17 vintage ads that prove everything was patriotic in the summer of '76

There's no better way to celebrate the Bicentennial than with a chainsaw and Pez.

American pride was at a high during the summer of 1976. The Spirit of '76 touched every part of American culture, as stars and bars appeared on everything from bellbottoms to soda bottles. Companies were quick to ride the wave of patriotism with products and advertisements celebrating the birth of the United States. 

As these 1976 advertisements show, Bicentennial spirit reached everything from cosmetics and fast food to lawn care and automobiles.

1. Lighters

Image: zippo.forumactif

What better way to light fireworks?

2. Candy

Image: burgercupcake

Eat Pez from a Founding Father's neck!

3. Balloons

Image: Pinterest / eBay

Bicentennial helium not included.

4. Film

Image: eBay

The perfect way to capture budding Betsy Rosses.

5. Airplanes

Image: aalareunion

With a name like American, they had to do something.

6. Magazines

Image: jana-treeclimber

Saturday Evening Post released a special Bicentennial edition.

7. Rental cars

Image: Pinterest / eBay

Perhas $76 seems expensive for a rental car in 1976, but that was for an entire week.

8. Chainsaws

Image: menopauselsupermodel

That will take down a cherry tree in no time.

9. Cosmetics

Image: Pinterest / Polly Esther

Coty released colors in the shades of Colonial wildflowers.

10. Aluminum foil

Image: michaelstvtray

Who has slept on aluminum foil?

11. T-Shirts

Image: retrospace

"What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" America! That's Todd Bridges.

12. Sportswear

Image: menopauselsupermodel

The perfect look for crossing rivers.

13. Guns

Image: eBay

We hope you could get it modified like the Rifleman.

14. Catalogs

Image: etsy

Kids needed to look sharp when touring historical sites.

15. Radios

Image: radioshackcatalogs

The perfect technology for listening to Sousa marches.

16. Comic book calendars

Image: starlogged

How big was American pride? Even the Brits could order Marvel Bicentennial calendars.

17. Milkshakes

Image: Jason Liebig / Collecting Candy / Flickr

Hey, McDonald's still releases green milkshakes for St. Patrick's Day. Let's get these every 4th of July.

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Matsui 23 months ago
We went to Disneyland in the Summer of 76 and the Spirit of 76 was very much alive there.
Lacey 23 months ago
And now the flag is all but outlawed on college campuses. Wow.
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