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"The swamp is my world. It is who I am; it is what I am." Thus begins each episode of 'Swamp Thing: The Series,' the small-screen adaptation of DC Comics' man-turned-muck-monster hero. Having been burned, doused with a strange chemical and left for dead in a Louisiana swamp, Dr. Alec Holland (Dick Durock) now is more plant than man, possessing superior strength and out to avenge arch-nemesis Dr. Anton Arcane (Mark Lindsay Chapman).


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Ep 1: The Emerald Heart

Swamp Thing first meets 11-year-old Jim Kipp whose divorced mother, Tressa, is visiting her mother’s home. Jim encounters Humphrey, a dwarf who has escaped from the evil Dr. Arcane. Tressa struggles with raising her son as well as finding her magic powered necklace, called “the emerald heart” in the swamps. Aired: 7/27/1990

Ep 2: The Living Image

Dr. Arcane transforms his partner in crime into the "living image" of Swamp Thing's lost spouse in hopes of tricking him into revealing the formula for the bio-restorative recipe, which is intended to modify the DNA and stop aging. Aired: 9/7/1990

Ep 3: The Death of Dr. Arcane

Thugs working for Arcane kidnap Jim. Arcane takes one of his 'creations' into the swamp and is met by Swamp Thing who objects. The creature escapes and Arcane is killed, but must be “revitalized” in order for Swamp Thing to save Jim. Aired: 9/14/1990

Ep 4: Legend of the Swamp Maiden

Jim and Oboe sneak out on a midnight visit to the swamp and are resolute to see a mystical spirit called the Swamp Maiden who appears only once every three years. Jim plans to take pictures of her although both have been warned not to touch her. An unknown man offers to buy the pictures that Jim might take. Aired: 9/21/1990

Ep 5: Spirit of the Swamp

Arcane employs "Ogun", a voodoo priest, to overcome Swamp Thing. Aired: 9/28/1990

Ep 6: Blood Wind

Arcane's protégé, named Crown Prince, is experimenting with hatred pheromones and his latest batch is released into the swamp air and Tressa is infected with the chemical agent which leads to all townspeople that she comes into contact with wanting to kill her. Only an intervention from Swamp Thing as well as Jim can cure her. Aired: 10/5/1990

Ep 7: The Grotesquery

Swamp Thing is overcome by toxic waste and falls unconscious where he is found by two clean up men and is sold to a carnival freak show run by a cruel man in league with Arcane. Jim stumbles by and sees the weakened Swamp Thing in a cage, and he is its only hope to get him back to the swamp to recover. Aired: 10/12/1990

Ep 8: Natural Enemy

Swamp Thing is teaching Jim about endangered plants in the swamp when they come upon an area Swamp Thing refused to explain or let Jim go into that looks intriguing to a young boy's fancy. Jim being the inquisitive bash young boy he is, can't resist returning to have a look. During his brief visit he is bitten by a venomous insect created by Arcane, lands in the hospital, and the mysterious insect follows and goes after Tressa. Aired: 10/19/1990

Ep 9: Treasure

A thief on the run from his female accomplice chooses the swamp as his hiding place for a fortune in stolen cash and Jim's house as his final stop. Aired: 10/26/1990

Ep 10: New Acquaintance

Jim is feeling lonely and tries to make a new friend when he meets a mysterious young girl in town, named Lily, who invites herself into Jim and Tressa‘s home, and who carries a dark secret. Aired: 11/2/1990

Ep 11: Falco

One of Archane's failed experiments, a man-bird, comes looking for vengeance during the funeral for Jim's grandmother and only Swamp Thing as well as an encounter with danger involving Jim can redeem “Falcon Man”. Aired: 11/9/1990

Ep 12: From Beyond the Grave

Jim and Tressa may have to leave the swamp after a lawyer delivers a notice of eviction. But they are unaware that the lawyer is in league with Dr. Arcane who plans to use the property to expand his lab. Only through dreams does the late Tressa’s mother communicates to her with clues to find her real will guarded in the swamp. Aired: 11/16/1990

Ep 13: The Shipment

Arcane captures Jim and sells him into slavery after the boy is witness to the evil doctor's hideous transformations of men into monsters and the local sheriff is in on the plans. Jim’s 17-year-old half-brother, Will, arrives to investigate Jim’s disappearance and teams up with Swamp Thing to find Arcane’s secret lab. Although they are successful in locating and destroying Arcane's lab, they are too late as Jim is already gone from the country, and the sheriff is one step head of their moves. Aired: 11/23/1990

Ep 14: Birth Marks

A runaway teenage synthetic human, named Abigail, escapes from Dr. Woodroe's lab and is seen running through the streets from an exploding boat by Will who takes her in and she establishes herself as a new 'friend' with Will who is helping Tressa open her own bait and tackle shop. Meanwhile, a baby is swept away by the waters of the swamp from the same explosion into the arms of the Swamp Thing. Aired: 2/1/1991

Ep 15: Dark Side of the Mirror

Swamp Thing is framed by one of Arcane's mutants for murdering a local District Attorney who was on to Arcane for his latest nefarious plans. Meanwhile, Abigail continues to try to weave herself into Will’s life as well as persuade him to expand his boundary of knowledge. Aired: 2/8/1991

Ep 16: Silent Screams

When Tressa accompanies her old college roommate, Ilene, and her daughter on an overnight camping trip, Arcane traps Ilene and her daughter behind an invisible force shield and only Swamp Thing can rescue them when Tress is disabled by a snake bite and both Will and Abigail are powerless to do anything. Aired: 2/15/1991

Ep 17: Walk a Mile in My Shoots

Arcane trades bodies with Swamp Thing after setting a trap using Will as bait. While Swamp Thing deals with being human for the first time in years and interacting with an unknowing Will, Tressa, and Abigail, he must find a way to switch back within 24 hours or the change will become permanent. Aired: 2/22/1991

Ep 18: The Watchers

Tressa accidentally stumbles across Arcane's latest model of two robot henchmen, called Watchers, who are hunting down Abigail to erase any evidence of the late Dr. Woodroe’s test tube experiments. Meanwhile, Will decides to throw Abigail a birthday party when she does not remember her birthday since she never had biological parents. Aired: 3/1/1991

Ep 19: The Hunt

Will's estranged father shows up looking for a rare white orchid that Arcane and his henchman, Graham, has nefarious plans for. Tressa struggles with her romantic feelings for him, and Abigail, working in the town’s greenhouse, succumbs to the poisonous fumes of a certain red orchid, and only the healing powers of the white orchid can save her. Aired: 3/8/1991

Ep 20: Touch of Death

Arcane experiments with Dr. Holland's formula by murdering a local man who comes back from the dead with severe side effects; a single touch can drain a person‘s life energy in which Will becomes infected and pushes away Abigail. Only Swamp Thing can come to anyone‘s rescue. Aired: 3/15/1991

Ep 21: Tremors of the Hearts

Under pressure from his superior, the shadowy General Sunderland, Arcane experiments with artificial earthquakes when he hires a hot female engineer, named Sienna, to create earthquakes at this latest weapon which leads to a personal conflict between Arcane and Sienna over the test runs, and it also lands Swamp Thing in a bind when he becomes trapped in the underground facility and weakening fast from lack of sunlight. Elsewhere, after Will goes out of town with Dr. Hollister to shop for a new truck, Abigail finds herself helpless when Tressa becomes pinned under the fishing pier during another aftershock and the rising river water threatens to drown her. Aired: 3/22/1991

Ep 22: The Prometheus Parabola

Tressa and Abigail are taken hostage by a man with a score to settle with Arcane, and who has developed an environment destroying weapon called the Prometheus Parabola, capable of destroying the swamp and Swamp Thing intervenes in the literal shoot-out war at Tressa’s house to see that both sides do not activate the weapon while Will tries to rescue Tressa, Abigail, and Dr. Hollister from harms way. Aired: 4/5/1991

Ep 23: Night of the Dying

A vengeful voodoo priestess ensnares Arcane in a voodoo curse as revenge for his enslavement of Jim Kipp, who had once saved a cousin of hers from drowning. Swamp Thing reluctantly helps Graham and a kindly voodoo priest save Arcane from certain death. Aired: 1/3/1992

Ep 24: Love Lost

Will is approached by a mysterious woman, named Vivian, who claims to be clairvoyant and wants to make contact with Swamp Thing to give him a message from the spirit of late wife. Meanwhile, Vivian gives Tressa a sign that her son Jim is alive and she leaves for Brazil to find him. At the same time, a visiting old friend of Will’s has an ulterior motive for knowing more about Will. Aired: 1/10/1992

Ep 25: Mist Demeanor

When a killer mist emerges from the swamp and invades Houma, Swamp Thing and Arcane must unlikely team-up to try to stop it before it decimates the whole town. Meanwhile, Will and Abigail race to find and save a lost little boy in the swamp before the mist claims him and Abigail makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the boy. Aired: 1/17/1992

Ep 26: Nightmare on Jackson Street

Will's past as a juvenile delinquent comes back to haunt him when three of his former gang that he knew back in Philadelphia come to town to persuade him to help them in a robbery. Aired: 1/24/1992

Ep 27: Better Angels

Swamp Thing encounters Ann Fisk, a woman he knew before he was mutated and disfigured. Ann's mentor, Carter LaRoche, has designs on the swamp to build a recycling factory under Arcane’s financing. But neither Arcane nor Swamp Thing are aware of the true nature of Carter’s motives. Aired: 1/31/1992

Ep 28: Children of the Fool

Will falls in love with a lovely carnival worker named Amanda. Yet, Will becomes aware that Amanda is being held against her will by the shady carnie owner, Hurley, who has a dark agenda for Will, and only Swamp Thing can save him. Aired: 2/7/1992

Ep 29: A Jury of His Fears

After being electrocuted while at the controls of his latest scientific experiment, Arcane has a near-death experience where he is put on trial and gets judged for all his past misdeeds with Tressa as the judge and Will as his lawyer and both the prosecutor. Aired: 2/14/1992

Ep 30: Poisonous

Ian James is an unscrupulous anthropologist who releases poisonous tree frogs in the swamp to further promote his documentary film of the swamp while he charms his way into Tressa’s life while Will is as always suspicious to James’ true nature especially when James plans to catch on film the so-called Swamp Thing to further advance his career. Aired: 2/21/1992

Ep 31: Smoke and Mirrors

Nathan Stone is a heavy metal musician staying alone in the Kipp boarding house where Swamp Thing terrorizes him with a series of mind games as he seeks to teach the shallow and egotistical punk rock star to take responsibility for his wicked lyrics that has led to the suicide of two teenage fans. Aired: 2/28/1992

Ep 32: This Old House of Mayan

Will is taken hostage by two men who are greedy explorers who force him to help them find the location of a mystic Mayan temple in the swamp housing buried treasure which is guarded by two vengeful Mayan ghosts. Aired: 3/6/1992

Ep 33: Sonata

Ann Fisk returns to the swamp, intent on finding out if Swamp Thing is really the man, Alec Holland, whom she knew all those years ago and then tries to find a way to transform the creature back into the human scientist she once knew. But complications set in when two revenge-seeking redneck brothers take Ann as well as Arcane and his henchman, Graham, hostage and Swamp Thing is torn over using his powers to save them aware that his chance to become human again will be lost. Aired: 3/20/1992

Ep 34: Dead and Married

Will finds a car in the swamp containing the skeletons of a couple who were driven off the road 10 years earlier in which their ghosts haunt the car and only Swamp Thing can see or hear them in which he acts as their conduit to get Will’s help to help them find their killers at their upcoming 30th high school reunion dance. Aired: 7/10/1992

Ep 35: Powers of Darkness

Dorian is an emotionally troubled teenager who is convinced that he's a vampire. Will thinks that Dorian is just under the delusion that he’s a vampire in order to escape from his troubled home life which includes his emotionally barren mother and her abusive dirty cop boyfriend. Can Swamp Thing and Will rid him of this delusion? Aired: 7/17/1992

Ep 36: Special Request

Still fruitlessly searching for her missing son Jim, Tressa is diverted when she hears the voice of a long-dead former boyfriend, a radio DJ from the 1970s over a radio trying to communicate with her over his mysterious disappearance 18 years earlier. Aired: 7/24/1992

Ep 37: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Sheriff Andrews allows Dr. Arcane to hunt an employee for sport. To teach Andrews a lesson, Swamp Thing traps the corrupt sheriff a fantasy of the Wild West populated by familiar faces, forcing him to duel the evil Renegade Jake in a fight to the death. Aired: 7/31/1992

Ep 38: Fear Itself

Mephisto torments Swamp Thing with nightmarish visions of his most darkest fears involving his own fear, loneliness and the people of his past and present. Aired: 8/7/1992

Ep 39: Changes

When Arcane unleashes a virus that could be fatal to Swamp Thing, Ann does research and apparently finds a way to restore Alec's humanity with a special serum to change Swamp Thing back to his human self. But when the result is successful, Alec begins to think of the cost of his transformation when he learns that the effect may only be temporary. Aired: 8/14/1992

Ep 40: Destiny

The ghosts of two temporally displaced Confederate Civil War soldiers appear in the swamp, one of whom is a previous resident of Will's house. Swamp Thing assists Will to help the man to discover the mystery behind his wartime disappearance and make peace with his past so he can pass on into the great beyond. Aired: 8/21/1992

Ep 41: Tatania

Arcane finally resurrects his wife Tatania only to learn the woman he's kept frozen all these years is Kitty Lane, an exotic dancer and impostor placed in Arcane's lab by his benefactor General Sunderland. Sunderland has been holding the real Tatania captive which leads Arcane and Graham to mount an assault on Sunderland‘s compound. Aired: 8/28/1992

Ep 42: Mirador's Brain

Arcane's genius mentor, Carl Mirador, has died. Using an experimental brain cell transfer, Arcane transfers all of Mirador's knowledge into his own brain. This does not go well as Mirador physically takes over Arcane’s mind and body. Meanwhile, Will meets and falls for Mirador’s granddaughter, Dana. Aired: 9/11/1992

Ep 43: Lesser of Two Evils

Arcane's rival, Carla Jeffries takes over his business. Swamp Thing discovers that she's a much more formidable enemy than Arcane ever was. Will he, Arcane and Graham put their differences aside to oust Carla? Aired: 9/19/1992

Ep 44: Revelations

Graham leads a team of heavily armed mercenaries into the swamp to kill Swamp Thing once and for all. Can Tressa save him? Aired: 9/26/1992

Ep 45: Easy Prey

A hunter and his tree-hugging environmentalist son search the swamp for an endangered hawk. Their conflict may prove deadly for Will who inexplicably obtains part of Swamp Thing’s power over nature to try to help the hunted hawk. Aired: 10/3/1992

Ep 46: The Handyman

Arcane hosts a science conference, but it's crashed by an ex-employee of his; a professional hit man who used to work for Sunderland and now has a score to settle. Swamp Thing discovers that the hit man is the same hit man responsible for Alec's transformation and the death of Alec's wife. Aired: 10/10/1992

Ep 47: Future Tense

A chemical plant causing toxic damage to the swamp is the key to a darker future for Swamp Thing. Aired: 10/17/1992

Ep 48: Hide in the Night

When Dr. Arcane "dies" during a mutation experiment gone wrong, Graham accuses Stella of attempting to replace him in the lab by seducing Arcane. During their fight Graham falls for Stella, conceding that Arcane must have seduced her "in mind, if not body." Their tender moment is ruined, however, when Graham is alerted to a break-in at the lab: it's Dr. Arcane, reduced to his inner beast by the failed experiment. Can Graham stop him before tragedy strikes? Aired: 10/24/1992

Ep 49: Pay Day

Three convicts escape from prison in search of loot from a Las Vegas heist buried in the swamp. One by one they learn the justice of the swamp thanks to Swamp Thing. Aired: 10/31/1992

Ep 50: The Return of Laroche

Arcane is convinced that Carter LaRoche is attacking him in the night. But LaRoche is locked up in an insane asylum. And he's getting pretty friendly with Will. Aired: 11/7/1992

Ep 51: Rites of Passage

Will leads two spoiled girls on a journey through the swamp that tests their character. Aired: 11/14/1992

Ep 52: Never Alone

A lunatic escapes from a local asylum and knocks on Tressa's door late at night. He proclaims himself as an alien killer. Even Swamp Thing is in danger. Aired: 11/21/1992

Ep 53: A Most Bitter Pill

Arcane, trapped in a cave with an unconscious Swamp Thing, launches into a monologue that sheds light on his motivations and neuroses. Aired: 12/5/1992

Ep 54: The Curse

Arcane and a scheming hack journalist unearth a cursed mummy. Aired: 12/12/1992

Ep 55: Judgment Day

Will's arrested for a murder he didn't commit. Aired: 12/19/1992

Ep 56: Eye of the Storm

Tressa’s long estranged sister returns looking for shelter from an enemy of her husband and ends up putting the swamp in danger. Aired: 1/9/1993

Ep 57: Vendetta

Arcane wines and dines a pretty reporter. But she's not who she claims to be. Aired: 1/16/1993

Ep 58: The Hurting

When an elderly woman, named Irma Swanson, who knew and befriended Swamp Thing, dies, her estranged daughter, Cathy, comes to town for her funeral. Swamp Thing and the spirit of Irma then show Cathy the past of Irma’s troubled life in order for Cathy to make amends meet. Aired: 1/23/1993

Ep 59: The Burning Times

Will falls in love with a woman who claims to have known him in a past life. Aired: 1/30/1993

Ep 60: The Specter of Death

Arcane and Graham are haunted by a poltergeist. A familiar one. Aired: 2/6/1993

Ep 61: Cross-Fired

An experiment gone awry turns Arcane into a kind-hearted good guy and renders Swamp Thing evil and insane. Aired: 2/13/1993

Ep 62: Patient Zero

An old man has a deadly, infectious virus that only Alec's blood can cure. Arcane tries to exploit the disease for himself. Aired: 2/20/1993

Ep 63: The Chains of Forever

A mysterious couple search the swamp for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Unfortunately the megalomaniac Arcane learns about the couple’s plans and tries to find the fountain first, as Will is caught in the middle of the couple’s debate of whether the fountain exists. Aired: 2/27/1993

Ep 64: In the Beginning

Arcane accidentally creates a half-plant/half-robot. Can Swamp Thing and Will stop this madness? Aired: 3/6/1993

Ep 65: Brotherly Love

A man is dating Tressa but after a strange phone call, he runs away from her. Aired: 3/13/1993

Ep 66: An Eye for an Eye

A magical cougar from the swamp stalks Arcane determined to kill him and all his associates for the construction of a waste producing nuclear reactor and with Swamp Thing incapable of helping, it’s up to Will to try to rescue the evil doctor before the cougar kills him and spreads its evil to others. Aired: 3/20/1993

Ep 67: Yo Ho Ho

A little boy dreams of being a pirate, so Swamp Thing gives him his wish. Aired: 3/27/1993

Ep 68: Heart of Stone

The gods make a bet and the swamp is the playground. Aired: 4/3/1993

Ep 69: Romancing Arcane

Arcane falls in love with a model. But will his counterfeit emeralds scheme doom their romance? Aired: 4/10/1993

Ep 70: Swamp of Dreams

Swamp Thing gets addicted to hallucinogenic iguana eggs which makes him live out a fantasy with Ann. But the effect causes bad luck with Will when he comes into contact with one of them and ends up a prisoner in Arcane’s lab who is determined to find the nest of rare eggs himself for personal use. Aired: 4/17/1993

Ep 71: Heart of the Mantis

One of Arcane's mentors, Oliver Duncan, has died, taking his secret research into Cold Fusion with him. Arcane's determined to get at what's left of his research by seducing Oliver's daughter, Louise. But Louise has plans of her own. Aired: 4/24/1993

Ep 72: That's a Wrap

A film crew comes to the swamp for a TV movie about Arcane. But things quickly go awry when the lead actor is murdered and mysterious script pages appear detailing the truth about Alec's transformation and Arcane's crimes. Aired: 5/1/1993