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Hosted by inimitable "Master of Suspense" Alfred Hitchcock, 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour' comprises dark tales of deceit, murder and mystery, stories in which viewers should expect the unexpected from diabolical twists and sinister turns. A continuation of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents,' (1955 to 1962), this subsequent series, beginning in 1962, increased the duration of episodes from 25 minutes to 50 minutes. 

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  • 7/22 1:00AMNight Caller
    "A mystifying young man and a sequence of intimidating phone calls put Marcia Fowler on the edge of madness."
  • 7/29 1:00AMThe Evil of Adelaide Winters
    "Chastisement awaits a convict artist who claims to be able to make contact with the dead."
  • 7/30 1:05AMA Piece of the Action
    "Expert gambler Duke Marsden finds his very existence at risk when he wins $30,000 from an inhuman ex-hood."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

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Ep : A Piece of the Action

Expert gambler Duke Marsden finds his very existence at risk when he wins $30,000 from an inhuman ex-hood.

Ep : Don't Look Behind You

A number of women have been victims of ritualistic murders, and a medical undergraduate thinks she's next.

Ep : I Saw the Whole Thing

A well-known mystery author is accused of running a stop sign before hitting a motorcyclist.

Ep : Captive Audience

The tape-recorded material for a renowned mystery author's upcoming book sounds a bit too factual to his publisher.

Ep : Final Vow

Blaming herself for the robbery of a priceless figurine, an apprentice nun leaves her convent to track down the thief.

Ep : Annabel

A disturbed chemist refuses to accept his ex-girlfriend's marriage to a co-worker.

Ep : House Guest

John Mitchell gets more than he bargained for when he offers a young man a new start in life.

Ep : The Black Curtain

A former amnesiac learns he is an accused killer wanted by the law and a hit man.

Ep : Day of Reckoning

An easygoing guy has a curious difficulty: he can't convince anyone that he murdered his adulterous partner.

Ep : Ride the Nightmare

An elderly acquaintance plunges Chris Martin into a nightmare stuffed with blackmail, kidnapping and murder.

Ep : Night of the Owl

A man blackmails a couple by threatening to tell their adopted daughter the truth about her birth parents.

Ep : Hangover

A man wakes up with a hangover, an unknown woman in his room and his wife lost.

Ep : Bonfire

Preacher Robert Evans will go to murderous lengths to obtain a woman's manor for his gospel sanctuary.

Ep : The Tender Poisoner

Two business executives throw themselves into a battle of wits and trickery as they compete for a gorgeous lady.

Ep : The Thirty-First of February

The passing away of Andrew Anderson's spouse sets off strange events calculated to drive the widower insane.

Ep : What Really Happened

When a distressed housekeeper murders her boss, the deceased man's wife is charged with the crime.

Ep : Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog

A lady is plunged into a nightmare after she refuses to help a man and his badly beaten girlfriend.

Ep : A Tangled Web

A French maid runs away with and marries a professional burglar with hopes of making him honest.

Ep : To Catch a Butterfly

Bill and Janet Nelson are besieged by the understanding that a troubled neighborhood boy is planning to slay them.

Ep : The Paragon

John Pemberton comes up with an everlasting answer for dealing with his cruel, intrusive wife.

Ep : I'll Be the Judge, I'll Be the Jury

A police officer uses his partner as a lure to catch a murderer.

Ep : Diagnosis: Danger

Health department officials try to stop an anthrax outbreak spreading through Los Angeles.

Ep : The Lonely Hours

A renter shows an odd interest in her landlord's kid.

Ep : The Star Juror

Killer George Davies finds himself in a unique situation: He's on the jury that's trying an innocent man for the crime he committed.

Ep : The Long Silence

Cory Manson is paralyzed, and terrified that her husband will discover she is slowly recovering.

Ep : An Out for Oscar

Weighed down by an adulterous partner and her money-mad lover, a shy bank teller schemes to free himself via the "perfect crime."

Ep : Death and the Joyful Woman

The secretary of a wine baron is driven to murder when her dream of marrying the man is shattered.

Ep : Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans

A 17-year-old girl is inadvertently driven to Mexico by a dangerous car thief, who is unaware she is sleeping in the back seat.

Ep : The Dark Pool

After her adopted son drowns, a woman is blackmailed by a stranger claiming to be the boy's birth mother.

Ep : Dear Uncle George

A neighbor's letter about an unfaithful wife disturbs an advice columnist.

Ep : Run for Doom

A doctor plans to marry a good-looking soloist despite warnings that her three ex-husbands all experienced brutal deaths.

Ep : Death of a Cop

A police officer concocts a grim preparation to punish the killer of his son, a recruit cop.

Ep : The Cadaver

A medical undergraduate tries to get his roommate off the bottle by making him believe he killed a young woman while in a drunken trance.

Ep : Night Fever

An injured criminal uses a compassionate nurse to run away from a hospital.

Ep : A Home Away from Home

When a mental institution patient imprisons the staff, he reverses the roles of doctors and patients.

Ep : A Nice Touch

An adulterous partner is caught between a drunken husband and a determined lover.

Ep : Terror at Northfield

A pious extremist embarks on a killing spree to retaliate for the death of his son.

Ep : You'll Be the Death of Me

A bride is overwhelmed by a growing fear that her companion committed a murder—and that she may be his next victim.

Ep : Blood Bargain

A contract assassin reneges after meeting his target's handicapped wife.

Ep : Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale

An eye-catching widow tries to convince an incredulous police officer that her neighbor murdered his partner.

Ep : Starring the Defense

When his child is accused of murder, former actor Miles Crawford decides to "act" as the boy's legal representative.

Ep : The Dividing Wall

A break-in gang's newest heist may be their last: the booty contains a radioactive capsule.

Ep : Goodbye, George

A motion picture star receives a surprising stopover from her ex-convict companion, whom she thought was dead.

Ep : How to Get Rid of Your Wife

A submissive gentleman and his shrewish wife put together separate plans to murder each other.

Ep : Three Wives Too Many

Marion Brown takes radical action when she learns that her spouse has three wives too many.

Ep : The Magic Shop

A little boy vanishes in a magic shop, only to reappear later with supernatural powers and evil intentions.

Ep : Beyond the Sea of Death

After a failed marriage to a fortune hunter, heiress Grace Renford vows to never make the same blunder again.

Ep : Night Caller

A mystifying young man and intimidating phone calls put Marcia Fowler on the edge of madness.

Ep : The Evil of Adelaide Winters

A woman runs a psychic scam, making people believe she can contact their dead love ones. One of her victims, however, becomes dangerously obsessed when he believes she is able to contact his dead son.

Ep : The Jar

A man buys a jar containing a mystifying "thing" in this tale adapted from a short story by Ray Bradbury.

Ep : Final Escape

A prisoner bent on breaking out of a maximum-security prison matches wits with his custodian.

Ep : Murder Case

A struggling actor auditioning in London learns that his ex-girlfriend is now married to the play's wealthy backer. They soon rekindle their romance and plan to murder her husband.

Ep : Anyone for Murder?

A psychologist offers a unique solution for miserable marriages: murder.

Ep : Beast in View

A woman fears that her brother's ex-fiancée is going to kill her.

Ep : Behind the Locked Door

Gloria Swanson plays a woman determined to protect her daughter from a fortune hunter.

Ep : A Matter of Murder

A car thief struggles to evade a murder rap after he steals a Rolls-Royce containing a dead body.

Ep : The Gentleman Caller

A robber stashes his booty in an mature woman's high-rise apartment.

Ep : The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow

Good-for-nothing Bruce Richmond prepares a plot to keep his wife's rich aunt from exposing him as a forger.

Ep : Ten Minutes from Now

An apparently insane performer is suspected of making bomb threats to a local official.

Ep : The Sign of Satan

During the making of a horror film, a gruesome story unfolds as the lead begins to fear that a sect of devil worshipers may try to slay him.

Ep : Who Needs an Enemy?

In this comedy-drama, dishonest Charlie Osgood hits upon an odd way to evade prosecution.

Ep : Bed of Roses

A date with his girlfriend turns into a nightmare for newly wed George Maxwell.

Ep : Second Verdict

An attorney learns that his acquitted client is in fact a murderer and may kill for a second time.

Ep : Isabel

An ex-convict weds the woman whose evidence sent him to jail.

Ep : Body in the Barn

With the intention of marrying another woman, a man uses a badly decomposed body to frame his wife for his murder. When the newly betrothed woman's mother learns of the scheme, however, she fears that she may be her son-in-law's next target.

Ep : The Return of Verge Likens

A country farmer plans vengeance on his father's murderer.

Ep : Change of Address

A couple moves into an isolated seaside residence in a last-ditch effort to save their unstable marriage.

Ep : Water's Edge

An ex-convict is determined to find burglary loot stashed by his previous cellmate.

Ep : The Life Work of Juan Diaz

A dying Mexican frenetically looks for a way to provide for his poor family after his death.

Ep : See the Monkey Dance

A youthful London man heading for a weekend with his married mistress encounters a gentleman with oddly similar plans.

Ep : Lonely Place

Dread stalks a ranch occupied by a farmer, his wife and a strange hired hand.

Ep : The McGregor Affair

Dopey McGregor makes his living carrying boxes to a medical college, unaware that they contain the remains of murder victims.

Ep : Misadventure

An outsider forms a wobbly coalition with an insatiable woman bent on murdering her rich husband.

Ep : Triumph

When two missionaries arrive at a remote medical mission in the Indian jungle, jealousy leads to murder and a coverup.

Ep : Memo from Purgatory

In a Brooklyn slum, an aspiring author joins a gang of hoodlums to collect material for a book.

Ep : Consider Her Ways

A physician tries to stop her hallucinatory vision of an all-female society from becoming a reality.

Ep : The Crimson Witness

Ernest Mullett is a playboy who loses his job, wife and girlfriend to his hated, overachieving brother, Farnum Mullett. Ernest's hatred turns to murder when he decides to reenact the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Ep : Where the Woodbine Twineth

Nell Snyder is worried about the bizarre activities of her niece, who claims acquaintance with the "minute people."

Ep : The Final Performance

While a past vaudevillian plans to hit the comeback trail, his young fiancée seeks to make her escape with the help of a man passing through town.

Ep : Thanatos Palace Hotel

Having ineffectively attempted suicide, Robert Manners checks in at the Thanatos Palace Hotel, which caters solely to people who desire to die.

Ep : One of the Family

With the police on the hunt for a child murderer, the Daileys are shocked to learn that her sketch resembles the nurse just hired to care for their baby.

Ep : An Unlocked Window

Three nurses care for a patient in a creaky old manor where more than a few nurses have been killed in the past.

Ep : The Trap

A woman plots to slay her rich husband and marry one of his employees.

Ep : Wally the Beard

After receiving a wig and a beard, shy Wally Mills acquires a fresh personality, a girlfriend and an abundance of problems.

Ep : Death Scene

A mechanic with show business ambitions writes a play for the daughter of a once-famous director.

Ep : The Photographer and the Undertaker

Arthur Mannix is a photographer and Hiram Price is an undertaker. Both hide behind their respective professors to conceal another profession: hired killer. Both men, it turns out, have the same boss, who gives each an order to eliminate the other.

Ep : Thou Still Unravished Bride

A police officer fears that his fiancée has fallen prey to a murderer terrorizing the city.

Ep : Completely Foolproof

Counterplots flourish in this story of a woman's plot to divorce her rich, two-timing husband.

Ep : Power of Attorney

A smooth con man uses his appeal to rip off rich women.

Ep : The World's Oldest Motive

Married Alex Morrow wants to wed his girlfriend, and sees his opportunity when an outsider offers to murder his wife for a price.

Ep : The Monkey's Paw: A Retelling

In a retelling of classic chiller "The Monkey's Paw," a man realizes too late the evil powers of a monkey's paw that grants its owner three wishes.

Ep : The Second Wife

Newlywed Martha Hunter compulsively believes that her husband killed his former wife and plans the same fate for her.

Ep : Off Season

Fired from the law enforcement, a trigger-happy ex-policeman takes a job in a small-town sheriff's office.