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It’s Sventoonie, the official Svengoolie after-party! Join host Sventoonie for a celebration of all things scary, silly… and Svengoolie! “The Red Tuna of Terror” recaps classic horror films, along with supernaturally fun sketches and video shorts. Of course, what’s a party without guests like Svengoolie, Kerwyn, and other surprise pop-ins?

Next Airings

  • 10/8 12:30AMKnock, Knock… Who Dares?!
    "Sventoonie learns from the master himself, Svengoolie, about how to be a horror host. The fanatical fish then swims through George Romero’s classic film “Night of the Living Dead” and shows some minor mistakes that viewers may have missed in classic horror movies."
  • 10/8 1:00AMTrevor Buckethands
    "The gang watches the Beatnik horror classic 'A Bucket of Blood', while Svengoolie's nosy neighbor stops by to help Trevor — who happens to have two buckets stuck on his hands."
  • 10/8 1:30AMJordan Versus Bird
    "Jack Nicholson's early film 'The Terror' brings a wild bird named "Gary" to the dungeon, not to mention a not-so-famous actor."
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