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Wall Of Crystal (s1, ep16)
Vincent discovers a crystal with alien connections.
Powers Of Matthew Star
"After developing powers, a teenager realizes he's not from Earth."
Let's Get Together (s1, ep)
Bayside's odd couple, Zack and Nikki, are paired together for a class project. Meanwhile, Miss Bliss has deals with her own dilemna when Tina moves in.
Practical Jokes (s1, ep)
On April Fools' Day, a class mock trial is held over a prank that fooled Miss Bliss.
The Last Dance (part 1) (s4, ep)
Kelly gets a job working at The Max but may have to tell Zack it's over between them when she falls for her boss.
The Aftermath (part 2) (s4, ep)
Zack seeks revenge after catching Kelly with Jeff.
The Wicked Stepbrother: Part 1 (s4, ep)
Jessie meets her new stepbrother, Eric, soon discovering that he possesses a dark side.
The Wicked Stepbrother: Part 2 (s4, ep)
Jessie's new stepbrother, Eric, runs afoul of the gang and even takes Mr. Belding's car apart.
Hero, The (s3, ep16)
Fred suffers from a guilty conscience when Barney rescues a baby and Fred gets all the credit.
Wilma, The Maid (s3, ep15)
Wilma campaigns for household help and ends up with gorgeous Gina Lollobrickida as her maid.
Mother-in-law's Visit (s3, ep18)
Fred promises Wilma that he will try to like her mother.
Rosey's Boyfriend
"Rosie falls in love with Henry Orbit's new robot assistant, Mac."
The Show Must Go On?? (s4, ep7)
Marcia talks Carol into participating in her school's variety show, Family Frolics, and the whole family gets into the act.
Jan, The Only Child (s4, ep8)
A claustrophobic Jan can't seem to find any place to be alone in the Brady house and pines to be an only child. The others oblige, and give her all the space she needs, but she didn't count on the loneliness.
Career Fever (s4, ep9)
Greg writes a class paper about wanting to become an architect like his dad. Mike reads the paper and is ecstatic and encouraging, but is Greg's heart really in it?
Goodbye, Alice, Hello (s4, ep10)
The kids begin to give Alice the cold shoulder treatment after she reveals that Greg and Peter broke an antique lamp of Carol's. The girls join the bandwagon when Alice innocently tells Carol that Marcia left the stereo on all night. Feeling unwanted and no longer needed, Alice quits.
Pass The Vegetables, Please (s3, ep3)
Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds.
Voodoo (s3, ep5)
A witch doctor makes voodoo dolls from the castaways' personal affects, which he has stolen from their huts.
Where There's A Will (s3, ep6)
When Mr. Howell changes his will to benefit his fellow castaways, they plan a surprise party for him. But mishaps during the preparations soon have him thinking they're out to kill him to get the inheritance.
Man With A Net (s3, ep7)
Lord Beasley Waterford, a famous butterfly collector, lands on the island searching for the world's rarest butterfly, the pussycat swallowtail.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (s3, ep8)
Gilligan wakes up with white hair, and thinks he overhears the Professor say that he has a rare disease that has made him age quickly.
Mama Gets The Bird (s4, ep)
When Mama's crazy old Uncle Oscar passes on, he leaves her his talking parrot, Captain Petey, who convinces the family that treasure is hidden somewhere in the house.
Mama's Girls (s4, ep)
To get Aunt Effie to exercise, Mama persuades her to join a tap dance class at the Senior Citizens Center—a class Mama soon teaches!
Sally's Paradise (s4, ep12)
Gopher meets a lady customs agent; a widow tries to cool her son's romance; the boutique manager deals with three fiances.
Love And Marriage (s3, ep20)
Hawkeye and Trapper prevent a GI from marrying a call girl who has TB, while trying to help a Korean soldier join his pregnant wife. Radar, of course, provides his usual invaluable help.
On Now
Suitable For Framing (s1, ep4)
Noted art critic Dale Kingston kills his uncle for his valuable collection of paintings. Despite Columbo's suspicions, all the clues point to the dead man's ex-wife.
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Petula Clark, Tom Jones, And More
Today's episode features Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Alan King, Dee Dee Sharp, Ugo Garrido, Margot Fonteyn, and Rudolf Nureyev.
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The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Nancy Wilson And Bernadette Peters
"Guests Nancy Wilson and Bernadette Peters. Originally aired on 09/29/69."
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Trapped (s4, ep29)
Ralph captures two thugs that followed him home after he witnessed a hold-up.
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The Attempted Marriage (s2, ep3)
Rob recounts his hectic wedding days.
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Bank Book 6565696 (s2, ep4)
Rob discovers Laura has a secret bank account.
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The Hunt (s3, ep19)
After returning from a hunting trip, a man discovers that no one can see or hear him.
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Showdown With Rance Mcgrew (s3, ep20)
While filming a scene in which Jesse James shoots him in the back, the star of a Western TV series suddenly finds himself in a real Old West saloon—with the real Jesse James.
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The Tender Poisoner (s1, ep)
Two business executives throw themselves into a battle of wits and trickery as they compete for a gorgeous lady.
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All The Scared Rabbits (s3, ep7)
Kimble responds to a newspaper ad for a driver and is hired to drive a certain Peggy Franklin and her 10-year-old daughter, Nancy, to California. But Kimble doesn't realize that Peggy has abducted Nancy from her ex-husband, a pathologist named Dean Frankl
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The Test Case (s3, ep14)
A scientist of an enemy power, Dr. Oswald Beck, has developed a bacteria that causes a deadly cerebral spinal meningitis but becomes inert after a few hours within its victim. The IMF must destroy the preliminary culture and stop Beck.
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Pay Now, Kill Later (s1, ep28)
After serving 14 years for a crime he did not commit, Spain decides to commit the crime for which he was erroneously sentenced.
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Skin Deep (s1, ep29)
Wealthy Helena Mears hires Peter Gunn to investigate the disappearance of her young sister, Katie. Pete learns that Helena, lonely and jealous of Katie's popularity, has met an amorous but unscrupulous Latin who has been secretly seeing Katie.