The Jetsons

Sundays at 11:30 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
Meet George Jetson! His boy, Elroy! You know the rest. Hanna-Barbara's futuristic take on the sitcom family aired for just one season in network primetime, from 1962–63. But the Jetsons — along with dog Astro and robotic housekeeper Rosey — became American icons. Revisit the clan in the clouds as MeTV presents the original Sixties cartoon.

Next Airings

  • 10/24 11:30AMAstro's Top Secret
    "After Astro swallows Elroy's flying toy car, Mr. Cogswell gets him dognapped to figure out the secret, as he thinks Spacely will try to put him out of business."
  • 10/31 11:30AMLas Venus
    "While on a second honeymoon, George is roped into doing business for Spacely."
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