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Lookout (s1, ep4)
An innocent man is pursued by the Highway Patrol and felons when he unknowing helps a robber escape.
Burglary - The Son (s4, ep16)
Friday investigates a woman's claim that her husband is an armed robber.
A.i.d. - The Weekend (s4, ep17)
Friday and Gannon confront a phony magazine salesperson.
You're Driving Me Crazy (s8, ep16)
After both Chip and Katie get their driver's license, the family car gets a big scratch, but neither will claim responsibility.
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Bedtime Stories
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Miss Lander's Fiancee
"While doing some yard work for Miss Landers, Beaver and Whitey witness their favorite teacher in the midst of a gentleman caller, which makes Beaver a bit jealous. However, Beaver gets sick to his stomach when he discovers Miss Landers is engaged to be married and the man he saw was her fiance."
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Eddie's Double Cross
"Eddie crawls through the Cleaver house spreading the news that he's going steady with Caroline Schuster, something that worries June who doesn't want Wally to get any ideas about going steady. However, Wally has other worries when he overhears Caroline saying that she's only using Eddie while her boyfriend is grounded. Leaving Wally with the decision to tell Eddie or not."
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The Case Of The Corresponding Corpse (s2, ep1)
Mason receives a telephone call from George Beaumont, a man who supposedly died in a plane crash nearly three years earlier. In reality, Beaumont missed the plane and after hearing about the accident decided to disappear.
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Thief, The (part 2)
"Matlock and Tyler realise that part of Linda's deception is routed in the recent kidnapping of her son. While Tyler helps her locate the child, Matlock finds the rare coin he needs to put the finish on the case."
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Citizen Trundel: Part 2 (s3, ep22)
Willins reveals Trundel's motive; and Sweet finds---and Trundel's wife sees---the missing photo.
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The Literary Man (s1, ep11)
A well-read man claiming to be a writer, comes to Walton's Mountain and befriends John-Boy, helping him with his writing
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The Violators (s10, ep4)
When someone is scalped in Dodge, the townsfolk are eager to blame the Indians.
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The Gold Detector (s9, ep14)
Hoss is sure there's gold in an old mine he wants to buy, and has the gold detector to prove it. However, things are not what they seem.
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The Grasshopper (s2, ep23)
A condemned killer being transported by train murders a marshal and takes Mark hostage.
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A Time For Singing (s2, ep24)
Mark discovers that the new preacher and his wife are impostors planning a robbery.
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The Dr. Denker Story (s5, ep18)
The wagon train takes in a terrified young boy who has just seen his father murdered by a bandit gang. While Bill and Flint try to help him recover, embittered Civil War vet Ed Beaufort tells the boy that taking vengeance is the best medicine. Soon a traveling musician, Dr. Denker, joins the wagon train and he and Billy hit it off, but it becomes evident that Billy and the doctor had a prior connection.
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Camp: Part 2 (s7, ep2)
Officers Malloy and Woods take a group of children to a youth camp, but Malloy becomes preoccupied with the 14-year-old boy he reluctantly brought along, who continues to compensate for his small stature by getting into trouble. Meanwhile, Reed goes on patrol alone, and deals with a woman who uses a unique weapon to fend off an attacker.
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Judgement Day (pt 1)
"The A-Team travels to Europe to rescue a judge's daughter from kidnappers."
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Some 38th Parallels (s4, ep19)
Frank tries to distinguish himself by selling the camp garbage, but it's Hawkeye who finds a use for it: he dumps it on a troublesome Colonel Coner.
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The Novocaine Mutiny (s4, ep20)
Frank has Hawkeye up on charges of mutiny for usurping his authority when Potter was away on leave and Frank was the commanding officer. B.J., Potter and Radar are in attendance of the preliminary hearing, at which they hear conflicting versions of what happened.
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Mayberry Goes Hollywood (s1, ep13)
When a Hollywood film crew decides to use Mayberry as a backdrop for a movie, everyone in town begins to put on airs, risking the small-town charm that attracted the crew in the first place.
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The Horse Trader (s1, ep14)
Ignoring his own advice to Opie, Andy plays fast and loose with the facts when trying to sell the old town cannon.
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And Baby Makes Three (s4, ep29)
Gomer sneaks a baby onto the base when he babysits for a friend—just as the colonel is due on an inspection tour.
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The Liberation Movement (s6, ep12)
After Lisa hears a women's liberation speaker, she demands that Oliver share the household chores while she runs the farm. While he meets with nothing but red tape while trying to build a tool shed, Lisa gets the permit and completes the building with ease. A skeptical Oliver is in disbelief that his wife is so successful at "men's work".
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Sticky Wicket Newkirk (s3, ep20)
Newkirk unknowingly sneaks a beautiful Gestapo agent he has fallen for into camp.
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War Takes A Holiday (s3, ep21)
In order to get the Gestapo to release its prisoners, Hogan tricks Klink and Hochstetter into thinking the war is over.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Cher
In Dual Pianos, a great pianist tries to calm his protege before they play together. Then in TV Commercials, Carol and the gang parody TV products, including Wish Detergent, Long Distance Phone Call, L'eggs Pantyhose, Buff-Up Toothpaste, and Second Cup of Coffee. Finally, in The Not So Eternal Triangle, a beautiful woman finds she can't compete with her frumpy husband's mistress.
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The Case Of The Betrayed Bride (s8, ep5)
A recently widowed women becomes tangled in a web of suspicion when she hastily remarries a fortune-hunting Frenchman. When the Frenchman's ex-wife comes looking for him, he turns up shot dead in a swimming pool.
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The Old Man In The Cave (s5, ep7)
A mysterious guardian helps a tiny community survive after nuclear war destroys much of the Earth.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Specialty Of The House (s5, ep12)
A restaurant is specialized in "serving" its costumers very well.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
An Occurrence At Owl Creek (s5, ep13)
A Southerner is about to be hanged for attempting to destroy a bridge vital to the Union's advance.
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Wine From These Grapes (s5, ep1)
An investigation leads Joe Mannix to his hometown, Summer Grove, where he works on a murder case involving the death of a worker during a labor dispute.
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The Torch (s1, ep22)
Cannon is hired by a man who is charged with arson and murder by burning down his textile company which killed his wife who was trapped inside.
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Deadlier Species, The (s3, ep21)
A lawyer is killed when he finds out who's been swindling women.