How well do you know hard candy?

This hard candy quiz is probably pretty easy for Boomers


When we went to grandma's house we could count on two things — a kiss on the cheek and a dish full of hard candy.

Hard candy sitting out (in Depression glass, atop a doily, ideally) in the living room was a part of growing up, especially around the holidays. Undoubtedly, you sucked on several of these as kid — and perhaps still do today.

So let's see how well you know what they are called and what they taste like!

  1. What is this classic Christmas treat called?
  2. What flavor are these blue candies?
  3. What are these familiar mints called?
  4. What flavor are these "buttons"?
  5. What are these?
  6. What flavor are these brown candies?
  7. What are these fruity hard candies called?
     Image: Amazon
  8. The mints in the first train car are named after a U.S. state. What are they?
  9. These mints come wrapped in Bible verses. What are they called?
     Image: Old Time Candy
  10. Finally, what are these called?

How well do you know hard candy?

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Greyrock 27 months ago
Of course the Religious one got me..
Snickers 29 months ago
10/10 Eat why to much sugar
DerekBird 35 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
How did you do? Hopefully, it was "sweet." Share your results below — it's okay to dish!

I've never heard of Kentucky Mints.
EllisClevenger 40 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
How did you do? Hopefully, it was "sweet." Share your results below — it's okay to dish!
Missed #7
dethLSMO89 49 months ago
9 out of 10. Even though I'm more of a chocolate person. But when I was little, I had a great aunt who we visited a lot, and she always had a dish of hard candy. I never heard of the scripture mints either but I agree that testa-mints is a much cuter name for them.
MaryAnn 52 months ago
7/10 I’m more of a chewy candy kinda gal.
Mike 52 months ago
3 of 10. Not much for candy I guess..
Hollie 53 months ago
9/10 missed strawberry ..bons bons , melts etc ..those wrapped strawberry things :)
MaryAnn Hollie 52 months ago
I missed that one, too, and it was my favorite candy in this quiz!
AlF 53 months ago
Brach's used to make a blue-colored one similar to the butterscotch. I think they were just called "cool mints". I downed tons of those as a boy (and I've been cool ever since...)
Tlor 53 months ago
Didn't knw 10-8-7 and 2
I wonder why the Blue were mints? I always saw mints as green
Nightshade1972 Tlor 40 months ago
Green is spearmint, blue is peppermint. Having said that, I missed that one too.

Moverfan 53 months ago
Actually, if you think about it, the only proper name for the whole thing is "Lunch, one hour!".
MrBill 53 months ago
6/10; I am not a candy eater and I am glad to get a passing score.
Wiseguy 53 months ago
#6 Molasses is misspelled.
Geronimo Wiseguy 53 months ago
So what you still got it wrong🤣
booster 53 months ago
6/10 I got the first 6 right, and then bombed out.
Doola005 53 months ago
I really hate hard candy. I like something I can sink my teeth into. Like salt water taffy. YUM !
Rita 53 months ago
Got 9 out of 10. Too easy.
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