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Safecracker (s3, ep4)
A talented safecracker runs afoul of the Highway Patrol.
Police Commission - Dr-13 (s3, ep5)
The detectives crack down on wildcatters—freelance tow-truck drivers who victimize motorists.
Homicide - Dr-06 (s3, ep6)
Friday's apartment party provides insight into the nature of an officer's private life.
Hot Lips Hannigan (s1, ep2)
Fred believes he's made Wilma and Betty disappear with a magician's kit but soon finds that he's mistaken.
Childhood Classics
"Bill teaches Toony about the classic children's TV we watched in our youth, from Kukla to Captain Kangaroo."
The Pipe (s2, ep9)
Ward receives an antique pipe as a gift from Fred Rutherford and a curious Larry and Beaver decide to try it out. First they use coffee but then they try tobacco. When Ward discovers someone has used the pipe, he jumps to the conclusion that Wally is the culprit.
Wally's New Suit (s2, ep10)
Wally needs a new suit for an upcoming dance and he convinces his parents that he's old enough to pick out his own clothes. So he and Beaver go down to the shop and pick out the loudest, cheapest plaid suit in the entire shop.
The Case Of The Gambling Lady (s8, ep26)
Counterfeit casino chips and chronic gambling lead to murder, and Mason suspects one of his clients may be culpable.
The Mark (s7, ep)
When Billy Wheeler comes back to town $250,000 richer, he soon falls for contractor Judy Wilson. Unfortunately, when she takes him for a ride and ends up dead, Wheeler is the natural suspect, and Matlock has to clear his name.
Last Rights (s6, ep8)
Virgil fears for his Aunt Ruda's safety after several killings occur in the hospital where she is being treated.
Sweet Billy, Singer Of Songs (s11, ep17)
Festus' nephew, Billy, comes to Dodge to find a wife.
A Visit To Upright (s13, ep25)
Complications arise when the Cartwrights purchase a broken-down saloon in Upright, Nevada, which they believe contains a fortune in hidden gold.
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The Photographer (s1, ep18)
Abel Goss, the photographer who took Lucas' wedding photograph, is in North Fork doing a portrait of Mark standing in the street. When Goss sees Col. Whiteside and his sidekick, Jamison, he recognizes them as the butchers who tortured him and others while he was captive in a Civil War prison camp.
Shivaree (s1, ep19)
Aaron Pelser's wagon train comes across a pair of young boys on a buck board heading west, so he invites them to join the train. When he finds out that one of the boys is actually a girl and the two claim to be headed to Yuma to get married, Pelser and his crowd force them to be married in North Fork.
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The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story (s8, ep15)
"Hale finds his old flame Chottsie Gubenheimer (played by John McIntire's real-life wife Jeanette Nolan) working in a gambling house and in an argument with the owner, so he asks her to come with him and join the wagon train. He comes to realize that he's getting more problems than he bargained for."
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Log 35 -- Easy, Bare Rider (s3, ep2)
Malloy and Reed investigate the mysterious source behind a boy's suspicious spending spree, wield a blanket instead of gun during a disrobed driver's DUI arrest and bust up a car parts theft ring.
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Log 95 -- Purse Snatcher (s3, ep3)
Reed and Malloy have to think outside the box to capture an intelligent yet neglected teenage purse snatcher. Their efforts to talk sense into him before he commits a much more serious crime prove to be futile.
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Stars And Stripes (s8, ep14)
Friction arises between B.J. and Winchester when they are asked to write an article for a prestigious medical journal on how they saved a soldier's life with a daring operation. Meanwhile, Hot Lips receives an eventful visit from Scully.
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Yessir, That's Our Baby (s8, ep15)
A baby born to a Korean woman and an American GI is abandoned at the 4077th. Knowing that Amer-Asian children are often mistreated in Korean society, the troop sets about the frustrating task of finding a new home for the infant.
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Heal Thyself (s8, ep17)
Colonel Potter turns crotchety when he catches the mumps, and his condition is worsened when Winchester gets the same disease and has to be quarantined with him. A temporary replacement surgeon, Newsome, is quickly brought into the 4077th and seems to be a gem in terms of both personality and ability.
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Andy's Vacation (s4, ep22)
A grumpy Andy agrees to take a few days off and heads up to the lake to relax. Barney and Gomer are in charge, and manage to capture (and lose) an escaped convict who hides in the same woods where Andy just happens to be.
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Andy Saves Gomer (s4, ep23)
Gomer is convinced that Andy saved his life by putting out a small fire at the filling station. He then begins to repay Andy by becoming his servant.
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The Clampetts Versus Automation (s3, ep30)
The Clampetts befriend Leroy Lester, an unappreciated accountant being replaced at the bank by a computer, and give him the rest, relaxation and vacation he deserves.
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The Old Trunk (s4, ep24)
Lisa begins reading the diary of Lydia Plunkett who, in 1898, becomes a traveling saleswoman for a corset company. Lydia falls in love with rival salesman Harry Wright, whose career falters as a result of her success. Oliver and Lisa play the parts of Harry and Lydia.
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Happiness Is A Warm Sergeant (s1, ep11)
After Klink finds Sergeant Schultz drunk he gets a tough new replacement.
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The Scientist (s1, ep12)
LeBeau pretends to be a famous French scientist who is visiting camp while Hogan smuggles the real one out.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Rock Hudson
In Mrs. Wiggins, Carol plays a flighty secretary debating if she should leave her husband for a head-over-heels suitor. Then, in The Newscasters, Carol and Rock have a marital spat live on the air.
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The Case Of The Mystified Miner (s5, ep21)
Mason tries to clear his young, beautiful client after a twisting and wheeling plot of murder, kidnapping and embezzlement unfolds.
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The Four Of Us Are Dying (s1, ep13)
A man who can change his face to resemble others gets into hot water with gangsters.
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The Ikon Of Elijah (s5, ep16)
A man's dream of wealth takes form when he learns of a treasure buried in the mountains.
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The Cure (s5, ep17)
A South American native helps his boss' wife when it's evident that she needs a shrink.
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Man In A Trap (s8, ep15)
After one of Mannix's detective friends is murdered, he discovers the man worked for a mafioso and sets out to learn why he died, despite pressure to stop digging.
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Point After Death
"Cannon investigates the shooting death of the girlfriend of a former basketball star."
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Death Is The Punchline (s8, ep18)
A comic is suspected of killing the nightclub owner who fired him after his act proved to be a flop.