Petticoat Junction

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Sharing a universe with rural sitcoms 'The Beverly Hillbillies' and 'Green Acres,' 'Petticoat Junction' follows Shady Rest Hotel proprietress Kate Bradley (Bea Benaderet) and her family. While lazy-but-lovable Uncle Joe (Edgar Buchanan) tends to his half-baked get-rich-quick schemes, Bradley usually has her hands full with the problems of her daughters, Bobbie Jo (Lori Saunders), Billie Jo (Meredith MacRae) and Betty Jo Bradley (Linda Kaye Henning).

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  • 6/22 5:00AMThe Barber Shop Quartet
    "Uncle Joe's proclivity for off-key singing prompts his dismissal from a barber shop quartet-- just before a local talent contest."
  • 6/22 5:30AMHiggins Come Home
    "A feud develops over the Bradley family dog's apparently divided loyalty."
  • 6/29 5:00AMGirl of Our Dreams
    "Changes due to middle age make Uncle Joe and Sam Drucker unrecognizable to a girl they both once courted."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Spur Line to Shady Rest: Part 1

The C&W Railroad sends a troubleshooter, Homer Bedloe, to Hooterville to see why the main line and the branch line do not connect to each other.

Ep 2: Quick, Hide the Railroad: Part 2

Kate bradley comes up with a plot to hide the beloved Hooterville Cannonball engine, scheduled to be scrapped by the C&W Railroad.

Ep 3: The President Who Came to Dinner: Part 1

After railroad president Norman P. Curtis breaks the throttle of the Cannonball, the folks of Hooterville are unable to attend Kate's annual jamboree.

Ep 4: Is There a Doctor in the Roundhouse?: Part 2

After Floyd Smoot is jilted by his mail-ordered sweetheart, Kate tries to restore his self-confidence by pretending to be in love with him.

Ep 5: The Courtship of Floyd Smoot

Uncle Joe gets into the cologne business.

Ep 6: Please Buy My Violets

After Homer Bedloe fails to get the Hooterville Cannonball decommissioned, C&W Railroad President Norman P. Curtis decides to go to Hooterville and do it disguise.

Ep 7: The Ringer

Betty Jo becomes the first woman to compete in the annual Shady Rest horseshoe tournament, proving to be a challenge for champion Pixley Fats.

Ep 8: Kate's Recipe for Hot Rhubarb

Kate decides it's time for Bobbie Jo to put away her books and find herself a man.

Ep 9: The Little Train Robbery

Two inconspicuous young men arrive in Hooterville to rob the Cannonball of its bank shipment.

Ep 10: Bedloe Strikes Again

Homer Bedloe, an executive with the C&W Railroad makes a second attempt at shutting the Hooterville Cannonball down.

Ep 11: Uncle Joe's Replacement

General store clerk Herbie Bates is name assistant general manager of the Shady Rest by Kate, making Uncle Joe feel like he is being replaced.

Ep 12: Honeymoon Hotel

Uncle Joe decides to turn the Shady Rest into a honeymoon haven, after being made a Justice of the Peace.

Ep 13: A Night at the Hooterville Hilton

A Hooterville travel columnist receives a brochure describing the Shady Rest as the hotel of the future.

Ep 14: Cannonball Christmas

Homer Bedloe's latest plan for decommissioning the Hooterville Cannonball falls on the holidays, as the gang are decorating the train for the annual Christmas Eve caroling run.

Ep 15: Herbie Gets Drafted

Billy Jo's boyfriend, Herbie Bates, has just been drafted.

Ep 16: Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik

A beatnik poet, Alan Landman, makes his way through Hooterville and Bobby Jo is entranced by him. It's up to Kate to show Bobby Jo the young man's true colors.

Ep 17: My Daughter the Doctor: Part 1

Billie Jo's late father has left her a $500 insurance endowment, which he wanted her to use to become a doctor. However, she has her hopes set on Hollywood instead.

Ep 18: Hooterville vs. Hollywood: Part 2

Kate wants to stop Billie Jo from heading to Hollywood, enlisting the help of Judge Drucker to determine whether she has the legal grounds to do so.

Ep 19: Visit From a Big Star

The Shady Rest gets a visit from a Hollywood star, who wishes to lie low in Hooterville for a while.

Ep 20: Last Chance Farm

Uncle Joe convinces two overweight women that the Shady Rest is actually a fat farm.

Ep 21: The Very Old Antique

Railroad executive Homer Bedloe arrives once again in Hooterville, this time with a railroad tycoon, who is determined to purchase the Cannonball.

Ep 22: The Art Game

Uncle Joe believes he is on his way to becoming a respected artist after an art collector purchases one of his paintings, unaware that he only wanted it for the unique frame.

Ep 23: Betty Jo's First Love

Betty Jo has finally met a man she likes, but he seems more interested in tinkering on cars than working on a romance.

Ep 24: Behind All Silver, There's a Cloud Lining

As a ploy to get people to stay at the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe spreads a rumor that a silver strike has been found in the area, inviting guests to dig in his drainage ditch.

Ep 25: The Talent Contest

The girls enter a talent contents that Uncle Joe arranges. He also wants to arrange it so that one of his nieces wins.

Ep 26: Kate and the Manpower Problem

In order to get Kate married again, an old friend tells the girls to dig up some eligible prospects.

Ep 27: The Ladybugs

Uncle Joe wants to cash in on Beatlemania by creating a girl group named the Ladybugs, starring his nieces and Sheriff Ragsdale's daughter.

Ep 28: The Hooterville Flivverball

Uncle Jo plans to use Orville Miggs' Flivver to power his own railroad and bankrupt the Hooterville Cannonball.

Ep 29: Kate the Stockholder

Homer Bedloe turns to harassing Floyd and Charley to rid Hooterville of the Cannonball.

Ep 30: Kate and the Dowager

A rich and powerful woman stays at the Shady Rest. Kate hopes this will improve business, but finds that she is expected to cater to every whim of the wealthy guest, no matter how ridiculous.

Ep 31: Charley Abandons the Cannonball

Charley decides it's time to quit as engineer of the Cannonball when he feels ignored by the citizens of Hooterville.

Ep 32: Dog Days at Shady Rest

Norman Curtis, the railroad president, sends his basset hound to the Shady Rest for a change of scenery.

Ep 33: A Millionaire for Kate

Uncle Joe believes an old schoolmate of Kate's is a con artist, rather than the millionaire he claims to be.

Ep 34: Bedloe and Son

Homer Bedloe returns to Hooterville with his son, Homer Jr., who is a carbon copy of his dad.

Ep 35: Local Girl Makes Good

A former resident returns to Hooterville and seems to be a self-made woman. Mary Jane is a business executive who can handle any situation and seems to have a way with men.

Ep 36: Cave Woman: Part 1

A business woman shows up in Hooterville to decide whether to hold a convention at the Shady Rest. No one seems to be able to close the deal, and Kate is missing.

Ep 37: Kate Flat on Her Back: Part 2

Kate returns with a broken leg after her ordeal of being caught in a cave-in. A business executive is still considering the Shady Rest for a business convention, and it's up to Kate to close the deal.

Ep 38: The Genghis Keane Story

When news spreads that Kate's former grade school teacher, Miss Keane, has returned to Hooterville, Kate tells her children how horribly strict her childhood teacher was. However, the years seem to have changed Miss Keane.

Ep 1: Betty Jo's Dog

Betty Jo has made a new friend, a dog which keeps following her around. Although she wants to keep him, Kate insists he must go.

Ep 2: Race Against the Stork

Uncle Joe wants to make sure everything is in order when Kate's pregnant friend comes to the Shady Rest to have her baby.

Ep 3: Have Library, Will Travel

Uncle Joe has fallen in love with librarian Phyllis Marsh, who is opening a library inside the baggage car of the Cannonball.

Ep 4: The Umquaw Strip

Railroad executive Homer Bedloe believes he has found a loophole in getting the Cannonball shut down: a Native American tribe may have a land claim to an area in which the tracks cross.

Ep 5: As Hooterville Goes

A new automatic voting machine in Crabtree Corners may end Hooterville's record as the first community in the state to file election returns.

Ep 6: My Dog the Actor

The family has a potential star in their midst. Billy Jo's dog is named as one of five finalists in a contest to be on a television dog food commercial.

Ep 7: The Great Buffalo Hunt

Uncle Joe schemes to scam British sportsmen by bringing a buffalo to the Shady Rest and telling them it's a hunting lodge.

Ep 8: Betty Jo's Pen Pal

Betty Jo's Japanese pen pal, Nobuko, comes for a visit to the U.S. and stays at the Shady Rest.

Ep 9: Bedloe's Nightmare

A psychiatrist suggests that Homer Bedloe learns to love the Cannonball in order to stop the recent nightmares he has been experiencing about the engine.

Ep 10: Kate's Bachelor Butter

When Charley and Floyd stop the Cannonball to pick apples for Kate's bachelor butter recipe, a passenger and food salesman, Jack Crandall, is shocked.

Ep 11: Mother of the Bride

Kate is shocked to hear a rumor that Billie Jo has become engaged to Dan Plout, the son of her arch enemy, Selma Plout.

Ep 12: The Lost Patrol

When the Army conducts maneuvers near the Shady Rest, the soldiers seem to be more interested in Kate's girls than war games.

Ep 13: Smoke-Eaters

The Hooterville volunteer fire department band decides that it is time to raise the funds needed to create an actual fire department for the town.

Ep 14: The Curse of Chester W. Farnsworth

Uncle Joe is convinced that the Shady Rest is haunted by a guest who visited 50 years ago, Chester W. Farnsworth.

Ep 15: There's No Flame Like an Old Flame

Uncle Joe begins corresponding with an old flame, the widow Perkins, even though she once left him standing at the alter.

Ep 16: Billie Jo's First Job

Kate is unhappy when Billie Jo lands a job as secretary to novelist Oliver Fenton, who has written books that are banned in Hooterville.

Ep 17: A Matter of Communication

The girls want a telephone added to the Shady Rest, but Kate insists that they cannot afford such a luxury.

Ep 18: Kate Bradley, Girl Volunteer

The Hooterville fire department are embarrassed when they need to call in help to put out a fire in the Cannonball.

Ep 19: Hooterville Crime Wave

Uncle Joe plans to collect a bounty by capturing a pair of fugitives roaming the area.

Ep 20: For the Birds

After a bird makes a nest in the smoke stack of the Cannonball, Homer Bedloe uses an unusual case as a means of shutting down the train.

Ep 21: Modern Merchandising

A new supermarket in Pixley finds Sam Drucker's losing all of his customers.

Ep 22: Visit From the Governor

Uncle Joe is disappointed when no one seems to support his proposal to invite the state governor for a visit in Hooterville.

Ep 23: A Borderline Story

When surveyors indicate that the Shady Rest expands to another county, Uncle Joe believes he has found a new tourist attraction and decides he'll make a profit.

Ep 24: The Shady Rest Hotel Corporation

Uncle Joe plans to pay for a new water heater by selling stock in a corporation that represents the Shady Rest.

Ep 25: A Tale of Two Dogs

Hooterville inhabitants engage in a couple of feuds with Crabwell Corners, a neighboring town. One concerns the possession of a cannonball, while the other revolves around Betty Jo's dispute over which town has the best dog.

Ep 26: The Black Box

A U.S. government top-secret camera falls out a plane and lands in the Shady Rest. Little does anyone know, the curious device could bring them "explosive" problems.

Ep 27: Bedloe's Most Fiendish Scheme: Part 1

Uncle Joe and the girls are forced to find employment after Homer arranges for the bank to foreclose on Kate's mortgage.

Ep 28: Bedloe Gets His Comeuppance: Part 2

Homer keeps pressing Kate for the money, but she and the others are determined to come up with a way to save the Shady Rest and the Cannonball.

Ep 29: The Mayor of Hooterville

Uncle Joe decides to run as the first mayor of Hooterville.

Ep 30: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Jinx?

Lately it seems Uncle Joe can't do anything right, so everyone avoids him.

Ep 31: The Chicken Killer

Betty Jo has to defend her dog when the county dog catcher claims Happy has been killing chickens on different farms.

Ep 32: Why Girls Leave Home

Bobbie Jo decides to move to New York to take singing lessons.

Ep 33: There's No Stove Like an Old Stove

Uncle Joe has had enough of chopping wood for Kate, so he hits upon an idea to make her buy a new stove.

Ep 34: The Brontosaurus Caper

Betty Jo has a new love interest, her science teacher. She even gives up baseball to have more time to dream of him.

Ep 35: The Hairbrained Scheme

Uncle Joe begins selling goat milk promoted as a cure for baldness.

Ep 36: There's No Business With Show Business

Circus owner Harry Harmon concocts a plan for he and his staff to stay at the Shady Rest without paying.

Ep 1: Dear Minerva

When Sam hands over the "Dear Minerva" column to Kate, she becomes somewhat of an anonymous celebrity.

Ep 2: The Baffling Raffle

Uncle Joe has purchased the winning raffle ticket for a new TV. The only problem? Kate has the ticket, and she's on jury duty.

Ep 3: The Dog Turns Playboy

After inheriting $200 from a former Shady Rest guest, Dog, who also just landed the starring role in a local stage production, lets his newfound wealth and fame go to his head.

Ep 4: The Good Luck Ring

Bobbie Jo counts on a "good luck" ring to help her win a spelling contest.

Ep 5: Joe Carson, General Contractor

Uncle Joe pretends he is a general contractor so he can make a few dollars handling the renovation of the Green Acres farmhouse.

Ep 6: Bobbie Jo's Sorority

In order to get into Hooterville High's only sorority, Bobbie Jo must accomplish a seemingly impossible task: land a date with the school's star athlete, who seems far more interested in sports than girls.

Ep 7: A Doctor in the House

The Shady Rest acquires a house physician, much to the distress of proprietor Kate.

Ep 8: Hooterville A-Go-Go

Kate's daughters clamor for her to invite rock 'n' roll star King Ring-a-Ding to perform at a benefit show.

Ep 9: Hooterville Hurricane

Uncle Joe becomes a fight promoter when he meets a young plumber with the size and strength of a gorilla.

Ep 10: Betty Jo Goes to New York

A week in New York City transforms Betty Jo from a country girl into a svelte sophisticate.

Ep 11: Bedloe's Successor

Homer Bedloe, archenemy of the Cannonball, returns to Hooterville in abject disgrace and poverty.

Ep 12: The Crowded Wedding Ring

One of Kate's old flames pays a visit, but his efforts to rekindle their romance are thwarted by his dominating sister.

Ep 13: Uncle Joe Plays Post Office

Uncle Joe becomes the new postmaster of Hooterville and moves the post office to the Shady Rest.

Ep 14: What's a Trajectory?

The curious ways of a Mr. Reynolds raise eyebrows when he checks into the Shady Rest. And a suspicious Uncle Joe turns vigilante when he hears the Benton Bank has been robbed, believing the culprit to be in his midst.

Ep 15: The Butler Did It

Bobbie Joe enters a contest sponsored by Gibney's Old English Tomato Sauce and wins first prize: an English butler.

Ep 16: Better Never Than Late

Kate battles rural postmasters to recover an ill-advised letter from the mail.

Ep 17: Betty Jo Catches the Bouquet

Tomboy Betty Jo goes looking for a husband on the premise that fate has singled her out to become the next bride in the community.

Ep 18: Billie Jo's Independence Day

Billie Jo moves out from under her mother's roof and discovers that independence has its drawbacks.

Ep 19: Yogurt, Anyone?

High-schooler Betty Jo poses as a college coed to gain the interest of a handsome college boy.

Ep 20: Only Boy in the Class

Bobbie Jo takes pity on the only boy in her home economics class and induces her mother to help him win a passing grade.

Ep 21: The County Fair

All the Bradley's expect to be big winners in the contests they enter at the county fair—until Uncle Joe gives them a hand.

Ep 22: Jury at the Shady Rest

Gluttonous jurors, lodged at the Shady Rest, refuse to reach a verdict because they like Kate's cooking so much.

Ep 23: The Invisible Mr. Dobble

Kate believes she has lost her mind when she finds that one of her guests at the Shady Rest is invisible.

Ep 24: It's Not the Principle, It's the Money

Hoping to win the business of a convention, Kate spruces up the Shady Rest. Meanwhile, peeved about a tax increase and scheming for its repeal, Uncle Joe does what he can to make the hotel appear run-down and shabby.

Ep 25: War of the Hotels

Kate fights a no-holds-barred "hotel war" with Murdock Sneep, unscrupulous operator of the rival Pixley Hotel.

Ep 26: The Windfall

On an excursion to Pixley (ostensibly to look for a job), Uncle Joe stumbles on a fortune in buried money.

Ep 27: Second Honeymoon

Uncle Joe's constant photography and meddling threatens the 10-year marriage of a couple who have returned to the Shady Rest for a second honeymoon.

Ep 28: Kate Sells the Hotel

Convinced that her daughters would like to move to New York, Kate clinches a deal to sell the Shady Rest.

Ep 29: Kate Bradley, Peacemaker

Kate acts as peacemaker when a feud between Floyd and Charley threatens to end the operation of the Hooterville Cannonball.

Ep 30: Whatever Happened to Betty Jo?

When Betty Jo doesn't return home from school with her sisters, Kate fears that her daughter has eloped. The concerned mother, with help from her other daughters, looks for clues in Betty Jo's room.

Ep 31: Every Bachelor Should Have a Family

When Kate's friend, Vera, says she wishes her boyfriend would propose, Kate invites him over to the Shady Rest hoping to convince him to pop the question.

Ep 32: The Young Matchmakers

Widow Kate's three daughters organize a lonely hearts club to find eligible bachelors for their mother.

Ep 33: Hooterville Valley Project

Homer Bedloe has a plan to flood Hooterville Valley to make a recreational lake, threatening both the Shady Rest and the Cannonball.

Ep 34: Betty Jo's Bike

Working toward earning money for a motorbike, Betty Jo takes up babysitting, turning the Shady Rest into one giant nursery.

Ep 1: Young Love

Uncle Joe starts a free wedding and honeymoon contest to drum up business at the Shady Rest.

Ep 2: Birdman of Shady Rest

A young crop-dusting pilot, Steve Elliott, makes a crash landing near the Shady Rest—and an equally hard impact on Kate Bradley's daughters.

Ep 3: Hooterville, You're All Heart

Steve Elliott is about to lose his crop-dusting plane, unless he can acquire the money needed for an overdue payment.

Ep 4: He Loves Us, He Loves Us Not

The Bradley girls all think handsome crop-duster Steve Elliott is in love with them.

Ep 5: The All-Night Party

Kate Bradley forbids Bobbie Jo from joining her junior-college chums on an all-night outing on the town.

Ep 6: Cannonball, Inc.

After a derailment, Hooterville residents take over operation of the Cannonball from Homer Bedloe, and demand so many changes that the train's crew decides to quit.

Ep 7: Kate Grounds Selma Plout

Kate Bradley tangles with Selma Plout when Selma tries to lure pilot Steve Elliott into marriage with her daughter.

Ep 8: The Almost Annual Charity Show

Kate Bradley loses her regular post as producer of Hooterville's almost annual charity show to her conniving archenemy, Selma Plout.

Ep 9: How Bugged Was My Valley

Hooterville is thrown into chaos when Uncle Joe tries to scare up some crop-dusting business for Steve Elliott.

Ep 10: Twenty-Five Years Too Late

The presence of a competitor for Kate's hand motivates storekeeper Sam Drucker to confess his longstanding secret passion for her.

Ep 11: The Runt Strikes Back

Tired of being treated like a youngster and passed up by the boys, Betty Jo gets a job to show that she has grown up.

Ep 12: Is There a Doctor in the Valley?

When the Cannonball begins being used by Dr. Don Craig to make house calls, the scheming Homer Bedloe sees it as more ammunition in his war agains the train.

Ep 13: The Santa Claus Special

Scrooge-like Homer Bedloe derails Kate's plan for Christmas Eve caroling and gift distributing aboard the Hooterville Cannonball.

Ep 14: My Daughter the Secretary

Kate Bradley's perennial foe, Selma Plout, schemes to cheat Kate's daughter, Billie Jo, out of a weekend in Eagle Springs, Wisconsin, for the Association of Women's Clubs Recording Secretaries annual meeting.

Ep 15: The Rise and Fall of a Tycoon

After Homer Bedloe appoints Uncle Joe general manager of the Cannonball, he becomes a tyrant and soon finds himself the sole worker on the train—just as Bedloe planned.

Ep 16: His Highness the Dog

When the canine star of a television commercial and its human director decide to stay at the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe and the girls are starstruck, leaving Dog feeling like he's been replaced.

Ep 17: Girls! Girls! Girls!

When Bobbie Jo's date for a dance can't keep the commitment, she asks Billie Jo's boyfriend, Steve, if he'd do her the favor, putting into motion a tangled sequence of dance-related date disasters.

Ep 18: Temperance, Temperance

Kate Bradley sells the virtues of human kindness to a touring temperance lecturer who is neglecting his small son.

Ep 19: A Star is Born

Residents of the Shady Rest are thrown into turmoil when a talent contest is held in Hooterville.

Ep 20: Shoplifter at the Shady Rest

With the sheriff on vacation for a few days, Sam Drucker, as Justice of the Peace, sends habitual shoplifter Eustace Pockle to jail—at the Shady Rest!

Ep 21: Don't Call Us

Billie Jo lands her first professional singing engagement, one night at the Flamingo Room in the Springdale Hotel.

Ep 22: Hey, Look Me Over

Billie Jo becomes jealous of her sweetheart, aviator Steve Elliott, and her youngest sister, Betty Jo.

Ep 23: That's Max???

Billie Jo is stunned when Steve Elliott all but announces that he is about to marry a former girlfriend.

Ep 24: The Fishing Derby

To boost business at the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe and Sam Drucker promote a fishing contest but delay paying for the prize merchandise.

Ep 25: Kate's Big Deal

Kate Bradley's daughters are first for, then against, their mother's plan to sell the Shady Rest.

Ep 26: Author! Author!

Kate Bradley becomes worried when Bobbie Jo begins associating with a strange group of friends after she wins a poetry award.

Ep 27: Steve's Ol' Buddy

The arrival of an old Air Force buddy endangers Steve Elliott's status with the Bradley sisters.

Ep 28: That Was the Night That Was

Kate Bradley's Shady Rest is patronized by a guest who gives every indication of being from outer space.

Ep 29: The Eternal Rectangle

When Billie Jo goes out of town, Bobbie Jo and Betty Jo compete for the attention of Steve Elliott.

Ep 30: Kate's Cousin Mae

Kate's cousin, Mae, comes to visit, and attracts the attention of bachelors Floyd, Charlie and Sam.

Ep 31: A House Divided

It's boys against girls when an increase in population requires the election of a new county supervisor.

Ep 32: Go Away, Fat

The Shady Rest becomes a "diet farm" when Cousin Mae brings in an overweight girl and starts a weight reduction program.

Ep 1: Is This My Daughter?

Folks at the Shady Rest find Betty Jo extremely changed after returning from a trip to Europe.

Ep 2: It's Not Easy to Be a Mother

Kate juggles assisting Betty Jo in learning how to cook and snag a husband with protecting Billie Jo from the perils of show business. Finding herself spread too thin, Kate believes she is responsible for Betty Jo making a terrible mistake.

Ep 3: One Dozen Roses

A romantic problem develops when Betty Jo finds she has a secret admirer.

Ep 4: You Know I Can't Hear You When the Thunder is Clapping

Steve and Betty Jo affirm their mutual admiration for each other, putting strain on the Bradley family, as Steve had been seeing Billie Jo for quite some time.

Ep 5: Pop Goes the Question

Thanks to Uncle Joe's loose lips, everybody in the valley knows that Steve Elliot is going to marry Betty Jo—everyone, that is, except Betty Jo.

Ep 6: A Cottage for Two

Betty Jo's ramshackle "dream house" in the woods threatens to end her romance with Steve.

Ep 7: Mind If We Join Your Wedding

Floyd Smoot, suddenly engaged to none other than Selma Plout, convinces Steve Elliott that he and Betty Jo should have a double wedding.

Ep 8: Meet the In-Laws

Steve's parents pay an unexpected visit to meet the Bradley family—and to sample Betty's Jo highly touted cooking.

Ep 9: With This Gown I Thee Wed

Betty Jo has a problem. She has four gowns to choose from for her wedding day, which she must do without upsetting anyone.

Ep 10: Hawaii Calling

Kate expects a long-distance call at Sam's store from Betty Jo and Steve in Hawaii, and Hooterville goes wild with excitement.

Ep 11: Kate's Birthday

Kate fears that her honeymooning daughter and son-in-law have forgotten her birthday.

Ep 12: The Honeymoon is Over

Steve and Betty Jo have their first argument over whether Steve should have a night out with the guys. Uncle Joe and Bobbie Jo don't help matters by dispensing their own advice.

Ep 13: A Horse On You, Mr. Bedloe

Railroad executive Homer Bedloe shows up again with a new scheme to get the Cannonball discontinued.

Ep 14: Kate's Day in Court

Kate decides to contest a jaywalking ticket she receives in Pixley.

Ep 15: Uncle Joe and the Master Plan

When Uncle Joe tries to get the Shady Rest in a Master Plan for hotel reservations, everyone bends over backwards to please a guest, whom they think is a secret representative of the Master Plan.

Ep 16: All That Buzzes Ain't Bees

Uncle Joe's entry into the beekeeping business disrupts newlyweds Steve and Betty Jo Elliott.

Ep 17: All Sales Final

Steve and Betty Jo each buy new furniture for their home without telling the other about it.

Ep 18: The Power of the Press

As two crusading newspaper reporters, Bobbie Jo and her boyfriend take over the "Hooterville World Guardian."

Ep 19: Steve, the Apple Polisher

After losing his crop dusting contract, Steve finds himself in a sticky situation when securing new work means catering to the every whim of a wealthy industrialist and his voluptuous daughter, who has eyes for newlywed Steve.

Ep 20: The Barber Shop Quartet

After Uncle Joe is kicked out of his barbershop quartet for lack of talent, he is asked to judge a competition at which the group will be performing—and he is more than happy to see his former bandmates lose.

Ep 21: Higgins Come Home

A feud develops over the Bradley family dog's apparently divided loyalty.

Ep 22: Girl of Our Dreams

Uncle Joe and Sam Drucker's middle-aged bodies make them unrecognizable to a girl they both once courted.

Ep 23: Uncle Joe Runs the Hotel

Uncle Joe takes over the Shady Rest and is almost run out of town for allegedly tossing out an old man for not paying rent.

Ep 24: Billie Jo's First Record

A slick, big-city promotion man concocts a phony publicity build-up to promote Billie Jo's first record.

Ep 25: Mae's Helping Hand

When she hears Kate is out of town, Cousin Mae comes to the Shady Rest to help run things in her absence. Unfortunately, she meddles in everyone's business and causes nothing but trouble.

Ep 26: Bad Day at Shady Rest

"Deputy" Joe Carson captures a desperate bank robber with the help of Aunt Helen and a war-surplus life raft.

Ep 27: Cannonball for Sale

When Homer Bedloe announces the Hooterville Cannonball is up for sale to the highest bidder, everyone in the valley tries to raise enough money to buy it.

Ep 28: My Pal Sam

Sam Drucker's vacation at the Shady Rest hotel turns out to be a big disappoitment for Uncle Joe.

Ep 29: Ring-a-Ding-Ding

Betty Jo and Steve swear never to remove their wedding rings, but the next day she accidentally drops hers down the drain of the kitchen sink.

Ep 30: Kate's Homecoming

Kate comes home and finds everything normal—there's a mix up on where to meet her, and fireworks set the Pixley depot ablaze.

Ep 1: Birthplace of a Future President

Betty Jo and Steve argue about where their baby should be born.

Ep 2: The Singing Sweethearts

Betty Jo reluctantly appears on a live television program as a member of The Singing Sweethearts.

Ep 3: Only a Husband

The attention lavished on the expecting Betty Jo makes Steve feel left out, so he goes fishing with Uncle Joe.

Ep 4: The Valley Has a Baby

The pregnant Betty Jo is ready to have her baby, but problems arise when Wendell, the conductor, won't wake up and Betty Jo has to drive the train herself.

Ep 5: Granny, the Baby Expert

Betty Jo and baby return from the hospital for a stay at the Shady Rest, where they are to be looked after by Dr. Granny Clampett, a kooky distant relative whose nearsightedness finds her mistaking Dog for the baby.

Ep 6: Wings

Richard Arlen and Buddy Rogers arrive for a premiere of 'Wings'—40 years late.

Ep 7: The Lady Doctor

Doc Stuart's new associate turns out to be an attractive woman, which seems to displease everyone in Hooterville.

Ep 8: The Sneaky Ways of a Woman Who is Both Beautiful and Smart

Dr. Janet Craig, rebuffed as a physician by the local males, sets out to win them over as a woman—and a good cook.

Ep 9: The Strange Case of Joseph P. Carson

In an attempt to get rid of lady Dr. Craig, Uncle Joe fakes an illness that becomes real.

Ep 10: Bye, Bye, Doctor

A handsome suitor shows up unexpectedly and threatens to take Dr. Janet Craig from the valley.

Ep 11: First Night Out

Betty Jo reluctantly allows Janet, Bobbie Jo and Uncle Joe to look after baby Kathy Jo while she and Steve go out of town on a date. But when Janet and Bobbie Jo are called away from the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe is left with the duty of looking after the child by himself.

Ep 12: A Cake from Granny

When Bedloe returns to Hooterville with a brand-new scheme to bring about the end of the Cannonball, Granny's edible gift might be the only thing to save the valley from losing its beloved train.

Ep 13: The Feminine Mistake

After several failed job attempts, Bobbie Jo writes a newspaper article about Dr. Craig, which upsets half the subscribers in Hooterville.

Ep 14: The Ballad of the Everyday Housewife

When it appears that Steve is beginning to take his wife too much for granted, Bobbie Jo tries to make him be more demonstrative.

Ep 15: The Christening

Five eminently qualified and extremely jealous rivals volunteer to be baby Kathy Jo's godfather.

Ep 16: Billie Jo and the Big Big Star

To help her new boyfriend, comedian Rick Wayne, win over the folks of Hooterville, Billie Jo gets him to star in a local charity radio show. However, when she learns his routine won't help him make friends, it's up to Billie Jo to get Rick to change his act.

Ep 17: Steve's New Job

To go to New York or not to go to New York—that is the question faced by Steve and Betty Jo after Steve gets a big job offer.

Ep 18: The Cannonball Bookmobile

Sam, Bert and Uncle Joe fawn over new-girl-in-town Adelle Colby, a librarian who opens a mobile library aboard the Cannonball.

Ep 19: A Man Called Cyrus Plout

Plans for the annual Hooterville Founders' Day celebration are wrecked by generation-gap dissension.

Ep 20: Joe Saves the Post Office

Uncle Joe leads a delegation out to Washington, D.C., to save Sam Ducker's post office.

Ep 21: I'm Allergic to Daddy

Steve Elliott is declared out of bounds in his house when it appears his baby daughter is allergic to him.

Ep 22: Uncle Joe Retires

Lazy Uncle Joe, who fancies himself a human dynamo, announces his retirement.

Ep 23: The Organ Fund

The Hooterville folks are faced with a larcenous fundraiser when they try to find enough money to buy the church a new organ.

Ep 24: The Great Race

The future of the Shady Rest hangs on the outcome of a race between the Cannonball and an overland taxi.

Ep 25: Tune in Next Year

The people of Hooterville do everything they can think of to prevent Dr. Craig from leaving to work for a famed neurologist.

Ep 26: By the Book

Steve Elliott hurriedly takes off on a crop-dusting job, not knowing he underbid for the assignment by $1800.

Ep 1: Make Room for Baby

Dog suddenly becomes a second-class citizen at the Shady Rest when Steve, Betty Jo and Kathy Jo move in.

Ep 2: The Game Warden

When Uncle Joe gets caught with too many fish by Game Warden Orrin Pike, he tries every scheme he can think of to get out of paying the fine.

Ep 3: The Other Woman

Betty Jo finds herself growing jealous of the attention Steve is giving to their daughter, so the pair go on a second honeymoon together at their old cottage. But the couple's romantic mood is spoiled by a lack of electricity, Mr. Haney's intrusive realty service and a bunch of hobos.

Ep 4: One of Our Chickens is Missing

Two rough motorcyclists, suspected of poaching, are too many and too tough for Game Warden Orrin Pike to capture.

Ep 5: The Three Queens

Sparks fly when the three Bradley sisters and Dr. Craig find themselves competing in a beauty contest.

Ep 6: The Glen Tinker Caper

An unknown singer tries to smuggle an adorable Vietnamese orphan into the United States by bringing her to Hooterville.

Ep 7: The Tenant

When a glamorous author, with her eyes on Steve, moves into the Shady Rest to write a novel, the girls work overtime to find a way to get her to leave.

Ep 8: Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots

Dr. Craig mobilizes an effort to inoculate the whole valley with flu shots, but a hillbilly family with a stubborn patriarch threatens to ruin her plans.

Ep 9: A Most Momentous Occasion

Bickering over sharing a bathroom with Uncle Joe leads to Steve and Betty Jo considering moving out. They haven't had much luck with Mr. Haney's realty choices, and Haney isn't much help either in helping Joe install a new bathroom at the hotel.

Ep 10: The Camping Trip

Bobbie Jo invites her new boyfriend, Orrin, along on a family camping trip, much to the chagrin of Uncle Joe.

Ep 11: Kathy Jo's First Birthday

It's Kathy Jo's first birthday, and everyone might miss the party, including her!

Ep 12: Goodbye, Mr. Chimp

Uncle Joe tries to get rid of the pet chimp who is gradually wrecking the Shady Rest.

Ep 13: The Golden Spike Ceremony

Uncle Joe discovers that the 75th anniversary of the railroad between Hooterville and Pixley is approaching, and seeks to take control of the ceremony.

Ep 14: But I've Never Been in Erie, PA

An industrialist registers at the Shady Rest and offers Uncle Joe a chance to make a fortune.

Ep 15: How to Arrange a Marriage

Bobbie Jo keeps giving blatant hints to Billie Jo's new boyfriend, hoping to talk him into marrying Billie Jo.

Ep 16: Selma Plout's Plot

Selma Plout's scheme to snag a husband for her daughter almost forces Steve out of the crop-dusting business.

Ep 17: With This Ring...

Orrin Pike is observed buying a ring, and the family jumps to the conclusion that he's going to propose to Bobbie Jo.

Ep 18: The Valley's New Owner

Shy Orrin Pike becomes a big man when an old deed indicates he is the legal owner of the entire Hooterville Valley.

Ep 19: Steve's Uncle George

Steve's Uncle George visits the Shady Rest hotel and lives up to his reputation as a troublemaker.

Ep 20: Susan B. Anthony, I Love You

Bille Jo returns from Chicago with a visionary zeal for the women's liberation movement, and enlists her sisters in "the cause."

Ep 21: Spare That Cottage

It becomes a tragic matter when it appears that Steve and Betty Jo's honeymoon cottage will be demolished for a new highway.

Ep 22: Whiplash, Whiplash

Selma Plout tries to slap a lawsuit against Uncle Joe for a whiplash injury suffered in a fall from a hammock.

Ep 23: Last Train to Pixley

Floyd retires, once again leaving Uncle Joe to take over the duties of running the Cannonball. His strict schedule-keeping is the least of the valley's worries, as the C&W Railroad is planning to scrap the train for a tax write-off!

Ep 24: Love Rears Its Ugly Head

The latest idea that Billie Jo brings back to the valley from her time in Chicago is sensory awareness: touching yourself and others in different ways to understand them better and thus truly love them.

Ep 25: No, No, You Can't Take Her Away

The Bradley's are shaken by the news that a handsome and wealthy doctor is coming to visit their own Dr. Janet Craig, with intentions of offering her a place at his side at a new practice in Hawaii.

Ep 26: Betty Jo's Business

Betty Jo Elliott starts a day nursery to augment the family income.