Barbara Eden's lone visit to Mayberry is hardly the only interesting thing about ''The Manicurist''

Two familiar Andy Griffith Show characters said goodbye — another secretly appeared.

Dick Elliott portrayed a mayor so often onscreen, the actor probably received write-in votes in real elections. Born in 1886, the rotund, reedy-voiced performer had the perfect traits for playing small-town big wigs. He first played a fictional mayor in The Worst Woman in Paris? in 1933.

The Boston native was quickly typecast. You can find him as a mayor in Helldorado (1935), Silly Billies (1936), The Town Went Wild (1944), That Texas Jamboree (1946), High School Hero (1946), The Son of Rusty (1947), Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1952), The Lone Ranger (1953), The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1957) and Death Valley Days (1959). We've always suspected that the Mayor of Halloween Town in The Nightmare Before Christmas was modeled on his persona. But Elliott will be best remembered as Mayor Pike, the man in charge of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show.

Sporting an old-fashioned bow tie and leading with a blustery style, Mayor Pike is seen in just under a dozen early episodes of Andy. His final appearance came in season two, "The Manicurist." That episode aired mere weeks after his death, around Christmastime of '61.

The Andy Griffith Show replaced him with Parley Baer (Mayor Stoner) with no explanation. 

"The Manicurist" would also provide our final glimpse of another charming Mayberry resident, the elderly Emma, played by Cheerio Meredith. In season one, she is known as Emma Brand. Here, for no good reason other than a lack of continuity, she is named Emma Watson. In the end of the episode, she becomes the matronly manicurist in town, after the seductive Ellen Brown departs. Meredith passed away on Christmas Day in 1964.

Which brings us to Barbara Eden. Her role as the titular manicurist would be her only appearance in Mayberry. A few years later, of course, she became part of television legend herself as Jeannie on I Dream of Jeannie. At the time, she was coming off a lead role the now-forgotten How to Marry a Millionaire.

Wait, there's one more fascinating tidbit about "The Manicurist," and that would be one of her male customers — well "Male" customer, literally. The Mayberry man you see getting his nails done here is none other than Colin Male, the announcer heard in the opening credits.

Yes, his is the voice you hear saying "The Andy Griffith Show!" at the start of every episode. He has a small speaking role as a game warden in the 1964 episode "Andy and Helen Have Their Day," but this is the first time we see his face in Mayberry!

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ruswilinc 12 months ago
Me-TV, the series has 8 seasons, not 5! Stop starting season 1 again every time Jerry Van Dyke shows up!
WildCelt 28 months ago
By the way ... The MeTv website went from one of the most awkwardly produced, although still entertaining sites, to one of the most professionally and immensely entertaining sites on the web.
I hope it was due to them sticking to the original crew until they learned their chops. Either way, this site is a pleasure to peruse and not just because of nostalgia and I have been involved in producing content since the arpnet. Well Done!
WildCelt 28 months ago
Barbara Eden’s legs are the star of this show.
WildCelt WildCelt 28 months ago
Sorry if that appears sexist but they do block out and feature at least two single camera shots of he lovely legs and make it integral to the plot.
RedSamRackham 28 months ago
* Yet we still do not know who portrayed Mr. Shwump. ♣
gene 36 months ago
didn't mayor stoner make a comment about sheriff andy keeping his badge, if i remember andy was elected
momtelera gene 12 months ago
Yes he did. But, a local Mayor has no jurisdiction over a County elected Sheriff
Dwight 40 months ago
As a side note (or this totally useless trivia), Parley Baer and Howard McNear worked together for years on radio’s “Gunsmoke”. They crossed paths on the airwaves countless other times, as both were very popular character actors in that medium.

In case anyone was wondering, on “Gunsmoke”, Baer played Chester, and McNear was Doc. And just to show how different Radio was from TV, William Conrad was Marshall Matt Dillon.
andyg4life 40 months ago
Insinuated domestic violence
andyg4life 40 months ago
Barney inside it domestic violence Owen Barbara Eden the mayor asked him what would he do with a girl like that and he said he would rough her up a little bit and show her who's boss.

15inchBlackandWhite 40 months ago
My mom bore a strong resemblance to Barbara Eden. If they make a movie of my life that is who should play her.
smfair 40 months ago
Where was the outside scenes of the show filmed? I had heard that they were filmed in Los Olivos Ca.
JHP 40 months ago
Cheerio Meredith was treasure on TV - she played her part good or better than anyone

"BAD BAD deputy!"
nerakr 40 months ago
Barney mentions "Emma Watson" in the episode "The Bookie Barber," so "The Manicurist" isn't the only time Cheerio Meredith's character was given the wrong last name.
JHP nerakr 40 months ago
there's breaking news
harlow1313 40 months ago
I am a loyal fan of "The Andy Griffith Show," but the episodes are vastly uneven.

"The Manicurist" is an episode I don't care for.
scottygirl harlow1313 40 months ago
My favorite episode
harlow1313 scottygirl 40 months ago
Two of my favorites are "Goober and the Art of Love," and "Convicts at Large."
MikeyMello harlow1313 40 months ago
“Stop calling me Al” “He dances with Sally” Floyd sitting on the couch eating a banana listening to the of my favorites as well!!
MrsPhilHarris harlow1313 40 months ago
Love Convicts At Large.
daDoctah MikeyMello 40 months ago
And the radio announcer at the beginning of the episode: "The leader is Big Maude Tyler, 5 feet 6 inches tall, dark hair, weight one hundred and seventy-five pounds. Known as: Big Maude Tyler, Clarice Tyler, Maude Clarice Tyler, Annabelle Tyler and Ralph Henderson."
MikeyMello daDoctah 40 months ago
Yes!!!!!! I love that!!!!! So many great moments in that episode!
texasluva 40 months ago
The other night I had the TV on Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea. Not paying much attention until there she was Barbra Eden. 1961 cast, Barbra Eden, Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine, Frankie Avalon and Peter Lorre among others.
JHP texasluva 40 months ago
Barbara Eden was yummo - she deserve better than the TAGS
madvincent 40 months ago
How could he be mayor of a town ..... only city’s have mayors
Mike madvincent 40 months ago
Any incorporated municipal government has a chief executive, whether it calls itself a city, a town, a village, or whatever.
And whatever that chief exec is officially called, It's commonplace to call that officeholder the Mayor.

By the way, I seem to recall that Mayor Stoner's first appearance was about how he'd just been elected to the post, and how he was hell-bent on taking charge and changing things in Mayberry - which was Stoner's principal characteristic throughout his TAGS tenure.
JHP madvincent 40 months ago
,mayor pike should have been hung up with a "carp"...get my train of thought
Mike 40 months ago
Parley Baer, "Mayor Stoner," was hard to take after gentle, lovable Dick Elliot, "Mayor Pike."
RedSamRackham Pilaf 28 months ago
* Yet Mayor Pike was rather wishy-washy while Mayor Stoner was a more serious strict kind of mayor. ♣
jo 40 months ago
Given the deaths of so many cast members (not to mention Floyd's stroke) during the show's run, is it possible the 40 acre Desilu lot was cursed? From 1961 thru 1966 the cast lost one every year save 1963.
However, McNear suffered his stroke in 1963. And the nation lost President Kennedy in 1963. I realize these performers were "not spring chickens" (no disrespect intended) as ole Doc Andrews would say but it does seem odd.
denny jo 40 months ago
I didn't know JFK had anything to do with the 40 acre backlot?
JHP denny 40 months ago
BAR- NAY got Kennedy with his one bullet
jo 40 months ago
This comment has been removed.
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