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Star Trek

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"Beam ME up!" Get ready for intergalactic adventure on 'Star Trek.' Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew of the USS Enterprise boldly go where no show has gone before in this classic sci-fi television series. As emissaries of the Starfleet, a spaceborne humanitarian and peacekeeping armada, Kirk and a crew of humans and aliens explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy, finding interstellar adventure at every turn. A true icon of the sci-fi genre, the series is the first offering from a franchise that has fulfilled Mr. Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) directive to "live long and prosper."

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Are these aliens from 'Lost in Space' or 'Star Trek'?

Danger! You must think highly logically to pass this sci-fi test.

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8 fabulous facts about Joan Collins

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TV aliens, ranked

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6 times Sulu lost it...or almost did

The Enterprise's helmsman wasn't always calm, cool and collected.

Well, it turns out redshirts are not more likely to die on 'Star Trek'

Being a redshirt isn't as bad as it sounds.

Fan favorite from 'The Office' set to revive iconic 'Star Trek' character

From Scranton, Pennsylvania to Outer Space.

"Lost" wax figures of the 'Star Trek' cast will soon be on display

It's been called the "holy grail" of Star Trek fandom.

19 items from the 1979 Sears catalog that will give you a 1970s overload

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The story of 'Phoenix Five,' Australia's attempt at 'Star Trek'

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Watch all of Captain Kirk's captivating kisses on 'Star Trek'

Captain Kirk is the casanova of outer space.

R.I.P. Lawrence Montaigne, character actor best know for 'Star Trek'

He nearly replaced Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

The original Romulan Bird of Prey model from Star Trek was trashed

There's a behind-the-scenes reason the Romulans switched to Klingon spaceships.

Star Trek's phaser rifle helped sell the series but was never used again

This cool prop gun disappeared for decades. Discover its fate.

11 visual details you never noticed in 'Star Trek'

It takes a keen eye to spot the bubble wrap, missing fingers and North America.

Did Lady Gaga travel back in time to star in this 1968 'Star Trek' episode?

You can still find Star Trek's influence all over pop culture today.

9 TV catchphrases that were never actually said

"Society, you got some 'splaining to do!"

These vintage ads prove 1967 was far more hi-tech than you remember

Yes, we had portable video cameras and music in our pocket half a century ago.

Illustrator boldly transforms 'Star Trek' characters into cats

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11 things you never knew about Khan, the greatest 'Star Trek' villain

Happy 50th birthday, KHAAAAAAAAN!

11 forgotten and failed backdoor pilot episodes

These episodes were meant to spawn new series — and failed more often than not. Look for them on MeTV.

15 forgotten sci-fi and fantasy series of the 1970s

Time-traveling trains and robot cops!

New 'Star Trek' television series delayed again

At this rate, we'll have to wait until the 23rd century to watch new episodes.

Let's look at 33 adorable cats on classic TV shows

Who says you can't herd cats? We rounded up bunch.

How to build your own 'Star Trek' spaceships out of paper

All you need is a printer, scissors and a lot of patience.

8 classic TV stars still touring in 2017

Look no further if you need some laughs this year.

The man who made Spock's ears was a true humanitarian and patriot

Pioneering makeup artist John Chambers helped Jonathan Harris overcome a fear — and helped free hostages.

14 covers of TV Guide that prove 1967 was actually a great year for television

Carol Burnett, Raymond Burr and Sally Field all had starring roles 50 years ago.

10 minor goofs you never noticed in 'Star Trek'

They'll still make ships out of wood in the 23rd century.

The Star Trek prop that predicted the flip phone is back

Want to chat like Spock? A new Communicator will link to your cell phone.

14 strange and sincere Christmas albums by classic TV characters and stars

Get in the Christmas spirit with rare records from Bonanza, Brady Bunch and Star Trek actors.