These 11 vintage toaster ads are surprisingly fascinating

Who knew the common toaster could be such a strange kitchen device?

Toast does not get enough respect. People toss out insults like "bland as toast" or, heck, even use the adjective milquetoast. But who doesn't love toast? (Cue the commentor who hates toast.)

For such a mundane food, made with an everyday appliance, toast has a rather interesting advertising history. Toasters went through several designs before the pop-up standard, and there was an era when people seemingly wanted to cook everything in a toaster. We understand. One-button cooking is a dream.

Here are some vintage ads for toasters with some unexpected messages and looks.

1. Tired of all that lip and sass from your warm bread?

Image: Period Paper

2. Really? The husband can't even make toast?

Image: Modern Mechanix

3. This kid is really into toast. Perhaps too into toast.


4. Toasters — not just for toast. Toast a steak!

Image: crazysuburbanmom

5. Heck, put any ol' food in the Food Toaster.

Image: vintageadbrowser

6. You can even make coffee in a toaster. Wait… that isn't a toaster?

Image: eBay

7. Thomas Edison made the toaster look like an ornate cigarette case.

Image: Period Paper

8. This looks like a pretty smart design, yet it never stuck. We're betting fire hazard.

Image: bookys-emporium

9. This antique toaster could go in a museum.

Image: oldadvertising

10. A toaster so beautiful you can use it as a mirror.

Image: Pinterest

11. Toast… out of the side! Nobody had yet thought of the spring.

Image: atticpaper

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RobChapman 38 months ago
I had the GE toaster and the Presto "meat toaster"
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