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A young boy's sligshot helps Dan Mathews capture two armed criminals.
Fear Strikes Back
Natalie withdraws from her life after an attempted sexual assault.
A Baby In The House
Blair's friend Allison disappears after visiting, leaving her baby in the girls' care.
Arnold's Bad Rep
Arnold succumbs to peer pressure and boasts he went "all the way" with his girlfriend, but his lie puts him in a more awkward position once the girl finds out about his claim to fame.
Doctor Jed Clampett
Jed gets an honorary doctorate when he donates money to a college, and the family thinks he is now a legit doctor. However, Granny isn’t pleased with hearing that Jed is now a real college doctor because she didn’t go to college. Granny does her best to get a degree herself, but doesn’t find much success.
The Love God
Dodie and some of her second-grade classmates have a big crush on their new teacher, Mr. Turley.
Eddie's Double Cross
"Eddie crawls through the Cleaver house spreading the news that he's going steady with Caroline Schuster, something that worries June who doesn't want Wally to get any ideas about going steady. However, Wally has other worries when he overhears Caroline saying that she's only using Eddie while her boyfriend is grounded. Leaving Wally with the decision to tell Eddie or not."
Beaver's I.q.
After learning that he's going to be taking an I.Q. test, Beaver hits the books, scared after his friends tell him that if he doesn't pass he will be sent to "dumb school."
The Case Of The Double-entry Mind
Timid bookkeeper Clem Sandover is irate when his longterm embezzlement scheme is discovered by a fellow employee. When that co-worker turns up dead, however, it's Sandover's wife who's charged with the crime.
The Coach
A basketball coach is accused of murdering an influential booster.
Murder Blues
Steve becomes embroiled in political intrigue after the murder of a city councilman's wife appears to be part of a larger political strategy.
Lessons Learned
Gillespie sends Parker to confirm suspicions that a local truck stop is really a front for a prostitution business. When a young prostitute is found dead Gillespie is shocked at her father’s reaction. Parker is dismayed when he recognizes one of the ladies.
Pike: Part 1
Riding away from Dodge after a $2,800 robbery, four bandits escape into the night. With one of them wounded it seems like a three-way split until Pike, the wounded one, surprises the other three.
Little Girl Lost
A young brat and distant relative of the Cartwrights annoys everyone when he comes for a visit to the Ponderosa.
Shotgun Man
Shotgun man John Beaumont, who Lucas sent to prison, returns with vengeance on his mind.
Sins Of The Father
After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from his vengeful brothers.
The Greenhorn Story
During any wagon train trip, the challenges and losses faced turn the greenhorn into a seasoned veteran.
Winning Is For Losers
Linda Frye, a young woman determined to win a major golf tournament, is shot, the Angels are called in to find out who is trying to kill her.
The Rolls Rock Caper
Fred and Barney find themselves involved in a murder case with famous Aaron Boulder, the millionaire cop.
Fred is asked to replace the TV hero Superstone at a personal appearance.
Henry, Please Come Home
When Col. Henry Blake is transferred to Tokyo and Frank starts imposing military discipline on the camp, the surgeons will do anything to get Henry back.
I Hate A Mystery
A rash of thefts breaks out in the camp. Missing pieces include Frank's silver picture frame, Margaret's hair brush and Trapper's watch. The camp is searched and everything is found in Hawkeye's locker.
The Jinx
After a series of mishaps, Henry Bennett gets a reputation in town as a jinx. The more Andy tries to dispel the rumor the deeper the hole gets, until Henry decides it would be best if he left town altogether.
State police come to town in search of payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way, but end up needing them more than they thought.
Vacation In Vegas
Gomer wins a vacation for two to Las Vegas and Sgt. Carter joins him. Gomer doesn't want to gamble as much as he wants to see the sights, but the sergeant is committed to gaming.
The Picnic
Oliver wants to have a simple, romantic Sunday picnic with Lisa. His plans change with the addition of Eb, his girlfriend, her parents and grandpa, Sam Drucker and his date, Hank Kimball, an old lady from the gas station, an accordion and a sousaphone.
Hogan Gives A Birthday Party
Hogan hijacks a German bomber, and plans to use it to destroy an oil refinery and foil a German general who knows about the his operation.
The Schultz Brigade
Klink and two other prison camp kommandants are arrested for conspiring against General Burkhalter.
Guest Rita Moreno
In The Drum-Out, Sergeant Harvey is dishonorably discharged, but Officer Tim can't do it without fumbling around. Then, in The Pronie, an woman cured from her klutzy behavior meets head on with an accident-prone nurse. Finally, in Stick 'Em Up, Please, a bank robber and bank teller instruct their inexperienced protege, falling in love at the same time.
The Case Of The Bedeviled Doctor
Dr. David Craig discovers that tapes of conversations with his psychiatric patients are missing and being used for blackmail purposes. When the suspected thief and blackmailer, Mark Douglas, turns up murdered, Craig is charged with the crime.
The Big Tall Wish
A boy who believes in magic thinks he is helping a boxer win with his "big, tall wish."
Mrs. Bixby And The Colonel's Coat
A woman is heartbroken when she is forced to end her affair with a colonel.
The Doubtful Doctor
A man relates an unusual situation to his doctor.
A Word Called Courage
Haunted by the fact that he broke under torture during the Korean War, one of Mannix's former comrades kidnaps the detective, subjecting him to the same torture he underwent to prove that anybody would crack under such treatment.
On Now
Duel In The Desert
Years earlier, Mel Danvers organized a successful hijacking and walked away with a cool million. But there is a witness: a stewardess. Danvers engineers a campaign of terror to keep her mum, until Cannon puts a stop to it.
Beware The Dog
A dog is the prime suspect in the fatal mauling of a man whose stepson is the dog's owner.