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Desert Town (s1, ep7)
Dan Matthews investigates when a small town wants him to leave.
D.h.q. - Night School (s4, ep22)
Friday arrests a member of his class for possession of marijuana.
I.a.d. - The Receipt (s4, ep23)
The detectives investigate a complaint that two veteran officers stole funds.
Green-eyed Robbie (s8, ep18)
Robbie gets jealous when Katie agrees to tutor a handsome student.
Fantastic Friday #40
Uncle Billy (s4, ep14)
Ward's Uncle Billy arrives in Mayfield for a visit and begins telling Wally and Beaver exaggerated stories. Not realizing this, Beaver expects Billy to come through after promising Beaver a fishing reel.
Teacher's Daughter (s4, ep15)
Wally's latest girlfriend is Julie Foster, who just happens to be the daughter of a Mr. Foster, who teaches English. Meanwhile, at school, a new semester lands Wally in Mr. Foster's class and he quickly finds himself feeling uncomfortable—especially after Eddie tells him that his relationship with Julie will determine his grades.
The Case Of The Sardonic Sergeant (s2, ep4)
Major Frank Lessing, a payroll officer on an Army base, is found murdered and Sergeant Joseph Dexter is charged with the crime. The case hinges on a payroll robbery committed in the Philippines years before.
The Blues Singer (s3, ep)
Matlock takes the case when legendary bluesman Eddie Haynes is charged with murder. The musician is suspected in the death of a young rock star, who, it turns out, had no shortage of enemies.
Lessons Learned (s4, ep3)
Gillespie sends Parker to confirm suspicions that a local truck stop is really a front for a prostitution business. When a young prostitute is found dead Gillespie is shocked at her father’s reaction. Parker is dismayed when he recognizes one of the ladies.
The Minstrel (s1, ep14)
A young wandering musician visits the Mountain
Help Me Kitty (s10, ep7)
Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother end up stranded in the desert when bandits attack their stagecoach.
The Thirteenth Man (s9, ep17)
The area ranchers are losing many cattle to rustlers, so they hire Marcus Alley to help discover the thieves' identities. However, his methods raise eyebrows as accused rustlers begin winding up dead instead of in custody.
Shotgun Man (s2, ep29)
Shotgun man John Beaumont, who Lucas sent to prison, returns with vengeance on his mind.
Sins Of The Father (s2, ep30)
After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from his vengeful brothers.
The Lieutenant Burton Story (s5, ep22)
"A young lieutenant on his first assignment must face an overbearing, murderous sergeant who is determined to kill two deserters in cold blood. The sergeant wounds Chris thinking he is one of them and into a feud with Flint at the train."
X-force (s7, ep8)
Malloy and Reed lead a house-to-house search for a missing six-year-old girl, and what Malloy does after discovering the horrible things that have happened to her could short-circuit his career ambitions. Meanwhile, they come to the aid of a man who's gotten stuck in a storm sewer.
Lease With An Option To Die
"The A-Team tangles with neighborhood thugs after answering B.A.'s mother's (Della Reese) call for help."
Bug Out (s5, ep1)
A rumor that there's going to be a camp relocation causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call comes in that the rumor is indeed fact!
Margaret's Engagement (s5, ep2)
Margaret, calling from Tokyo, holds the camp in suspense until she returns with the news of her engagement to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott. Frank Burns takes the news hard and arrests a Korean family as spies.
Mayberry On Record (s1, ep19)
Andy becomes suspicious when a record promoter comes to town to gather material for a folk music album.
On Now
Andy Saves Barney's Morale (s1, ep20)
Barney's overzealous policing enrages the people of Mayberry.
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Corporal Duke (s5, ep2)
Duke is promoted to corporal, but finds his old reputation getting in his way.
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The Free Paint Job (s6, ep15)
Oliver's happy to let a paint company put a fresh coat on the house as an advertising stunt. But to everyone's suprise, the wood is so porous, it sucks up the paint as quickly as it's applied. In the kitchen, Lisa is taking three weeks to practice cooking spaghetti and meatballs for Oliver's birthday.
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How To Escape From Prison Camp Without Really Trying (s3, ep26)
Hogan hides 30 prisoners in order to keep the SS busy while the Allies build reinforcements.
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The Collector General (s3, ep27)
Hogan tries to keep a fortune in paintings from winding up in the collection of a general.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Family, The / Take My Drink
In The Family, Mama and Eunice battle it out over charades. Then, in Take My Drink, Carol spills her guts to a wise-cracking bartender.
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The Case Of A Place Called Midnight (s8, ep8)
In an offbeat case, Mason becomes involved in international intrigue wheh he travels to Switzerland to meet a friend's future daughter-in-law.
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The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms (s5, ep10)
Three National Guardsmen explore the site of Custer's Last Stand and begin hearing strange noises.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Backward, Turn Backward (s5, ep18)
When a man is murdered, suspicion falls on his daughter's suitor.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Not The Running Type (s5, ep19)
A man has an interesting way of making a small fortune.
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Run Till Dark (s5, ep1)
When a Little League coach goes missing, Mannix investigates and soon discovers that the man went into hiding after a mobster made an attempt on his life.
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Bad Cats And Sudden Death (s2, ep1)
Public prosecutor Mike Arnold needs Cannon's help. He is suspected of the murder of his wife. His problem: Dubious friends want him to finish a corruption investigation.
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Bond Of Fear (s3, ep24)
Barnaby is hired to reinvestigate a case in which a woman is found innocent of murder by a jury, but found guilty by the townspeople.