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'The Beverly Hillbillies' is perhaps the best-known rags-to-riches story in television history. After accidentally striking it rich, the Clampetts move from their backwoods cabin to a Beverly Hills mansion. They dream of a life among swimming pools and movie stars, but their humorous hillbilly lifestyle clashes with the "city folk" of Beverly Hills.


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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: The Clampetts Strike Oil

Jed Clampett's swamp is loaded with oil. When a wildcatter discovers the huge pool, Jed sells his land to the O.K. Oil Company and, at the urging of cousin Pearl, moves his family to a 35-room mansion in Beverly Hills, California. But when they get to their new home, which they think is a prison and the gardeners are inmates, they are mistaken for vandals and get arrested.

Ep 2: Getting Settled

The Clampetts finally arrive at their new home, but find there aren't any of the conveniences of their old home. Jethro makes a few new discoveries, things they have never seen before, like pink chickens (flamingoes) and a cement pond. When Miss Jane Hathaway arrives, the executive secretary for Mr. Drysdale, she mistakes the clan for a staff of bumbling, insubordinate backwoods servants.

Ep 3: Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin

The Clampetts find that the comforts of the mansion do not always compare to the comforts of their former mountain shack. Elly gets gifts and tips from Miss Jane on how to be a Beverly Hills girl, and Jethro believes Jane likes him.

Ep 4: The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale

When Mr. Drysdale describes Mrs. Drysdale as being a hypochondriac, the Clampetts assume she must be a drunk. With his wife coming home, Drysdale and Jane try to prevent her from meeting the family before they can shape the hillbillies up.

Ep 5: Jed Buys Stock

When Drysdale suggest buying good stock, Jed quickly buys some cows, pigs and chickens. Meanwhile, Granny has plans to sober up Mrs. Drysdale, who the family believes is a lush. And Mr. Drysdale is trying to hide the new hillbilly neighbors from his wife.

Ep 6: Trick or Treat

The Clampetts are feeling homesick. They are mostly all alone in Beverly Hills. And none of their neighbors are visiting them. So they decide to go visit their new neighbors. Little do they know, it is Halloween, a holiday they have never heard of. They visit many different houses, and in the end they get bagfuls of candy and treats.

Ep 7: The Servants

The Clampetts are doing repairs for their home, just as Elly is adapting to the look of a city girl, but not enjoying being called a “city girl.” Drysdale and Jane have figure out a way to improve the Clampetts by lending them servants. However, the Clampetts don’t want any servants, so Drysdale tells them that some of his staff is just going to be staying with them for a few days.

Ep 8: Jethro Goes to School

Jethro announces that Pearl has sent the family a letter. In this letter, Pearl says how she hopes her son is doing well in school. Jed realizes that Jethro should be in the fifth grade and tells him they have to find a school that day. While driving around Beverly Hills, they stop at the first school they see, Mrs. Potts’ exclusive private school.

Ep 9: Elly's First Date

Elly May is set up with Sonny Drysdale. Their date, however, end very quickly: Sonny tries to kiss Elly’s hand, which she mistakes for him trying to bite her.

Ep 10: Pygmalion and Elly

Sonny and Elly are getting more serious. Sonny loves Elly’s character and tells her how she makes him feel superior. But Jed worries about this courtship. However, Granny does not have any worries and does not want her granddaughter to be an old maid. During a poolside date, however, disaster strikes when Elly misunderstands the figurative nature of something Sonny has said.

Ep 11: Elly Races Jethrine

The Clampetts try to get Sonny to propose to Elly before Cousin Pearl can get her daughter, Jethrine, married to him.

Ep 12: The Great Feud

The Clampetts load their "shootin' irons" for a match with the Drysdales when Sonny jilts Elly May.

Ep 13: Home for Christmas

The Clampetts decide to head home for Christmas, and once Drysdale and Jane hear about this, they make all the arrangements, getting Granny and Elly mink coats and giving the Clampetts their first plane ride in style. After a slight mix-up, the Clampetts finally get home, surprising Pearl and Jethrine.

Ep 14: No Place Like Home

The Clampetts arrive back at their old cabin to spend the Christmas holiday with Pearl. But since the cabin will be too crowded with the Clampetts and Brewster, Pearl suggests Brewster stays with her, in an attempt to get engaged. She tries to woo Brewster by showing herself off at the theatre she works at during the premiere of 'Ben Hur.'

Ep 15: Jed Rescues Pearl

Pearl's efforts to snag Mr. Brewster seem doomed until he makes a ridiculous public proposal.

Ep 16: Back to Californy

Jed is confronted with too many cooks and not enough vittles when he invites Pearl and Jethrine to Beverly Hills.

Ep 17: Jed's Dilemma

Pearl is trying to give Granny a break, figuring that Granny is so old and feeble that she cannot perform her household chores anymore. This upsets Granny greatly because she knows she can still get the job done. Granny chases after Pearl, and Jed decides to get the family to relax by taking them sightseeing around Beverly Hills.

Ep 18: Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage

When Pearl calls to yodel for him as a surprise, Jane suggests to Drysdale that he employs Pearl to be the head housekeeper, and when he suggests it to Pearl, she thinks he means marriage. And when Granny and Jed visit Mrs. Drysdale, who is going to a health spa, she says how Milburn is getting a more glamorous wife in her, but they think Drysdale is getting a brand new wife.

Ep 19: Elly's Animals

Police and Elly's animals converge on the Clampett estate when Pearl starts giving yodeling lessons.

Ep 20: Jed Throws a Wingding

Pearl gets a letter from two old flames who used to fight over her hand, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. After reading some of the letter, Jed figures that the engagement they talk about in the letter is for Pearl to choose which one she wants to marry. However, Lester and Earl have since married two glamorous city women, and the engagement they speak of is a gig in Hollywood.

Ep 21: Jed Plays Solomon

Granny's plan to stop Pearl's yodeling backfires when the police she called find her illegal still.

Ep 22: Duke Steals a Wife

Duke, Jed's bloodhound, becomes matchmaker for his master and a glamorous Frenchwoman.

Ep 23: Jed Buys the Freeway

A confidence man tries to sell Jed the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Park and the Hollywood Freeway.

Ep 24: Jed Becomes a Banker

Jed is made a bank vice president so he can compete in an interbank skeet shoot.

Ep 25: The Family Tree

An authority on American history finds evidence that Jed's ancestors preceded the Mayflower to America.

Ep 26: Jed Cuts the Family Tree

Mrs. Smith Standish is spending more time with the Clampetts, desperate to find out whether the family did in fact precede the ‘Mayflower.’ And Mrs. Drysdale is tortured with old-fashioned chores and a goat, which eats her hat, causing her to get very sad, making` Jane and Drysdale think she has been drinking.

Ep 27: Granny's Spring Tonic

It’s spring tonic time, and Granny hands it around to the family, giving Jed a double dose because he made a mean comment about it. Meanwhile at the bank, secretary Gloria Buckles, who has worked on the Clampett account, volunteers to bring some paperwork to the Clampett's estate. She arrives having transformed herself from a plain-Jane secretary to a gorgeous babe, with her sights set on Jed’s money.

Ep 28: Jed Pays His Income Tax

Drysdale tells an IRS man the story of the Clampetts and how they got to be where they are today. But Granny and Jed don’t trust this man because they think he is a revenuer, and refuse to let him on the property.

Ep 29: The Clampetts and the Dodgers

Jed and Jethro play golf with a famous baseball coach who witnesses Jethro's pitching arm and wants to sign him to his team.

Ep 30: Duke Becomes a Father

The Clampett's dog, Duke, seems sad. Probably because, they figure, he misses Claudette, the poodle Mrs. Drysdale’s dog, Claude, is now with. Jethro then brings Jed a letter from Paris, France, which the clan figures is from Mlle. Denise, who brought Claudette over. Jed looks at the letter, seeing it is in French, and heads down to the bank, where Mrs. Drysdale is anticipating Claude and Claudette’s puppies, for Jane to read it. In the letter, Mlle. Denise says she is coming to Beverly Hills.

Ep 31: The Clampetts Entertain

Granny is feeling lonely, so the family tries to get her riled up so she can start a fight with someone, because that always makes her feel better. The plan backfires though, and the family apologized to Granny. So to get Granny in higher spirits, Jed invites the Drysdales and Jane to supper. But the chairman of the board, Marty Van Ransohoff, stops by and invites the Drysdales to dine on his yacht.

Ep 32: The Clampetts in Court

On their way to the bank, the Clampetts' car is struck by that of the Johnsons. Upon learning how much money the Clampetts have, the Johnsons decide to sue. In court, the Johnsons appear to be in a bad condition and make up a story in which the Clampetts smashed into their car while intoxicated. The Clampetts think the Johnsons are talking about another accident, not realizing they are in trouble.

Ep 33: The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed

Pearl returns to Beverly Hills with reports of Jethrine’s wedding, who has eloped with Jasper Depew. Jethro comes home from school early, saying the school requires his having a Certificate of Health. The family tries to come up with a doctor, and Jethro comes up with the doctor Mrs. Drysdale has been seeing, Dr. Twombly, a psychiatrist. Jethro meets with Twombly, who asks him about his family, not getting any good answers. Jethro returns home and tells Pearl that the doctor wants to meet her.

Ep 34: The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted

Jethro returns to Dr. Twombly’s office to get his Certificate Of Health. Twombly examines Jethro, learning about each member of the family. But the family member that interests the psychiatrist is Granny. Twombly asks Drysdale to help him learn more about the family, wanting to know more about Granny. Meanwhile, Pearl is hoping to see the doctor again, and Granny creates a love charm for Pearl to use to conjure the doctor to her.

Ep 35: Elly Becomes a Secretary

The Clampetts learn that some of the bank employees are sick, so the clan decides to go down to the bank and offer Drysdale some help. Drysdale is getting ready for the Bankers’ Convention, and decides to let the Clampetts take over his bank while he is away. Jed acts as the president, and Elly is the secretary. Granny goes over to Jane’s apartment to help her get well.

Ep 36: Jethro's Friend

A friend of Jethro’s from school, Armstrong Dueser McHugh III, comes to the mansion to visit. Armstrong is treated very delicately at his house, and his chauffeur is very worried about how the boy will be fare. At the Clampett mansion, Armstrong ends up having a really good time: eating real food, climbing trees, swimming, learning to fight and fishing.

Ep 1: Jed Gets the Misery

Jed is feeling poorly, and the family is worried about him. To make Elly feel better, Jed reveals that he is faking an illness to please Granny. When Drysdale hears of this, he decides to help out, too, and fakes illness as well. When Drysdale’s doctor, Dr. Clyburn, hears of this, he rushes over to the Clampett mansion. Granny mistakes Clyburn as a patient and puts him in bed with Jed and Drysdale.

Ep 2: Hair-Raising Holiday

A doctor blows the whistle on Granny's mountain-medicine practice.

Ep 3: Granny's Garden

Granny wants to plough the front lawn of the mansion to grow vegetables.

Ep 4: Elly Starts to School

Elly May enrolls at a finishing school and her clothes start a fashion trend among the rich girls.

Ep 5: The Clampett Look

The Clampetts are getting ready for Mrs. Fenwick and Cynthia to come to share a meal with them, hoping to give them a better life than what the Clampetts believe they are leading. Jed and Jethro head to visit the Fenwick house, still thinking the gardener’s place is their house, and after seeing the little building decide to get the Fenwicks to move into the Clampett mansion.

Ep 6: Jethro's First Love

Jethro tells Jed that upon meeting the girl that is right for him he will hear music. When Jethro goes down to the bank, he runs into burlesque dancer Chickadee Laverne. As she is leaving, her hidden transistor radio begins playing music, which Jethro interprets as a sign of love.

Ep 7: Chickadee Returns

Jethro is still hoping to marry burlesque dancer Chickadee Laverne, and she is still hoping for a dance engagement from the Clampetts. Chickadee returns to the mansion, making Jethro very happy. However, her plan to show them her new act, Little Red Riding Hood, goes haywire thanks to a meddling raccoon.

Ep 8: The Clampetts are Overdrawn

After seeing the pool man putting chlorine in the pool, thinking it is poison, and getting a letter they are overdrawn, the Clampetts think that they are broke and Drysdale is trying to get rid of them. However, this is all a misunderstanding, since the letter Jed got was meant for another J.D. Clampett, Jake, who is an out-of-work actor. When Jake gets Jed’s letter, he takes advantage of the notice that he has $36 million dollars, buying a new car and other things.

Ep 9: The Clampetts Go Hollywood

Jake and Opal Clampett are continuing to stay at the Clampett mansion, and Elly and Jethro are more than happy to serve them. But Granny isn’t impressed by Jake at all, and isn’t even sure if Jake is related to Jed. Jethro and Elly both decide they want to get into the movie business, and the two get help from Jake and Opal. Jethro turns into a Marlon Brando-type and Elly fancies herself a glamorous movie star, taking the name Venus Adore.

Ep 10: Turkey Day

Elly May makes a pet out of the Thanksgiving turkey Drysdale gives the family, making it impossible for "Herman" to be killed. And to celebrate in her own way, Mrs. Drysdale organizes a picture to represent the first Thanksgiving, enlisting two actors portraying Native Americans. But when they head over to the Clampetts' mansion to get the turkey for the picture, Elly and Granny think they are being attacked.

Ep 11: The Garden Party

Mrs. Drysdale is having a garden party and tells the Clampetts not to attend. However, they misunderstand and think she wants them to come. Jane and Drysdale try to stop them, but when they say how they still want to go, Jane arranges for them to have society clothes. When they arrive at the party, Mrs. Drysdale sends them back next door to handle the overflow crowd.

Ep 12: Elly Needs a Maw

Jed visits the bank to tell Drysdale that he plans to go back home to look for a wife so Elly May can finally have a mother. Drysdale tries to think of a bride for Jed, and when Mrs. Fenwick visits, he decides that she would be a perfect match for Jed.

Ep 13: The Clampetts Get Culture

The Clampetts are having no success getting acquainted with their neighbors. Not to mention, the clan is having trouble with Mrs. Drysdale and Mrs. Potts. They decide to go back home to the hills, and when they go see Drysdale, they feel they are not wanted. Drysdale tries to clear everything up, and even has his Italian suit maker create a full suit for Jed, though Jed thinks the suit maker is trying to tie him up.

Ep 14: Christmas at the Clampetts

It is Christmas time, and the Clampetts receive beautiful gifts from the Drysdales, including a boat and a television set. However, they mistake the gifts for other things, the TV set for a washing machine, and the boat as someone else’s. The Drysdales also give the Clampetts a pet chimpanzee, which they mistake for a sailor from another country.

Ep 15: A Man for Elly

Granny is glued to the television set the Clampetts received for Christmas, especially because of one TV Western star, Quirt Manly. She really wants to meet him, and Drysdale arranges for it to happen. And Granny already has him set up for Elly May, because she knows he is probably the only who can tame the vine-swinging girl. However, when he arrives at the mansion, the Clampetts see he isn’t who they thought he was. Quirt Manly is actually a short actor with a high-pitched voice who doesn’t do any of his own stunts or riding.

Ep 16: The Giant Jackrabbit

At the mansion, the clan is in need of food because the hunting in Beverly Hills is horrible. They call a catering company, but get mean-mouthed. At the bank, Drysdale gets a call and learns that he got a kangaroo from a friend and it is at his house.

Ep 17: The Girl from Home

Lafe Crick arrives with his daughter, Essiebelle. He found love letters Jethro wrote to his daughter, a beauty contest winner. He plans to get Jethro and Essiebelle married so he can get his paws in the Clampett fortune.

Ep 18: Lafe Lingers On

Lafe Crick returns to the Clampett mansion looking to get rich off Jed's money. He tries to get a job at the bank guarding Jed's money, only to get a few million dollars. But Granny has her doubts about the freeloader, though he seems to be proving her wrong.

Ep 19: The Race for Queen

Elly May enters a Beverly Hills beauty contest, Queen of Beverly Hills, and the Drysdales and Miss Jane try to make sure that she'll win. And when Granny hears it is a race, she is set on entering, too.

Ep 20: Lafe Returns

Jed is looking for a beau for his gorgeous daughter, so Drysdale and Jane set Elly up with Fred Penrod, a young accountant at the bank. However, no one can seem to get his name straight. Meanwhile, Lafe Crick returns to plant a paw-paw tree in the back yard, really to look for the Clampett fortune he still believes is buried in the back yard.

Ep 21: Son of Lafe Returns

Elly May and her new beau, Fred Penron, are getting rather serious. Meanwhile, Lafe Crick returns, this time with his son, Dub. He plans to set Dub up with Elly, to once again try to get some of Jed's money. Jed and Jethro try to hide this from Granny because the Cricks really rile her up. She sees the Cricks, but Jed tries to convince her that she is having visions.

Ep 22: The Clampetts Go Fishing

Drysdale and Jane try to get the Clampetts interested in deep-sea fishing, but face an obstacle: Granny. She has a fear of water and refuses to go on a boat. So, Jane comes up with the idea of letting them visit Marineland. They decide to go right away and are impressed by the giant fishing holes. And Granny sees the fish of fishes, a giant whale.

Ep 23: The Critter Doctor

Duke is sick, and Elly calls the "critter doctor" from the zoo. When Jed finds out he is a "college boy," he thinks it is a possible beau for Elly May, not knowing he is a graduate and an older man. Granny is against this doctor coming, and she mistakes a young salesman who is selling bug repellents for the doctor.

Ep 24: A Bride for Jed

Country musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts and decide that Jed needs a wife. With the help of Jane and Drysdale, they decide to get him a wife the way they did—by holding auditions for girl singers. Meanwhile, Gladys and Louise travel to San Francisco to get away from Granny and her country cooking lessons, saying that is the way they can make Elly May ladylike.

Ep 25: Granny Versus the Weather Bureau

Granny gets tired of the weather girl on TV saying that the weather is going to be clear when it is actually going to rain. She has a way to correct this, namely her weather beetle, Cecil. She confronts the head meteorologist of the U.S Weather Bureau but without luck. Jed goes down to speak to him and mentions the name "Daisy," making him think he means Hurricane Daisy, and tells of the plan to get rid of her.

Ep 26: Another Neighbor

Countess Maria comes to Beverly Hills, making Mrs. Drysdale very excited. But she wants to keep the countess away from the hillbillies. However, it's spring tonic time, and Granny passes it around the neighborhood, including at Countess Maria's house. She falls in love with the brew and visits the Clampetts. They become friends instantly. She starts falling for Jed, and has plans to marry her 6th husband, hoping it is an American.

Ep 27: The Bank Raising

Jed gets invited to the opening of Drysdale’s new Commerce Bank building. Granny thinks that he will actually be building the bank. Jed attends the party and meets two of Drysdale friends, who think he is a market wizard. When Jed is told he is helping to build the bank, he heads home to get tools and pick up Elly and Granny to help out. When they get there, they cause a bit of a disturbance and misunderstand what is going on.

Ep 28: The Great Crawdad Hunt

There is excitement going on at the hillbilly’s mansion when a package from home arrives. They get everything they can’t get in Beverly Hills, including crawdads. Meanwhile, at the bank, Lucas and Pendleton are trying to find out what crawdad is. They overhear Jane on the phone with Jed saying that he will share his stock of crawdad with Drysdale. The Clampetts are trying to figure out how many crawdads they have and learn of how the government put three men on the task of finding moon(shine).

Ep 29: The Dress Shop

Mr. Drysdale buys the Clampetts a dress store using their money, and the clan decides to check it out. When they arrive at The House of Renee, they are mistaken for poor and Renee tries to help them. She thinks they need jobs. However, the Clampetts think Renee and her models are poor and starving. Renee gives the Clampetts money for food, and they think it is for them to buy food for Renee.

Ep 30: The House of Granny

Granny is waking up the family so they can get to their new store: The House of Granny. Jethro wakes up sleepy, not wanting to be up, but as soon as Granny mentions breakfast, he is dressed in a split second. Jed is carving a Y in the kitchen, and when Jethro sees the shavings in the bowl, he thinks it is cereal. Jed tells him to have corn flakes instead. Granny goes to wake up Elly May, saying that her store opens at a decent hour—the crack of dawn!

Ep 31: The Continental Touch

Having been given a stylish makeover by a famous French couturier, Elly May is mistaken for a visiting foreign princess by Mrs. Drysdale. Hoping to get in good with "royalty," Mrs. Drysdale throws a fancy party for Elly. This time around, the old dear is certain that her soiree won't be invaded by "those dreadful hillbillies."

Ep 32: Jed, Incorporated

Jed becomes head of a corporation, which Drysdale organized for him as a tax write-off. The Clampetts decide they want to help out at their corporation, and get the penthouse suite in the bank building. They get all dressed up, Elly in one of her ball gowns, and go to the bank.

Ep 33: Granny Learns to Drive

After Granny takes a cab home and gets charged for the ride, she decides that it is time for her to learn how to drive. The taxi driver who took Granny home is having trouble collecting the fair, and after a series of events begins to believe that he is in a mental hospital. Granny, during her driving lesson, mistakenly gets on the road.

Ep 34: Cabin in Beverly Hills

Jed puts up the cabin for Granny's birthday, which Mrs. Drysdale is not happy about. During the celebrating, a sociology student stops by and sees the Clampetts. She thinks they are Drysdale's servants and works to liberate them from what she believes to be a life of servitude.

Ep 35: Jed Foils a Home Wrecker

Drysdale tries to save the cabin for the Clampetts, but his wife calls a professional home wrecker to tear down the mountain shack. Meanwhile, Ginny Jennings and her sociology professor come back to visit the Clampetts and see that they are still occupying the cabin.

Ep 36: Jethro's Graduation

Jethro is very excited about graduating from the sixth grade. But in order to prevent embarrassment, Mrs. Potts gets help from Drysdale and Diana to get Jethro to miss his sixth grade graduation. She schemes to turn Jed and Jethro’s watches back 45 minutes.

Ep 1: Jed Becomes a Movie Mogul

Drysdale buys a movie studio, Mammoth Pictures, for Jed, and the Clampetts decide to go check out their new property. At first they can’t get in, but they finally succeed. They meet Lawrence Chaplin, the head of Mammoth Pictures, who refers to Jed as a Zucker and a Roach, and Jed admires him for saying it to his face.

Ep 2: Clampett City

Because Mammoth Pictures is losing money, Drysdale decides to tear down the studio and turn it into Clampett City. The Clampetts are excited about getting a town and streets named after them, and when they go to explore their town, they come to a Western set, which they fall in love with.

Ep 3: Clampett City General Store

The Clampetts move into the Western street on their movie studio, but Drysdale tries to stop them. He gets the Clampetts a role in a new picture about Cleopatra and Nero, with Jethro as Caesar, Elly as a martyr who gets thrown to the lions and Granny as Cleopatra. However, Elly makes friends with the lion and Granny gets Nero drunk on elderberry wine.

Ep 4: Hedda Hopper's Hollywood

Mammoth Pictures is in danger of getting torn down, but Hedda Hopper wants to save it. She shows Jed the legacy of the stars of the studio, who stuck their hand prints in cement for the Walk of Fame. Misunderstanding this, Jed works to fill the prints in with wet cement.

Ep 5: Doctor Jed Clampett

Jed gets an honorary doctorate when he donates money to a college, and the family thinks he is now a legit doctor. However, Granny isn’t pleased with hearing that Jed is now a real college doctor because she didn’t go to college. Granny does her best to get a degree herself, but doesn’t find much success.

Ep 6: Jed the Heartbreaker

Mrs. Drysdale is tired of the Clampetts, especially Granny, who keeps scraping with her. When Miss Jane tells her of a beautiful movie starlet who threw herself at Jed and how Jed stopped going to his movie studio when he found out she was married, she plans a scheme herself. Mrs. Drysdale decides to throw herself at Jed to get him and his family to move away from Beverly Hills.

Ep 7: Back to Marineland

Jethro wants to serve his country as a 007 spy. When he is dissuaded from this, he has to decide what branch of the military to join. Granny gets him to join the Marines because she still wants to catch the whale she saw a year ago.

Ep 8: Teenage Idol

Rock 'n' roll idol Johnny Poke visits the Clampetts while in town to play the Hollywood Bowl. Granny's not too happy about it; she's worried Jethro will pick up his bad habits. Granny loses her temper and thinks she turned Jethro into a puppy when she says he needs to be taught a lesson.

Ep 9: The Widow Poke Arrives

Granny flies widow Emma Poke out to Beverly Hills to match-make with Jed. She figures she can trick Jed into marriage, though Jed finds out what is going on. However, Jed doesn’t want to marry her, and it turns out that Emma doesn’t want to marry him.

Ep 10: The Ballet

Mrs. Drysdale gets Jed to back the Beverly Hills Ballet Company, and Jed figures that ballet is the perfect way to keep Granny, who is tired of getting “butler sassed,” among other things, in Beverly Hills. Jed gets her interested in the dance just as Mrs. Drysdale gets the money she needs to save the ballet company.

Ep 11: The Boarder

Granny decides to start her own boarding house. The Clampetts put out signs welcoming any incoming boarders and advertising what they offer. When the Drysdale's new butler, Arthur Pinckney, arrives in town he thinks the signs are meant as a welcome for him so he goes to the Clampetts' mansion.

Ep 12: The Boarder Stays

Pinckney, the Drysdale's new butler, finds no success in his attempts at molding the Clampetts into high society people. He runs out, planning to return to England. Meanwhile, the Clampetts, who think Pinckney is their boarder, are mad that he ran out on them. They decide to keep the boarding house open, but change a few things—pay up front.

Ep 13: Start the New Year Right

When the Clampetts learn that Mrs. Drysdale is in the hospital, they decide to visit her to make sure she is doing well. Little do they know, she is there to spite her husband, and won’t leave until the Clampetts have moved away from Beverly Hills. At the hospital, the Clampetts try to make her room more cheerful while she is sleeping, even moving the bed so it faces the window.

Ep 14: Clampett General Hospital

Mrs. Drysdale wakes up to find she is no longer in the hospital but in her one hell—the Clampett mansion. After hearing she’s missing, her husband wants to sue the hospital. But when Jed and Jethro visit to return the mattress Mrs. Drysdale was on when they brought her home, the mystery of what happened is solved.

Ep 15: The Movie Starlet

Jethro falls for a movie starlet, Kitty Devine, who is not interested in him. But when she discovers that his uncle owns the studio and could get her better roles than beach babes in surfer movies, she takes interest. While at the mansion, Kitty does her best to get Jed to notice her and tries to convince him she is capable of roles that could make her a star.

Ep 16: Elly in the Movies

Elly gets a job at Jed’s movie studio, though Granny and Jane are against it. Both are worried about Elly getting involved in the Hollywood scene. At the studio, Elly meets actor Dash Riprock. He goes for her straight off, unaware that this is the girl he will be starring with, having been told he’ll be opposite the studio owner’s daughter, Miss Clampett.

Ep 17: Dash Riprock, You Cad

Elly is disappointed about losing Dash to Miss Jane, so Jed and Drysdale try to fix everything. And Granny is trying to figure out why Dash is going for the plain Miss Jane instead of her gorgeous granddaughter. Another actor, Biff Steel, is set up for Elly, but, once again, he sees Miss Jane and figures she is Miss Clampett.

Ep 18: Clampett A-Go-Go

After seeing Elly May in a bathing suit, hippie Sheldon Epps crashes his car. When the Clampetts see this, they take him inside their house in case he is injured. He is healthy, but sticks around for Elly, driving Dash Riprock off.

Ep 19: Granny's Romance

Drysdale sets Granny up with an older man on the Board of Directors, a playboy who dates young, attractive women. Mr. Cavanaugh meets Granny and is not pleased with what he sees. And Cavanaugh’s original date for the night, who is described as his "dear, sweet old aunt" is set up with Jed. Of course, this “Aunt Phyllis” is no older woman; she's a young, glamorous girl.

Ep 20: Jed's Temptation

It is the day after Jed spent the night dancing with Phyllis, and he is stiff from all the dancing. Granny is throwing her “I told you sos” at him. And when Phyllis invites him to the horse races, he accepts. When Drysdale and Jane learn of the type of woman she is, they warn Granny and drive her down to the racetrack to stop them. Meanwhile, at the racetrack, Jed and Phyllis are finding great success, because Jed can tell which horse will win.

Ep 21: Double Naught Jethro

Jethro decides to give up his dream of becoming a brain surgeon to try his luck at the spy business. Meanwhile, The Banker’s Convention is going on, including the beauty contest for Most Beautiful Bank Employee, and Drysdale could lose because of Mr. Cushing’s contestant.

Ep 22: Clampett's Millions

Jethro is still working on being a 007 spy, though it is annoying Granny. And Elly has been crowned Queen of the Bankers Ball. Mr. Cushing is not happy about this though, as he wanted his contestant to win. Because Jethro is having more fun at Cushing’s bank, he tries to get Jed to transfer his money to the Merchant’s Bank. And Cushing sees this opportunity and tries to get that gorgeous Clampett account.

Ep 23: Drysdale's Dog Days

Granny demands to see her money in cash, and Drysdale tries to talk her out of it. He fails and upsets the Clampetts by accidentally throwing magazines at them, which were really aimed at his wife and her dog. He tries to make things better by showing Granny what a million dollars looks like to turn her off from the idea, but ends up throwing more stuff at her.

Ep 24: Brewster's Honeymoon

The Clampett money keeps rolling in as more oil is discovered on their land. And Mr. Brewster is coming out to marry his fiancée, Edythe. Granny is planning to go back home to the hills, but Jed decides to put up the cabin.

Ep 25: Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts and solve the problems they are having at the mansion. They cure Jethro’s hunger by making him biscuits and red-eye gravy, and the duo cures Granny’s homesickness by letting her perform on stage with them.

Ep 26: Jed and the Countess

It is time for spring tonic, and the Countess Maria returns to meet with her good friends the Clampetts, as well as get some tonic. And after the Clampetts learn Maria is single again, having lost her husband at a party, Granny sees this as the time for Jed to make his move on the Countess.

Ep 27: Big Daddy, Jed

Beatnik Sheldon Epps returns with his friends from the Parthenon West Coffee House, asking Jed for money so they can keep their hangout. Drysdale is hoping to close the place down. But his plans fail when Jed befriends the hippies and supports them, providing music and lights.

Ep 28: Cool School is Out

Elly and Jethro join the beatniks at the Parthenon West, and Granny tries to get them out. But her attempts fail, and she becomes a beatnik herself, after inventing "The Tater Digger,” a new dance. Jed is all for the young ones expressing themselves, but once he sees Granny dressed the way she is and acting the way she is, he changes his mind.

Ep 29: The Big Bank Battle

Drysdale tries to get the Clampetts interested in a hobby to occupy their time and to stop Jed from traveling around the neighborhood with a fix-it wagon. He shows Jed all types of hobbies, like collecting stamps and building a boat in a bottle. Jethro gets a hobby with these offers—getting the boat out of the bottle!

Ep 30: The Clampetts Versus Automation

The Clampetts befriend Leroy Lester, an unappreciated accountant being replaced at the bank by a computer, and give him the rest, relaxation and vacation he deserves.

Ep 31: Luke's Boy

Luke Short's boy, Beau, comes to town, and Granny has him set up with Elly. But Elly wants no part of this and tries to turn him off, first as a Hollywood siren, then as a scrubwoman. When this doesn't work, Jane convinces Beau and Jethro they should become international playboys and belong to all women.

Ep 32: The Brewsters Return

The Brewsters come to Beverly Hills to build their new home on a vacant lot they purchased, and they request the Clampetts don't learn of this. But the Clampetts are planning to move back home to the Hills. When they tell Drysdale, he reveals the secret. Drysdale tells Brewster what he has done, but explains it was to save the Clampett oil account, and because of this, he has to visit the Clampetts.

Ep 33: Jed, the Bachelor

Granny is tired of Beverly Hills and heads home for the Hills. But she never makes it back home and ends up in Las Vegas. And Jethro is having no luck being an international playboy and ends up getting arrested. Granny comes back that night, but with a story to tell about Vegas the next day.

Ep 34: The Art Center

Mrs. Drysdale has a new plan to get rid of the Clampetts and add culture to Beverly Hills. She gets the Clampetts to donate their home as an art gallery. Of course, they misunderstand this and think they have to provide the art. They go on and sculpt and paint up a storm for this new art center and end up filling their mansion with their homemade creations.

Ep 1: Admiral Jed Clampett

Drysdale has hopes that Jed will buy a yacht and join the yacht club with him. The Clampetts are all ready to go, except for Granny who has been listening to Jethro and is now afraid of drowning and sharks. Jethro is sent away so Granny doesn’t worry anymore and ends up getting Jed an admiral’s uniform from the movie studio.

Ep 2: That Old Black Magic

Granny believes that Mrs. Drysdale has turned herself into a bird after she said a few zodiacal words, which Granny believes is black magic. Granny does what she can to change her back to normal.

Ep 3: The Sheik

After entering an oil deal with Jed and O.K. Oil, the Sheik befriends the Clampetts, giving Jed four of his dancing girls for wives and tries to get the beautiful Elly May as one of his wives. Jed tries to give the girls back, while Jethro tries to enjoy some of the Sheik's life, mainly the company of his beautiful dancing girls, after selling his cousin.

Ep 4: The Private Eye

Jethro continues his fantasy of being a double naught spy by getting an office at the bank. When two bank robbers arrive, who are interested in that office because it is above the vault, they make Jethro believe they are from London headquarters.

Ep 5: Possum Day

Drysdale tries to keep the Clampetts in Beverly Hills by telling them there is going to be a Possum Day held there. Granny decides to run for Possum Queen in Beverly Hills, and Drysdale convinces her that she is running against Mrs. Drysdale. Meanwhile, Drysdale is desperate to actually get a Possum Day to happen for the Clampetts.

Ep 6: The Possum Day Parade

Granny is preparing for her Possum Queen campaign, and also wondering why Mrs. Drysdale hasn’t fought back yet. When Jed asks Drysdale about this, he starts her campaign with a false radio interview and continues to try to get a Possum festival going. Granny continues with her campaign, and Mrs. Drysdale realizes that she has been campaigning without even knowing.

Ep 7: The Clampetts Play the Rams

Jethro gets a date with the Drydales’ new maid, Linda, but she is only interested in the fact that he has a color television set. Instead of paying attention to Jethro, she watches a football game the first night and an ice hockey game the next. Jethro attempts trying out the games, but isn’t very successful at football and doesn’t like the hockey gear.

Ep 8: The Courtship of Elly

Granny tries to conjure a man for Elly May, but accidentally attracts Miss Jane's man, who is actually a hired escort Mr. Drysdale got for Elly. When the Clampetts find out, they work to get rid of him so Miss Jane can have her man back.

Ep 9: A Real Nice Neighbor

The Clampetts get a new next-door neighbor, and when Aggie, the maid of Mrs. Phillip Brentwood Carrington III, drops by to the use the phone, the Clampetts mistake her for Carrington. This is the first rich neighbor who has proven to be kind and considerate. Drysdale is happy because this rich woman has moved next door and might be a wife for Jed. Granny also sees her as a match for Jed. The two try to set Jed and Aggie up in different ways.

Ep 10: The Poor Farmer

Drysdale organizes a financial syndicate, which includes a billionaire who he wants in his bank. Jed is one of the potential members of this group, but never makes the meeting because a new invention of Jethro’s, a chemical that turns water into gasoline, doesn’t work. When Jed finally arrives, it is too late, and Mr. Sebastian has left. Jane suggests that he visits him at his health club.

Ep 11: Hoe Down a-Go-Go

Jethro is having trouble meeting girls and asks Jed for advice. He gives him advice, but learns from Granny’s advice for Elly it won’t work. When Jed and Granny see that Jethro and Elly need to meet some young women and men, they decide to throw a wingding. Jane is put in charge of getting a band and ends up hiring The Enemys. They arrive to the party with a bunch of kids from the Whisky-A-Go-Go Club Jane and Jethro visited, and the wingding ends up going rock 'n' roll.

Ep 12: Mrs. Drysdale's Father

Mrs. Drysdale's father comes to Beverly Hills to visit. When he learns of the Clampetts, he decides he wants to meet them. He visits and ends up playing poker and pool with Jed. But Farquhar loses all his money because his tricks backfire and the Clampetts are better at the games then he could even imagine. In the end, Jed suggests they give up the gambling and just play a friendly game of pool.

Ep 13: Mr. Farquhar Stays On

Granny has taken interest in Mrs. Drysdale’s father, Mr. Farquhar. And Farquhar is trying to get someone to go to Las Vegas with him, first asking Drysdale, who turns him down. He asks Granny to accompany him, and Granny believes this is a marriage proposal. Farquhar tells Drysdale about this, who is against it, and Drysdale tells Jed, who is all for it.

Ep 14: Military School

Jethro finally decides on his life’s calling again. He decides on being a five-star general. Jethro is hoping to attend West Point, but Drysdale talks him into going to Haven Hurst. Granny is against him joining because he might get hurt, and Drysdale is having trouble getting him in because this military academy is for boys.

Ep 15: The Common Cold

Granny is looking to cure people and learns of Mr. Drysdale’s illness. He has a common cold. Granny says that she has the ability to cure it with one spoonful of “cold cure.” She makes her cold cure to share with Dr. Clyburn, but he turns her down and mean-mouths her. So she decides to start her own doctor’s office and use her cold cure to treat folks.

Ep 16: The Richest Woman

The world’s richest women, Tracy Richards, sees the Clampett estate and wants to fix it up and buy it. She learns that the house is not for sale, but is determined to buy it. She gets in good with Granny, Elly and Jethro by treating them to the good city life and giving them some of her expensive possessions. Jed can see through her act, but the others refuse to believe it, and Drysdale is trying to get her account, keep Jed’s account and keep everyone happy and himself wealthy.

Ep 17: The Trotting Horse

Granny needs to get around Beverly Hills and is having no luck with a driving lesson. When she hears that the Drysdale are looking at the horses, Granny decides she needs a trotter and buggy. Drysdale learns that the Clampetts want a horse, and after he learns of its potential winnings, the Clampetts acquire Ladybelle, a racehorse.

Ep 18: The Buggy

Granny gets a buggy for her horse Ladybelle and gets the same thing for Mrs. Drysdale so they can have buggy races. But the horse she buys for her neighbor is known around the stables as "Old Gluepot." She tries to cheat to win, but ends up with Lightening, the poor horse, after Jed tries to teach her a lesson.

Ep 19: The Cat Burglar

The city of Beverly Hills is on alert because a cat burglar is on the loose. Elly is worried that this person will steal her cats and kittens, since he is a "cat" burglar. And Jane and Drysdale are worried that the Clampetts will get robbed, since they are prime targets. The cat burglar shows up at the Clampett mansion, posing as a detective to check the place out. Elly shows him the traps she has set. Mike and Bernie, the burglars, decide the caper here will be easy.

Ep 20: The Big Chicken

After Granny mistakes an ostrich that Drysdale owns for a giant chicken, which she believes she caused by means of her "growing tonic" made for tomatoes, she tries to shrink it down to size and keep it a secret. She never does succeed in shrinking it back down to normal, so in the end Granny decides to enter this giant bird in the county fair.

Ep 21: Sonny Drysdale Returns

Granny predicts that Elly will get married, but Jed doesn’t believe her. However, when Jethro tells them Sonny Drysdale is returning, Granny believes that this will be Jed’s future son-in-law. Drysdale believes the same thing, and has Sonny and Elly set up to be married. Drysdale makes Sonny get a job, selling beauty products door-to-door.

Ep 22: Brewster's Baby

After Drysdale stops the clan from going back home to deliver a baby, the Clampetts try to help the Brewsters with their baby, while Jethro unsuccessfully tries to open his own version of the Kitty Kat Club. Of course, the Brewsters don't need the help because they are adopting, though after hearing the explanation given, the Clampetts believe they really need help and advice.

Ep 23: The Great Jethro

Jed and Granny decide Jethro needs a job. They send him down to the bank to try to get work. While he is there, he runs into a magician, Marvo the Magnificent. After Marvo learns of his uncle’s many, many millions, he agrees to go home with Jethro. Marvo puts on a show for the Clampetts, and afterwards Jethro decides to become a magician.

Ep 24: The Old Folks Home

It is spring cleaning time, and Granny is trying to clean the mansion from top to bottom. Jed wants to stop her from doing this and thinks the way to do so is to get Granny out of Beverly Hills. He tells the family to make Granny think she is too tired and too old to work so hard, and Jethro and Elly lay it on a bit too heavy. But it works, and Granny does stop the cleaning.

Ep 25: Flatt and Scruggs Return

Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and Gladys Flatt visit the Clampetts. Gladys is hoping for a career in singing, but all she gets is a country-cooking lesson. And Jane quits her job at the bank after Drysdale accuses her of joy riding, when in reality she was driving the Clampetts’ guests to the mansion and singing along with Flatt and Scruggs.

Ep 26: The Folk Singers

After their careers don’t exactly work out well, Jethro, after unsuccessfully trying to launch himself into space, and Miss Jane, after quitting at the bank, decide to launch a career in folk music. But the two learn that what they actually had in mind isn't anywhere in their future and end up deciding to return to their original plans.

Ep 27: The Beautiful Maid

The Clampetts take in Ulla, a Swedish actress hoping to learn their way of life for a movie, and a girl they think is a poor sharecropper's daughter.

Ep 28: Jethro's Pad

Jethro hires himself out cleaning Mr. Drysdale’s garage, and he discovers the magazine Swinger, a magazine for international playboys. After reading the magazine, he does all he can to become an international playboy. He gets a portable playboy parlor at the city dump and heads to the Kitty Kat Club to get some girls. He has no luck, but Drysdale arranges for two Kitty Kats to show up to Jethro, one being Miss Jane.

Ep 29: The Bird Watchers

Miss Jane’s bird watcher leader, Professor Biddle, comes to town to visit. And Jed and Granny are trying to get a man for Elly. After Elly shows up with Professor Biddle, Jed decides that fixing Elly May up with Dash Riprock couldn’t hurt. Drysdale blackmails Dash with a bad TV role to get Dash to ask Elly out. He doesn’t get to the Clampett mansion in enough time, and Jed has no luck with stopping Elly, so she ends up going with Professor Biddle, Miss Jane and Jethro on their bird expedition.

Ep 30: Jethro Gets Engaged

Jethro gets a job as Dash Riprock’s double, thinking this will make him twice the actor that Dash is. However, Jethro, now going by Beef Jerky, learns that his new job isn’t all it is cracked up to be. He gets blown up and burned. When Dash finds out what Jethro got himself into, he tries to save him.

Ep 31: Granny Tonics a Birdwatcher

It is Tonic Time, and Granny has made a small batch, which is enough for the family and a few friends. She also hopes that she can tonic a man for Elly May to marry. Though Elly may not have a husband in her future, Jane thinks she does. She thinks that Professor Biddle will propose to her, but he reveals all he wants her to do is hatch a condor egg. Granny heads to the bank to get Jane and Drysdale to give Dash Riprock some of her tonic.

Ep 32: Jethro Goes to College

Jethro is trying to conjure up a girl with Granny's potions. Jed thinks that Jethro needs to get girls off of his mind, believing he should get more education. Drysdale tells Jethro he'll get a job at the bank if he gets a college degree. Jethro asks for college suggestions and decides to go search for himself. He ends up enrolling in a secretarial school, which is in desperate need of money.

Ep 1: The Party Line

Granny and Jethro return to Elly and Jed after visiting Pearl back home. Granny returns with presents and a new device, a telephone. For Granny, this phone is high tech. She gets Jethro to install it, but he installs wrong, connecting wires to a light pole instead of a telephone pole, electrocuting himself, causing it to blow up and making Granny go temporarily deaf.

Ep 2: The Soup Contest

Granny enters Elly in a soup-making contest, with her own Snider Surprise soup. When Jed finds out Granny cheated, he demands that she pull Elly May out of the contest. But Granny refuses to because this is a way to get Elly a husband. She tricks Jed into believing she got Elly out of the contest and gets him to go hunting, just in time. The men from Savory Soup visit the mansion and are amazed by the beautiful Elly, thinking she’d be a beetle.

Ep 3: Jethro Takes Love Lessons

Dash Riprock gives Jethro advice on how to get a girl he really likes. Jethro follows it, but he doesn't have the talent with women Dash does. He has two dates with Susie and both end terribly. Jethro ends up losing the girl, but gets what he really loves—food, three-dozen hamburgers to be exact.

Ep 4: The Badger Game

A young girl shows up at the Clampett mansion, claiming she is a friend from back home, Emaline Fetty. The Clampetts welcome her into their house. But it turns out that Emaline is working with someone to blackmail the Clampetts. She takes pictures of her and Jed in a compromising position. Colonel Foxhall, the man who is in control of the caper, and Emaline develop the photos and show them to Jane and Drysdale, who believe something else is going on.

Ep 5: The Badgers Return

Drysdale is intent on getting the Clampetts to identify Colonel Foxhall and Emaline Fetty as dangerous criminals. Emaline is in hiding, but visits Jethro, tricking him into helping her hide from the police. The Clampetts mistake the officer that brought Foxhall as a criminal, and Foxhall gets away from the man holding him and hides in the Clampett mansion.

Ep 6: The Gorilla

Elly and Jethro both want a gorilla to help out around the house, so Jed asks Drysdale to get them one. Drysdale hires a man dressed as a gorilla to scare the Clampetts, but it fails. They put their new gorilla, Herby, to work doing chores and dress him in old clothes. Mr. Kelly, the man in the gorilla suit, wants out of the deal and gives his suit to Drysdale.

Ep 7: Come Back, Little Herby

After the Clampetts don’t have success with the gorilla they took out of the zoo, they decide to get Herby back. They contact Drysdale who tells Mr. Kelly, but he refuses to do it. Mr. Kelly tells Drysdale he’ll return on his own terms and has Drysdale buy him designer clothes and expensive food. Herby returns to the mansion and starts living the life of luxury, dancing and dining with Elly by the pool.

Ep 8: Jed in Politics

Granny is feuding with the Beverly Hills Smog Commission because they tell her she has to stop making her lye soap. Commissioner Tinsley visits the mansion, ordering Granny to quit her soap making, and when she sees him, she threatens him with her shotgun. Jed and Granny visit Drysdale’s office for some help, where Jane tells them they should try to defeat Tinsley on Election Day, and Jed mistakes this as being told he should run.

Ep 9: Clampett Cha Cha Cha

The Clampetts win free dance lessons from the Marvin and Marita Dance School. They are excited, but don’t know that Marvin and Marita are out of work and have no school. After they start their dance lessons with the Clampetts, Marvin tries to reveal that they have no students or international headquarters, as they said. The Clampetts end up finding out that Marvin and Marita have fallen on hard times and decide to help out.

Ep 10: Jed Joins the Board

Jed, who took a job as a garbage man to do something to keep busy, gets a job at the O.K. Oil Company on the Board of Directors after Drysdale talks him into it. He decides to help the company get more oil and money. The clan brings oil from their backyard to donate more oil, and to make some profit for O.K. Oil, they start an airline with the O.K. plane, complete with Jethro as the pilot.

Ep 11: Granny Lives It Up

The family is doing spring-cleaning when there is a knock on the door. John Cushing comes to take Granny out. When Drysdale finds out, he gets Mrs. Drysdale’s father, who was in Vegas and is sent to Beverly Hills with his “financial advisors” (Las Vegas showgirls), to also sweep Granny off her feet. Soon she is juggling both Mr. Farquhar and Mr. Cushing, trying to decide.

Ep 12: The Gloria Swanson Story

Jethro gets a job as a paperboy, and on the papers he delivers, the Clampetts see that one of their favorite silent movie stars, Gloria Swanson, is auctioning her belongings and selling her house. The clan thinks that she has fallen on hard times, and since they are huge fans, they decide to help.

Ep 13: The Woodchucks

Jethro is desperate to meet a girl, planning to mail himself to Paris. However, Jed talks him out of it. When the Biddle Bird Watchers come to visit for a recruitment gathering, Granny suggests he tries to date one of those girls, but Jed knows that the female bird lovers aren’t exactly his type—attractive. But Jed sees one girl, Athena, that he knows Jethro will like. And sure enough, he does. Jethro spends the afternoon trying to impress Athena, but she isn’t interested.

Ep 14: Foggy Mountain Soap

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts, just as Jethro and Elly are preparing to go to Hollywood for them and their new movie. But the pair has come to contribute a song for the Foggy Mountain Soap commercial, ruining Elly and Jethro’s plans. Jed and Granny meet the man responsible for the commercial, Commodore Stewart, who wants the Clampetts in the commercial.

Ep 15: The Christmas Present

The Clampetts are preparing for Christmas, but are lacking in one thing: Christmas spirit. Jed thinks it is because they aren’t doing anything special for anyone this Christmas. He thinks they should do something special for Mrs. Drysdale, unaware she is still trying to get rid of them. They try to get jobs to raise money for her gift, so she doesn’t find out.

Ep 16: The Flying Saucer

The Clampetts see part of the Drysales' new advertising gimmick: Martians and a flying saucer. Drysdale plans to have them fly over the Rose Bowl, throwing out Drysdale Dollars. Jethro thinks they have come for him, since he sees himself as the giant brain of the world. The Clampetts take the Martians in for food, though Granny is not happy about their manners. She ends up blowing up their space ship, a giant balloon, in the Drysdales’ back yard.

Ep 17: The Mayor of Bug Tussle

The Clampetts are preparing for a visit from the great mayor of Bugtussle, even rolling out the red carpet. Of course, the Clampetts have no idea about how Mayor Hogg really is. In fact, he steals great speeches from great minds in history. When the Clampetts visit the bank, Drysdale tries to impress Jed by planning a giant party for the mayor, and when he asks to speak to the mayor alone, Hogg reveals he has misused funds and asks Drysdale for money to keep himself and the city out of trouble.

Ep 18: Granny Retires

Granny announces to the family that she is planning to retire from her doctor’s practice and tells Elly and Jethro she expects one of them to take over. Jed tells this to Jane and Drysdale, also mentioning how she wants her money to take back to the hills. Drysdale plans to get Granny to stay, so he gets Dr. Clyburn to go to the mansion. After Granny reveals why she is really going back to the Hills, to cure what she calls "Granny’s complaint," Clyburn visits the mansion for medical advice.

Ep 19: The Clampett Curse

Granny is getting tired of the clan’s sixty-eight million dollars. When three struggling college girls visit the Clampetts asking for a donation to help them out, Jed hands over a check for their entire fortune. The Clampetts are flat broke, and they have never been happier, though Drysdale is now in a wreck. They pack up to head back to the hills, but end up running out of gas.

Ep 20: The Indians Are Coming

When she hears Native Americans are visiting Beverly Hills, Granny is worried about an Indian attack on their land. Drysdale, on the other hand, is worried about losing the Clampett land. However, the two Native Americans who visit, Chief Running Wolf and his son, Little Fox, come to talk and visit with Jed and Jethro.

Ep 21: The Marriage Machine

Granny starts trying to find a sweetheart for Jed, which Jed is against. Jethro tells Granny about computer dating at Roto Romance, but Granny is against it. But once her potion doesn’t work, Granny looks into it. Jethro checks the place out, too, attracting the secretary after she learns of his fortune. Granny goes there to put in a data card for Jed, but once Linda, the secretary, comes out, Granny isn’t pleased.

Ep 22: Elly Comes Out

Elly shows Granny an article about an old school mate getting engaged after having a coming out party. Granny tells Jed about this, and the clan decides to give Elly May a coming out party. Drysdale isn’t happy about hearing this, especially the spare-no-expense part and seeing the Clampetts’ country decorations. Drysdale decides to get someone to help with the task so the Clampetts don’t embarrass themselves, getting his wife to tend to them.

Ep 23: The Matador

Jethro wants a job to make money and stops by the movie studio looking for work. He sees El Magnifico, a bullfighter, who gets flocked by girls and makes millions, and Jethro decides that bullfighting is what he wants to do. The family isn’t too happy, but Jed decides to get a bull for Jethro, figuring he’ll give up fighting the bull to barbecue it instead. Jethro gets the bull, but has no luck fighting it, and Elly starts making a pet out of it, naming it Marvin.

Ep 24: The Gypsy's Warning

Mrs. Drysdale hires two gypsies, Narda and Yerko, to scare the Clampetts away. Granny is afraid that the gypsies will try to steal Jethro away. But the gypsies have another plan, after they hear how much the Clampetts have. They try to trick the Clampetts to get some of their fortune, as well as get money out of the Drysdales.

Ep 25: His Royal Highness

Mrs. Drysdale invites a king to stay with the Drysdales, paying the Clampetts to stay away. Drysdale plans to set King Alexander up with Elly May and tells Jed the King is visiting them. However, nobody knows that the King is actually broke and working as a servant. Drysdale sets Elly May up with His Majesty, but Mrs. Drysdale, who does not know about the set up of Elly and Alexander, hopes to set up her niece, Doreen, with the King.

Ep 26: Super Hawg

Drysdale acquires a baby hippopotamus, which the Clampetts see and mistake for a giant hog. However, Elly May knows the difference, realizing that this is a hippo. Granny is desperate to become the owner of this "hawg," knowing how much meat this critter will provide. Drysdale agrees to sell it to the Clampetts, but Granny thinks the price is too high.

Ep 27: The Doctors

It is spring tonic time, and Granny dispenses it out at the bank. However, Dr. Clyburn finds out about this and threatens to shut Granny out. Drysdale tries to prevent Clyburn from doing anything and suggests that Clyburn show Granny modern medicine. Granny accepts the invite, thinking it is a date, putting flowers on her doctor’s coat. However, while she is there, she sees that Roy doesn’t get any patients, unaware he has cleared his afternoon.

Ep 28: Delovely and Scruggs

Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts along with Gladys, who is taking a screen test. Little does Gladys know, her husband arranged for Jethro to be the director of her test to maybe prevent her from becoming a big movie star. Gladys isn’t too pleased with this, but she does her screen test with Jethro, who is unaware, singing to him. The screen test is a success, and Gladys wants to celebrate by spending three days in a hotel suite as a second honeymoon with Lester.

Ep 29: The Little Monster

Jethro has an idea of starting a new business, a five-second car wash. But Jed and Granny don’t care for the idea and think that Jethro and Elly need jobs to fill their time. At the bank, Milburn is taking care of his nephew, little Milby. Jane doesn’t want to take care of the sneaky child and Drysdale doesn’t have the time. When Jed visits asking for jobs for Elly and Jethro, he says that Elly May can take care of Milby.

Ep 30: The Dahlia Feud

Granny starts off her day in a positive mood, even finding a wood board for her root cellar. But once Mrs. Drysdale comes over, calling her a thief, and accidentally hitting her with the board, knocking her into the pool, Granny’s happiness becomes anger. When Dyrsdale hears of this, he tells his wife to be kind to Granny. And Jed tells Granny to be sweet and cheerful. But after another meeting, where Granny finds a shovel Bessie carried into the yard that belongs to Mrs. Drysdale’s gardener, Granny gets knocked into the pool again after getting hit by the shovel.

Ep 1: Jed Inherits a Castle

Jethro tells Jed that he has inherited a castle in England, after hearing the word from Drysdale. He gets costumes from Tudor times, thinking that Queen Elizabeth I is still reigning. Jethro even makes Granny wear an oaf costume, since she doesn’t have Clampett blood. Drysdale and Jane visit, and Jane tells the Clampetts that what Jethro is telling them is wrong. But after Drysdale paints a picture for Jane, the two convince the Clampetts to go, even providing an oaf for Jethro, Miss Jane.

Ep 2: The Clampetts in London

The Clampetts are on the plane to England, with Sir Jethro as their leader. But with this comes a detour. The Clampetts get off the plane in San Francisco, after Jethro believes it is England. They get back on the plane and do finally arrive in England and are told that Jed’s cousin, Marcus, is late, meaning deceased, but they think he means late because he is diseased. After they arrive, Granny runs into trouble at the customs inspector’s office and gets her medical supplies and her jug confiscated.

Ep 3: Clampett Castle

The Clampetts finally arrive at Clampett Castle, and meet Mr. Faversham, who they call Major Domo after a misunderstanding with his name, also mistaking his name for a greeting. Granny decides to check on Marcus, but doesn’t know that the dog of the house is sitting in his bed. She feels the dog through the curtain and thinks the staff and doctors have been neglecting him. Jethro is working on fulfilling his duty as a knight and decides to start hunting dragons.

Ep 4: Robin Hood of Griffith Park

Drysdale is trying to get Jed to go back to America, but Jed wants to stay. Granny is intent on going, too, until Jethro tells her he started the War of the Roses. She wants to stay and feud, but Jed wants to go home before a war starts. Jethro decides to live like Robin Hood since he was robbed of his birth right. After they arrive back home, he, Elly and Bessie head to Griffith Park to live like Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Ep 5: Robin Hood and the Sheriff

Jethro is still playing Robin Hood in Griffith Park, along with Elly and Bessie, and the Clampetts are trying to get them back. But Jethro is finally getting his band of Merry Men, and women, after Buddy the hippie brings his friends from the Sunset Strip. While they are having fun, Jed, Granny, Drysdale and Jane enter the woods to look for Jethro and Elly. Drysdale stays with the car and gets captured while Jed, Granny and Jane are away. Jethro and his Merry Men make Drysdale join them.

Ep 6: Greetings From the President

Just as the Clampetts are preparing to go home to the hills, Jethro receives a draft notice from the President. The women go ahead without them, and Jethro gets a few uniforms from the movie studio, one of a Prussian Field Marshall and one for General Patton. Jethro buys a tank and hopes for a crew, employing Drysdale and outfitting him with a Prussian Field Marshall uniform.

Ep 7: The Army Game

Granny and Elly arrive back home just as Jethro is going to head to the Army. Granny decides to give Jethro his physical examination so the Army doctors don’t touch him. Though, Granny’s medical tools consist of a hammer to test reflexes and a burning candle to examine his throat. She splints his busted knee and puts corks in his ear to keep the draft out of them.

Ep 8: Mr. Universe Muscles In

Elly is getting ready for her date with Troy Apollo, which was set up by John Cushing from the Merchant’s Bank. When Drysdale finds out, he knows that this could be bad for his bank and sets Elly up with Mr. Universe. When the Clampetts meet him, they think his muscles are a result of an illness. Dave tells them that he noticed the muscles when he had the barbells for two weeks.

Ep 9: A Plot for Granny

For Granny’s birthday, the Clampetts plan to surprise her with some land in the country. Jed calls a number Jethro saw an ad for. However, the Clampetts do not know they are calling a cemetery. After a misunderstanding, the men from the cemetery begin believing the Clampetts are cold-blooded killers, having killed an entire family named Green, Granny and Mrs. Drysdale.

Ep 10: The Social Climbers

Granny gets a letter from home, from Adeline Ashley, a hillbilly socialite. Miss Ashley says she going to stop by while visiting friends. However, she arrives early. And through her whole visit, she sets her sights on marrying Jed. Jed isn’t at all interested, but hopes that Miss Ashley could meet Mrs. Drysdale and arranges it.

Ep 11: Jethro's Military Career

Jethro is practicing being a Navy Frogman. Granny, who has been testing her flu serum, a.k.a. moonshine, sees Jethro and thinks there is a monster in the pool. When she tells Jed, he thinks it is a result of her moonshine. But Granny finally is shown that it isn’t a monster, but Jethro. Jed decides that Jethro needs some type of guidance, so he calls Miss Jane, who tells Drysdale.

Ep 12: The Reserve Program

Jethro is getting ready to enter the reserves, and the Clampetts are giving him a party, with gifts, including lady fingers, a squirrel rifle and a Confederate uniform. Jethro heads down to the reserve where they are preparing to shoot a Civil War movie. The men there think Jethro is an actor for the movie. Jethro soon thinks that the Civil War is going to happen again and rushes home to tell Granny and Elly. Granny decides to take up the fight to make sure the South wins, again, since she is convinced they won the first time.

Ep 13: The South Rises Again

Granny, Elly and Jethro are preparing to fight the Yankee soldiers in Civil War II, but Jed has no plans to join. The cast and crew of the movie are getting ready to shoot, but the actor playing Grant isn’t a sober man and missing the Confederate soldiers. On their way there, Granny, Elly and Jethro see the actors in Confederate uniforms marching to the shooting site.

Ep 14: Jethro in the Reserve

Granny still believes she captured the real Ulysses S. Grant, still unsure that he is an actor in a movie. Granny also thinks that Colonel Blake is responsible for starting the second Civil War. Granny is upset at Blake, as well as Drysdale, for running away from battle. Drysdale tries to get in good with Granny by replacing Grant’s picture on the fifty-dollar bill with General Lee and tells her he captured Grant. Of course, she knows better.

Ep 15: Cimarron Drip

Jethro is hoping to get a part in Dash Riprock’s new TV series, getting a whole new image. Little does Dash know, the show, which is a rehash of every successful show since 1948, didn’t make it, and the female lead, Debbie Dimples, has impossible demands. Drysdale suggests that they use a monkey, Elly’s chimp Cousin, Bessie.

Ep 16: Corn Pone Picassos

After Mrs. Drysdale buys a statue named "Ecstasy," which is nothing but a huge pile of metal scraps, the Clampetts decide to get involved in art to help their neighbor in the contest she is entering. Jed and Jethro buy an authentic Rembrandt, a Sam Rembrandt, and Granny uses her artist cousin as influence to paint Mrs. Drysdale a for-sure winner, thinking the statue she bought has no chance.

Ep 17: The Clampetts Play Cupid

Granny is hoping that Elly May and Dash Riprock will settle down and get married, since the two have been out on a lot of dates. Dash is hoping to get a more serious relationship with Elly as well, but her family keeps getting in the way. But Elly is not looking for a future with the Hollywood movie star; she’d rather have a farmer.

Ep 18: The Housekeeper

Miss Jane is worried about Granny, who cleans the entire mansion by herself. Jane tells Jed and Elly that she thinks they need a housekeeper. Drysdale tells Jane that his wife is looking, and Mrs. Drysdale comes through with one. They decide to have Granny accept her by telling her this housekeeper is a little lady just like her who needs the money, and Granny decides to allow the help.

Ep 19: The Diner

Jed thinks that it is time for Jethro to start in the business world, and Jethro decides to become a fry cook and open his own restaurant. Jed is okay with this, but when he tells Drysdale, he is unsure because he is afraid of losing some of the Clampett money. The banker does end up buying Jethro a place on Restaurant Row, but the building is a wreck, with rent only thirty-five a month. Jethro is just glad to have a place of his own.

Ep 20: Topless Anyone?

The Happy Gizzard isn’t doing well, and Jethro wants to improve his business. He thinks he has an idea to make his restaurant a huge success. After seeing signs outside other restaurants, he believes his restaurant should have topless waitresses. But he thinks this means the waitresses don’t wear hats. Jethro tells Drysdale just as he is working on landing a $20 million dollar account, scaring the millionaire Vanderponts away.

Ep 21: The Great Snow

Granny misses the seasons, especially the snowy winter. She wants to go home to the hills and see some snow. Jed decides to let Granny win and calls Drysdale to tell him that Granny wants to head back home to the hills. He learns that she wants the snow back. Drysdale comes up with a plan to keep the hillbillies in Beverly Hills, telling them that a big blizzard is going to strike Beverly Hills.

Ep 22: The Rass'lin' Clampetts

Granny has been in a bad mood for a while, so the Clampetts put up the cabin to cheer her up. After singing and rocking, Granny starts getting happier, but Mrs. Drysdale comes over to complain about the shack and gets in a fight with Granny. After Jed hears about this, he tells Granny that city women don’t fight like this, but Jethro tells him they do on TV.

Ep 23: The Great Tag-Team Match

It is the day after Granny beat up the Boston Strong Girl, making her the new champ, and the Clampetts are celebrating Granny’s great victory. But not all is well. The woman who plays the Boston Strong Girl is in trouble for getting beat up. The woman who plays Rebecca of Donnybrook Farm, a former topless waitress, has learned the truth, getting an invitation from Granny to visit. Their manager, Gene Booth, sees this as an opportunity to get Granny to fight, after hearing the huge ratings the fight got.

Ep 24: Jethro Proposes

Granny has heard that Miss Jane has never been proposed to and wants to help out. She tries to get Jed to propose, but has no luck with that plan. Granny then settles to have Jethro propose to her. Jethro asks Miss Jane out, and she accepts. While at the bank, Jethro also meets the gorgeous new night guard, Ilse.

Ep 25: The Clampetts Fiddle Around

Jane took Jethro to a concert the previous night, sparking an interest in playing the violin in Jethro. Jed has Drysdale and Jane hire the violinist they saw, Sebastian Stromboli, to teach Jethro. Before his lesson, Jane learns that Jethro doesn’t care about the music, having fallen asleep during the concert, and only wants to meet girls.

Ep 26: The Soap Opera

Granny wants to keep her doctor’s practice going in Beverly Hills. Elly, while on the phone with Miss Jane, is told about Rex Goodbody, who is a character on 'A Journey To Misery.' Elly tells Granny about him and that he might need an operation, and they decide they want to help Rex Goodbody improve. Granny learns that Goodbody is a neighbor, and the Clampetts decide to prevent the operation.

Ep 27: Dog Days

While Elly is washing her dogs, Granny calls that the food is ready, and the dogs trample her. Granny tells Jed and Elly that if the dogs don’t go, she will. Drysdale is also having dog troubles, annoyed with the fact that his wife’s dog gets beauty parlor treatment. Jed finally convinces Granny to let the dogs stay, but after changing her mind, she gets trampled by Elly’s new dogs, causing her to want them all out again.

Ep 28: The Crystal Gazers

Granny believes she has the power to predict the future, and she is set on doing whatever she needs to make her predictions come true.

Ep 29: From Rags to Riches

Drysdale tells the Clampetts to put up the cabin so he can make a commercial showing how he took a poor hillbilly family and made them rich, putting them in a gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills. Miss Jane doesn’t agree with his plan, and ends up getting upset after he lies about a giant nest egg, breaking her egg over his head. Drysdale arrives at the cabin to make sure all is all right and tells his wife what it is for. She throws him out on his head, and Granny thinks Drysdale has hurt his head badly, and decides to perform a head transplant.

Ep 30: Cousin Roy

The Clampetts are preparing for Cousin Roy to visit Beverly Hills. When Roy gets to the mansion, he sees Elly May, who he has a huge crush on, and performs a song about her for the Clampetts. But Roy’s main purpose for visiting is to sell his mom’s medicine, Big Momma’s Magic Mixture, and finds great success in doing it.

Ep 1: A Bundle for Britain

Drysdale arrives to tell the Clampetts they now have $80 million dollars in his bank, making them believe he has suffered greatly in growing their fortune. After he leaves, the Clampetts want to unload their burden on Drysdale. Jethro tells him he should give the money to England, because they sold Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. After learning it was ships that have been sold, the Clampetts decide the Queen needs help, and they decide to take out their money and give it to Her Majesty.

Ep 2: Something for the Queen

The Clampetts, Drysdale and Jane are heading to their castle in England. Their plane ride isn’t the easiest, especially for Drysdale and another passenger. Jethro smuggles Elly’s turkey, buzzard, on board, and Drysdale is attacked by it in the bathroom, as well as another man who has the misfortune of being seated near the clan.

Ep 3: War of the Roses

Jethro challenges Colonel Dumbarton at the castle next door to the second War of the Roses, to which the Colonel accepts. The Clampetts are still hoping to give the deed to Canada back to the Queen. Drysdale arranges Queen Elizabeth I to visit the castle, since the Clampetts still think she is in power. The Clampetts are preparing to fight their war before the Queen comes.

Ep 4: Coming Through the Rye

Jethro has taken up spying on the castle next door and has caught sight of the Colonel’s lovely niece, Sandy. But when he shows her to Granny and Jed, she has moved and her brother, Emlyn, wearing a kilt, has stepped to where she was. The clan starts believing that Emlyn is Sandy. Jethro believes that Sandy is intent on marrying him after she jokingly told his family that they are going to marry, depressing Granny.

Ep 5: Ghost of Clampett Castle

The Clampetts are enjoying their stay at Clampett Castle, but Drysdale wants to get back home. The staff at the castle is enjoying the Clampetts staying at there, hoping they'll stay and see the castle's ghost. Drysdale tries to scare Granny with a ghost tale and succeeds, making her want to leave. Jethro plans to get rid of the ghost himself by holding a séance.

Ep 6: Granny Goes to Hooterville

Right after the Clampett's return from London, Granny gets a letter saying she is needed in Hooterville. The problem is that nobody knows where it is. Granny tries to find out, but doesn’t have much luck. Jethro, who isn't getting fed because Granny is focusing on Hooterville, is desperate for food and accidentally eats Elly's grits and rocks for her critters. Granny has to “doctor” him back to health.

Ep 7: The Italian Cook

Granny has been staying in Petticoat Junction, and her family is hungry. Elly May decides to take over the cooking, though her dishes are worse than eating nothing. The clan asks Granny to come home, but she says she can’t. So Jane suggests to Jethro that he hire a cook, and he ends up getting a gorgeous cook that only speaks Italian.

Ep 8: The Great Cook-Off

Even though the Clampetts are enjoying Maria’s cooking, Granny is upset that there is another cook in her kitchen. She wants Maria to leave, and Jed knows Maria leaving is the best thing to make everything right. However, Jethro is in love with Maria, hoping to marry her. Jane figures out a way to get Maria in good with Granny. She arranges a meeting between the two cooks, and Jane tells Maria to answer "Yes" to everything.

Ep 9: Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs

The Clampetts are preparing for Lester, Gladys Flatt and Earl Scruggs' visit, not knowing they are doing promotional shots for the movie 'Bonnie and Clyde.' But when they find out, the Clampetts start taking interest. Jethro and Elly borrow Lester and Gladys’ Bonnie and Clyde costumes and scare Dyrsdale. When he finds out, he decides to play a prank on Cratchit, an accountant. Two cops arrest him, thinking he is actually a gangster.

Ep 10: The Thanksgiving Spirit

The Clampetts head to the little town of Hooterville to spend Thanksgiving with the folks of Petticoat Junction and Green Acres. Jethro goes there as a big Hollywood producer to get some girls, and Granny is excited about seeing Sam Drucker. Drysdale is against this because he is in fear of losing his biggest account. He tries to stop them, but has no success.

Ep 11: The Courtship of Homer Noodleman

The Clampetts leave Hooterville after spending Thanksgiving there. They return to their mansion, telling Drysdale and Jane about the boy Elly started dating. When Drysdale hears of this, he decides to get a country boy to come and court Elly. He employs Dash Riprock to play country boy Homer Noodleman. After the Clampetts are introduced to Homer, Granny wants to meet his father.

Ep 12: The Hot-Rod Truck

Jethro wants a new car, embarrassed by the truck. He buys two new cars for two different images he is trying. But Jed tells him to just get a few new parts for the truck. Granny, who is celebrating her birthday, believes that they are planning to replace her. But she learns the truth, and wants the truck to stay the way it was. Jethro ends up getting a whole new front for the truck, and when Jed tells him to fix it, he gets a whole new back.

Ep 13: The Week Before Christmas

Granny gets a letter from Sam Drucker in Hooterville, but Elly's bear eats it. So after Granny finds very little success knowing if she is engaged or not, Jed, Granny and Elly all decide to spend Christmas in Hooterville.

Ep 14: Christmas in Hooterville

The Clampetts and Miss Jane arrive in Hooterville for the holidays, but Jethro and Drysdale stay behind. On Christmas Day, Jane calls her boss to wish him a Merry Christmas, but he is in a bad mood. After he tells her that she is fired, Jane tells him that she could just go to work for Sam Drucker, since Jed gave him a new bank. Upon hearing this, Drysdale passes out. When he comes to, he decides he needs to go to Hooterville to save his largest account.

Ep 15: Drysdale and Friend

The Clampetts and Miss Jane return from spending Christmas in Hooterville to learn that Drysdale has driven after them, along with Fairchild, Elly’s bear. Back in the hills, Drysdale gets arrested for vagrancy and bootlegging in a place called Ripley. When they learn, the people at the bank couldn’t be happier that their boss has been locked up.

Ep 16: Problem Bear

Drysdale has come down with the flu after spending so many nights outside while on the way to Hooterville. Granny wants to help him with her Possum Ridge Penicillin, also known as White Lightening. She leaves Drysdale a jug of it, but he puts it to the side and takes a sleeping pill. However, Elly’s bear Fairchild has taken up drinking Granny’s moonshine and climbs into his room as Drysdale is sleeping and drinks the entire jug.

Ep 17: Jethro the Flesh Peddler

Jethro has started a new career as a flesh peddler, a talent agent. He gets set up on the fifth floor of the bank to run his office. Drysdale learns that the talent agency he rented the fifth floor to is actually Jethro and isn’t too happy about that, hoping to get Jethro out.

Ep 18: Cousin Roy in Movieland

Cousin Roy is working on his album, with the Clampetts’ support. The clan is still hoping that Jethro, the self-proclaimed biggest talent agent in the business, will represent Roy, but the flesh peddler still isn’t interested. Drysdale is still trying to get him off the fifth floor of the bank. To collect rent, Drysdale tries to get Jed to back Jethro by telling him he's decided to back Roy.

Ep 19: Jed Clampett Enterprises

Drysdale evicts Mr. Show Business, the Boy Genius of Hollywood, Jethro, and his talent agency, from the fifth floor of the bank building and, so he can collect his $5,000-a-month rent, rents it to Jed, who, along with Granny, turns it into a combination wood shop/dentist office/hospital/barber shop/and pet shop.

Ep 20: The Phantom Fifth Floor

The Clampetts are in charge of the fifth floor, with their all-purpose offices. Jethro, the Crowned Prince of Show Business, decides to move his talent agency to the mansion.

Ep 21: The Hired Gun

The Clampetts are opening up J.C. Enterprises at a decent hour, five o’ clock in the morning. Drysdale is getting tired of his largest depositor’s waking him up early and of their practices. To get the Clampetts out, he hires a hired gun to scare the clan. Drysdale and Homer, the hired gun, strike up a plan where Drysdale “defends” the Clampetts, and Homer threatens them.

Ep 22: The Happy Bank

Drysdale is sick of the Clampetts running their various businesses on the fifth floor, but many of the bank employees visit J.C. Enterprises. One secretary, Carol, is scheming to get Jed to take interest in her, after learning how much he’s worth, while Granny is treating Louise Cats, who she tells Drysdale is a bank employee, but actually is a pregnant cat of Elly May’s.

Ep 23: Sam Drucker's Visit

The Clampetts return from giving up J.C. Enterprises, and Granny gets a telegram saying that Sam Drucker, who won a trip to Hollywood, is going to visit, thinking he is coming to propose. When he arrives, she tries to get him to believe she is the goddess of the handsome Hollywood actors, as does Jethro, who doesn’t want Granny to move to Hooterville.

Ep 24: The Guru

Jethro decides to become a guru, which he believes will help him get girls, seeking the help of Mrs. Drysdale's guru, who is really a fake after money. Granny tries to bust him, but after the two have some moonshine, she ends up becoming the Great Mother, the Queen of Gurus, herself. She decides to go to India with the guru. Drysdale hears of this and calls the police to arrest the phony guru, but when the police do show they end up arresting Granny in her guru getup.

Ep 25: The Jogging Clampetts

Granny sees Mrs. Drysdale chasing her husband, unaware that they are jogging, saying that she is really going to beat him. She starts believing that Mrs. Drysdale is beating her husband and the violence will spread. When Elly says that she beat Jethro, Granny worries the violence has spread, but Elly and Jethro clear everything up, telling her they’ve been jogging.

Ep 26: Collard Greens an' Fatback

Granny is cooking collard greens and fat back for the Spring Collard Festival, just as the Drysdales are planning to sell their house to move into the house on the other side of the Clampetts. As the possible buyer, Pat Boone, is touring the house, he smells an unusual odor, which Mrs. Drysdale covers as orchid fertilizer. But Boone, who comes from Tennessee, knows it is collard greens and fat back and heads to the Clampetts.

Ep 1: Back to the Hills

Granny is afraid of a mountain lion she sees in her root cellar, and Elly May reveals it is hers. But after reading the paper and seeing that Elverna Bradshaw’s daughter is getting married, Granny tells Jed they need to go home and return to the Hills to get Elly married first. As Granny is planning the trip home, Jethro reveals he is going to college, as Jed is unsuccessfully trying to have breakfast.

Ep 2: The Hills of Home

The Clampetts head home to the Ozarks with the goal of getting Elly May married before Elverna Bradshaw's daughter does. And with the Silver Dollar Fair about to start, they believe they'll be able to meet a lot of young, single men. Granny has something else going on besides getting Elly a husband: she is fighting with her enemy, Elverna Bradshaw, and betting her granddaughter will marry before Elverna’s daughter.

Ep 3: Silver Dollar City Fair

It is the first day of the Silver Dollar City Fair, and Granny is working on getting Elly May a husband before Elverna Bradshaw’s daughter gets married. The two women continue to fight and argue, challenging one another more and more. But with the excitement of the fair, Elly enters a few contests, and Granny arranges plots to brag about Elly May.

Ep 4: Jane Finds Elly a Man

Granny continues her search to get a man for Elly, though fears her mission might be harder with Elly having entered the cake-baking contest. Back at the mansion, Jethro becomes restless in Beverly Hills and decides to join his family in the hills, especially after hearing about the fair going on. Miss Jane comes along, being told by Drysdale to keep her watch on the family and not to let Elly get serious about a man.

Ep 5: Wedding Plans

After Matthew Templeton says he’d be proud to marry Elly, the Clampetts begin to plan and rehearse Elly's wedding. Meanwhile, Drysdale tries to stop this wedding from happening, or at least from losing his largest account. He goes to Silver Dollar City and decides to buy the Bank of Bugtussle so he can still handle his favorite account.

Ep 6: Jed Buys Central Park

Granny and Elly are preparing for the wedding, but a big blow comes when Matthew mentions that he has a wife, and Granny learns he is really a preacher, saying he’d marry Elly because he marries people every day. Meanwhile, con man Shifty Shafer, a.k.a. Honest John, comes to Silver Dollar City and, after hearing how much money they have, he persuades the hillbillies to go to New York with him.

Ep 7: The Clampetts in New York

The Clampetts and Honest John arrive in New York, where the police are waiting for him. The police tell him he has to leave in 24 hours, which he tells Jed means that he has arranged that New York City stay open for 24 hours since the city normally closes at nine o’clock. He spends his time showing the Clampetts Central Park and other sites and sells Jed more property.

Ep 8: Manhattan Hillbillies

After Honest John was told to leave, the Clampetts are alone in New York City, with Drysdale and Jane trying to find them. The clan is planning to build a cabin in Central Park. A police officer finds the Clampetts cooking in the Park, and tells them it is illegal, but after Granny tells the Irish cop that her son-in-law’s last name is “Oh, Clampett,” he changes his attitude and lets the Clampetts get away with everything.

Ep 9: Home Again

The Clampetts arrive home from their trip back home and New York, but Granny has lost her glasses. She is convinced that she doesn't need them, even though she gets lost in her own house, and mistakes the vet and his baby brother as a seal and an otter. Elly starts liking the vet, but Granny, still thinking he is the seal, wants them apart. She sees the real vet in the car with Miss Jane, and wishes he was with Elly.

Ep 10: Shorty Kellems Moves West

Shorty Kellems heads to Hollywood after selling his hotel, silver mine, house and land. Besides the thousand he has for that, he also has two hundred big ones, since the bills are bigger than the ones Jed has. Drysdale is told Shorty's “big” money makes Jed's look like nothing. Drysdale thinks Shorty has $200 million and is desperate to get his money in the bank. He promises Shorty a wild Hollywood party if he deposits the money. Drysdale comes through with the "orgy," and Shorty decides to put his money in the bank.

Ep 11: Midnight Shorty

Because of his supposed net worth, Shorty is dating four of the secretaries from the bank. This does not please Granny though, since Shorty was out all night. Drysdale learns that Shorty only deposited $1,100 dollars and still wants to get his “big” money. He arranges for a casino near the pool, where Shorty and Granny always win.

Ep 12: Shorty, Go Home

After Shorty and Jethro stay out all night, not to Granny's approval, Shorty is forced to chop wood in the early morning and do other chores the rest of the day so he will want to go home.

Ep 13: The Hero

Drysdale's nephew, Lance Bradford, comes to Beverly Hills to start his job at the bank as vice president. But with all the celebration for Mrs. Drysdale's hero, Jethro thinks it is in his honor since he saved her dog from getting his hair cut. When Lance gives his hero speech, Jethro pulls up and accidentally hits his car, knocking him unconscious.

Ep 14: Our Hero, the Banker

Lance Bradford has started working as vice president at the Commerce Bank, though he really isn’t doing anything helpful. Everyone at the bank, except Drysdale, is excited to get Jet Stream working at the bank. Jethro sees how the girls at the bank react to Lance’s Air Force uniform, so he goes out to get a four-star general uniform. When Lance visits, needing a new account, Jethro tells him he’ll put his whole allowance in the bank if he sets him up with the girls.

Ep 15: Buzz Bodine, Boy General

The Clampetts get a letter from Steve and Betty Jo Elliot of Hooterville with a picture of their baby. With all the great memories of Hooterville from their last trip, the family decides to go. Meanwhile, Jethro is still sporting his four star general's uniform, convinced he is an important figure. When he gets smart with Granny, she hits him with a skillet, so he heads to the base for breakfast.

Ep 16: The Clampett-Hewes Empire

Jed and Howard Hewes are preparing to get their airport deal all wrapped up, and Drysdale decides to come visit the famous recluse of a billionaire. He brings along Jane, who is dressed in jeans and an old sweatshirt to look like she has the simple touch, and his three secretaries to sing "Howard Hughes, We Love You."

Ep 17: What Happened to Shorty?

When Shad Heller visits the Clampetts, Jed asks what happened to Shorty Kellems, but Shad doesn't know. Meanwhile, the Clampetts are having food stolen from the root cellar. They decide to investigate during the night and catch Shorty in the kitchen having a snack.

Ep 18: Marry Me, Shorty

After remembering how much fun he had with Gloria, Shorty tries to get out of marrying Elverna Bradshaw. To postpone the marriage a little longer, Shorty tells Elverna he is having a bachelor party. Granny figures Drysdale will do it, and after Jed talks to Drysdale, Drysdale says he will have the party, thinking Jed wants him to.

Ep 19: Shorty Spits the Hook

Shorty and Elverna's wedding day has come. Elverna is ecstatic, while Shorty is dreading it. When Jed and Shad wake him up and tell him it's his wedding day, he fights it. He hides in the bathroom, trying to find ways out.

Ep 20: Three-Day Reprieve

With the marriage between Shorty Kellems and Elverna Bradshaw only days away, Jed Clampett and the Mayor take measures to ensure that the elusive backwoodsman doesn't disappear. But Shorty manages to sneak off for a bit of carousing with Mr. Drysdale's gorgeous secretaries.

Ep 21: The Wedding

To keep Shorty in line, Shad has built a cage. Shorty escapes but is soon captured and brought to his wedding rehearsal. The slippery Shorty, however, escapes again.

Ep 22: Annul That Marriage

After Shorty and Gloria get married, everyone but the two of them want the marriage annulled. Gloria decides she’d like to experience what her new life will be like, and Jed tells her that he’ll show her. When he calls the mansion to tell them to put up the cabin, Granny thinks he got married as well. But when both “couples” come home, Granny, Jethro, and Elly learn that Shorty got married, but Elverna didn’t, and Gloria got married, but Jed didn’t, making Jethro and Granny believe both couples are in a Hollywood marriage.

Ep 23: Hotel for Women

The family can't find Granny anywhere, making them worry, mainly Jethro, because he doesn't want to eat Elly's cooking. Jed figures she is in the little cabin, which she is. They all decide to stay there, and Shorty gets the mansion. He opens it as a hotel for women. The secretaries of Drysdale's bank decide to stay there. Drysdale learns it is Jed's mansion, and Jane figures he is doing it because he knows how oppressed the girls are.

Ep 24: Simon Legree Drysdale

Elly tells Granny and Jethro that the mansion is full of pretty girls. The clan soon learns that Shorty set up the mansion as a hotel for women. They figure they should get some information, and Jethro is more than happy to ask the girls.

Ep 25: Honest John Returns

Jethro comes home to tell Jed that he saw Honest John, but never caught up to him. Meanwhile, Honest John tells his wife he's turned straight, but she gets mad and threatens him. She wants him to con the wealthy Clampetts.

Ep 26: Honesty is the Best Policy

While the Clampetts are talking about Honest John and why he didn't accept the money, Shifty and his wife are talking about why Shifty gave it back. They decide to work as a team, with Flo posing as John's Spanish mom. Flo is worried that they'll spot her and realize she is not at all Spanish.

Ep 1: The Pollution Solution

Drysdale is trying to get his money back, while Jed is trying to prevent him from doing so. And Jethro is trying to come up with a way to beat the smog problem. Drysdale sends Jane over to get the money, posing as a guard. When Jed doesn't give it to him, Drysdale tells him what he's got is a drop in the bucket, and only the President could really do anything. Jed returns the money and says he plans to give all his money to the President.

Ep 2: The Clampetts in Washington

The Clampetts head to Washington D.C to give their money to the President, and Honest John and Flo follow. Honest John convinces the Clampetts that he knows the President and that they can give him money, which he will give to the President. Flo poses as Sitting Hawk, the last of the District of Colombia Native Americans.

Ep 3: Jed Buys the Capitol

The Clampetts are confused after being taken to a place called a psych ward and being called "paranoiacs and schizophrenics." They ask Honest John what it is about. He tells them it is a mistake and promises they can see the President, just as soon as some trouble is settled. He returns to Flo and tells her he is going to take the Clampetts for another two million. They "sell" Jed the Capitol, and much more of the property.

Ep 4: Mark Templeton Arrives

Elly comes running to Granny with distressing news, sickness! Fairchild, Elly’s bear, is sick. Meanwhile, at the bank, Miss Jane has a visitor, Lieutenant Mark Templeton of the US Navy. He is Matthew Templeton’s brother. Drysdale kicks the two out, and Jane takes Mark to the Clampetts to meet the beautiful Elly. At this time, Granny made medicine for Elly May’s bear, but Jethro ate it. Elly tries to remake it, but fails, and ends up looking a mess.

Ep 5: Don't Marry a Frogman

Elly May continues to see Mark Templeton, the Navy Frogman, something Granny is not pleased with. She is very frightened that her granddaughter is dating someone who is half man, half frog. After a date Elly has with Mark and a late night movie of Jethro's, Granny begins to have nightmares about this.

Ep 6: Doctor, Cure My Frog

Granny checks on Mark to make sure he is all human. When she sees that he is, she is ready for him to marry Elly May, giving hints. Elly and Mark sit in the parlor, trying to be alone, but keep getting interrupted by the family, mostly Granny and Jethro. Even when they think they are alone, Jethro is watching them, but Elly chases him out. Granny decides to head to the bank and, since she helped her out, brings Miss Jane a frog to kiss, only if she wants to.

Ep 7: Do You, Elly, Take This Frog?

Navy frogman Mark Templeton (Roger Torrey) is on the verge of proposing to Elly May. Everyone in the Clampett clan is delighted—everyone, that is, except Granny, who still believes that the designation "frogman" means that Mark is half frog. In a surreal dream sequence, Granny imagines that Elly is marching down the aisle with a giant amphibian. Richard Deacon appears briefly as a bemused psychiatrist.

Ep 8: The Frog Family

Granny thinks Jethro has turned into a frog after he went swimming and takes him to Dr. Klinger in the bank building. Jethro stops by the bank and takes the frog home. Granny sees him at home and thinks he is cured. Jed decides to learn to be a frogman too, but when he tells Jethro, Granny jumps on him to stop him. Jethro takes Granny to her room, and Granny begs someone to end her suffering.

Ep 9: Farm in the Ocean

Mark shows the family a movie of the ocean’s depths, but it still does not impress Granny. Meanwhile, Drysdale is trying to impress Mark. He redecorates his office with Navy memorabilia. Everything goes well, until Mark mentions oceanography and Drysdale donating money like Jed plans to. He throws Mark out, and calls Granny and tells her Mark and Elly can’t get serious. She agrees.

Ep 10: Shorty to the Rescue

Granny has come up with a new way to split Elly and Mark up and has called Shorty Kellems to help her do so. When Shorty arrives, she tells Mark that Shorty used to be Elly’s fiancé and wants revenge on Mark, but her story fails. At this time, Drysdale is trying to tell Jed that oceanography is a bad idea, but doesn’t succeed and ends up saying Miss Jane said it.

Ep 11: Welcome to the Family

Granny still believes Mark can turn people into water critters and turned Shorty into a seal. She gets the frogman to turn him back and continues to try to break up Elly May and Mark by having Elly cook for Mark. Meanwhile, Drysdale tries to keep Jed from withdrawing his money from the bank for oceanography research, this time dressing up as Napoleon.

Ep 12: The Great Revelation

Granny finally realizes that Mark is not half man/half frog. After learning he is all human, Granny is set on finally getting Elly May married to Mark. Elly and Mark are getting more serious, and Mark is planning to leave the Navy to spend more time with Elly and on his oceanography research. When Drysdale learns all of this, he is dead set on splitting Mark and Elly up.

Ep 13: The Grunion Invasion

The Clampetts prepare to go fight the invading Grunion, while Drysdale works to keep the Clampetts believing Mark has turned coward. The Clampetts head to the beach and set up their headquarters. They look out on the water and see a couple of surfers and mistake them for the Grunion.

Ep 14: The Girls from Grun

The Clampetts finish dining with their Grunion, a surfer boy and a girl, and tell the captives they will let them go. Jethro wants to keep his captured girl, but Jed let’s the two go. At the bank, Drysdale, who tells Helen she must take the blame for his stupid mistakes, decides to get his former secretary back. Helen goes to the beach to try to get Jane back, and finds out the Clampetts still believe Grunion are people, a poor excuse, but people nonetheless.

Ep 15: The Grun Incident

The secretaries are fighting for liberation, but Drysdale refuses to listen. The Clampetts see the girls protesting, and the girls think they are a goon squad—strike breakers. After Granny and Elly hear the story, they take the side of Grun. The secretaries decide to go to the Clampetts, but Drysdale tricks them and locks them in his office.

Ep 16: Women's Lib

Granny and Elly have decided to support the women’s lib movement, since Jethro treats them like servants. Each time Jed tries to make it better, Jethro ends up messing it up and upsetting the women even more. At the bank, the secretaries continue to fight for liberation, but Drysdale has decided to challenge them as well.

Ep 17: The Teahouse of Jed Clampett

As Jed and Jethro are waiting for Banzai’s Japanese girls to come, Elly and Granny are staying with Miss Jane and the women’s lib movement, where they are learning about life in an apartment. At the mansion, the guests arrive, and Jethro, trying to prove he is now Japanese, pronounces his L’s as R’s, and requests a karate chop, judo roll and sumo crush, thinking they are dishes, not moves to beat people up.

Ep 18: The Palace of Clampett San

The members of Women's Lib decide to teach Jed, Jethro and Drysdale a lesson after learning the glorious life they are leading at the Clampett mansion.

Ep 19: Lib and Let Lib

Troubles are following everyone after the women’s lib movement ended. Elly and Granny return home to the mansion, while Jethro still believes he is Japanese and the women should serve him because women should wait on man. And at the bank, the secretaries are working on better working conditions, but get bullied by Banzai, who is trying to get new girls from Japan.

Ep 20: Elly, the Working Girl

Elly gets a job as a secretary at Mr. Drysdale’s bank to ensure proper treatment of the girls working there. But Granny makes her look like a flapper and teaches her wiggle walking, eye rolling and lap setting. Drysdale throws her out, but after he realizes it is his largest depositor’s daughter, brings her back.

Ep 21: Elly, the Secretary

The Clampetts receive a telegram that says Louellen Aden is coming out to California. When Jed tells Jethro about this, they figure out that she wants to marry Jethro. He gets scared and runs away. Meanwhile, Elly is learning to be a secretary, but is not very good at it. She and Miss Jane go to bring Louellen to the Clampett mansion, and the family learns that she has changed into a lovely young lady.

Ep 22: Love Finds Jane Hathaway

Elly is starting her new job as a secretary, though not finding success in it. After Jane gets out some of her old typing books for Elly, Dick Bremerkamp, a tenant in her building and unemployed actor, sees the two girls and starts asking Finney about the gorgeous blonde. After Finney tells him all about it, he gets in good with Miss Jane by posing as an Autobahn and Drysdale by posing as a Getty.

Ep 23: The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty Crockett

When Dick Bremerkamp learns more of Elly May's family and all their millions, he decides to pay them a visit as Robert A. Crockett. The Clampetts fall in love with this man as a potential husband for Elly May, just as Miss Jane is falling for him.

Ep 24: Jethro Returns

Jethro finally returns from hiding out, as Granny is planning Elly's marriage to Robert Crockett. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until Elly and Robert drive to Vegas, and Elly learns that he thinks she loves him. In the end, the truth is revealed to everyone, and they learn who this mysterious Robert really is, an out-of-work actor.