18 awesome ads for 1970s albums you probably did not buy

We dig through the bargain bins of the disco decade.

We love the music of the 1970s. When has there been such diversity? The radio was stuffed with disco, funk, arena rock, country, glam, new-wave, soul, jazz fusion, soft rock and teen idols. Everything was fair game. However, not everyone could be ABBA and Aerosmith.

The music biz is dog eat dog. Flipping through old issues of Billboard, we came across dozens of ads for albums we had forgotten about — or never knew. A lot of these are cool records. They just didn't quite make the hall of fame.

Do you remember any of these acts or albums? Or did you buy any of these to prove us wrong?

Meco The Wizard of Oz (1978)

From Star Wars to the yellow brick rock.

Little David Wilkins Little David Wilkins (1974)

The biggest hit from this was "Whoever Turned You On Forgot to Turn You Off."

Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes Review (1975)

Somewhere, Disco Tex is retired to the Disco Farm raising Disco Ducks.

Kristy & Jimmy McNichol Kristy & Jimmy McNichol (1978)

The sibling child actors cut a bubblegum disco album. It also seems like they were ahead of the curve with hip-hop.

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (1978)

From Sweathog to heartthrob.

Trooper Two for the Show (1976)

Glam did not die. It went to Canada.

Space Deliverance (1978)

The French dance band was a huge influence on Daft Punk.

Alexis Alexis (1977)

Not to be confused with Susan.

Susan Falling in Love Again (1979)

Not to be confused with Alexis.

Instant Funk Instant Funk (1979)

The disco hit squad captures everything about 1970s funk music with this ad.

Tycoon Tycoon (1978)

Regional Manager, at best.

Seawind Light the Light (1979)

We bet if you scratched this record and sniffed it, it would smell of Banana Boat.

Genya Ravan …And I Mean It! (1979)

The '80s were just around the corner.

City Boy The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1979)

Career peak: They opened for Hall & Oates.

Mary Hylan "Tomorrow" (1977)

People need to say "Leaping lizards!" more often.

Ironhorse Ironhorse (1979)

Who is more frightened: the man or the horse? Trick question: we are.

The Sports Don't Throw Stones (1979)

To be confused with Huey Lewis & The News' Sports.

Henry Mancini Hangin' Out (1974)

Aw, poor Henry Mancini. He's a fine looking man with open eyes. This was his 44th (!) album.

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DerekBird 36 months ago
Trooper were NOT A DISCO group. They were a great Rock band from Vanc-loser, BC.
Check out this by them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3uH-vamqJg
ttenchantr 49 months ago
As always, I didn't expect to know any of the bands, let alone own any of their albums, but then I spotted "…And I Mean It!" by Genya Ravan. Brilliant album, especially "Junkman," a duet with Ian Hunter! Honorable mention to City Boy, whose next album "Heads Are Rolling" I also own.
BrianMoore 49 months ago
The Simpsons made me love "Get Dancin'" by Disco Tex.
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