The Woody Woodpecker Show

Saturdays at 8 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
A collection of timeless cartoon shorts, that span from 1934 to 1972, featuring the mischievous Woody Woodpecker and his colorful cast of friends including Chilly Willy, The Beary Family, Inspector Willoughby, Andy Panda, and more.

Next Airings

  • 7/20 8:00AMBats in the Belfry, Guest Who?, Fractured Friendship, Tumble Weed Greed, Goofy Gardener, Maw and Paw, Woodpecker From Mars
    "Woody Woodpecker bothers a wealthy man who has been diagnosed as alergic to noise., Junior wins a monkey as a dance contest prize and tries to hide it from his family., Smedley wants to move to a warmer climate, but Chilly tries to prevent his friend from leaving., Woody wins a cash prize and goes on vacation with it, but Buzz Buzzard wants to steal the cash., A butler tries to stop the gardener from disturbing the guests at a fancy party., Milford, the family pig, wins a new car for the family, but no one knows how to drive it., Woody gets mistaken for a Martian on earth, only to be sent to Mars by the human authorities and perceived as an alien by the martians when he lands."
  • 7/27 8:00AMBillion Dollar Boner, Rah Rah Ruckus, Mouse Trappers, Woody Woodpecker, Chilly's Ice Follies, Kiddie Koncert, Belle Boys
    "A man will receive one billion dollars but only if he doesn't harm Woody Woodpecker who won't stop pestering him., Charlie tries to stop Junior and Suzy from practicing their cheer routines in the house., Papa Panda unsuccessfully tries to catch a mouse in the house., Curious to find out if he's crazy, Woody Woodpecker goes to a hungry fox psychiatrist., Chilly and Maxie accidentally free a baby wooley mammoth from a block of ice and have to take care of him., Wally conducts a whimsical animal band., Woody and Buzz compete for the affections of the beautiful actress Ga Ga Gazoon."
  • 8/3 8:00AM
*available in most MeTV markets