R.I.P. Al Harrington, the Honolulu local who became a big part of Hawaii Five-O The multitalented man was a regular on both Hawaii Five-O shows, decades apart. September 23, 2021, 5:02PM
Mikki Jamison secretly became a car mechanic to impress on Adam-12 She shocked Kent McCord by stopping the scene and fixing his faulty brakes in seconds. September 23, 2021, 4:27PM
People kept giving Don Knotts bullets The deputy's single bullet was such a beloved running joke that fans gave him hundreds of single bullets. September 23, 2021, 4:24PM
10 actors who played the same role as a kid and an adult Some continued into spinoffs while others came back for reboots decades later. September 23, 2021, 11:52AM
The actors who played the Baldwin sisters on The Waltons both initially auditioned for Miss Mamie Mary Jackson knew she was right for Miss Emily, but a clueless casting director insisted she couldn’t do comedy. September 21, 2021, 12:00PM
Andy Griffith once owned a dog named Lemley Gilbert named after a distant cousin Andy's cousin Lemley Gilbert is referenced in The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Here's his rarely told story. September 21, 2021, 11:50AM
R.I.P. Tim Donnelly, funny fireman Chet Kelly on Emergency! The prankster of Station 51 passed away at the age of 77. September 21, 2021, 10:20AM
McLean Stevenson stopped and dressed an open wound after a car accident Studying medical texts for M*A*S*H helped him remember how to pinch off an artery until the real medical professionals arrived. September 21, 2021, 9:42AM
How Goober Pyle saved a life George Lindsey saved the life of an Oscar winner, and didn't know until years later. September 20, 2021, 4:47PM
R.I.P. Jane Powell, star of ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ and many other Golden Age musicals She also sang on The Ed Sullivan Show and boarded The Love Boat. September 17, 2021, 4:14PM
5 forgotten television appearances by the legendary Bruce Lee His iconic "be like water" speech came from an obscure Seventies detective show. Lee also crossed paths with Raymond Burr and… Dagwood Bumstead?! September 16, 2021, 4:09PM
This episode of The Brady Bunch gave Christopher Knight the most teen angst Peter's changing voice led to some behind-the-scenes grief. September 16, 2021, 4:00PM
Mayberry had no psychiatrists, but the Andy Griffith Show cast were into mental health Don Knotts and Andy Griffith saw psychiatrists — and even ribbed Don's doctor on the sitcom. September 16, 2021, 11:53AM
Cathy Silvers is so much like Jenny Piccalo that ''it’s frightening'' Her first day on set of Happy Days, she was so nervous, Fonzie had to lift her off the ground and hold her to stop her shaking. September 15, 2021, 12:38PM
Did you ever drink out of a Welch's jelly jar glass? You could find jelly jars with cartoon favorites, dinosaurs, and even the muppets! September 15, 2021, 11:22AM
R.I.P. Norm MacDonald, SNL Weekend Update anchor whose deadpan style influenced a generation of comedians He was a favorite late-night guest and played a washed-up hockey player in his own sitcom 'Norm.' September 14, 2021, 3:31PM
Sharona's mother on Monk is the kind teacher who ''betrayed'' Carrie In her first role ever, she's singled out by Carrie who brutally slays her in the horror movie's most iconic scene. September 14, 2021, 12:19PM
Thank Sally Kellerman for making Hot Lips such a huge part of M*A*S*H The actor wept when Margaret was given only four lines in the M*A*S*H movie. Her waterworks ensured Margaret became so much more than originally written. September 14, 2021, 11:43AM
Kami Cotler still remembers the finger spelling she learned for the very first episode of The Waltons She worked hard as a seven-year-old to make sure she got it right and it stuck! September 14, 2021, 11:25AM
R.I.P. Don Collier, a real rancher who landed starring roles on 'The High Chaparral' and 'Outlaws' The true cowboy later appeared in a memorable bubblegum commercial. He was 92. September 14, 2021, 9:59AM
John Astin fought the good fight to keep Gomez from being bald He convinced the network that Gomez needed to be more attractive to win over Morticia — and the audience. September 13, 2021, 4:18PM
Perry Mason actress Susanne Cramer had a tragic life worthy of a mystery series itself A dark cloud hovered over the German actress, despite her marriage to a familiar face from Little House on the Prairie. September 13, 2021, 12:07PM
Andy Griffith took great pains to disprove a rumor he was paralyzed in the Eighties To silence the lie, he grinned and bore it, wearing leg braces and jogging onscreen while performing a highly visible guest role. September 10, 2021, 2:25PM
R.I.P. Art Metrano, comedian and ‘Police Academy’ star He won Johnny Carson over with his simple but hilarious “magic” act and appeared in ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ as Uncle Rico. September 10, 2021, 1:32PM
R.I.P. Michael Constantine, star of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ who appeared all over classic television He played Principal Kaufman in Room 222 and guest starred in Perry Mason, Gunsmoke, The Twilight Zone, The Fugitive, Hogan’s Heroes and The Dick Van Dyke Show – just to name a few. September 9, 2021, 1:22PM
Whoops! This TV critic thought Hoss' name was Horse when Bonanza premiered The reviewer loved the premiere episode — he just didn't quite get all the character names right. September 8, 2021, 4:36PM
Do you remember when the Addams Family met Scooby-Doo? You can't find this lost episode on DVD. September 8, 2021, 4:27PM
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7 child stars who ruled the Afterschool Specials of our youth What ever happened to Seventies idols Moosie, Sparky, Kristy, and Ike? September 7, 2021, 1:52PM
People really did buy into Opie's "miracle salve" in the Fifties Classic sitcoms proved the only thing miracle salves were really good for was a solid laugh. September 7, 2021, 11:55AM
Frank Burns' bride remains a total mystery to M*A*S*H fans Jeanne Schulherr came out of nowhere when she stepped into Frank Burns' wedding video on M*A*S*H, and then she disappeared forever. Who was she? September 7, 2021, 10:42AM
Danny Thomas had the heart of a saint — but some called him a phony You might be surprised to learn why the classic TV legend never said no to a good cause. September 7, 2021, 10:40AM
Willard Scott originated the Ronald McDonald character He also played Bozo the Clown. September 7, 2021, 9:40AM
Jerry Mathers searched for decades to reunite with Larry Mondello Rusty Stevens' final Sixties role was on The Rifleman. After that, nobody could track him down for nearly two decades. September 2, 2021, 4:36PM
Do you remember "Frodo Lives!"? The unassuming hobbit became a rallying counterculture cry in the Sixties and Seventies. September 2, 2021, 3:24PM
This memorable Waltons minister married sitcom star Linda Lavin shortly after The Waltons ended Linda Lavin found love with Kip Niven and his kids, helping them recover from a tragic loss. September 1, 2021, 4:58PM
The director who discovered the Bradys was the voice of a familiar commercial mascot He also originated the voice of several beloved children's characters September 1, 2021, 2:02PM
7 father-son duos who both appeared on Gunsmoke Did you spot the Howards, Russells, Carradines and Taylors? September 1, 2021, 11:39AM
Charles Lane was happy playing classic TV's biggest ''stinker'' of all time One of the most prolific character actors always played a cantankerous grump, serving as muse for legends like Frank Capra and Lucille Ball. August 31, 2021, 3:40PM
A brief history of how much Mozart's music rocked classic TV From Lurch playing a sonata on the Addams Family to Winchester blaring his music on the M*A*S*H finale, TV kept Mozart firmly woven in the pop fabric. August 31, 2021, 9:59AM
MeTV remembers Ed Asner with some of Lou Grant's best Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes The tribute includes the first and last episode of the groundbreaking sitcom. August 30, 2021, 3:48PM
Gee, Wally! Here are 9 things you never knew about Tony Dow He went from diving to sculpting, with acting in between. August 30, 2021, 2:46PM
A love note to M*A*S*H's most memorable last lines Spelling out Goodbye in rocks wasn't the only time the show hit the right end note. August 30, 2021, 12:09PM
Melissa Gilbert got her dramatic acting start on Gunsmoke before hitting the Prairie She came out of ''retirement'' to get the role. August 30, 2021, 11:31AM
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R.I.P. Ed Asner, TV legend, star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Grant He held the record for the most Emmy awards of any male performer and shaped Chicago's improv scene. He was 91. August 29, 2021, 1:41PM
Fonzie’s "Little Brother" was actually Punky Brewster's big brother Meeno Peluce was one of the Seventies' biggest child stars, and his half-sister Soleil Moon Frye followed in his footsteps to become an Eighties icon. August 27, 2021, 12:22PM
Richard Gilliland's whirlwind romance on The Waltons later played out in real life behind the scenes of a hit sitcom The handsome guest star who swept Mary Ellen off her feet actually fell head over heels for Jean Smart the moment he met her in the real world. August 26, 2021, 4:47PM
Will Geer brought home the eggs laid by the chickens on The Waltons set The chickens lived a fan’s dream — residing on Walton’s Mountain 24/7. August 26, 2021, 1:25PM
R.I.P. Eddie Paskey, Lt. Leslie and Star Trek regular He defied the redshirt curse and appeared in more episodes than Sulu or Chekov. August 26, 2021, 11:23AM