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Meet George Jetson! His boy, Elroy! You know the rest. Hanna-Barbara's futuristic take on the sitcom family aired for just one season in network primetime, from 1962–63. But the Jetsons — along with dog Astro and robotic housekeeper Rosey — became American icons. Revisit the clan in the clouds as MeTV presents the original Sixties cartoon.

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  • 5/28 11:30AMTV or Not TV
    "George & Astro think they've witnessed a robbery, which is actually from a TV show."
  • 6/4 11:30AMElroy's Mob
    "Elroy brings home the wrong report card by mistake, angering his father, which causes Elroy to run away with Astro."
  • 6/11 11:30AMRosey the Robot
    "Jane insists that she needs a robot maid."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
  • Season 1

Ep 1: Rosey the Robot

Jane insists that she needs a robot maid.

Ep 2: Date With Jet Screamer, A

Judy wins a date with teen pop sensation, Jet Screamer, after winning a song writing contest.

Ep 3: Jetson's Nite Out

A PTA meeting conflicts with a football game George wants to go to, and since his boss insists, he pretends to work overtime at the office.

Ep 4: Space Car, The

A mix up causes George and Jane to get into the identical flying car of bank robber, Knuckles Nuclear.

Ep 5: Coming of Astro, The

George says no to having Astro, a stray dog, but thinks a robot dog will be better for the family, so gets 'Lectronimo.

Ep 6: Good Little Scouts, The

George is too busy at work to help Elroy with his Space Cub training, but when his boss's son is in the same troop, he is forced to go on a hiking trip with them to the Moon.

Ep 7: Flying Suit, The

George thinks Elroy has made flying pills, so he takes it to Spacely to turn into a fortune and put Spacely's competitor, Cogswell, out of business for good.

Ep 8: Rosey's Boyfriend

Rosie falls in love with Henry Orbit's new robot assistant, Mac.

Ep 9: Elroy's TV Show

Elroy and Astro get their own TV show.

Ep 10: Uniblab

Mr. Spacely pays for a new, expensive robot to take George's promotion as office supervisor, who double crosses him at every turn.

Ep 11: Visit from Grandpa, A

George's energetic 110-year-old grandfather, Montague, comes for a visit.

Ep 12: Astro's Top Secret

After Astro swallows Elroy's flying toy car, Mr. Cogswell gets him dognapped to figure out the secret, as he thinks Spacely will try to put him out of business.

Ep 13: Las Venus

While on a second honeymoon, George is roped into doing business for Spacely.

Ep 14: Elroy's Pal

When Nimbus the Great is too sick to meet Elroy in a contest he won, George takes his place.

Ep 15: Test Pilot

After George thinks he doesn't have long to live, he volunteers to test out a prototype jacket that's supposed to be indestructible jacket.

Ep 16: Millionaire Astro

A rich man claims to be Astro's legal owner.

Ep 17: Little Man, The

George accidentally goes through the Minavac, which shrinks him down to six inches high. The only way he can return to regular size, is by stealing a cog from Cogswell Cogs

Ep 18: Jane's Driving Lesson

Jane goes for driving lessons to get a second car and ends up with Knuckles Nuclear as her driving instructor.

Ep 19: G.I. Jetson

George is enrolled in the space guard reserves, where his superiors are Spacely and the conniving Uniblab.

Ep 20: Miss Solar System

Jane enters the Miss Solar System pageant after George doesn't pay attention to her.

Ep 21: Private Property

When Cogswell puts up a building next to Spacely, it reveals a property line that both men want.

Ep 22: Dude Planet

Jane needs a break from all the button pushing house chores, so she takes a vacation on Beta Three Dude Planet.

Ep 23: TV or Not TV

George & Astro think they've witnessed a robbery, which is actually from a TV show.

Ep 24: Elroy's Mob

Elroy brings home the wrong report card by mistake, angering his father, which causes Elroy to run away with Astro.