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Widowed father Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) raises his three daughters — D.J. (Candace Cameron), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (The Olsen Twins) — in San Francisco with the help of his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) and best buddy Joey Gladstone (Dave Collier). Pesky neighbor Kimmy Gibbler pops in from time to time, too. The sitcom ran for eight seasons, from 1987 to 1995, becoming a staple of family viewing.

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  • 12/11 5:00PMCaptain Video, Part 1
    "Michelle joins the "Honey-Bees" and to the family's dismay tries to earn her first badge in cooking. When the TV station terminates Jesse as Joey's sidekick, Jesse decides to put all his effort into his music career--with no success, however, until the Beach Boys offer him exclusive rights to one of their songs."
  • 12/11 5:30PMCaptain Video, Part 2
    "Jesse's hopes for a record career are hurt during the taping of his video when he realizes the executives are marketing him in a way he detests. He quits, which he soon regrets."
  • 12/18 5:00PMRoad To Tokyo
    "When Jesse's record is a huge success in Japan, his record company sends him there to promote it. But the adulation he receives causes him to become extremely self-centered."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Our Very First Show

Danny Tanner, widowed father of three young and rambunctious girls, ages 9 months, 5 and 10 years, recruits his two buddies--his rock 'n' roller brother-in-law, Jesse, and his best friend, Joey, an infrequently employed stand-up comic--to move in and help him raise the brood.

Ep 2: Our Very First Night

The girls are rockin' when Uncle Jesse is left in charge of them for the night, but Danny is reeling when he arrives home to find Jesse conducting band practice.

Ep 3: The First Day Of School

Stephanie's reluctance to attend her first day of school disappears when Joey and Jesse visit her kindergarten class.

Ep 4: The Return Of Grandma

A frantic search for Jesse's missing pet turtle leaves the Tanner home disheveled, just before an unexpected visit from the guys' mothers.

Ep 5: Sea Cruise

Danny's all-male fishing trip turns into a love-boat cruise, complete with a female captain and an all-girl rock band.

Ep 6: Daddy's Home

When Danny hears Michelle call Jesse and Joey "Dada" he knows that he isn't spending enough time with his daughters and creates a father/daughter day.

Ep 7: Knock Yourself Out

Danny's audition for a job as a boxing announcer is a disaster. Meanwhile, the guys care for baby Michelle, who is sick with a cold.

Ep 8: Jesse's Girl

Jesse's dream girl turns into a nightmare when she stops dating him and starts dating Joey.

Ep 9: The Miracle Of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday doesn't work out as planned when everyone teams up to prepare the feast but the results aren't exactly worth eating.

Ep 10: Joey's Place

Joey feels expendable when he prepares for a two-week comedy tour and the family starts acting like he's gone before he leaves.

Ep 11: The Big Three-O

Danny arrives at his surprise 30th birthday party only to discover that Jesse has accidentally driven his prized car into the bay.

Ep 12: Our Very First Promo

Members of the Tanner family are thrilled when they are chosen to appear in a local promotion at Danny's TV station. But their enthusiasm subsides when they discover show business is not as glamorous as they had thought.

Ep 13: Sisterly Love

Jesse suggests that D.J. audition for a commercial after she does well in a school performance. D.J. does well in her audition, but when she leaves the room, the part is given to Stephanie.

Ep 14: Half A Love Story

Jesse uses baby Michelle to get a date with one of Danny's co-workers, but when a girlfriend of Jesse's tells the story of how she met Jesse with Michelle, Jesse's date is postponed indefinitely.

Ep 15: A Pox In Our House

Danny us excited about the chance to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters, but when his family contracts chicken pox, finding a baby-sitter for Michelle seems impossible.

Ep 16: But Seriously, Folks

Joey's comic debut in front of a talent scout is jinxed when a member of the audience, Phyllis Diller, takes over his spot in the lineup.

Ep 17: Danny's Very First Date

Danny has not dated anyone since his wife's death one year ago. He becomes interested in the "hive mother" of Stephanie's "honeybee troop," but when his kids find out he might date the woman, their negative response surprises him.

Ep 18: Just One Of The Guys

D.J. is jealous of the guys when her cousin comes for a visit and spends most of his time roughhousing with Danny.

Ep 19: The Seven-Month Itch, Part 1

Unbeknownst to the family, Jesse leaves the house after becoming frustrated because of his lack of privacy.

Ep 20: The Seven-Month Itch, Part 2

The girls devise a scheme to bring their Uncle Jesse home after he leaves the house to find some privacy.

Ep 21: Mad Money

Jesse succeeds when he secretly plans an Elvis Presley tribute at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Joey attempts to pay back money that Danny lent him 11 years ago.

Ep 22: D.J. Tanner's Day Off

D.J. takes advantage of Joey's gullible nature by convincing him that she is sick so she can skip school and sneak down to the mall to get Stacey Q's autograph.

Ep 1: Cutting It Close

Jesse becomes a victim of one of Stephanie's "pretend" haircuts.

Ep 2: Tanner Vs. Gibbler

Danny gets a new job as the host of a morning talk show and a new partner in co-host Rebecca Donaldson; meanwhile, D.J.'s birthday party for her friend Kimmy ends bitterly when D.J. won't allow beer drinking.

Ep 3: It's Not My Job

Jesse disappoints his father when he decides that he no longer wants to remain in the family exterminating business.

Ep 4: D.J.'s Very First Horse

D.J. gets a horse but goes to great lengths to hide her new pet from her dad.

Ep 5: Jingle Hell

Jesse and Joey form a partnership to write advertising jingles, but when they pitch a song to their first clients, they find that their styles aren't exactly in harmony.

Ep 6: Beach Boy Bingo

D.J. wins a radio contest and can't decide whom she wants to take on a "dream night" with the Beach Boys, but the Boys make her decision for her when they arrive at the house unexpectedly.

Ep 7: Joey Gets Tough

Joey upsets D.J. when he punishes her; meanwhile, Jesse appears on Danny's show but gets upset when Danny upstages him.

Ep 8: Triple Date

Danny arranges a triple date for Joey, Jesse and himself, but he is surprised when he discovers his date once had a serious relationship with Jesse.

Ep 9: Our Very First Christmas Show

The Tanners are dreaming of a white Christmas in Colorado, but their mood turns sad when they are snowed in at an airport en route.

Ep 10: Middle Age Crazy

Stephanie feels the loneliness and frustration of being the middle child.

Ep 11: A Little Romance

D.J. learns the ups and downs of romance while bachelors Joey and Jesse are auctioned off at a charity auction.

Ep 12: Fogged Inn

The Tanner household becomes a virtual war zone when Jesse's feuding parents, Nick and Irene, are forced by a heavy fog to stay at the house during a fight.

Ep 13: Working Mothers

Danny and the girls panic when Joey and Jesse are offered full-time jobs at an advertising agency.

Ep 14: Little Shop Of Sweaters

D.J. and Stephanie become worried when they can't find enough money to replace a damaged Valentine's Day gift sweater. Meanwhile, Jesse has his first serious date with Rebecca, and Joey attends a Valentine's Day ball dressed as Popeye.

Ep 15: Pal Joey

Danny feels increasingly abandoned as his best friend, Joey, and his brother-in-law, Jesse, become closer.

Ep 16: Baby Love

Michelle becomes very upset when her best friend and boyfriend, Howie, moves away.

Ep 17: El Problema Grande De D.J.

D.J. is shocked when she sees how her father, Danny, behaves toward her Spanish teacher after D.J. comes home with a poor report card.

Ep 18: Goodbye, Mr. Bear

Everyone is puzzled at Stephanie's overreaction when her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Bear, is missing.

Ep 19: Blast From The Past

Joey is smitten when his old college sweetheart returns looking for romance.

Ep 20: I'm There For You, Babe

After Jesse inadvertently schedules his musical group in two different places for the same night, the family helps by performing as a back-up band.

Ep 21: Luck Be A Lady, Part 1

The family travels to Lake Tahoe, where Joey and the girls get lucky, and Jesse proposes marriage to Rebecca.

Ep 22: Luck Be A Lady, Part 2

After Jesse and Rebecca agree to wed, Danny tries to convince them to change their minds.

Ep 1: Tanner's Island

Danny invites the whole family to Hawaii, where they are accidentally stranded on an island.

Ep 2: Back To School Blues

D.J. has a rough first day at junior high school when she finds all the kids more "grown up" than she is, but she learns that more make-up isn't really the answer.

Ep 3: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Jesse and Becky have a big argument and discontinue their relationship, only to reunite with the help of D.J.

Ep 4: Nerd For A Day

Stephanie learns a lesson about teasing when she must apologize to a boy for calling him "Duckface." Danny makes a mistake when he chooses Joey to be co-host for a day on his TV show.

Ep 5: Granny Tanny

Danny wants to make his retired mother feel needed when she comes for a visit, so he tells the others to lie to accomplish this goal. His plan works too well, and his mother wants to move in.

Ep 6: Star Search

An appearance on Star Search is Joey's last chance to become famous before his self-imposed 10-year deadline.

Ep 7: And They Call It Puppy Love

The Tanner children want to keep a lost golden retriever that has wandered into their yard but instead get to keep an unexpected gift--a puppy.

Ep 8: Divorce Court

When the men argue over who is the best athlete in the house, the decide to resolve the argument with a race. But the competition becomes serious when Becky arrives to videotape the event for the show.

Ep 9: Dr. Dare Rides Again

When an old friend comes to visit, Jesse tries to relive the recklessness he once thought was so terrific.

Ep 10: The Greatest Birthday On Earth

Jesse and Stephanie improvise a circus-themed birthday party for Michelle when they're locked in a gas station and unable to attend the real party being given at the Tanner house.

Ep 11: Aftershocks

Stephanie's reaction to an earthquake causes a problem that Danny can't seem to solve. D.J. has a problem with a pimple on her nose.

Ep 12: Joey And Stacey And...Oh Yeah, Jesse

Joey Gladstone's new girlfriend, Stacey, points out that Jesse is too bossy towards Joey. Jesse realizes that Joey's ad ideas are just as good as his. Comet chews up homework, a tie and a bear!

Ep 13: No More Mr. Dumb Guy

Jesse enlists Joey's help to appear more intellectual at a cultural event attended by his girlfriend, Rebecca Donaldson.

Ep 14: Misadventures In Babysitting

D.J. Tanner runs into problems while baby-sitting to earn money for her own phone. Jesse and Rebecca have a problem communicating.

Ep 15: Lust In The Dust

Danny's new girlfriend is tidy in some ways, a slob in others. Jesse thinks Michelle has hidden his keys.

Ep 16: Bye, Bye, Birdie

Michelle's first day of preschool goes badly when she accidentally releases the class' pet bird. Stephanie becomes glued to D.J.'s diary.

Ep 17: 13 Candles

At her thirteenth birthday party, D.J. Tanner must face embarrassment from her intrusive family as well as admit her own feelings for a boy.

Ep 18: Mr. Egghead

Stephanie's jitters over Class Picture Day aren't helped when Joey, in his new job as TV's "Mr. Egghead," accidentally injures her nose when she appears on his show.

Ep 19: Those Better Not Be The Days

Danny, Jesse and Joey change places with the girls and act like the children. Later, the guys daydream about how the future would be if they didn't teach the girls how to help themselves.

Ep 20: Honey, I Broke The House

Stephanie wants to run away from home when she fears punishment for driving Joey's car into the kitchen.

Ep 21: Just Say No Way

The problem of teenage drinking arises when D.J. is unjustly suspected of drinking beer at a school dance.

Ep 22: Three Men And Another Baby

Three-year-old Michelle is jealous when the guys take care of baby for the night and the baby gets all of their attention.

Ep 23: Fraternity Reunion

At a 10-year college reunion for fraternities and sororities, Joey and Danny decide to steal back their fraternity seal that a sorority swiped 10 years ago. They dress as women and go to the sorority reunion. But their plan fails and they end up in jail.

Ep 24: Our Very First Telethon

The whole family joins the fun when Danny hosts a 24-hour telethon.

Ep 1: Greek Week

Jesse's grandparents from Greece arrive for a visit and bring along some unexpected guests.

Ep 2: Crimes And Michelle's Demeanor

Danny finds it difficult to discipline 3-year-old Michelle, his "baby girl." Jesse sells his most prized possession--a guitar once owned by Elvis Presley--to get money to pay for an engagement ring for Becky.

Ep 3: The I.Q. Man

Jesse becomes a reluctant actor in a commercial he writes with Joey. Danny becomes Jesse and Joey's partner after he gives them money to start their own business.

Ep 4: Slumber Party

A mother/daughter slumber party leaves Stephanie feeling left out, until Joey and D.J. come to the rescue.

Ep 5: Good News, Bad News

Jesse and Joey's first job is to produce a commercial for Wake Up San Francisco, but working for Danny is difficult. D.J.'s duties as editor of the school newspaper cause a rift in her friendship with her best friend, Kimmy.

Ep 6: A Pinch For A Pinch

Without Danny's knowledge, Jesse gives Michelle some very questionable advice on handling a bully and removes her from preschool.

Ep 7: Viva Las Joey

When Joey performs his comedy act in Las Vegas, his estranged father arrives unexpectedly--giving father and son the opportunity to reconcile their differences.

Ep 8: Shape Up

D.J. goes on a strict diet so she can wear a bikini to Kimmy's birthday party.

Ep 9: One Last Kiss

When Jesse attends his high school reunion, he finds that he's still attracted to his high school sweetheart, although he's engaged to Rebecca.

Ep 10: Terror In Tanner Town

Danny invites his new girlfriend, Cindy, and her son, Rusty, to dinner. When an emergency happens, Cindy is forced to leave early without Rusty, who stays and annoys everyone in the house with his mischief.

Ep 11: Secret Admirer

An unsigned love note causes nearly everyone in the Tanner family to believe he or she has a secret admirer.

Ep 12: Danny In Charge

When Joey and Jesse go on a camping trip, Danny discovers that the duties of a single parent can be overwhelming.

Ep 13: Happy New Year

Joey doesn't have a date for New Year's Eve, so Jesse and Danny enroll him in a video dating service.

Ep 14: Working Girl

D.J. takes a job at the mall to earn some money for an expensive pair of shoes, while Jesse and Rebecca set a wedding date--and location.

Ep 15: Ol' Brown Eyes

D.J. is horrified when she learns that her father, Danny, wants to sing at her school dance.

Ep 16: Stephanie Gets Framed

Stephanie is upset when she finds out she needs to wear glasses and is worried that her classmates will ridicule her. Her neighbor Steve Urkel gives her some tips on how to handle her classmates.

Ep 17: A Fish Called Martin

Michelle's new fish, Martin, dies tragically when she gives him a bubble bath. In order to attract a boy she knows, D.J. learns all about his favorite topic--cars.

Ep 18: The Wedding, Part 1

Wanting one last adventure before marriage, Jesse goes skydiving on his wedding day. Unfortunately, he lands in a tree and can't get down.

Ep 19: The Wedding, Part 2

Jesse is late for his wedding--because he's in jail.

Ep 20: Fuller House

Jesse is sad when he returns from his honeymoon and realizes that it's time to move out of the Tanner house. But Rebecca has a plan that makes everyone happy.

Ep 21: The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang

D.J. and Stephanie accidentally knock a hole in their father's bedroom wall, and they desperately try to fix it before he returns home.

Ep 22: Stephanie Plays The Field

Brett, Stephanie's new boyfriend, plays on the Little League baseball team opposing her team. She's the star pitcher, and when he asks her to cheat so that his team can win the game, Stephanie makes a tough decision.

Ep 23: Joey Goes Hollywood

Joey is cast in a new "Beach Party" television series with the stars of the original 1960s movies, FRANKIE AVALON and ANNETTE FUNICELLO. The whole family visits Hollywood for the taping of the pilot.

Ep 24: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When D.J. sneaks out of the house, against Danny's wishes, to meet her boyfriend, Ryan, Rebecca is caught in the dual role of being her trusting friend and a responsible adult.

Ep 25: The Graduates

Seeing his daughters graduate to the next grade level causes Danny to go through a mid-life crisis at the age of thirty-three, which results in a short-lived romance with a 21-year-old woman.

Ep 26: Rock The Cradle

When Jesse announces that his rock 'n' roll band has been signed by a major record company and will be going on tour for the summer, Rebecca surprises him with some good news of her own: She is pregnant!

Ep 24: Girls Will Be Boys

A boy in Michelle's class calls Teddy a sissy for being Michelle's friend. Michelle talks to Jesse about the difference between boys and girls and starts acting like a miniature version of Jesse.

Ep 1: Double Trouble

Michelle enters kindergarten and realizes that this new experience isn't what she wants. Becky and Jesse learn Becky is pregnant with twins.

Ep 2: Matchmaker Michelle

Michelle wants a new mother, so she decides to arrange a date between Danny and her kindergarten teacher.

Ep 3: Take My Sister, Please

D.J. no longer wants to share a room with Stephanie. Stephanie really feels unwanted when Michelle doesn't want Stephanie in her room either.

Ep 4: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

D.J. is upset by a rumor at school that she's bad at kissing. Danny fears that he and D.J. are drifting apart.

Ep 5: The King And I

A man who looks like Elvis Presley helps Jesse through a family crisis.

Ep 6: The Legend Of Ranger Joe

Ranger Roy, the host of a kids' cartoon show, is retiring, and Joey is going to replace him--or is he?

Ep 7: The Volunteer

D.J. becomes fond of an elderly gentleman at a nursing home where she's doing volunteer work.

Ep 8: Gotta Dance

Soon after Stephanie convinces Danny to pay for extra dance lessons, she realizes she made a mistake. Dancing all the time isn't the fun she had expected.

Ep 9: Happy Birthday Babies, Part 1

Michelle's birthday party is interrupted when Rebecca starts to experience labor pains and is rushed to the hospital.

Ep 10: Happy Birthday Babies, Part 2

Michelle's birthday party has just begun when Becky begins labor. Becky gives birth to twin boys, Alexander and Nicholas.

Ep 11: Nicky And/Or Alexander

While Rebecca returns from the hospital after the birth of her twins, a new co-host replaces her on Wake Up San Francisco. Jesse can't tell his boys apart.

Ep 12: Bachelor Of The Month

When Danny is chosen "Bachelor of the Month" by a San Francisco magazine, women suddenly take an avid interest in him. But Danny is interested in his new co-host, Vicky Larson.

Ep 13: Easy Rider

Michelle wants Joey to teach her how to ride a bicycle--but blames him for not protecting her when she falls off.

Ep 14: Sisters In Crime

D.J. sneaks out to the movies with Stephanie and Michelle to meet a boy she likes--after promising Danny that she would stay at home with the girls.

Ep 15: Play It Again, Jesse

Desperate to earn some money for his family, Jesse takes a job performing with an "oldies" band at an airport cocktail lounge.

Ep 16: Crushed

Stephanie's favorite rock star, TOMMY PAGE, comes to her birthday party. D.J. also yearns for Tommy, and the girls both try to win his affection.

Ep 17: Spellbound

Stephanie competes in a spelling contest at school. Jesse gives Michelle a reading lesson, and Danny gives Stephanie a lesson in being a good loser.

Ep 18: Too Much Monkey Business

Danny's sister Wendy comes to town with her pet chimpanzee to interview for a job at the local zoo. The chimpanzee wreaks havoc and develops a liking for Jesse--as Joey and Wendy start their own romance.

Ep 19: The Devil Made Me Do It

Michelle discusses her mischievousness with the "Good Michelle" and the "Bad Michelle" before she actually misbehaves. When "Bad Michelle" wins, trouble follows.

Ep 20: Driving Miss D.J.

D.J. receives her learner's permit to drive, but Danny is too nervous to be a good instructor. Jesse volunteers to take over, but after D.J. scratches his car, he too, hesitates to teach her.

Ep 21: Yours, Mine And Ours

Danny's plans for a fun night out with the family are doomed by the group's bad attitude. Meanwhile, Jesse and Rebecca quarrel over how to raise their twins.

Ep 22: The Trouble With Danny

Danny is thrilled that "Spring Cleaning Day" has arrived! He appoints chores to everyone in the house. When they gather to complain, Danny overhears. He reacts by becoming such a slob that the family asks him to be neat again.

Ep 23: Five's A Crowd

D.J. has a date with one of the popular guys in her school. Fearing the boy will take advantage of D.J., Danny, Joey and Jesse follow her to end the date.

Ep 25: Captain Video, Part 1

Michelle joins the "Honey-Bees" and to the family's dismay tries to earn her first badge in cooking. When the TV station terminates Jesse as Joey's sidekick, Jesse decides to put all his effort into his music career--with no success, however, until the Beach Boys offer him exclusive rights to one of their songs.

Ep 26: Captain Video, Part 2

Jesse's hopes for a record career are hurt during the taping of his video when he realizes the executives are marketing him in a way he detests. He quits, which he soon regrets.

Ep 1: Come Fly With Me

D.J.'s happy homecoming from Spain is upset when Michelle and Stephanie mistakenly get on a plane to New Zealand

Ep 2: The Long Goodbye

Danny and Vicky try to make their long distance romance work. Meanwhile, when Michelle learns that Teddy is moving far away, she tries to make him stay.

Ep 3: Road To Tokyo

When Jesse's record is a huge success in Japan, his record company sends him there to promote it. But the adulation he receives causes him to become extremely self-centered.

Ep 4: Radio Days

The program director of a local radio station agrees to hire Jesse as a disc jockey, but only if he is paired with Joey, with whom he's currently feuding.

Ep 5: Lovers And Other Tanners

Danny thinks that D.J. spends too much time with her boyfriend, Steve. She neglects her schoolwork and family responsibilities. But he learns to understand her feelings of love for Steve when he realizes he loves Vicky.

Ep 6: Educating Jesse

Jesse reluctantly admits that he did not finish high school. The family wants him to return to school, but it's not until he helps Michelle overcome a problem that he realizes he can do it.

Ep 7: Trouble In Twin Town

Rebecca's rich cousin, Dick, enters his daughters in a cutest twin contest. Jesse, tired of being insulted by Dick, enters Nicky and Alex--hoping they will win instead of Dick's twins.

Ep 8: The Play's The Thing

Jesse and Joey agree to direct Michelle's school play, but then Michelle is upset when they give someone else the starring role.

Ep 9: Nice Guys Finish First

After Joey promises Michelle he'll act nicely and not be mean, he becomes an ineffectual hockey player in an important game.

Ep 10: I'm Not D.J.

Stephanie desperately wants to get her ears pierced to be accepted by the "cool" girls. Danny won't give his permission, so Stephanie lets Kimmy pierce her ears.

Ep 11: Designing Mothers

When Vicky's mother, Liz, comes to San Francisco, she almost ruins Danny and Vicky's relationship by insisting that they marry.

Ep 12: A Very Tanner Christmas

Rebecca is nostalgic for a Midwestern Christmas; Danny longs for his absentee girlfriend, Vicky; and D.J. is melancholy after arguing with Steve. All three resolve their problems in the Christmas spirit.

Ep 13: The Dating Game

Both Joey and Stephanie try to turn friendly dinners into romantic first dates: Josh takes Stephanie out for pizza, and Joey invites his boss, Alison, to the house for dinner.

Ep 14: Birthday Blues

D.J. almost forgets about Kimmy's 16th birthday and must--somehow--plan a big party for her.

Ep 15: Be True To Your Pre-School

After Jesse and Rebecca meet a very smart child who seems much more developed than their twins, Jesse lies on an application in order to enroll the twins in a very advanced pre-school.

Ep 16: The Heartbreak Kid

When D.J.'s boyfriend, Steve, gives Michelle a valentine, Michelle takes it seriously and starts making wedding plans.

Ep 17: Silence Is Not Golden

When a schoolmate admits to Stephanie that his father beats him, she promises not to tell anyone. But she soon realizes that some promises have to be broken.

Ep 18: Please Don't Touch The Dinosaur

When Danny and Jesse disagree over how to chaperone Michelle's trip to the museum, her class ends up almost destroying a dinosaur exhibit.

Ep 19: Subterranian Graduation Blues

Jesse graduates from night school and is chosen to give a speech at the graduation. When the subway breaks down, Jesse misses the ceremony, but he convinces a young man on the train to finish his education.

Ep 20: Grand Gift Auto

When Joey gives D.J. a used car for a birthday present, everyone is thrilled--until they learn the car is stolen.

Ep 21: Room For One More?

Jesse decides he would like to have another baby, but Rebecca isn't sure they could handle the extra work. Jesse tries to do a remote broadcast from home to prove they could manage it.

Ep 22: Prom Night

It's D.J.'s prom night, and the evening is going well until Steve and his ex-girlfriend are elected King and Queen of the prom.

Ep 23: The House Meets The Mouse, Part 1

The entire household visits Disney World when Jesse is invited there to give a concert. Aladdin makes Michelle the new "Princess of the Day," and now she is the boss for the day. Danny tries to propose marriage to Vicky.

Ep 24: The House Meets The Mouse, Part 2

At Disney World, the family searches the entire park for Michelle; Danny proposes to Vicky; and after quarreling, Jesse and Rebecca reunite. Michelle gives Stephanie her crown so Stephanie can be the princess in the parade.

Ep 1: It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

D.J., Stephanie and Michelle become frightened at an abandoned summer camp after Steve tells Michelle a scary story about the camp.

Ep 2: The Apartment

When D.J.'s boyfriend, Steve, gets his own apartment, her father, Danny, reluctantly allows her to visit Steve. Danny becomes furious when he spies on the couple and seems them asleep together. But he later learns that nothing happened between the two teenagers.

Ep 3: Wrong-Way Tanner

When Michelle scores a goal for the wrong team--causing her team to lose a soccer game--Stephanie shows her videotape of everyone in the family doing embarrassing things.

Ep 4: Tough Love

Jesse has problems disciplining the twins. Danny bribes his children to eat a dinner that his girlfriend, Vicky Larson, cooks.

Ep 5: Fast Friends

Stephanie's only new friend in school smokes, and Stephanie worries whether she too should smoke

Ep 6: Smash Club: The Next Generation

Jesse inherits the Smash Club, a bar in which he used to play that has closed. He wants to reopen it but first must be approved for a bank loan.

Ep 7: High Anxiety

Michelle wants Danny to stop treating her like a baby. Jesse can't make decisions about the renovation of his club.

Ep 8: Another Opening, Another No Show

When Jesse opens the Smash Club, everything goes wrong: He misses most of the festivities when he gets locked in a storeroom with Kimmy.

Ep 9: The Day Of The Rhino

Michelle is cheated by a TV advertisement and protests. D.J., Vicky and Rebecca teach Steve, Jesse and Danny a lesson about lying.

Ep 10: The Prying Game

Jesse tries his homemade hairspray guard on Michelle, and Jesse, Danny and Joey decide to sell it on television. D.J. gets angry when Stephanie pries into her private life.

Ep 11: The Bicycle Thief

When Michelle's pink bicycle is stolen, Danny, Jesse and Joey search for it. They bring back several pink bicycles--but not Michelle's.

Ep 12: Support Your Local Parents

Michelle and Stephanie "blackmail" D.J. when they learn she got a traffic ticket in Danny's car. Jesse and Rebecca discover that their twin sons won't play with other children.

Ep 13: The Perfect Couple

Joey becomes the host of a game show searching for the perfect couple and invites Jesse and Rebecca, D.J. and Steve and Danny and Vicky as contestants. Danny questions his long-distance relationship with Vicky when circumstances arise that prevent her from flying to San Francisco and she sends a substitute.

Ep 14: Is It True About Stephanie?

Danny rearranges the furniture in order to cope with his sadness about ending his relationship with Vicky. Stephanie gets revenge on a schoolmate who plays a mean trick on her.

Ep 15: The Test

D.J. has a nightmare the night before an important test for college. VANNA WHITE guest stars.

Ep 16: Joey's Funny Valentine

Joey's new girlfriend, a comedienne, embarrasses the Tanner household by joking about them in her comedy routine.

Ep 17: The Last Dance

Grandpa "Papouli" Katsopolis dies in his sleep during his visit to the Tanner household, and Danny, his daughters and Jesse cope with their grief in different ways.

Ep 18: Kissing Cousins

Jesse's Greek cousin, Stavros, visits the Tanner household and takes advantage of their generosity and kindness.

Ep 19: Love On The Rocks

Joey plays a prank on his roommates, and they decide to seek revenge. D.J. ends her relationship with Steve. Special appearance by SUZANNE SOMERS.

Ep 20: Michelle A La Carte

Sexual stereotypes are challenged when Michelle and Rebecca build a racecar and Joey takes ballet lessons from Stephanie.

Ep 21: Be Your Best Friend

Michelle angers two friends when she can't decide who is her best friend. Jesse is jealous when Joey's girlfriend appears on their radio show and they ignore him.

Ep 22: A Date With Fate

Danny's date and D.J.'s date meet and become attracted to each other. Rebecca's sons, Nicky and Alexander, learn a Mother's Day song.

Ep 23: Too Little Richard Too Late

Joey wants to be elected PTA (Parent-Teachers' Association) president because he worries that the school wants to discontinue teaching art. Denise's uncle, Little Richard, helps Joey's campaign.

Ep 24: A House Divided

Several family members complain that the house is too small, but then the family receives a lucrative offer from a tycoon to buy the house. Michelle--the only one who wants to stay--gets Denise and Teddy to help her ensure that the house fails it's sales inspection.

Ep 1: Comet's Excellent Adventure

Michelle's dog, Comet, runs away. The Rippers no longer want Jesse in their band. D.J. ends a relationship with a rich boyfriend.

Ep 2: Breaking Away

Rebecca and Jesse are apprehensive about their twin boys attending preschool. Stephanie becomes rebellious due to a friend's influence.

Ep 3: Making Out Is Hard To Do

Jesse's band replaces him with a new lead singer (guest star BARRY WILLIAMS - "The Brady Bunch"). Stephanie attends a coed party where boys and girls kiss.

Ep 4: I've Got A Secret

Danny causes problems for Michelle when she joins a secret club. D.J. becomes jealous when Kimmy dates her former boyfriend. Jesse and Rebecca agree to divulge the names of their past loves.

Ep 5: To Joey, With Love

Joey takes a job as a substitute teacher--in Michelle's classroom. PTA president, Mrs. Carruthers (guest star MARCIA WALLACE) becomes Joey's not-so-secret admirer. Danny auditions to play bass guitar for Jesse.

Ep 6: You Pet It, You Bought It

After earning $200 selling lemonade on a hot summer day, Michelle goes to a petting zoo and buys a donkey--creating havoc in the Tanner household.

Ep 7: On The Road Again

When Danny finds out that D.J. is secretly dating the guitarist in Jesse's new band, Danny forbids her to continue.

Ep 8: Claire And Present Danger

Danny asks the mother of Stephanie's friend Gia out on a date--causing Michelle to rebel. Joey is surprised when the French woman he asked out on a date arrives with her husband. Jesse is nervous about his first appearance with his new band.

Ep 9: Stephanie's Wild Ride

Stephanie and Gia go for a ride with some older boys whom they meet in a shopping mall--and who endanger their lives. Michelle's new computer game transforms everyone into video game addicts.

Ep 10: Under The Influence

Kimmy gets drunk on several occasions, disgusting D.J. The twins and Michelle feud.

Ep 11: Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Michelle and Jesse are almost arrested on Christmas Eve when a Scrooge-like merchant (MICKEY ROONEY) refuses to exchange a gift that Michelle bought for her dad.

Ep 12: D.J.'s Choice

Both Nelson and Viper compete to be D.J.'s boyfriend. Nelson hires FRANKIE VALLI (himself) to serenade her. Michelle leads the family on a crusade to clean up a vandalized playground.

Ep 13: The Producer

Danny feels humiliated and quits when Rebecca is promoted to producer of the show.

Ep 14: Super Bowl Funday

When Joey has to take Michelle's science club on a field trip on Super Bowl Sunday, he brings them to a sports bar. D.J's college-scholarship interview at home gets an unexpected interruption.

Ep 15: My Left And Right Foot

Michelle has nightmares about her feet after her sisters tease her about how big they are growing. Rebecca upsets Jesse when she sings off key to the twins.

Ep 16: Air Jesse

When D.J and Kimmy plan a celebrity charity basketball game, D.J. recruits her family to play. Jesse is embarrassed to admit he can't play basketball. Jesse is coached by a pro--KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR (himself). ADAM ABDUL-JABBAR appears with his dad.

Ep 17: Dateless In San Francisco

Michelle gets a boyfriend for Valentine's Day, while Joey gets a secret admirer. When Jesse helps Danny plan an elaborate date with Claire, Rebecca feels neglected.

Ep 18: We Got The Beat

Jesse manages Stephanie's new band but is terminated when he criticizes the group for being more concerned with their appearance than their music. Danny and Joey invest in the stock market, not knowing that the tip they got is from Michelle.

Ep 19: Taking The Plunge

It's D.J. to the rescue when she learns that Kimmy plans to elope with her new boyfriend, hoping that marriage will solve all her problems. Joey gets an opportunity to meet the Queen of England.

Ep 20: Up On The Roof

Jesse encourages D.J. to implement the perfect prank--hoisting the principal's car on the roof--before she graduates from school, but he almost gets himself arrested. Rebecca tries to teach Michelle how to cook, but she doesn't know how to cook either.

Ep 21: Leap Of Faith

Jesse tries to stop Rebecca from bungee jumping--but thinks it's okay if he takes risks. Michelle cons her dad into letting her go to a rock concert.

Ep 22: All Stood Up

Stephanie is upset when the boy she asks to a school dance never arrives. Danny confronts him, embarrassing Stephanie. Jesse tries relaxation to lower his high blood pressure but is annoyed by Kimmy's ostrich.

Ep 23: Michelle Rides Again, Part 1

D.J. needs a date for her senior prom. Stephanie plays Juliet for a school play but can't get her Romeo to kiss her. Jesse and Joey may get their own TV show. Danny and another parent become competitive when their daughters enter a horseback riding competition--putting Michelle in jeopardy.

Ep 24: Michelle Rides Again, Part 2

Michelle suffers from amnesia after a fall from a horse. D.J. isn't going to her senior prom--unless Kimmy can persuade her to go. Andrew wants to play Romeo with Stephanie.