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Having done very well in his dry-cleaner business, George Jefferson (Sherman Hemsley) and family make the move from Queens to Manhattan in this spinoff of 'All in the Family.' With his wife, Louise (Isabel Sanford), and son, Lionel (Mike Evans), George enjoys his "deluxe apartment in the sky" for 11 seasons.

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  • 11/17 10:00PMMeet The Press
    "George attempts to get publicity for his business, but the others steal the spotlight."
  • 11/24 10:00PMRich Man's Disease
    "When George gets an ulcer, Louise tries to make his every wish come true."
  • 12/1 10:00PMFormer Neighbors
    "George and Louise both accidently invite guest over on the same night."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: A Friend in Need

George wants to hire a maid for his new luxury apartment, but Louise doesn't want to.

Ep 2: George's Family Tree

George finds out his ancestry includes royal blood.

Ep 3: Louise Feels Useless

Bored, Louise gets a job... working for George's rival.

Ep 4: Lionel the Playboy

Lionel wants to quit school and join high society.

Ep 5: Mr. Piano Man

George tries to impress a wealthy banker with his new piano.

Ep 6: George's Skeleton

George's old friend visits with a threat of blackmail.

Ep 7: Lionel Cries Uncle

George disapproves of Louise's uncle, who worked as a butler.

Ep 8: Mother Jefferson's Boyfriend

George's mother tells her she wants to get remarried.

Ep 9: Meet The Press

George attempts to get publicity for his business, but the others steal the spotlight.

Ep 10: Rich Man's Disease

When George gets an ulcer, Louise tries to make his every wish come true.

Ep 11: Former Neighbors

George and Louise both accidently invite guest over on the same night.

Ep 12: Like Father, Like Son

Louise worries that Lionel is starting to act like George.

Ep 13: Jenny's Low

Jenny is all but happy when her globe-trotting brother returns.

Ep 18: Mother Jefferson's Fall

Mother Jefferson fakes a fall to get attention.

Ep 14: A Dinner for Harry

George accidently wears the same tuxedo as someone else to a birthday party.

Ep 15: George's First Vacation

George and Louise plan a cruise without his mother.

Ep 16: Louise's Daughter

A young woman claims she's George's long-lost daughter.

Ep 17: Harry and Daphne

Harry fears his girlfriend is going to pop the question.

Ep 19: Jefferson vs. Jefferson

George and Louise's anniversary ends with a legal summons.

Ep 20: Uncle Bertram

Mother Jefferson encounters an elevator masher.

Ep 21: Movin' On Down

George fears the worst when his business makes less profit.

Ep 22: George Won't Talk

George is excited to speak with youths about his success until he discovers who they are.

Ep 23: Jenny's Grandparents

Jenny's grandfathers are prejudiced toward a mixed marriage.

Ep 24: George's Best Friend

George's old Navy pal visits and gets fresh with Louise.

Ep 25: George and the Manager

George refuses to promote an employee because she's a woman.

Ep 26: George's Alibi

Lionel accidently dents George's company van.

Ep 27: Lunch With Mama

George must pick between accompanying his wife or his mother.

Ep 28: George vs. Wall Street

George discovers Lionel turned down a job and hits the roof.

Ep 29: The Break-Up: Part 1

George steps in to help Lionel pass college and causes a problem with everyone.

Ep 30: The Break-Up: Part 2

George steps in to help Lionel pass college and causes a problem with everyone.

Ep 31: Florence's Problem

Louise suspects the worst when Florence acts... nice.

Ep 32: Mother Jefferson's Birthday

George and Louise forget that it's Mother Jefferson's birthday.

Ep 33: Louise's Cookbook

Louise is offered to write a cookbook.

Ep 34: George Meets Whittendale

George has to decide between two dinner parties -- one with friends or one with a wealthy banker.

Ep 35: Lionel's Problem

It's graduation day, and Lionel is drunk.

Ep 36: Tennis, Anyone?

George is excited to join the Windsor Tennis Club until he discovers a secret.

Ep 37: The Wedding

George's big mouth gets in the way of his wedding vow renewal.

Ep 38: George and the President

George claims to be a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.

Ep 39: Louise Gets Her Way

Florence moves into the apartment.

Ep 40: Louise suspects

Louise suspects George is having an affair.

Ep 41: The Lie Detector

Lionel is forced to submit to a polygraph test on his first day.

Ep 42: George's Diploma

George thinks that Lionel is ashamed of him and studies to get his diploma.

Ep 43: The Retirement Party

George is offered a big buy-out if he forces another employee out.

Ep 44: Lionel's Pad

Lionel reveals he's moving out.

Ep 45: Tom the Hero

Tom saves George's life, and George isn't thankful.

Ep 46: Jenny's Discovery

Jenny has premarital jitters.

Ep 47: The Agreement

George thinks Lionel should sign a prenuptial agreement.

Ep 48: Florence In Love

George institutes a "no guest" policy against Florence's wishes.

Ep 49: The Christmas Wedding

Lionel and Jenny plan to get married on Christmas, and George butts in.

Ep 50: Louise Forgets

Louise forgets to call George's broker about a stock tip and fears the consequences.

Ep 51: Bentley's Problem

George's advice lands Bentley in jail.

Ep 52: Jefferson Airplane

Louise is concerned when George takes lessons to become an airplane pilot.

Ep 53: George's Guilt

George invites his old street gang to the apartment.

Ep 54: A Case of Black and White

George scheme to win over a business partner backfires.

Ep 55: Louise vs. Jenny

When Lionel gets sick, Louise and Jenny fuss over who is responsible to take care of him.

Ep 56: The Marriage Counselors

Louise wants to bring the marriage romance back.

Ep 57: Louise's Friend

George gets jealous when Louise meets a handsome man in her French class.

Ep 58: The Old Flame

George's old flame returns with an indecent proposition.

Ep 59: Jenny's Opportunity

Jenny's scholarship could take her away from Lionel.

Ep 60: George, The Philanthropist

George pledges money to a charity to win an award.

Ep 61: Louise's Physical

Everyone sneaks around to plan a surprise party for Louise.

Ep 62: The Grand Opening: Part 1

Louise is kidnapped just before Jefferson Cleaners opens.

Ep 63: The Grand Opening: Part 2

Louise is kidnapped just before Jefferson Cleaners opens.

Ep 64: Once A Friend

George's old Navy pal has a surprise for George.

Ep 65: George's Help

George's new hire steals an expensive jacket.

Ep 66: George's Legacy

George makes a bust of himself.

Ep 67: Good News, Bad News

Louise hopes to become editor of the Neighborhood Help Center.

Ep 68: The Visitors

Florence's parents unexpectedly visit with surprising news.

Ep 69: The Camp-Out

Louise is forced to entertain Mother Jefferson while George goes camping.

Ep 70: The Last Leaf

Louise's superstition threatens her marriage.

Ep 71: Louise's New Interest

Louise is invited on a weekend trip with an archaeologist.

Ep 72: The Costume Party

George's scheme on a prospective client at a Halloween costume party backfires.

Ep 73: Florence Gets Lucky

George feigns interest in horseracing to impress a client.

Ep 74: George Needs Help

George debates hiring a general manager when he neglects Louise.

Ep 75: The Jefferson Curve

Marcus tells a customer that George is his father, so she goes on a date.

Ep 76: 984 W. 124th St., Apt. 5C

At Christmas-time, Louise discovers that George has been sending monthly payments to an address in Harlem.

Ep 77: George and Whitty

George and Louise fear they'll lose their apartment when the lease expires.

Ep 78: Lionel Gets the Business

Lionel gets laid off, so George hires him.

Ep 79: The Blackout

A blackout threatens George's cleaning store.

Ep 80: Florence's Union

Florence and the other maids decide to form a union.

Ep 81: George and Jimmy

George's invitation to President Carter backfires when the Secret Service think he's a threat.

Ep 82: Thomas H. Willis & Co.

A fight between Helen and George stall Tom's dream of owning a publishing firm.

Ep 83: Uncle George and Aunt Louise

George and Louise's troublesome nephew visits.

Ep 84: George and Louise in a Bind: Part 1

A burglar ties up George and Louise

Ep 85: George and Louise in a Bind: Part 2

A burglar ties up George and Louise

Ep 86: George and Louise in a Bind: Part 3

A burglar ties up George and Louise

Ep 87: Jenny's Thesis

Jenny's thesis on gang violence leads to a young gang member.

Ep 88: Louise's Painting

George reacts after seeing Louise's sketch of a nude model.

Ep 89: Homecoming: Part 1

George searches for a new warehouse at the same time Alan inherits one.

Ep 90: Homecoming: Part 2

George searches for a new warehouse at the same time Alan inherits one.

Ep 91: How Slowly They Forget

An old prank comes back to bite George as he rushes to get a license for the Help Center.

Ep 92: George's Dream

George dreams of the future in 1996.

Ep 93: George's New Stockbroker

George hires Roy Crandall, a former ventriloquist, as his new stockbroker.

Ep 94: Me and Billy Dee

George tries to get Billy Dee Williams to come to the Help Center.

Ep 95: Half a Brother

George will do anything to get nominated to the Board of Directors of his bank.

Ep 96: What are Friends For?

George's cousin asks for his kidney.

Ep 97: George, Who?

Louise suffers amnesia following a bump to her head.

Ep 98: Harry's House Guest

George attempts to help Harry with his annoying houseguest and only makes it worse.

Ep 99: George Finds a Father

During the Christmas season, George discovers a secret about his mother.

Ep 100: Louise's Sister

Louise is anything but happy when her sister returns.

Ep 101: Louise's Reunion

George wills Louise all his money after he dies on the condition she never remarries.

Ep 102: A Bedtime Story

George has problems in the bedroom.

Ep 103: Florence Meets Mr. Right

Louise questions Florence's fast romance with a new man.

Ep 104: Louise's Award

George attempts bribery when Louise is up for an award.

Ep 105: The Other Woman

Helen discovers a blonde is accompanying Tom on a "business" trip.

Ep 106: The Hold Out

George refuses to sell his store when another company is buying up the block.

Ep 107: The Ones You Love

George and Louise argue right before an interview about their happy marriage.

Ep 108: Every Night Fever

George catches disco fever.

Ep 109: Three Faces of Florence

Florence convinces a doctor that she has multiple personalities.

Ep 110: Louise's Convention

George's and Louise's business commitments threaten to conflict with their anniversary, but neither knows how to tell the other.

Ep 111: The Freeze-In

The heat goes off, and everyone huddles together.

Ep 112: The Announcement

Jenny announces that she is pregnant.

Ep 113: A Short Story

George gloats over an award, not realizing it's small beans.

Ep 114: Louse's Old Boyfriend

Florence poses as Mrs. Jefferson to keep a dinner date with Louise's old boyfriend.

Ep 115: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Part 1

Louise is shocked on Halloween when she spots a "killer rabbit."

Ep 116: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Part 2

Louise is shocked on Halloween when she spots a "killer rabbit."

Ep 117: Where's Papa?

George reads his father's will and concludes that he should dig up dear old dad.

Ep 118: The Expectant Father

A flood of advice on fatherhood causes Lionel to storm out.

Ep 119: Joltin' George

George big-mouths himself into a boxing match.

Ep 120: Baby Love

All the talk about Jenny's baby makes Florence even more determined to marry and have a family.

Ep 121: Louise vs. Florence

Louise and Florence bicker while George entertains guests from the Social Register.

Ep 122: Me and Mr. G

Louise's plan to help orphans didn't include George teaching them to gamble and swear.

Ep 123: One Flew into the Cuckoo's Nest

George is mistaken for an inmate during his delivery rounds at a mental institution.

Ep 124: Louise's Setback

Louise's suicide-prevention works distracts her from a woman in need.

Ep 125: Brother Tom

Feeling uncomfortable when around Helen's friends, Tom assumes the mannerisms of a hip street dude.

Ep 126: The Arrival: Part 1

George subs for Lionel at Jenny's childbirth class and gets an unexpected test on the subject.

Ep 127: The Arrival: Part 2

George subs for Lionel at Jenny's childbirth class and gets an unexpected test on the subject.

Ep 128: The Shower

Lionel decides to work rather than attend the family's baby shower for Jenny.

Ep 129: The Longest Day

The men in Jessica's life learn that it's not so easy to care for a baby.

Ep 130: George's Birthday

George's friends refuse to attend his birthday party.

Ep 131: A Night to Remember

It's their anniversary, and George gets kicked out.

Ep 132: The Loan

Lionel and Jenny's hopes for their home are dashed when their mortgage application is rejected.

Ep 133: Louise Takes a Stand

George attempts to annex Charlie's bar without him knowing.

Ep 134: The First Store

George remembers the day he opened his first store -- the day MLK was shot.

Ep 135: Once Upon a Time

George tells his granddaughter a fairy tale in which the villain is known as Inflation.

Ep 136: Marathon Men

George and Tom enter a marathon to determine the superior specimen.

Ep 137: The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part 1

George and Louise's trip to Hawaii coincides with the Willises.

Ep 138: The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part 2

George and Louise's trip to Hawaii coincides with the Willises.

Ep 139: The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part 3

George and Louise's trip to Hawaii coincides with the Willises.

Ep 140: The Jeffersons Go to Hawaii: Part 4

George and Louise's trip to Hawaii coincides with the Willises.

Ep 141: Put It On

Louise goes to a male strip show against George's protests.

Ep 142: Florence's Cousin

Florence lends money to her shady cousin.

Ep 143: All I Want for Christmas

George plays Santa at an orphanage where one child asks for parents for Christmas.

Ep 144: Calendar Girl

The Jeffersons take Jessica to an advertising agency in hopes of entering her in a baby contest.

Ep 145: As Florence Turns

Florence writes a soap opera about a villainous dry-cleaning tycoon.

Ep 146: God Bless Americans

George proves his patriotism by sponsoring a Cuban refugee.

Ep 147: Alley Oops

George enlists Tom into his bowling league.

Ep 148: And the Doorknobs Shined Like Diamonds

Louise makes a journey to the house she grew up in after learning that it's scheduled for demolition.

Ep 149: Sorry, Wrong Meeting

George attends a building improvement meeting sponsored by the KKK.

Ep 150: My Hero

George stops crime, only to have the criminal swear revenge...

Ep 151: I Buy the Songs

Louise refused George's Valentine's Day gift.

Ep 152: Small Fish, Big Pond

George makes a play for the financial big leagues by attending a tycoons' club fund-raiser.

Ep 153: Not So Dearly Beloved

George must deliver the eulogy for an employee everyone hated.

Ep 154: Florence's New Job: Part 1

Florence gets a new job offer.

Ep 155: Florence's New Job: Part 2

Florence gets a new job offer.

Ep 156: The Separation: Part 1

The Jeffersons and the Willises strain to reunite Lionel and Jenny.

Ep 157: The Separation: Part 2

The Jeffersons and the Willises strain to reunite Lionel and Jenny.

Ep 158: Louise's Father

George suspects Louise's father is alive.

Ep 159: My Maid, Your Maid

George and Louise both hire different maids.

Ep 160: I've Still Got It

George fears old age until his bookkeeper is attracted to him.

Ep 161: Florence Did it Different: Part 1

Louise recalls Florence's time as their maid.

Ep 162: Florence Did it Different: Part 2

Louise recalls Florence's time as their maid.

Ep 163: The House That George Built

A brush with death prompts George to establish a legacy.

Ep 164: A Whole Lot of Trouble

George plans to build on the only lot available for a playground.

Ep 165: I've Got a Secret

George becomes curious about the contents of Louise's diary.

Ep 166: A Charmed Life

George takes charm lessons to impress a society columnist.

Ep 167: Thammy the Thongwriter

George asks his songwriting neighbor to compose a catchy jingle for his business.

Ep 168: I Spy

George spots Helen having lunch with another man.

Ep 169: Dog-Gone

George dog-sits for a neighbor, hoping the favor will prompt a business deal.

Ep 170: Blazing Jeffersons

George's store burns down due to bad wiring.

Ep 171: Man of the Cloth

George persuades singer Andraé Crouch to perform at Jessica's baptism.

Ep 172: A Case of Self-Defense

Louise is against George's notion to have a gun in the house for protection.

Ep 173: My Wife, I Think I'll Keep Her

Louise and Helen want their husbands to consult them on business matters.

Ep 174: Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner

Florence learns that she's not invited to a dinner party thrown by the Jeffersons and the Willises

Ep 175: The Strays: Part 1

George hires a bodyguard after being roughed up by a gang of teen girls.

Ep 176: The Strays: Part 2

George hires a bodyguard after being roughed up by a gang of teen girls.

Ep 177: Jefferson's Greatest Hits

The Jeffersons are skeptical when a record producer offers Florence a chance to make a record.

Ep 178: A Small Victory

Louise and Helen consider leaving the Help Center.

Ep 179: Lesson in Love

George offers Florence advice on snaring a man after a failed date.

Ep 180: Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Helen

Tom is jealous of Helen's lunch date with an old beau.

Ep 181: Laundry is a Tough Town: Part 1

George plans a wild promotion to get back his business.

Ep 182: Laundry is a Tough Town: Part 2

George plans a wild promotion to get back his business.

Ep 183: Anatomy of a Stain

George and Tom appear on a TV court show to settle a dispute over a suit.

Ep 184: Social Insecurity

Florence thinks it's about time she had a pension plan.

Ep 185: Charlie's Angels

George's advice helps Charlie's profits but not his own.

Ep 186: Heeere's Johnny

George's long-time pal, an obnoxious jokester, pays the Jeffersons a visit.

Ep 187: A Date With Danger

Florence dates sours when she discovers he's a convicted murderer.

Ep 188: Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner: Part 1

Florence and the Jeffersons take a mystery-writers cruise.

Ep 189: Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner: Part 2

Florence and the Jeffersons take a mystery-writers cruise.

Ep 190: Appointment In 8-B

Ralph the Doorman suspects the Jefferson's marriage is in trouble.

Ep 191: Poetic Justice

George is angry when Louise shows friends the poems he wrote her.

Ep 192: How Now Dow Jones

On George's advice, Florence and her friends invest their savings in the stock market.

Ep 193: The Defiant One

Louise's curiosity gets the best of her when George hides a photo.

Ep 194: My Maid, My Wife

Florence and Louise switch places when a wealthy friend visits.

Ep 195: Mr. Wonderful

George accidently spills Tom's secret in front of Helen.

Ep 196: My Girl, Louise

Louise fights to keep the Help Center open.

Ep 197: Bodyguards Are People Too

Jenny feels she's not cut out to be a designer.

Ep 198: True Confessions

The Jeffersons await a foster child.

Ep 199: Mr. Clean

George bets Florence a week off with pay that he can do her day's work in three hours.

Ep 200: The Good Life

Florence pays big bucks to go to a spa hoping to see a star.

Ep 201: Father's Day

George takes pity on a youngster who needs a partner for a father-son tournament at his school.

Ep 202: Change of a Dollar

George remembers making his very first customer.

Ep 203: Designing Woman

George unknowingly ruins Jenny's hopes of getting a job as a designer.

Ep 204: Double Trouble

George schemes to out-promote a rival whose celebrity campaign could bury Jefferson Cleaners.

Ep 205: Silver Lining

Florence's horoscope reveals that 25 is her lucky number.

Ep 206: The Wheel of Forever

George dreams he must win a game show to get into Heaven.

Ep 207: Personal Business

Louise tries to put zest back into her marriage with a date night.

Ep 208: Mission: Incredible: Part 1

George and his buddies set up a scam to prove how vulnerable Tom is.

Ep 209: Mission: Incredible: Part 2

George and his buddies set up a scam to prove how vulnerable Tom is.

Ep 210: Mission: Incredible: Part 3

George and his buddies set up a scam to prove how vulnerable Tom is.

Ep 211: I Do, I Don't

George agrees to fill in for Helen and Tom as leader of a marriage-enrichment seminar.

Ep 212: How Not To Marry a Millionaire

A visit to an art gallery nets Florence a romance.

Ep 213: And the Winner is

Louise is conflicted when another offers a big donation just before the Volunteer of the Year award.

Ep 214: The Return of Bently

Harry Bentley returns and wants to move back.

Ep 215: The List

George remembers his childhood promise to punch a bully.

Ep 216: Who's the Fairest

The Jeffersons' landlord threatens to terminate their lease unless his niece is selected Miss Jefferson Cleaners.

Ep 217: Father Christmas

George and Tom swap Christmas childhood stories.

Ep 218: What Makes Sammy Run?

Sammy Davis Jr. sublets in the Jeffersons' building hoping for privacy, but it's all Louise can do to keep it a secret.

Ep 219: Getting Back to Basiks

George urges an artist to go back to school.

Ep 220: A Command Post

Florence helps the police during a stakeout.

Ep 221: Real Men Don't Dry Clean

Louise and Helen are captivated by a self-defense instructor.

Ep 222: Trading Places

Louise feels obligated to pick up the pieces when George alienates his friends.

Ep 223: My Guy, George

George takes over as manager of Florence's singing group.

Ep 224: A New Girl in Town

Florence's cousin comes to visit.

Ep 225: Otis

George flaunts the news he's to be the cover story for a magazine.

Ep 226: Hart to Heart

News that an automatic door is to be installed in the building has Ralph the doorman fretting over job security.

Ep 227: George's Old Girl Friend

George's former flame arrives with plans to eliminate him.

Ep 228: Honeymoon Hotel

Tom and Helen try to make the best of their anniversary despite the hotel.

Ep 229: In the Chips

George gets mixed up with a gambler who skipped town.

Ep 230: Blood and Money

George pays Ralph to donate blood in his name and becomes a hero.

Ep 231: Ebony and Ivory

George and Louise insist that Jessica compete against a snob's grandson in a recital.

Ep 232: Bobbles, Bangles, and Booboos

Louise's scheme to make George appear on the TV series "Bobbles, Bungles and BooBoos" backfires.

Ep 233: A House Divided

Louise and George compete for the presidency of the building's tenant council.

Ep 234: Some Enchanted Evening

Florence dreams of getting near a soap opera banquet.

Ep 235: The Gift

George forgets Louise's birthday.

Ep 236: They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore

Florence loses faith when her minister runs off with the congregation's money.

Ep 237: Try a Little Tenderness

George agrees to make a donation to the Help Center if Louise can prove that there is some good in two youngsters caught breaking into the store.

Ep 238: You'll Never Get Rich

In Atlantic City, Florence hopes to hit the jackpot while Louise hunts for celebrities.

Ep 239: The Unnatural

George is the butt of everyone's jokes after he drops a home-run ball at a baseball game witnessed by millions.

Ep 240: Chairman of the Bored

Tom fantasizes about intriguing Playboy Playmates with his boring stories.

Ep 241: Sayonara: Part 1

Lionel returns from Japan with news that dampens the homecoming celebration.

Ep 242: Sayonara: Part 2

Lionel returns from Japan with news that dampens the homecoming celebration.

Ep 243: Last Dance

Florence agrees to be a student's date at the high school dance.

Ep 244: The Gangs All Here

Louise takes over Charlie's bar for the weekend, determined to show George her business sense.

Ep 245: Hail to the Chief

Tom's rival gets the promotion he wanted.

Ep 246: A Secret in the Back Room

Charlie the bartender is sleeping in the back room at his bar because he has a serious problem.

Ep 247: That Blasted Cunningham

Engaged in another dry-cleaning war, George dreams up a sales promotion that he hopes will bury archrival Cunningham.

Ep 248: State of Mind

Louise goes on the warpath when a young neighbor starts throwing loud parties.

Ep 249: And Up We Go

George and Tom decide to set a world record by riding the elevator up and down all weekend.

Ep 250: The Truth Hurts

Somebody has to tell Louise the truth: her paintings are terrible.

Ep 251: The Odd Couple

Florence places a personal ad in a singles magazine, but she's not prepared for the man who responds.

Ep 252: Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway

The Jeffersons and their friends stage a benefit show.

Ep 253: Red Robins

George volunteers as a "nest mother" for Jessica's Red Robin troop.