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As the new program director of WKRP in Cincinnati, Andy Travis (Gary Sandy) is on a mission to breathe new life into the struggling radio station by replacing its easy listening format with Top 40 rock ’n’ roll. With smooth-talking DJ Venus Flytrap (Tim Reid) in the booth, Travis’ hopes for success may be dashed by his well-meaning but mostly incompetent staff.

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Ep 1: Pilot: Part 1

Andy Travis takes over as program director at WKRP, a Cincinnati easy listening station, and his first act is to change the format to rock music. Aired: 9/18/1978

Ep 2: Pilot: Part 2

While Andy tries to come up with a publicity stunt to advertise the format change, a group of elderly listeners invade the station protesting the removal of their favorite music. Aired: 9/25/1978

Ep 3: Les On a Ledge

When an athlete accuses him of being gay, Les climbs out on the ledge of WKRP's building and threatens to jump. Aired: 10/2/1978

Ep 4: Hoodlum Rock

WKRP promotes a concert for the well dressed and spoken, and gleefully violent, rock band, Scum of the Earth. Aired: 10/9/1978

Ep 5: Hold-Up

Herb manages to ensnare a new client, Del's Stereo Shop, by promising a live remote broadcast with the doctor, himself. Aired: 10/16/1978

Ep 6: Bailey's Show

Shy, unassertive Bailey finally gets her chance to produce when WKRP does a public service interview show Aired: 10/23/1978

Ep 7: Turkeys Away

Feeling left out by all the recent changes, Mr. Carlson decides to launch his own Thanksgiving promotion Aired: 10/30/1978

Ep 8: Love Returns

Andy's former struggling musician girlfriend, now a big country music star, shows up on tour in Cincinnati. Aired: 11/6/1978

Ep 9: Momma's Review

Momma comes to the station for her quarterly review for the first time since WKRP changed formats. Aired: 1/15/1979

Ep 10: A Date with Jennifer

When Les wins the coveted Silver Sow Award, he asks Jennifer to be his date for the banquet. Aired: 1/22/1979

Ep 11: The Contest That Nobody Could Win

Thanks to an on-air slip-of-the-lip by Johnny Fever, WKRP is forced to offer a $5,000 contest prize instead of just the intended $50.00 Aired: 1/29/1979

Ep 12: Tornado

A tornado is striking Cincinnati! Aired: 2/5/1979

Ep 13: Good-Bye Johnny: Part 1

Johnny gets a job offer and a chance to return to the Los Angeles radio market Aired: 2/19/1979

Ep 14: Johnny Comes Back: Part 2

With Johnny gone, Andy finds a replacement for the morning shift in Doug Winner Aired: 2/26/1979

Ep 15: Never Leave Me, Lucille

Herb's wife Lucille finally kicks him out...and Johnny gets stuck taking in Herb Aired: 3/5/1979

Ep 16: I Want to Keep My Baby

A woman who listens to Johnny's show leaves her baby at the station Aired: 3/12/1979

Ep 17: A Commercial Break

Herb lines up the biggest sales contract in the station's history Aired: 3/26/1979

Ep 18: Who Is Gordon Sims?

Venus is forced to confess his real name, and the fact that he is wanted for desertion from the Army Aired: 4/2/1979

Ep 19: I Do, I Do...For Now

Jennifer pretends Johnny is her husband to ward off a childhood friend from West Virginia Aired: 4/23/1979

Ep 20: Young Master Carlson

Mr. Carlson's son disappears from Prussian Valley Military Academy. Aired: 4/30/1979

Ep 21: Fish Story

Herb dresses up as the WKRP mascot, a carp, and gets into a fight with the WPIG pig; meanwhile, Johnny and Venus take an on-air alcohol test with a police officer. Aired: 5/28/1979

Ep 22: The Preacher

The Rev. Little Ed Pembrook's Sunday morning religious show is creating problems with the religious community Aired: 6/4/1979

Ep 23: For Love or Money: Part 1

When Johnny's old live-in girlfriend Buffy from California shows up in Cincinnati, he thinks she's trying to rekindle their romance. Aired: 9/17/1979

Ep 24: For Love or Money: Part 2

Johnny's friends rush over to help him deal with Buffy's threat of a lawsuit. Aired: 9/24/1979

Ep 25: Baseball

Les accepts a challenge for WKRP to play a softball game against the number one station in town, WPIG. Aired: 10/15/1979

Ep 26: Bad Risk

Herb gets a side job selling insurance for a fly-by-night company. Aired: 10/22/1979

Ep 27: Jennifer Falls in Love

Jennifer is in love with a blonde haired model of a guy named Steel Hawthorne. Aired: 10/29/1979

Ep 28: Carlson for President

While running for City Council, Mr. Carlson blurts out a damaging piece of information about his opponent during a televised debate. Aired: 11/5/1979

Ep 29: Mike Fright

During a garbage strike, Johnny jokingly tells his listeners to dump their trash on the steps of City Hall. Aired: 11/12/1979

Ep 30: The Patter of Little Feet

Mr. Carlson's wife Carmen reveals that she's pregnant. Aired: 11/26/1979

Ep 31: Baby, If You've Ever Wondered

When the station's ratings fail to improve to Andy's expectations, he wonders if he is accomplishing anything with the staff. Aired: 12/3/1979

Ep 32: Bailey's Big Break

Bailey gets the job of assistant newscaster, but a jealous Les tries to keep her from getting a regular spot on the air. Aired: 12/10/1979

Ep 33: Jennifer's Home for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and everyone at the station is anxious to leave and start their holiday plans, except for Jennifer. Aired: 12/17/1979

Ep 34: Sparky

Mr. Carlson hires former Reds manager Sparky Anderson as the host of a sports interview show Aired: 12/24/1979

Ep 35: God Talks to Johnny

Johnny wakes in the middle of the night convinced he's heard God talking to him. Aired: 12/31/1979

Ep 36: A Family Affair

After getting angry at Venus for going out with his sister, Andy overcompensates to prove he is not a racist Aired: 1/7/1980

Ep 37: Herb's Dad

Herb's father visits the station to see his son. Aired: 1/14/1980

Ep 38: Put Up or Shut Up

When Herb's wife goes out of town, he decides this is the time to get Jennifer to finally go out with him. Aired: 1/21/1980

Ep 39: The Americanization of Ivan

A member of a group of visiting Russians informs the radio staff that they wish to defect. Aired: 1/28/1980

Ep 40: Les' Groupie

Les goes out on a date with a woman who listens to his show, and after they spend one night together, she moves into his house. Aired: 2/4/1980

Ep 41: In Concert

The staff find themselves consumed with guilt for promoting a Who concert when its general admission policy causes a terrible tragedy. Aired: 2/11/1980

Ep 42: The Doctor's Daughter

After being separated for 7 years, Johnny's daughter, Laurie, comes to visit her father, bringing with her a new boyfriend. Aired: 2/18/1980

Ep 43: Filthy Pictures

When Andy and Jennifer agree do a photo shoot for a charity, the photographer takes nude photos of Jennifer unknowingly and tries to blackmail her. Aired: 3/3/1980

Ep 44: Venus Rising

Venus is offered a job as Program Director at another radio station. Aired: 3/10/1980

Ep 45: Most Improved Station

After WKRP loses a "Most Improved Station" broadcasting award while Johnny wins one for "Best Radio Personality Aired: 3/31/1980

Ep 46: The Airplane Show

To compete with WPIG's traffic helicopter, Les starts reporting the news from a World War I biplane Aired: 11/1/1980

Ep 47: Jennifer Moves

Jennifer buys a large house in a quiet suburb and asks the WKRP staffers to help her move. Aired: 11/8/1980

Ep 48: Real Families

The reality show "Real Families" does an episode about Herb and Lucille Aired: 11/15/1980

Ep 49: The Baby

Mr Carlson's wife Carmen goes into labor Aired: 11/22/1980

Ep 50: Hotel Oceanview

WKRP books a meeting room at the Hotel Oceanview, to entice the Vicki Von Vicki Jeans company to advertise with them. Aired: 11/29/1980

Ep 51: A Mile in My Shoes

When Herb has jury duty, Andy takes over sales and Venus takes over programming. Aired: 12/6/1980

Ep 52: Bah, Humbug

In a dream brought on by eating one of Johnny's brownies, Mr. Carlson encounters three ghosts who show him why he's making a mistake by not giving generous Christmas bonuses. Aired: 12/20/1980

Ep 53: Baby, It's Cold Inside

The heat has gone out at the Flimm Building. But Johnny has ideas of his own on how to keep his co-workers warm. Aired: 1/3/1981

Ep 54: The Painting

Bailey is enamored of a painting Herb bought at Mr. Carlson's church auction, while Herb only cares about finding a way to make some money on it. Aired: 1/10/1981

Ep 55: Daydreams

While Mr. Carlson rehearses a boring speech about radio history that he's written for an upcoming conference/banquet, his employees drift off into a series of personal daydreams. Aired: 1/17/1981

Ep 56: Frog Story

Herb accidentally sprayed his daughter's pet frog with paint and brings it into the station in hopes someone will know how to fix it before his daughter finds out Aired: 1/24/1981

Ep 57: Venus and the Man

Trying to talk a gang leader out of quitting school, Venus bets the young man that he can teach him about the structure of the atom in only two minutes. Aired: 1/31/1981

Ep 58: Dr. Fever and Mr. Tide

Forced to host a disco dance show on TV, Johnny comes up with a new alter ego; the phony, smarmy "Rip Tide." Aired: 2/7/1981

Ep 59: Ask Jennifer

Jennifer steps in as the voice of an advice talk show titled "Ask Arlene" Aired: 2/14/1981

Ep 60: I Am Woman

Bailey leads a campaign to save the home of WKRP, the Flimm Building, from being torn down Aired: 2/21/1981

Ep 61: Secrets of Dayton Height

Les is prepared to attend a presidential press conference, but finds his credentials are being questioned. Aired: 2/28/1981

Ep 62: Out to Lunch

Co-workers suggest to Herb that his three-martini lunches with clients are turning him into an alcoholic; Bailey is upset when it seems everyone else has an expense account for lunches Aired: 3/14/1981

Ep 63: A Simple Little Wedding

Mr. Carlson and his wife decide to renew their marriage vows. Aired: 3/21/1981

Ep 64: Nothing to Fear But...

While Johnny does a night stint on the radio, the station is robbed. Aired: 3/28/1981

Ep 65: Till Debt Do Us Part

Johnny welcomes the chance to end his alimony payments, until he meets his ex-wife's new fiance. Aired: 4/5/1981

Ep 66: Clean Up Radio Everywhere

A preacher with Clean Up Radio Everywhere wants WKRP to stop playing specific songs due to the lyrics. Aired: 4/12/1981

Ep 67: An Explosive Affair: Part 1

WKRP receives a terrorist bomb threat. Aired: 10/7/1981

Ep 68: An Explosive Affair: Part 2

Andy realizes the threatened bomb is actually at the transmitter where he's sent Johnny and Venus. Aired: 10/14/1981

Ep 69: The Union

When the staff plans to unionize, Carlson's mother threatens to sell the station. Aired: 10/21/1981

Ep 70: Rumors

Johnny stays at Bailey's place while his apartment is being fumigated, leading to rumors that the two are an item. Aired: 10/28/1981

Ep 71: Straight from the Heart

Herb secretly checks into a hospital for heart tests. Aired: 11/4/1981

Ep 72: Who's On First?

With Herb in the hospital, Mr. Carlson must fill in for him in order to negotiate a contract. Aired: 11/11/1981

Ep 73: Three Days of the Condo

When Johnny comes into a large amount of money, everyone at the station is curious to see what he will do with it. Aired: 11/18/1981

Ep 74: Jennifer and the Will

When Jennifer's older boyfriend dies, the man's family blames her for stealing his fortune. Aired: 12/2/1981

Ep 75: The Consultant

Andy spends time with Mama Carlson in order to talk her into replacing the station's transmitter Aired: 12/30/1981

Ep 76: Love, Exciting and New

Mama Carlson hires a professional radio consultant to evaluate WKRP Aired: 1/6/1982

Ep 77: You Can't Go Out of Town Again

Mr. Carlson learns that his wife Carmen first went out with him in college because of a dare. Aired: 1/13/1982

Ep 78: Pills

Herb decides it's time for a change in his wardrobe and enlists Jennifer to help him; Venus is interviewed by a Black magazine. Aired: 1/20/1982

Ep 79: Changes

Class conflict is in the air when Johnny's friends from the Vine Street Mission meet Jennifer's wealthy friends Aired: 1/27/1982

Ep 80: Jennifer and Johnny's Charity

WKRP has to do commercials for a client whose "diet pills" are actually a legalized form of speed. Aired: 2/3/1982

Ep 81: I'll Take Romance

Les goes out with a woman he met through a computer dating service, not realizing the service is a front for prostitution. Aired: 2/17/1982

Ep 82: Circumstantial Evidence

A woman frames Venus as her accomplice in an armed robbery. Aired: 2/24/1982

Ep 83: Fire

Herb and Jennifer are stuck in an elevator together when a fire shuts down the Flimm Building. Aired: 3/17/1982

Ep 84: Dear Liar

Bailey drafts a fictional character to serve as the focus of a news story, only to have Les read it on-air when she leaves for lunch. Aired: 3/24/1982

Ep 85: The Creation of Venus

Venus and Andy tell Mama Carlson the real story of how Venus came to work at WKRP Aired: 3/31/1982

Ep 86: The Impossible Dream

Les' mother is visiting, and complains that Les is in a dead-end job. Aired: 4/7/1982

Ep 87: To Err Is Human

Herb screws up yet again and Mr. Carlson is finally ready to fire him Aired: 4/14/1982

Ep 88: Up and Down the Dial

Mama Carlson announces plans to change WKRP's format. Aired: 4/21/1982