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Outer Limits

Saturdays at 1 AM & 2 AM

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Season: 1 2
9/16/1963 Ep 1: Galaxy Being
A radio station engineer establishes contact with an alien being. But when the station's power is turned up, the alien is teleported to Earth, where its radioactive nature causes havoc.
9/23/1963 Ep 2: Hundred Days of the Dragon
A hostile foreign power develops a radical medical technology that temporarily makes skin malleable. They then manage to replace a presidential candidate with one of their own.
9/30/1963 Ep 3: Architects of Fear
A group of intellectuals decides that the best way to avoid World War III is to give humanity a common enemy. To that end, they transform a man into a stand-in for an alien menace.
10/7/1963 Ep 4: The Man with the Power
A radical experiment gives a college professor incredible power, which his subconscious mind uses to destroy his enemies.
10/14/1963 Ep 5: The Sixth Finger
A scientist discovers a way to speed up evolution and tries out the process on a simple miner.
10/28/1963 Ep 6: Man Who Was Never Born
An astronaut travels to the 23rd century, where he finds the Earth a blasted wasteland inhabited by monsters.
11/4/1963 Ep 7: O.B.I.T.
A new invention allows one to spy on anyone, anywhere.
11/11/1963 Ep 8: The Human Factor
A bizarre experiment causes a psychiatrist and his unbalanced patient to swap identities.
11/18/1963 Ep 9: Corpus Earthling
A man with a steel plate in his head overhears conversations about global conquest. But all he sees are a bunch of rocks.
12/2/1963 Ep 10: Nightmare
In a war action with the planet Ebon, some soldiers are captured, interrogated and tortured.
12/9/1963 Ep 11: It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
A mysterious death leads to the discovery of experiments concerning a dangerous being of pure energy.
12/16/1963 Ep 12: The Borderland
A scientist invents a machine which he says can pierce the borderland between this world and the afterlife.
12/23/1963 Ep 13: Tourist Attraction
In a South American country a group of explorers discover a prehistoric monster in an ancient lake. The discovery leads them into conflict with the country's dictator.
12/30/1963 Ep 14: The Zanti Misfits
Mysterious visitors from the planet Zanti arrive on Earth, hiding a dark secret.
1/6/1964 Ep 15: The Mice
A convict serving a life sentence finds that he has an alternative: change places with an alien.
1/13/1964 Ep 16: Controlled Experiment
Two Martian investigators probe our custom of homicide.
1/20/1964 Ep 17: Don't Open Until Doomsday
Eloping lovers meet an old woman in a strange house who's still despairing over the loss of her fiancee on their wedding day many years before. There, they make a startling discovery.
1/27/1964 Ep 18: ZZZZZZ
A queen bee assumes a human appearance in order to make an unwary scientist into her new mate.
2/3/1964 Ep 19: The Invisibles
A government agent infiltrates a secret organization bent on world domination that attaches parasites to the spinal cords of its victims.
2/10/1964 Ep 20: The Bellero Shield
A scientist captures an alien that can protect itself with an unbreakable shield.
2/17/1964 Ep 21: Children of Spider Country
After the mysterious disappearance of four scientists, a fifth, who is being held in a jail, is freed by a shadowy stranger.
2/24/1964 Ep 22: Specimen: Unknown
Scientists on a space station discover an unusual and dangerous plant.
3/2/1964 Ep 23: Second Chance
A group of people board an amusement park ride — and quickly discover that they've in fact boarded a spacecraft!
3/9/1964 Ep 24: Moonstone
Workers on a moon base find a mysterious rock that appears to be alive.
3/16/1964 Ep 25: The Mutant
A radioactive rainstorm at a scientific base on a distant planet has the pernicious effect of making a scientist insane and telepathic.
3/23/1964 Ep 26: The Guests
After running over an ancient man, Wade Norton finds a strange house in which a group of people are kept prisoner — and ageless — by an alien intelligence.
3/30/1964 Ep 27: Fun and Games
Two people of Earth and two aliens find themselves held captive on a foreign planet. Their captors say they must fight to the death, and the losers' home planet will also be destroyed for further amusement.
4/6/1964 Ep 30: The Special One
Parents of a gifted youngster discover that their son's new tutor is not quite human.
4/13/1964 Ep 28: A Feasibility Study
Inhabitants of a suburb find one morning that their neighborhood has been transported to an alien planet, where they are expected to become slaves to their captors.
4/20/1964 Ep 31: Production and Decay of Strange Particles
After an accident at a nuclear research facility opens a dimensional doorway, invading creatures attempt to create an explosion that would widen the portal.
4/27/1964 Ep 29: The Chameleon
After soldiers investigating a crash-landed UFO are massacred, an assassin is brought in to destroy the aliens — only to discover that things are not what they seem.
5/4/1964 Ep 32: Forms of Things Unknown
A crazy man invents a machine that can tilt time and bring the dead back to life.
Season: 1 2
9/19/1964 Ep 33: Soldier
Two soldiers from the future are thrust back through time to the present day.
9/26/1964 Ep 34: Cold Hands, Warm Heart
After returning from a mission to Venus, an astronaut can't seem to stay warm and has strange dreams about encountering a wraith-like being outside his spaceship window.
10/3/1964 Ep 35: Behold, Eck!
A scientist invents a pair of glasses that enable him to see and communicate with a two-dimensional being.
10/10/1964 Ep 36: Expanding Human
A man experimenting with consciousness-expanding drugs becomes super-human — at a terrible price.
10/17/1964 Ep 37: Demon with a Glass Hand
A man with a glass hand attempts to unravel the mystery of who he is.
10/24/1964 Ep 38: Cry of Silence
Motorists stranded in the desert are stalked by tumbleweeds.
10/31/1964 Ep 39: Invisible Enemy
A manned mission to Mars is menaced by creatures that swim in the planet's sandy soil.
11/7/1964 Ep 40: Wolf 359
A college professor recreates the environment of a distant planet in order to study its evolution... which happens quickly.
11/14/1964 Ep 41: I, Robot
A robot is put on trial for the murder of his creator.
11/21/1964 Ep 42: The Inheritors: Part 1
After being struck by an unusual bullet in Vietnam, a soldier develops a second brainwave pattern, much stronger than his own, while recovering at a hospital.
11/28/1964 Ep 43: The Inheritors: Part 2
After being struck by an unusual bullet in Vietnam, a soldier develops a second brainwave pattern, much stronger than his own, while recovering at a hospital.
12/5/1964 Ep 44: Keeper of the Purple Twilight
An alien offers his technical knowledge of how to build a ray gun in exchange for a scientist's ability to feel emotions.
12/19/1964 Ep 45: The Duplicate Man
A man enlists a clone of himself to capture a dangerous alien creature.
12/26/1964 Ep 46: Counterweight
Six future astronauts are put through a simulation of a long space flight.
1/2/1965 Ep 47: The Brain of Colonel Barham
A dying astronaut agrees to have his brain implanted into a robot body.
1/9/1965 Ep 48: The Premonition
When a test pilot crash-lands on Earth, he finds that the world around him is moving much slower than he is.
1/16/1965 Ep 49: The Probe
After their plane is destroyed by a hurricane, a group of people find that their lives have been spared by aliens — but have they been rescued or captured?