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19 totally '80s ads that will zap you back to the 1980s

It was all about lasers, hair and cassette tapes.

8 great music TV shows from the '70s and '80s

Series like 'Soul Train' and 'The Midnight Special' brought the concert and club to your living room.

10 totally '80s forgotten theme songs from the early '80s

Like, oh my god! Do you remember the tunes for 'Square Pegs' and 'Just Our Luck'?

These were the songs of summer in the 1980s

From "Funkytown" to former child actors, these were the biggest hits in the hot months of the Reagan Era.

20 totally tubular pages from the 1983 Sears catalog

Aerobics, velour and Garfield were all the rage in '83. So much aerobics.

18 things you will only recognize if you grew up in the 1980s

See how tubular you truly are and try to name these objects from the Reagan Era.

Do you remember the show 'Darkroom'?

James Coburn hosted this early-'80s horror anthology that unintentionally spawned a major motion picture.

9 things you never knew about MacGyver

The '80s action classic used hockey tickets to diffuse bombs, cast Teri Hatcher in a rock opera, borrowed footage from a classic heist film.

Ponch chased every trend of the 1970s on 'CHiPs'

Erik Estrada did more than ride motorcycles. He showed off his dancing, flying, skating and exercising skills, too.

13 attention grabbing titles of 1970s and '80s after school specials

Nobody did teen drama and educational films better than '70s and '80s after school specials. Keep your eyes peeled for Oscar nominees!

18 lost breakfast cereals of the 1980s

It was the heyday of sugary breakfasts. Who says you can't have doughnuts, s'mores and ice cream in the morning?