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A working class man constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day. All in the Family continually leads lists of the greatest television series in history, and it's clear to see why. Norman Lear's groundbreaking sitcom tackled hot topics that other shows were afraid to touch and set a record as the first television series to top the Neilsen ratings for five consecutive years.

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  • 7/28 8:00PMArchie's Contract
    "Irene and the Jeffersons bail the Bunkers out after Archie buys two thousand dollars worth of aluminum siding from a fast-talking saleman."
  • 7/28 8:30PMMike's Friend
    "Gloria is made to feel like an intellectual outcast when she spends the evening with Mike and his graduate-school friends."
  • 7/28 9:00PMThe Best of All in The Family (Part 1)
    "A look back at the first five seasons of All in the Family with flashbacks, this episode was hosted by Henry Fonda."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Meet the Bunkers

It's Edith and Archie Bunker's 22nd wedding anniversary and their daughter Gloria and her husband Mike are planning a surprise Sunday brunch. Edith is pleasantly surprised, however, Archie's "no big deal" attitude leads to a huge argument with his son-in-law on topics ranging from Archie's prejudices, problems with the nation's government and Mike's atheism.

Ep 2: Writing the President

Mike writes a letter to President Nixon protesting everything that's wrong with America, including the state of the environment and the nation's involvement in Vietnam. Archie finds out, and to refute his son-in-law's claims, he decides he also will write a letter to Tricky Dick, praising the nation's chief.

Ep 3: Archie's Aching Back

While moonlighting, driving a taxi for Bert Munson, Archie is in a minor fender bender with a Jewish woman. Archie doesn't think much of it, that is until he hears Lionel's story about how George and Louise collected a fine sum of money (enough to open their first cleaning store) from an automobile accident settlement. Thus, Archie suddenly comes down with a bad case of whiplash and insists on a Jewish lawyer to handle the case.

Ep 4: Archie Gives Blood

Mike is set to go down to the blood bank to donate some blood and asks Archie if he would like to donate. Dead set against it, Archie refuses to donate blood because he's afraid that his vital fluids might get mixed in with those of a different race. After some coaxing, Mike gets Archie to come to the blood bank, but Archie takes one look at some blood and passes out.

Ep 5: Judging Books by Covers

Roger, a friend of Mike and Gloria's, stops by for a visit. Archie takes one look at him and labels him as gay due to what Archie considers effeminate behavior, even though Mike insists that he isn't. Mike soon makes a realization that one of Archie's drinking buddies, Steve is actually a well-adjusted, sports loving, straight-acting, gay man.

Ep 6: Gloria Has a Belly Full

Gloria comes home from the doctor with some news: she's pregnant. This leads to a big argument between Archie and Mike so Mike decides to quit school and move out. Archie doesn't believe him, that is until Mike gets a job in Detroit and plans on moving there. However, plans for a move are suddenly halted when Gloria suffers a miscarriage.

Ep 7: Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit

Just before leaving on a flight to Europe, Mike's hippie friends need a place to stay for the night. Mike invites them to stay in the Bunker's living room, however, Archie objects citing that no unmarried couple will spend the night together under his roof. But a night of arguing begins to take its toll on everyone, as the fighting begins to stretch into the early morning hours.

Ep 8: Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood

When Jim Bowman sells his house, Archie discovers that a new family is moving to the neighborhood. Fearing that Jim sold to a Jewish family, he goes over to investigate, only to discover that the new family is black. Archie quickly hopes to round the neighborhood up and try to force the family out of the area. However, Archie is in for a shock when he discovers it is Lionel's family that has come to the neighborhood.

Ep 9: Edith Has Jury Duty

Edith is all excited that she has been chosen for jury duty. When Archie realizes that she may be sequestered, he forbids her to be on the jury, wanting to keep her at home to cook and clean for him. When she is sequestered, Archie fends for himself. However, Edith's stay may be longer than anticipated when she turns out to be the hold out vote in a murder trial.

Ep 10: Archie Is Worried About His Job

Archie stays up all night, expecting a phone call from a security guard who has inside information. It seems his company is laying off and he fears he may lose his job. With Archie not sleeping, no one else in the Bunker household can sleep either and it soon turns into a three ring circus as a cop, a drunk, a pizza delivery man and Edith's friend Clara all stop by at 4 a.m.

Ep 11: Gloria Discovers Women's Lib

Gloria has been reading books on women's lib and encourages Edith to try a little liberation herself. However, Mike won't take any of her ideas, which leads to huge fight in which Gloria demands that Mike recognize her as an equal partner in their marriage. When Mike refuses to do so, Gloria storms out of the house and moves in with a friend.

Ep 12: Success Story

A delivery man delivers two gifts to the Bunker household. First, he delivers a box of fancy cigars and then a gift basket with assorted alcohol. Archie realizes they’re from his good friend Eddie Frazier, who's hit it big in the used-car trade. However, Mike soon learns that Eddie may not be as successful as he wants people to think.

Ep 13: The First and Last Supper

Archie is all set to go to the Mets game; however, Edith has different plans for the evening after she accepted an invitation to go to dinner with the Jeffersons. When Archie discovers this, he comes up with the excuse that Edith sprained her ankle, thus he turns down the invitation, but this is all in vain, when Lionel suggests Louise bring the dinner over to their house. Meanwhile, Archie discovers that George refuses to break bread with "whitey."

Ep 1: The Saga of Cousin Oscar

Archie is furious with his houseguest, Cousin Oscar. It seems when they were kids, Oscar bullied Archie and now Oscar is taking full advantage of his visit at the Bunkers. Archie wants to throw him out, but Oscar makes an exit of his own when he turns up dead. This leaves Archie left with the funeral arrangements which drives him up the wall after looking over the costs.

Ep 2: Gloria Poses in the Nude

Mike's artist friend, Szabo, is coming to the Bunker's house for a visit. Archie is a bit perplexed for two reasons. First, he is Hungarian. The other is that he sketches models in the nude. Szabo gets a great idea that Gloria should pose in the nude for him (an idea Gloria is all for). However, Archie is dead set against it and Mike doesn't seem to have any problems with it. That is, until Archie's nagging leads to him having second thoughts.

Ep 3: Archie in the Lock-Up

Mike and Lionel are planning on attending a demonstration at the United Nations. However, the rally gets out of hand and news of it appears on TV. This worries Gloria who begs Archie to go down there and get Mike. Later, Mike and Lionel return with reports that protesters were arrested. Pretty soon, the family figures out that Archie has been mistakenly arrested and is trapped in jail with a group of radicals.

Ep 4: Edith Writes a Song

The family manages to collect $30 in the family pot and an argument ensues when Edith wants to use the money to set her lyrics for a song to music. Meanwhile, Archie is disturbed by robberies in the neighborhood and wants to use the money to buy a gun. They ultimately decide to go with Edith, but before Archie can return the pistol to the store, two robbers break into the house and hold the Bunkers at gunpoint.

Ep 5: Flashback: Mike Meets Archie

Mike and Gloria are all excited about their first wedding anniversary and order take-out as a special dinner. Sitting around the dinner table, an argument ensues which leads to Edith recalling the day Archie met Mike. It seems that things even then weren't smooth sailing, however, the real bombshell came when Mike and Gloria also announced that same day that they were planning to be married.

Ep 6: The Election Story

A local election has the Bunker family in turmoil as Mike and Gloria are all for Claire Packer, a woman, which is exactly why Archie is dead set against her. However, once down at the voting booths, Archie soon realizes that he can't vote because he isn't registered, leaving it up to him to try to convince Edith to vote for his candidate of choice.

Ep 7: Edith's Accident

At the grocery store, Edith has an accident in the parking lot. She loses control of her shopping cart which smashes into a car and a can of Cling Peaches (in heavy syrup) flies out of the cart, onto the car, and makes a dent. She immediately leaves a note on the car with her name and number. This boggles Archie's mind and he does all he can to try to get out of paying for damages.

Ep 8: The Blockbuster

The Bunkers are having problems with their furnace which gets Archie entertaining the idea of possibly moving to California. When an unscrupulous black real-estate salesman, Mr. Byrd, offers Archie a hefty sum of money for his home, Archie is all for it despite Mike's warnings that Byrd is a blockbuster (someone who persuades white home-owners to sell by appealing to the fear that minority groups will move into the neighborhood causing property values to decline).

Ep 9: Mike's Problem

Mike is all stressed out with upcoming exams leaving him impotent and frustrated. Gloria encourages him to discuss it with her, but he refuses. Gloria confides in Edith what the problem is, and in turn she tells Archie. This leads Archie to enter the situation, trying to give Mike advice, but this just makes matters worse.

Ep 10: The Insurance Is Canceled

Archie comes home from work in a particularly awful mood because he has to make an important decision at work: whether to lay off a minority worker or a white man. His decision to lay off a Puerto Rican leads to an interesting visit to the Bunker household. To compound his stress, Archie learns that his insurance has been canceled when his neighborhood is redlined as a bad risk.

Ep 11: The Man in the Street

Archie comes home from work in a great mood and orders Edith to have dinner ready and waiting, because he has an important date to watch the CBS Evening News to see himself on it. Apparently, Archie was interviewed as a man-on-the-street voicing his opinions on Nixon's presidency. However, getting to see himself proves to be difficult for him, when the TV breaks down.

Ep 12: Cousin Maude's Visit

Edith has been running herself ragged caring for Archie, Mike and Gloria, who have all come down with a terrible flu. This prompts her to call on her extremely liberal Cousin Maude to come and stay with the Bunkers and help out. Maude proves to be salt in an already open wound for Archie, who has never liked Maude and vice versa.

Ep 13: Christmas Day at The Bunker's

It's Christmas Day and Archie is the only one not in the Christmas spirit. Mike and Gloria question him, but he refuses to reveal what's bugging him. The Jeffersons come over to wish the Bunkers a "Merry Christmas", but this does anything but cheer Archie up especially since Henry is dressed as Santa.

Ep 14: The Elevator Story

The Bunkers are celebrating Edith's birthday at an Italian restaurant in the city when Archie discovers that Edith failed to mail out a payment to the insurance company. This leads him to run across the street to drop it off. However, on his way he gets stuck in an elevator along with a pregnant Puerto Rican and her husband, an aging hippie, and an erudite black businessman.

Ep 15: Edith's Problem

Archie, Mike and Gloria are stunned when Edith becomes a rollercoaster of moods, going from joy to anger to tears in a snap of a finger. Gloria sits her down and suggests that perhaps she's beginning menopause. This worries Edith, who becomes convinced that Archie doesn't love her or find her attractive anymore. Meanwhile, the family tries to cope with Edith.

Ep 16: Archie and The FBI

A man shows up at the Bunker's door claiming to be a government agent and begins asking questions about Larry Grundy, a neighbor of the Bunkers. Archie soon becomes paranoid when he receives a phone call from a neighbor saying that Archie too is being investigated. As paranoia overwhelms him, Archie becomes convinced that he's being watched that perhaps the house is bugged.

Ep 17: Mike's Mysterious Son

Edith answers the door to find a woman on the stoop with a young boy. The woman casually mentions that she's dropping Mike's son off and promptly leaves. Edith now finds herself in the awkward position of explaining to the rest of the family where the boy came from. When he finds out, a stunned Mike doesn't know what to say, but does admit to Gloria that he had been intimate with the boy's mother.

Ep 18: Archie sees a Mugging

Archie and Mike head down to the store to get some items and on the way out Archie witnesses a mugging. Archie doesn't want to get involved in the matter and refuses to tell the police what he saw. However, when he is forced to get involved, he embellishes his story, citing that the mugging was an attempted mafia hit.

Ep 19: Archie and Edith Alone

Mike and Gloria go away for eight days to spend some time in a commune, leaving Archie and Edith to spend some quality time together. Archie and Edith settle down for a quiet game of cards but when she lets him win, Archie insults her and they get into a big fight. Edith refuses to forgive Archie until he apologizes.

Ep 20: Edith Gets a Mink

Edith gets a package in the mail and discovers that it is a mink cape sent to her as a 'thank you' gift by her Cousin Amelia for Edith taking care of her after a surgery. When Archie sees the cape, he is furious (since he takes it the wrong way) and demands that she give it back. However, that's when the cape is ruined in an accident and Archie sees a chance to make a three-hundred-dollar profit.

Ep 21: Sammy's Visit

To get some extra cash, Archie has gotten a job driving a taxi for Bert Munson. Archie is in for a big surprise when one of his passengers turns out to be Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy inadvertently leaves his briefcase behind and arrangements are made for him to retrieve the briefcase at the Bunker house. As usual, Archie's ignorance and bigotry are full force as he nervously awaits Sammy's arrival.

Ep 22: Edith The Judge

One Sunday afternoon, Archie comes home from the laundromat in fury. It seems that he overloaded one of the machines causing the machine to eat his clothes and cause a flood. The irate proprietor of the laundromat, soon stops by the Bunker home to get Archie to pay for the damages but Archie refuses. Soon Edith is called in to act as judge to decide who is at fault in the matter.

Ep 23: Archie is Jealous

Gloria is reading over an old love letter that Mike had sent her. This leads to a conversation between Gloria and Edith concerning an old flame of Edith's with whom she once spent a weekend. However, when Archie hears of Edith's supposed innocent weekend, he hits the roof and demands that Edith not keep any secrets from him.

Ep 24: Maude

Edith's cousin, Maude, invites Archie and Edith to the wedding of her daughter, Carol. However, Carol and Maude are not looking forward to Archie, since the man she is marrying happens to be Jewish. Later, the men and the women have their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, but a grumpy Archie decides to stay in the motel. Meanwhile, Carol realizes just what her fiancée envisions as married life.

Ep 1: Archie and The Editorial

Archie gets fed up with a television editorial when this week's issue concerns gun control. Archie rails against gun control, battles it out with Mike and ultimately decides to go on the TV show with a rebuttal. Later, Archie meets his two biggest supporters, a pair of stickup artists who rob him at gunpoint.

Ep 2: Archie's Fraud

Archie's Sunday job, driving taxi cabs for Bert Munson, has been a fine extra job for additional income. However, Archie has failed to report the extra income on his tax returns. Archie goes down to the IRS to explain, and soon discovers that he will be audited by the IRS. Trying to get out of it, Archie considers bribing the agent.

Ep 3: The Threat

Archie gets word that an old Army buddy who once saved his life is coming to town with his wife, Bobbi Jo. Archie offers to have them stay at his place. When Bobbi Jo arrives early, Archie gets an eyeful of the voluptuous woman and his guilt over his lust begins to show through to Mike and Gloria. Edith overhears a conversation between Archie, Mike and Gloria and out of concern for her marriage, makes a pivotal decision.

Ep 4: Gloria and The Riddle

Gloria has become friends with a girl named Tammy and they have been organizing a Women's Fair. Male chauvinism is put to the test when Gloria poses a riddle to Mike and Archie who are stumped when they can't come up with the answer. Archie even goes to his drinking buddies for help, but to no avail. However, it is Edith who suddenly comes up with the answer (an answer that Archie doesn't want to hear).

Ep 5: Lionel Steps Out

Archie's niece has been visiting the Bunkers and having a great time. She's even made friends with Lionel and loves going out on the town with him. However, a picture taken of the two of them becomes the thing that clues Archie in on their blossoming relationship and he hits the roof, citing that people should stick to their own race.

Ep 6: Edith Flips Her Wig

Edith comes home from shopping in a terrible state; it seems she had been arrested for shoplifting. Apparently, she had walked out of a store, wearing a wig, while trying to give bus directions to a woman. Edith becomes convinced that she has become a kleptomaniac, after finding that she also "stole" a necklace. Edith begins to obsess and Mike suggests that she see a psychiatrist, however, Edith has something in mind herself; she visits a priest.

Ep 7: The Bunkers and The Swingers

Edith finds a magazine on the subway and reads an ad in the "swap" section. Not realizing what is actually being asked for, Edith assumes the couple is looking for friendship. Mike and Gloria, in a rush, try to explain what they really want. However, it isn't until the couple is actually standing in the Bunker's living room that Edith realizes, with a little help from Louise, that they are "swingers" and they want to swap with Archie and Edith.

Ep 8: Mike Comes Into Money

Mike comes into some money when his Uncle Alex dies and leaves him $275. Archie tries to persuade Mike into giving the money to him for room and board, but Mike would rather give it to George McGovern's presidential campaign. This sparks a big feud, leading to a dinner separation: Gloria and Mike buy and cook their own food while Edith and Archie do the same.

Ep 9: Flashback: Mike & Gloria's Wedding (Part 1)

Edith is in a celebratory mood for Mike and Gloria's second wedding anniversary. While sitting around the dinner table enjoying a special cake, the family recalls Mike and Gloria's wedding. They also recall how Mike's Uncle Casimir met Archie and how they butted heads over who would perform the ceremony.

Ep 11: Mike's Appendix

Both Archie and Gloria come home in bad moods after a hard day's work. This leads to yet another argument over women's liberation. Meanwhile, Mike has been having a pain in the side and the doctor tells him that he needs to have an appendectomy. This leads Archie and Gloria's argument to the proficiency of women doctors. Mike would rather have a more expensive male doctor rather than a cheaper woman doctor.

Ep 12: Edith's Winning Ticket

When Edith finds some old lottery tickets that she has totally forgotten about, Archie hits the roof claiming she was wasting money. However, Archie's attitude quickly changes when the family discovers that one of the tickets is a winner, but there is a catch: Edith claims the tickets don't belong to her, but belong to George Jefferson.

Ep 12: Mike and Gloria Meet

The family relives Mike and Gloria's blind date where they first insulted each other and ended up having sex in the kitchen.

Ep 12: Flashback: Mike & Gloria's Wedding (Part 2)

The family continues to reminisce on Mike and Gloria's second wedding anniversary and they recall the actual day Mike and Gloria got married. As Archie and Mike's Uncle Casimir continue to butt heads, Edith must gather up strength to tell Gloria about 'the birds and the bees'.

Ep 13: Archie and The Bowling Team

Archie comes home in a fantastic mood for a change and it's all because he has the chance to possibly join a prestigious bowling team, the Cannonballers. After waiting six years, it seems that there is finally a vacancy on the team and Archie is planning to try out, even though the team practices discrimination in admitting members.

Ep 14: The Locket

Edith's antique locket is missing and Archie sees it as a way to collect from the insurance company to buy a new television set. Confident of getting the insurance money, Archie orders a new color set, only to have an insurance adjuster arrive at the house to question the claim.

Ep 15: Archie In The Hospital

Archie has been suffering from a terrible pain in his back and has become a terrible pain to Edith, who has been waiting on him hand and foot. When the doctor takes a look at him, he orders Archie to be admitted to the hospital for tests. This is where Archie befriends the other patient in his room, but because of a partition, Archie doesn't realize the man is black.

Ep 16: Oh, Say Can You See

Archie begins to realize that he's not as young as he used to be when he finds that he may need glasses. To make matters worse, middle-aged Archie can only envy the eternally youthful outlook of his friend and contemporary, Bill Mulheron. He is especially impressed that the toned, flashily garbed Bill has managed to attract a sexy young bedmate named Tina. However, Archie soon discovers all is not as it seems.

Ep 17: Archie Goes Too Far

Archie is searching the house for a magazine to prove to Mike that he was right concerning a debate that they are having. However, Archie oversteps his boundaries and searches Mike's room where he discovers a poem that Mike once wrote. This leads to a huge argument concerning privacy and Mike storms out to Lionel's while Gloria and Edith storm out and have a slumber party at the apartment of one of Gloria's friends.

Ep 18: Class Reunion

Edith gets an invitation to attend her 30th high school class reunion, but when Archie refuses to escort her, she decides not to go. When her Cousin Amelia shows up to question Edith about her decision, Edith learns that an old flame, Buck, will be attending the reunion. Suddenly, Archie decides that he would like to go. However, when Buck does finally show up, Archie is in for a surprise since the once good looking track star seems to have lost his good looks.

Ep 19: The Hot Watch

Archie comes home with a brand new watch and claims that he got a bargain on it, since he was told that it was a $300 watch and he got it for $25. Later, Archie is crestfallen when he discovers that the watch is broken. Meanwhile, Mike is convinced that the watch is stolen and encourages Archie to be careful, since the serial number may lead the jeweler to discover that indeed Archie has a hot watch. Thus, Archie scrambles to find a jeweler who will fix it with no questions asked.

Ep 20: Archie is Branded

One morning Archie gets up, goes to his front door to get the newspaper and is shocked to discover that someone has painted a swastika on his front door. Archie soon gets into a debate with Mike as to who could have painted it and why. As Archie is calling the police to report it, the Bunker home gets a visit from a man from a Hebrew vigilante group who wants to plan some retaliation.

Ep 21: Everybody Tells The Truth

Archie, Edith, Mike and Gloria go out to a French restaurant and recall the events of the day. Each one of them has a vastly different version of the day's events. It seems that the Bunker's refrigerator is on the fritz and a pair of repairmen enter the scene. However, in the end, the fridge doesn't get repaired and it's Edith's version of the day that explains why it didn't get fixed.

Ep 22: Archie Learns His Lesson

Archie swears Edith into secrecy when he begins attending night-school classes to qualify for a high school diploma in hopes of getting a promotion at work. However, Edith spills the beans and soon Mike and Archie must learn to share a study space, but that proves to be difficult.

Ep 23: Gloria, The Victim

Gloria comes home from work in a most unusual mood. She later confides in Edith that on the way to work, she had been attacked by a construction worker near a construction site. When Mike and Archie find out about this, they try to encourage her to report it, but she is hesitant and totally uncomfortable with the idea of telling a detective all the details of the crime.

Ep 24: The Battle of The Month

Being her time of the month, Gloria is in a complete foul mood and gets into a big argument with Edith, lambasting her for letting Archie boss her around. Soon, Gloria gets into a big fight with Mike and decides to sleep on the couch, however, no one can sleep when Mike and Gloria's bickering keeps Archie and Edith up. Meanwhile, all of this puts a damper on Gloria's birthday celebration.

Ep 1: We're Having A Heat Wave

A heat wave hits New York, putting all of the Bunkers in bad moods and, to put salt on an already open wound, the air conditioner breaks down. When the house next door is put up for sale, Archie puts together a petition to prevent more minorities from moving into the neighborhood. Henry Jefferson hops on board when he discovers that a Hispanic family is looking at the home.

Ep 2: We're Still Having A Heat Wave

The new neighbors, Irene and Frank Lorenzo, settle into the house next door. Soon Archie is annoyed with both of them, as Irene makes friends with Edith and Archie soon grows jealous of all the time that Edith is spending with her. Meanwhile, Archie also becomes annoyed with Frank, whose constant singing filters into the Bunkers home prompting Archie to buy an air horn to combat the noise.

Ep 3: Edith Finds An Old Man

While shopping at the supermarket, Edith befriends a lonely old man, Mr. Quigley, who ran away from the nursing home. Edith swiftly brings him home with her and Archie is less than thrilled to have a constant reminder of his own advancing years hanging around the house. Meanwhile, Mr. Quigley has another problem when he can't get a hold of his uncaring daughter.

Ep 4: Archie and The Kiss

While spending time at the Lorenzo's home, Gloria admires a statue replica of Rodin's 'The Kiss." Seeing the admiration in Gloria's eyes, Irene gives her the statue. However, when she brings it home, Archie is infuriated by it, citing that it's pornography. There is also another problem that arises when Frank wants the statue back and that Irene had no right to give it away.

Ep 5: Archie The Gambler

Archie comes home in a great mood, bearing gifts of perfume for Gloria and bubble bath for Edith. However, Edith becomes deeply distrubed to find out Archie won money while playing the horses. It seems that he had promised never to gamble again, twenty years prior, when his addiction got so bad that Edith threatened to leave him.

Ep 6: Henry's Farewell

Henry Jefferson seems to be moving away to open up his own cleaning store in another county and Louise and Lionel are planning a going away party. Archie refuses to set foot in the Jefferson's home and George Jefferson refuses to have white people in his home. So when the party is moved to the Bunker's, George makes an unexpected visit and finally meets the Bunkers.

Ep 7: Archie and The Computer

A computer error leads Edith into collecting a small fortune in quarters sent to her in the mail by a prune company. When Archie discovers this, he immediately wants to keep the money and doesn't want Edith to say anything to the company. However, Archie has a computer problem of his own when the Veteran's office officially declares him dead.

Ep 8: The Games Bunkers Play

Mike is all excited when the Lorenzos and Lionel are coming over after dinner for a game of 'Group Therapy.' Archie takes one look at some of the questions that are asked during a game and quickly rushes off for drinks at Kelsey's bar. Later, during the game, Mike childishly refuses to accept criticism from everyone involved.

Ep 9: Edith's Conversion

Archie becomes concerned when Edith begins attending Irene Lorenzo's church. Edith also begins wearing a Catholic medallion and gets literature on how to be Catholic. This leads Archie to believe that Irene is trying to convert Edith to Catholicism. Meanwhile, with the rising meat prices, Gloria brings home horse meat and makes it for dinner.

Ep 10: Archie In The Cellar

Irene installs the new lock on the cellar door just as Mike and Gloria go away for the weekend and Edith leaves for a baby shower leaving Archie home alone. Not having paid attention to Irene's instructions, Archie locks himself in the basement. After finding a bottle of Polish vodka, Archie spends a long night contemplating his life through the haze of a drunken stupor.

Ep 11: Black Is The Color of My True Love's Wig

Wanting to try something new, Gloria buys a brunette wig and it immediately arouses Mike, who desperately tries to get Gloria to wear it while they make love. However, Gloria is insulted which leads to a big fight that lands Mike to sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, Archie is out of town on a Veteran's retreat, but when he arrives home he finds himself in the middle of the argument centering on the wig.

Ep 12: Second Honeymoon

For her 25th wedding anniversary, Edith is planning a romantic second honeymoon getaway to Atlantic City, the same place they went on their first honeymoon. However, trying to keep it a secret and trying to get Archie to come along may be a challenge, since he is all excited about an upcoming basketball game.

Ep 13: The Taxi Caper

Archie's moonlighting, driving cabs for Bert Munson, puts him in harms way when a young man pulls a gun on him and demands his wallet. Down at the police station, Archie is eager to identify the suspect, that is until an influential politician attempts to dissuade Archie by bribing him from pressing charges against the perpetrator.

Ep 14: Archie is Cursed

Archie spouts off his ideas about women in sports and claims that men can play any sport better than women. Hearing this, Irene challenges Archie to a pool match, where he is eager to prove his point, that is until he discovers Irene has won pool tournaments. This is when he backs off and complains of a sore back to get out of the bet, claiming Frank has put an Italian curse on him.

Ep 15: Edith's Christmas Story

The Christmas season has everyone in the Christmas spirit. For a joke, Archie purchases some fake nose and mustache glasses that were on sale, but Mike also happened to go to that same store and hit that same sale. Meanwhile, Edith returns from a doctor checkup and confides in Gloria the fact that she has a lump in her breast and she fears it may be breast cancer.

Ep 16: Mike and Gloria Mix It Up

One evening, Edith and Archie go out for the evening to a party that Edith's Cousin Amelia is having, leaving Mike and Gloria with the house to themselves. When Gloria makes sexual advances on Mike, the two become embroiled in a huge argument, in which Mike insists that the man is supposed to make the first move.

Ep 17: Archie Feels Left Out

It's Archie's 50th birthday and Edith, Gloria and Mike are planning a surprise party for him. However, Archie finds out about the party and Edith insists that he act surprised when he walks through the door. Meanwhile, Archie isn't so happy about celebrating his birthday when Archie insists that he's 49, but Mike confirms that he indeed is 50 years old, according to his birth certificate.

Ep 18: Et Tu, Archie

Archie is all excited when an old friend whom he used to work with, Joe Tucker, stops by for a visit. Archie soon discovers that Joe, who has been unemployed for quite some time, is trying to get a job at Archie's plant. Archie soon tries to sabotage Joe's efforts to land a job at the loading dock because he's afraid the man might be in line for his position.

Ep 19: Gloria's Boyfriend

Gloria befriends the box boy, George, who works at the local supermarket and happens to be mentally handicapped. When Archie discovers this, all of his misconceptions come pouring out and he encourages Gloria not to lead him on. Meanwhile, Archie encourages George to take a break at the Bunker's while George is still on the clock. George's father storms over to the Bunker's home with the bad news that George has been fired.

Ep 20: Lionel's Engagement

Edith, Mike and Gloria are each extended a special invitation to attend Lionel's engagement party. However, Archie isn't invited, that is until a big argument between Louise and George results in Louise deciding to invite him. Later, during the party, George is in for a big shock when it turns out that Lionel's fiancée, Jennie has interracial parents.

Ep 21: Archie Eats and Runs

Archie comes home for a nice dinner that Edith has prepared: beef and mushroom stew. Later, when Mike comes to the table for dinner, he finds Archie has completely finished his meal and then breaks the news that there has been a recall at the supermarkets of a certain brand of mushroom. Convinced that he has food poisoning, Archie rushes down to the hospital for treatment.

Ep 22: Gloria Sings the Blues

Gloria comes home from work one evening in a total apathetic mood. When Archie tries to find out what's wrong with her, she snaps at him and storms off. Later, Edith gets to the bottom of Gloria's mood when she confides in Edith that she thinks that she has temporarily fallen out of love with Mike (something that Edith confesses happened to her and her feelings for Archie). Meanwhile, Archie and Mike prepare for a fishing trip.

Ep 23: Pay The 20 Dollars

Archie stops by Jefferson Cleaners to pick up some dry cleaning and pays with a twenty dollar bill. Later, a furious George shows up at the Bunker's front door claiming the bill Archie passed to him was counterfeit. This leads to two separate arguments: one between Archie and George and the other between Edith and Louise. Louise and Edith quickly make up and soon put a plan into motion that would clear up the entire mess between George and Archie.

Ep 24: Mike's Graduation

Mike's graduation day is coming up fast and Mike is a nervous wreck as he studies for his exams. Surprisingly, Archie begins acting nicely to Mike, since Archie has high hopes that once Mike graduates, he will finally move out of the house and begin repaying Archie the room and board that he owes him. However, as Mike's test results come in, Archie's in for a shock as Mike is offered a fellowship to get his masters degree thus, the Stivics are going to live for one more year with the Bunkers.

Ep 1: The Bunkers & Inflation (Part 1)

The Bunker's breadwinner tries to avoid breaking the news that his union has called a strike.

Ep 2: The Bunkers & Inflation (Part 2)

Tempers flare in the Bunker household when Archie finds himself with nothing to do but sit around the house.

Ep 3: The Bunkers & Inflation (Part 3)

When strike negotiations bog down, Archie grudgingly trades places with Edith and allows her to take a job at Jefferson's dry cleaners.

Ep 4: The Bunkers & Inflation (Part 4)

Archie's union serttles the strike,but under terms that effectively leave him worse off than he was before the walkout.

Ep 5: Lionel The Live-in

Lionel has a fight with his parents and moves into the Bunker's house for a night.

Ep 6: Archie's Helping Hand

The rising tide of feminism confronts Archie on all sides when Edith joins a women's group and Irene lands a job alongside him on the loading dock.

Ep 7: Gloria's Shock

Gloria is shocked when Mike announces that he doesn't plan on having children.

Ep 8: Where's Archie (Part 1)

Edith holds her first Tupperware party under a cloud of worry when Archie disappears on his way to a union convention in Buffalo.

Ep 9: Archie is Missing (Part 2)

With no word from Archie after twenty-four hours, the family faces the possibility that he might've run off with another woman.

Ep 10: The Longest Kiss (Part 3)

Archie returns from his sorry adventure -he got sidetracked to a podiatrists' convention in Rochester- to find his friends and family celebrating his return with kissing contests,Hula Hoops, and ballroom dancing.

Ep 11: Archie and The Miracle

After an accident on the loading dock brings Archie within inches of his life,he suddenly becomes a devout-if somewhat hypocritical- churchgoer.

Ep 12: George and Archie Make a Deal

George Jefferson seeks Archie's help when he runs for local political office.

Ep 13: Archie's Contract

Irene and the Jeffersons bail the Bunkers out after Archie buys two thousand dollars worth of aluminum siding from a fast-talking saleman.

Ep 14: Mike's Friend

Gloria is made to feel like an intellectual outcast when she spends the evening with Mike and his graduate-school friends.

Ep 15: The Best of All In The Family (Part 1)

A look back at the first five seasons of All in the Family with flashbacks, this episode was hosted by Henry Fonda.

Ep 15: The Best of All In The Family (Part 2)

Henry Fonda hosts an hour-long retrospective of high points from the show's first four years.

Ep 16: Prisoner In The House

A plumber's assistant causes Archie agony when he finds out the worker is a convict on a work-release program from Sing Sing.

Ep 17: The Jefferson's Move Up

The Bunkers bid fond farewell to the Jeffersons when their neighbors abandon Queens for the nouveau-riche life in a Manhattan high rise.[This episode was the pilot for "The Jeffersons."]

Ep 18: All's Fair

Gloria gives Edith a lesson in marriage assertiveness.

Ep 19: Amelia's Divorce

Edith is surprised to discover that her cousin Amelia's ideal marriage is rotten to the core.

Ep 20: Everybody Does It

Archie's steals a box of nails from work and finds himself at the center of a household debate on morality.

Ep 21: Archie and The Quiz

Archie feels the weight of his own mortality after a magazine quiz on life expectancy gives him another seven years - tops.

Ep 22: Edith's Friend

Edith is reunited with her childhood sweetheart when she returns to her hometown for a wedding

Ep 23: No Smoking

The Bunker house is locked in a battle of wills after Mike vows he can go without food longer than Archie can abstain from smoking.

Ep 24: Mike Makes His Move

After a fruitless seach for new lodgings, Mike and Gloria agree to rent George Jefferson's old house-even though it means living next door to Archie.

Ep 1: The Very Moving Day

As Mike and Gloria are getting ready to move into their own home, Gloria comes home with news from the doctor that she's pregnant and announces it to an overjoyed Archie and Edith. However, she is a bit nervous about announcing her unexpected pregnancy to Mike because of his stubborn attitudes concerning overpopulation. When Mike does find out he has a mixed reaction, ultimately resulting in him storming out.

Ep 2: Alone At Last?

Teary farewells turn into fireworks when Mike hits Archie with five years of repressed rage, only to discover that he and Gloria can't move out for another week after Mike reveals he forgot to turn on the gas and electricity at his new home.

Ep 3: Archie, The Donor

Archie tries impressing his boss by making the maximum contribution to his favorite charity and unwittingly donates his body to medical science.

Ep 4: Archie, The Hero

Archie gets a rude shock when the tall,classy dame whose life he saved in a taxicab turns out to be a man.

Ep 5: Mike's Pains

Mike must decide if he wants to be in the delivery room during the birth of the baby.

Ep 6: Chain Letter

Archie's refusal to particpate in a chain letter triggers a string of unlikely events.

Ep 7: Mike Faces Life

Mike becomes the sole support of a growing family when Gloria loses her job because of her pregnancy.

Ep 8: Edith Breaks Out

Archie feels abandoned after Edith begins to volunteer part-time at the Sunshine Home for the Elderly.

Ep 9: Grandpa Blues

Archie has difficuly keeping his blood pressure down for a company physical after the family launches into a heavy debate over the baby's name.

Ep 10: Gloria Suspects Mike

Gloria suspects hanky-panky when she meets the beautiful blonde Mike's been tutoring after school hours.

Ep 11: The Little Atheist

Thanksgiving dinner becomes a family battleground when Archie discovers that Mike and Gloria don't want to impose the family's religious beliefs on their baby.

Ep 12: Archie's Civil Rights

Archie gets a lesson in civil liberties when he's arrested using outlawed tear gas to protect himself against a mugger.

Ep 13: Gloria Is Nervous

Gloria takes out her frustrations about being pregnant on Mike.

Ep 14: Birth of The Baby (Part 1)

It appears that Gloria may have her first baby in an Italian restaurant.

Ep 15: Birth of The Baby (Part 2)

Edith and Archie cause havoc at the hospital when Gloria is about to have her baby.

Ep 16: New Year's Wedding

Mike continues to make decisions without consulting Gloria.

Ep 17: Archie, The Babysitter

Mike & Gloria get one of Mike's students to babysit Joey. Archie feels that the babysitters are too radical and takes care of babysitting himself along with his poker foursome.

Ep 18: Archie Finds a Friend

It looks like Archie has turned over a new leaf when he befriends a Jewish man.

Ep 19: Mike's Move

Mike's integrity is put to the test when he loses a teaching position to an equally qualified black candidate.

Ep 20: Archie's Weighty Problem

Energetic Justin Quigley inspires Archie to stick with the diet his doctor has recommended.

Ep 21: Love By Appointment

Mike and Gloria's sex life suffers after they have to begin planning their encounters around the baby's feeding schedule.

Ep 22: Joey's Baptism

Archie baptizes Baby Joey without Mike and Gloria's permission.

Ep 23: Gloria and Mike's House Guests

A broken furnace forces Archie and Edith to spend a few nights under the Stivic's roof during a power blackout.

Ep 24: Edith's Night Out

Edith abandons her stick-in-the-mud husband to liven things up on her own during an evening out at Kelsey's Bar.

Ep 1: Archie's Brief Encounter (Part 1)

Edith leaves Archie when she finds out he a dated a flirtatious waitress while she was volunteering at the Sunshine Home.

Ep 2: Archie's Brief Encounter (Part 2)

Edith forgives Archie's indiscretions after Mike and Gloria bring the two together for an emotional reunion.

Ep 3: Archie's Brief Encounter (Part 3)

Edith forgives Archie's indiscretion after Mike and Gloria bring the two together for an emotional reunion.

Ep 4: The Unemployment Story (Part 1)

Archie's self-esteem takes a beating when he loses his job on the loading dock.

Ep 5: The Unemployment Story (Part 2)

A college grad threatens to commit suicide after he loses a jaintor's job to Archie.

Ep 6: Archie's Operation (Part 1)

Archie's trip to the hospital is an ethnic nightmare. He's admitted by a Puerto Rican receptionist, treated by a Jewish physician, and is forced to accept a blood transfusion from a black doctor.

Ep 7: Archie's Operation (Part 2)

Archie recuperates in record time after he's called back to work-with a raise and a promotion.

Ep 8: Beverly Rides Again

As a practical joke, Archie fixes up one of his drinking buddies with female impersonator Beverly La Salle.

Ep 9: Teresa Moves In

The Bunkers take in a boarder to help revive their battered budget.

Ep 10: Mike and Gloria's Will

Mike and Gloria are having a discussion over who will take care of Joey, just in case there comes a time when both of them are unable to care for the little tyke before his 18th birthday. Mike has serious reservations over allowing in-laws Archie and Edith to get custody of Joey, particularly due to what he perceives as Archie's bad influences. Gloria is having a hard time convincing Mike.

Ep 11: Mr. Edith Bunker

Edith saves a man's life and becomes the toast of the town,but Archie isn't happy standing in the shadow of her limelight.

Ep 12: Archie's Secret Passion

Edith discovers Archie once had a brief encounter with an old high school friend she's invited to dinner.

Ep 13: The Baby Contest

Archie enters Joey in a newspaper's beautiful baby contest, against the express wishes of Mike and Gloria.

Ep 14: Gloria False Alarm

Gloria insists that Mike get the vasectomy he's talked about for years.

Ep 15: The Draft Dodger

The clash of two worlds explodes in this episode. Mike's friend is a Draft Dodger and it is Christmas dinner and unbeknownst to Archie this guy is sitting at his Christmas dinner table. The guy is exactly everything Archie hates about Mike's generation. On top of this Archie's friend is also spending Christmas dinner with the Bunkers and he lost his son to the war.

Ep 16: The Boarder Patrol

Returning home unexpectedly, Archie and Edith surprise a scantily clad Teresa and her boyfriend.

Ep 17: Archie's Chair

Mike accidentally breaks Archie's Chair.

Ep 18: Mike Goes Skiing

Mike asserts his independence by leaving Gloria behind while he joins his friends on a weekend skiing trip.

Ep 19: Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye

Archie reluctantly agrees to deliver Stretch Cunningham's eulogy, unaware that his departed friend was Jewish.

Ep 20: The Joys of Sex

Both Gloria and Mike help Edith and Archie express their sexual interaction after catching Edith reading How to be your Husband's Mistress.

Ep 21: Mike The Pacifist

Stranded in a subway train with different personalities, Mike is shocked when he punches a man for the very first time in his life after the man had pushed Gloria aside.

Ep 22: Fire

The Bunkers and Teresa wake up with their bathroom on fire! Archie expects money cashing in from the insurance company, until he finds out he's guilty for starting the fire.

Ep 23: Mike and Gloria Split

Before bedtime, Mike and Gloria have a game of Scrabble in which Mike ends up winning. He uses this game as an opportunity to rub Gloria's nose in the fact that he has to be better at everything, leading to an argument between the two.

Ep 24: Archie, The Liberal

When Archie and the guys at the lodge are being called bigots in the papers because they are only white, Archie suggests to initiate a black jewish guy.

Ep 25: Archie, Dog Day Afternoon

Archie must spend his afternoon at the vet when he accidentally runs over Barney's annoying--but cute--dog with his cab.

Ep 17: Aunt Iola's Visit

Archie refuses to let Edith's elderly aunt move into their spare bedroom, even after she's been turned away by every other relative.

Ep 1: Archie Gets the Business (Part 1)

When Kelsey finally decides to sell his bar, nothing will stop Archie from getting it--even if it means forging Edith's signature against her will.

Ep 2: Archie Gets the Business (Part 2)

Edith is upset when she discovers Archie has forged her signature to get the bar. But Mike will influence Mrs. Bunker to change her mind.

Ep 3: Cousin Liz

When Cousin Liz dies, Edith and Archie learn more about her than they ever thought. When a roomate of Liz, Veronica, comes out of the closet to Edith, she also admits that she was more than just roomates with Liz.

Ep 4: Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 1)

Before Edith arrives home, Gloria and Mike teaches Archie the plan for Edith 50th birthday surprise party which will be taken at 6 o'clock at the Stivics house. Edith comes back home while Archie and the Stivics leave to decorate the house for the party. A sudden knock at the door reveals a cop. Edith welcomes the policeman inside the house who claims that there's a rapist in town but he slips out that it's him. Edith is held at gunpoint and pushed on the couch. The rapist slowly strips Edith! Before it can go any longer, the phone rings. The rapist orders Edith to get rid of the caller as soon as possible. When she does, Archie knocks at the door, wondering why the hell the door is locked. The rapist hides himself in the closet and once again orders Edith to get rid of Archie. She does as quickly as possible. Still stranded in the house with the armed man, they suddenly smell something burning. It was the cake which Edith previously started to bake. They rush to the oven where the room is just smoke. When she it pulls, she tosses the hot cake in the rapist's face and rushes outside the kitchen door, but he stops her. She knees him in the groin and exits as soon as possible out of the front door and interupts the party, running into Archie's arms.

Ep 5: Edith's 50th Birthday (Part 2)

When Edith tells the story to the family in tears, Gloria and Mike believe she should report to the police while Archie fears Edith will be the one going to jail. Two weeks later, Edith is still ironing sheets for no reason and keeps running upstairs when someone knocks on the door. Gloria tells her dad to give her some TLC (Tender Loving Care). But while he does so, Gloria gets a call from the policemen asking her to identify the rapist. Edith is afraid, but with convincing, Archie takes Edith to the police station.

Ep 6: Unequal Partners

Archie must delay his weekend fishing trip with Barney when Edith announces that she has invited people from the SunShine Home to attend an elderly couple's wedding at 704 on the same day Archie planned to leave.

Ep 7: Archie's Grand Opening

On the eve of his grand opening, Harry quits Archie's bar when the bigot bosses Harry around. Helpless, Edith and the Stivics come on time and gladly decide to help out. With a great crowd, Archie faces more problems; Mike can't get the right mixes, Edith sings, the guys are after Gloria and not only that, Archie's boss at the loading docks arrive where Archie quits, upseting Edith.

Ep 8: Archie's Bitter Pill (Part 1)

Archie is depressed when business at his bar has gone slow. His friend offers him some pills that will cheer him up. Archie takes two when Edith and the Stivics visit Archie at the bar. Archie, overly excited, discusses his dreams of his bar being extended to other states and people will love it. When the pills slowly fade out of Archie's system, he realises that his dream may never come true, and falls in the arms of his wife in tears.

Ep 9: Archie's Road Back (Part 2 of Bitter Pill)

A despondent Archie retreats to his bedroom, until Harry offers to bail him out with a partnership offer for the bar.

Ep 10: Archie & The KKK (Part 1)

Archie is invited to a meeting with some pals. They discuss Mike's article in the newspaper and how offending it is. The leader asks Archie if he wants to join them and give Mike a lesson he'll never forget. Archie agrees, but little does he know he just initiated the KKK (Kweens Kouncil of Krusaders).

Ep 11: Archie & The KKK (Part 2)

Archie devises a plan to prevent the Klan from burning a cross on Mike and Gloria's lawn.

Ep 13: Edith's Crisis of Faith (Part 1)

Edith's religious faith is shaken after her friend, female impersonator Beverly LaSalle, is brutally murdered by street thugs at Christmas.

Ep 14: Edith's Crisis of Faith (Part 2)

Mike is put in the hospital and Beverly LaSalle is murdered by a thug at Chistmas.

Ep 15: The Commercial

Edith is chosen to appear in a tv commericial but finds herself unable to lie when she begins to doubt the quality of the sponsor's detergent.

Ep 16: Archie and The Superbowl

Archie's Place is robbed on Superbowl Sunday, the busiest day of the year.

Ep 18: Love Comes To The Butcher

Archie is jealous when a lonely butcher lavishes attention on Edith.

Ep 19: Two's a Crowd

Mike and Archie have a long talk after they find themself locked in the storeroom of Archie's Place.

Ep 20: Stalemates

Mike and Gloria are sure the romance has gone out of their marriage when even a weekend in the Poconos fails to reignite the spark.

Ep 21: The Brother

Archie's estranged brother returns, after twenty-nine years, to smooth things over before he enters the hospital for a serious operation.

Ep 22: Mike's New Job

The Stivics prepare to move to California after Mike is offered a teaching position in Santa Barbara.

Ep 23: The Dinner Guest

Edith is crushed when Mike and Gloria make their other plans after she's prepared a special farewell dinner in their honor.

Ep 24: The Stivics Go West

The Bunker house is the scene of many tearful good-byes when Mike and Gloria finally leave for California.

Ep 1: Little Miss Bunker

Edith's cousin Floyd abandons his nine-year-old daughter, Stephanie, on the Bunkers' doorstep.

Ep 2: End In Sight

Archie spends a night wallowing in self-pity when an insurance physical reveals an ominous spot on his liver.

Ep 3: Reunion On Hauser Street

The Bunkers attempt to reunite Blanche and Barney Hefner after her latest fling with an exterminator fizzles

Ep 4: What'll We Do With Stephanie?

The Bunkers decide to keep Stephanie after her father fails to reclaim her as promised.

Ep 5: Edith's Final Respects

Edith is the sole mourner at her Aunt Rose's funeral.

Ep 6: Weekend In The Country

Archie and Edith are invited to spend a fishing weekend with Barney and Blanche at their cottage. But after a game of Monopoly, an argument between Barney and Blanche begins. That night, Archie is uncomfortable to sleep with a man (Barney) in bed, while Edith and Blanche rate their husbands as a lovers. By the end, Blanche and Barney makeup and Archie tries to forget everything.

Ep 7: Archie's Other Wife

At an American Legion convention, Archie awakens facing a beautiful black airline stewardess who swears they were married the night before.

Ep 8: Edith vs. The Bank

With the TV broken, Edith decides to buy a new one for Archie for their 30th wedding anniversary. But when the clerk won't let Edith buy a TV without Archie's signature because she's a woman, she goes to the bank for a loan. There too, she can not borrow money because she is just a housewife with no job, making Edith furious. Helpless, Edith goes home and asks Archie for $500, but she won't tell him why (surprise). During their conversation, Edith discovers that Archie may be sexist also.

Ep 9: The Return of The Waitress

Edith finally confronts the waitress who tempted Archie's fidelity after Harry unwittingly hires her to work at Archie's Place.

Ep 10: Bogus Bills

Edith is arrested for passing phony $10 bills she got from Archie's Place.

Ep 11: The Bunker's Go West

After Mike and Gloria cancel their trip home for Christmas, the Bunkers decide to travel west for the holidays.

Ep 12: California, Here We Come (Part 1)

The Bunkers head out to California for Christmas to find out that Mike and Gloria are having marital problems.

Ep 13: California, Here We Come (Part 2)

Separation is Archie's reaction when he discovers that Gloria has been unfaithful to her husband. For the first time in nine years, he turns his back on his daughter and sides with Michael.

Ep 14: A Night at The PTA

When Edith develops laryngitis on the eve of her singing debut at Stephanie's PTA recital, Archie steps in to understudy the duet.

Ep 15: A Girl Like Edith

When Edith invites butcher Klemmer and his new sweetheart, a Russian who is the spitting image of Edith, she notices that Klemmer might have the hots for Edith and not for her.

Ep 16: The Appendectomy

Edith and Archie rush Stephanie to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy on the eve of her 10th birthday. Luckily, the surgery goes perfectly, so they celebrate both Stephanie's birthday and the success of her operation.

Ep 17: Stephanie & The Crime Wave

Archie and Edith are shocked when they discover that Stephanie has been stealing some of her favorite teacher's (and the Bunkers') belongings. But Stephanie admits that she stole these things so that when she returns to her dad's, she'll have something to remember them by.

Ep 18: Barney, The Gold Digger

Barney Hefner is suicidal when Blanche finally deserts him, until Archie fixes him up with an overweight but wealthy widow.

Ep 19: The Return of Archie's Brother

When Archie's brother, Fred, visits Archie to open up a business, he also brings his 18 year old wife, Katherine. Both, Archie and Edith, and even Stephanie, are shocked as they find out. While the new bride and Edith cook supper, Archie and Fred argue about Katherine's age. Before dinner, Fred (and Katherine) leave the Bunker's home, canceling the business. In bed, Edith asks Archie if he were a single 55 year old man, would he go for a young girl. Archie answers no.

Ep 20: Stephanie's Conversion

After Stephanie comes back from Sunday School, Rev. Chong visits Edith to tell her that even though she is welcome anytime at Sunday School, Stephanie is Jewish. Edith accepts it, unlike Archie. Selfishly, Archie decides to change Stephanie's religion but Edith interrupts that it's not his decision. So Edith brings Archie and herself to visit a Rabbi to get more information of the religion. Later that night, Stephanie awaits at the porch for the return of Edith and Archie. She and her uncle discuss and he approves that it's her decision and whatever religion she'll be, he'll love her the way he has.

Ep 21: Edith Gets Fired

When an ill woman tells Edith to let her die with dignity at the SunShine Home, the woman's family are furious after her death. The manager fires Edith for her selfishness, even though Edith honoured the woman's wish. Later that night, the woman's daughter thanks Edith to be with her mother as she passed away since she (the daughter) never got to visit her own mother back then.

Ep 22: 200th Episode Celebration of All In The Family, The

Norman Lear hosts an affectionate look at the high points of his ground-breaking TV series.

Ep 23: The Family Next Door

Louise Jefferson returns for a visit at the Bunker's place to ask Edith if she can sell her (Louise's) former house. Edith doubts but Archie makes her agree so that they (mostly he) can choose white people to move in. When Edith sells the house to a couple and she invites the lady to her house, Archie realises that the woman is black and so is her husband. But Archie isn't disturbed when he finds out that the man is a cop, which could be good for Archie's safety.

Ep 24: The Return of Stephanie's Father

Stephanie's father, Floyd, finally arrives with a devastating proposition for the Bunkers: They can keep Stephanie if they agree to pay him $1000 cash!

Ep 25: Too Good Edith

On Archie's St. Patrick's Day Party at the tavern, he discovers that Edith is terribly ill after doing a lot of cooking for him. Sidney comes to the rescue and is able to save Edith before it's too late and he also tells Archie that he knew about her illness before and so did Edith. Sidney mentions that he did tell Edith to stay off her feet, but obviously, with the cooking for Archie, she didn't listen to his instruction. Archie visits Edith upstairs and is disappointed that she didn't get rest instead of doing something for his party. Instead of leaving to host it, Archie falls asleep in the arms of his lover, Edith.