Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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Drifting through space in a malfunctioning ship for more than 500 years, Captain “Buck” Rogers (Gil Gerard) is rescued and resuscitated in the 25th century. With impeccable piloting and combat skills, Rogers proves to be a heroic figure in the Earth Defense Directorate, a governmental body that protects civilization from an array of nefarious schemes. Aiding Rogers in his fight against evil are Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) and comedic robotic sidekick Twiki (played by Felix Silla and voiced by Mel Blanc).

Next Airings

  • 5/29 6:00AMPlot to Kill a City, The (Part 1)
    "Buck goes undercover to stop an attack by masked assailants on New Chicago."
  • 6/5 6:00AMPlot to Kill a City, The (Part 2)
    "Buck's undercover operation is thwarted, and now he must overcome his captors or New Chicago will be attacked."
  • 6/12 6:00AMReturn of the Fightin 69th
    "Wilma becomes the target of disfigured gun runners set on destroying Earth."
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Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Season 1
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  • Season 2

Ep 1: Awakening: Part 1

Buck Rogers, an astronaut for NASA, awakens in the future and is met with a conniving enemy and a plot against Earth.

Ep 2: Awakening: Part 2

Branded as a traitor, Buck must prove his innocence by tricking the Draconians or be executed.

Ep 3: Planet of the Slave Girls: Part 1

Poisoned food leads Buck on a mission to find the culprit.

Ep 4: Planet of the Slave Girls: Part 2

Buck and Danton must recover from their crash, rescue Wilma, and stop an attack fleet.

Ep 5: Vegas in Space

Buck races to the gambling city when a woman is kidnapped due to her knowledge of a crime boss' business.

Ep 6: The Plot to Kill a City: Part 1

Buck goes undercover to stop an attack by masked assailants on New Chicago.

Ep 7: The Plot to Kill a City: Part 2

Buck's undercover operation is thwarted, and now he must overcome his captors or New Chicago will be attacked.

Ep 8: Return of the Fightin 69th

Wilma becomes the target of disfigured gun runners set on destroying Earth.

Ep 9: Unchained Woman

Buck masquerades as a convict to break out a wrongfully convicted woman with information.

Ep 10: Planet of the Amazon Women

Buck is sold into slavery and discovers a whole planet held as prisoners of war.

Ep 11: Cosmic Whiz Kid

Buck and Wilma must rescue a young genius taken captive by a political opponent.

Ep 12: Escape From Wedded Bliss

Princess Ardala demands Buck become her husband or Earth with suffer.

Ep 13: Cruise Ship to the Stars

After the galactic beauty queen is attacked by a mysterious woman, Buck and Wilma are assigned to protect her.

Ep 14: Space Vampire

A freighter with catatonic crew members points to an unknown virus, but Wilma suspects someone or something sinister is responsible.

Ep 15: Happy Birthday, Buck

Wilma's plans for Buck's surprise birthday party are foiled by a plot against Dr. Huer's life.

Ep 16: A Blast for Buck

Dr. Huer scans Buck and Wilma's mind in order to discover the secret to a terrifying riddle.

Ep 17: Ardala Returns

Princess Ardala lures Buck onto her ship and makes rescue efforts nearly impossible by creating duplicate Buck androids.

Ep 18: Twiki Is Missing

Twiki is kidnapped by the evil dictator controlling the mining colony, and Earth is threatened by an incoming asteroid.

Ep 19: Olympiad

Buck's Olympic visit is complicated when an athlete wants to defect to Earth.

Ep 20: A Dream of Jennifer

Buck is haunted by the appearance of a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to his old love.

Ep 21: Space Rockers

Buck must stop an evil plot to subliminally target youth through a popular band and cause a riot.

Ep 22: Buck’s Duel to the Death

Buck is asked to pose as a prophesied leader but soon finds himself in a duel to the death.

Ep 23: Flight of the War Witch: Part 1

A mysterious UFO leads Buck into a mission into another universe, but Princess Ardala is close behind.

Ep 24: Flight of the War Witch: Part 2

Princess Ardala and Buck must save a planet from an evil dictator or they'll be stranded.

Ep 1: Time of the Hawk: Part 1

Buck, Wilma, and Twiki's mission to find lost tribes is interrupted by a dangerous humanoid bird-man.

Ep 2: Time of the Hawk: Part 2

Buck and Hawk crash land in the jungle and must form an alliance in order to save his injured love.

Ep 3: Journey to Oasis: Part 1

Hawk's first mission with Buck, Wilma, and Dr. Goodfellow is complicated when their shuttle crashes while escorting an ambassador.

Ep 4: Journey to Oasis: Part 2

Buck and the company must escort the ambassador on foot while avoiding traps.

Ep 5: The Guardians

Buck is entrusted with a mysterious box that will torment the shuttle until its owner is found.

Ep 6: Mark of the Saurian

While suffering from an alien fever, Buck fears that an ambassador and his entourage are really reptilian beings in human guise.

Ep 7: The Golden Man

The Searcher gets stuck in an asteroid field, and their new guests, including a boy with golden-skin, may be to blame.

Ep 8: The Crystals

While exploring for power crystals, Buck, Hawk and Wilma find the remains of a mummy with the ability to come back to life.

Ep 9: The Satyr

Buck and Twiki discovers a boy and his mother tormented by a satyr-like being with the ability to transform his victims.

Ep 10: Shgoratchx!

The Searcher crew invites aboard seven small crew members, not realizing the mischief they have planned.

Ep 11: The Hand of the Goral

After rescuing a downed pilot, Buck notices that the crew and the shuttle are much different and on a collision course with a powerful being.

Ep 12: Testimony of a Traitor

Buck must defend himself against treason charges or face the death penalty.

Ep 13: The Dorian Secret

A powerful warlord bombards the Searcher with heat rays, demanding the return of a condemned woman whom Buck saved.