These vintage hot chocolate ads make cocoa a health food

Ads for Bosco, Quik, Ovaltine, Yoo-Hoo prove hot chocolate was the energy drink of the 20th century. Snuggle up with a mug and tell us your favorite.

Cold weather has its up side. Scarves, blankets and slippers are super cozy, and when you're sitting before a crackling fire or glowing television, you can sip warming beverages like hot chocolate. Who doesn't love a cocoa topped with tiny marshmallows?

The drink dates back over a thousand years. In the 20th century, the delicious brown powders and syrups of instant cocoa became a kitchen staple. It was a magical elixer for a strong body and mind. Just like soda pop. Brands sponsored popular TV series, like Ovaltine with Captain Midnight or Roy Rogers sipping Nestle's Quik on his show.

In short, we're just trying to make everyone feel good about slurping cups full of chocolate. It's good for you in many ways! At least according to these delightful classic advertisements.

1. It's patriotic.

Nestle's Cocoa Beverage Power was included in Field Ration C, served to soldiers in the morning, and given to the sick and wounded. As this 1943 marketing proclaims, "Chocolate is a fighting food!"

Image source: Dying for Chocolate

2. It's an energy drink.

Why suck down a fruity sports drink when you can sip hot chocolate during time outs? Did athletes really drink steaming cocoa and a dollop of whipped cream during games? If so, they are all-stars.

Image source: Vanity Vintage Allure

3. It even fueled the Yankees.

Legendary catcher Yogi Berra was a pitch man for Yoo-Hoo.

Image source: Vanguard Direct

4. Ovaltine picked you up in the morning.

It was a like a coffee you administer before bedtime, to wake up with a spring in your step.

Image source: Flickr

5. …AND settled you down at night.

Or it could be a relaxer.

Image source: Read, Scene, Heard

6. Ovaltine had mixed messages.

Is it an energizer or a sedative? It's both!

Image source: Ebay

7. It can be had in the summer, too.

These adorable Swiss Miss cartoons encouraged iced chocolate in the warmer months. One could even get a cocktail shaker for cocoa.

Image source: Vintage Ad Browser

8. It's "rich and nourishing."

In just ten seconds! Do not try to redeem this coupon now. It's decades old.

Image source: Vintage Ad Browser

9. It was high art to the Italians.

This is a gorgeous poster. 

Image source: Read, Scene, Heard

10. It was magic.

Well, at least it taught you magic, as in this Baker's Cocoa Mix advert featuring boyish mascot Billy Baker.

Image source: Pinterest

11. Doctors recommend it.

This Bosco medicine man endorsed the mix's digestive, growth-promoting and blood-regenerating properties. That's just science.

Image source: From My House

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