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Ambushed and left decimated by the Cylon Empire, the Twelve Colonies of Mankind sends its only surviving battleship, the Galactica, on a desperate quest to find the long-lost thirteenth colony: Earth. Led by Commander Adama (Lorne Greene), the last vestiges of the known human race battle the Cylon and other foes while seeking a new home on the legendary planet.

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Ep 1: Saga of a Star World (aka Battlestar Galactica): Part 1

The Cylon Empire tricks the Twelve Colonies into believing they are pursuing peace, ambushing the unprepared colonies and destroying the Battlestar fleet. The only surviving Battlestar, the Galactica, under the command of Commander Adama, gathers the surviving humans and leads them in search of the legendary thirteenth colony: Earth. Aired: 9/17/1978

Ep 2: Saga of a Star World (aka Battlestar Galactica): Part 2

While most of the crew enjoy themselves in the casino, Apollo and Starbuck discover a dark secret in the mines below. Aired: 9/17/1978

Ep 3: Saga of a Star World (aka Battlestar Galactica): Part 3

When the fleet stops at the planet Carillon to refuel and pick up supplies, a newly elected member of the Council seizes power from Commander Adama. Meanwhile, Boomer and Starbuck check out a shady casino resort on the planet. Aired: 9/17/1978

Ep 4: Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 1

Apollo and Starbuck discover a void in space, while Boomer and Jolly discover a Cylon listening outpost on an asteroid. Jolly is critically dizzy upon his return to Galactic, and Boomer skips decontamination at the excitement of Apollo's bachelor's send-off party. Aired: 9/24/1978

Ep 5: Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 2

While Commander Adama leads the rag-tag fleet of ships to the planet Kobol, where he hopes to find clues of Earth's location, Starbuck is taken prisoner by the Cylons as an important part of a renewed peace plan plot by Baltar. Aired: 10/1/1978

Ep 6: The Lost Warrior

Apollo is marooned on a Western Frontier-like planet, where he meets a woman and her son... and a damaged Cylon, known as Red Eye, who has become a notorious gunslinger. Aired: 10/8/1978

Ep 7: The Long Patrol

Starbuck is assigned to test a new ultra-fast but unarmed Viper with a talking computer named C.O.R.A. When he meets a bootlegger, who steals the Viper, Starbuck finds himself arrested by the Galactic Police of a prison planet. Aired: 10/15/1978

Ep 8: Gun on Ice Planet: Part 1

Baltar attempts to lure Galactica into the range of a gigantic pulsar cannon. Adama becomes aware of the trap and sends in a team of commandos to destroy it. Aired: 10/22/1978

Ep 9: Gun on Ice Planet: Part 2

Apollo and Starbuck lead a group of convicts on a possible suicide mission to destroy the cannon, which is located on an icy planet. Aired: 10/29/1978

Ep 10: The Magnificent Warriors

When a Cylon attack destroys most of the fleet's food supply, Galactica must trade equipment for grain on a rural planet plagued by the Borays, a group of pig-like marauders. Aired: 11/12/1978

Ep 11: The Young Lords

Starbuck crashes on the planet Atilla, where the Cylons have destroyed all the humans except for a band of children, who have become warriors to save their enslaved father. Aired: 11/19/1978

Ep 12: The Living Legend: Part 1

While on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck encounter a presumed destroyed Battlestar, the Pegasus, commanded by living legend Commander Cain. Aired: 11/26/1978

Ep 13: The Living Legend: Part 2

The brash Commander Cain insists that the Galactica join in on a frontal attack on the Cylons, an attack that Adama believes would be a suicide mission. Aired: 12/3/1978

Ep 14: Fire in Space

A Cylon kamikaze attack leaves the Galactica burning in space, with no way to extinguish the blaze that has trapped Boomer, Athena and Boxey except a dangerous spacewalk by Apollo and Starbuck. Aired: 12/17/1978

Ep 15: War of the Gods: Part 1

While encountering strange glowing lights, Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba find the remains of a spaceship with a mysterious and seemingly all-powerful being named Count Iblis. Aired: 1/14/1979

Ep 16: War of the Gods: Part 2

Count Iblis gains overwhelming popularity with the Council, but Commander Adama remains unconvinced. He sends Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba back to the planet where they found the count to investigate. Aired: 1/21/1979

Ep 17: The Man with Nine Lives

An old conman known as Chameleon meets Starbuck and convinces him that he may be his father to gain help in evading a trio of bloodthirsty Borellians. Aired: 1/28/1979

Ep 18: Murder on the Rising Star

When Starbuck's rival in a popular sporting event is found murdered, all the evidence points to Starbuck. Aired: 2/18/1979

Ep 19: Greetings From Earth: Part 1

When Apollo and Starbuck find a primitive sleeper ship carrying a man, a woman and four children, speculation spreads in the fleet that the people are from Earth. Aired: 2/25/1979

Ep 20: Greetings From Earth: Part 2

Apollo and Starbuck follow the sleeper ship to its destination farming planet only to find themselves faced with a new threat. Aired: 2/25/1979

Ep 21: Baltar's Escape

When Baltar plans his escape with the help of the three Borellians and the Eastern Alliance Enforcers, members of the Council of Twelve are taken hostage, and Adama must give in to the escapees' demands. Aired: 3/11/1979

Ep 22: Experiment in Terra

Apollo and Starbuck follow the escaped Eastern Alliance ship back to Terra, where they help the Terrans overcome a nuclear holocaust, with the help of the race of white lights that had earlier helped them defeat Count Iblis. Aired: 3/18/1979

Ep 23: Take the Celestra

Starbuck runs into his long-lost love, Aurora, who is involved with a group trying to free the electronics ship Celestra from its supposedly dictatorial captain. Aired: 4/1/1979

Ep 24: The Hand of God

Rather than continue fleeing from their enemies, the crew of Galactica commences an all-out attack on a Cylon Basestar. Aired: 4/29/1979

Ep 25: Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 1

After 30 years of searching, the Battlestar Galactica and its ragtag fleet locate Earth. However, it soon becomes clear that Earth is not advanced enough to help combat the Cylon fleet. Aired: 1/27/1980

Ep 26: Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 2

Commander Xavier steals an experimental Viper capable of time travel and goes back to the 1940s in an attempt to speed up Earth's technological development by giving Colonial technology to the Nazis. Aired: 1/27/1980

Ep 27: Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 3

Jamie, Troy and Dillon travel back in time in pursuit of Xavier, and manage to prevent the Nazis from prematurely developing the V-2 rocket. Xavier escapes, and the others return to 1980, where all three Vipers are discovered by the military. Aired: 1/27/1980

Ep 28: The Super Scouts: Part 1

The fleet is attacked by Cylons, who destroy the school barge. Troy, Dillon and a shuttle-load of Galactican school children make an emergency landing on Earth. Aired: 3/16/1980

Ep 29: The Super Scouts: Part 2

The Galactican children attempt to fit in on Earth, and uncover an illegal toxic-waste dumping conspiracy. Aired: 3/16/1980

Ep 30: Spaceball

The "Super Scouts" exploit their superhuman strength by playing ringers in a baseball game. Meanwhile, Xavier plots their abduction. Aired: 3/30/1980

Ep 31: Night The Cylons Landed: Part 1

An advanced Cylon Raider is shot down over Earth. Two of its five crew survive – a Centurion and a humanoid Cylon – and are loose on Earth during Halloween. Aired: 4/13/1980

Ep 32: Night The Cylons Landed: Part 2

Troy and Dillon attempt to kill the Cylons on Earth before they can contact their empire. Aired: 4/13/1980

Ep 33: Space Croppers

The Galactican children help a farmer in financial trouble. This is the last episode set on Earth and the final appearance of most of the cast. Aired: 4/27/1980

Ep 34: The Return of Starbuck

Told in a series of flashbacks, this episode explains the fate of Lieutenant Starbuck, who crash-landed on a planet with a Cylon Centurion. Aired: 5/4/1980