Both of these Mayberry women played Rob Petrie's mom on The Dick Van Dyke Show

Somehow both members of the Women's Historical Society became Laura's mother-in-law.

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These two Mayberry women both played Rob’s mom on The Dick Van Dyke Show
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Mayberry may have been fictional, but it had a rich history. During "our Great War of Independence," a Mayberry man named Nathan Tibbs ran eight miles through the snow and set a bridge on fire, just in time to prevent the British from crossing. So we learn from the Women's Historical Society in "A Plaque for Mayberry."

Mrs. Wicks and Mrs. Bixby, two well-heeled members of of the WHS wearing fur and pearls, recount the story to Andy and Barney in Mayor Pike's office at the beginning of the episode. Pay close attention. There was more than Revolutionary War history unfolding in this scene. Some fascinating TV trivia coincidentally unfolds here, as well.

You see, Carol Veazie (Mrs. Wicks) and Isabel Randolph (Mrs. Bixby) played the mother of Rob Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show. Yep, both of them.

Veazie as Clara Petrie

Veazie was the first to appear as Clara Petrie. She originated the role later that same year, 1961, in the episode "Empress Carlotta's Necklace." Rob's parents, Sam and Clara, come over to the Petrie apartment. There's another Mayberry connection here — Will Wright, better known as the crotchety ol' Ben Weaver of The Andy Griffith Show, plays Sam, Rob's dad! He bounces little Richie on his knee.

Wright and Veazie's tenure as the Petrie Parents was short-lived — just this single early episode, in fact. Rob's mom returns once every season for the rest of the series. Only, Isabel Randolph fills the role!

Randolph as Clara Petrie

You can spot Randolph in "What's in a Middle Name?," "The Plot Thickens," "Pink Pills and Purple Parents," and "The Curse of the Petrie People." 

In the latter two, she is partnered with Tom Tully as Sam Petrie. Indeed, as you might have guessed, Tully also appeared in Mayberry! He played the milkman who gives up his horse cart for a truck in "Goodbye, Dolly."

J. Pat O'Malley plays Sam Petrie in "Middle Name" and "The Plot Thickens." Oh, how does the plot thicken — he also was in Mayberry! He was Oscar Fields, the gentleman who moves into Barney's room and looks to marry Mrs. Mendelbright in "Up in Barney's Room."

Looks like the Dick Van Dyke Show casting agent was just as big a fan of The Andy Griffith Show as the rest of us!

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F5Twitster 47 months ago
At least both women CLAIMED to be Rob's mother.

Then King Solomon intervened and proposed settling the matter by cutting baby Rob in half.
ETristanBooth 47 months ago
"Rob's parents, Sam and Clara, come over to the Petrie apartment."

It's the Petrie house, not apartment.
You are correct in Carlotta's Necklace Rob's parents went to the house. The went to the apartment in Pink Pills.
Yes. The MeTV writer was only talking about the necklace episode when the apartment was referenced.
MrsPhilHarris 47 months ago
This comment has been removed.
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