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The Grenade
A surly teenager throws acid on the back of another student and later crashes a party armed with a live hand grenade.
The Family Tree
An authority on American history finds evidence that Jed's ancestors preceded the Mayflower to America.
The End Of The You Know What
After hearing that the world may end in one week, Chip and Ernie are left wondering what to do with the time they have left.
Beaver Gets "spelled"
"Beaver's teacher, Miss Canfield, sends a note home with Beaver and the other kids convince him that it's news that he's getting kicked out of school. So Beaver and Wally take steps to hide the note from Ward and June."
The Case Of The Caretaker's Cat
Wealthy Peter Baxter decides to test the loyalty of his heirs. He pretends to change his will cutting them all out and leaving his entire estate to groundskeeper James Hing.
The Vacation: Part 2
Matlock and Leanne head to the beach, where Leanne reunites with three good friends from college, and Matlock reunites with someone from his past: the brother of the woman whose heart he broke years earlier.
Littlest Victim
Lonnie makes a heartbreaking discovery about a woman he dated in high school.
The Moonshiner
Boone Walton returns after he was convicted of moon-shining andJason promises to keep watch on him
"Harriet’s father is murdered out on the prairie and she walks 40 miles to Dodge. She lies to the Marshal about what happened out on the prairie then gets a job at the Long Branch to look for the men who murdered her dad."
Old Faces
"Tilda and Tom Cook come to Dodge. Ed Ivers and Varden start trouble with Tom at the Long Branch. Tom is going to face Ivers in a gunfight until Tilda tells Tom the truth about her past. Ivers eggs Tom into a fight anyway."
The Storm
While visiting the Ponderosa, Ben's old friend, sea Captain Matthew White, is forced to reveal a terrible secret after Little Joe Cartwright falls in love with and plans to wed the his daughter, Laura, once a freckle-faced playmate from Joe's childhood in New Orleans, now grown into a beautiful woman.
I Take This Woman
Lou looks for a way out when the man her dying father promised her to arrives.
The Assailants
An assassination plot unfolds as four gunmen disguised as cavalrymen enter North Fork. Their target: Sen. Jim Borden. Their weapon: a Gatling gun.
The Monty Britton Story
Low on water, Flint scouts for more. When three water holes are dry or poisoned, Fort Paiute seems their only hope but he has to make it back to the wagon train on foot and the only other man who knows the way is believed to be a deserter.
If The Shoe Fits
While Reed is having his shoes fixed at the repair shop, the squeakiness of his replacement shoes is driving Malloy crazy. On patrol, they deal with a deranged homeowner destroying his own possessions, stop a cargo van whose driver misunderstands the meaning of double jeopardy, search for a young boy hiding in an industrial building about to be demolished and create a hostage situation after shooting a bank robber.
Southwest Division
While responding to a baseless complaint against an elderly artist, Malloy decides to buy a random painting out of pity and makes Reed envious. Meanwhile, they question a man attempting to break into a gumball machine while his son looks on, get a big surprise after tracking down a suspected peeping tom, deal with a man who comes up with a creative way to avoid having his furniture repossessed and engage in a game of cat-and-mouse inside the Los Angeles Coliseum with a former football player turned suspected robber.
Flintstone Canaries, The
Hoping to win a contest on TV, Fred organizes a barbershop quartet.
Out Of Gas
Heavy casualties are arriving, creating severe problems for the M*A*S*H unit because they are nearly out of Pentothal. Mulcahy takes up a collection from everyone—including a case of wine from Charles' private supply—and he and Charles take the jeep to make a trade with the black marketers for Pentothal.
An Eye For A Tooth
Father Mulcahy takes being passed over for promotion philosophically until he hears of the rapid advancement made by a heroic helicopter pilot. Then his uncharacteristically bold actions stun Colonel Potter and the entire company.
A Medal For Opie
Opie has his heart set on winning a medal in a foot race at the town picnic. When he loses, he exhibits poor sportmanship. Andy teaches him a lesson about being a good sport.
Crazy Legs Gomer
Sgt. Carter plans to use Gomer to win the inter-squad competition.
Uncle Fedor
Lisa's skittish Uncle Fedor uses the Douglases home to hide out--mostly under the bed and sofa. He claims he's on the run from the Secet Police who want him for smuggling a secret formula. When a man with a scar and another without an ear are spotted in Hooterville, his wild tale starts to seem believable.
Tanks For The Memory
Hogan is ordered to photograph and destroy a model for a radio-controlled tank that is being tested at camp.
Will The Real Adolf Please Stand Up?
With camp security raised, Hogan and his men are desperate to smuggle top-secret German fortifications information to the Allies. The solution? Make liberal use of Carter's remarkable impersonation of Adolf Hitler.
Guests Jack Klugman And Tony Randall
"Guests Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. Originally aired on 03/08/72."
The Case Of The Sad Sicilian
After a dispute between Sicilian business partners leads to murder, Mason is enlisted to find the culprit.
Ring-a-ding Girl
A movie star receives a ring from her home town fan club. In it she sees the faces of people she knows telling her she's needed there.
The Ordeal Of Mrs. Snow
Good-for-nothing Bruce Richmond prepares a plot to keep his wife's rich aunt from exposing him as a forger.
Race Against Time: Part 1
Mannix travels to a Latin American country and gets himself involved with a revolution against its dictatorship.
On Now
The Reformer
"Cannon is hired when a crusading newspaper editor is found near a dead body, while drunk and unconscious in a hotel room."
Honeymoon With Death
Barnaby searches for a woman who disappeared on her wedding day.