Meet Henry Truglio: Inside the Collection

"Who wore it?" That's the question Henry is here to answer with his massive collection of vintage TV costumes.

Jul. 31, 2023

Some of Henry Truglio's favorite childhood memories are when he and his family would gather around the TV and watch their favorite shows from the '70s and '80s.

As an adult, Henry has created a collection that is bursting at the seams with costumes from his favorite TV shows. All centered around showcasing the fashion around the shows he loved best.

The Facts of Life is even one of Henry's favorite television shows, so having Lisa Whelchel visit his home was a "pinch me" moment.

Henry also took Lisa back to her childhood memories with a tour through a few costumes she remembered wearing on The Facts of Life, and even one the queen herself didn't recognize.

A famous Laverne & Shirley skirt, a dress from Carol Burnett, and a Golden Girls top are just a few of the iconic TV costumes Henry's managed to get his hands on. You might recognize our expert, Stewart, as one of our collectors from last season. He owned an impressive collection of TV costumes and props, making him perfect for appraising Henry's collection.

This TV-obsessed fan has a good eye for costumes from years of watching these shows that mean so much to him. He started with a Facts of Life TV Guide at the age of five or six, and 40 years later, he is meeting Lisa Whelchel in person; Let's see how many costumes you recognize in Henry's collection of TV outfits.

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1. The Laverne & Shirley skirt worn by Cindy Williams

Do you recognize this famous skirt? This skirt was worn by Cindy Williams in the opening credits for the 1970s series Laverne & Shirley.

It was listed by Paramount Studios and it still has the Paramount tag on it. According to Henry, Paramount provided all the costumes for the show.

He said one of his talents is being able to see a costume that was on a TV show and be able to identify it. This rare skirt proves he has a good eye.

Henry grew up watching Laverne & Shirley. He and his sisters would play the characters; His sisters were Laverne and Shirley and he played the part of The Big Ragoo. This piece means a lot to Henry and it instantly transports him back to his childhood. 

This piece of incredible pop culture history would now be worth around $400.

2. Carol Burnett's costume

This costume was worn by the comedy legend Carol Burnett. She wore this on an episode of The Carol Burnett Show, which is another show Henry grew up watching.

Included with this costume is Carol Burnett's initials written on the tag inside of the dress. Henry even has the COA (certificate of authenticity) to go along with it.

Much like Burnett herself, this dress transcends decades making it even more rare to own today.

Today this item would be worth around $500. It shows the true genius behind Burnett's designer, Bob Mackie.

3. The Facts of Life track suit

The Facts of Life was one of Henry's favorite TV shows as a child. This recognizable jacket was mainly used in season one. 

The top was worn by Mindy Cohn (Natalie), the pants were worn by Lisa Whelchel (Blair) and Kim Fields (Tootie), and the jacket was worn by Molly Ringwald (Molly). Each of their names are written on the tags.

This jacket pieces together multiple characters from The Facts of Life. One of them being Lisa Whelchel, who said she remembers wearing it in multiple episodes.

This was the most expensive costume Henry has ever bought and he said he would do it again. He paid $5,000 for this costume. Lisa is expensive.

Today this piece would be worth around $4,000. The five year old kid in Henry must have been freaking out.

4. The Facts of Life commemorative jacket

According to Henry, this jacket was given out to the cast and crew of The Facts of Life to commemorate the series' 200th episode. However, apparently they weren't given out to everyone because Lisa does not remember this rare piece.

Henry was lucky enough to meet Mindy Cohn, who played the role of Natalie on the show, and this jacket was hanging up by her table. Cohn wanted this jacket to go to a fan who would take care of it. Henry was the one for the job.

There is an autograph inside the jacket that reads: "Oh, Henry. Love, Mindy Cohn."

Today this piece would be worth around $700. We'd pay that much to get Lisa a jacket of her own.

5. Peg Bundy's leopard print top from Married... with Children

This piece was worn by Peg Bundy in the 1987 series, Married... with Children. This is a very iconic top because if you're a fan of Married... with Children then you know Peg Bundy loves her leopard print.

This was Henry's father's favorite show, so it holds special meaning for him. Today this piece would be worth around $5,000.

6. The Golden Girls outfit

This is Blanche Devereaux's costume in the 1985 series Golden Girls. Henry grew up watching this show with his family. Not only did Golden Girls bring his family but it brought families across the country together each week. Henry is still in awe and can't believe he owns a piece from a show that is so iconic to classic TV.

This costume can be seen in the opening credits of Golden Girls which makes it even more rare. Today this piece would be worth around $2,5000.

7. The total value of Henry Truglio's collection:

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harlow1313 11 months ago
Don't mind me but I speak freely. I would be embarrassed to have this collection.

But it would be fascinating to me, were these men to enjoy wearing this clothing. Edward Wood Jr. springs to mind.
Runeshaper 11 months ago
Some very impressive items in this collection! Definitely takes me back (-:
LoveMETV22 11 months ago
Interesting episode.

MeTV to do list:
1. Contact NBC or w/e Production Company manufactured the jackets, and order a jacket for
Lisa Whelchel:
" Today this piece would be worth around $700. We'd pay that much to get Lisa a jacket of her own."

2. It would be interesting to know if Molly Ringwald, Mindy Cohn or Kim Fields are collectors of items. It would make for an interesting episode(s) to see Lisa reunite with her former cast-mates from
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