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Highway Patrol

Anti-toxin Dan Mathews and his officers attempt to ensure the delivery of life-saving serum to a young boy.

The Donna Reed Show

That's Show Business Mary and a very shy boy are teamed as dance partners in the school play.

The Facts of Life

The Facts Of Life Goes To Paris: Part 2 Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

The Brady Bunch

Two Petes In A Pod Peter is stunned after he runs into a boy who looks exactly like him at school. His look alike comes in handy when Peter inadvertently makes two...
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The Beverly Hillbillies

The Common Cold Granny is looking to cure people and learns of Mr. Drysdale’s illness. He has a common cold. Granny says that she has the ability to cure it with...

My Three Sons

Mexico Ole' Steve declines an invitation to stay at a luxurious mansion in Mexico.

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver's Laundry Beaver agrees to help Richard cart his family's clothes down to the laundromat; however, half way there they discover that Richard has lost the...

Leave It to Beaver

Lumpy's Car Trouble Ward allows his car to be driven by Lumpy, who must get Eddie, Wally and Beaver to a sporting event in a neighboring town. However, on the way...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Shapely Shadow Naive secretary Janice Wainwright carries out her boss' orders, placing a briefcase containing more than $100,000 in a train station locker. Then...


The Nurse A private nurse accused of murdering her patient barters her engagement ring in exchange for Matlock's renowned defense services.

Diagnosis Murder

Georgia On My Mind Jack and Steve vie for a young woman's affections as she leads them in an investigation of a PI's death.

The Big Valley

They Called Her Delilah One-time confederate spy Julia Saxon visits Stockton to much vilification. She is accused of murder, and Jarrod agrees to defend her despite his...


Bobsy Twins "A very bizarre episode about two brothers who have come West to kill Indians."


Old Flame "Matt’s old flame Dolly Winters comes and asks Matt to help her find her husband Rad Meadows. Kitty’s suspicious of Dolly. Matt finds Rad but he’s...


The Horse Breaker While working at the Ponderosa, wrangler Johnny Lightly suffers an accident that costs him the use of both legs. Though Dr. Kay theorizes that the...

The Rifleman

A Friend In Need Mark finds himself the unwilling companion of gunman Carl Avery.

The Rifleman

Skull Lucas looks for escape after he's captured by outlaws while seeking help for an injured Mark.

Wagon Train

The Mark Hanford Story Jack Hanford built his wealth with the intention of passing it on to his son. However, the son turns it all down to honor his Cheyenne heritage...

T.J. Hooker

Death On The Line Although the man implicated in a series of rapes and robberies is dead, Hooker isn't convinced the case is closed.

Hawaii Five-O

The One With The Gun Peter Corman is murdered during a game of poker, and his brother, Lorenzo, arrives in Hawaii for revenge. McGarrett must work out what happened and...


Smilin' Jack The 4077th turns up a sick helicopter pilot, 'Smilin' Jack, who doesn't want to quit, and a twice-wounded GI who does.


The More I See You Hawkeye is reunited with a woman he thought was out of his life forever, but who never altogether leaves.

The Andy Griffith Show

The Merchant Of Mayberry Traveling salesman Bert Miller is getting tired of traveling, so Andy and Barney plan to help him set up a small general goods shop on a vacant lot.

The Andy Griffith Show

Aunt Bee The Warden When the Mayberry jail is filled to capacity with a group of moonshiners who blame Otis for their capture, Andy takes Otis home to serve his term.

Mama's Family

Mama Goes Hawaiian: Part 1 An old Hawaiian custom rings true for Iola, Bubba and even Mama when a visit to Lover's Grotto brings them romance.


For Your Eyes Only ALF befriends a lonely blind girl.

Hogan's Heroes

Klink Vs. The Gonculator Hogan leads Klink to believe a rabbit trap is a secret electronic device in order for Klink to bring an electronics expert, who wants to defect, to...

Hogan's Heroes

How To Catch A Papa Bear Hogan unknowingly sends Newkirk into a Gestapo trap for Papa Bear.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Steve Lawrence And Paul Sand In How to Win a Friend, a shy man tries to gain self-confidence by talking back to a phonograph record. Then, in Carol and Sis, Carol is upset that...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop Bishop Arthur Mallory is met in his hotel room by Wallace Lang, an associate of a wealthy man named Charles Burroughs. He is warned through...

The Twilight Zone

The Hitch-hiker Alone on a cross-country trip, a woman keeps seeing the same hitch-hiker everywhere she looks.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Throwback Immature Elliott Gray challenges a much older gentleman for the hand of Enid Patterson.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Kiss-off After spending six years in prison for a robbery he didn't commit, a man decides to get even.


Then The Drink Takes The Man Mannix investigates why a man who is against the evils of drink is spending a load of cash and time at an alcoholic retreat in Mexico.


Moving Target A murderer believes there's no other way out than putting the blame of a crime he committed on his sister, a retarded girl.

77 Sunset Strip

The Bouncing Chip Stu Bailey is hired to find ot who is passing counterfeit chips in a Las Vegas casino.
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