Collector's Call Web Extras: Vintage Schwinn bikes for the kid in you!

Sting-Rays, Phantoms and Whizzers were sweet rides!

It's all about bikes for enthusiast Rodney Griffis, owner of an extensive collection of antique bicycles — all meticulously curated and proudly displayed in his Illinois retail shop, Blue Moon Bikes.

Some of Rodney's prized possessions include a near-mint Schwinn Apple Krate Sting-Ray, a 1947 Whizzer motorbike; and a 1977 bike once owned by supermodel Cindy Crawford. Totaled up, it's all worth about $500,000!

We brought in fellow collector and bicycle-shop owner Jeff Hajduk to appraise Rodney's massive collection.

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1. Image Gallery: Inside the Collection


Rodney's collection is worth half a million bucks and includes enviable rides like Apple Krates, Pea Pickers, motorbikes… and Cindy Crawford's 10-speed?


2. Bonus Video: Schwinn Black Phantom


The "Cadillac of bicycles," the Schwinn Phantom hit shops and streets in 1949. It was a particular favorite of paperboys. This is a replica, released in 1995 to celebrate the Schwinn centennial. But it's still worth thousands.


3. Bonus Video: Signed 1963 Schwinn Sting-Ray


Al Fritz, the development engineer for Schwinn who helped create the Sting-Ray, autographed the seat of this 1963 original Apple Krate.


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Jeffrey 24 months ago
The bikes I liked best, I had 3 of them because they got stolen or lost, was The Murray Monterray Single Speed Cruiser. Nice Royal Blue color.
clarks58 45 months ago
Had the kickback 2 speed Stingray in the 60’s
HopeDuchaine 45 months ago
I used to have a "ROLL FAST" back in the 60's. I loved that bike. I wish that I had it now; I would be riding it today.
Reddog63 45 months ago
What I wouldn't do to have my old Apple Krate Sting-Ray back. Best bike a kid could have in the early 70's, except when it rained. The front disc brake wouldn't work wet
KMT6600 45 months ago
must have been in the 1960's if I'm thinking right I was born in June 1956 .
KMT6600 KMT6600 44 months ago
still have that bike hanging in the garage
where it has hung for that long needs a little cleaning up but sure brings back memores of a happyer and carefree time in my life

KMT6600 45 months ago
I have a purple Schwinn-- Breeze a larger one thou no banana seat just a regular one. But loved it with baskets on the rear wheels to carry my Barbie stuff to my friends house .
15inchBlackandWhite 45 months ago
Darn! I had one of those back in the 70's. Busted it up trying to impersonate Evel Knievel just like every other boy in the neighborhood. To think how much it would be worth today!
harlow1313 45 months ago
For Christmas 1966, I received a Schwinn blue-metal-flake Sting-Ray Fastback. It was the greatest gift I was ever to receive. (My joy was similar to that experienced by Ralphie when he received the Red Rider BB gun.)
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