Robert Conrad had strong feelings about being called a star The Wild Wild West actor didn't even want a star on the sidewalk out of fear people would spit on it. February 3, 2023, 4:09PM
Jamie Farr simply couldn't wait to go to work while on M*A*S*H Farr ''marveled'' at the cast's determination and care for the series. But what made M*A*S*H really great? The day-in-day-out fun on set. February 3, 2023, 11:59AM
Irene Ryan wanted to play Granny for as long as she could ''Retire? Honey, I want to die with my boots on,'' she said. February 3, 2023, 11:45AM
Mike Farrell was terrified when he first took his role on M*A*S*H When Farrell joined the cast of M*A*S*H, the pressure was high, but the show's ratings proved higher. February 2, 2023, 2:13PM
Its ''silly'' nature is why people loved, and still love Mama's Family ''It's just silly, good laughing for no good reason.'' February 2, 2023, 1:16PM
The Love Boat's Lauren Tewes enjoyed getting fan mail Lauren Tewes loved acting and the perks that came with it, including fan mail. February 2, 2023, 11:49AM
Jerry Mathers had no trouble adjusting to normal teen life after Leave It to Beaver After his run on the hit family friendly series, Mathers played football, joined the service, went to college and even dabbled in real estate. February 1, 2023, 4:41PM
A case of bad writing almost made Carroll O'Connor leave In the Heat of the Night To O'Connor, In the Heat of the Night was not just another cop show and shouldn't have been treated as such. February 1, 2023, 4:14PM
Edgar Buchanan thought Petticoat Junction was more realistic than The Beverly Hillbillies Although The Beverly Hillbillies was based on producer Paul Henning's experiences, Buchanan thought ''the Junction'' was more real. February 1, 2023, 3:00PM
Gunsmoke's Milburn Stone found medical mistakes in the first season He wasn't a real doctor, but he could still give great medical advice. February 1, 2023, 2:23PM
Bob Denver never expected Gilligan's Island reruns to stretch into the '80s, let alone the 2020s In 1982 Denver said, ''I just didn't think it would rerun for 16 years.'' Now, the series has been re-running for over 55 years! February 1, 2023, 12:58PM
The actress from this legendary Twilight Zone episode appeared on many classic shows Christine White was not just the wife of William Shatner in "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet." February 1, 2023, 12:55PM
WATCH: MeTV's exclusive interview with Tina Cole, star of My Three Sons Watch Tina Cole talk with MeTV about her career and the impact her role of Katie Douglas had not only on her career, but her fun-filled life! January 31, 2023, 3:03PM
Cindy Williams loved playing the role of Shirley on Laverne & Shirley Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall were surprised when Laverne & Shirley became one of the most-watched TV series in the country. January 31, 2023, 2:15PM
Friends and colleagues remember Cindy Williams Several people in the entertainment industry took to social media to offer their thoughts and condolences to Williams' family, while sharing memories of the ''hilarious'' actress. January 31, 2023, 2:14PM
Cindy Williams got a manager, an agent and her first television role at the same time The actress created a legacy that started with one meeting. January 31, 2023, 12:25PM
R.I.P. Cindy Williams, Shirley Feeney from Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley The classic actress was nominated for a BAFTA for her role opposite Ron Howard in American Graffiti. January 30, 2023, 7:27PM
Jean Stapleton was a Hollywood star, but she lived in rural Pennsylvania Stapleton was a real-life Hollywood Hillbilly. From Los Angeles to Pennsylvania, she liked living two different lifestyles. January 30, 2023, 4:29PM
All in the Family's theme song was a hit on music charts Imagine turning on the radio in 1972 and hearing ''Those Were the Days.'' Archie and Edith had a hit song on their hands. January 30, 2023, 3:25PM
Don Knotts never thought The Andy Griffith Show would go beyond five seasons ''Then Andy suddenly said he was going to stay on another two or three years. I never expected it to go on.'' January 30, 2023, 3:21PM
Harvey Korman didn't think acting was fun, but felt he was destined for it For an actor who didn't like acting, Harvey Korman sure did it well. January 30, 2023, 1:04PM
According to Ann B. Davis, there were talks of a seventh Brady kid There would've been seven Brady children, but an organization protested the idea. January 30, 2023, 10:50AM
R.I.P. Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday from The Addams Family Loring took over the grim role of Wednesday Addams when she was just 6 years old, three years after her child modeling career began. January 30, 2023, 10:46AM
8 fascinating, failed TV shows that flopped in 1980 Movie remakes and Japanese pop stars made for one quirky season. January 29, 2023, 10:47AM
Gavin MacLeod believed that The Love Boat was an escape for viewers It wasn't just a cruise ship and show; it was happiness for many. January 27, 2023, 4:02PM
All in the Family changed Sally Struthers over the course of nine seasons Sally Struthers changed her attitude because of her role in All in the Family. It also brought her closer to her real-life family. January 27, 2023, 3:55PM
Fans of The A-Team phoned in votes to decide the fate of this substantial episode This drama-filled episode from season five had a pair of endings scripted. It was up to fans to decide which one was shown. January 27, 2023, 9:55AM
Rob Reiner helped write weddings on television and in real life Rob Reiner had a way with words. He even wrote a script for his own wedding. January 26, 2023, 4:30PM
Some Andy Griffith Show actors also voiced memorable product mascots You can find Ernie Keebler, Mayor McCheese, Tony the Tiger and more in Mayberry! January 26, 2023, 4:19PM
The Waltons kept Judy Norton busy as a teenager, and she used it to her advantage Judy Norton would have rather been working on set than taking acting classes. Or any classes at all. January 26, 2023, 12:13PM
Comedy legend Richard Pryor's first acting role was this episode of The Wild Wild West Just a year after his first Ed Sullivan appearance, audiences saw him as a ventriloquist assassin. January 26, 2023, 11:58AM
Eva Gabor dreamed of starring in a drama series, but people didn't take her seriously Despite what others thought, Gabor knew she could do whatever her heart desired. January 26, 2023, 11:20AM
Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer is a big fan of shows on MeTV Spencer was recently on a podcast where she talked about her favorite MeTV shows and more! January 25, 2023, 1:20PM
Jean Stapleton loved playing Edith, but she didn't want the role to become her personality All in the Family wouldn't be complete without Edith, but Stapleton didn't want to be typecast. January 25, 2023, 12:00PM
8 of the best questions, answers and interactions from the Q+A sessions on The Carol Burnett Show Burnett's quick-wit and situational comedy abilities made the Q+A sessions a must-watch for any fan of her variety show. January 24, 2023, 3:47PM
Steve McQueen had a need for speed and found racing to be relaxing McQueen liked to go fast. Over 150 mph in a race car kind of fast. January 24, 2023, 3:29PM
Alan Alda used his experience from the military while playing the role of Hawkeye Alda didn't want M*A*S*H to be a series that portrayed war as a ''fun place to be.'' January 24, 2023, 12:20PM
Carroll O'Connor once used a friend's name for his stage name He's Carroll O'Connor, Archie Bunker, Bill Gillespie and... George Roberts? January 24, 2023, 11:42AM
Gilligan's Island faced criticism over Mary Ann and Ginger's clothing Who knew wearing shorts and gowns could cause backlash? January 23, 2023, 3:05PM
9 of the best fourth wall breaks from Green Acres Fourth wall breaks were a staple on Green Acres. Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite! January 20, 2023, 3:27PM
Eddie Albert starred in a 1957 musical drama film with Frank Sinatra Being the best friend of Frank Sinatra's character was a role no one but Albert could play. January 20, 2023, 2:49PM
This Andy Griffith Show guest star wrote the unheard theme song lyrics, too Imagine that hat was yellow — he was Dick Tracy, too. January 20, 2023, 1:50PM
R.I.P. David Crosby, co-founder of '60s rock groups The Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash A long-lasting legacy will live on through some of the most influential music of the 1960s. January 19, 2023, 5:30PM
8 reasons you may not want to book your vacation with Thelma Harper ''It's a great day here at the Raytown Travel Agency! May I help you?" It's a shame Mama only got to say that cheerful line a few times before being fired. January 19, 2023, 4:15PM
Ross Martin's first film was a science fiction movie about a space mission Martin was on missions in two places: the West and in space. January 19, 2023, 3:57PM
George Lindsey loved playing the role of Goober on The Andy Griffith Show George Lindsey played the role of Goober so well that he had a hard time separating his real life and his Mayberry life. January 19, 2023, 3:37PM
The elegant Natalie Schafer revealed her beauty secrets in the '60s A quart of ice cream a day will keep the doctor away. Or at least that's how Natalie Schafer saw it. January 19, 2023, 12:20PM
Dirk Benedict said The A-Team is a show viewers watched as a family - and that's why it stuck around ''It ended the same way every week, with the bad guys being tied up and taken to jail. The whole family could watch that together.'' January 19, 2023, 11:55AM
Lauren Tewes had the nicest response to critics of The Love Boat Critics were not in love with the boat. So, the cruise director addressed it. January 18, 2023, 3:29PM
5 thoughts Lorne Greene had when Bonanza was canceled Greene had mixed emotions about the cancelation, and just like Ben, he always spoke his mind. January 18, 2023, 10:10AM