Can you guess what the heck is in these old frozen TV dinners?

Is that a vegetable or dessert?

Here's a generational divide — people who have had to cook a TV dinner in the oven versus people who have only ever used a microwave.

It's just not the same without delicately peeling back the foil around the specific little compartments, as per the instructions on the box. 

Yes, kids, frozen dinners were once wrapped in metal. Do not attempt to microwave that!

Whatever your age, you can try to guess what's in these (relatively) quick meals from the packaging and ads. See if you can identify the mystery foods in these vintage TV dinners!

  1. What's the red stuff in the middle of this of 1966 Swanson frozen dinner?
  2. What's this stuff in a tray from a 1969 Swanson frozen dinner?
  3. What's this brown stuff in the upper left of the same meal?
  4. What's the main course in this same meal?
  5. What's this orange rectangle in a 1967 Swanson dinner?
  6. What's in the upper left of that same meal?
  7. What this stuff in the upper right of a Swanson Polynesian Style frozen dinner?
  8. What are these golden-brown globules in a Swanson Beef Dinner frozen meal?
  9. What is this mess in the top middle of a Swanson German Style frozen dinner?
  10. Finally, what is this purple stuff in the same meal?

Can you guess what the heck is in these old frozen TV dinners?

Your Result...

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Cowgirl 2 months ago
10/10. I ate a lot of those things growing up in the 60s.
LynCarceo 4 months ago
9/10. I lived on these meals.
DeborahRoberts 9 months ago
Believe it or not, that tomato soup was delicious!
KevinHartford 9 months ago
The prune-apricot compote would be enough to make me gag! Not a fan of either of those two fruits!
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 9 months ago
9/10. I missed the cream of tomato soup, must not have ever had that meal! It never occurred to me that anyone would put soup in a TV dinner.
145khoury 9 months ago
I still remember my older sister making these for me when I was like 6...and burning the roof of my mouth on the apple pie kid I
BobL3357 13 months ago
9 out of 10. Didn't know the one about the breaded (?) potatoes in the beef and gravy. I guess that's not a bad score for an old codger.
LynCarceo BobL3357 4 months ago
tater tots?
CaptainDunsel 16 months ago
I missed the first one because I didn't look closely enough to discern those were shrimp in the main compartment.
TheFanFromUNCLE 16 months ago
I've eaten a lot of TV dinners. 8/10.
The problem with every pot pie I've ever had is that there's never any IN them.
SteveAnderson 21 months ago
does anyone remeber tuna pot pies ?
Yes!!! That was my favorite!!!
Dario 22 months ago
9 out of 10. Missed No. 5. 😁😁😁😁😁
leannie429 25 months ago
When I was a kid, the big treat for me was to get the shrimp dinner for our dinner when my parents went out. My mom didn’t understand why I chose it, but it was one of the only times that I could have one of my favorite foods!
kevinkirtley3185 28 months ago
Brings back memories. I remember tv dinners seem to take forever to bake & were considered a treat. Every now & then we think about getting a TV dinner.
Rebpen 28 months ago
That was fun! My Sis and I still have these dinners on occasion when we are feeling especially lazy. Though they have changed greatly with more selections. 😊
x60hz11 29 months ago
That looks like Ambrosia in #2
Vintage_nyer 31 months ago
My parents would go out for the night and my grandmother would babysit and we would have these for dinner. The turkey with the soup was my favorite. Brings back such wonderful memories.
toolsrrr 32 months ago
I have fond memories of TV Dinners as a kid of the 70's.
Rickey 35 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
How did you do? More importantly — are you more or less hungry now?
Igaveyoumyfakename 35 months ago
I have no idea how I got all 10 of these correct. LMAO!
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