MeTV Schedule For Washington D.C., DC

The Power Of The Press (s5, ep18)
As two crusading newspaper reporters, Bobbie Jo and her boyfriend take over the "Hooterville World Guardian."
Steve, The Apple Polisher (s5, ep19)
After losing his crop dusting contract, Steve finds himself in a sticky situation when securing new work means catering to the every whim of a wealthy industrialist and his voluptuous daughter, who has eyes for newlywed Steve.
The Indians Are Coming (s5, ep20)
When she hears Native Americans are visiting Beverly Hills, Granny is worried about an Indian attack on their land. Drysdale, on the other hand, is worried about losing the Clampett land. However, the two Native Americans who visit, Chief Running Wolf and his son, Little Fox, come to talk and visit with Jed and Jethro.
The Marriage Machine (s5, ep21)
Granny starts trying to find a sweetheart for Jed, which Jed is against. Jethro tells Granny about computer dating at Roto Romance, but Granny is against it. But once her potion doesn’t work, Granny looks into it. Jethro checks the place out, too, attracting the secretary after she learns of his fortune. Granny goes there to put in a data card for Jed, but once Linda, the secretary, comes out, Granny isn’t pleased.
Mess Production, Popeye The Sailor, Me Feelins Is Hurt
"Popeye and Bluto, two rival factory workers, fight each other for privilege of saving Olive Oyl., Popeye and Olive Oyl go to a carnival and Bluto follows., Popeye learns Olive is through with sailors and has gone West, "where men are men.""
The Tom and Jerry Show
Bowling Alley Cat, Dumb-hounded, Dog House
"Tom and Jerry are at the bowling alley as mayhem ensues., A wolf convict escapes prison but wherever he runs the slow moving Droopy is always there to take him back to jail., Tom chasing Jerry around always destroys Spike's efforts to build his own dog house."
Woody The Freeloader, Pesky Pelican, Let Charlie Do It, Tree's A Crowd, Kittens' Mittens, Jungle Medics, Tomcat Combat
"Woody fakes an illness to get the comforts of home from a little old lady, but her dog sees through his ruse., Chilly contends with a pelican trying to steal his fishing catch., Charlie tries to unclog the kitchen sink himself., A wealthy estate owneer sends his cat after Woody to stop him pecking at his priceless trees., Three kittens blame their lost mittens on a vagabond cat, who will bear the punishment if they don't tell the truth., Monkey medics help a lion with a tooth ache., Philbert the tomcat tries to eat Woody, but Humane Officer Willoughby protects Woody."
Forward March Hare, You Were Never Duckier, Count Me Out, Falling Hare, Hollywood Canine Canteen, Ballot Box Bunny
"Bug gets accidentally drafted into the military. It soon becomes clear that a rabbit does not belong in a man's army considering how much of catastrophe-causer he is. , Daffy dresses up to win a Rooster Contest and gets grabed by Henery Hawk. , Egghead takes boxing lessons and ends up facing a boxing champ! , A gremlin hijacks a WWII bomber and Bugs must stop him before the gremlin does some serious damage. , A fast-paced collection of spot gags at the USO Canteen for the pets of Hollywood stars, all drawn as dogs., Bugs runs against Yosemite Sam in this political comic farce. Bugs opting for "speak softly and carry a big stick" and Sam opting for "speak louder and carry a bigger stick." "
The Night Of The Pistoleros (s4, ep19)
Gordon and West head to a lonely outpost to battle a terrorist gang.
The Les Rand Story (s1, ep5)
A paroled convict blames his physician father when Native American wife dies.
Top Of The Stairs (s4, ep13)
Victoria wonders if she is being lied to; she is told her brother-in-law has gone insane, but she is refused admittance to his sickroom even when he is sedated.
Snap Decision (s12, ep1)
Disturbed over being forced to kill a prisoner who was trying to save his life, Matt Dillion turns in his badge.
The Marriage Of Theodora Duffy (s14, ep15)
Griff poses as Theodora Duffy, the "wife" of a government agent in order to nab a group of war criminals.
Incident Of The Prodigal Son (s5, ep4)
Sam Hargas finds a half-baked, half-starved greenhorn, Ben Whitney IV. His horse stepped in a chuck hole. Whitney, it turns out, is heir of a very wealthy family.
Have Gun, Will Travel
Return Of The Lady
"Diana Coulter (The Lady, Episode 49) wires Paladin and asks him to come to her wedding to "give the bride away"."
The Choice (s3, ep12)
Jane Koster asks Josh's help with her husband, Frank, who is also a bounty hunter. He is out looking for Stacy Lenz with a score to settle and Jane fears for his life.
Letter Of The Law (s2, ep10)
Lucas makes a life-or-death decision when Micah is held hostage and the kidnappers demand the release of a notorious outlaw.
The Legacy (s2, ep11)
Lucas tries to do a good deed for the old town drunk but it backfires when the drunk's son believes he inherited Lucas' ranch.
Saved By The Belle, An Ache In Every Stake, Crash Goes The Hash, Self Made Maids, Oils Well That Ends Well, Slap Happy Sleuths
"The Stooges are arrested for treason. , The Stooges are icemen who, while delivering ice to a house on the top of a high hill, destroy several cakes that a wealthy man is trying to bring home. When their antics cause the servants at their customer's house to quit, the boys are hired to take their place and prepare a dinner party. What they don't know is that the party is for the man whose cakes they wrecked. When Moe's gas filled cake explodes and the man realizes whom they are, they must leave in a hurry. , The Stooges are investigators for the Onion Oil Company. The company's service stations are being robbed by a gang of crooks, so the boys pose as gas station attendants to capture the bad guys. , The Stooges are hired as reporters and their first assignment is to get a picture of a visiting prince who is planning to marry a local socialite. The boys disguise as servants and infiltrate a party being in thrown in the honor of the prince. The Stooges ruin the party, but save the day as they expose the prince as crook who is planning to rob the house. Their boss is so grateful for the expose that he gives the boys a bonus and the rich lady decides to marry Curly! , The Stooges are artists who want to marry their models; "Moella", "Larraine", and "Shempetta". The girls' father doesn't approve, so the Stooges tickle him into submission. , The Stooges need money for their father's operation, so they head for the country to prospect for uranium. Instead of uranium, they discover oil on their father's property and all their troubles are solved. "
The Pit And The Pendulum
"Vincent Price slowly goes crazy because he thinks his wife was buried alive (a plot between his wife and her lover to get his money). Now totally insane, he starts to murder."
Pop Goes The Joker (s2, ep57)
The Joker and a local artist team up after an act of spray paint vandalism. Batman and Robin await the Joker's next criminal move.
Metamorphosis (s2, ep9)
When their shuttle is diverted to a planetoid, Kirk meets one of the pioneers of space flight, Zefram Cochrane.
The Youth Killer (s1, ep19)
Helen of Troy returns to drain the youth out of unsuspecting perfect victims, sacrifices for the goddess Hecate, in her quest for immortality.
The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6 (s2, ep8)
The future of Earth hangs in the balance when Dr. Smith agrees to do battle with a group of galactic gladiators.
Edge Of Doom (s4, ep24)
The Seaview is endangered by an enemy agent who is impersonating one of the crew members.
Sabotage (s1, ep24)
A new giant security chief finds himself at odds with a senator championing the Earthling'ss cause. So he decides to eliminate two birds with one stone by killing Obek and framing the Earthlings for his death.
Kill Two By Two (s1, ep17)
Tony and Doug are hunted by two officers on a Japanese-held island in 1945.