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Hit And Run (s3, ep24)
A hit-and-run exposes an attempted robbery.
Community Relations - Dr-17 (s3, ep13)
A conference provokes old-line policemen to reassess their attitudes, particularly toward minority groups.
Homicide - Dr-22 (s3, ep14)
A 91-year-old apartment-house manager gets involved in a murder investigation.
Second Time Around (s2, ep17)
Bub thinks that Pamela MacLish is after him when she's really after Steve.
What's Up, Jock?
"Shock jock "Simon Shock" buys time on the show to promote his "King of the Airwaves" campaign. With classic cartoons from Bugs, Tom and Jerry and Daffy. "
Beaver's Birthday (s5, ep4)
Beaver has told his parents that he doesn't want anything big for his birthday and they decide to respect his wishes and give him a gift of money. Beaver also gets quite a bit of money from other relatives and finds himself debating on whether or not to spend it or put in the bank, like his parents suggest.
Beaver's Cat Problem (s5, ep5)
A strange cat appears at the Cleaver's door and Beaver takes it in and feeds it. However, when the owner is found, and the cat is returned, Beaver finds himself with a dilemma: The cat keeps coming back!
The Case Of The Wandering Widow (s4, ep6)
When a man accused of a murder is freed from prison upon newly discovered eyewitness testimony, it starts a chain reaction of blackmail and murder.
The Lemon (s3, ep)
When Matlock's new neighbor, Les "Ace" Calhoun (Don Knotts), is charged with murdering the used car salesman who sold him a lemon, Matlock takes the case to prove that more than one person had a motive.
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Hatton's Turn: Part 1 (s7, ep2)
Hampton Forbes assumes the office of Chief of Police and Bill becomes the Sheriff of Newman county. Former Spartan Wade Hatton returns to Sparta hoping to make sense of his life and rekindle his relationship with Sarah Hallisey. Bubba and Covey take the new chief on a tour of Sparta and Bill takes Wade to visit some distant cousins. Meanwhile two young criminals involve a mentally handicapped young man in a terrible crime.
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The Bicycle (s1, ep22)
John-Boy's meddling in a long-distance romance backfires.
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The Iron Blood Of Courage (s19, ep19)
Gunfighter William Talley is hired by a farmer's coalition in Dodge to kill rancher Shaw Anderson, their main obstacle in taking over land they want.
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Dark Star (s1, ep31)
Joe is about to shoot what he thinks is a wolf but discovers it is a woman. She turns out to be a gypsy banished by her people because they believe she is possessed by the devil.
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The Grasshopper (s2, ep23)
A condemned killer being transported by train murders a marshal and takes Mark hostage.
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The Dick Pederson Story (s5, ep15)
"Overwhelmed girl takes on her father's responsibility as man of the house after he passes. She cares for her pregnant mother and 5 sisters and is suspicious of a young drifter who joins the train and pays too much attention to the girls."
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Log 16 -- Child In Danger (s3, ep22)
Malloy and Reed are called to a tavern robbery in progress, and then are jolted by a severe domestic abuse situation they are powerless to stop. In the meantime, they lose track of a naive college girl who has just been carjacked by a convicted rapist.
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Log 56 -- Vice Versa (s3, ep23)
Because Malloy has allowed his driver's license to expire, Reed has to do the driving on today's busy patrol. They search for an ice cream truck driver who's been trying to sell marijuana to children, get an unexpected reaction from a bank robber, help a man who's had his house completely emptied by his neighbors, deal with a woman who shoots her husband dead and find a live baby in a trashcan.
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Ophelia Visits Morticia (s2, ep24)
Following yet another broken relationship with a man, Morticia's sister Ophelia comes for a visit. It seems her latest boyfriend left her for the Peace Corps and Uncle Fester agrees to join the Peace Corps in order to find him. However, when Fester is rejected and not wanting to hurt his feelings, Gomez and Morticia try to get Uncle Fester to change his mind about the whole thing.
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Who Gives A Hootenanny? (s10, ep6)
Joanie and Chachi have the opportunity to appear on a television music show but learn that their format is folk. Meanwhile, Fonzie is upset that folk music seems to be replacing rock 'n' roll.
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The Colonel's Horse (s5, ep11)
While Colonel Potter goes to Tokyo on R&R, his horse develops colic. Klinger becomes chronically depressed, and Hot Lips gets appendicitis. The horse is flushed out with a hose, Hawkeye and B.J. perform an appendectomy on Hot Lips, and all are well when Potter returns, except Klinger. Potter offers Klinger a discharge for severe depression, and Klinger gets very excited, which loses him the discharge.
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Exorcism (s5, ep12)
After Potter orders Radar to move a Korean spirit post believed to ward off evil spirits, things mysteriously begin to go wrong. When an old Korean man is brought into camp for medical attention, he refuses surgery unless the spirits in the camp are exorcised. A priestess is brought in, who exhibits her dance and her bells and chants. All is well, and Radar returns the spirit post to its original position.
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Mayberry Goes Hollywood (s1, ep13)
When a Hollywood film crew decides to use Mayberry as a backdrop for a movie, everyone in town begins to put on airs, risking the small-town charm that attracted the crew in the first place.
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The Horse Trader (s1, ep14)
Ignoring his own advice to Opie, Andy plays fast and loose with the facts when trying to sell the old town cannon.
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Gomer, The Would-be Hero (s2, ep30)
When Sgt. Carter stops a robber in a diner, he makes Gomer the hero so he won't get caught with another woman by Bunny. It's not long before Carter wants the credit he is due, but by then no one will believe that he was the hero.
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Eb Uses His Ingenuity (s4, ep23)
All of Hooterville is excited about the upcoming big dance. Eb, however, is obsessed with raising $20 to buy his girlfriend a birthday present. Oliver tells him to be ingenious, so he begins leasing out the Douglases' wardrobe, telling people they're strapped for cash. Eb's big brainstorm: sit for ten babies while their parents go to the dance.
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Kommandant Gertrude (s6, ep21)
Hogan must get a U.S. general out of Stalag 13, while Klink plans to move the camp's fence line and Gertrude arrives with her fiancé.
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Hogan's Double Life (s6, ep22)
When Hogan is identified as a saboteur, he impersonates a German officer in front of the very Gestapo agent who could take him down.
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The Case Of The Sulky Girl (s1, ep5)
An impetuous niece who demands her trust fund be released comes to Mason for help. But it's her boyfriend who needs defending when he is charged with murdering her controlling uncle.
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Caesar And Me (s5, ep28)
A ventriloquist's dummy goads him into committing burglaries.
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The Dusty Drawers (s4, ep31)
A man seeks revenge on a bank clerk who once stole money from him.
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A True Account (s4, ep32)
A woman consults an attorney about her husband, whom she believes is a murderer.
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Bang, Bang, You're Dead (s4, ep16)
The story of a murder plot from a young girl seems to be the truth when she becomes the victim of a hit-and-run attempt.
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The Perfect Alibi (s3, ep9)
Cannon tries to extract reporter Peggy Angel from a clever frame. Who is the real murderer, and why frame this particular person?
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Fatal Flight (s2, ep12)
Barnaby investigates a plane crash that resulted in a corporation president's death.