The Invisible Man

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While trying to unlock the secrets to invisibility, British scientist Peter Brady (Tim Turner) suffers a tragic accident that leaves him permanently invisible. With no antidote in sight, Brady becomes an accidental superhero, protecting the British government from spies and saving ordinary citizens from danger. Loosely based on the classic 1897 H.G. Wells novella of the same name, the television series introduces espionage and heroism to Wells' tragic science fiction.



Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
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Ep 1: Secret Experiment

While trying to unlock the secrets to invisibility, British scientist Peter Brady suffers a tragic accident that leaves him permanently invisible. Turning to his friend, Crompton, for help reversing the condition, Brady is betrayed and his notes stolen.

Ep 2: Crisis in the Desert

Military Intelligence asks Peter to undertake a mission to rescue an intelligence operative. To free the man, Peter and a local resistance fighter must breach a high-security hospital.

Ep 3: Behind the Mask

Dr. Brady is tricked into helping a woman he finds at a car accident site. Lured by the woman back to her home, he encounters a wealthy man who has been horribly disfigured. The man begs for Brady's assistance in making him invisible, too.

Ep 4: The Locked Room

Dr. Brady must rescue a female scientist from a corrupt government embassy when he discovers she is working in the same field as he was. Can he rescue her and together possibly discover a cure for his invisibility?

Ep 5: Picnic with Death

After being exposed to the media, the The Invisible Man withdraws to work on a cure. Meanwhile, his niece Sally meets up with a young girl while at riding school that begs for his assistance in dealing with two relatives who seemingly want to plot to kill

Ep 6: Play to Kill

Great stage actress Barbara Crane is being blackmailed over her involvement in a car accident which killed a man. It is up to the The Invisible Man to help Barbara Crane uncover and outsmart her blackmailers.

Ep 7: Shadow on the Screen

Peter must board a Russian trawler to rescue a sailor who wants to defect.

Ep 8: The Mink Coat

Diane becomes convinced that the inner-lining of an airplane passenger's fur coat is being used to smuggle nuclear secrets.

Ep 9: Blind Justice

Two airplane pilots are held on suspicion of smuggling. Upon returning home one of the pilots is brutally attacked and shot in front of his blind wife. Now it is up to Dr. Brady to save the other from a similar fate.

Ep 10: Jailbreak

Peter vows to help an innocent men unjustly sentenced to prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Ep 11: Bank Raid

A gang abducts Sally and uses her to force Peter to steal for them.

Ep 12: Odds Against Death

Dr Brady, the The Invisible Man, leaps into action to rescue a professor collegue and his daughter who are being held prisioner in the mountains of Italy.

Ep 13: Strange Partners

A wealthy man uses extortion and a trained attack dog to force Peter to kill his partner and make it look like a heart attack.

Ep 1: Point of Destruction

Saboteurs are loose in London and have caused four tragic air accidents.

Ep 2: Death Cell

Ellen Summers is an escaped mental patient who seeks out the help of Dr. Brady. She claims that her boyfriend, George Wilson, who is on death row, is in fact innocent and she can prove it.

Ep 3: The Vanishing Evidence

Somewhere in Holland are top-secret documents that were stolen in London, over which two men were murdered.

Ep 4: The Prize

In Scandinavia, Brady attempts to rescue a scientist who has been abducted by enemy agents.

Ep 5: Flight into Darkness

Brady searches for a scientist (Geoffrey Keen) who has fallen into the hands of enemy agents.

Ep 6: The Decoy

With Brady's help, a vaudeville star searches for her twin sister, who vanished after witnessing a murder.

Ep 7: The Gun Runners

Brady matches wits with gunrunners in a tiny Mediterranean state.

Ep 8: The White Rabbit

Brady investigates a band of men who are scheming to control the world.

Ep 9: Man in Disguise

In Paris, Brady's passport is stolen by a dope smuggler—who promptly impersonates him.

Ep 10: Man in Power

Brady tries to save a Middle Eastern country from a power-hungry military leader (Andre Morell).

Ep 11: The Rocket

A new rocket experiment is jeopardized when one of Brady's scientists begins selling vital information to enemy agents.

Ep 12: Shadow Bomb

Brady's friend (Conrad Phillips) is trapped in a pit with a bomb set to blow if a shadow is cast on it.

Ep 13: The Big Plot

To avert another world war, Brady must crack a uranium-smuggling ring.