60 things you might not know about The Andy Griffith Show

And that's just the tip of the iceberg with this rich, rewarding sitcom.

Technically, The Andy Griffith Show is turning 60 years old. But Mayberry is timeless. No matter how many times you watch, the sitcom always makes you laugh and smile.

And, decades later, there are still things to discover. In fact, there is even a big mystery that remains to this day! (See item 21 for more on that.)

To toast Andy, Opie, Barney, Bee and all the merry Mayberry denizens, here are 60 things you might not know about The Andy Griffith Show. We look forward to telling you many more in the years to come…

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1. The Andy Griffith Show creator wanted to take Andy's name off the series title.

Griffith said that creator Sheldon Leonard at one point regretted that they named the show after the actor. He wanted to call to simply call it Mayberry.


2. At first, Mayberry had a totally different name.

The town was actually called Mt. Pilot before it became Mayberry! Andy himself confirmed this fact.


3. Andy's real-life wife Barbara had a tiny role on The Andy Griffith Show.

You can spot her in "Barney and the Choir."


4. Ken Berry's wife showed up in Mayberry long before he did

Jackie Joseph made a memorable dance partner for Ernest T. Bass.


5. Frances Bavier played a different character in the pilot.

Everybody knows Bavier best as Aunt Bee, but in the pilot, the actress portrayed a local widow named Mrs. Henrietta Perkins.