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A Doctor In The House (s3, ep7)
The Shady Rest acquires a house physician, much to the distress of proprietor Kate.
Hooterville A-go-go (s3, ep8)
Kate's daughters clamor for her to invite rock 'n' roll star King Ring-a-Ding to perform at a benefit show.
Come Back, Little Herby (s5, ep7)
After the Clampetts don’t have success with the gorilla they took out of the zoo, they decide to get Herby back. They contact Drysdale who tells Mr. Kelly, but he refuses to do it. Mr. Kelly tells Drysdale he’ll return on his own terms and has Drysdale buy him designer clothes and expensive food. Herby returns to the mansion and starts living the life of luxury, dancing and dining with Elly by the pool.
Jed In Politics (s5, ep8)
Granny is feuding with the Beverly Hills Smog Commission because they tell her she has to stop making her lye soap. Commissioner Tinsley visits the mansion, ordering Granny to quit her soap making, and when she sees him, she threatens him with her shotgun. Jed and Granny visit Drysdale’s office for some help, where Jane tells them they should try to defeat Tinsley on Election Day, and Jed mistakes this as being told he should run.
Brotherly Love, Morning, Noon And Night Club, The Deadwood Thunderball, Plastered In Paris, Lost And Foundry, Pudgy Picks A Fight, Smile Pretty, Say Pink
"Popeye tries hard to live up to the doctrine of brotherly love, as preached by Olive Oyl., Popeye temporarily drops his nautical air to become a night club dancer, all for Olive's sake., Engineer Roland must outrun the bandit Ratfink, who is out to destroy the railroad., The Inspector travels from France to Egypt and onto Nairobi in pursuit of the elusive villain "X"., Little Swee'pea wanders into a busy factory, and by luck just manages to escape being killed by various crushing, grinding and cutting machines., Pudgy gets jealous of Betty Boop's new coat., The Pink Panther bedevils a cheapskate photographer."
The Tom and Jerry Show
Purr-chance To Dream, Early Bird And The Worm, The Bear And The Bean, Hic Cup Pup, Poor Little Me, Pup's Picnic
"Tom isn't sleeping well and keeps having nightmares about getting beat up by a bulldog., A young bird tries to get the jump on his worm neighbor by getting up early but the worm proves to be too elusive., A package from Mexico shows up for Barney Bear containing an annoying little sombrero wearing jumping bean., Tom must help the bulldog and his pup cure a case of the hiccups., Bunnies, turtles, and other small woodland animals play., Two puppies at a picnic end up getting involved in a fox hunt."
3 Ring Wing-ding, Billboard Frolics, The Chocolate Chase, A Feud There Was, Hare-brained Hypnotist, Rabbit's Feat, Dough For The Do-do
"A hunter chases Cool Cat through all the acts in a circus. , Billboard icons and advertisements characters come to life. , Daffy tricks local town mice out of chocolate Easter bunnies so they enlist Speedy to solve the problem. , As two neighboring families wage war, Egghead rolls by and tries to bring peace to "this meaningless" war. Enraged, the two families team up to get Egghead. , Elmer Fudd stalks Bugs trying to use hypnotism to get Bugs. , Wile E. Coyote decides to cook and eat Bugs, but Bugs is on to his plan. , Porky goes to Wackyland to hunt the Dodo bird."
Rage For Vengeance (s1, ep16)
Bret is happy to escort a lovely widow to the bank with a large sum of cash until he learns the money is counterfeit.
The Tom Tuckett Story (s3, ep21)
Ever since he was young, Tom Tuckett has been sent to good schools and looked after by an unknown benefactor. When he joins the wagon train, Tuckett sets out to discover who the mysterious benefactor is—and is shocked when the individual's identity is reveal.
A Flock Of Trouble (s3, ep3)
Nick is tricked into winning a flock of sheep in a card game. His first instinct is to get rid of them immediately, but his neighbors’ reactions start to rankle and he finds himself increasingly unable to back down as a matter of principle.
Lavery (s16, ep22)
Matt is saved by a cowhand from an ambush. He then does a favor for the cowhand.
Cassie (s13, ep6)
Hoss creates a "fixed" horse race in order to help a lazy dreamer and his family.
Josh (s7, ep15)
Seventy-year-old Josh Breeden's pride won't let him admit he's too old to be a drover. He blames Favor for all his problems.
Have Gun, Will Travel
"Paladin is hired as tax collector in a tough town: his three predecessors were killed on the job."
The Legend (s1, ep27)
A man with unwavering faith in a legend about lost treasure hires Josh to lead his family on an expedition into the desert to locate the cache of Spanish gold.
Local Pro-Public affairs
Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep20)
Local Pro-Public affairs
Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep21)
Yes We Have No Bonanza, Sock-bye-baby, Guns A Poppin, If A Body Meets A Body, Hot Scots, Studio Stoops
On Now
The Creation Of The Humanoids
"In a post holocaust society, robots take it on their own to help the dying human race by giving them android bodies."
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By Any Other Name (s2, ep22)
The Enterprise's command crew must thwart an invasion by aliens from another galaxy who plan to conquer this one.
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Planet Of The Slave Girls: Part 2 (s1, ep4)
Buck and Danton must recover from their crash, rescue Wilma, and stop an attack fleet.
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The Devil's Platform (s1, ep7)
A politician on a meteoric rise murders his opposition through a pact with Satan which gives him the ability to turn into an invulnerable dog.
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The Galaxy Gift (s2, ep30)
After an alien gives Penny a belt as a gift, telling her to guard it with her life, it isn't long before a group of aliens turns up looking for the item, and they will stop at nothing to get it.
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Death From The Past (s3, ep16)
The Seaview battles two Nazi officers left over from world war II who attempt to launch ICBMs at the allied capitol cities.
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Every Dog Needs A Boy (s2, ep8)
When Clipper is injured by a giant dog, the Earthlings must take him to a pet store owner, but his employee isn't so sympathetic.
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Secret Weapon (s1, ep11)
In an Iron Curtain country, Tony and Doug pose as scientists to investigate a primitive enemy time-tunnel in 1956.