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Girl Bandit (s1, ep15)
A woman tries to flee the country but not before stealing her husband's money.
The Big Frustration (s2, ep6)
Sgt. Carl Maxwell, a frustrated fellow detective, goes AWOL; Friday and Gannon have three days to track him down before Maxwell loses his badge for good.
The Big Senior Citizen (s2, ep7)
A series of daring daylight house burglaries are taking place perpetrated by an octogenarian who uses the wedding and obituary notices in the paper to select his victims.
A Lesson In Any Language (s2, ep7)
In order to better his Spanish, Mike adopts the learn-while-you-sleep method using a pre-programmed record player.
Fantastic Friday #71
"In another edition of "Fan-Tastic Friday," Bill and Toony take requests and answer mail from viewers. Classic cartoons feature Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird."
Uncle Billy's Visit (s6, ep26)
June and Ward go away for a couple of days and leave Uncle Billy to stay with Wally and Beaver. Beaver quickly realizes Billy runs a much looser ship than Ward and June and feels as if he can get away with more things. However, he's soon in for a rude awakening when he helps Gilbert sneak into the movies.
Beaver's Prep School (s6, ep27)
June and Ward are excited when they learn that Aunt Martha has made arrangements to send Beaver to a prep school in New England. However, Beaver quickly realizes he will miss his friends as they are all entering Mayfield High School next year. This puts Beaver in a delicate position: how to tell Aunt Martha he doesn't want to go without hurting her feelings.
The Case Of The Arrogant Arsonist (s7, ep21)
When a retired fire chief is accused by a reporter of burning down his own warehouse for insurance money, he threatens the reporter with a $1.5 million slander suit, demanding that he publicly retract his statement. The reporter doesn't quite comply and ends up dead, landing the fire chief in jail.
Network (s2, ep)
Network programming chief Paul J. Bartel is murdered, leaving Hollywood baffled as to the identity of the killer. Matlock comes to town to represent the television producer accused of the crime, and finds more than his fair share of suspects.
A Woman Much Admired (s5, ep1)
Gillespie's old flame returns to Sparta to settle some business matters and see Bill. When she is murdered he travels to Gulfport and meets his daughter Lana for the first time.
The Home Front - Part 1 (s8, ep1)
John has been appointed to the local draft board
Pike: Part 2 (s16, ep24)
Riding away from Dodge after a $2,800 robbery, four bandits escape into the night. With one of them wounded it seems like a three-way split until Pike, the wounded one, surprises the other three.
The Savage (s2, ep12)
After Adam is wounded by Indians and left for dead, a reclusive mountain woman nurses him back to health. She is known to the Indians as While Buffalo Woman, and they believe she possesses magical powers.
Knight Errant (s4, ep7)
Lucas tries to dissuade a latter-day knight from rushing into battle.
Wagons Ho! (s4, ep1)
While preparing to return to St. Joseph, the men read the story "Wagon Ho" written and printed by Samuel T. Evans about his trip as a naive young Irishman headed west and his experiences and adventure on the trail.
Hot Shot (s6, ep6)
Today's patrol begins with a traffic stop of a high-society cat burglar who's just finished serving a four-year prison term, and Malloy senses the guy is about to return to his old ways. Meanwhile, he and Reed engage in a standoff with a wounded robbery suspect who fatally shot a convenience store worker, examine an abandoned vehicle, investigate the theft of a book from a library and deal with a distraught unemployed man who takes his young daughter hostage in his home.
Van Nuys Division (s6, ep7)
Malloy returns from vacation sporting a mustache, but finds it difficult getting his colleagues to accept his new look. On patrol, he and Reed respond to a small plane crash by a drunkard that critically injures his young son, investigate the theft of valuable stamps from a mansion, search for a jewelry store armed robber with the aid of a talented witness, deal with a very unlucky purse snatcher and interrogate an evasive department store shoplifter with a big surprise in her purse.
Pure-dee Poison
"The A-Team is hired to break up a large moonshine operation."
The Red/white Blues (s9, ep16)
Colonel Potter nearly blows his stack when his well-intentioned colleagues mollycoddle him in order to lower his blood pressure.
Bless You, Hawkeye (s9, ep17)
When Hawkeye can't stop a sneezing fit that has no apparent cause, psychiatrist Sidney Freedman digs into the surgeon's past for a clue to this unusual malady.
Class Reunion (s3, ep19)
Andy meets up with his high school sweetheart at their reunion and it appears they could be rekindling their relationship. But do they want the same things, and did they ever?
On Now
Rafe Hollister Sings (s3, ep20)
Rafe Hollister, a simple farmer with an incredible voice, is encouraged by Andy to enter the Mayberry singing contest, much to the dismay of the mayor and other officials.
Lafe Returns (s2, ep20)
Jed is looking for a beau for his gorgeous daughter, so Drysdale and Jane set Elly up with Fred Penrod, a young accountant at the bank. However, no one can seem to get his name straight. Meanwhile, Lafe Crick returns to plant a paw-paw tree in the back yard, really to look for the Clampett fortune he still believes is buried in the back yard.
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A Royal Love Story (s6, ep4)
Lisa tells Lori yet another version of how she and Oliver met. In this one, she was living in a Paris apartment with her father, the deposed King of Hungary. While he was plotting his return to power, Lisa was working as a waitress at a sidewalk cafe when Oliver stopped by for six bottles of champagne. The King wants her to marry a baron who will bankroll his army, but Lisa loves poor American Oliver Douglas.
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Casanova Klink (s3, ep6)
Burkhalter plans to get Klink to marry his sister, while a Gestapo plant has infiltrated the underground.
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How To Win Friends And Influence Nazis (s3, ep7)
Hogan tries to get a Swedish scientist to work for the Allies.
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Movie Fan, The / Rebecky
In The Movie Fan, Carol is an woman obsessed with movie culture, to the detriment of her husband. Then, in Rebecky, the gang parodies the classic film "Rebecca", with Carol as Joan Fontaine and Harvey as Lawrence Olivier.
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The Case Of The Envious Editor (s4, ep13)
Slimy publishing tycoon Donald Fletcher buys controlling interest in a respectable but financially troubled publishing house. Fletcher turns things upside down by turning the publications into scandal sheets featuring photographs of scantily clad women.
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The Howling Man (s2, ep5)
A man on a walking trip of post-World War I Europe gets caught in a storm. He takes shelter in a remote monastery and finds a mysterious prisoner.
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Beta Delta Gamma (s7, ep6)
A fraternity beach party takes a grim turn when a practical joke gets out of hand.
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You Can't Be Little Girl All Your Life (s7, ep7)
After a woman is attacked, she tries to hide from the incident.
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The Search For Darrell Andrews (s3, ep22)
Mannix suspects foul play when colleague Wes Tully is discovered floating dead in his swimming pool.
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Murder By The Numbers (s3, ep13)
After a model ends up dead, the man last seen with her hires Cannon. He insists the girl was alive when he left her, so Cannon starts to dig - and turns up quite a collection of motives.
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Forfeit By Death (s3, ep6)
When a bondsman's client fails to deliver stolen valuables in exchange for bail, the bondsman kills him.