A Hogan's Heroes sequel series is in development from the show's original co-creator

Something comes from "Nothing! Nothing!"

We have to say, even in a culture rife with reboots, we did not see this one coming. Yesterday, Deadline broke the news that a Hogan's Heroes sequel is currently in development. 

How does one follow up a World War II sitcom in 2020? Well, according to the report, this reboot takes place in the modern day. Stylistically, it is imagined as a single-camera action-adventure comedy. Here's where it gets weird — or at least a little Amazing Race meets Tomb Raider meets It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?

The plot will center around the descendants of the original heroes — presumably Hogan, Newkirk, LeBeau, Kinchloe, Baker. The offspring are now living far apart from each other in far-flung reaches of the globe. Until they band together for an international "treasure hunt."

The idea, in part, comes from Al Ruddy, who co-created the original 1965–71 sitcom with Bernard Fein. 

Fein passed away in 1980. Ruddy is teaming with Rough House Pictures, the production shingle of Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Jody Hill, best known for their HBO series Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals and The Righteous Gemstones, as well as the recent cinematic Halloween reboot.

Ruddy remained a major player in Hollywood following the success of Hogan's Heroes. He later produced acclaimed motion pictures including The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby.

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Cougar90 14 months ago
"Hogan's Heroes" is one of the great comedies of tv and should not be remade. Remember the reboot of "Murphy Brown"? It was so big a turkey it could have been served with mashed potatoes and gravy.
joeyjoejoe 29 months ago
Why can’t they just do a hogans heroes remake ?Thats stupid what they are trying to do ,the descendants getting together- that’s stupid
Sparkyszone 44 months ago
Trying to water a dead branch?
I love Hogan's Heroes, but this seems a little way to far out in left field to build any fanbase. Perhaps Rudy is trying to milk the bull, instead of the cow? (going in the wrong direction with this) . Hogans Heroes still has a big fan base, worldwide. I would love to see a Hogan's Heroes movie, instead. Perhaps a movie about what happened after the last episode.
joeyjoejoe Sparkyszone 29 months ago
Yes I’d love to see smart alleck burkhalter get captured by the allied forces
MeowMeow1962 55 months ago
Loved HH when it was on and now, as well. This reboot has absolutely nothing to do with the original show, other than re-using the names to connect the original characters with the reboot's characters. HH would be a VERY hard act to follow since it was Bob Crane, Richard Dawson, John Banner, etc who made the original so good. All I can say is, good luck finding the right people and good luck making the premise work. You'll need all the luck you can get.
retrodon 58 months ago
I am not a fan of reboots at all, the originals were to me the top, and any retelling of a series cheapens it. We've had such flops as reboots of Dragnet, Adam-12, Kojack, Ironside, and Bionic Woman, so why waste time and money rehashing a classic?
Pacificsun 58 months ago
I could write a book on what's been described above. Suffice it to say, those creators are trading on the name recognition of the original series! Doing so to dredge up whatever publicity they can scrape off of the cutting room floor. And that's going to be tough! Because there's already so much dead film (unusable). The mosh-pot blend of shows mentioned is insanely ridiculous.

Hogan's Heroes is one of those bright little gems that only worked, because it did.

The right blend of characters (actors). The star power (leadership) of Crane and the stellar acting experience of those playing the Germans. Who did so, in spite of how the premise, (in true life) affected their own families! And yet viewers were reminded of the real heroes of that war.
OldTVfanatic 58 months ago
They’ve got to be kidding!
joeyjoejoe OldTVfanatic 29 months ago
They plan to have the sons of the main characters go on a treasure hunt …. What’s up with that ? !!!! Stinks
AgingDisgracefully 58 months ago
Why not have them take The Love Boat to Gilligan's Island?
Oh! The merriment that could ensue!
anthony 58 months ago
If anything they should do a finale of sorts that the tv show never had.A feature length film with some big names that tells the story of how the men of Stalag 13 handled the end of WW2.
JDnHuntsvilleAL anthony 42 months ago
Allies surround the camp. Klink surrenders. Everyone goes home. Hardly worthy of a feature length film.
jorel 58 months ago
Not a fan of Hogan's Heroes but I know a lot of people love it. This sequel sounds terrible.
Inkwell765 58 months ago
Didn't they learn from McHale's Navy?
Moody 58 months ago
You have to be kidding! This is a bad joke, right? I hope somebody talks some sense into the people who came up with this stupid idea. smh
PeterRoff 58 months ago
While you're at it, why not Klink and Schultz and Hoffsteader in Argentina running a hotel?
PeterRoff 58 months ago
This comment has been removed.
BrittReid PeterRoff 58 months ago
It's more like Hochstetter.The idea of a sequel sounds awful.
PeterRoff PeterRoff 58 months ago
I vas beink sarcastic
ENCarlan 58 months ago
Al, please don't. If you want to make another race-around-the-world show, please don't bring the heroes or their families into it. If you absolutely have to make another next-generation show, have them doing something important, like their fathers did. Or make a one-off TV movie where they find those red-painted bricks of gold that were used to build steps to Klink's office that vanished when the wooden steps reappeared in the next episode; they'd return them to whatever country the Nazis stole them from.
But, preferably, just please don't.
DaveLewandoski 58 months ago
terrible idea. leave well enough alone PLEASE. It's bad enough METV butchers the original episodes to make room for more commercials.
Pacificsun DaveLewandoski 58 months ago
You're watching TV for free, right. How do you think that happens?
ENCarlan Pacificsun 58 months ago
Actually, back in the days when I was watching TV for free--over the air--the original series was running its full-length episodes. Now that I'm paying through the nose for cable, they give us hacked-up episodes, not even skillfully edited. And I could do with just three ads per ambulance chaser or funeral insurance company in an episode instead of five or six.
stephaniestavropoulos 58 months ago
I thought no, you cannot mess with this show. {I'm curious to know how Robert Clary feels about the reboot. He's the last surviving cast member.} But when I read who the production company is I thought this might make it. Anything from what I've heard by/from Danny McBride, {I have not seen East Bound and Down-the only thing I know about EBAD, is that it's a song from Smokey & The Bandit. I also have not seen VP. }is supposed to be good. I have seen Righteous Gemstones. That, to me, is comedy gold! John Goodman is wonderful as Eli Gemstone, Patriarch of a family of televangelists. Anyone who has seen this, knows how EXTREMELY dysfunctional this family is! Rough House Productions, and the brilliant cast, have really done a good job of satirizing these bible worshippers. {Or whatever you want to call them.} Of course the family is not lacking in opulence, {wealth,} either. {What televangelist is?!?!} So, if you get a chance check it out. It airs Sundays {what other day would it air?} 10:00 p.m. on HBO.
Danny McBride is to tv, what Ron Howard is to the movies: they both have good track records in their chosen mediums. But that doesn't guarantee that because DM will be involved with the HH reboot, that it might not fail, [because it could;] it may be less likely to fail because of his past successes.
I need to go and binge watch RG. I've missed the past couple of episodes.
Actually, Kenneth Washington (Baker) is still alive. He's only in his 70s, so he'll be the last one left.
stephaniestavropoulos EN 58 months ago
Not if KW should unfortunately pass before RC. Then RC will be the last one.
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