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8 things you never knew about the 'Beach Party' movies

Learn how James Brown's pants, kidnapping, fraud and bellybuttons relate to the 1960s teen films.

8 unbelievable kids products from the psychedelic '60s and '70s

It's a wonder trippy treats like Hippy Sippy and Magic Puffs made it to the market.

8 forgotten game shows of the 1960s

These TV gems gave away money and prizes via hidden images, giant game boards, applause meters and Joan Rivers.

These vintage airline playing cards say everything about the 1960s

Can we go back in time just to play solitaire in the sky?

11 super high tech computers seen on 1960s television

Take a look at computers both imaginary and real in sci-fi shows 'Star Trek,' 'Lost in Space,' 'Batman' and beyond.

Ranking all 11 cars from 'Wacky Races'

Dastardly, Penelope, Lazy Luke, Peter Perfect — who did you root for in this Saturday morning classic?

The 10 toughest schedule conflicts on the 1966 TV schedule

Before DVRs, you had to choose a channel. So which shows would you watch in 1966–67?

14 toys you totally forgot you had growing up in the 1960s

Who remembers playing with Chatty Cathy, Punch-Me's and Thingmakers?

These 21 old logos show that major brands looked much different in the 1960s

Do you remember these old-school looks for Pizza Hut, Burger King, Oreo and Target?

18 ripping 1960s rock & roll bands that performed on TV sitcoms and dramas

See garage and psychedelic acts like the Seeds, Buffalo Springfield and, er, Opie Taylor rock on your favorite series.

The 5 best Jerry Lewis movies

It's the comedian's 90th birthday. Let's look back at his 1960s highlights.

6 spring break movies from the 1960s to make you feel like a teen again

Fort Lauderdale was the hot spot for sun, surf, Elvis, boys and girls.

These were the top pop hits around the world 50 years ago

There was great music across the globe in 1966, from Nancy Sinatra's "Boots" to "Hang on Sloopy" in Spanish.

12 office supplies you had to have in the 1960s

No desk was complete without a turquoise typewriter, Rolodex, intercom and lava lamp.

The 10 best Beatles quotes from the band's press conferences

Fifty years ago today, John Lennon claimed the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Here are 10 of the Fab Four's best quotes.

12 reasons kids from the '60s and '70s shouldn't be alive right now

We had a lot of fun growing up, but some of the stuff we did was downright dangerous!

These colorful pages from old Sears catalogs will get you in the mood for spring

Remember when all your clothes were yellow and Vincent Price decorated your house?

9 super bouncy facts about the Super Ball

Guess which came first: the Super Ball or the Super Bowl.

A 1965 issue of Boys' Life magazine envisioned 1990 and got it spectacularly wrong

We did not actually get robot maids, moving sidewalks, and glittering vacation cities in the Sahara. Dang it.

10 fantastic, futuristic magazine covers from the 1960s

Monorails, jet packs and hydrofoils! Technology had big dreams in the 1960s.

Do you remember the show 'Love Is A Many Splendored Thing'?

Created by an unsung pioneer of American pop culture and featuring a Yankees legend, this soap pushed boundaries in the late '60s.

11 vintage ads with children we will never, ever see today

It's a good thing we no longer use babies to sell cigarettes, cellophane, sugar and soda.

8 cartoon characters that ran for President

Would you rather vote for a cat or a dog?

8 defunct airlines we want to fly again

Remember Braniff, BOAC and PSA? Someone make a time machine so we can fly these jets.

11 once popular toothpastes you probably forgot about

Four out of five dentists recommend you revisit the past with these vintage toothpastes. Here are some minty fresh brands from '60s, '70s and '80s.

The 9 bestselling 8-Track tapes of 1969

What cassettes were Americans cranking in their Thunderbirds? A whole lot of Creedence, for starters.

10 strange banana flavored foods of the past

Our taste buds once had a hankering for banana soda, banana marshmallows, banana gum and banana meat loaf.

8 huge, historic sporting events of 1966

Fifty years ago, the sports world was loaded with broken records, broken barriers, epic games and grand slams.

Simon & Garfunkel scored their first number one hit 50 years ago

The folk duo had already broken up when "The Sounds of Silence" finally topped the charts under a different name.

This is what the Saturday morning TV lineup looked like 50 years ago

Take a moment to revisit your childhood by looking at all the cartoons broadcast on Saturday mornings in 1966. There are some real classics in here!

Top 10 movies of 1966. How many have you seen?

Stage adaptations, Italian directors, Navy men and Western stars dominated the box office 50 years ago.