Limited Run Series

Saturdays at 10 PM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
It’s Sventoonie, the official Svengoolie after-party! Join host Sventoonie every Saturday night at 10PM | 9C for a celebration of all things scary, silly… and Svengoolie! In his first-ever limited-run series, “The Red Tuna of Terror” recaps classic horror films, along with supernaturally fun sketches and video shorts. Of course, what’s a party without guests like Svengoolie, Kerwyn, and other surprise pop-ins?

Next Airings

  • 6/4 10:00PMSpecimen Container!
    "Specimen Container! - - It's a 'Creature' feature! Sventoonie wants to watch some Eighties alien horror, but an undead video store employee wants his tape back! "
  • 6/11 10:00PMHellspring Is in the Air
    "When Sventoonie and crew watch 'Lady Frankenstein,' Fratbrostein returns. His pals try to make a love connection bachelor party monster."
*available in most MeTV markets