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The Collector (s4, ep22)
When a man blackmailing others is accidently killed, past secrets threaten to emerge.
Internal Affairs - Dr-20 (s3, ep12)
Martin Milner and Kent McCord appear as Officers Malloy and Reed to portray the policeman's role in society.
Community Relations - Dr-17 (s3, ep13)
A conference provokes old-line policemen to reassess their attitudes, particularly toward minority groups.
Spring Will Be A Little Late (s1, ep11)
Robbie is baffled when his girlfriend rejects the excitement of his new motor.
"Bill and Toony host a "Toon In With Me" telethon. Classic cartoons feature Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam and Porky Pig."
Substitute Father (s4, ep39)
Before leaving on a business trip, Ward asks Wally to look after June and Beaver and Wally does indeed. However, when Miss Landers hears Beaver swear at a bully, Beaver turns to Wally to handle the situation and be a "substitute father."
Wally Goes Steady (s5, ep1)
Ward and June find themselves in the dark when they hear through the grapevine that not only is Wally going steady with Evelyn Boothby but that wedding bells may be heard soon. Meanwhile, Wally gets a different picture of marital life through Evelyn's sister and her husband.
The Case Of The Libelous Locket (s6, ep17)
A dance student is charged with murder when her instructor is found dead after they had a physical altercation.
The Heist: Part 2 (s9, ep)
Matlock and Jerri head out to the beach with Billy and Cliff as Cliff prepares for an upcoming triathlon. Matlock runs into retired F.B.I. agent Ed Wingate, who is investigating a case. When one of the people Wingate is investigating is found dead, Matlock agrees to defend his old friend.
On Now
Hello In There (s3, ep13)
Bubba refuses to believe that a former teammate embezzled funds from the bank where he worked. And sets out to prove that his friend was framed and murdered. Harriet hopes that art therapy can help the man's traumatized son, who becomes a target himself when the killer realizes he witnessed the crime.
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The Festival (s6, ep18)
In spring of 1940, Jason practices his music for a town festival
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Macgraw (s15, ep12)
Arriving in Dodge after 20 years in prison, James MacGraw takes a job as piano player at the Long Branch and woos one of the saloon girls. It looks like MacGraw is starting over, but things are not what they appear.
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The Saga Of Annie O'toole (s1, ep7)
Annie O'Toole and her father head out to the Washoe Diggings after her boyfriend, Swede Lundberg, returns with the deeds to two mines. Soon, O'Toole finds herself struggling to protect the venture from schemers.
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The Patsy (s2, ep1)
A group of outlaws devise a plan to get rid of Lucas so they can take over the town of North Fork.
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Bloodlines (s2, ep2)
After Lucas kills a mountain man in a barroom brawl, his father arrives in North Fork determined to take revenge on Lucas and Marshal Torrance.
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The Steele Family (s2, ep37)
Nearing the end of their trip, a mother with four beautiful daughters, all of marrying age, meets the wagon train full of men who are either the same or wanting to be, and not even the Major is off limits.
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Log 26 -- Lemras (s3, ep15)
Malloy and Reed drive up on a convenience store robbery in progress, which results in the suspects taking hostages. Later, they pull over a reckless driver who has just committed a heinous crime, learn about a new computer system designed to help them be more productive and finally thwart a group of serial burglars who use motorcycles.
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Log 155 -- I.a.d. (s3, ep16)
Officer Tony Johnson finds out he has been accused of a shakedown just after saving Malloy's life during a shootout. Reed and Malloy set out to find a bar girl named Ginger who Johnson says will prove his innocence, but her story leaves Malloy with an uneasy feeling.
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The Spy Who Mugged Me
"Murdock goes under cover to investigate an assassination plot."
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Your Hit Parade (s6, ep18)
With the arrival of a shipment of records, Radar plays the part of a disc jockey and helps to get everyone through the incredibly long deluge of wounded.
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What's Up, Doc? (s6, ep19)
Hot Lips, believing herself to be pregnant, asks Hawkeye to test her. The only rabbit available to use for the test is Radar's pet, Fluffy. Meanwhile, Martinson, a patient, holds Charles at gunpoint, demanding he be sent back to Ohio.
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A Feud Is A Feud (s1, ep9)
Andy strives to end a long-running feud between two neighboring families.
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Ellie For Council (s1, ep10)
Ellie's decision to run for town council sparks a battle of the sexes.
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Jed Becomes A Banker (s1, ep24)
Jed is made a bank vice president so he can compete in an interbank skeet shoot.
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The Old Trunk (s4, ep24)
Lisa begins reading the diary of Lydia Plunkett who, in 1898, becomes a traveling saleswoman for a corset company. Lydia falls in love with rival salesman Harry Wright, whose career falters as a result of her success. Oliver and Lisa play the parts of Harry and Lydia.
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The Late Inspector General (s1, ep4)
A visiting general upsets plans to blow up a train.
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The Flight Of The Valkyrie (s1, ep5)
Because of all the "funny business" going on, Klink brings in Colonel Crittendon to replace Hogan as officer in charge of POWs. His arrival louses up plans to help a German baroness escape to England.
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Guests Chita Rivera And Bob Newhart (part 1)
"Guests Chita Rivera and Bob Newhart. Originally aired on 02/22/71."
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The Case Of The Golden Fraud (s3, ep7)
Richard Vanaman's shot at a big promotion is sabotaged when he is framed for murder.
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Mr. Denton On Doomsday (s1, ep3)
A has-been, drunk gunslinger finds his fast-draw abilities magically restored.
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The Cure (s5, ep17)
A South American native helps his boss' wife when it's evident that she needs a shrink.
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Backward, Turn Backward (s5, ep18)
When a man is murdered, suspicion falls on his daughter's suitor.
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Only Giants Can Play (s2, ep9)
A petty crook dies strangely. It's not so much the man as the motive that tickles Mannix in his head. Or is it the fact that it might be related to the political aspirations of someone he doesn't like very much?
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"Frank Cannon believes that this time he has accepted a peaceful job. He must protect the bar of a friend, Millie Carroll, against robberies. However, suddenly he finds himself amid a complex love story."
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Little Glory, Little Death, A (s1, ep12)
A blackmailing actress gets pushed off a cliff.