15 vintage ice cream ads that will have you hungering for summer

Ice cream for breakfast! It was a thing.

Movies, toys, no school — there were many reasons to love summer as a kid. But was anything better on a hot July day than an ice cream cone?

Whether you got it from a soda fountain, a Dairy Queen, the Good Humor man or the grocery store, ice cream was the ultimate treat of youth. Who are we kidding? Frozen treats are still the best thing to eat today.

Ice cream is such a classic, it seems like not much has changed, beyond the explosion of flavors and brands. But these vintage advertisements show that people had some rather creative ideas of how — and when — to eat ice cream back in the day.

Ice cream: the breakfast of champions!

Image: pzrservices

Don't believe us? It even goes with orange juice.

Image: reminisce

It even came in different shapes. Round scoops? Bah. Diced Cream for the space age!

Image: Pinterest / etsy

Howard Johnson's was huge in the ice cream game. Their enticing advertising helped sell its 23 flavors.

Image: thejumpingfrog

Think you can name all 28 flavors?

Image: eBay

Baskin-Robbins bested HoJo's 28 flavors with its 31 flavors. And its top secret 32nd flavor.

Image: candy-critic

We miss rectangular cones.

Image: brandmuseum

Ice cream is certainly a temptation.

Image: atticpaper

Airplanes made out of wafers and frozen bananas? The Strato-Liner Sundae is sheer genius.

Image: IDQ

Who remembers Tee & Eff from Tastee-Freez?

Image: dyingforchocolate

See? People were already feeling nostalgic for ice cream way back in '64.

Image: vintageadbrowser

We salute this ice cream. Though, technically, it is more of the French flag.

Image: therobespierreofthejetset

Canada Dry told us how to make a "Lollapalooza," "Purple Passion," "Golden Glow" and "Tropical Tempter." 

Image: snaxtime

Stop your snickering.

Image: atticpaper

What better way to sell ice cream than cows in lederhosen reenacting William Tell?

Image: atticpaper

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