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Typhoid Carrier (s2, ep6)
Dan Mathews swings into action to prevent a grief-crazed father from a revenge killing.
Missing Persons - The Body (s4, ep20)
Working with the slimmest of leads, police attempt to identify a woman's body.
If At First (s7, ep6)
Steve gets a parking ticket from Robbie's girlfriend, a pretty meter maid, and another citation for not having his driver's license renewed.
The Hot Seat
"Bill and Toony read the Weekday Funnies, Jump Jefferson interviews Bill in the Actual Humans Hot Seat. and a new Super Tooner is crowned. Classic cartoons include Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird."
Tenting Tonight (s1, ep29)
After a weekend spent at the movies goes awry for Ward, he decides the boys should spend their weekends outside and plans a camping trip. However, when Ward's called into work, Wally and Beaver decide to camp out in the backyard.
Music Lesson (s1, ep30)
Wally makes the baseball team and Ward openly shows how proud he is of him, leaving Beaver feeling inferior. Trying to impress his parents, Beaver tries out for the band and begins practicing the clarinet. However, Beaver soon finds himself with more problems when he's let go from the band.
The Case Of The Waylaid Wolf (s4, ep16)
Womanizing playboy Loring Lamont has his sights set on Arlene Ferris, his father's shapely secretary. He lures her to his beachfront bachelor pad with seduction on his mind. Arlene slaps the rotter and flees taking Loring's car back into town.
The Therapist (s1, ep)
Matlock is hired to defend a popular actor accused of killing the owner of a sex-therapy clinic at which he was staying. Meanwhile, the lawyer also finds himself hounded by a law student looking for a job.
Child's Play (s7, ep1)
Chief Gillespie is fired by the city council and Sparta's new police chief Hampton Forbes arrives in town. Bill's last case with Sparta P.D. is a murder investigation in which a young boy has been implicated.
The Grandchild - Part I (s6, ep7)
Mary Ellen gives birth to the Waltons' first grandchild
Milly (s7, ep9)
Milly Glover decides to marry the first available man in order to support herself and her brother.
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Dark Enough To See The Stars (s8, ep26)
Billy Wilcox wanders onto the Ponderosa sick and hungry, fearing that the new lawman may know he once killed a man in self-defense and then ran away.
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The Spiked Rifle (s2, ep9)
Mark is kidnapped as he and Lucas try to protect Banker Hamilton's gold.
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Letter Of The Law (s2, ep10)
Lucas makes a life-or-death decision when Micah is held hostage and the kidnappers demand the release of a notorious outlaw.
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The Felizia Kingdom Story (s3, ep8)
Tough as nails Felizia Kingdom controls an enormous amount of land by force, and no one is good enough to inherit the responsibility. When Flint handles her henchmen with ease, she decides he's the man for the job.
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L.a. International (s6, ep22)
Malloy and Reed barely get acquainted with their fill-in assignment at LAX when a security camera spots a car being stolen from a parking structure. While on foot-beat as Zebra-12 inside the airport, they find a surprise inside of a stolen suitcase, deal with a man who picks the pocket of a returning soldier, chase down a man buying airline tickets with stolen credit cards, escort a runaway boy back to his mother and track down a suspect who robbed a parking structure attendant.
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Mail Call Three (s6, ep20)
After a delay of three weeks, five sacks of mail arrive, and everyone in camp reacts to good and bad news from home. Hawkeye receives love letters addressed to another Benjamin Pierce, another man has approached B.J.'s wife, and Radar's mom has found a boyfriend.
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Potter's Retirement (s6, ep22)
Potter is upset when General Waldo Kent informs him that people in the 4077th are complaining about his leadership. Potter returns to camp and discovers that the complaints are coming from a Corporal (actually Lieutenant) Benson, who had been sent by a disturbed Colonel Frank Webster.
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Dr. Winchester And Mr. Hyde (s6, ep23)
Charles takes amphetamines to keep up his energy level, and even drugs Radar's mouse, "Daisy," so that it will win a race against a Marine's mouse, "Sluggo."
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Banjo-playing Deputy (s5, ep32)
When former carnival man Jerry Miller becomes deputy to Sheriff Taylor, he finds himself jeopardizing Mayberry, making him question his decision to become a lawman.
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Buzz Bodine, Boy General (s8, ep15)
The Clampetts get a letter from Steve and Betty Jo Elliot of Hooterville with a picture of their baby. With all the great memories of Hooterville from their last trip, the family decides to go. Meanwhile, Jethro is still sporting his four star general's uniform, convinced he is an important figure. When he gets smart with Granny, she hits him with a skillet, so he heads to the base for breakfast.
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Son Of Drobny (s6, ep16)
Hooterville throws a celebration for the son of a war hero who Lisa claims delivered secret messages during WWII. Oliver tries to tell them that Drobney is just a "dumb duck" sent to them by Lisa's father, but they think he's just being a sorehead.
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How To Catch A Papa Bear (s4, ep3)
Hogan unknowingly sends Newkirk into a Gestapo trap for Papa Bear.
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Hogan's Trucking Service... We Deliver The Factory To You (s4, ep4)
Colonel Crittendon shows up again and messes up Hogan's plans to destroy a ball bearing plant.
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Guests Mel Torme And Michele Lee
"Guests Mel Torme and Michele Lee. Originally aired on 01/18/71."
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The Case Of The Cautious Coquette (s1, ep18)
Mason navigate his way through a hornet's nest of murder, hit-and-run, secret marriage and a missing witness.
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The Fear (s5, ep35)
Two people in a remote cabin find signs of an extraterrestrial.
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The Hero (s5, ep29)
Two men meet aboard a ship at sea, and one of them is sure he knows the other.
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Insomnia (s5, ep30)
A man seeks an end to the insomnia that is ruining his life.
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The Nowhere Victim (s3, ep11)
When investigating a case of hit-and-run, Mannix gets caught amid the fronts of a mafia war.
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Quasar Kill
"Cannon investigates the mysterious death of a scientist who was killed by a laser beam."
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Time To Kill (s3, ep10)
When a dinner guest falls asleep, his host steals his diamond.