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The Dick Van Dyke Show is considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the best sitcoms in television history, as the series earned 25 Primetime Emmy nominations and won 15 Primetime Emmy Awards over its five seasons (1961–66). Over 158 half-hour episodes, the series followed the work and home life of Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke), head writer for the fictional comedy/variety series The Alan Brady Show, starring Alan Brady (Carl Reiner), with plots inspired by Carl Reiner’s real-life experiences as a writer for a live variety show, Your Show of Shows, and sketch-comedy series, Caesar’s Hour. Mary Tyler Moore portrayed Rob’s wife, Laura Petrie, and earned two Primetime Emmy Awards for her performance.

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  • 5/19 11:00PMThe Return of Happy Spangler
    "Rob returns a favor and hires an old friend and immediately regrets it."
  • 5/19 11:30PMNever Name a Duck
    "Rob brings home two ducklings from the show, and Richie wants to keep them."
  • 5/26 11:00PMThe Two Faces of Rob
    "Rob disguises his voice on the phone as a practical joke, but Laura decides to play along."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Head of the Family (Pilot)

In the original pilot, Rob Petrie (played by Carl Reiner) worries when his son doesn't appreciate his job as a comedy writer.

Ep 2: The Sick Boy and the Sitter

Rob is invited to a party at his boss' house, but Laura doesn't want to go when she senses their son is getting sick.

Ep 3: My Blonde-Haired Brunette

Worries of a dull marriage turn to worries of Rob's reaction when Mary gets a big make-over.

Ep 4: Sally and the Lab Technician

Laura sets Sally up with a shy cousin and a disastrous dinner date ensues.

Ep 5: Washington vs. the Bunny

Rob has the worst dilemma: choose to travel on business or see his son's school play.

Ep 6: Oh, How We Met on the Night That We Danced

A pair of Army boots remind Rob and Laura about the first time they met.

Ep 7: Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo.

Rob thinks that a stranger claiming to be an old Army pal is actually a con-man.

Ep 8: Jealousy!

Laura suspects the worst when Rob has to work late with a glamorous movie star.

Ep 9: To Tell or Not to Tell

Everyone wants Laura to dance on "The Alan Brady Show" -- everyone, except Rob.

Ep 10: The Unwelcome Houseguest

Rob agrees to take care of Buddy's dog and ends up in the dog house himself.

Ep 11: The Meershatz Pipe

Rob gets a bad case of envy when Alan gives Buddy a gift.

Ep 12: Forty-Four Tickets

Rob has two days to find 44 tickets to "The Alan Brady Show" promised to the PTA.

Ep 13: Empress Carlotta's Necklace

Rob surprises Laura with a necklace that she secretly hates.

Ep 14: Sally Is a Girl

Rob stops treating Sally like one of the boys, and everyone wonders if romance is in the air.

Ep 15: Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?

Buddy plots to get fired when a dream job opens up.

Ep 16: Where Did I Come From?

Richie's simple question unfolds the hilarious tale of the day he was born.

Ep 17: The Curious Thing About Women

Laura is shocked when Rob uses their breakfast banter as basis for an "Alan Brady" sketch.

Ep 18: Punch Thy Neighbor

Jerry constant teasing about "The Alan Brady Show" causes a rift with Rob.

Ep 19: Who Owes Who What?

Rob tries to find a way to secretly remind Buddy of an unpaid debt.

Ep 20: The Talented Neighborhood

"The Alan Brady Show" announces a talent contest, and Rob deals with a flood of children and their stage mothers.

Ep 21: A Word a Day

Richie has an expanding vocabulary which includes a bad word.

Ep 22: The Boarder Incident

Buddy's stay at the Petries causes endless problems.

Ep 23: Father of the Week

Richie isn't happy when Rob is awarded "Father of the Week".

Ep 24: The Twizzle

Sally discovers a musical talent with a dance move ready to sweep the nation!

Ep 25: One Angry Man

Rob reports for jury duty and has a hard time believing the attractive defendant is guilty.

Ep 26: Where You Been, Fassbinder?

Sally gets her hopes up when an old friend comes to visit around her birthday.

Ep 27: I Am My Brother's Keeper: Part 1

Rob's shy brother experiences a strange change when he falls asleep.

Ep 28: The Sleeping Brother: Part 2

Rob wants his brother to try out for "The Alan Brady Show", but can he be funny and awake?

Ep 29: The Bad Old Days

Rob yearns for the good 'ol days... until a dream takes him back to reality.

Ep 30: Sol and the Sponsor

Rob's old Army buddy visits and insults a big sponsor.

Ep 31: The Return of Happy Spangler

Rob returns a favor and hires an old friend and immediately regrets it.

Ep 1: Never Name a Duck

Rob brings home two ducklings from the show, and Richie wants to keep them.

Ep 2: The Two Faces of Rob

Rob disguises his voice on the phone as a practical joke, but Laura decides to play along.

Ep 3: The Attempted Marriage

Rob recounts his hectic wedding days.

Ep 4: Bank Book 6565696

Rob discovers Laura has a secret bank account.

Ep 5: Hustling the Hustler

Rob gets in over his head when he plays pool with a hustler.

Ep 6: My Husband Is Not a Drunk

Rob is accidently hypnotized and acts drunk every time a bell rings.

Ep 7: What's in a Middle Name?

Rob and Laura tell Richie how he got the middle name "Rosebud".

Ep 8: Like a Sister

Rob worries that Sally is falling for an "Alan Brady Show" performer and tries to break it up.

Ep 9: The Night the Roof Fell In

Two bad days lead to a worse night when Rob and Laura argue.

Ep 10: The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally

Rob thinks Sally and Buddy are having an affair.

Ep 11: A Bird in the Head Hurts

Rob and Laura wonder about Richie when he claims a woodpecker is attacking him.

Ep 12: Gesundheit, Darling

Rob worries that he's allergic to his own wife.

Ep 13: A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own

Rob worries that Jerry will find out he went to a different dentist.

Ep 14: Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra

Rob recalls directing the PTA show with Laura in the starring role.

Ep 15: The Cat Burglar

A cat burglar is on the prowl, and Rob and Laura think they're the target.

Ep 16: The Foul Weather Girl

Laura gets jealous when Rob spends too much time trying to help an old friend break into showbusiness.

Ep 17: Will You Two Be My Wife?

Buddy and Sally discovers Rob's memoir and discover there was a woman before Laura.

Ep 18: Ray Murdock's X-Ray

Rob describes Laura as a nut on TV...

Ep 19: I Was a Teenage Head Writer

Rob recalls how he became head writer and how Buddy and Sally really were.

Ep 20: It May Look Like a Walnut!

Rob falls asleep with a sci-fi movie on and gets visited by an alien from another planet.

Ep 21: My Husband Is a Check-Grabber

Rob's check-grabbing habit makes Laura mad.

Ep 22: Don't Trip Over That Mountain

Rob tries to hide his skiing injury from Laura, who told him not to go.

Ep 23: Give Me Your Walls!

Rob and Laura try to get rid of their painter who eccentric behavior causes problems.

Ep 24: The Sam Pomerantz Scandals

Rob, Laura and the office gang put together a variety show to help an old friend.

Ep 25: The Square Triangle

Rob and Laura both feel responsible for breaking up a French star's marriage.

Ep 26: I'm Not Henry Walden!

Rob is invited to a fancy dinner party for writers, only to discover he's the only comedy writer there!

Ep 27: Racy Tracy Rattigan

A guest host takes a liking to Laura and drives Rob wild.

Ep 28: Divorce

Rob gets caught in the middle when Buddy decides to divorce Pickles.

Ep 29: It's a Shame She Married Me

Rob tries to hide Laura from a big-wig she used to date and who happens to be a sponsor for "The Alan Brady Show".

Ep 30: A Surprise Surprise Is a Surprise

Laura tries to give Rob a surprise birthday party.

Ep 31: Jilting the Jilter

Sally dates a comedian who never paid Rob and Buddy for writing his material.

Ep 32: When a Bowling Pin Talks, Listen

Rob writes a sketch, only to discover another comedy show did almost the exact same thing!

Ep 1: That's My Boy???

Rob and Laura think they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital.

Ep 2: The Masterpiece

Rob accidently purchases a painting at an auction and finds a mystery.

Ep 3: Laura's Little Lie: Part 1

Laura is forced to confess to Rob that she lied about her age on their marriage certificate.

Ep 4: Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice: Part 2

Rob and Laura must go out of town to make their marriage legal without their friends finding out.

Ep 5: All About Eavesdropping

Richie's toy intercom leads to trouble when Rob and Laura turn into eavesdroppers.

Ep 6: Too Many Stars

Rob is forced to direct the PTA show again and must choose between casting Laura and a talented dancer.

Ep 7: Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius?

Rob gets amnesia from a violin!

Ep 8: Uncle George

Uncle George is on the search for wife and can't help but fall for Sally.

Ep 9: Big Max Calvada

A mobster asks the gang to write a comedy routine for his nephew.

Ep 10: The Ballad of the Betty Lou

Rob and Jerry purchase a boat, but who's going to be the captain?

Ep 11: Turtles, Ties, and Toreadors

Rob hires a maid to help Laura, but it causes a series of trouble.

Ep 12: The Sound of Trumpets of Conscience Ears

Rob debates his civic duty when he thinks he witnessed a robbery.

Ep 13: The Alan Brady Show Presents

"The Alan Brady Show" performs their Christmas variety show.

Ep 14: The Third One From the Left

Rob tries to stop a guest star from falling in love with him.

Ep 15: My Husband Is the Best One

An magazine article puts Rob in hot water when he becomes the center of attention.

Ep 16: The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer

Rob and Laura compete to find a date for their new neighbor.

Ep 17: The Life and Love of Joe Coogan

Rob runs into one of Laura's old boyfriends who has a secret.

Ep 18: A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards

While playing cards with the District Attorney, Rob realizes too late they're using his trick set!

Ep 19: Happy Birthday and Too Many More

A birthday party for Richie turns into a mess.

Ep 20: The Brave and the Backache

Laura wonders why Rob never wants to be alone with her.

Ep 21: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth: Part 1

Sally becomes famous overnight, leaving Rob and Buddy struggling to work without her.

Ep 22: My Part-Time Wife: Part 2

While Sally is away, Laura helps out at the office but drives Rob crazy.

Ep 23: Honeymoons Are for the Lucky

Rob recalls when his honeymoon with Laura was canceled.

Ep 24: How to Spank a Star

Rob's favorite star wants to guest on the show but only seems to cause problems.

Ep 25: The Plots Thicken

Rob and Laura's families fight over where Laura will be buried.

Ep 26: Scratch My Car and Die

Laura panics when she gets a big scratch on Rob's new car.

Ep 27: The Return of Edwin Carp

Rob decides to do a program honoring great radio comedians.

Ep 28: October Eve

Laura's past comes back to haunt her in form of a naked painting.

Ep 29: Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail

Rob is set to jail for disorderly conduct!

Ep 30: My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life

Rob and Laura see Jerry dining with another woman.

Ep 31: I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All

Rob worries that he's balding and takes a drastic step.

Ep 32: Teacher's Petrie

Laura takes a creative writing class, and the teacher takes a liking to her.

Ep 1: My Mother Can Beat up My Father

Rob tells a nurse how he wound up in the hospital, and it's Laura's fault.

Ep 2: The Ghost of a Chantz

Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally spend the night in a seemingly haunted cabin.

Ep 3: The Lady and the Babysitter

Richie's teenage babysitter has a crush on Laura.

Ep 4: A Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat

Crabgrass leads to crabby neighbors as Rob and Jerry start a feud.

Ep 5: The Man From Emperor

Rob is offered a job at a men's magazine but Laura doesn't like the idea.

Ep 6: Romances, Roses, and Rye Bread

Sally finds love in an unexpected place.

Ep 7: 4 1/2: Part 1

Rob tells his co-workers about the day he and Laura met a prisoner.

Ep 8: The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail: Part 2

"The Alan Brady Show" perform in prison, and Rob accidently ends up behind bars.

Ep 9: Three Letters From One Wife

A campaign to help Rob backfires when his program doesn't air.

Ep 10: Pink Pills and Purple Parents

The side effects of a special medication cause Laura to go loopy.

Ep 11: It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise

The gang want a raise, but Alan Brady's accountant plays tough.

Ep 12: The Death of the Party

Rob tries to hide the fact he is sick as he helps Laura with a party.

Ep 13: My Two Show-Offs and Me

Rob, Buddy and Sally let their egos get the best of them when a reporter is going to interview them.

Ep 14: Stretch Petrie Vs. Kid Schenk

An opportunistic old friend causes problems for Rob.

Ep 15: Brother, Can You Spare $2,500

An "Alan Brady" script, meant to air that night, is held for ransom.

Ep 16: The Impractical Joke

Buddy grows paranoid when Rob threatens to pull a prank on him.

Ep 17: Stacey Petrie: Part 1

Rob's brother returns with exciting and odd news.

Ep 18: Stacey Petrie: Part 2

Rob's brother meets his fiancée but things don't go as planned.

Ep 19: Boy #1, Boy #2

Laura and Millie become stage mothers when their sons are cast in a TV commercial.

Ep 20: The Redcoats Are Coming

The Petries are recruited to shelter popular British rock duo The Redcoats from fans.

Ep 21: The Case of the Pillow

Rob takes salesman to court over pillows that smell like chickens.

Ep 22: Young Man With a Shoehorn

Rob invests his bonus paycheck in Buddy's uncle's discount shoe store.

Ep 23: Girls Will Be Boys

Richie says a girl's been beating him up in school.

Ep 24: Bupkis

Rob discovers he didn't receive credit for a song he co-wrote years ago.

Ep 25: Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home Sweet Home

Rob and Laura's dream house has a not-so-dreamy rock.

Ep 26: Anthony Stone

Rob and Buddy discover a secret about Sally's boyfriend that'll break her heart.

Ep 27: Never Bathe on a Saturday

Laura gets stuck in the bathtub.

Ep 28: A Show of Hands

Rob and Laura accidentally dye their hands before a big banquet.

Ep 29: Baby Fat

Alan Brady asks Rob to secretly fix the play of a noted playwright.

Ep 30: One Hundred Terrible Hours

Rob recalls how he became the head writer of "The Alan Brady Show".

Ep 31: Br-rooom, Br-rooom

Laura doesn't like Rob's new motorcycle.

Ep 32: There's No Sale Like Wholesale

Rob gets more than he bargained for when he buys a wholesale coat.

Ep 1: Coast to Coast Big Mouth

Laura accidently reveals that Alan Brady is bald on live TV!

Ep 2: A Farewell to Writing

Rob goes to a secluded cabin to write his novel, but drives himself crazy.

Ep 3: Uhny Uftz

Did Rob see a UFO?

Ep 4: The Ugliest Dog in the World

Rob tries to find a home for an unattractive dog.

Ep 5: No Rice at My Wedding

Rob recalls a time when Laura almost married someone else.

Ep 6: Draw Me a Pear

Laura talks Rob into going to her art class, and he becomes the teacher's pet.

Ep 7: The Great Petrie Fortune

The Petries hunt for treasure.

Ep 8: Odd but True

The freckles on Rob's back appear to form the Liberty Bell.

Ep 9: Viva Petrie

The Petries' former maid asks them to find a job for her matador boyfriend.

Ep 10: Go Tell the Birds and the Bees

Richie has been giving his classmates lectures on the facts of life.

Ep 11: Body and Sol

Rob remembers when he was a boxer in the Army.

Ep 12: See Rob Write, Write Rob, Write

Laura is inspired to write a children's book.

Ep 13: You're Under Arrest

Angry after a fit, Rob has an even worse night.

Ep 14: Fifty Two, Forty Five or Work

Rob recalls a hard summer when Laura was pregnant and the show was on hiatus.

Ep 15: Who Stole My Watch?

Rob accuses his friends of stealing his new watch.

Ep 16: I Do Not Choose to Run: Part 1

Rob is asked to run for city councilman.

Ep 17: The Making of a Councilman: Part 2

While running for New Rochelle city councilman, Rob realizes his opponent is much more knowledgeable.

Ep 18: The Curse of the Petrie People

Laura is given and accidentally destroys a hideous brooch that tells the story of the Petrie family. Will she be able to reconstruct the pin before her mother-in-law's next visit?

Ep 19: The Bottom of Mel Cooley's Heart

Rob's parents give Laura a Petrie family heirloom: a hideous brooch.

Ep 20: Remember the Alimony

Rob and Laura recall a rough trip to Mexico where a divorce is only $10.

Ep 21: Dear Sally Rogers

A gag on live TV leaves Sally with many suitors.

Ep 22: Buddy Sorrell, Man and Boy

Rob and Sally wonder if Buddy is having an affair.

Ep 23: Bad Reception in Albany

Stuck in a hotel for a family wedding, Rob tries to find a TV for a work project.

Ep 24: Talk to the Snail

The gang quits when they think Alan is going to let one of them go.

Ep 25: A Day in the Life of Alan Brady

For a documentary, Alan Brady stages an event with Rob to make himself look good.

Ep 26: Obnoxious, Offensive, Egomaniac, Etc.

The gang accidently gives Alan Brady the wrong script which includes their true feelings about the host!

Ep 27: The Man From My Uncle

An FBI agent uses Rob's house as a stakeout to keep an eye on one of the Petries' neighbors.

Ep 28: You Ought to Be in Pictures

Rob is cast in a movie with all sorts of trouble.

Ep 29: Love Thy Neighbor

The Helpers are jealous of the Petries' new neighbors.

Ep 30: Long Night's Journey Into Day

Laura tries to spend the night alone while her family is on a fishing trip.

Ep 31: The Gunslinger

While Rob is under anesthesia, he dreams of being in a Western.

Ep 32: The Last Chapter

Rob finally finishes the manuscript for his book, and his publisher hates it.