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Wonder Woman

Saturdays at 7 PM

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Season: 1 2 3
11/7/1975 Ep 1: Wonder Woman (Pilot)
American war hero Steve Trevor is downed over the Bermuda Triangle and lands on Paradise Island, home of the Amazons. The Amazons hold a contest and choose a champion among them - Wonder Woman - who will return with Steve Trevor to America and remain there to fight the Nazi threat. In the pilot episode, there is a Nazi plan to destroy a new bomb site to ruin America's war effort. The Nazis have a mole in Steve's office who is sabotaging him, and only Wonder Woman can stop this catastrophe.
4/21/1976 Ep 2: Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther
An American war hero is implicated in a Nazi spy ring through a confession given by a German spy in prison.
4/28/1976 Ep 3: Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman must use all her cunning and prowess when confronted by her evil Nazi counterpart.
10/13/1976 Ep 4: Beauty on Parade
Wonder Woman infiltrates a dangerous sabotage ring that operates under the cover of a government-sanctioned beauty contest. Dick Van Patten guest stars.
11/6/1976 Ep 5: The Feminum Mystique: Part 1
Wonder Woman tries to rescue Wonder Girl after she is kidnapped by the Nazis, who want to learn the secrets of their bracelets and jet. Debra Winger guest stars.
11/8/1976 Ep 6: The Feminum Mystique: Part 2
Wonder Woman tries to rescue Wonder Girl after she is kidnapped by the Nazis, who want to learn the secrets of their bracelets and jet. Debra Winger guest stars.
12/18/1976 Ep 7: Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua!
Wonder Woman battles a seven-foot-tall, 500-pound gorilla. Robert Loggia guest stars.
12/25/1976 Ep 8: The Pluto File
Wonder Woman races against time to capture an enemy agent infected with bubonic plague and armed with a secret formula that could destroy the United States.
1/8/1977 Ep 9: Last of the Two Dollar Bills
When the economy of America is jeopardized by a treacherous Nazi scheme, Wonder Woman rushes to the rescue.
1/15/1977 Ep 10: Judgement from Outer Space: Part 1
Wonder Woman must rescue an alien ambassador from the Nazis. The alien, however, has passed judgment on mankind, deciding that the planet should be destroyed.
1/17/1977 Ep 11: Judgement from Outer Space: Part 2
Wonder Woman realizes that the fate of the world rests on her ability to prove the worth of mankind by saving a space alien.
1/22/1977 Ep 12: Formula 407
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor travel to Argentina to beat a pair of enemy agents to a secret formula that can make rubber as tough as steel.
1/29/1977 Ep 13: The Bushwackers
Wonder Woman goes to Texas, where she is confronted by a dangerous ring of pistol-packing rustlers.
2/16/1977 Ep 14: Wonder Woman in Hollywood
Wonder Woman arrives in Hollywood, discovering some behind-the-scenes action that's not in the script. Debra Winger guest stars.
Season: 1 2 3
9/16/1977 Ep 15: The Return of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman ventures forth from Paradise Island to fight evil in a man's world once again. In this episode, the heroine takes on an evil mastermind who plans to use a powerful robot against her.
9/23/1977 Ep 16: Anschluss '77
Wonder Woman is called upon to battle a new and more terrifying Nazi menace when she and Steve Trevor are assigned to investigate a reunion of expatriate Nazis on a small tropical island.
9/30/1977 Ep 17: The Man Who Could Move the World
Wonder Woman is pitted against the awesome telekinetic powers of a Japanese man who was interned during World War II and has been planning revenge for 35 years. James Hong guest stars.
10/7/1977 Ep 18: The Bermuda Triangle Crisis
Wonder Woman investigates the disappearance of an intelligence plane over the Bermuda Triangle and secures the safety of Paradise Island.
10/14/1977 Ep 19: Knockout
Wonder Woman must use all her strength and power to stop a terrorist group from kidnapping Steve and other government officials.
10/21/1977 Ep 20: The Pied Piper
Wonder Woman must use all her powers to save Joe Alkinson's daughter from the evils of Super Rock Star. Martin Mull guest stars.
10/28/1977 Ep 21: The Queen and the Thief
Wonder Woman saves the tiny country of Malakar by catching the thief who stole the royal jewels and returns them to the Queen.
11/11/1977 Ep 22: I Do, I Do
Wonder Woman masquerades as a new bride honeymooning at a health spa to prevent a group of traitors from obtaining government secrets.
11/18/1977 Ep 23: The Man Who Made Volcanoes
A mad scientist plans to unleash artificially induced volcanic eruptions on Earth. Emmy-winner Roddy McDowall guest stars.
12/2/1977 Ep 24: Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1
Wonder Woman teams up with alien Andros to stop another alien from stealing the most brilliant minds of North America.
12/9/1977 Ep 25: Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2
Wonder Woman realizes that the fate of the world rests on her ability to save the great minds of America from evil forces from outer space.
12/30/1977 Ep 26: The Deadly Toys
An evil toymaker uses android duplicates of top scientists to steal plans for a secret government weapon. Frank Gorshin guest stars.
1/6/1978 Ep 27: Light-Fingered Lady
Wonder Woman poses as a bank robber to capture the world's most notorious thief.
1/20/1978 Ep 28: Screaming Javelin
Several world class athletes are kidnapped by a deranged genius who wants to use them in the next Olympics to compete for his nonexistent country. Rick Springfield guest stars.
2/3/1978 Ep 29: Diana's Disappearing Act
Wonder Woman saves the world from an oil crisis when she exposes a magician's method of changing lead into gold. Ed Begley Jr. guest stars.
2/10/1978 Ep 30: Death in Disguise
Wonder Woman captures a hit man who is a master of disguise and saves the life of a world-renowned industrialist and the IRAC computer. Oscar-winner George Chakiris guest stars.
2/17/1978 Ep 31: I.R.A.C. is Missing
IRAC believes she will be the next victim of a computer genius who is stealing the memories of the world's greatest computers.
3/3/1978 Ep 32: Flight to Oblivion
Wonder Woman is pitted against a former Army Colonel who has become an enemy agent and wants to destroy a new Air Force test plane.
3/10/1978 Ep 33: Seance of Terror
Wonder Woman catches phony psychics and rescues three members of a peace conference.
3/31/1978 Ep 35: The Girl from Ilandia
Wonder Woman meets a young girl from another world who has very special powers, and convinces her to stay in this world to keep it safe from enemy agents.
3/31/1978 Ep 34: The Man Who Wouldn't Tell
A janitor is pursued by his employer and a rival company after discovering the key ingredient for a new explosive formula. Phillip Michael Thomas guest stars.
4/21/1978 Ep 36: The Murderous Missile
Wonder Woman saves the world from an angry scientist and a "thinking" missile.
Season: 1 2 3
3/10/1970 Ep 54: A Date With Doomsday
Diana uses a computer dating service to investigate a stolen vial containing a deadly virus.
9/22/1978 Ep 37: My Teenage Idol is Missing
A teenage pop music star is kidnapped on the eve of a huge arena concert and is replaced by his twin brother.
9/29/1978 Ep 38: Hot Wheels
Diana helps the police find a car theft ring and a Rolls Royce with a valuable microchip hidden in its hood ornament.
10/6/1978 Ep 39: The Deadly Sting
Wonder Woman discovers that a mobster has been using a college professor's invention to manipulate college football players.
10/13/1978 Ep 40: The Fine Art of Crime
Wonder Woman foils a ring of art thieves who use life-like statues—that are actually people in suspended animation—to rob museums.
10/20/1978 Ep 41: Disco Devil
A man lures important government officials into his disco so he can rob their minds. Music legend Wolfman Jack guest stars.
11/3/1978 Ep 42: Formicida
A deadly pesticide threatens the human race and a strange ant woman threatens a billionaire industrialist as the IADC and Wonder Woman find themselves on both sides.
11/10/1978 Ep 43: Time Bomb
A woman from the year 2115 travels back in time to use her knowledge to become an instant billionaire. However, she is followed by a colleague who wants to prevent her from changing the past.
11/24/1978 Ep 44: Skateboard Wiz
A ruthless mobster wants to turn the sleepy town of Santa Corona into gambling casinos, using Diana Prince's teenage goddaughter, a skateboard champion, as his lever for blackmail.
12/1/1978 Ep 45: The Deadly Dolphin
A land developer kidnaps a trained dolphin and uses it to sink an oil tanker in an effort to lower beachfront property values.
12/15/1978 Ep 46: Stolen Faces
Wonder Woman uncovers a plot to steal millions of dollars in jewels from wealthy party-goers.
12/22/1978 Ep 47: Pot of Gold
A petty crook steals gold in order to buy $100-bill printing plates from a counterfeiter, but Wonder Woman foils the sale.
12/29/1978 Ep 48: Gault's Brain
The living brain of a dead billionaire seeks to have itself transplanted into the perfect physical specimen.
1/12/1979 Ep 49: Going, Going, Gone
Diana tries to prevent a scientist from selling an atomic bomb on the black market.
1/26/1979 Ep 50: Spaced Out
A thief who stole a super secret laser crystal hides out at a science fiction convention.
2/2/1979 Ep 51: The Starships are Coming
A man vanishes after a UFO sighting, and Wonder Woman discovers that aliens may have started their conquest of Earth.
2/16/1979 Ep 52: Amazon Hot Wax
Diana Prince goes undercover as a popular singer to crack a record extortion ring.
2/19/1979 Ep 53: The Richest Man in the World
Wonder Woman stops the black market sale of a super-secret missile guidance systems scrambling device and thus avoids an international incident.
3/17/1979 Ep 55: The Girl With a Gift for Disaster
A young woman with destructive psychokinetic powers unknowingly helps a thief steal priceless historical documents.
5/28/1979 Ep 56: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 1
Diana Prince, investigating a strange alien force in a small suburban community, is seen whirling into Wonder Woman by a young boy.
5/29/1979 Ep 57: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 2
With a boy knowing that she is really Wonder Woman, Diana Prince continues her battle against a mysterious alien invasion.
8/28/1979 Ep 58: The Man Who Could Not Die
Wonder Woman meets an invulnerable man and they join forces to fight crime.
9/4/1979 Ep 59: Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 1
The leader of a spy ring must deal with a phantom-like man and Wonder Woman before he can locate his headquarters in an old amusement park.
9/11/1979 Ep 60: Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 2
Wonder Woman's strength, ability and quick action save hundreds of people from a disastrous accident at an amusement park.