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5:00am Night Gallery
Something In The Woodwork - A lonely alcoholic plots revenge against her ex-husband by calling on a reluctant ghost she finds in her attic.
5:30am The Facts of Life
Working It Out - Mrs. Garrett worries about Blair's constant dating.
6:00am The Facts of Life
Jazzbeau - When an acquaintance dies, Natalie and Tootie remember their time with him.
6:30am Diff'rent Strokes
The Job - In order to earn the money to buy disco skates, and to prove a point to Mr. Drummond, Willis gets a job...but is fired on his first working day.
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Flatt And Scruggs Return - Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and Gladys Flatt visit the Clampetts. Gladys is hoping for a career in singing, but all she gets is a country-cooking lesson. And Jane quits her job at the bank after Drysdale accuses her of joy riding, when in reality she was driving the Clampetts’ guests to the mansion and singing along with Flatt and Scruggs.
7:30am My Three Sons
There's A What In The Attic? - An escaped circus lion makes a midnight call at the Douglas house.
8:00am Leave It to Beaver
Beaver's Poem - Beaver comes to Ward for help on the night before a poetry assignment is due. This prompts Ward to totally take over the project and write the whole poem himself. Things get complicated when Beaver wins an award for the poem and Ward is faced with explaining the truth to Beaver's principal.
8:30am Leave It to Beaver
Eddie's Girl - A school dance has Eddie swooning over his so-called "girl," Caroline. However, it's obvious Eddie has made up their relationship when Wally and him visit her and she instantly becomes smitten with Wally.
9:00am Perry Mason
The Case Of The Dead Ringer - While Mason is representing Barbara Kramer, who accuses Otis Swanson of stealing her father's intellectual property, Swanson hatches a nefarious scheme to discredit Mason and distract him from the case. Mason loses the case; however, Swanson soon turns up dead and Mason now defends Kramer.
10:00am Matlock
The Reporter (aka The Widow) - A reporter asks for Matlock's help in clearing a newlywed (Caryn Richman) charged with the murder of her husband.
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11:00am Diagnosis Murder
Talked To Death - Ratings-seeking stunts by TV talk show hosts Darren and Mary end with tragic results.
12:00pm In the Heat of the Night
Rape - Virgil struggles to help Althea after she is raped by a fellow teacher. Darnell does not think they can get a conviction because the man's wife has given him an alibi. Virgil tries to control his anger - until the man returns to intimidate Althea. And Gillespie tries to convince the wife to tell the truth.
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1:00pm Gunsmoke
Take Her, She's Cheap - A grateful family wants Matt to marry their daughter.
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2:00pm Bonanza
Marie, My Love - When Joe sustains a life-threatening injury much like the one that killed his mother, Ben reminisces about meeting his third wife, Marie.
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3:00pm The Rifleman
Seven - Seven condemned murderers escape and take over the town of North Fork.
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3:30pm The Rifleman
The Pitchman - When Mark finds gold on their property, a fast-talking salesman who tried to sell Lucas a new lightning rod offers instead to buy the ranch's mineral rights.
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4:00pm Wagon Train
The Felizia Kingdom Story - Tough as nails Felizia Kingdom controls an enormous amount of land by force, and no one is good enough to inherit the responsibility. When Flint handles her henchmen with ease, she decides he's the man for the job.
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5:00pm Charlie's Angels
Consenting Adults - A prostitute supplied by a computer dating service keeps an antique dealer preoccupied while his store is burglarized of priceless art objects. One of the stolen items is a ceramic frog, stuffed with smuggled diamonds.
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6:00pm Mama's Family
Pin-up Mama - When Mama and Iola have the idea of using flyers to attract single men to the seniors mixer, a mixup involving Bubba's photography project, Melanie in a bikini and Mama's head causes a disaster.
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6:30pm The Jeffersons
Jefferson Airplane - Louise is concerned when George takes lessons to become an airplane pilot.
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7:00pm M*A*S*H
Mail Call Three - After a delay of three weeks, five sacks of mail arrive, and everyone in camp reacts to good and bad news from home. Hawkeye receives love letters addressed to another Benjamin Pierce, another man has approached B.J.'s wife, and Radar's mom has found a boyfriend.
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7:30pm M*A*S*H
Temporary Duty - With a temporary transfer of personnel between the 4077th and the 8063rd, Captain Roy Dupree replaces Hawkeye, while Lorraine Anderson makes eyes at Charles. Fearing this to be permanent, Charles and B.J. successfully conspire to have Dupree permanently removed from the 4077th.
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8:00pm The Andy Griffith Show
Jailbreak - State police come to town in search of payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way, but end up needing them more than they thought.
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8:30pm The Andy Griffith Show
A Medal For Opie - Opie has his heart set on winning a medal in a foot race at the town picnic. When he loses, he exhibits poor sportmanship. Andy teaches him a lesson about being a good sport.
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9:00pm Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Gomer Pyle, Civilian - When Sgt. Carter orders him to take a furlough, Gomer becomes a civilian employee at the base.
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9:30pm WKRP in Cincinnati
Good-bye Johnny: Part 1 - Johnny gets a job offer and a chance to return to the Los Angeles radio market
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10:00pm Hogan's Heroes
Art For Hogan's Sake - Hogan tries to keep a French painting from ending up in Goering's art collection.
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10:30pm Hogan's Heroes
The General Swap - Hogan captures a German general to trade for an American general who dislikes Hogan.
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11:00pm The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Martha Raye And Betty Grable - "Guests Martha Raye and Betty Grable. Originally aired on 02/12/68."
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11:30pm Perry Mason
The Case Of The Lover's Leap - Slippery Roy Comstock attempts to swindle his partner, Peter Brent, fake his own suicide and disappear with his slutty wife. Comstock's plans are dashed, however, when he's murdered. Brent is accused of the crime.
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12:30am The Twilight Zone
A World Of His Own - A playwright has the ability to make his characters literally come to life.
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1:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Three Dreams Of Findlater - A husband dreams constantly of a beautiful woman who prompts him to kill his wife.
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1:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Night The World Ended - A group of newspapermen plays a joke on a man who in return decides to get payback.
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2:00am Mannix
To Kill A Writer - When Mannix is hired to prevent a murder of a mystery writer, the intended victim wants no help in solving the crime himself.
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3:00am Cannon
The Predators - Frank Cannon believes that this time he has accepted a peaceful job. He must protect the bar of a friend, Millie Carroll, against robberies. However, suddenly he finds himself amid a complex love story.
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4:00am 77 Sunset Strip
Bonus Baby - Stu investigates a paternity case involving bulldozers and baseball when Antonio Malfi hires him to find the son he deserted years ago.