boston where they reunite one last time. Meanwhile, Don the plumber pops the question to Rebecca and gets an unexpected answer.
Happy New Year (s4, ep13)
Joey doesn't have a date for New Year's Eve, so Jesse and Danny enroll him in a video dating service.
Working Girl (s4, ep14)
D.J. takes a job at the mall to earn some money for an expensive pair of shoes, while Jesse and Rebecca set a wedding date--and location.
Opie's Ill-gotten Gain (s4, ep8)
Opie is given a bike after bringing home a report card filled with straight As. He soon discovers that the high marks were a mistake.
Dave Sinker- Comedy Memorabilia
"Dave Sinker combines his passions for performing standup comedy and collecting comedy memorabilia into The Comedy Shrine, a comedy club and museum that houses thousands of comedy-themed collectibles. This former Second City performer tracks down some of the rarest collectibles, from an early 1900s Charlie Chaplin mutoscope to immaculately kept wax figurines and a lunchbox worth over $2000. Dave celebrates comedians throughout the ages with a collection that appeals to all generations. Joining Lisa and Dave is Dave’s son and general manager of The Comedy Shrine, Patrick, and expert appraiser Judy Martin. Judy brings signed memorabilia from a famous comedy duo to trade, but our collector struggles to let go of a prized possession."
The Ringbanger (s1, ep16)
Hawkeye and Trapper operate on a famous Colonel - after discovering that he is particularly ruthless about sacrificing his men, they come up with a scheme to get him sent back to the states with a little unwitting help from Frank, Margaret, and a drunk Henry.
Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace
Perry Mason: The Case Of The Avenging Ace (s1, ep8)
An Air Force officer is convicted of murder. Perry, who is one of his appeal lawyers, finds a new witness for the defense but then this witness is murdered before he can give evidence. Paul, as usual, does the legwork while Perry handles things in the courtroom.
Top Hits Of 1969 (s1, ep14)
Smith - "Baby It's You"; Oliver - "Jean"; Brooklyn Bridge - "Worst That Could Happen"; The 5th Dimension - "Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In"; Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Proud Mary".
On Now
Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Paul Sand
In After the Wedding, Carol's husband becomes jealous when she kisses another man goodbye. Then, in Energy Crisis Blackouts, everyone's life is complicated when the electricity stops. Finally, in Wedding Plans, divorcees discuss their future wedding plans, only to discover they may still love their old spouse.
The Gunslinger (s5, ep31)
While Rob is under anesthesia, he dreams of being in a Western.
 Remind Me
Annabel (s1, ep)
A disturbed chemist refuses to accept his ex-girlfriend's marriage to a co-worker.
 Remind Me
Fatso (s1, ep10)
After getting into a car accident in a rural Kentucky town, Kimble lands in jail by the redneck sheriff who hates outsiders. But Kimble manages to escape with his cellmate Davey "Fatso" Lambert. Hiding out at the Lambert ranch, Kimble sees that Davey's fa
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The Tram (s6, ep3)
Two underworld leaders, Hatcher and Thorne, have called a conference of Syndicate leaders to form a massive holding/laundering company. The IMF must obtain their joint Swiss bank account number.
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Crisscross (s2, ep2)
Bank manager Poole places smoke bombs throughout his bank and then cleans out the place.
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Edge Of The Knife (s2, ep3)
A distraught father is worried about his daughter, Ellen Majeski, who did time for being an accomplice in a robbery. Now after her release, she has disappeared and her father has hired Gunn to find her. The twist: her father died when she was four years old.