The Big Valley credits quiz

Who's who in that Big ol' Valley?

Credit where credit is due.

How well do you know the cast of The Big Valley? How well do you know their characters?

This quiz will show you an image from the opening credits. It's your job to supply the correct spelling of the actor's name AND to tell us who they played on the show. Make sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comments section below! 

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  1. Who is this actor?
  2. Who is he playing?
  3. Who is this actor?
  4. Who is he playing?
  5. Who is this actor?
  6. Who is he playing?
  7. Who is this actress?
  8. Who is she playing?
  9. Who is this actress?
  10. Who is she playing?

The Big Valley credits quiz

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ironman2000 2 days ago
I better have gotten 10 of 10 on that quiz.
Suzies1952 3 days ago
It just drove me wild that they never called heath a Barkley?, he was a Barkley just had a different mother, I thought that was so stupid love the show watch it every Saturday, first cartoons, then the westerns
ironman2000 Suzies1952 2 days ago
I agree with you. My family and I watched the Big Valley from the very beginning, and guess who kept asking the adults, "Why is Heath just called Heath"?
Suzies1952 3 days ago
9/10 on big valley I hit ms too fast I knew it was miss
MadMat2102 18 days ago
8/10. Watched this show as a kid in the 70s when it was in syndication because of Lee Majors. Who, during this time, was starring in The Six Million Dollar Man, one of my all-time favorite shows.
DElizabeth26 18 days ago
If Big Valley airs 7 days a week. Imagine the ratings.
keshrum27 18 days ago
Please show Big Valley daily on METV or plus.
spalding69 18 days ago
What kind a dumb quiz was that? Only a dork could screw this one up.
BenSobeleone spalding69 13 days ago
Hello! (Lenny and Squiggy)
Cowgirl 18 days ago
10/10 That was easy. Too bad the show only lasted 4 seasons.
Geronimo 18 days ago
Thumbs up. My favorite show of the 60's
DZee 20 days ago
0/0 So tired of these boring westerns on every channel every afternoon.
JeffPaul76 21 days ago
"You got 10 out of 10" ----Thumbs up from the Barkley matriarch(ly)!
Toot1956 21 days ago
9/10 #2 got me.
Jackhammer Toot1956 18 days ago
Exact same score, exact same miss
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