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The Believers (s2, ep14)
The aliens plot to eliminate Vincent once and for all, attacking a group of "believers".
"A pirate radio station in orbit suffers a malfunction and begins to crash back to Earth - International rescue must save the disc jockey on board and try to stop the craft from landing in a populated area."
The Babysitters (s3, ep)
When Kelly breaks her arm, the gang helps take care of her baby brother.
Pinned To The Mat (s2, ep)
Confident of Bayside's winning streak, Zack bets on a wrestling match, only to find that Slater's quit the team and has been replaced with Screech!
Beauty And The Screech (s2, ep)
After discovering she is failing in science class, Kelly is tutored by Screech, and soon develops a crush on him.
The Zack Tapes (s2, ep)
Zack uses his subliminal advertising course to get Kelly to go with him to the Sweetheart Dance. But when his plan backfires, the whole school vies for his affection.
The Friendship Business (s2, ep)
The gang starts a business selling friendship bracelets, but Zack's tough work schedule tests the limits of their friendship.
Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind (s3, ep)
Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid.
The Bowling Ballet (s3, ep2)
Fred secretly becomes a ballet pupil in order to regain his form for a big bowling match.
Here's Snow In Your Eyes (s3, ep4)
Trouble ensues when lodge delegates Fred and Barney attend a convention at a ski resort.
Las Venus (s1, ep13)
While on a second honeymoon, George is roped into doing business for Spacely.
The Big Sprain (s1, ep19)
Carol is out of town visiting her sick aunt when Alice sprains her ankle, leaving Mike and the kids to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Alice's boyfriend Sam wonders whether or not he should take someone else to the upcoming Meatcutters' Ball.
Brace Yourself (s1, ep20)
Marcia is distraught after getting braces, and is convinced that they've made her ugly. Her brothers and sisters try their best to make Marcia feel less self-conscious, but they have little success.
Blind Date Committee (s3, ep1)
Wally becomes the chairman of the blind date committee for an upcoming dance. However, Wally quickly wants to resign from the position when he can't find anyone to go with the new girl, Jill Bartlett.
Beaver Takes A Bath (s3, ep2)
Ward and June allow Wally to babysit Beaver one evening while they attend a party. However, things go awry when Beaver gets ready to take a bath. He accidentally lets the bathtub overflow, causing the water to leak onto the bathroom floor and into the downstairs ceiling.
The Social Climbers (s6, ep10)
Granny gets a letter from home, from Adeline Ashley, a hillbilly socialite. Miss Ashley says she going to stop by while visiting friends. However, she arrives early. And through her whole visit, she sets her sights on marrying Jed. Jed isn’t at all interested, but hopes that Miss Ashley could meet Mrs. Drysdale and arranges it.
Jethro's Military Career (s6, ep11)
Jethro is practicing being a Navy Frogman. Granny, who has been testing her flu serum, a.k.a. moonshine, sees Jethro and thinks there is a monster in the pool. When she tells Jed, he thinks it is a result of her moonshine. But Granny finally is shown that it isn’t a monster, but Jethro. Jed decides that Jethro needs some type of guidance, so he calls Miss Jane, who tells Drysdale.
St. Gilligan And The Dragon (s1, ep20)
The women decide to move to the other side of the island in protest.
Big Man On Little Stick (s1, ep21)
Handsome surfer Duke Williams rides a giant tsunami to the island.
Obscene Call (s2, ep)
Naomi feels her privacy has been invaded when she begins receiving obscene phone calls. Turning to the family for support, she is angered when they suggest that the way she carries herself has led to the calls.
Ellen's Boyfriend (s2, ep)
Ellen's attempts to keep her relationship with a younger man secret fail when the family stumbles upon the couple in a restaurant.
Help! Murder! (s1, ep5)
"Help! Murder!" is the impassioned cry of frazzled passenger Denise Fredricks when she sees her husband Bert acting suspiciously, when in fact, Bert is merely arranging a surprise party for her birthday.
Floyd The Gay Deceiver (s3, ep9)
Madeline Grayson, a rich widow that Floyd has been "pen-palling" with, announces in her next letter that she wants to meet him face-to-face. Of course, the whole time Floyd has been pretending in his letters to be a wealthy entrepreneur.
Opie's Rival (s3, ep10)
Opie is afraid that Andy's new girlfriend, Peggy, will take his place in his father's heart, and sets out to sabotage their relationship.
Your Retention Please (s9, ep7)
Klinger is so depressed by news that his ex-wife plans to remarry, he reenlists for an additional six-year stretch. Meanwhile, a male nurse has a gripe against the Army.
Christmas Day At The Bunker's (s2, ep13)
It's Christmas Day and Archie is the only one not in the Christmas spirit. Mike and Gloria question him, but he refuses to reveal what's bugging him. The Jeffersons come over to wish the Bunkers a "Merry Christmas", but this does anything but cheer Archie up especially since Henry is dressed as Santa.
The Elevator Story (s2, ep14)
The Bunkers are celebrating Edith's birthday at an Italian restaurant in the city when Archie discovers that Edith failed to mail out a payment to the insurance company. This leads him to run across the street to drop it off. However, on his way he gets stuck in an elevator along with a pregnant Puerto Rican and her husband, an aging hippie, and an erudite black businessman.
Edith's Problem (s2, ep15)
Archie, Mike and Gloria are stunned when Edith becomes a rollercoaster of moods, going from joy to anger to tears in a snap of a finger. Gloria sits her down and suggests that perhaps she's beginning menopause. This worries Edith, who becomes convinced that Archie doesn't love her or find her attractive anymore. Meanwhile, the family tries to cope with Edith.
Archie And The Fbi (s2, ep16)
A man shows up at the Bunker's door claiming to be a government agent and begins asking questions about Larry Grundy, a neighbor of the Bunkers. Archie soon becomes paranoid when he receives a phone call from a neighbor saying that Archie too is being investigated. As paranoia overwhelms him, Archie becomes convinced that he's being watched that perhaps the house is bugged.
Richard Pryor, The Beach Boys, The Muppets, And More
Today's episode features the Beach Boys, the Muppets, Richard Pryor, Denny McLain, Bob Gibson, Pearl Bailey, and Mrs. Babe Ruth.
The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Karen Black And Paul Lynde
"Guests Karen Black and Paul Lynde. Originally aired on 03/22/72."
Uncle George (s3, ep8)
Uncle George is on the search for wife and can't help but fall for Sally.
Big Max Calvada (s3, ep9)
A mobster asks the gang to write a comedy routine for his nephew.
Something Fishy (s4, ep12)
Ralph and Norton don't want to take their wives on a Raccoon fishing trip.
A World Of His Own (s1, ep36)
A playwright has the ability to make his characters literally come to life.
Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans (s1, ep)
A 17-year-old girl is inadvertently driven to Mexico by a dangerous car thief, who is unaware she is sleeping in the back seat.
Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want To Meet (s2, ep18)
While traveling though a small town in Arizona, Kimble is arrested by the brutal and sadistic Sheriff Jo Bob Sims who has political ambitions. Sheriff Sims (unaware of Kimble's true identity) subjects him to slave labor with a group of other vagrants he a
Speed (s7, ep19)
Sam Hibbing, a major Syndicate drug dealer, stole three tons of amphetamines from a chemical plant and hid the stash in a secret location—the IMF must get to it before he sells it.
Streetcar Jones (s1, ep2)
Gunn is hired by a jazz club owner to prove one of his musicians has been framed for murder, but the musician's lawyer doesn't want Gunn's assistance.
The Vicious Dog (s1, ep3)
A newspaper reporter writing an exposé of a crime boss is attacked by a dog. Gunn is called in to investigate.