''Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space'' is underrated

Give this gem a spin!

The year was 1967. The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Mrs. Robinson was trying to seduce Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. Muhammed Ali was stripped of the heavyweight championship for his conscientious objection regarding the war in Vietnam. These were heady times.  

As the Space Race captured the world's imagination, so too did the adventures of the Enterprise crew on Star Trek. Captain Kirk may have been the leader, but it was easy to see why a certain Vulcan remained a fan favorite. Something about Leonard Nimoy as Spock created this passion and demand among fans. People were desperate for more Spock, and executives were eager to capitalize.

Pairing Spock's popularity with Leonard Nimoy's real-life love of music created Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space, an eleven-track recording of music, spoken word poetry, and outer space noises. Join us, as we take a track-by-track look back on the album. You can decide for yourself where it ranks in the pantheon of great sci-fi TV series non-soundtrack musical tie-ins! 

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1. "Theme to Star Trek"


This is a re-recording of the classic Alexander Courage/Gene Roddenberry composition. However, this version is tied much more to its era. Rather than the soaring orchestral arrangement of the TV series, this album cut features a surf rock take on the famous tune. Catch a wave!

2. "Alien"


"From the land of endless night come I, an alien from afar." So begins the second track, a spoken recording of a Cy Coben poem. Although the Coben composition pre-dates Star Trek, the lyrics still seem very specific to Spock. "No heart or feelings show in me."

3. "Where is Love?"


Bet you didn't know Spock did show tunes! If you've ever fantasized about Leonard Nimoy singing a song from hit West End music Oliver!, we have great news for you. This is the one that Oliver sings after getting thrown into the basement of a funeral parlour (also "parlor"). Neat!

4. "Music to Watch Space Girls By"


Hey now, this one's.... groovy. Apparently, this is a melody that began as a jingle demo for a Diet Pepsi commercial before its transformation into a full-on space odyssey. The musical instrumentation might not necessarily have anything to do with Nimoy, but the lounge-y vibes are warm and relaxing regardless. 

5. "Beyond Antares"


"Beyond Antares" is, in the Star Trek universe, a love song from the 23rd Century. Lieutenant Uhura, as portrayed by Nichelle Nichols, was particularly fond of the tune and sang it on a few occasions. Here, though, the song is stripped of its lyrics, leaving behind a lush, captivating instrumental that is no less moving.

6. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Earth"


This is absolutely unhinged. Under the guise of Spock, the narrator addresses Earthlings regarding intergalactic points of view. To a Vulcan like Spock, Earth sayings like "Catch a falling star" and "Wish upon a star" are meaningless, he explains. From where he's floating, the stuff we say is goofy. That's it! That's the song!

7. "Mission: Impossible"


This makes less than zero sense. The Mission: Impossible theme appears on Leonard Nimoy's album a full two years before he ever stepped foot onto that show. Talk about "Highly illogical!" Nevertheless, this is a great recording of a fun spy theme!

8. "Lost in the Stars"


Lost in the Stars was a Broadway musical that premiered in 1949. So, anyone with "Spock covering not one, but two musical numbers" on their Bingo card gets a bonus point. In addition to Leonard Nimoy, notable artists who have covered "Lost in the Stars" include Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Elvis Costello, and even William Shatner!

9. "Where No Man Has Gone Before"


More space age intrigue as Alexander Courage re-works his own arrangement from the Star Trek theme. Fans of the series will recognize that tell-tale French horn that charted a course through the stars on TV. It may be low-stakes, but it's a fun twist on a familiar tune!

10. "You Are Not Alone"


This is the best song on the album in terms of Nimoy's quality of singing. Here, he is a smooth, baritone crooner, imploring Earthlings to prepare for First Contact. Someday soon, we'll meet our galactic neighbors. Spock just wants to set us up for success!

11. "A Visit to a Sad Planet"


This spoken word track is presented as an entry into Spock's "First Officer's Log." He then documents an investigation into an unknown planet into a ruined planet. It's basically an audiobook version of a Star Trek episode. So, if that's your thing, you'll probably love this!

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BenSobeleone 11 months ago
There's Leonard Nimoy singing the Kenny Rogers song "Ruby." Not bad. Interesting! For God's sake Ruby, don't take your love to town! William Shatner singing "Mr. Tambourine Man" Hilarious! Of course, there's Burt Ward singing the Nat King Cole song "Orange Colored Sky" Good Lord! If ya wanna hear this one, you can find it on youtube. I think Burt and The Mothers of Invention were taking a few puffs off of the peace pipe!
Zip 11 months ago
Having heard Leonard sing, I think a more appropriate title for this album might be, "Music to fall asleep to."
cperrynaples 11 months ago
I'm shocked about 10! Nimoy did a Michael Jackson song 25 years before he did? Now THAT'S Highly Illogical...LOL
WilliamJorns 11 months ago
Is this album available on CD? If so, anyone know where I could order a copy?
WayneKeith WilliamJorns 10 months ago
I googled ''Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space'' but it was only available on vinyl, from $30 to $50. Some were priced as high as $800!
Avie 11 months ago
"This is a re-recording of the classic Alexander Courage/Gene Roddenbury composition."

It's Gene RoddenbErry, you idiots!

And, as for

"The Mission: Impossible theme appears on Leonard Nimoy's album a full two years before he ever stepped foot onto that show."

The expression is SET foot, not "stepped foot." Idiots again.
Avie 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Runeshaper 11 months ago
Never knew this existed and now I want to listen to it! Live long and prosper.
GrumpyCat 11 months ago
I bought this album new back in the day.
PhilK 11 months ago
I have a set of ears that he wore in the show. I want $600 for the three. There is a left ear, a right ear, and the final front ear.
Runeshaper PhilK 11 months ago
BenSobeleone PhilK 11 months ago
Good one!
MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
Sort of off topic, but since it was mentioned in the story, I will ask. What does someone being a conscientious objector of a war have to do with a heavyweight title? I don’t understand the connection. 🤔
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
I think it's because he was found guilty of draft evasion and sentenced to prison, although he did not end up serving any time. I think that was why the title was taken away.
PhilK MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
He did not meet the army's exception for a conscientious objector. He, therefore, evaded the draft, and was charged and convicted. It was later overturned when sentiment against the war allowed it, but he got a 3-year suspension from boxing.
MrsPhilHarris PhilK 11 months ago
I see, but what that has to do with boxing is still a mystery to me.
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
When you are convicted of things you lose certain privileges, titles, licenses, etc. That would be my guess.
MrsPhilHarris KJExpress 11 months ago
I can see passports and the like revoked but a heavyweight title seems a bit extreme. I guess the boxing commission could do what they like. 🥊
Bapa1 MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, but this guy ain't going into the Ar-my!"
Moverfan Bapa1 10 months ago
Very nice. What do you think of this?

Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
Do NOT pick a fight
With Muhammad Ali!
Andybandit 11 months ago
I love the theme songs from all the star trek. My favorite theme song is the one from Star Trek Enterprise.
cperrynaples 11 months ago
Really the only thing you can say is that Nimoy isn't as bad a singer as Shatner, but his cover of "Proud Mary" on a later album ranks up there with Shatner's "Rocket Man" if you get my drift...LOL! However, how they could ignore the irony of track 7? You idiots, Nimoy played Paris on MI AFTER ST was canceled! Do they not even watch the late shows on Sunday? It's between The Fugitive & Peter Gunn!
bdettlingmetv cperrynaples 11 months ago
Right you are! Plus, MI is on every evening on MeTV+ right after "Hawaiian Eye". Caught an episode last night with Nimoy AND Sam Elliott.
madvincent cperrynaples 11 months ago
for sale on E-bay low $40....high $300.............LOL
cperrynaples bdettlingmetv 11 months ago
No I'm calling the poster an idiot! He should have known Nimoy was on both! Obviously the album producers wouldn't know, it was just coincidence! Fun Fact: Elliott was intended to replace Peter Lupus, but the producers changed their minds! 50 years later, Elliott replaced Adam West as mayor of Quohog on Family Guy!
Wiseguy70005 cperrynaples 11 months ago
Actually there were two albums which were later released as a double album. The Mission: Impossible theme was included AFTER Nimoy was on the series.
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