There’s a Waltons book about Elizabeth and a magic lamp

She uses it to wish for friends.

Western Publishing Company

Like many popular television shows, The Waltons spawned numerous tie-in products. There were board games, lunch boxes and even action figures. There were also many books.

In 1975, the Western Publishing Company published six books for teenagers about various events happening on Walton’s mountain. That same year, they also released a book aimed at a younger audience called Elizabeth and the Magic Lamp.

Western is best known for publishing the Little Golden Books series, which include The Little Red Hen and The Poky Little Puppy. These classic stories have been entertaining kids for generations. The premise for the Elizabeth Walton Tell-A-Tale book is much weirder.

It's not the only time The Waltons has gotten a little strange, especially when it comes to the youngest child.

The book opens with Elizabeth finding an old genie-style oil lamp near her house. Daddy says she can keep it if no one claims it for a week. She hopes no one will come for the lamp because she desperately wants someone her own age to play with. A week passes by and no one claims the lamp. Elizabeth's joy soon turns to disappointment when, at the last second, a man asks if they've seen an old oil lamp.

Elizabeth reluctantly hands over the lamp and runs inside to hide. She finally comes out when she learns two little girls have moved in next door. It was their dad who lost the lamp! Elizabeth hugs her new friends. She can't believe her wish came true!

Written by Charlotte Graham and illustrated by Jan Neely, Elizabeth and the Magic Lamp is a fun little addition to the lore of that wholesome TV family from rural Virginia.

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susanlee 37 months ago
I was married in 1963 and we had correlle dishes but my favorite Corelli dish, I still have and have searched everywhere for more, is the bowl with spaghetti is printed on it. At the time we sent for it with labels and money and it was much more recently than 1963. Does anyone know how to find that bowl? It’s on the top of our stack of plates and everyone knows it’s my favorite so whatever we’re eating, mine is served in the spaghetti is bowl.
susanlee susanlee 37 months ago
I just noticed, auto correct, it is a Spaghettios bowl. It is Correlle.
MPAFUZZY susanlee 22 months ago
I just checked Ebay. There are several listed .
rita 39 months ago
Where can I buy that book about her and the magic lamp
MPAFUZZY rita 22 months ago
49 months ago
Elizabeth was and still is my favorite Walton sister.
Wanda 50 months ago
I continue watching the Walton's to this day, and am so thankful that it still airs! It takes me straight back to my childhood in Mississippi, to simpler times, to a time when as a family, grandma included, we all gathered around the table to a homestyle supper and shared stories of our day. Not too many wholesome shows out there these days, much less ones that remind me so much of my past, so this one will forever be at the top of my list. 💕 Thank you for continuing to bring it to us!
peacefrog77 51 months ago
My sister had this book way back when.
genZmetv 51 months ago
I dont blame her, wishing for friends. All she had to play with were her boring, crummy old siblings, like John-Boy, and a scientologist. *air horn noises*
RogerClyneIsAGod genZmetv 51 months ago
How sad that Judy Norton Taylor is still drinking that Cult's Kool Aid.

From Tony Ortega's site:
She is an OT, yet it has not done much for her career
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