Watch: The Andy Griffith Show announcer Colin Male made one little onscreen cameo

You might not know his face, but you sure know his voice.

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Colin Male was the announcer and game warden on The Andy Griffith Show
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Colin Male, the announcer for The Andy Griffith Show, made a career out of being a strong off-camera presence. Starting his radio and television in Cincinnati, Male moved to Hollywood in the late 1950s. He landed a regular gig as the announcer on Divorce Court from 1957-62. It was during this time that he picked up more work as the announcer for The Andy Griffith Show (not to mention The Dick Van Dyke Show).

Male is the voice you hear above the whistling in the opening credits throughout the first five seasons (the black-and-white episodes), declaring, "The A-a-andy Griffith Show! Starring Andy Griffith! With Ronny Howard. Also starring… Don Knotts." (Occasionally, he would throw in an "Elinor Donahue," too.)

Male in ''Andy and Helen Have Their Day''

Just once, midway through season five, Male made an appearance onscreen, showing up as the game warden in "Andy and Helen Have Their Day." He fines Andy for fishing without a license.

This isn't the only place he appears on MeTV; oftentimes, his voice is easier to recognize than his face. Male has made his mark as a pop-up actor on many MeTV series. In season 18, episode 11 of Gunsmoke, "The Sodbusters," Male plays Gene Hill. That particular tale might stick out in your memory, as it features a young Harrison Ford. In fact, Male and Ford swap dialogue in a scene!

Male, center, and Harrison Ford, right, saddle up on 'Gunsmoke.'

You can also spot Male on Barnaby Jones, ("Stand-In for Death") and Cannon ("The Nowhere Man").

The next time you catch these shows, see if you can hear — or spot — Male!

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When I received my MeTV email with the photo of Male in the checked shirt, I knew exactly which episode this came from. However, I didn't know that he was the same person as the narrator.
KathyMcKinny ETristanBooth 56 months ago
His voice sounds completely different in those 2 things
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