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Like Paladin of 'Have Gun - Will Travel,' Columbo (Peter Falk) is known only by his surname, but unlike Paladin—and most crime-fighters of film or television—Columbo does not present a suave, smart or imposing demeanor. In fact, on the outside, the cigar-chomping sleuth is the very antithesis of what one would expect from a detective, gunslinger or law-enforcer of any kind. Hiding his brilliance within a shabby, disheveled man in a trench coat, Columbo outfoxes everyone he encounters—especially the culprit, whom he invariably nails in the end.

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  • 7/28 8:00PMNo Time to Die
    "Columbo's nephew Andy Parma marries Melissa Hays, and after their lavish wedding reception, Melissa disappears mysteriously."
  • 8/4 8:00PMA Bird in the Hand
    "From the Vegas Strip to the football field, gambling and power lead to three deaths investigated by Lt. Columbo."
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Ep 1: Murder by the Book

When one member of a mystery writing team wants to break from his less talented partner, he becomes the victim in a real-life murder mystery. Aired: 9/15/1971

Ep 2: Death Lends a Hand

When the CEO of a private detective agency threatens the wife of a publisher with blackmail and she threatens to expose him, he accidentally kills her. Aired: 10/6/1971

Ep 3: Dead Weight

After learning that he is being investigated for embezzling military funds, Major General Martin Hollister shoots his partner in crime, who decided to flee the country. The act is witnessed by Helen Stewart, who is wooed by the general into doubting her own story. Aired: 10/27/1971

Ep 4: Suitable for Framing

Noted art critic Dale Kingston kills his uncle for his valuable collection of paintings. Despite Columbo's suspicions, all the clues point to the dead man's ex-wife. Aired: 11/17/1971

Ep 5: Lady in Waiting

A mousy heiress murders her brother, pretending she thought he was a burglar. Aired: 12/15/1971

Ep 6: Short Fuse

A chemical plant's director gets threats and issues threats, and one of the employees plants a bomb in his car. When the car turns out to be missing, Columbo is called to find out what happened. Aired: 1/19/1972

Ep 7: Blueprint for Murder

Elliot Markham, a brilliant architect and conman, murders a Texas millionaire and hides the body in order to keep his visionary construction project financed. Aired: 2/9/1972

Ep 8: Étude in Black

The maestro at the Hollywood Bowl is threatened with scandal by his mistress. John Cassavetes guest stars. Aired: 9/17/1972

Ep 9: The Greenhouse Jungle

Columbo arrives at a kidnapping case, which at some point turns into a murder. Everything seems to be related to a trust fund managed by a man with a great love for orchids. Aired: 10/15/1972

Ep 10: The Most Crucial Game

The manager of a football team murders its callow owner, making it look as if the young man had had an accident in his swimming pool. Aired: 11/5/1972

Ep 11: Dagger of the Mind

Columbo goes to England to study Sctoland Yard's investigative techniques and become involved in a murder case. Aired: 11/26/1972

Ep 12: Requiem for a Falling Star

When a faded movie actress commits murder, Columbo, one of her biggest fans, is on the case. Aired: 1/21/1973

Ep 13: A Stitch in Crime

A surgeon has an ingenious plan for murdering his partner in a research project, but a nurse catches onto the scheme. Aired: 2/11/1973

Ep 14: The Most Dangerous Match

When a chess player murders his opponent before a big match, Columbo must out-maneuver this crafty but craven killer. Aired: 3/4/1973

Ep 15: Double Shock

A smarmy TV chef and his identical twin brother, a rigidly proper banker, are suspects in the electrocution of their rich uncle. Aired: 3/25/1973

Ep 16: Lovely but Lethal

The formula for a miracle wrinkle cream leads the founder of a cosmetics company to murder. Aired: 9/23/1973

Ep 19: Any Old Port In A Storm

Columbo learns about wine-making and the not so brotherly relationship between Adrian and Ric Carsini in this telecast. Aired: 10/7/1973

Ep 20: Candidate for Crime

A campaign manager manufactures a story that the senatorial candidate is the target of a murder plot. Columbo hits the campaign trail only to learn that behind the smiles and the political rhetoric there is a love triangle and suspicious characters. Aired: 11/4/1973

Ep 21: Double Exposure

A self-styled "motivation research specialist" uses subliminal cues to commit a murder. Aired: 12/16/1973

Ep 22: Publish or Perish

A publisher hires a bomb enthusiast to murder a bestselling author of sex novels. Aired: 1/18/1974

Ep 23: Mind over Mayhem

The director of a government institute that employs various scientific geniuses commits a clever murder. Aired: 2/18/1974

Ep 24: Swan Song

A gospel singer wants to be rid of his zealous wife. But a murder made to look like an airplane accident does not fool Columbo. Aired: 3/3/1974

Ep 25: A Friend in Deed

A police commissioner provides a false alibi for a wife killer, but then expects an alibi in return. Aired: 5/5/1974

Ep 26: An Exercise in Fatality

A health club owner murders one of his franchisees. Aired: 9/15/1974

Ep 27: Negative Reaction

A photographer murders his wife and blames her death on a bungled kidnapping. Aired: 10/15/1974

Ep 28: By Dawn's Early Light

The commandant of a military academy murders the chairman of the board, who wants to oust him. Columbo takes up residence in the barracks to expose the killer. Aired: 10/27/1974

Ep 29: Troubled Waters

Columbo takes a trip to Acapulco, but finds himself on a new case when a used car dealer commits murder on the cruise ship. Aired: 2/9/1975

Ep 30: Playback

A gadget-happy inventor murders his mother-in-law. Aired: 3/2/1975

Ep 31: A Deadly State of Mind

A psychiatrist, who specializes in hypnosis, murders the husband of his mistress and convinces her to lie to the police. It's up to Columbo to discover the truth. Aired: 4/27/1975

Ep 32: Forgotten Lady

A faded dance star of film and stage murders her husband and makes it look like a suicide; Lt. Columbo doubts her seemingly perfect alibi. Aired: 9/14/1975

Ep 33: A Case of Immunity

The first secretary to the Suarian king may have immunity from the consequences of committing murder, but Columbo is wilier than any foreign diplomat. Aired: 10/12/1975

Ep 34: Identity Crisis

A top CIA operative commits murder the way only a brilliant spy can, never guessing he'll have to contend with a man like Columbo. Aired: 11/2/1975

Ep 35: A Matter of Honor

When a famous bullfighter's trusted bookkeeper turns up dead in a bullring, Columbo suspects murder—with a bull as the murder weapon. Aired: 2/1/1976

Ep 36: Now You See Him

A stage illusionist kills his employer and makes it look like a contract killing. It's up to Columbo to trick the master trickster. Aired: 2/29/1976

Ep 37: Last Salute to the Commodore

Charlie Clay runs the ship building business of his father-in-law, Commodore Swanson, who turns up murdered. Aired: 3/2/1976

Ep 38: Fade in to Murder

An egotistical but successful star off a TV detective show murders his blackmailing producer and makes it look like a robbery. Aired: 10/10/1976

Ep 39: Old Fashioned Murder

The spinster head of a family-run museum murders her brother when he threatens to dissolve the financially strapped institution. Aired: 11/28/1976

Ep 40: The Bye-bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case

Sigma Society member Oliver Brandt murders his business partner when he threatens to expose him as an embezzler and constructs a seemingly foolproof alibi. Aired: 5/22/1977

Ep 41: Try and Catch Me

A successful mystery writer suspects her niece's husband murdered her, and she exacts revenge by asphyxiating him in her house safe. Aired: 11/21/1977

Ep 42: Murder Under Glass

Food critic Paul Gerard, who has been extorting money from restaurant owners in exchange for good reviews, commits murder when threatened with exposure. Aired: 1/30/1978

Ep 43: Make Me a Perfect Murder

An Emmy-winning TV executive kills her lover (who is also her boss). Aired: 2/25/1978

Ep 44: How to Dial a Murder

A behavioral psychologist whose wife died under suspicious circumstances trains his dogs to kill on command using a telephone. Aired: 4/15/1978

Ep 45: The Conspirators

An IRA terrorist executes an arms dealer he considers traitorous. Aired: 5/13/1978

Ep 46: Columbo Goes to the Guillotine

An egocentric psychic murders his old mentor, a magician charged to expose him as fraud, by beheading him while he's rehearsing his guillotine trick. Aired: 2/6/1989

Ep 47: Murder, Smoke and Shadows

A wunderkind director murders a childhood friend who threatens to expose his negligent complicity in the death of his sister years earlier. Aired: 2/27/1989

Ep 48: Sex and the Married Detective

When a successful sex therapist with a best-selling book and a hit TV show learns that her business partner/lover is cheating on her, she plots appropriate revenge. Aired: 4/3/1989

Ep 49: Grand Deceptions

After the head of a private paramilitary think tank who is embezzling funds murders a blackmailer, he has to match wits with Columbo. Aired: 5/1/1989

Ep 50: Murder, a Self Portrait

Columbo investigates the apparent drowning of a famous painter's first wife. Aired: 11/25/1989

Ep 51: Columbo Cries Wolf

When the business-savvy publisher of a "Playboy"-type men's magazine wants to sell her stock to a Rupert Murdoch-like media tycoon, she apparently disappears on a London-bound flight. Aired: 1/20/1990

Ep 52: Agenda for Murder

While investigating a murder that was made to look like a suicide, Columbo notices some loose ends. Aired: 2/10/1990

Ep 53: Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo

A woman who blames Columbo for the loss of her husband sets out to get back at him. Aired: 3/31/1990

Ep 54: Uneasy Lies the Crown

The troubled junior partner in a dental group faces divorce and ostracism from his father-in-law's firm. Aired: 4/28/1990

Ep 55: Murder in Malibu

A successful writer of romance novels is found shot to death in her Malibu home. Aired: 5/14/1990

Ep 56: Columbo Goes to College

Faced with expulsion after having been caught cheating on an exam, two wealthy college students decide to murder their professor. Aired: 12/9/1990

Ep 57: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Columbo investigates a self-proclaimed security expert turned crime show host for the murder of a rival. Aired: 2/20/1991

Ep 58: Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

Columbo matches wits with a defense lawyer who has never lost a case in his career. Aired: 4/29/1991

Ep 59: Death Hits the Jackpot

Freddy, a down-on-his-luck photographer in the final stages of a divorce, wins $30 million in the lottery. In order to not share it with his wife before the divorce is finalized, he arranges for his uncle, Leon, to cash in the ticket and give Freddy the money after the divorce. But Uncle Leon has ideas of his own... Aired: 12/15/1991

Ep 60: No Time to Die

Columbo attends the wedding of his nephew, who is also with the LAPD. Suddenly it turns out that the bride is missing, possibly kidnapped. Aired: 3/15/1992

Ep 61: A Bird in the Hand...

When a down-on-his-luck gambler plans to murder his rich uncle, planting a pipe bomb under his car, he is surprised to hear that his uncle died in a car accident, leaving Columbo to discover the unexploded pipe bomb still attached to the wrecked automobile. Aired: 11/22/1992

Ep 62: It's All in the Game

Lauren Staton and Lisa Martin kill their two-timing lover, Nick Franco, making it appear as though he was murdered by a burglar in his apartment. Aired: 10/31/1993

Ep 63: Butterfly in Shades of Grey

L.A. radio moderator Chase kills Jerry Winters, a member of his staff who tried to help Chase's daughter, Victoria, leave her father and become a novelist in New York. Aired: 1/10/1994

Ep 64: Undercover

Columbo investigates murders linked to pieces of a photo that shows where $4 million dollars in stolen money is hidden. Aired: 5/2/1994

Ep 65: Strange Bedfellows

When Graham McVeigh kills his brother and frames a mob bookie for the crime, later killing the bookie, too, he finds himself facing trouble from both Columbo and the bookie's superior in the mob. Aired: 5/8/1995

Ep 66: A Trace of Murder

A beautiful wife and her forensic expert boyfriend try to frame her very rich husband for murder. Aired: 5/15/1997

Ep 67: Ashes to Ashes

After a much maligned Hollywood gossip columnist is murdered by her former lover, Columbo tries to find a way to prove he was responsible for the crime. Aired: 10/8/1998

Ep 68: Murder with Too Many Notes

Findlay Crawford, a Hollywood film composer and conductor, murders a talented composer/musician who has been ghostwriting most of Crawford's work in recent years, including the entire score for the last film, which won an Oscar. Aired: 3/12/2001

Ep 69: Columbo Likes the Nightlife

Columbo gets a taste of the Los Angeles rave scene as he investigates the apparent suicide of a tabloid reporter. Aired: 1/30/2003