The Charlie's Angels remake just cast a Star Trek captain as its Bosley

From the Enterprise to the Angels.

The Everett Collection

We've been hearing about the upcoming Charlie's Angels remake for a while. Actress Elizabeth Banks is directing, producing and appearing in the big-screen movie. Kristen Stewart, Lupita Nyong'o and Naomi Scott were originally rumored to portray the trio, but the casting has since settled on Stewart, Scott and British television star Ella Balinska. Their specific roles, and if they will remain the classic Sabrina, Jill and Kelly, remains to be revealed.

But we do know some roles.

For her role in her film, Banks is slated to play Bosley, the employee of the unseen and mysterious Charlie who aides the Angels. David Doyle, pictured above, originated the role on the TV series.

But here's the twist: Banks will not be the only Bosley.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, venerable thespian Patrick Stewart has signed to play (another, elder) Bosley in the hopeful blockbuster. The movie is slated for release one year from now, on September 27, 2019.

Stewart is, of course, best known as Jean-Luc Picard, the tea-loving captain of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's a role in both his rear view and future, as Stewart will reprise the character for an upcoming original Picard Star Trek series for the CBS All-Access streaming service.

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pumkinheadfan 70 months ago
IDK...We've had a movie(and sequel) that was entertaining, but whatever it was better than Starsky and Hutch movie. Then they went back to the small screen in 2011 and failed(it was cancelled after 4 episodes with the 8th never being shown on ABC due to poor rateings). I just think that lightning isn't going to strike twice with this property. Hell the original series had a revolving door of actresses and kinda went more melodramatic the later the show ran. I mean I get it. The original show was kinda a part of the 70's Women's Lib movement(which we are seeing a resurgence now). However when the original show aired you only had 3 channels. Now everybody has a channel with original content and is streamed. Your not going to get the numbers the original had. It'd be different with less choices.
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