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Our Miss Brooks

The Model Teacher A female photographer who arrives to take pictures of a model teacher catches the eye of Mr. Boynton. This infuriates Miss Brooks who forces...

The Donna Reed Show

Poodle Parlor Donna and her friend open a poodle parlor after their husbands claim the two women have no business sense.

Mister Ed

Busy Wife Carol gets wrapped up in a woman's club and completely ignores Wilbur. It's up to Ed to try and help her overcome the obsession.

I Love Lucy

Tennessee Ernie Visits The corn starts popping when Tennessee Ernie Ford comes to visit. He's Lucy's "Cousin" Ernest, an earnest young man from Bent Fork, TN, who knows...

The Brady Bunch

Jan, The Only Child A claustrophobic Jan can't seem to find any place to be alone in the Brady house and pines to be an only child. The others oblige, and give her all...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Clampetts Are Overdrawn After seeing the pool man putting chlorine in the pool, thinking it is poison, and getting a letter they are overdrawn, the Clampetts think that...

Leave It to Beaver

Wally The Lifeguard "Wally is all set to begin his job as a lifeguard but is let down when he learns that had been a mistake and he's not old enough to fill the...

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver's Freckles When Clarence gets fed up with Beaver calling him Lumpy, he gives Beaver a new nickname, Freckles. This leads Beaver to become self-conscious about...

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The Thief: Part 1 When a rare coin dealer is charged with murdering a thieving employee, he hires Matlock to defend him. Tyler is less than thrilled when Matlock...

Diagnosis Murder

Write, She Murdered When a best-selling mystery author comes down with writer's block, she commits a murder herself in hopes of stimulating her creative juices.

The Big Valley

The Fallen Hawk Heath’s guilt gets the better of him when he blames himself for a friend’s injury. He seems oblivious to the fact that his friend is manipulating him.


Monopoly "A stranger by the name of Ivy comes to Dodge and proceeds to buy up all the local freight lines. Old Joe Trimble refuses to sell and soon...


Letter Of The Law "When Matt is forced to serve an eviction notice on farmer Brandon Teek, Matt tries every way he can to help the farmer."


The First Born When a man comes to town claiming to be Marie's son, Joe is not sure what to think. Could this be his brother, or is it all just a big lie?

The Rifleman

The Prisoner Two ex-Confederate officers seek revenge on Lucas. McCain was a lieutenant in the 8th Indiana, which defeated the 12th Cavalry 15 years earlier at...

The Rifleman

Assault A salesman can't talk his way out of an assault charge.


Aweigh We Go While assigned to duty at a weigh station, Ponch and Jon go after a hijacked truck.


Gauntlet MacGyver escapes from a carefully aimed bazooka shell, slogs through mire and creates chaos within a corrupt military force to save a beautiful...
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Mama's Family

Vint And The Kids Move In Mama reluctantly agrees to let her son, Vint, and his two children move in after they are evicted from their apartment. This creates problems for...

Mama's Family

For Better Of For Worse After Naomi spends the night in the basement with Vint, Mama tries to break up the relationship. But the two decide to get married instead and plan...


The Consultant Dr. Borelli visits the 4077th to demonstrate his artery transplant technique. Unfortunately, being so close to the front at the 4077th causes...


House Arrest Hawkeye hits Major Burns and Houlihan is a witness. Despite Hawkeye and Trapper's claims that it wasn't intentional, Frank makes allegations...

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Forecloses Grumpy businessman Ben Weaver insists that Andy foreclose on a down-on-his-luck neighbor.

The Andy Griffith Show

Quiet Sam Barney is suspicious of Mayberry's mysterious new farmer (William Schallert).


The Heist MacGyver unveils astonishing new tricks of his unusual trade to recover $60million in diamonds that were stolen by an unscrupulous and brilliant...

Hogan's Heroes

Get Fit Or Go Fight Hogan convinces Klink to get back in shape so he won't be sent to the Russian front.

Hogan's Heroes

Fat Hermann, Go Home Hogan plans to get a trainload of stolen paintings back to London, but things get complicated when Marya uses Schultz to impersonate Reich Marshall...

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Jim Nabors In Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Quite Contrary, Carol and the gang parodies "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman". Then, in Do Not Disturb, a dog-tired Tim...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Reluctant Model Crude but wealthy art connisseur Otto Olney throws a party to celebrate his purchasing a painting by famed artist Gauguin. However, a party guest,...

The Twilight Zone

One For The Angels A street salesman cleverly eludes Death. But if he lives, a little girl must die in his place.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Day Of Reckoning An easygoing guy has a curious difficulty: he can't convince anyone that he murdered his adulterous partner.


Missing: Sun And Sky A valuable racehorse has disappeared on the way to Florida. Mannix is hired to retrieve the noble animal learn why it was abducted.


Love My Enemy In charge of security for Americans at a diplomatic conference, Ironside is asked by his stubborn Chinese counterpart to find out why the leader of...

77 Sunset Strip

Legend Of Crystal Dart Stu Bailey is hired by a glamorous former dancer to evict her estranged husband from their remote mountain cabin, but murder intervenes.
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