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Officer's Wife (s2, ep27)
A retired patrolman feels guilty when his partner dies.
The Big Frustration (s2, ep6)
Sgt. Carl Maxwell, a frustrated fellow detective, goes AWOL; Friday and Gannon have three days to track him down before Maxwell loses his badge for good.
The Big Senior Citizen (s2, ep7)
A series of daring daylight house burglaries are taking place perpetrated by an octogenarian who uses the wedding and obituary notices in the paper to select his victims.
The Dream Book (s3, ep20)
Steve is badgered by one of his co-workers to join the company musical combo as a saxophonist.
It's Magic!
"Bill and Toony explore the history of magic, and magician Benjamin Barnes performs."
Beaver's Graduation (s6, ep34)
It's come down to the final week before junior high school graduation and Beaver is having a ball and even skips a class with Gilbert. However, Beaver becomes convinced he won't graduate after Gilbert and him take a peek at the diplomas on Mrs. Rayburn's desk and find Beaver's diploma to be missing.
Wally's Practical Joke (s6, ep35)
Wally and Eddie fall prey to Lumpy's practical joking after he plants cherry bombs under the hoods of Eddie's car and Wally's car. Both Eddie and Wally want to get him back but their plan goes awry when they destroy Lumpy's car after chaining it to a tree. All fingers point to Wally after Fred finds that the chain has Ward's name printed on it.
The Scrooge (s4, ep)
When a scrooge of a store owner is accused of murdering his partner, Matlock defends the man and makes a strange request as part of his fee.
A Love Lost (s7, ep6)
Lana's ex-boyfriend comes to see her and brings a load of stolen rifles with him.
The Carnival (s1, ep2)
Four carnival performers are stranded after the carnival leaves Walton's Mountain, so they stay with the Waltons while they try to get back home.
The Hanging Of Newly O'brien (s19, ep11)
Newly attempts to save a hillbilly's life by using drastic measures. The family wants to hang Newly after the man dies.
The Quest (s4, ep2)
Wanting to prove his independence and break out of the shadows of his Pa and older brothers, Little Joe sets out to win a lucrative timber contract for the Ponderosa.
The Lariat (s2, ep27)
An old friend of Lucas's returns to town in the company of a shady gambler and is accused of cheating at cards.
Smoke Screen (s2, ep28)
Several men are vying for a rancher's daughter's affections. When she is found dead, one of them becomes the prime suspect in her murder.
Log 45 -- Bright Boy (s3, ep4)
Reed and Malloy report to a burglary call that was witnessed by a boy with a photographic memory. Afterward, they are called to the scene of two drunk men shooting at a box of dynamite at close range in a residential area.
Period Of Adjustment (s8, ep6)
Klinger and B.J. both have Radar-related woes, causing them to go on a drinking binge. A drunken B.J. becomes violent with Hawkeye.
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Stars And Stripes (s8, ep14)
Friction arises between B.J. and Winchester when they are asked to write an article for a prestigious medical journal on how they saved a soldier's life with a daring operation. Meanwhile, Hot Lips receives an eventful visit from Scully.
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Bug Out (part 1)
"A rumor that there's going to be a practice bug-out causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call comes in to bug out, and the rumor suddenly comes to life! Meanwhile, Hawkeye begins surgery on a patient with a spinal injury. The bug-out proceeds without him, Hot Lips and Radar, and they quickly learn after the unit departs that they're in the midst of the front. When Potter, Mulcahy, BJ, Frank and the others arrive at the buildings which had been scouted by helicopter, they find the house full of "business girls," and Potter gives them Klinger's dresses to persuade them to leave the house. A helicopter comes to evacuate the spinal injury patient, and just as the three get ready to go to the new location, they find the 4077 is already returning, and eventually everyone reunites back at the camp, what with the Chinese being repulsed. "
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Bug Out (s5, ep1)
A rumor that there's going to be a camp relocation causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call comes in that the rumor is indeed fact!
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Opie And The Bully (s2, ep1)
A schoolboy bully makes life miserable for seven-year-old Opie.
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Barney's Replacement (s2, ep2)
Barney believes that Andy is grooming a new man to replace him as deputy.
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Jed, The Bachelor (s3, ep33)
Granny is tired of Beverly Hills and heads home for the Hills. But she never makes it back home and ends up in Las Vegas. And Jethro is having no luck being an international playboy and ends up getting arrested. Granny comes back that night, but with a story to tell about Vegas the next day.
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Never Look A Gift Tractor In The Mouth (s1, ep27)
Lisa wants to surprise Oliver with a new tractor for his birthday. To keep it out of sight, she has it delivered to the Ziffels' farm. The old couple mistakes it as a gift from Mrs. Douglas, leading Doris to think that Fred and Lisa are having a torrid affair.
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Look At The Pretty Snowflakes (s6, ep23)
Hogan and his men start an avalanche to stop a Panzer division.
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Hogan's Double Life (s6, ep22)
When Hogan is identified as a saboteur, he impersonates a German officer in front of the very Gestapo agent who could take him down.
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The Case Of The Double-entry Mind (s6, ep4)
Timid bookkeeper Clem Sandover is irate when his longterm embezzlement scheme is discovered by a fellow employee. When that co-worker turns up dead, however, it's Sandover's wife who's charged with the crime.
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I Sing The Body Electric (s3, ep35)
A widower buys a robotic grandmother for his three children.
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The Cadaver (s1, ep)
A medical undergraduate tries to get his roommate off the bottle by making him believe he killed a young woman while in a drunken trance.
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To Draw The Lightning (s5, ep1)
A police lieutenant is suspended after shooting and killing a known gangster at a police raid. It is suspected that the killing was revenge driven because the same gangster was responsible for the death of the police lieutenant's friend. Mannix sets out to prove that no revenge was at play.
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To Still The Voice
"Cannon is sent to investigate when a black community leader is murdered, just as he was to reveal a wrong doing."
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Bounty Hunter, The (s5, ep8)
Barnaby must beat a bounty hunter to an escaped convict who can vindicate a prison trustee charged with murder.