My Three Sons

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Widower Steven Douglas (Fred MacMurray) learns that boys will be boys as he struggles to raise his three children — Mike, Robbie and Chip (Tim Considine, Don Grady and Stanley Livingston) — without the help of their mother. Assisted first by the boys' maternal grandfather, Bub (William Frawley), and later by his brother, Uncle Charley (William Demarest), Douglas does what he can to guide the boys as they grow and mature during the 380-episode run of 'My Three Sons.'

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    "A boyhood friend from Bryant Park, rides his motorcycle back into Robbie's life and awakens Robbie's wunderlust with appealing tales of travel and adventure. Intrigued by Jim's stories of freedom, Rob agrees to take a holiday from Katie and the triplets."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Chip Off The Old Block

Aeronautical engineer Steve Douglas and his youngest son, Chip, face a problem: How do they get rid of two designing females?

Ep 2: The Little Ragpicker

The annual school rag drive has Chip going off on a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood

Ep 3: Bub In The Ointment

Bub soon finds out that being housekeeper and dishwasher to three boys is not fun for a grandfather.

Ep 4: Countdown

A missile launch, sleeping in and daylight saving time make for a fun Monday morning.

Ep 5: Brotherly Love

When Mike and Robbie cross swords over a blonde schoolgirl the issue grows once the entire family is involved.

Ep 6: Adjust or bust

Steve's theory that "life is just a small series of adjustments" is put to the test in one day's doings.

Ep 7: Lady Engineer

Steve is enamored with his new business associate.

Ep 8: Chip's Harvest

Thanksgiving Day's turkey dinner is threatened when the electricity is short-circuited in the neighborhood.

Ep 9: Raft on the River

Chip feels left out when Mike and Robbie decide to go camping at Gunman's Gulch.

Ep 10: Lonesome George

Bub forgets to tell Steve that he has invited TV star George Goble over for dinner.

Ep 11: Spring Will Be A Little Late

Robbie is baffled when his girlfriend rejects the excitement of his new motor.

Ep 12: My Three Strikers

The Douglas boys demand a raise in their allowances.

Ep 13: The Elopement

Mike and the girl next door arouse suspicions when the two are seen leaving with suitcases.

Ep 14: Mike's Brother

Robbie feels inferior and angry about the constant comparison to his brother, Mike.

Ep 15: Domestic Trouble

Unaware that he may be recruiting a wife, Steve seeks to get temporary help.

Ep 16: Bub Leaves Home

When Steve invites his second cousin, Selena, to come and visit, Bub gets the impression that he is being neglected.

Ep 17: Mike In A Rush

Mike prepares for the transition from high school to college and the thought of joining a fraternity is one that complicates his life.

Ep 18: The Bully

Chip falls foul of the school bully, who isn't interested in fighting with him.

Ep 19: Organization Women

Steve's sister comes to visit, immediately complicating the Douglas household.

Ep 20: Other People's Houses

Robbie Douglas wonders what the perfect home is like after he sees his new friend's home.

Ep 21: The Delinquent

Mike and the family dog keep disappearing at night and Jean becomes suspicious.

Ep 22: Man In A Trench Coat

On a night when Steve is away, Robbie and his girlfriend are frightened by a man in a trench coat.

Ep 23: Deadline

Mike Douglas is very vocal about the Sports page of the high school newspaper.

Ep 24: The Lostling

Chip wishes for a little sister.

Ep 25: Off-Key

Chip brags to his playmate that Robbie can fix anything.

Ep 26: Small Adventure

While Steve is away on a business trip, the family dog walks into the house with a dynamite stick that survived World War II.

Ep 27: Soap-Box Derby

Unaware of each other's problems, Steve and Robbie engage in what seem to be widely varied projects.

Ep 28: Unite or Sink

Robbie and Mike want some extra pocket money but Steve tells them that they will have to work for it.

Ep 29: The Wiley Method

Robbie can't seem to arouse the interest of classmate Maribel Quinby.

Ep 30: The National Pastime

Chip is so upset about his batting slump that he quits the baseball team.

Ep 31: The Croaker

Malcom, a frog that Chip got for a school project, has everyone's attention in the Douglas home.

Ep 32: The Musician

His girlfriend's elegant and refined lifestyle causes Robbie to wonder about his own home life.

Ep 33: The Horseless Saddle

Chip takes his girlfriend for a pony ride along with the saddle that the Douglases just can't seem to get rid of.

Ep 34: Trial by Separation

Mike and his girlfriend have come up with an exam of their own — one that tests the strength of their relationship.

Ep 35: The Sunday Drive

Mr. Pearson's idea of a quiet drive in the country with his wife is altered by a station-wagon full of Douglases.

Ep 36: Fire Watch

Mike gets a summer job with the Forestry Service and he thinks it's going to be fun and games until he learns what he's expected to do.

Ep 1: Birds and Bees

When Chip announces Tramp is the father of six puppies, Steve is concerned because he has never explained the cycle of life to his son.

Ep 2: Instant Hate

The good neighbor policy goes out the window when the boys, and later Bub, tangle individually with members of the new family across the street.

Ep 3: The Crush

Mike's new girl, Mary Beth, makes a beeline for Steve.

Ep 4: Tramp The Hero

Chip's friend has a new, well-trained German Shepherd, which emphasizes to Chip just how stupid Tramp is.

Ep 5: A Perfect Memory

An old high school sweetheart calls for Steve while he is out.

Ep 6: Bub's Lodge

Bub and Mike are at odds with each other because both are trying to get into different, exclusive clubs.

Ep 7: A Lesson in Any Language

In order to better his Spanish, Mike adopts the learn-while-you-sleep method using a pre-programmed record player.

Ep 8: The Ugly Duckling

Robbie has no hope in passing world literature until his teacher assigns a beautiful blonde to be his study partner.

Ep 9: Chip's Composition

An essay titled "What My Mother Means to Me" has Chip perplexed.

Ep 10: Mike in Charge

Steve and Bub are both called out of town and Mike asks them to leave him in charge. He later realizes that the role is harder than it looks.

Ep 11: Bub Goes to school

When Bub can’t help his grandsons with their school work, he decides to go to night school.

Ep 12: Robbie's Band

Stevie steps in to help Robbie's band.

Ep 13: Damon and Pythias

Robbie and his friend, Hank, decide that they want to join a club at school.

Ep 14: Chip Leaves Home

Chip decides to run away when he feels neglected by his family.

Ep 15: Romance of Silver Pines

Steve takes a week's vacation from the family.

Ep 16: Blind Date

A night of confusion follows when Mike and Robbie end up with each other's date.

Ep 17: Second Time Around

Bub thinks that Pamela MacLish is after him when she's really after Steve.

Ep 18: The Girls Next Door

Mike and Robbie are falling for the airline stewardesses who have just moved into the house next door.

Ep 19: Bub Gets a Job

Bub sees an ad in a magazine for bored homemakers and he begins to think that he fits the description.

Ep 20: Le Petit Stowaway

Steve promises to take Chip with him on a business trip to Chicago.

Ep 21: Robbie Valentino

Bub fires Robbie's show business ambitions when he tells him to make the most of an opportunity involving his physics class.

Ep 22: The Masterpiece

Chip tries to fool his teachers so he can win an art contest.

Ep 23: A Holiday for Tramp

The Douglas family can't find Tramp anywhere.

Ep 24: The Big Game

Robbie finds out that he won't be able to play in the big game unless he passes a math exam.

Ep 25: Chip's Party

Chip does not want to invite a certain young lady to his 10th birthday celebration.

Ep 26: Casanova Trouble

A friend of Steve's asks him to help find out who is dating her daughter.

Ep 27: The Pencil Pusher

Chip puts his father in an uncomfortable position of defending the importance of his profession.

Ep 28: Innocents Abroad

Steve and an old boyhood pal discuss the time they ran away to another town.

Ep 29: Robbie the Caddy

Robbie plans to earn some extra pocket money by caddying at the local golfing tournament.

Ep 30: Coincidence

Steve's wish for a calm life sends him on a chaotic journey into a parallel universe.

Ep 31: Air Derby

Robbie's competition for winning a scholarship in a model airplane contest is a boy named Roly Bates.

Ep 32: Too Much in Common

Mike decides to make a move on another girl on campus.

Ep 33: Chug and Robbie

On his first day in high school, Robbie has some memorable moments.

Ep 34: Good Influence

Steve pushes Chip to go on a week-long vacation with a boy he doesn't like.

Ep 35: The Hippopotamus Foot

Mike faces disciplinary action at the hands of the college dean for a fraternity prank.

Ep 36: The Kibitzers

Two of Bub's friends, who are visiting for their usual game of pinochle, get an earful of the family's woes.

Ep 1: Weekend in Tokyo

Steve wants to take his family with him on a business trip to Japan.

Ep 2: Robbie's Employment Service

Robbie and Hank think that the only thing girls are interested in is money.

Ep 3: Tramp's First Bite

Robbie fights to prove that Tramp is innocent of biting Alan Edgerton

Ep 4: Moment of Truth

Mike has invited the reigning campus beauty to his fraternity's dance, but he doubts that she will accept.

Ep 5: Daughter for A Day

Steve suggests to an old friend that her daughter stay at the Douglas household while the mother is out town.

Ep 6: The Ghost Next Door

While out trick or treating, Chip and his friend think they saw a ghost walk into a vacant home.

Ep 7: Pretty As a Picture

Robbie Douglas is head over heels for a glamorous senior who doesn't even know he exists.

Ep 8: What's Cooking?

A cooking contest at school upsets Chip when he realizes he doesn't have a mother to help hip submit a recipe.

Ep 9: Chip's Last Fight

Chip is thrown out of the clubhouse because he cannot convince the older boys that he is mature enough.

Ep 10: Steve gets an "A"

Robbie runs into a bit of trouble when he is double-booked one weekend.

Ep 11: Heat Wave

A summer heatwave has tempers flaring.

Ep 12: The Beauty Contest

Mike is dragged into being the judge of a campus beauty contest, in which his girlfriend is a contestant.

Ep 13: Doctor in the House

Steve throws out his sacroiliac and is convinced that there is only one doctor who can help him.

Ep 14: Going Steady

Steve realizes Robbie is becoming a man.

Ep 15: Mother Bub

Chip and his friend, Sudsy, see a model auto at the toy store.

Ep 16: Honorable Grandfather

Chip is invited to a friend's grandfather's birthday celebration.

Ep 17: How to Impress a Woman

Mike has to recruit models for a campus fashion show.

Ep 18: Roman Holiday

Steve is reluctant to make a business trip to Rome with the family.

Ep 19: Flashback

Steve meets an old-fashioned 16-year-old at the bus depot.

Ep 20: The Dream Book

Steve is badgered by one of his co-workers to join the company musical combo as a saxophonist.

Ep 21: Big Chief Bub

Chip and the other Cub Scouts are in need of another den mother.

Ep 22: The Clunky Kid

Chip feels lonely when his friend starts spending more time with a new boy in the neighborhood.

Ep 23: Caged Fury

Members of Robbie's wrestling team need to improve their grades in order to stay on the team.

Ep 24: Make Way for Yesterday

Bub makes some suggestions for Robbie's school club carnival.

Ep 25: Robbie Wins His Letter

Robbie wins a special achievement award for being a straight-A student.

Ep 26: High on the Hog

When Robbie and his friend complain about being broke another student offers them a pig.

Ep 27: First Things First

Mike is forced to bail out on a date and a baseball match when his Air Force Reserve crew needs him to do an engine maintenance exercise.

Ep 28: Bub's Butler

Bub wins a prize worth $1,000 in a TV competition.

Ep 29: Francesca

Chip, Robbie and Mike find a wild bird and a frightened girl.

Ep 30: The Rug

Steve threatens to punish Chip for a month if he loses or misuses someone else's property.

Ep 31: The System

Mike learns about indirect questioning in his psychology course when Robbie is sought after by eight classmates.

Ep 32: Let's Take Stock

Robbie's economic teacher gives the students fake $10,000 dollars to invest in stocks.

Ep 33: Total Recall

Bub is annoyed that an old classmate is returning to town to receive an award.

Ep 34: When I Was Your Age

The boys try to convince Bub that they aren't as lazy as he thinks they are.

Ep 35: Chip's World

Chip spots a runaway toddler needing help.

Ep 36: Evening With a Star

Chip reads an article about someone winning a date with an actress and gets the idea to raffle off his grandfather, Bub.

Ep 37: The Date Bureau

Robbie and Hulk set up a dating company to help avoid dull dates.

Ep 38: Bub's Sacrifice

Bub gives up two tickets to a fight in order to help Robbie get the attention of a beautiful girl.

Ep 39: Found Money

Chip tries to tell his family that he is getting rich everyday.

Ep 1: Almost the Sound of Music

Robbie turns pop composer and produces a novelty song, all to capture the affection of a girl.

Ep 2: Scotch Broth

The Douglas family inherits a castle in Scotland.

Ep 3: Didya Ever Have One of Those Days?

Everything seems to be going wrong for Steve.

Ep 4: Dear Robbie

Robbie is chosen to write an advice column on love for the school paper.

Ep 5: A Car of His Own

Robbie tries to get his own car to impress a new girl.

Ep 6: How Do You Know

Steve gives Mike advice on love after he announces his passion for his new girlfriend, Darlene.

Ep 7: My Friend Ernie

Chip and Ernie get lost in the woods looking for treasure.

Ep 8: The End of The You Know What

After hearing that the world may end in one week, Chip and Ernie are left wondering what to do with the time they have left.

Ep 9: The Toupee

Bub is in a panic to cover his bald spot when the sister of an old buddy comes to visit.

Ep 10: The Ever-Popular Robbie Douglas

Robbie is campaigning for student council.

Ep 11: The Proposals

Mike gets cold feet when he decides to propose marriage to Sally.

Ep 12: Steve and the Viking

Steve is chosen to be the nursemaid of a Danish dignitary's 17-year-old daughter.

Ep 13: Par for the Course

Robbie decides to get back into Steve's good graces by taking up his favorite sport.

Ep 14: Windfall

Chip rescues a trapped dog and receives an award for it.

Ep 15: Top Secret

Steve is given a top-secret military project.

Ep 16: Will Success Spoil Chip Douglas?

Bub is excited when Chip is selected to take on the role of an American Indian in a school play.

Ep 17: Second Chorus

Mike and Robbie feel that they must protect Steve from a supposed matrimonial trap.

Ep 18: Never Look Back

Steve's 25 anniversary class reunion at Midwest University is coming up and he is excited about seeing the old gang.

Ep 19: Marriage by Proxy

Mike and Sally think twice about getting married and having babies when they help a friend who is expecting.

Ep 20: The Chaperone

Bub has to chaperone Robbie and his friends when they decide to have a costume party.

Ep 21: My Fair Chinese Lady

Robbie has to help Americanize a traditional Chinese girl who will soon be meeting her very hip Chinese-American fiancé.

Ep 22: House For Sale

The family is excited about Steve possibly going to Hawaii for business, but they wonder if they will have to move there.

Ep 23: The Stone Frog

Chip believes in a magical stone frog, given to him by a lady from India.

Ep 24: Stage Door Bub

Bub swaps jobs with an actress at the Playhouse theater who longs for a normal home life.

Ep 25: Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly

Mike and Sally each hate the pastime enjoyed by the other.

Ep 26: Cherry Blossoms in Bryant Park

Kimiko, a Japanese girl Mike met in Tokyo last year, comes to town to test her old feelings for Mike.

Ep 27: What's the Princess Really Like

Steve's high school sweetheart returns to town as a real-life Princess.

Ep 28: The People's House

Steve tries to get the attention of a magazine editor by submitting his house in the magazine's distinctive homes contest.

Ep 29: The Tree

Bub joins a women's group in the neighborhood to save his favorite tree from being torn down.

Ep 30: The Substitute Teacher

Robbie's awful history teacher breaks a leg and the replacement is even worse.

Ep 31: Mike Wears the Pants

Mike suggests that he and his fiancée move in with his family until they are able to afford an apartment.

Ep 32: The Guys and The Dolls

Mike goes with his fellow U.S Air Force Reservists to deliver dolls to children in South America.

Ep 33: Ballad of Lissa Stratmeyer

Lisa Stratemeyer gets her friends to ignore the boys team until they break their losing streak.

Ep 34: Tramp Goes to Hollywood

Tramp has been chosen to be in a feature called "Moon Dog."

Ep 35: Adventure in New York

Mike and Robbie take a song they wrote to New York City and present it to a publisher.

Ep 36: Huckleberry Douglas

Chip and his friends re-enact the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer and Becky.

Ep 37: Guest in the House

Steve and the boys must help a delinquent for one week.

Ep 1: Caribbean Cruise

Aboard the S.S. Carolina, Steve and Robbie realize that business and pleasure can be mixed.

Ep 2: A Serious Girl

Robbie and Ernie find that women are full of surprises and not all of them pleasing.

Ep 3: The Practical Shower

Chip and Ernie manage to turn Sally's bridal shower into something impractical.

Ep 4: Dublin's Fair City: Part 1

The Douglases and Bub go to Ireland to visit his relatives.

Ep 5: Dublin's Fair City: Part 2

The Douglases continue to enjoy their fun in Ireland.

Ep 6: One of Our Moose is Missing

Steve forgets about a prior commitment to the Cub Scouts.

Ep 7: Lady President

Steve becomes an escort to a visiting congresswoman.

Ep 8: Touch of Larceny

Steve must do his best to sort out the confusion that Chip has about honesty.

Ep 9: Goodbye Again

Mike can't bring himself to tell his old girlfriend that he is now engaged to Sally

Ep 10: The Coffee House Set

Robbie's new girlfriend offers to get him and his guitar an audition at a club.

Ep 11: The Lotus Blossom

Steve is impressed by the timid and beautiful proprietress that works at the Lotus Blossom Café.

Ep 12: First, You're a Tadpole

Robbie consults Sally about his latest heartthrob.

Ep 13: You're in My Power

Robbie decides that hypnosis could help his latest romance.

Ep 14: The In-Law Whammy

Mike sets out to make an impression on his future father-in-law.

Ep 15: Robbie and the Nurse

Robbie breaks a leg on the football field and becomes the first patient of a dazzling French nurse.

Ep 16: Divorce, Bryant Park Style

Mike and Sally are having second thoughts about their forthcoming wedding.

Ep 17: A Woman's Work

Bub decides to travel to Ireland to help his Aunt Kate celebrate her 104th Birthday in Dublin.

Ep 18: Here Comes Charley

With Bub permanently in Ireland, the Douglas family ends up with a fiery housekeeper named Fedocia.

Ep 19: Charley and The Kid

An engineer finds his lost half-Korean daughter at the Douglas House.

Ep 20: He Wanted Wings

Robbie buys and antique aircraft to impress his new girlfriend.

Ep 21: Be My Guest

Robbie puts pressure on his dad to join him at the exotic Brookdale Country Club.

Ep 22: Lady in The Air

A top female pilot calls on Steve to modify the design of her plane.

Ep 23: Hawaiian Cruise

Steve's plan for an Hawaiian holiday comes to a halt when Chip develops a case of bronchitis.

Ep 24: The Teenagers

Robbie tries to come up with a novel idea for the school float.

Ep 25: Mexico Ole'

Steve declines an invitation to stay at a luxurious mansion in Mexico.

Ep 26: The Fountain of Youth

Charley and an old pal, Maggie McSterling, recall their friendship during their vaudeville days.

Ep 27: It's a Dog's Life

Steve has to show engineering plans to a British scientist on a rush visit to the United States.

Ep 28: The Sure Thing

Robbie's friend has a grandfather who trains horses.

Ep 29: Chip, the Trapper

Chip feels left out when he is the only family member without a job.

Ep 30: Steve and The Computer

Steve has nightmares about the future and a computer named Betsy.

Ep 31: Trap and the Prince

Tramp causes confusion in two households when he runs away from home for fear of a cat.

Ep 32: Chip O' the Island

Charley's old Australian acquaintance sparks the boys' imaginations with stories of a paradise in the South Pacific.

Ep 33: The Glass Sneaker

Chip looses his shoe when he attends a black tie reunion.

Ep 34: All the Weddings

Sally's mother arrives two months early and takes over organizing the wedding.

Ep 35: The Leopard's Spots

Sally has her hands full when her glamorous cousin comes to visit after being expelled from three colleges.

Ep 36: Uncle Charley and the Redskins

The backyard of the Douglas House just so happens to be the ancient burial ground of a Native American tribe.

Ep 1: The First Marriage

Mike and Sally get married and move East. When Uncle Charley jokes that Steve may soon be a grandpa, he worries he's growing old.

Ep 2: Red Tape Romance

Steve explores the possibility of adopting 10-year-old Ernie but runs into antagonism from Uncle Charley, who can foresee nothing but more work.

Ep 3: Brother Ernie

Ernie's adoption into the all-male Douglas household is threatened by a regulation dictating that there must be a lady of the house.

Ep 4: Robbie and the Chorus Girl

Uncle Charley is upset when he learns that Robbie is dating a flashy chorus girl, but Steve refuses to worry because he trusts his son's common sense.

Ep 5: There's a What in the Attic?

An escaped circus lion makes a midnight call at the Douglas house.

Ep 7: Office Mother

Uncle Charley's distant relative comes to visit and ends up with a job as Steve's secretary.

Ep 10: Mary-Lou

Chip calls for a date with an older girl, identifying himself as "Douglas." She is delighted — thinking she is going out with Robbie Douglas, a genuine college freshman.

Ep 8: Monsters and Junk Like That

Dressed as a robot for Ernie's school play, Steve finds himself lost on the street and unable to remove the costume.

Ep 11: Charley and the Dancing Lesson

A seductive dance instructor signs Uncle Charley up for a lifetime membership in a dance club.

Ep 6: My Son, the Ballerina

Robbie is so eager to make the track team that, to improve his timing, he agrees to join a ballet class.

Ep 12: The Ernie Report

Ernie feels neglected when the other members of the Douglas family are busy with various girlfriends and he is left alone.

Ep 13: The Hong Kong Story

Steve Douglas turns a business trip to Hong Kong into a vacation for the whole family. Uncle Charley, who once lived in China, is reluctant to visit modern Hong Kong, for apparently he still carries a torch for a beautiful girl he knew there in the 1930s.

Ep 14: Marriage and Stuff

Steve's unusual behavior convinces his family that he is about to be secretly married. The boys plan to leave home to provide privacy for the newlyweds, and Charley arranges to ship out on a freighter.

Ep 15: Douglas-A-Go-Go

The Douglas family bravely accepts the challenge when 13-year-old Chip decides to give a party — with girls.

Ep 16: Charley, the Pigeon

When Steve leaves $50 with Robbie while he is away on business, two girl pool sharks scheme their way into pocketing the cash.

Ep 17: What About Harry?

A shaggy dog follows Steve home and does not want to leave.

Ep 18: From Maggie, with Love

Steve Douglas meets recently divorced Maggie Bellini, reputed to be one of the world's 10 richest women.

Ep 19: Robbie and the Slave Girl

When Robbie yanks pretty co-ed Terri Wong out of the path of a speeding truck, he becomes the unwilling beneficiary of an old Chinese custom when the girl whose life he saves insists on being his slave. The game is amusing at first but before long Robbie must ask his father for help.

Ep 20: Steve and the Huntress

Steve is attracted to a beautiful female explorer. She is preparing for a safari and begs him to come along.

Ep 21: Robbie, the College Man

When Robbie takes on a heavy work load so that he can rent a room away from home, he finds that his romance with his girlfriend languishes.

Ep 22: Whatever Happened to Baby Chip?

When Chip adopts a Beatle-style haircut, the other members of the family feel that Steve should lay down the law.

Ep 23: Robbie and the Little Stranger

Robbie and his girlfriend, Joanne, consider a teenage marriage.

Ep 25: Call Her Max

Two tomboys prove tough to handle for Steve and Chip.

Ep 26: Kid Brother Blues

Robbie and Chip get into a fight that involves ruining each other's dates.

Ep 9: Robbie's Double Life

Robbie has a wonderful time going steady with two girls simultaneously — a high schooler and a college co-ed — until the two ladies compare notes one day and plot immediate revenge.

Ep 27: Our Boy in Washington

Ernie gets the whole family invited to Washington, D.C., but he's the only one who wants to go.

Ep 28: Ernie and That Woman

Chip is suspicious of the intentions of Ernie's sixth-grade crush.

Ep 29: The State vs. Chip Douglas

Chip and Ernie find themselves in a kangaroo court after a valuable penny disappears.

Ep 31: Hunk of Hardware

Ernie packs a suitcase, ready to leave home, after he fails to win a cup for the family trophy shelf.

Ep 30: The Wrong Robbie

A lookalike Robbie is trying to ruin Robbie's reputation on campus.

Ep 32: The Wheels

Uncle Charley takes away Robbie's driving privileges after the campus beauty queen gets a $16 traffic ticket while driving his car.

Ep 24: London Memories

Steve's moodiness after returning from a family trip to Britain is revealed with the viewing of home movies shot on the trip.

Ep 1: Stag at Bay

The Douglas household becomes a refuge for an attractive girl dancer who has been evicted from her apartment.

Ep 2: Fly Away Home

Steve takes his family to his birthplace of Bedford Springs, where he wants to get in touch with his former fiancée.

Ep 4: Forget Me Not

Steve is terrified when he receives a perfumed letter from an old girlfriend announcing she will stop by to see him.

Ep 5: Good Guys Finish Last

Three fathers face three sons in a school quiz show. After the boys easily win, a rematch is scheduled and will be broadcast on local television.

Ep 3: Arrivederci, Robbie

Robbie runs afoul of an Italian custom when he takes a girl walking in the park.

Ep 6: If at First

Steve gets a parking ticket from Robbie's girlfriend, a pretty meter maid, and another citation for not having his driver's license renewed.

Ep 7: Robbie's Underground Movie

Robbie films a "way out" movie for his cinema class with the aid of an untalented co-ed who earnestly tries to make an "honest" picture.

Ep 8: Fiddler Under the Roof

Ernie feels left out when the Douglas family orchestra begins to practice. Uncle Charley tries to teach Ernie the violin but runs into a major obstacle — the boy's lack of talent.

Ep 9: Happy Birthday, World

After Robbie's girlfriend's father asks him to deliver a birthday cake, he immediately goes into the cake business.

Ep 10: The Awkward Age

Robbie is smitten with his chemistry tutor, and their friendship seems to be blossoming — but he is in for a shocking revelation!

Ep 11: A Real Nice Time

Chip gets a date with one of his favorite movie stars as part of a publicity stunt.

Ep 15: Falling Star

Steve helps a washed up singer update her image and revive her career.

Ep 13: Tramp or Ernie

When it becomes clear that Ernie is allergic to Tramp, he feels it's time for him to pack his bags and move out.

Ep 14: Grandma's Girl

Chip's romance with a classmate flourishes when he rents a horse and buggy so as to impress the girl's strict, old-fashioned grandmother.

Ep 16: You Saw a What?

Ernie's reports of a flying saucer are received with skepticism. But after he snaps photos of the UFO, the Air Force warns him to keep quiet.

Ep 17: Both Your Houses

Robbie is delighted when college classmate Peggy moves in next door, and the pair go to work on a joint assignment for their Shakespeare class. He plays Romeo to her Juliet when a feud between the two families seems imminent.

Ep 18: My Pal Dad

Robbie and Chip want no part of Steve's annual trout fishing trip, and try to persuade their father to take Ernie instead.

Ep 19: TV or Not TV

Uncle Charley revokes TV privileges in the Douglas household for a week after having heard enough arguing over which channel to watch.

Ep 12: My Dad, the Athlete

Ernie's friends all boast of their dads' college athletic trophies, which forces Steve into a grueling two-mile cross-country race with the other fathers.

Ep 20: The Good Earth

Uncle Charley puts down a deposit on a vacation lot at beautiful Whispering Pines, only to learn he's been hoodwinked in a high-pressure real-estate operation.

Ep 21: My Son, the Bullfighter

Robbie tries to impress his girlfriend by competing with a handsome bullfighter against a killer bull.

Ep 22: The Best Man

Robbie is crushed when he learns that Denise DuBois, a French exchange student that Robbie had hoped to marry, has accepted his friend's proposal of marriage the night before.

Ep 23: Now in My Day

When Chip's school has a dance at which the boys are to bring their mothers and the girls their fathers, he arranges for Steve to escort his classmate's widowed mother.

Ep 25: Melinda

To help out his dad, Chip pretends to like the aggressive daughter of the woman whom his father is dating.

Ep 26: Charley O' The Seven Seas

After listening to Uncle Charley's half-true tales about life on the high seas, Ernie's smitten teacher quits her job and buys them each a one-way ticket to Pango Pango.

Ep 27: Help, the Gypsies are Coming

When Ernie befriends a young gypsy, it isn't long before the boy's whole family is camped out on the Douglases' lawn.

Ep 28: Ernie's Follies

Ernie's science fair project turns into a disaster because Steve will not agree to offer parental assistance.

Ep 29: Ernie's Crowd

The older members of the Douglas family find their social lives complicated when little Ernie decides to accompany them on their dates.

Ep 30: Ernie and the O'Grady

A genial bum Ernie brings home for dinner outrages Uncle Charley by eating everything in sight and staying the night even though he wasn't invited.

Ep 24: The Sky is Falling

Robbie leaves school after contemplating an offer from a former school dropout who now heads his own real-estate company.

Ep 31: So Long, Charley, Hello

Uncle Charley's old seafaring buddy arrives with a wonderful proposition: He wants Charley to join him as first mate for a six month fishing cruise in the Caribbean.

Ep 32: Weekend in Paradise

On a visit to Hawaii, Robbie falls in love, Ernie almost gets arrested and Uncle Charley is pursued by an old girlfriend from 1945 — who now weighs 200 pounds!

Ep 1: Moving Day

The Douglases receive a chilly reception upon moving to sunny California.

Ep 2: Robbie Loves Katie

Against the advice of father, Robbie proposes to his girlfriend and sets a wedding date.

Ep 3: Inspection of the Groom

With two weeks to go until their wedding date, Robbie runs the gamut of meeting Katie's numerous family members.

Ep 4: Countdown to Marriage

After a spat two days before their wedding day, Katie and Robbie decide to call the whole thing off. Of course, Grandma Collins thinks otherwise.

Ep 5: Wedding Bells

Robbie and family oversleep on his wedding day and must scramble madly to get to the ceremony on time.

Ep 6: The Homecoming

Robbie and Katie come home from their honeymoon to face the problems of newlyweds in a previously all-male Douglas household.

Ep 7: My Wife, the Waitress

Robbie isn't exactly pleased when he lunches at a tea-room and finds his new wife working as a cigarette girl in an abbreviated costume.

Ep 9: The Chameleon

At school, Ernie befriends a tomboyish prankster who he doesn't realize is a girl.

Ep 10: Designing Woman

An attractive female engineer uses her charms to beguile Steve.

Ep 11: Ernie, the Bluebeard

Chip learns the meaning of empathy when he helps Ernie out of a predicament involving double-booking dates for a dance.

Ep 12: The Heartbeat

Katie is haunted by strange noises on a stormy night while Steve is away and the other men are attending a ballgame.

Ep 8: The Computer Picnic

When a computer is used to select partners for a picnic date a Chip's school, he is startled to find that his date is six feet tall.

Ep 13: The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

Katie is irate when her visiting aunt tries to mold the Douglases into her image of a cultured family.

Ep 15: Leaving the Nest

When minor irritations arise in the Douglas household, Robbie and Katie spend a jaunt in a borrowed apartment only to find further irritations.

Ep 16: You're Driving Me Crazy

After both Chip and Katie get their driver's license, the family car gets a big scratch, but neither will claim responsibility.

Ep 14: Liverpool Saga

Chip invites a long-haired, guitar-playing boy from Liverpool to join his off-key rock-n-roll band.

Ep 17: The Chaperones

Robbie and Katie act as chaperones for Chip and his friends' weekend excursion at a mountain cabin.

Ep 18: Green-Eyed Robbie

Robbie gets jealous when Katie agrees to tutor a handsome student.

Ep 19: Charley's Tea

Uncle Charley upsets Katie by making her feel unnecessary in the Douglas household.

Ep 20: Ernie, the Jinx

A series of strange coincidences makes young Ernie feel he's a jinx to anyone he contacts.

Ep 21: Ernie and Zsa Zsa

Hoping to find movie stars, Ernie loses his footing on a steep path and falls directly into Zsa Zsa Gabor's swimming pool.

Ep 22: A Horse for Uncle Charley

Uncle Charley buys an 11-year-old trotting horse in the hopes of capturing past racing glories.

Ep 23: Dear Enemy

The Douglases become military prisoners when they follow Robbie to his military reserve training camp.

Ep 24: Uncle Charley's Aunt

Dressed as a woman for a Lodge performance, Uncle Charley gets into a bit of trouble as he walks home in the costume.

Ep 25: The Standing Still Tour

With the rest of the Douglases away, Ernie and Uncle Charley invite over one of Charley's old friends, who Ernie immediately identifies as a famous actor.

Ep 26: Honorable Guest

The Douglas family cancels a camping trip to play host to unexpected Chinese friends from Bryant Park who are en route to Hong Kong.

Ep 27: The Perfect Separation

Robbie and Katie entertain at home for the first time and inadvertently imperil the marriage of two close friends.

Ep 28: Gossip, Inc.

When Steve gets a new job, a scheme to ward off women co-workers ends up backfiring in a hilarious way.

Ep 29: The Masculine Mystique

Ernie and Shorty's friendship is imperiled when Shorty sees his pal walking to the movies with a new girl from the neighborhood.

Ep 30: The Tire Thief

Ernie and his friends sell tires from the family storage room so they can buy a water rifle. However, their cops and robbers game is ruined when the real police show up.

Ep 1: The Great Pregnancy

The family dotes on Kate when it is discovered that she is pregnant, but seems to forget about the father-to-be.

Ep 2: Dr. Osborne, M.D.

Controversy erupts in the Douglas household over the selection of a doctor for Katie during her pregnancy.

Ep 3: Life Begins in Katie

With the baby stirring inside Katie, Robbie sheds his youthful ways, becoming a very sober and possibly too serious expectant father.

Ep 4: The Grandfathers

Because he is about to become a grandfather, Steve has an easier time working out an important Air Force contract with a hard-shelled general.

Ep 5: The Baby Nurse

Hoping to become Robbie and Katie's baby nurse, Uncle Charley embarks on a marathon of babysitting jobs so he can learn the ropes.

Ep 6: Big Ol' Katie

In an advanced stage of pregnancy, Katie suffers qualms about her looks that are as out of proportion as her figure.

Ep 7: My Three Grandsons

The night of the big event finds expectant mother Katie quite calm, Steve and Uncle Charley quite the opposite and a hapless father-to-be off on Army maneuvers.

Ep 8: Tea for Three

When the triplets come home from the hospital, Robbie finds that he is totally unprepared for the attention the infants attract.

Ep 9: Back to Earth

With the triplets now at home, both Robbie and Steve make plans for accommodating the growing Douglas family.

Ep 10: First Night Out

Robbie and Katie are reluctant to leave their babies with an unknown sitter while they attend a high school reunion.

Ep 11: Casanova O'Casey

After Uncle Charley's girlfriend suddenly leaves him for a younger man, Katie schemes to put the wind back into his sails.

Ep 12: Expendable Katie

When Katie goes to visit her mother for a few days, the Douglas men have a hard time keeping the house in order.

Ep 13: The New Room

The contractor who Steve hires to add a baby alcove to Robbie and Katie's room leaves much to be desired.

Ep 14: The Fountain of Youth

Steve meets an attractive widow who seems to be very interested in him but suddenly she turns cool towards his intentions. The family does its best to give the impression that Steve isn't really as old as he seems.

Ep 15: Three's a Crowd

When the identifying ink dots Katie has put on the triplets' feet wash off in the tub, no one can tell which baby is which.

Ep 16: Chip and Debbie

Chip and his high school sweetheart Debbie plan to marry, but when the young lovebirds babysit Katie and Robbie's triplets they begin to have second thoughts about marriage.

Ep 17: What Did You Do Today, Grandpa?

Steve's sudden sedentary demeanor is just a front for a government spying gig — one that takes him to Greenwich Village and gets him into a shootout!

Ep 18: Chip on Wheels

Steve is perplexed at Chip's embarrassment of the like-new secondhand car he buys for the boy's 16th birthday.

Ep 19: Honorable Expectant Grandfather

Steve's Chinese friend visits the Douglases, confiding in Steve that he is concerned about the man his daughter has married — an apparently aimless hippie.

Ep 20: The Other Woman

Chip and Ernie are alarmed by how the married Robbie behaves in the company of a glamorous woman.

Ep 21: Goodbye, Forever

Ernie is crushed when he learns that his best friend, Gordon, is moving away. The Douglases give the boy a touching farewell party.

Ep 22: The O'Casey Scandal

Ernie and his girlfriend are dismayed when Uncle Charley and her grandmother don't act like old folks when they meet at a school band contest.

Ep 23: Ernie's Pen Pal

Ernie becomes pen pals with the daughter of a high-ranking Latin-American diplomat.

Ep 24: Ernie, the Transmitter

When Ernie becomes convinced that he has ESP, the young seer predicts disaster for Robbie, Katie and the babies.

Ep 25: The Matchmakers

When Steve and a co-worker both bring their boys on a company picnic, the youngsters take an immediate disliking to each other.

Ep 26: Ernie Is Smitten

Ernie attempts to remold his image after the girl he has a crush on refuses to give him a second look.

Ep 27: Two O'Clock Feeding

When old friends from Bryant Park move into the neighborhood, Steve is cast into the role of marriage counselor.

Ep 28: Teacher's Pet

When Ernie lands in an honors English class, his ogreish teacher makes him so uncomfortable that he can't concentrate on his work.

Ep 1: The First Meeting

Sparks fly when Steve meets a woman to whom he is attracted.

Ep 2: Instant Co-Worker

Steve's new romance blossoms and Robbie is offered a job at his father's firm.

Ep 3: Is It Love?

The whole Douglas clan conspires to encourage Steve's new romance with Barbara.

Ep 4: A Ring for Barbara

Steve decides to propose to Barbara and the family unanimously gives their support. However, Steve pops the question under circumstances that are far from ideal.

Ep 5: The Littlest Rebel

Steve and Barbara's engagement is exciting for everyone, except Barbara's five-year-old daughter, who isn't sure she wants to share her mother.

Ep 6: Two Weeks to Go

Steve and Barbara discover that they each have very different ideas about how their wedding ceremony should play out.

Ep 7: One Week to Go

With one week to go until the wedding day, Steve and Barbara have an argument serious enough for them to reconsider their marriage.

Ep 8: Came the Day

After a few hours of hectic, last-minute preparations, Steve and Barbara are married in a simple church ceremony.

Ep 9: Mexican Honeymoon

While on their honeymoon at a remote Mexican fishing village, Steve and Barbara counsel several younger couples who are having trouble adjusting to married life.

Ep 10: After You, Alphonse

Uncle Charley does his best to be more polite, which nearly drives Barbara out of her mind.

Ep 11: Rough on Dodie

Little Dodie has a difficult time adjusting to life with the Douglases.

Ep 12: Silver Threads

When Katie panics as about a few gray hairs on her youthful head, a family crisis is not far away.

Ep 13: It's a Woman's World

When her brothers have more pressing commitments, Steve gets cast in Dodie's school play as a tree, more or less proving Robbie's point that females are instinctive manipulators.

Ep 14: Table for Eight

Barbara faces a fiasco when she prepares her first dinner party for Steve's business associates and their wives.

Ep 15: Double Jealousy

Barbara is jealous when a glamorous secretary enters the lives of both Steve and Robbie.

Ep 16: Dodie's Tonsils

Little Dodie goes to the hospital for a tonsillectomy and insists that her new father stay overnight with her.

Ep 17: Who is Sylvia?

Hoping to renew her fun-loving friendship, Steve's old girlfriend from Bryant Park, who is now a rich divorcee, comes to town and gives Barbara a few jealous moments.

Ep 18: You Can't Go Home

When Robbie is asked to be the best man at an old friend's wedding, he and Katie travel to Bryant Park, where he realizes that time and years do change things.

Ep 19: Guest in the House

While Steve is away on business, Barbara is forced to confront one of Chip's teachers when he and another student are accused of cheating on an exam.

Ep 20: Charley's Cello

Barbara feels that Uncle Charley is lonely playing his cello, so she arranges for him to join three other musicians to form a string quartet.

Ep 21: The Honeymoon Is Over

A time-consuming project at work has Steve and Robbie tied up and exhausted, leading to trouble with Barbara and Katie.

Ep 22: Baubles, Bangles, and Beatrice

Ernie becomes the unwilling object of Dodie's young friend's affection, and Barbara takes a substitute teaching job, which comes with an unexpected surprise.

Ep 23: Mister X

While Steve is working on a top priority project, a bearded man of mystery confounds the Douglas family and the authorities alike.

Ep 24: Dodie's Dilemma

Dodie calls upon her big brothers for help when girls at school tease her, saying that "Douglas" is not her real last name.

Ep 25: Love Thy Neighbor

Robbie and Katie have an unpleasant personality clash with the young couple that has moved into the next-door apartment in their building.

Ep 26: J.P. Douglas

Chip is enthralled by the latest book by his accounting teacher, and vows that he will become rich by instituting a break-neck money earning schedule.

Ep 1: The First Anniversary

Chip begins spending a lot of time studying with a young woman whose father is not happy with their friendship. Meanwhile, Dodie plans a surprise party for Steve and Barbara's first wedding anniversary.

Ep 2: The Once-Over

When Polly asks Chip to elope with her, Chip, taken aback, asks for his father's advice.

Ep 3: The Return of Albert

When Barbara's old flame joins the Douglases for dinner, the entire family — and especially Barbara — is anxious.

Ep 4: The Non-Proposal

After Chip gives Polly a locket for her birthday, he thinks they are going steady — but she thinks they are engaged!

Ep 5: Polly Wants a Douglas

Chip and Polly have plans to be married, but when Chip once again refuses a hasty elopement, those plans are jeopardized.

Ep 6: The Cat Burglars

Dressed as a cat for a costume party, Steve gets into a snag when his car stalls and the police mistake him for a burglar.

Ep 7: The Elopement

Chip goes to see Mr. Williams to ask for Polly's hand in marriage, but the overbearing father's insulting actions convince Chip to forego the formality.

Ep 8: The Honeymoon

Following their elopement to Las Vegas, newlyweds Chip and Polly are beset by nothing but trouble.

Ep 9: One by One They Go

Chip and Polly return from their honeymoon, and Chip faces a father-in-law who refuses to speak to his newly married daughter.

Ep 10: My Four Women

Steve has major qualms when he learns what he is to wear on the runway at Barbara's women's club fashion show.

Ep 11: The Bride Went Home

Chip becomes violently ill after eating Polly's cooking. Distressed, she feels it would be better for her husband if she left him.

Ep 12: The Power of Suggestion

Against his classmate's better judgement, Ernie uses the unwitting Douglas household as Guinea pigs for an experiment assigned by his psychology teacher.

Ep 13: St. Louis Blues

Katie and Robbie take a vacation to St. Louis while Katie's mother watches the triplets.

Ep 14: The Liberty Bell

A boyhood friend from Bryant Park rides his motorcycle back into Robbie's life and awakens Robbie's wanderlust with tales of travel and adventure.

Ep 15: The Love God

Dodie and some of her second-grade classmates have a big crush on their new teacher, Mr. Turley.

Ep 16: The New Vice-President

A routine investigation on Steve's family background turns up some rather startling information.

Ep 17: Robbie's Honey

Level-headed Katie becomes a jealous, suspicious wife when a pile of circumstantial evidence stacks up against Robbie.

Ep 18: Ernie Drives

When Ernie and Elmore flunk their driving tests but their dates for a dance pass, the two boys concoct a ruse to conceal the situation.

Ep 19: Dodie Goes Downtown

When Steve, Barbara and Uncle Charley are out of town, Ernie is to look after Dodie for a few days.

Ep 20: The Recital

Dodie and her friends form the Rondelay Trio and announce they'll be practicing at the Douglas house for their upcoming recital.

Ep 21: Debbie

Ernie finds himself in a romance after the rear bumper of his car is struck by a teenage girl in a parking lot.

Ep 22: Fit the Crime

When Ernie doesn't do a very good job looking after Dodie, Barbara punishes the both of them. Ernie and Dodie rebel because they feel they've been unjustly punished.

Ep 23: The Return of Terrible Tom

Uncle Charley is elated when he gets word that his old sailor buddy, Terrible Tom, is going to come for a visit.

Ep 24: After the Honeymoon

When Robbie and Katie move to San Francisco for a new job, Katie begins to feel that her husband doesn't want her or the triplets anymore.

Ep 1: The Advent of Fergus

Steve's look-alike Scottish nobleman cousin, Fergus, comes to America looking for a bride to take back to his hometown.

Ep 2: Fergus for Sale

Wanting to get rid of Fergus, Uncle Charley takes out an ad in the local newspaper in hopes of facilitating the nobleman's search for a wife.

Ep 3: Lady Douglas

Fergus asks a cocktail waitress to marry him but she turns him down, feeling inadequate to live as royalty in Scotland.

Ep 4: Goodbye, Fergus

The wedding day for Fergus and Terri arrives amid the traditional confusion and tears.

Ep 5: Four for the Road

A secretary watches the triplets for Steve, leading to complications for the flustered grandfather.

Ep 6: Polly the Pigeon

Polly is trapped by a salesman into giving a dinner party for eight people in exchange for a free set of cookware.

Ep 7: Happy Birthday, Anyway

Birthdays disrupt the Douglas household, when Barbara, Katie and Polly turn against their spouses over the men's apparent oversight.

Ep 8: Proxy Parents

Chip and Polly find themselves the temporary guardians of several young children, including the triplets. Meanwhile, Steve, Barbara and Uncle Charley go on a camping trip.

Ep 9: The Enthusiast

Barbara's natural enthusiasm bubbles over into an embarrassing evening for Steve and some of his business associates.

Ep 10: Katie's Career

Katie takes a job singing in a small coffee house, but both Steve and Uncle Charley have their doubts about her employer.

Ep 11: Polly's Secret Life

Polly fears that Chip is losing interest in her as a woman, so she takes dramatic steps to remedy the situation.

Ep 12: The Sound of Music

Uncle Charley is persuaded to fill in as a cello teacher to a small group of reluctant young music students.

Ep 13: TV Triplets

The triplets are selected to appear in a television commercial, but the boys' careers in show business may be short lived unless Steve can save the day.

Ep 14: Three for School

Katie decides to put the triplets in a nursery school during the day when she fills in for a friend as a secretary, a move that enrages Uncle Charley.

Ep 15: Alfred

A little first grader develops a big crush on third grader Dodie — much to her displeasure. When Uncle Charley invites him to dinner, Dodie tries to fake illness to get out of it.

Ep 16: Buttons and Beaux

When the Douglas men feel sorry for Katie because of her husband's continued absence, they proceed to overwhelm her with attention.

Ep 17: Peanuts

Dodie commits the entire Douglas family to a time-consuming project — getting a four-foot-tall bag of Peanuts into small sacks to sell at the school fair.

Ep 18: Bad Day for Steve

Steve suddenly becomes accident-prone when Ernie tries to discover by graph and observation how the moon's lunar phases affect people's behavior.

Ep 19: Second Banana

While Steve becomes preoccupied with a time-consuming project, Barbara blossoms as a championship cook. Her recipe earns her a trip to Hawaii for the final cookout.

Ep 20: Bad Day for Barbara

Although Barbara is feeling ill, she is saddled with the responsibility of looking after the entire Douglas household.

Ep 21: The Birth of Arfie

The Douglas family becomes concerned about Dodie's despondency when Tramp, the aging family mongrel, keeps disappearing at night.

Ep 22: Lonesome Katie

Katie becomes disillusioned about life without Robbie, and seriously thinks about divorce after speaking with other wives in the same situation.

Ep 23: Barbara Lost

Chip decides to quit his studies to pursue a career as a rock musician along with his now-famous friend.

Ep 24: Whatever Happened to Ernie?

Steve and Barbara serve as counselors to Steve's co-worker's family, who need help dealing with their insolent teenage son.