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Fisherman's Luck (s2, ep4)
Dan Mathews investigates the strange theft of a wrecked car.
Burglary - The Son (s4, ep16)
Friday investigates a woman's claim that her husband is an armed robber.
A.i.d. - The Weekend (s4, ep17)
Friday and Gannon confront a phony magazine salesperson.
Good Guys Finish Last (s7, ep5)
Three fathers face three sons in a school quiz show. After the boys easily win, a rematch is scheduled and will be broadcast on local television.
Zoot Yourself
"Bill slips on a zoot suit and learns to jitterbug as he revisits the swing craze!"
The Broken Window (s1, ep25)
While playing baseball in the street with Wally, Chester and Tooey, Eddie hits a baseball through the Cleaver's window resulting in Ward forbidding the boys to play baseball so close to the house. However, later, Beaver talks Wally into pitching one, and this results in a broken car window.
Train Trip (s1, ep26)
After a week-long visit with their Aunt Martha, Wally and Beaver prepare to head home to Mayfield on a train. After talking Martha into letting them buy their own tickets, they discover they're short the money after spending it on junk food and find themselves wondering how they are going to get home.
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The Case Of The Resolute Reformer (s4, ep14)
Mason represents a citizen's group in hearings on a proposed aqueduct to be named after county engineer William Harper Caine. He gets a stop-work order until a section of the proposed location can be checked for an underground spring.
The Court Martial: Part 1 (s1, ep)
Matlock is hired by a friend to defend his enlisted son. The boy's been charged with killing a sadistic lieutenant whose mistreatment led to the death of another soldier.
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Lake Winahatchee: Part 2 (s6, ep21)
Bill discovers the motivation behind a crime syndicates attempt to muscle in on Sparta and the reason they are determined to get Lana's land.
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The Seashore (s6, ep5)
The Waltons visit the seashore and stay at the Baldwin's beach home
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The Squaw (s7, ep7)
A young man is unwelcoming toward the young Indian bride his father brings home.
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Judgement At Red Creek (s8, ep24)
Joe Cartwright joins a posse led by Sheriff Rimbau to capture two robbery/murder suspects. For Rimbau it's personal: His brother was killed, and he intends to be judge, jury and executioner.
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The Blowout (s2, ep3)
Newly arrived gunslinger Al Walker throws a mammoth party at the saloon, keeping acting Marshal Ben Waller busy until Lucas is forced to intervene.
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Obituary (s2, ep4)
Newspaperman Byron Claremont specializes in profiles of famous gunmen. One of his stories was responsible for an old-time marshal's death; and his next subject is Lucas.
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The Elizabeth Mcqueeny Story (s3, ep5)
Elizabeth McQueeny is traveling with her girls, heading to a finishing school in the west. When her real purpose becomes known, all the females want her gone but her worth shows itself before that can happen.
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Routine Patrol (s6, ep18)
Malloy and Reed begin today's patrol by responding to a call of a drunken woman threatening the patrons of a bar with a handgun. Afterwards, they search for a group of four carjackers who go on a robbery spree after targeting a man with a cache of guns in his trunk, and investigate the suspicious death of a mentally disabled man.
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Sunburn (s6, ep19)
Reed returns from vacation with a full-body sunburn, making for a miserable work day. Out on patrol, he and Malloy respond to a fiery traffic accident, use an informant's tip to track down a drug dealer, search for an armed robbery suspect based on a vehicle description and attempt to rescue two boys after their rowboat capsizes.
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The M*a*s*h Olympics (s6, ep10)
Colonel Potter, deciding that the camp is out of shape, enforces a calisthenics course. When nobody is enjoying it, he makes it fun by splitting the camp into two teams. These teams compete for three day R&R passes. Klinger tries to get out of the army by getting fat.
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The Grim Reaper (s6, ep11)
Colonel Victor Bloodworth predicts that 280 wounded will arrive at the 4077th. Hawkeye is antagonized by Bloodworth and shoves him against a wall. Bloodworth presses for a court martial until he becomes one of the wounded and watches Hawkeye saving a soldier's life. Realizing Hawkeye is value as a doctor, Bloodworth drops all charges.
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Comrades In Arms (part 1)
"Lost behind enemy lines, Hawkeye and Margaret form a personal truce and seek shelter in a roadside hut."
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Comrades In Arms (part 2)
"Margaret and Hawkeye seek solace from enemy fire in each other's arms and end up, briefly, as lovers. "
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Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau (s5, ep27)
Aunt Bee begins to feel that she is preventing Andy and Helen from pursuing their relationship. She then conjures up a beau for herself—trouble is it's the butter and egg man and he's already married.
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The Arrest Of The Fun Girls (s5, ep28)
Andy and Barney arrest the "fun girls" for speeding. It turns out to be a big mistake because Helen and Thelma Lou become jealous.
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The Hero (s8, ep13)
Drysdale's nephew, Lance Bradford, comes to Beverly Hills to start his job at the bank as vice president. But with all the celebration for Mrs. Drysdale's hero, Jethro thinks it is in his honor since he saved her dog from getting his hair cut. When Lance gives his hero speech, Jethro pulls up and accidentally hits his car, knocking him unconscious.
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The Engagement Ring (s6, ep14)
Eb is sent packing when Darlene's dad learns he proposed to is daughter with a watch fob instead of a ring. Lisa gives Eb the $2000 ring Oliver used to get engaged to her and everyone is happy--until the father has the ring appraised.
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Monkey Business (s3, ep29)
Hogan gets a stray chimpanzee to deliver radio parts to the underground.
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Drums Along The Dusseldorf (s3, ep30)
After Hogan mines a bridge, he learns that a truck of Allied prisoners would be the first to cross it and a new plan is born which includes a flaming arrow from Sioux Indian Carter, aka Little Deer Who Goes Swift And Sure Through Forest.
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Guests Steve Lawrence, Durward Kirby, And Julie Bond
"Guests Steve Lawrence, Durward Kirby, and Julie Bond. Originally aired on 12/14/70."
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The Case Of The Demure Defendant (s1, ep16)
Nadine Marshall lives with her Uncle Martin and Captain Hugo. She comes home excited one day with the news of her engagement to John Locke. When she tells her uncle, he shows her disquieting papers about her family.
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Mr. Garrity And The Graves (s5, ep32)
A man arrives in the Old West town of Happiness, Arizona, proclaiming he can revive the dead.
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Little Man Who Was There (s5, ep25)
A little man comes into a mining town with surprising results.
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Mother, May I Go To Swim? (s5, ep26)
A young man tries desperately to free himself from the women who would control his life.
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A Sleep In The Deep (s3, ep9)
A diver named Roger Barton is found dead by drowning in a yacht harbor. His wife believes that he was murdered and calls on Mannix.
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"Cannon is haunted by the memories of his time in the Korean War."
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Mystery Clycle (s3, ep8)
An insurance settlement hangs on the result of an investigation of a motorcycle manufacturer's death.