Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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Based on the 1961 film of the same name, 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' follows Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart) and his crew in their underwater explorations aboard the futuristic nuclear submarine USOS Seaview. Having a secret mission to defend the planet from every kind of threat, Nelson and the Seaview crew battle nefarious adversaries such as Cold War enemies, sea monsters and aliens in this gloriously over-the-top projection of the not-so-distant future.

Next Airings

  • 5/26 2:00AMSavage Jungle
    "The Seaview crew battles aliens on board who are planting a jungle growth that theatens to overrun the Earth."
  • 6/2 2:00AMFlaming Ice
    "The Seaview is dispatched to the Polar Ice Cap to find the cause of destructive world-wide floods."
  • 6/9 2:00AMAttack
    "With the help of a peace-loving alien, Nelson and Crane prevent a calamitous attack upon Earth."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Eleven Days to Zero

The Seaview, sent to avert worldwide tidal waves by detonating a nuclear device in polar regions, is harried by a determined enemy.

Ep 2: The City Beneath the Sea

When two oceanographic vessels disappear in the Aegean Sea, the Seaview goes to investigate and is led to the discovery of a hostile underwater city.

Ep 3: The Fear-Makers

Enemy agents introduce fear-gas into two U.S. subs in an effort to block progress in undersea studies.

Ep 4: The Mist Of Silence

The Seaview is ordered to rescue a Latin American president, the unwilling frontman for a perfidious military junta.

Ep 5: The Price of Doom

Samples of plankton brought aboard the Seaview mysteriously expand, breaking down bulkheads and threatening the lives of all on board.

Ep 6: The Sky is Falling

The Seaview is rendered helpless by the power of a mysterious spacecraft.

Ep 7: Turn Back the Clock

Summoned to investigate the story of a man who turns up tanned and healthy after being lost for nine months in Antarctica, Nelson uncovers a prehistoric world.

Ep 8: The Village of Guilt

The Seaview tangles with a sea monster, the creation of a mad scientist, that has a whole village frozen into silence.

Ep 9: Hot Line

The Seaview welcomes two Russian technicians, who are to disarm a defective Soviet atomic satellite that will hit the ocean somewhere near San Francisco.

Ep 10: Submarine Sunk Here

The Seaview blunders into a minefield, where an explosion cripples the vessel and sends it to the bottom of the sea.

Ep 11: The Magnus Beam

The men of the Seaview investigate a mysterious weapon that destroys high-flying aircraft over a Middle Eastern nation.

Ep 12: No Way Out

While smuggling defecting red agent Anton Koslow to the U.S. aboard the Seaview, Admiral Nelson becomes aware that there is another agent aboard planning to kill Kaslow.

Ep 13: The Blizzard Makers

A foreign power sabotages Admiral Nelson's attempts to find out why the Gulf Stream has been turned cold.

Ep 14: The Ghost of Moby Dick

Dr. Walter Bryce, crippled when a huge whale capsized his boat, enlists the aid of the Seaview to locate the whale, ostensibly for scientific purposes.

Ep 15: Long Live the King

Admiral Nelson must get a 12-year-old prince back to his country to assume the throne before the reds take over.

Ep 16: Hail to the Chief

Enemy agents plot to prevent the recovery of the U.S. President from the Seaview.

Ep 17: The Last Battle

Admiral Nelson is captured by a group of die-hard Nazis bent on destroying the United States and Russia.

Ep 18: Mutiny

Admiral Nelson shows symptoms of a mental breakdown during an investigation into the disappearance of an experimental sub.

Ep 19: Doomsday

When a foreign power makes a simultaneous launching of 25 communications satellites, which the United States mistakes as nuclear missiles, the U.S. is placed on war alert and the Seaview goes into a fail-safe maneuver.

Ep 20: The Invaders

A man-like creature preserved via suspended animation for 20 million years is taken aboard the Seaview from the ocean floor.

Ep 21: The Indestructible Man

Scientists aboard the Seaview discover that a robot, recovered from a space capsule, has been converted into a destructive monster.

Ep 22: The Buccaneer

A mad art collector hijacks the Seaview in a dramatic plan to pirate Leonardo de Vinci's Mona Lisa from a French ship.

Ep 23: The Human Computer

The Seaview set out with Commander Crane, supposedly the only human being aboard.

Ep 24: The Saboteur

Commander Crane is electronically brain washed by enemy agents and ordered to abort an important mission.

Ep 25: Cradle of the Deep

An experiment with particles of matter threatens all aboard the Seaview.

Ep 26: The Amphibians

Scientists in an undersea laboratory convert themselves and their captives into amphibious creatures.

Ep 27: The Exile

Admiral Nelson is stranded on a life raft with the former premier of a hostile foreign power.

Ep 28: The Creature: Part 1

Nelson attempts to destroy a creature that threatens to grow large enough to demolish whole cities.

Ep 29: The Enemies

Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane become the prisoners of foreign scientists who convert them into bitter enemies.

Ep 30: The Secret of the Loch

The Seaview follows a natural underground conduit leading to Loch Ness, where a scientist claims to have seen a monster kill several men.

Ep 31: The Condemned

By presidential directive, Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane turn the Seaview over to a publicity seeking scientist who plans to break the crush barrier.

Ep 32: The Traitor

Admiral Nelson receives word that his young sister has been abducted by enemy agents in France, and that he'll never see her again unless he reveals the exact location of underwater missile silos.

Ep 1: Jonah and the Whale

In an attempt to salvage information about a destroyed underwater laboratory, Admiral Nelson and Russian scientist Katya Markhova are swallowed by a whale.

Ep 2: Time Bomb

An attempt to turn Admiral Nelson into a human time bomb almost succeeds in creating war between Russia and the United States.

Ep 3: ...And Five of Us Are Left

Admiral nelson heads an expedition to find the survivors of a sunken submarine trapped for 28 years in an undersea cave.

Ep 4: The Cyborg

A plot to destroy a third of the world by having a cyborg Nelson fire Seaview's warheads is aborted by the real Nelson.

Ep 5: Escape from Venice

Admiral Nelson engineers a daring rescue of Captain Crane from a group of enemy agents in Venice.

Ep 6: The Left-Handed Man

Nelson escapes death several times as he foils a subversive plot to infiltrate the defense department through the daring of the current administration.

Ep 7: The Deadliest Game

Admiral Nelson foils a plot by an American five-star general to kill the president and trigger a nuclear war.

Ep 8: Leviathan

With his discovery of an undersea fissure, a former colleague of Nelson's turns into a menacing monster bent on destroying the Seaview.

Ep 9: The Peacemaker

Nelson battles a fanatic scientist in possession of a bomb that will destroy the world.

Ep 10: The Silent Saboteurs

Captain Crane takes the flying sub on a deadly mission to destroy a secret computer used by the enemy to intercept manned Venus space probe capsules.

Ep 11: The X Factor

Nelson and the Seaview crew battle enemy agents in a daring attempt to save a kidnapped U.S. scientist.

Ep 12: The Machines Strike Back

Unmanned submarines inexplicably aim their devastating arsenal toward the United States.

Ep 13: The Monster from Outer Space

A Saturn space probe re-enters the Earth with a strange creature attached to its surface.

Ep 14: Terror on Dinosaur Island

Aloft in the flying sub to photograph the emergence of a volcanic island, Admiral Nelson and Chief Sharkey are forced to parachute onto an island inhabited by prehistoric beasts.

Ep 15: Killers of the Deep

Aboard a U.S. destroyer, Nelson wages a harrowing battle with an enemy sub bent on stealing undersea defense missiles.

Ep 16: Deadly Creature Below!

Two convicts on the loose try to hijack the flying sub while a sea monster menaces the Seaview.

Ep 17: The Phantom Strikes

Havoc is wrought aboard the Seaview, as it is nearly destroyed by a phantom sub and its ghostly captain who seeks to reincarnate himself through Commander Crane.

Ep 18: The Sky's On Fire

While the Van Allen belt burns, a fanatical unofficial kills several aboard the Seaview in an attempt to sabotage Nelson's plan to explode the burning gases from the atmosphere.

Ep 19: Graveyard of Fear

The Seaview is nearly destroyed by a giant Portuguese man o' war when a scientist tries to force Nelson and Crane to retrieve youth serum data from his sunken research ship.

Ep 20: The Shape of Doom

In a race to keep a ship carrying the president out of danger, Nelson and Crane battle a whale that has swallowed an atomic bomb.

Ep 21: Dead Men's Doubloons

The flying sub is attacked by a ghostly, underwater pirate ship—which fires a live bombardment.

Ep 22: The Death Ship

After an entire technical crew is murdered by one of its own members aboard the Seaview, Nelson captures the killer and averts an enemy plot to blow up a seven-nation peace conference.

Ep 23: The Monster's Web

The Seaview battles a giant spider monster while retrieving explosive fuel cylinders from a wrecked nuclear sub.

Ep 24: The Menfish

The Seaview is nearly crushed by a mad scientist's giant man-fish monster gone wild.

Ep 25: The Mechanical Man

A life-like robot uses the Seaview to seize control of the world.

Ep 26: The Return of the Phantom

The phantom returns from the dead in a renewed attempt to capture Commander Crane's body.

Ep 1: Monster from the Inferno

A creature that is purely brains tries to take over the Seaview.

Ep 2: Werewolf

Volcanic radioactivity turns a scientist into a werewolf who threatens the Seaview. Meanwhile, Nelson and Crane attempt to snuff out the volcanic island.

Ep 3: The Day the World Ended

The Seaview loses contact with the world after a fanatic senator hypnotizes the entire crew.

Ep 4: Night of Terror

Shipwrecked on a mysterious island, Nelson, Sharkey and a geologist are terrorized by a giant lizard and then by hallucinations.

Ep 5: The Terrible Toys

Aliens aboard a UFO rig six windup toys in an effort to destroy the Seaview.

Ep 6: Day of Evil

An extraterrestrial stranger tries to force Nelson to destroy the Pacific fleet with a nuclear missile.

Ep 7: Deadly Waters

Kowalski's brother, injured and unreasonable, nevertheless saves the Seaview crew from a deep-sea death.

Ep 8: Thing from Inner Space

While an adventurer leads the Seaview in search of a monster that killed his camera crew, crewman Patterson tries to prove that the deaths were the adventurer's fault.

Ep 9: The Death Watch

Nelson and Commander Crane are subjects of an experiment in which they are ordered to kill each other.

Ep 10: Deadly Invasion

Faceless aliens invade Earth and try to take an underwater atomic base under their control.

Ep 11: The Haunted Submarine

Nelson is plagued by a slave trader ancestor who has come to take him away.

Ep 12: The Plant Man

The Seaview battles multiplying plant monsters and the pair of scientists who've created them.

Ep 13: The Lost Bomb

An enemy sub battles with the Seaview for an activated super bomb that threatens to explode.

Ep 14: The Brand of the Beast

Exposure to radiation causes Nelson to be afflicted by the werewolf virus.

Ep 15: The Creature: Part 2

Nelson attempts to destroy a creature that threatens to grow large enough to demolish whole cities.

Ep 16: Death from the Past

The Seaview battles two Nazi officers left over from world war II who attempt to launch ICBMs at the allied capitol cities.

Ep 17: The Heat Monster

The Seaview battles alien heat monsters on the arctic ice cap.

Ep 18: The Fossil Men

The Seaview battles hostile fossil men who wish to take over the world.

Ep 19: The Mermaid

Crane captures a mermaid who eventually leads the sub to an undersea nuclear bomb about to explode.

Ep 20: The Mummy

A 3,000-year-old mummy puts a spell on Crane and terrorizes the Seaview.

Ep 21: Shadowman

The Seaview is ensnared by a hostile enemy mass from a foreign galaxy.

Ep 22: No Escape from Death

While trying to surface after a crippling collision, the Seaview is threatened by a Portuguese man o' war.

Ep 23: Doomsday Island

The Seaview encounters terrifying extragalactic creatures who plan to use the sub's power to populate Earth with their kind.

Ep 24: The Wax Men

Hostile wax figures of the crew take over the Seaview.

Ep 25: Deadly Cloud

The Seaview is sent to investigate a mysterious cloud that has caused widespread destruction around the world.

Ep 26: Destroy Seaview

Nelson is brainwashed into trying to destroy the Seaview, and comes perilously close to succeeding.

Ep 1: Fires of Death

Nelson and his men battle to stop an aged alchemist who's endangering the whole southern hemisphere to obtain an elixir of youth from an exploding volcano.

Ep 2: The Deadly Dolls

Nelson and Crane battle a puppet master, the tool of a machine-ruled civilization, for possession of Seaview and their lives.

Ep 3: Cave of the Dead

Admiral Nelson's the target of a seaman from the past, who attempts to transfer the curse of the flying Dutchman onto him.

Ep 4: Journey with Fear

Nelson, Crane and Morton are captured by aliens and brought to their planet.

Ep 5: Sealed Orders

Mass hallucinations grip the men of the Seaview when a secret super-powered missile they are carrying emits strange fumes.

Ep 6: Man of Many Faces

A mad scientist imperils Earth by drawing the moon toward it. Trying to stop the mayhem, the Seaview's crew is hampered by the scientist's many ingenious disguises.

Ep 7: Fatal Cargo

Interest in the scientific work of a mysteriously deceased friend nearly costs Nelson his life, too.

Ep 8: Time Lock

A man from the future tries to add Nelson to his collection of zombie-like military officers.

Ep 9: Rescue

Nelson and the Seaview crew battle a saboteur spy and a mystery sub that tries to destroy them.

Ep 10: Terror

Alien plant creatures arrive to take over Earth, possessing Admiral Nelson and the Seaview's crew in the process, endangering all their lives.

Ep 11: A Time to Die

The Seaview is threatened by an odd man who proves he's able to shift people about through time.

Ep 12: Blow Up

Nelson inexplicably seizes control of the Seaview and tries to torpedo Navy ships.

Ep 13: Deadly Amphibians

The leader of an amphibian race plans to take over the Seaview to use its nuclear power.

Ep 14: The Return of Blackbeard

Blackbeard the pirate appears at a critical diplomatic moment and attempts to take over the Seaview and crew.

Ep 15: Terrible Leprechaun

The Seaview crew must match wits with an unusual enemy in their attempt to prevent a nuclear explosion.

Ep 16: The Lobster Man

Nelson and the Seaview crew manage to foil a killer crustacean's plans to destroy Earth.

Ep 17: Nightmare

Crane finds every hand against him as he tries to stop Nelson's missile attack on Washington.

Ep 18: The Abominable Snowman

In Antarctica, the crew of the Seaview is menaced by a creature created through a scientific experiment with weather.

Ep 19: Secret of the Deep

The Seaview's mission to destroy men threatening the world with highly sophisticated weapons nearly ends in disaster because of a traitor on board.

Ep 20: Man-Beast

Crane, making experimental descents in the diving bell, turns into a beast-like creature threatening all on board the Seaview.

Ep 21: Savage Jungle

The Seaview crew battles aliens on board who are planting a jungle growth that threatens to overrun the Earth.

Ep 22: Flaming Ice

The Seaview is dispatched to the polar ice cap to find the cause of destructive worldwide floods.

Ep 23: Attack

With the help of a peace-loving alien, Nelson and Crane prevent a catastrophic attack upon Earth.

Ep 24: Edge of Doom

The Seaview is endangered by an enemy agent who is impersonating one of the crew members.

Ep 25: The Death Clock

Crane, Nelson and the Seaview crew work to survive a fourth dimensional nightmare of death and destruction.

Ep 26: No Way Back

With his time device, Mr. Pem returns to the Seaview to attempt to change the course of history.