18 vintage hot dog ads that celebrate the joy of encased meats

Would you eat Wiener Wraps, Sack O'Sauce and Hot Dog Chowder?

 Even vegans bring their Tofu Pups to the table. 

Of course, hot dogs are an all-American meal any day of the year. They have long been a part of our family dinner table, from Skinless franks to Oscar Mayer wieners to the gourmet dogs of the modern grocery aisle. Let's take a look at some vintage print advertisements that will either have you hungering for hot dogs or opting for a burger.

Creamed Diced Carrots in Onion Cups? We'll stick with chips, thanks.

Image: Shades of Cinnamon

Do not try dunking your hot dogs in milk.

Image: Shelf Life Taste Test via Flickr

Oscar Mayer hid BBQ in cans with its "Sack O'Sauce."

Image: Charm and Poise via Flickr

"DO NOT BOIL," the ad warns. Well now we really want to boil them to see what happens.

Image: epiclectic via Flickr

No weirder than Pigs in a Blanket. Okay, a little weirder.

Image: Cardboard America via Flickr

A young Conan O'Brien or a young Joey Chestnut?

Image: bluwmongoose via Flickr

"Hot Dog" and "Chowder" are not words you find together in modern cuisine.

Image: Charm and Poise via Flickr

Coca-Cola recommended dumping potato salad atop your dog in 1978.

Image: Coca-Cola

There are many ways to slice a hot dog, especially if you want it to resemble a sea creature.

Image: vintage-ads.livejournal.com

Warning: Eat your hot dogs lengthwise, not sideways.

Image: adclassix

Chachi look-alikes agree: the cheesier, the better.

Image: vintageadbrowser

Frankfurter Crown Casserole is the food of kings.

Image: theglamoroushousewife.com

Remember when mom would just throw some pantry items into a pan?

Image: retropopcult via Pinterest

Germany may be the home of frankfurters, but hot dogs helped us win the war.

Image: Paul Malon via Flickr

"Weeny Crackers" is our new favorite exclamation.

Image: klappersacks via Tumblr

In case you need to encase 9,600 hot dogs per hour.

Image: Sugarjar45 via eBay

This one slathers on the double entendres like mustard.

Image: Huffington Post

Pillsbury sold its "Wiener Wraps" in Onion and Mexican flavors. Not for long.

Image: Retrospace

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Dario 38 months ago
The Coca-Cola ad has some nice hot dog recipes! 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭 😁😁😁😁😁
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