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5:00am Swamp Thing
Vendetta - Arcane wines and dines a pretty reporter. But she's not who she claims to be.
5:30am Swamp Thing
The Hurting - When an elderly woman, named Irma Swanson, who knew and befriended Swamp Thing, dies, her estranged daughter, Cathy, comes to town for her funeral....
6:00am ALF
Wedding Bell Blues - ALF joins a monastery after learning that his parents weren't married before he was born — a disgrace on the planet Melmac.
6:30am ALF
Prime Time - The Tanners become a TV-ratings family, and ALF decides to rig the system so that his favorite program becomes a hit.
7:00am Mystery Hunters
Cursed Fort, Oracle Of Delphi - "Christina travels through a tiger-filled jungle in india to find an abandoned fort. Was it really cursed by a powerful queen and are the ruins now...
7:30am Mystery Hunters
Nasa Ufo, Montreal Ufo - "Araya examines a film taken on the moon by nasa astronauts - is it proof that aliens exist? Christina looks for ufos in montreal. Doubting...
8:00am Beakman's World
Lightning, Beakmania And Bones - "Beakman explains lightning and how broken bones heal."
8:30am Beakman's World
Ben Franklin, Beakmania And Chemical Reactions - "Beakman hosts inventor Ben Franklin and explains chemical reactions."
9:00am Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Digestion - "Scientist Bill Nye explores various aspects of science for young viewers."
9:30am Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Magnetism - "Scientist Bill Nye explores various aspects of science for young viewers."
10:00am Saved by the Bell
Cream For A Day - A zit threatens Kelly's attempt at homecoming queen, but Screech's secret cream may help—or cause disastrous effects!
10:30am Saved by the Bell
The Mamas And The Papas - As a class project, the Bayside gang pairs up for mock weddings, but problems arise when Lisa becomes allergic to Screech, her mock husband.
11:00am Saved by the Bell
The Babysitters - When Kelly breaks her arm, the gang helps take care of her baby brother.
11:30am Saved by the Bell
Pinned To The Mat - Confident of Bayside's winning streak, Zack bets on a wrestling match, only to find that Slater's quit the team and has been replaced with Screech!
12:00pm The Brady Bunch
Cindy Brady, Lady - With Jan trying to create a more mature hairdo and Marcia beginning to balance dates, Cindy begins to feel left out and, worse, is called immature...
12:30pm The Brady Bunch
My Fair Opponent - A practical joke sends Marcia on a mission to transform plain Molly into a knockout. She succeeds, but maybe too much, when she finds herself...
1:00pm The Brady Bunch
The Fender Benders - Carol is in a minor car accident in the parking lot at the supermarket and finds herself summoned to court with Bobby and Cindy testifying against...
1:30pm The Brady Bunch
Today, I Am A Freshman - It's the beginning of another school year, and Marcia panics about becoming a freshman, going as far as pretending to be sick. However, after Mike...
2:00pm Me-TV Holiday Special
Little House On The Prairie: Bless All The Dear Children - "During preparation for Christmas baby Rose Wilder is kidnapped by the woman who recently lost her child. Looking for her Laura, Almanzo, and Mr....
4:00pm The Bob Newhart Show
His Busiest Season - Christmas becomes a sad memory for Bob's group therapy session, and it's evident that "'tis not the season" for everyone to be jolly. Bob decides...
4:30pm The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Christmas And The Hardluck Kid Ii - "Feeling sympathetic for a co-worker who hasn't spent Christmas with his family for years, Mary is forced to stay alone at WJM-TV on Christmas Eve."
5:00pm The Love Boat
Paying The Piper / Baby Sister / Help Wanted - "A homemaker submits a bill to her pennypinching husband for her years of service; a woman is afraid her boy-crazy sister will repeat the mistake...
6:00pm The Love Boat
Country Blues / Matter Of Taste / Frat Brothers Forever - "A singer's manager hires a woman to break his superstar's heart, hoping it will inspire a hit song; two designers compete for the contract to...
7:00pm Touched by an Angel
Statute Of Limitations - The angels help two sisters running a tabloid talk show with the hopes of healing a hidden secret.
8:00pm Columbo
Sex And The Married Detective - When a successful sex therapist with a best-selling book and a hit TV show learns that her business partner/lover is cheating on her, she plots...
10:00pm Touched by an Angel
Promised Land (spin-off Pilot) - The angels help a family begin a cross-country trip so that they can help others along the way.
11:00pm The Honeymooners
A Matter Of Record - Ralph cuts a record to sweet talk Alice after insulting her mother.
11:30pm The Odd Couple
The Hustler - There's only one way Felix can get new costumes for his opera group: Oscar has to win the money in a pool game.
12:00am Cheers
It's Lonely On The Top - A night of drinking leads to some surprises and revelations when Carla tells Sam that she drunkenly slept with one of the regulars that...
12:30am The Bob Newhart Show
You Can Win 'em All - When a star pitcher for the Chicago Cubs credits Bob with saving his career, the endorsement brings Bob a new patient, Moose Washburn—a...
1:00am The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Murray Ghosts For Ted - Ted offers Murray $200 to write an article on his behalf. The article becomes a success, but Ted refuses to share the credit with Murray.
1:30am Taxi
Tony's Baby - Tony proposes to his girlfriend, Vicki.
On Now
2:00am The Fugitive
Home Is The Hunted - Kimble returns to his hometown of Stafford, Indiana, after learning that his father, John, has suffered a heart attack. John has donated his...
Remind Me
3:00am The Untouchables
Star Witness - An accountant with a brilliant mind for numbers agrees to testify against the mob. But keeping him safe before the trial keeps Ness and his men on...
Remind Me
4:00am Peter Gunn
Skin Deep - Wealthy Helena Mears hires Peter Gunn to investigate the disappearance of her young sister, Katie. Pete learns that Helena, lonely and jealous of...
Remind Me
4:30am Peter Gunn
February Girl - Model June Holton witnesses the murder of a photographer; the only problem is she wasn't wearing her glasses and can't identify him.